John Travolta accused of groping, assaulting two more men, now seven in total

Masseur-Gate: Day ~~~. Are we headed into the third week of this mess? I think so. When we left off on Friday, there was a bonanza of news involving John Doe #2 hiring Gloria Allred (he called her, apparently), plus another masseur came forward and claimed that he had a night of passion with John Travolta back in 1997 after Travolta had flashed him during a massage. So, let’s get to the latest!

*Radar reports that two more men have now come forward, one a hotel employee from Seattle and one a masseur in Miami, also working for a hotel. Radar says these dudes bring the total to SEVEN MEN accusing JT of inappropriate contact, groping, etc. You can read the full story here.

*The Miami dude, who goes by “Jeff” in this report, says that the incident went down in 2000. Part of his story: “[Travolta] was putting his hands where he wanted me to work and kind of grinding on the table.” Travolta then reached over and put Jeff’s hand on JT’s bathing suit area (let’s just say that, okay?), and Jeff pulled away: “I started working on his other leg and it all started back up again. He started putting his butt up in the air. I was just trying to do whatever I could to distract him but he started getting aggressive and grabbed my hand again.” After the massage, JT began jerking off and he told Jeff, “It’s okay, you can do it. No one’s going to know.” ALLEGEDLY. Of course.

*The Seattle dude’s story is much different – he’s not a masseur, he just worked at a Seattle hotel. After the hotel hosted an event for Qantas (JT is like their ambassador or something) in 2000, the hotel employee was cleaning up, and he says JT accosted him: “He came up right behind me and grabbed my ass… I turned around and saw that his [bathing suit area] was out of his pants.”

*John Doe #2’s name has been identified in the press. Doe #2 has said that he doesn’t want to be named publicly, so we’re not going to do it. Naming him serves no purpose, especially if he is the victim of a sexual assault.

*TMZ’s coverage of this stuff continues to be rather strange. Like, I tend to think they’re just trying to get in with JT’s lawyer, Marty Singer, for future exclusives so they’re just reporting whatever Singer says and not much else. TMZ has a report about how Doe #1 & Doe #2 have “dropped” their lawsuits and how they “dropped” the suits without being paid off by Travolta – which I believe, sort of. Technically, both lawsuits have been dropped, but both Doe #1 & #2 both went to Gloria Allred, so it’s not like those men are running away from their claims. But yeah, Travolta hasn’t paid them off. YET.

*Gloria Allred has now officially “reached out” to Marty Singer. Meaning that the settlement negotiations have now begun, basically.

So… once again, I have to wonder: what’s the magic number? How many men have to come forward before Marty Singer stops with the blanket denials and witty retorts in the press? How many men have to come forward before this becomes a thing?

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  1. lisa says:

    Well….. HELLO TIGER

    wonder if people will get as riled up over this as they did Tiger Woods.


    • brin says:

      Yep, Tiger-gate 2.

    • Cirque28 says:

      We’d be more riled up if we weren’t so focused on keeping our nausea under control.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I knew the minute I read TMZ’s first report that there IS truth to the claims.

      The information was apparent and didn’t make me scratch my head with wholes in the story, being a juror before I have key things I look for in a case, the key items were in place, I said that very same day “Tiger” where are the others and BOOM they are crawling out of the shadows into the light and I would place money on JT saying “OH S#*^%”

      Kelly will stay thru the crap because she doesn’t think for herself. Surely she had some idea her husband is gay!

      I had thought that as early as Saturday Night Fever, he just has too many traits of a gay bi-sexual man.

      Eight already, at 2M$ each, up to 16M already. JT should pay off and get out now before Alred finds more.

      • RN says:

        I’m curious. What traits highlighted John Travolta as a “gay bisexual (sic) man” in your mind?

      • Buubulle says:

        @TheFactsR do you think JT looked gay/Bi in Pulp Fiction, does it mean he was gay/bi during the 70’s, became straight during the 90’s and now he’s gay/bi again. You claim to be a former juror and need to see actual evidences to judge, how can a movie and a badly written lawsuit prove anything.

      • fabgrrl says:

        he just has too many traits of a gay bi-sexual man

        You can just tell by looking at them, eh? Wow, I’m glad you weren’t my juror. Gossiping and speculating is all well and good on a site, like this one, but I hope you were more discerning when acting as a juror.

      • Anahata says:

        Let me guess… You ever heard of Casey Anthony??

      • Zenb!tch says:

        @fabgrrl Not related but in reply to being able to “tell” JT is gay. When I see Matt Bomer, I think “flaming”. He’s technically a beautiful specimen of maleness but he does nothing for me because he just screams “gay” to me. I couldn’t tell you WHY I think that but I do.

        I grew up in Hollywood in a gay area. That could be why Matt Bomer sets off my gay-dar. Perhaps @TheFactsR grew up in a similar area.

        JT didn’t hit my gay-dar until Staying Alive. I didn’t care but I suddenly agreed with the rumors.

        Be that as it may… gay men aren’t predators as a rule. The issue here is not homosexuality. The issue is pernicious behavior that no one should have to experience.

        He doesn’t even have the decency to give them a role in a movie and make them stars like the casting couch dudes do.

        All these stories are so tawdry… and why does he think Jeff of Miami WANTS to touch his peen? I don’t.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Yup, I called it! I’m actually more upset about this, because JT is *allegedly* assaulting people. Tiger was just a skeeze.

      And both presented the “happy family” persona to try to fool the public.

  2. marie says:

    I really have nothing to say for this other than JT’s digusting. And I think you should change the name to Grope-Gate..

  3. Bubulle says:

    Don’t know what to think about that, the 2 John Does have serious credibility issues, but at the same time there are too many stories about Travolta sketchy behaviour, there must be some truth in it.

    • TheFactsR says:

      That has NOT been proven yet. JT has people who would lie for him and forge things to get it hushed quickly. As a former juror, I want to see the actual evidence. So far it is one side says and the other side says without the TRUE evidence at hand to examine for details and such.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Your experience as a juror probably gave you alot of insight into how the law works, how the court works (I’m a criminal lawyer). But sadly we live in a world where people like Nancy Grace, etc. are out there scremaing at the top of their lungs about one “fact” or the other and so the law really isn’t what is getting discussed right now. Even if an “expert” had a real point to make, it would be lost in all the noise. Sad really.

        P.S. : how did you like being a juror? Was it fun? Boring? Both of these?

      • Bubulle says:

        JT has proven he was in NY the day the allege incident occured, JD#1 recognised he got the date wrong next thing you know he dropped his lawsuit fired his lawyer and hired GA, checked the lawsuit, it’s extremely detailed, hard to believe he can remember everything but the date. It may not be an absolute proof but it still raises serious doubts.

  4. LeeLoo says:

    I’m thinking Scientology played a part in these men dropping their lawsuits.

    • Viv says:

      Yep. They probably gave the names to the press, too. And wrote them little love letters what Xenu will do to them if they don’t comply.

      • Katie Too says:

        The cases were only dismissed without prejudice meaning they can be refiled at any time. Gloria claims they were filed in the wrong court. Don’t know if it’s an issue of venue or jurisdictional dollar limits, but after reading the Petitions from the Nigerian lawyer, I suspect she’s right.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I expect Gloria will refile in the correct court. Or use the threat of refiling as leverage for a settlement. She may also be looking for more “claimants” against Travolta to see if she can use that as leverage too. She’s not someone I’m terribly comfortable with morally but she clearly is smart and is a barracuda for her clients.

    • Maguita says:

      @Leeloo, they did NOT drop their lawsuits, John Doe quit his first lawyer, signed on with Gloria Alred, who WITHDREW John Doe 2’s first lawsuit, so it could be dismissed without prejudice. Thus leaving the door open for another lawsuit to be filed in ANOTHER court.

      And don’t forget, John Doe #2 has initially insisted that he WANTS his day in court. When his first lawyer was settling much too easily, folding to Marty Singer’s power, he dropped him because he did not want to settle. At all. Either get all the money (2$M), or go with the court’s decision.

  5. Bubbling says:

    I know there is nothing funny about sexual assaults but I find this epically entertaining and feel so wrong for that!

    • smith says:

      ITA. The whole thing makes me giggle a bit. Obviously sexual assault is very serious but it’s just so formulaic and ridiculous with a circus-like cast of characters that I can’t keep a straight (no pun) face.

      It’s also sad that the man can’t just embrace who or what he is instead of stuffing it down so deep inside that he’s become an aging, pudgy, predator who takes random chances with strangers.

      I have a sinking suspicion that this will not end well.

      • Maguita says:

        I agree Smith. I’ve said so yesterday, John T must be put on suicide watch. If he has any true friends left outside of the church, that is. You can bet that while publicly being taken to task for his predatory behavior, he is also being savagely audited by the Co$ night and day!

  6. Jayna says:

    Sell those stories. Make that money from the rag mags.

  7. Marjalane says:

    The only thing TMZ is good for is rapid response. Everything they write seems like it’s being paid for by one side or the other. It’s very People magazine-esque to be so kissy Travolta. (bleh! kiss+Travolta! bleh!)

  8. CookieJar says:

    What about the mothers day pr video posted by Kelly (ie the COS) on Vimeo over the weekend? So she kind of reacted by showing pics of the kids. If paparazzi pics and magazin covers hadn’t been included, only a few private ones, it would have been more believable, and less of a PR thing.

  9. tru tru says:

    Whatever happened to that book that guy was writing??
    about JT harrassing him yrs ago and still today sexually harrassing all of the young hot guys in the hotel industry, I think he had some good info.

    Randolph somebody–shrugs

    I too, noticed that TMZ is trying to stay in John’s good graces. LOL

    • Tapioca says:

      What, You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again?

      It “came out” (ahem) in 2010.

  10. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I’m always torn when a story first pops up, and then other accusers start coming out of the woodwork. I never know whether to think, ” Wow, I guess the accusations are at least partially accurate after all” or to think, “Wow, a bunch of skeezes are looking to ride the gravy train and cash in on some easy money.” Unfortunately, just because they have similar jobs and stories doesn’t mean they’re all telling the truth-which is sad because if some of the men are lying it can really damage the credibility of any that may be telling the truth.

  11. Smeg says:

    Radar is owned by the National Enquirer isn’t it? Since when does anyone believe the National Enquirer?

    Read an interesting article,0,2532915.story which sheds a strange light on this entire situation. In a nutshell:

    Okorocha is a very dodgy lawyer who filed for bankruptcy less than a year ago. He also had a letter written about his unprofessional behaviour from a Judge to the Bar. He is also in the process of suing one of his former clients who made a website about how bad a lawyer he was and if he took Okorocha advice and didn’t fire him instead he would have been in prison

    John Doe#1 went to the National Enquirer (Radar’s Mag) with a story, but none of the tabloid press picked it up. Okoracha goes to church with one of the top guys from Radar Online and suddenly receives an email from John Doe to help him out. Okorocha then contacted another of Travoltas law firms which deals with his business matters and gives them a deadline. The entire account looks sketchy so it kind of gets pushed aside or someone went on vacation so it wasn’t looked into.

    Okorocha then files the suit and cut paragraphs out of another law suit and stuck it on (word for word)

    He then touted sending emails out to anyone who might want to help him. He even approached Robert Randolph (who wrote a damning book against Travolta) but even he said the guy was a crackpot and wouldn’t answer him. Now Okorocha wants 40% of whatever settlement is made with Allred

    Of course people are coming out of the woodwork. They want to see what happens and how much others are going to get (without any actual lawsuit being filed) before they file a suit themselves. If John Doe#1 get something then everyone will file because there is no way that guy was telling the truth as there was too many holes in his story. Hell if he gets money; I will file a suit too (never met him and I’m a woman), but I can also be anonymous and get a handout

    I don’t think TMZ are acting strange. The strange ones are Radar Online and the Enquirer. Almost every media outlet in the world reporting on this, most readers don’t believe the stories being said

    • Jayna says:

      Many are probably coming out of the woodwork to sell an unsubstantiated story and make a quick buck, no lawsuit intended.

      • Smeg says:

        Sure they are but if the other 2 guys are successful, what is the bet they will contact Allred too. They are all in it for a handout. John Doe#1 went to the National Enquirer first (probably got a handout) then went for more

      • Smeg says:

        And the other 2 new allegations are from the New York Daily News. For those who don’t know the editor of this Newspaper is none other than Colin Myler. His previous job was Editor of the UK’s News of the World until it closed down due to the phone hacking scandal which still has enquiries going on. Sorry, anything that comes through this editor I won’t believe as I know how he operates and encourages his employees to get a story, any story, make it current and he doesn’t care how they do it or if it is true

    • Trillion says:

      John Travolta has had a long habit of sexually harassing massage therapists. I own a massage company and he harassed one of my employees several years ago. Another of my employees told me he had been banned for the same reason from her previous workplace, a famous golf resort spa in Carmel, 10 years ago.

    • Onyx XV says:

      Au contraire, Smeg. I think most people DO believe these stories, despite the sources. I know I do – they’ve been floating around for years. And now, multiple men are corroborating what appears to be a quite consistent pattern of behavior for Travolta.

      And I like him. I’ve liked him for years. He’s made a few dumb movies, sure, but most of the time, I enjoy his work. Now I feel sorry for him, that he’s so repressed that he cannot control his impulses and he acts out in completely inappropriate ways. I hope he gets some help. Clearly he needs it.

    • Kim says:

      People rip on the Enquirer but compared to all the other tabloids The Enquirer is dead on way more than all the other tabloids. A few people pointed this out to me years ago and they were right. The Enquirer gets their stories right majority of the time. Go back and look at old stories and youll find most of them in time were proven true.

      Also I think majority of people DO believe these JT stories. Everyone in Hollywood had known for years JT is gay. Him being gay is news to no one in the industry and especially not his wife of who he has a contract with to be his “beard” (this is very well known in Hollywood).

      I cant believe people are so naive as to not see the MANY arranged marriages in Hollywood between gay men and straight women.

      • Smeg says:

        But this is not about him being gay or a scientoligist or anything else. Just because people in Hollywood have known he was gay for years does not mean that he is guilty of what he is accused of. Just because there are more allegations does not mean Jack. I still have not heard of ONE that has sounded credible. John Doe#1 is a proven liar (there is no way someone who has been sexually assaulted would EVER forget the date). His story has changed so much from the first time he told it until now. John Doe#2 does not sound at all credible either. NO ONE else has filed a suit. They are just band wagon jumpers. I could say you assaulted me and go to the papers. Does it make it true? NO!

        And everybody believes it? On this site, yes! Maybe other gossip sites, but not on most sites around the world

        And didn’t the Enquirer report that Kelly was not really pregnant?

        Sorry if I sound miffed, but I know someone who was accused of a sexual assault and he did not do it. The girl wanted to get him back for something and after he was arrested, questioned, run through the wringer and it hit the local paper. Eventually she told a friend the truth and that friend went to the police and they investigated further and the case was dropped. BUT he is still on file and had to complain to police to get his DNA removed. He was 100% innocent! IT HAPPENS

      • moot says:

        @ Smeg: “(there is no way someone who has been sexually assaulted would EVER forget the date)” — Well gee that’s so crystal to you is it? As a matter of fact, I was date raped in University, and I don’t remember the exact date. Why would I want to hang on to that forever? Besides, unless I needed to remember it because I was filing a report (which I didn’t do), it’s actually very very easy to forget the exact date.

        So excuse me, but you’re defence of someone’s poor memory is ridiculous, not to mention scientifically unfounded. People forget important stuff very easily, even getting the order of events wrong. Unless you’re a neuroscientist or licensed psychologist, I suggest you put those kinds of comments in your pocket and never show them in public in order to save yourself from looking like a complete idiot.

      • Jules says:


        Your comment about how people would “NEVER” forget the date of a sexual assault, is really, really ignorant, I have to say.

        It’s called TRAUMA, lady, and when traumatic events happen, the mind creates all sorts of barriers to protect the person from breaking down completely, as its just too much to handle. It’s called “compartmentalisation,” when the mind isolates the incident , and in serious cases it can take YEARS of therapy for a person to fully recall.

        Anyway, I was sexually assaulted years ago on vacation in Mexico, and as I type I’m friggin hard pressed to remember the YEAR, never mind the DAY. Three kids and a busy career later, and what can I say, the memory fades and its hardly like I’ve been trying to hang onto it.

        Whatever. I say you’re a COS SHILL. I read all your comments and each one is annoying and ignorant, like u dont even live in the real world, which again, screams COS – obvious, MUCH? You have that classic shifty approach of attempting TWIST and MANIPULATE others comments and it’s too transparent to fool me.

      • jwoolman says:

        MOOT- the reason the wrong date is suspicious is not because it would be burned into the brain of a real victim but because the accuser should have multiple ways of checking the date before filing a lawsuit because of the nature of the job. The accuser should have a job schedule or logbook and also a receipts book, and bank records for when payment was deposited. The place where the job was done also would have records, most likely. If someone provided a referral, that might be another record. I do freelance work myself (not massages …) and those are the kinds of things anyone who has such a varied work schedule could use to pin down a date. And of course the date is crucial in such a case since if the accused can prove he wasn’t there, there is no case.

      • Doodle says:

        Smeg: I have not commented on this site before, but I’ve gotta chime in here. I was raped. I do not remember the date. That certainly does not mean it never happened!!
        Get real!

    • Roma says:

      @smeg: and serial sexual offenders happen too. Do you know how hard idly is to be a victim and speak out?

      How would everybody be acting if JT was jerking off in front of women, and trying to stick his hands up a woman’s skirt?

      This is why MEN don’t speak out as women have enough troubles. Sorry about your friend, but these things have been said about JT for too long and it is completely criminal behavior.

      • Smeg says:

        If it was true why hasn’t even ONE person gone and reported it to police? Not one. That is what most peoples reactions are. And I am sorry, every guy I have talked to have said one of 2 things; either they would have hit him or walked out. Not stood there while he jacks off. Then if you don’t succeed through the court system, you can then sue. For goodness sake; John Doe #2 didn’t want to be named, but posed for photos. [Massive eye roll]

        You people are saying he is guilty purely by gossip. No where has there been one shred of fact. Just loads of gossip. Can’t you even just for a minute accept that maybe these people have heard of the spa rumours, gay rumours and embellished liaisons. It is not totally incomprehensible.

        People are even stating that The National Enquirer is a good source. LMAO. The same mag that makes stories up every single week. How many times on here have people laughed about what they print. They get one or two stories a decade right and now they are a good source? Wouldn’t want any of you on a jury, you people make old villages in the Middle East look democratic

        This guy was a masseuse. Surely for even tax purposes he would have a record of the date he went there. Make excuses all you want. I am sorry you were date raped, but even you said you didn’t remember it because you were not persuing it. HE DID! ALMOST STRAIGHT AWAY. So maybe you should put your comments in your pocket to stop yourself looking like an idiot

    • Feebee says:

      Since when does anyone believe the National Enquirer?

      Two words for you: John Edwards.

      Every now and again they do some investigating and reporting on stuff that mainstream outlets don’t want to touch for various reasons. Granted 90% of their regular stuff is suspect but every now and again……

    • Trillion says:

      Sorry Smeg, but you’re just wrong. (guess you didn’t read my initial response). I stand by my employee who was harassed by him. Never occurred to either of us that charges should be pressed. I think many male therapists (who are called massage therapists or masseurs, not a “masseuse”, btw) are merely embarrassed by this kind of unwanted advance and would just as soon forget about it, rather than report it. It’s different when men are harassed by other men. For one thing, the threat of being raped is not necessarily present, as it is when it’s male on female harassment. Also, as in the case with my employee, there is an element of embarrassment on the part of the man being harassed.

  12. cupidtyrox says:

    Who’s the hottie with John in the third picture?

  13. Cirque28 says:

    Thank god there’s no oily, limp french fry in this post. I’m referring to the choice of photos, natch.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oh, I wish I could find an un-see key on my computer or phone. That was just so…DISGUSTING.

  14. Val in FL says:

    John has not aged well. Channel surfing last night and watched about 10 minutes of Urban Cowboy. How that turned into this is astounding.

  15. KWM says:

    looks like Orlando Bloom

    Do you think JT assumes all Hollywood men have had same sex liasons to get jobs early on? Why not just hit on those guys?

    I tend to believe these stories. They have been around for years. There is shame in being a victim of assault etc like this so on one hand I applaud these guys for coming forward but yes, I do sometimes wonder if there are skeezes out there just wanting to make a buck.

    BTW I loathe Tiger Woods for what he did but this is much, much worse as this is NOT consensual.

  16. IMira says:

    John Trovolting gets a by because he is white and rich with Scientology behind him. So men will continue getting attacked because this sick jerk got money. Kelly can go on collecting the money her gay husband stuff in her greedy mouth to keep silent.

  17. lover says:

    ok enoigh already we know you are on on the down low, let them man have some dignity

  18. maria says:

    ugh..dark, Dracula toupee and too dark died hair… do these people not have stylists or hairdressers that can tell them how to look more natural as they age?…. I wish ALL men would NOT die their hair so dark. they look ridiculous! salt and pepper looks so much better!

  19. says:

    What a creepy, fug-looking man. Especially pic 1.

  20. Hautie says:

    Kelly Preston is not remotely in the dark about who her husband might be. She knows. And she is not going anywhere.

    What I suspect what has her annoyed, is that he has gotten so sloppy with his behavior. And has now embarrassed the entire family with his shenanigan’s.

    I am curious how “The Cult” has not went into defense mode. Of releasing damaging facts (made up facts) about the males who are doing the accusing.

    There is something off about this whole scandal. Can’t put my finger on it. But something is off with how everyone is behaving about it.

  21. Dee Cee says:

    I doubt Scientology can do enough damage control to stop the shame and embarrassment of what is happening with the open rejection from Lisa Presley and the lawsuits of Travolta.. star players in that group.. woo wee.. plenty of trouble and not enough fund and denials to shut it up now..

  22. Twez says:

    Man, who did Travolta piss off in the Church of Scientology? This totally feels like the Scientologists just stopped covering up for him and are even encouraging dudes to come forward.

  23. orion70 says:

    Something I don’t understand about all of this is that if JT’s behaviour is so common and so pervasive, why has there never ever been a police report filed? Am not saying this in defense of Travolta or victim blaming, but no one in any of these numerous events ever thought, to hell with the job, and reported him to police? He never once groped the wrong person who went immediately to police?

    • Onyx XV says:

      Excellent point. Who knows? Maybe there is a police report somewhere. From the sounds of it, there should be.

    • moot says:

      I can think of a lot of reasons why no police report was ever filed or ever made the news:

      1. If the accuser wasn’t interested in fame, they wouldn’t have taken it to the press and certainly the police wouldn’t make the report public.

      2. If a report was filed and the police investigated, JT & lawyers could easily make it a he said-he said issue (as it is now). No proof; no charges laid. Doesn’t make the news.

      3. Victims might feel very weird about the whole incident. Wow! Did JT try to get me to grope him? Did he just grope me? Men’s experience with sexual assault is far more complicated than women’s. Women in this society have been well instructed about how they should feel and react about sexual assault, and those who don’t know how to cope are quickly encouraged to get help. But men have a lot more shame associated with assault from other men, or a different defence mechanism. Is it “queer”? Is it funny? Is it gross? But “is it illegal?” is probably not the first thing they’re thinking. They’re more likely to be chalking it up to JT being a weirdo.

      4. Victims might have told their employers about the assault, but were told told it was not a big deal and to keep a lid on it. Ban JT, and that’s that. We have a privacy policy with our clients, especially high profile ones, and if we want more high profile accounts, we certainly don’t make a fuss in the news.

      5. It’s JT. What are the chances JT will get charged and sentenced with sexual assault if you do file? How long would a court case go on, and how hard would that be on your life, your finances, your job prospects, the lives of the people you need to support?

      I can think of more reasons. If you can’t you have a very poor understanding of human psychology and motivation.

      • orion70 says:

        Actually I work within the CJ system, and have worked with both SO’s and victims alike. I have a psych degree. I’d like to think I have at least a basic understanding of human psychology.

        These examples you give are all well and good, but if someone’s sexual deviancy is THAT common in occurrence, with numerous victims, and frankly someone who apparently isn’t too concerned about getting caught by the looks of things, chances are that at least one victim will have broken the mold.

  24. Ethel says:

    You are right about TMZ’s coverage. First they are breaking the story, then they only seem to print Travolta’s Attorney’s comments and now they have a story about Travolta and Robin Gibb being such good friends. It looks like sensitive, well place much needed positive PR for John.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I totally agree. TMZ is playing really passive-aggressive on this. They are insinuating that the complainants aren’t credible – identifying #2 and giving his military background, martial arts background as if to say “See, JT could never had taken advantage of this big muscular guy!”. But that ignores the obvious power inequalities that exist in the service industry – i.e. “the customer’s always right, you don’t want to lose your job, do you?”. Pretty sketchy, Harvey!

      And People magazine has the most incredibly brown noser “article” on the “scandal” and how Kelly and John are “staying strong” and Kelly stating to a “source” that the accusers are out to make money off good old innocent them. Pitiful snow job from People. But expecting tough analytical journalist from them is like expecting Barbara Walters to ask a tough question in an interview – AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

  25. really says:

    I find it odd that in this day of cell phone cameras and recorders there is no evidence beyond anecdotes. even an official report or complaint to an employer or the police would make this more legit. again, if he’s really banned from places, then that would be very damning evidence. but nothing?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      You must remember, some of these complaints go back YEARS. And he has been banned from hotels. (see previous posts) And at least one of the Does (#2 or 3, I believe) DID file a complaint with his employer.

      It’s not like this stuff happened yesterday – we’re talking DECADES of JT’s assaulting workers.

    • deep says:

      Well actually there is a video of one of the guys leaving JT’s room very upset. That’s the guy at the hotel that did complain and JT was banned from the hotel. And, who knows maybe there are more videos. You can’t even go to the grocery store without being on video. Bet more comes out.

  26. Barbara says:

    My sons work in the restaurant industry in the Monterey/Carmel area. In the 70’s/80’s JT would come in with his bodyguard/lover and they could be seen groping each other under the table by the staff.

    • Jordan says:

      The story you just told, sounds consensual which is different than the claims of assault being made by the two Doe’s. You do know that being gay and being a pervert who sexually assaults / harasses others are two different things, don’t you?

  27. lori says:

    Just waiting for more of these guys to come forward. Travolta has been known to do this stuff for years and he has been banned from multiple places (off and on) for inappropriate sexual behavior. He pays people off and stuff quiets down. But I think he has been getting sloppy about it and assaulting straight and married guys who won’t back down. It’s about time the other victims stand up and tell the truth. You could help somone else.

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    I called it! Tiger Woods-esque.

    • deep says:

      This is nothing like Tiger…Tiger wasn’t sexually abusing people. Sounds like JT is. Tiger’s “ladies” were willing participants. Doesn’t sound like JT’s are. Big difference.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Once again: I meant in scope, not in nature.

        That means I knew lots more people would come out of the woodwork claiming assault; not that what Tiger and JT did were the same.

        (If you’d read my comments above or on previous posts, you’d know that I think JT is a predator who is assaulting people; whereas Tiger was just a man-ho.)

  29. Chatcat says:

    Besides the groped victims, their kids are victims and I feel sorry for them at many different levels. These two sold the souls of their children for their own selfish pursuits/wants. Amongst many other despicable personal traits between them, Dad is an out-of-control gropeaholic and Mom has the morals of a pit snake.

  30. Mytwocents says:

    Has anyone considered that this is happening because John wants it to happen? As stated, it has been rumored for years that he is bi/gay, and that Kelly is his beard. I recall that not long after his son passed away, there was an item that John was ready to come out and denounce Scientology because the death of his son had affected him such that he did not want to live a lie any longer. But then, Kelly got pregnant/had surrogate without his knowledge as apparently there were frozen embryos available. The rumors were that she did it purposely to stop him from coming out and leaving her and the cult. Perhaps John decided the only way out was for it to become a “scandal” that could not be denied. Although they have issued denials, they seem lukewarm and there will be no sweeping this under the rug. Someone earlier posted they thought something was “off” about this whole thing. So do I; and I think its because it was planned by him from the beginning so he can finally escape from both Kelly and the cult and live the life he wants. Perhaps Lisa Marie Presley gave him the courage to do it. Some have mentioned that the cult does not seem to be protecting him. If he defected, they would not protect him. I just know that from years of reading these blogs and knowing how the “scandals” in HWood are generally created to hide something else even worse, that this seems to be just that kind of thing. Read between the lines.

  31. Izzards Chick says:

    I would like to just state that this is not because this man is gay. These people are charging sexual assault. Being gay doesnt mean you are going to run around with your “bathing suit area” out of your pants and lift your bare buttocks in the air without invitation. Being gay doesnt make you a rapist. Sexually assaulting people does. This isnt about being gay. He’s a predator. And now…lets count how many comments to this article are made by Xenu’s minions. I see at least 2…

    • Leek says:

      I think it’s great you included that comment. The last thing I want my kids growing up thinking is that gay men are all rapists and molesters.

    • lori says:

      Thank you, that is the point! People keep saying that if only he came out, things would be different, or imply that being his being gay is intrinsic to his assaulting someone. No.
      He is a predator. He likes to assault service workers. People who have much lower power than he does. People whose jobs depended on servicing him. And he did it openly and even went and complained to the management when they rebuffed his assaults and left the room. There are numerous stories of him being banned from places. He has a bad reputation. The Scientologists on this site trying to defend him are sick. You are defending a predator.

  32. Gossip girl says:

    JT grabbed my male cousin’s ass back in the 80’s.

  33. deep says:

    All the accusations sound too much the same to not be true. Johnny boy has a pattern. And, that pattern is the same with all the guys. Where there is smoke..there is usually fire. I say things are only going to get worse for Johnny boy. What a shame because I used to love to watch him dance. Now he just gives me the creeps. I believe these stories. It’s sexual abuse. I don’t mind that he is gay..but sexually abusing people…not cool. Oh and one more thing..if these accusations were not true JT would be suing them all for slander. Why so silent?? And the statements from his attorney are nothing really.

    • moot says:

      I agree. There’s a pattern I’ve been hearing about for almost 20 years now. These come from all over North America with people that shouldn’t have any connection to each other. I don’t think random people can all make up the same story about the same celebrity just to be cruel, disparage his reputation, or make a fast buck with the tabloids. If this is the case, why don’t we hear about this rumour from around the country about, say, douchebag Chris Brown? Surely enough people hate CB to make up rumours about him? Why don’t we hear about him groping male massage therapists? I’d love that rumour to start. But it doesn’t and won’t because, unfortunately, CB has probably never groped a male massage therapist. You can’t start a rumour when there is absolutely no reasonable hint of truth there.

      • deep says:

        That’s right..these people were from all over the country and the story is pretty much the same. I think JT is in serious trouble. His money will probably keep him out of jail. But, if these stories are true…jail is where he belongs!

  34. nikzilla37 says:

    Now JT is old, bald and kinda gross but I bet no one was turning down his advances when he was working on Grease.

  35. Anna says:

    John T. has been groping men for years and years. Obviously Kelly knows John is gay and obviously they came to some agreement at some point in the past. John must think he has some sort of alien spacesuit on which will prevent anyone ever telling the the press about their Travolta Encounter.

  36. Francesca says:

    He can’t come out because of his religion. Wow, that has to be one of the oldest stories in the book.

    These stories of his sexual aggression don’t sound good. Either he is way pent up and conflicted or he is an abuser.


    • the original bellaluna says:

      Sounds like he’s both. The CO$ claims to be able to “cure” homosexuality, thus encouraging it’s homosexual/bi members to “contain” themselves, thus resulting in pent up and/or predatory members.

      A vicious cycle, no?

  37. palermo says:

    John and I are the same age. I have been hearing about him since the 70s. There is way too much smoke for there to be no fire. I could not care less that he is gay, I do believe Kelly has always known, nor do I think he has to be “outed”; however, if he is really sexually harassing/assaulting people then that is absolutely wrong. You ask why they didn’t take pictures or tell immediately, well people are in “awe” of famous rich people, some were probably afraid to make a scene or worried about losing their jobs etc. There are thousands of gay men who would gladly sleep with him for free but that is the problem of trying to lead this secret lifestyle, he would never know who would try and blackmail him etc. He’s really gotten himself backed into a corner. I still think he is trying to leave the CoS cult and they are behind all of these revelations.

    • Snowpea says:

      @Palermo – I posted this on a previous JT post. But its sooooo interesting because it was written over 20 years ago…

      “The church’s former head of security, Richard Aznaran, recalls Scientology ringleader Miscavige repeatedly joking to staffers about Travolta’s allegedly promiscuous homosexual behavior.

      At this point any threat to expose Travolta seems superfluous: last May a male porn star collected $100,000 from a tabloid for an account of his alleged two-year liaison with the celebrity. Travolta refuses to comment, and in December his lawyer dismissed questions about the subject as “bizarre.”

      Two weeks later, Travolta announced that he was getting married to actress Kelly Preston, a fellow Scientologist…”

      (This excerpt is from Richard Behar’s “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power” published in Time magazine May 6, 1991)

      • Zenb!tch says:

        The difference is this sounds consensual. I don’t care that JT had a torrid affair with a pornstar as long as he was safe about it. If he was my friend my reaction would have been… “was he cuuuuute????”

  38. missanne says:

    If JT and his wife have an agreement, is it really anyone elses business?

    But I wouldnt put it past the church of $cientology for being behind all this. They play dirty, they collect deep dark secrets from their cult members, and then use it against them when they try to leave.
    Maybe JT is trying to leave the CO$ and this is their way of reining him in.

    • skuddles says:

      I’m inclined to believe that too missanne… It’s rumored that JT wants out of CO$, perhaps so he can come out of the closet already? You hear so many scary stories from former cult members about the threats and manipulation they were subjected to by the “church” – I have little doubt CO$ would do something like this to keep a high profile member like JT from escaping their grasp. It will be very interesting to see where this all leads.

    • Zenb!tch says:

      I said the same thing below. CO$ won’t let JT leave. They will manage to “save” him with prayers to Xenu and get his career back on track.

  39. Jordan says:

    I would only count the two Doe’s that are being represented by Allred, since the others mentioned are only apparently going to the tabloids (and possibly getting paid to do so). I think if JT and Singer don’t settle and decide to take it to court and the two Doe’s drop their suits, then JT will be considered guilty of paying them off even if he doesn’t. It would be best if it went to court and it was decided there.

  40. Mooshi says:

    And the roaches come scurrying out.

    I see Allred as a legal predator.

    Quite frankly, I see her targets as victims.

    I just can’t get past that.

  41. Kate Kack says:

    OMG PEOPLE!!!! I cannot believe after DECADES of this crap – why people don’t believe John would do this??? Puh-fucking-lease!
    He could find an infinite # of men who would WILLINGLY be with him.
    THE GROPING/AGGRESIVE IS PART OF HIS FETISH!!! He is a mank (man/skank) – Kelly has to be complicit imo. He is going to lose his career over this – as well he should – he sexually abuses people! He is Satan’s toejam. creepazoid robot.

    • Trashaddict says:

      What’s really sad is how people will put up with “DECADES of this crap”! Why do we let celebrities (or anyone for that matter) get away with this kind of behavior? The culture needs to be changed so that people who pull this kind of sh-t are held accountable and stopped early on. Then maybe they won’t escalate to the point where they’re in everyone’s faces with it.

  42. Izzards Chick says:

    Right on everyone. If we recall The Great Carrie Fisher implied that “everyone” knows he’s gay and is cool with it. That means Kelly, the industry and various levels of hangers on.He’s not pent up and frustrated! With all of that permission and acceptance from his peers one would assume he’d find himself bunches of willing people to hang out with and stay under the radar. Look at Anderson Cooper, he hasn’t officially come out but by his peers he’s accepted and he’s not pent up by not telling everyone in America, pent up to the point that he’s running around sexually assaulting people! This is clearly a situation way beyond not coming out to you and I.

    • Zenb!tch says:

      In the 80s thru 4 weeks ago, I thought he was husband/provider and father to Kelly and the kids and lover to that guy that would hang around with the family. I thought they were a happy non conventional family.

      There are many ways to make a family so I was like whatever. Afterall, Kelly was almost shot by Charlie Sheen, maybe she gave up on men and just wanted a best friend to raise a family with.

      This predatory behavior does not compute with the perfect blended hetero/homofamily.

      I think this has something to do with losing Jett. He wanted to escape CO$ and this is how they are going about keeping him and his wallet.

      Or he just snapped when Jett died and no longer gives a F.

    • hawkye says:

      Another good reason why Anderson Cooper is evidently not pent up and therefore going around assaulting people is that he is in a seemingly happy and stable relationship with a NY restauranteur — and is not trying to hide it, but — just like Jodie Foster and (for years) Lily Tomlin — does not feel the need to “officially” come out and just goes about his business, professionally and personally. He certainly makes no bones about his support of many LGBT organizations and concerns.

      To address another repeated theme in this thread — the where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire syndrome: There’s a certain Oscar-winning actor of stage and screen who is infamous for a milder form of “just” hitting on guys, often in a work or public setting. He not pushy, just briefly puts his hand(s) on inappropriate body parts. Why do I believe this? Well, I’ve been in “the biz’ for a long time, and this scenario has been told to me over the years by six different guys, none of whom know each other. One of them was in the hotel world and also shared the tale of a bellboy who was lured by this dude into some hanky panky in the hallway (!) and when it was discovered the bellboy was fired, but nothing was done about the famous perp.

      I’m so glad we’re entering an era where more and more young gay actors are coming out and not fearing for their careers. It’s partly because they know the tide is turning as their future audiences grow up in an internet age where they are able to access many different examples of and views on what used to be a forbidden, hidden world. Let the sunshine in!

  43. ezra says:

    I wonder how long before the skeezey pics surface?

  44. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Wonder how Diana Hyland fits into all this–his first love, according to some. I guess they never actually married, but he was 22/23 and she was 41 when she “died in his arms” from breast cancer ?? Is that right? from what I remember he was devastated. So what was that all about?

  45. Zenb!tch says:

    Is Marty Singer a regular high powered Judeo-Christian-Buddhist-Hindu-Muslim Hollywood attorney or is he related to the CO$. I’m wondering how much he knows about CO$

  46. riri says:

    What are the authorities going to get involved?
    If he was groping females, and wasn’t a big movie star, he would have been prosecuted a long time ago.

    This is outrageous. The guy is a sexual offender and should be treated accordingly.

  47. barb says:

    It’s just sad that he chose to live a public life in denial of who he really is. Scientology is obviously part of it, as they do not condone homosexuality. How sad is that. He needs to be held responsible for what he has done to people. I believe all of the allegations against him.

  48. Ron says:

    Man, this is some serious character assassination. I wonder who Travolta pissed off. And no, I dont believe the story.