Adam Levine is a douche in Details: “You know what yoga is good for? Fuuuu-k-ing.”

Adam Levine
Kaiser tried to get me to cover this Adam Levine story in Details because she didn’t want to do it. I tried to beg off and pass, but then I saw the best quotes from Adam’s interview on Evil Beet. He’s just an a*hole, and I feel pretty confident calling him that. To recap Adam: he has a reputation as a womanizer, and in one of the last interviews we covered with him he was bragging about having unprotected sex with his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna. She subsequently dumped his cheating ass by issuing a press release and not even bothering to give him a heads up about it first, making me assume he’d done something truly awful to her. (Although I just suspect it was garden variety cheating.)

Well Adam pontificates at length to Details about why he’s so successful with women, and how his attitude (douche) has to do with growing up with jilted women or something. He’s compensating for something, and I don’t feel sorry for any woman who falls for his total b.s. Here’s some of what he said, and thanks to Evil Beet for condensing it down for us:

On being misrepresented: “I’ve always felt a little misrepresented in the world. I felt like people only knew me as a singer who dated pretty girls. A little bit of a bimbo. Maybe I was kind of a bimbo,” he adds, laughing. “I was the music dude that was naked all the time with the girls, and that’s fine, no problem with that. But I wanted to create a little balance. When the show [The Voice] came around, I thought, ‘People now know that I have a brain.’”

On Christina Aguilera: “I always thought Christina was the best pop singer around. She wasn’t just a pop star—she could sing her f-cking ass off. We butted heads a little in the beginning. I had sympathy for her being the only girl, though, so I laid off. Blake has a charming way of bickering with her, but I can’t pull that off. We’re totally cool now.”

On yoga: “You know what yoga’s good for?” Adam Levine asks, pausing in mid-thought as he discusses his healthful lifestyle. He draws to his feet, balances in the private jet’s narrow aisle, points at his crotch, and thrusts his pelvis like a porn star. “I’ll tell you what yoga is good for: Fuuuu-k-ing,” he chimes, in a singsong falsetto, then laughs.

On understanding women: “One of my theories on why I’m so capable of understanding women is that after my parents split, my mom moved in with her brother’s ex-wife—my aunt—who was also newly single,” he says. “So I was living in a house with two jilted women, plus my cousin, who’s more like my sister, and my brother, Michael, who we eventually find out is gay. Just the estrogen alone . . . You know when you’re 14 and terrified to talk to a girl? I didn’t suffer much from that. It seemed very natural to me to talk to girls.”

On loving women: “There’s two kinds of men,” Levine posits. “There are men who are f-cking misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they’re the most amazing people in the world. And that’s me. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much.”

On attention: “I love attention. I can’t stand not having it. It just has to be the right kind. To do what you love, to be with the people you love? That’s all I want. That’s the ‘kwan.’”

[From Details via Evil Beet]

Whatever, Adam. I just hope that this interview helps warn any model with two brain cells to rub together that she should stay far, far away from this douche. This is some John Mayer pre-voice losing sh*t. This guy is believing his own hype, and he will probably continue to believe it until he also faces some sort of life setback that makes him realize he’s a jerk. Some guys never have that epiphany, and it’s long overdue for Adam.

Also, I agree with the Emily at Evil Beet: that’s nice what he said about Christina. But given how he goes on about what a charmer he is, I don’t buy that he’s sincere at all. Creep.

Photos thanks to Details, where there are more.

Adam Levine

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  1. Mimi says:

    Adam Levine and John Mayer would make an awesome couple.

    • ZZZ says:

      Too true….

    • Jordan says:

      Actually, since it seems John Mayer may have gotten a clue, I’d say he is too good for Adam now. And, uh, do gay men have higher levels of estrogen (his comment about growing up in a household of women and his gay brother)?

    • Stubbylove says:

      Perfect douche sandwich: Levine & Mayer as the bread – Ashton Krutcher as the meat and Matthew Fox as the cheese.

    • corny says:

      awesome couple of douchebags…so agree..LOL

    • Lizzie says:

      it physically hurts me to say that I find both Adam Levine and John Mayer hot. I know its wrong…but I can’t help it.

      But yeah when I was reading this I was like….woah him and mayer should hook up! twinsies!

    • Eve says:

      I came here to post that in terms of douchebaggery Levine is giving John Mayer a run for his money.

      • gg says:

        I have to agree. Mayer does it by accident but Levine yells it from the highest treetops.

        “One of my theories on why I’m so capable of understanding women …” Oh, reeeeallly, Adam, you want to go there? After all your douchey quotes like this, and getting unceremoniously dumped by your last woman?

  2. Rhiley says:

    He sounds like he is still fourteen years old. His is so boring and his band sucks.

  3. Maguita says:

    Misogyny takes on many forms, one of them is promising love and loyalty, while knowingly breaking that promise over and over again, with many-many women, in order to affirm your disdain of women.

    Now at least, the douche is publicizing his clear views and owning up to his sh-tty relationship modus operandi.

    Ladies, you are on your own after this interview: You will not be allowed to cry CHEATER when entering a relationship with Adam Levine.

    • DeeVine says:

      Well anyone who gets into a relationship will be going in with eyes wide open. So to me it’s not a biggie and better that he is up front. Wanna sleep with a famous douche and get papped into fame? Plenty of takers out there…

  4. Nessa says:

    Just his face alone screams smug d0uche. He might be one of the most overrated performers out there today, too.

    • brin says:


    • Esmom says:

      Totally. I hear his voice on the radio and I marvel at the mediocrity. I’ve always thought he was gross and this confirms it for me.

      Also, he contradicts himself a little bit…he loves and understands all women yet he says he can’t bicker “charmingly” with Christina. He can’t be the charming douche he is with all his legions of pretty girls with her because the fact is he doesn’t want to do her. Again, gross.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Ugh, I hate that mentality! ‘Since you have the temerity to not be sexually appealing to me, I fully reserve the right to treat you like something I pulled out of my ear. Don’t be like that, I’m sure I’ll be able to manage to be cold, condescending and have the mentality that spending time with you is worse than the pogroms. See you and disrespect you the next time I need something from you!!! Don’t get fatter!’

        Luckily, I too grew up in a house full of women, so it I was able to spot that kind of garbage from miles away. I wish there were some kind of mandatory courses in school that could teach girls about this. And don’t muddy the waters by trying to do a Dorothy Parker impersonaltion when trying to rebuff the advances of someone who holds no real respect for you. You don’t necessarily have to tell them to screw themselves and the DeVry they rode in on, but be firm and restrained enough to be your own effective advocate while idealling not incurring wrath.

        I’ve seen a lot of woman get chewed up this–maybe it’s routine, maybe it’s self-hatred, maybe it’s naivete, maybe it’s lonliness. First, I seethed, then I was sad, now I shrug. There’s such a fear of being single or being branded as a spinster scold that so many of us jump headlong into the fire because chasing peckerheads like is so preferable to dignity.

    • ldel says:

      cosign squared. barry gibb’s the only one who can sing falsetto and be cool….

  5. Kittypants says:

    God, he looks and sounds like a complete cockend.

  6. Gene Parmesan says:

    He is utterly disgusting. he is clearly feeling himself too much. And he is not that good looking with his botoxed self

    • Bobby sue says:

      Yes! The face looks botoxed. Gross. He is gross. There are thousands of better looking, sexier, more talented musicians. Maroon 5 is SO 90’s.

  7. Quinn Parker says:

    Yoga is also good for being able to reach all of the crabs in your crotch area, Adam.

    • princesslizabeth says:


      Thank you for making me smile! 🙂

    • Snowpea says:

      Funny you should say that because I met a geezer at a party once who, told me in all seriousness, that he’d started yoga in order to get the flexibility to SUCK HIS OWN D-CK!

      I couldn’t get away fast enough!

      Who are these hideous men and who are the fool girls who fall for their sad, cheap schtick anyway?

  8. Carla says:

    He’s a bimbo, and as such, I would f*ck his brainless brains out and never call back.

    PS: Yeah, I got a thing for hot douches. Just like Men do. It’s payback time.

    • Nessa says:

      This is exactly how I feel about Leonardo DiCaprio. Even though I know he is a little creepy with the young models… and a little douchey, I would still hit it and quit it. Then maybe hit it again. And then quit it for real. Don’t judge me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Thanks for saying this. I tried to post something earlier but it was filtered out (guess it wasn’t appreciated). Anyway the point was that not every woman is a victim. Women have as much control over their sexual prowess as men and as long as they know that Adam is a douche, why should they not use his ass too? Maybe they just want no-strings dong? I’ve had my one-nighters with hot assholes and I don’t regret it. Why? Because it was fun and I didn’t make it into anything it wasn’t. Not every girl is on the hunt for a long-term relationship (although for the record, at 32 I’m happy to be in one now).

      • janie says:

        Right?! I had a 2 year slutty period before I started dating my long-term bf, and I bragged about my conquests all the time. They were all incredible (and gorgeous) douchebags who probably thought they were using me, but I wasn’t looking for anything besides a good time with a hot guy.

    • Brandi says:

      So sad i fell in lust yesterday after discovering him. Today I google him. Should leave well enough alone. Men are always better fantasies when you know nothing about them. I would still enjoy to play for a night. I eat men like him for breakfast. I love toying with such men. I have become quite good at it , and sometimes celebrated by frriends because of it.

  9. Chatcat says:

    If he hasn’t been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, then he is the most conceited, arrogant, creepy assh*le that has ever come through my cyberlife!

  10. Bettie says:

    He’s a poor man’s Scott Weiland.

    • Ginger says:

      You are so right!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Scott wetland objects, at least he and his old band rocked.
        Levines thin voice and easy
        Istenong pop do not compare.

        There’s that heroin thing, but…at least Scott keeps quiet.

    • Jover says:

      Please never mention moron 5 in the same breath as STP – AL fronts a really bad band.

  11. Happy21 says:

    @Nessa! YES his face screams douche and ALWAYS have, even when we weren’t aware what a total douche he is.

    My opinion of what he did to that last GF model was that he f**ked Christina Aguilera. From what I understand there is some sort of underlying sexual tension on The Voice (I don’t watch it but have read tons of what goes and also watched the clips).

    He is so smarmy. Oh I love women so want to sleep with lots of them. He is the misogynist pig.

  12. Kittypants says:

    Also, anyone who uses the word ‘kwan’ should be shot.

  13. lucy2 says:

    BS. If you “really love women” you respect them as human beings and don’t mess around.

  14. kit says:

    He loves women so much that he is/was promiscuous? Lame excuse, but I know a couple of girls who will fall for that…

  15. Ginger says:

    Yoga is good for a lot of things and yes, it can improve your sex life because you are stronger and more limber obviously. But the way he said it is just gross.

  16. lily says:

    Wow, he sounds like such a douche. So full of himself.

  17. I would rather have coitus with Steven Wilson! (Porcupine Tree, Blackfield) Now he’s a REAL musician, and sooo dreamy to look at!!!!

  18. Jennika says:

    Am I the only one that does not find him attractive at all?

    • ZZZ says:

      No! I never have. Arrogance turns me off so fast it isn’t even funny!

    • mzthirtyeight says:

      These pictures are terrible, but I must admit, I used to find him sexy. His personality though-ugh. No more!

  19. Cel says:

    Brought up around 3 women, yet he has no respect for them. How pathetic he is. I wonder what his mother, aunt and cousin feel when reading his interviews.

  20. Julie says:

    adam, you can love people without putting your penis in them.

    • bubbles says:

      true, but putting your dong in them is much more fun. god, it’s not a oneway road,why is everybody so up in arms about it? I kinda feel the same way. i love men. (sometimes women too) I like to switch it up. My life is so full, that I don’t need a relationship right now. don’t want to be tied down. but I looooove sex and I’ve never had a problem getting mine. does that make me a bad person or a douchette?

  21. Katija says:

    You know what a Maroon 5 CD is good for? Nooooooo-th-ing.

    • Beatrix says:

      Haha! Will agree with above statement. Terrible, horrible music.

    • Miffy says:

      I have to disagree. Give credit where credit’s due. They make marvellous coasters.

      • Katija says:

        My apologies, madam. You are indeed right. And the contents inside are useful if you’re going trap shooting and run out of clay pigeons.

  22. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    Whatever, I’d still f*ck him.. I think he’s incredibly sexy – and he looks very much like my husband btw.

  23. Latisse says:

    i don’t find him attractive at all and it isn’t even the douche factor turning me off, it’s just his face. He looks like a ferrety weasel, with his pointed features and strategic scruff, ugh, gross metro weasley douchebag, wouldn’t go near his yoga-loving ass with a 10 foot pole. just yuck.

  24. Aubra says:

    Now see, THIS dude I don’t see what all the fuss is about!

  25. bright star says:

    He is so gross. Just reading that interview was pretty much unbearable.

  26. JudyK says:

    UGH. Wish I hadn’t read this…I loved him. That has NOW CHANGED.

    And something tells me that his best bud, Blake Shelton, is a cheating slime, as well. Birds of a feather and all.

  27. MizzVJJ says:

    Yeah his music sucks, but dude is hot. There are some dudes that are only good for FUUUU-K-ING, and he is one. Send him on his way after.

  28. Mel says:

    I don’t understand people here.
    1)This guy may have many faults, but he is outspoken. He says what the majority of men think and do, bit never admit.
    2) His ex-girlfriend is a well-known famewh@re…so he has the worst taste for women…and why has she accepted the unsafe sex?????? For money and fame?and actually nobody knows why they split….
    Cheating?? Are you sure? Maybe he or she…just gimme a break.

    • hatsumomo says:

      I know! Thats the one thing I cant get over. She was with him for TWO YEARS and consented to the whole no-contraceptives stance. Am I the only one who sees his ex as an equal twatbag? Surely I cant be the only one!

  29. QQ says:

    I think I love Celebitches today: Seriously, i just love that the vast majority of ya’ll sees through this ferretfaced bag of douche

    • ZZZ says:

      People on here seem to have a good grasp of who is horrible and who is not, that’s why I love it here. ☻

  30. Miss says:

    Shhh. Don’t talk.

  31. sitting quietly says:


  32. iwannarock says:

    F***ing douche.

  33. Miffy says:

    He’s hot but should be clearly seen and not heard (that includes his ‘music’ career).

  34. ol cranky says:

    There’s two kinds of men,” Levine posits. “There are men who are f-cking misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they’re the most amazing people in the world. And that’s me. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much.”

    Really? Only Two kinds of men and he’s the “good” kind? If that were true I’d be living on cheetos & beer because there would never be a reason for me to be naked in front of a man ever again.

  35. wonderwoman21 says:

    Does he realize Maroon 5 really sucks?

  36. katie says:

    Am I the only one that feels like his yammering on about all his women is really him compensating for actually being gay? It just feels like he is constantly trying to remind people that he likes women.

    • valleymiss says:

      Ha! That’s exactly what I was coming here to say. He really sounds like he’s overcompensating. Like, really? Handsome rockstar has to actually talk about how many women he’s f’ing? We can’t draw our own conclusions from the fact that he’s a handsome rockstar? What a loser.

      And the reason he was “so good with women” when he was growing up was because he grew up a little rich trust fund kid in L.A. You don’t have to be great with women if your daddy owns high-end clothing stores. Adam, if you’re actually straight, stop acting like your personality and not your family $ is the reason you got laid a lot growing up, ok? No one likes your personality.

  37. delila says:

    He seems like such a nerd, like he’s not even hot or cool enough to be a d-bag. Like who sings that yoga is good for screwing with a straight face? He’s just such a dork who hides behind cliched bells and whistles like tats.

  38. Amy says:

    I can’t stand this guy!

  39. Mary says:

    LOL with this community, you are so great and majority of your comments are really funny, everytime I am reading post and your comments, you make my day. Almost all of you! And i really like this womn, celebitchy, who ever is hidden behind this name. You are such a good observer, very charming and very funny. Without wanting to sound pathetic, but sometimes those comments are the only thing I can laugh about. GO COMMUNITY, I never feel lonely with you!

  40. sup says:

    chanelling his inner sting, i see. just come out of the closet already adam

  41. Luciana says:

    isn’t he a douche anywhere, anytime???

  42. Kris says:

    I really used to find him sexy but now he’s just skeezy as hell. It’s a damn shame, but he has no one to blame but himself. And I totally agree with the John Mayer comparison. Although I never found Mayer nearly as attractive as Levine, I still remember being disappointed to discover what a douche he really was. Same feeling with Adam Levine. And he has yet to realize how he is truly perceived. How the mighty do fall…

  43. Ailine says:

    Those pictures look bad. They make his face look bloated. Pass.

  44. Issa says:

    He says “Theres two types of men…misogynist pigs or men who love women” Think I would classify him in the misogynist pig group. What a junior-high school arse!

  45. Snowflake says:

    i bet you anything this d-bag doesn’t go down and the only person he gets off is himself. in other words, a lousy lay.

  46. Deana says:

    My 77-year-old mother thinks he’s just dreamy. Who am I to burst her bubble by telling her he’s a pig?

  47. Kosmos says:

    I totally do not find him attractive, and I do not understand why so many women have slept with him !???? I just think his looks alone are kind of blah, but oh, right, he’s a rock star, so babes go for him, right? But if not for that, I doubt that he would get so much action, especially after hearing him talk.

  48. valleymiss says:

    Here’s how Adam’s review reads, in my mind: “I am a heterosexual male who has lots of sex with women in a heterosexual way. Have I mentioned yet that I’m always having sex with women? I’m straight, you know.” Lol

  49. alecto says:

    Who is he again?

  50. cherryberry says:

    I know his type far too well. He has a shorter, un-tattooed doppelgänger in my hometown. If you don’t succumb to their charm or give in to their witty banter, they’re against you and you become the b*tch. I’ve turned down guys like this and the true douche comes out once you reject them.

    And his music is to my ears what toilet paper is to my arse.

  51. Str8Shooter says:

    “I love attention. I can’t stand not having it.”

    Yeah. It shows douchebag. Too bad your music SUCKS….you sound like a girl when you sing (must have been all that estrogen you were exposed to)

    And…you look/sound like a little PUSSY.

  52. KLO says:

    This thread is pure gold. Love you guys 😀

  53. birdy says:

    It gets worse – he is now banging one of his exes friends/VS models. Two year relationship wand now two months after she dumped him, he is hooking up with one of her model friends. Insecure much douche? Ego and smugness are such unattractive qualities in a man. Pics also show him smoking – if being an A grade douche didn’t kill any lingering appeal, then the smoking should be the final nail in the coffin. Or maybe he thinks the smoking with rough up his voice a bit so he doesn’t sound so girly.–modelled-ex-Anne-V.html

    He moves like Jagger! Adam Levine shares a kiss with Victoria’s Secret beauty Behati Prinsloo… a model friend of his ex Anne V

    He split with his girlfriend Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna only two months ago. But ladies man Adam Levine has clearly moved on – with a beauty who is supposed to be friends with his ex. However, after The Voice judge was spotted kissing Behati Prinsloo in Hawaii, perhaps the two women’s friendship may be over.

    As models for the American lingerie giant, the two women have been friends on the fashion scene for years.
    Both of them walked the catwalk at the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show last November. Coincidentally, the two women joined forces to lip-sync the words to his hit Moves Like Jagger with fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels for an advert for the show. The 23-year-old Namibian beauty stands at a statuesque 5ft 10in – and has modelled for the likes of Chanel, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Kurt Geiger, and Nina Ricci.

    The Maroon 5 singer locked lips with the brunette beauty, who was wearing a trucker hat and heart-shaped sunglasses, while visiting Kauai for a friend’s wedding.The pair also held hands as they chatted with pals at a pre-wedding party on May 28. The tattooed star looked enamoured with his new ladylove, who was casually dressed and showing off her slim figure in a pair of tiny denim Daisy Dukes and a black tank that revealed her bra strap.

    Meanwhile, Adam looked handsome in a bright blue T-shirt and a pair of jeans with a large chain attached. The star kept refreshed by drinking a Coors Light beer to celebrate his friend’s big occasion. The couple held hands as they chatted to friends, and Adam at one point playfully felt her muscular abs.

    Adam was clearly enjoying himself during his tropical island getaway. Earlier in the day, he rode a pushbike with friends and the day before he played a game of Frisbee topless, showing off his array of tattoos.

    His steamy cinch with the new beauty comes after the singer said that he had moved on from his promiscuous antics.
    In an interview with Details magazine, he admitted that fame went to his head and he was a ‘bimbo’ in his youth.
    The singer was famous for his promiscuity early in his career, but he now believes he has matured.
    He told Details magazine: ‘I felt like people only knew me as a singer who dated pretty girls.’A little bit of a bimbo. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much.’

    Adam is clearly moving on since his split from Anne in April.Adam dated Anne for two years after meeting at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue release party in Las Vegas in early 2010. The statuesque Russian beauty announced the split in a statement in early April, telling fans: ‘Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner. We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best.’The pair were rumoured to have had a giant bust up in February, although the Moves Like Jagger hitmaker – who has previously dated Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz and Maria Sharapova – vowed to make the relationship work.
    He said: ‘This is the most functional relationship I’ve ever been in. I don’t want to screw it up.’

    Meanwhile, there is good news for Anne V. She will make her acting debut in A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth film in the Die Hard franchise and will star opposite Bruce Willis

    The film is set to be release on Feb. 14, next year.

    • Mel says:

      Adam is single now. He can date anyone. Hasn’t Anne V dumped him so…or not???
      Oh and Anne V actress? That’s a good news for her and a bad for the movies.No talent at all, only to show boobs and ass. Anne V is getting old fast and she needs another job or another idiot (like Adam Levine) to support her….just saying…

    • Jen says:

      When Anne V met Adam Levine he was dating HER friend Angela Bellotte (a VS model too). So Anne V can’t complain…cuz what goes around, comes around. Everybody in NYC knows she’s a famewh@re, so Adam has a bad taste for women.

  54. birdy says:

    Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: New Couple Alert!

    Adam Levine grabs lunch with his new girlfriend, Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, at Mustard Seed Cafe on Thursday (May 31) in Los Angeles.

    Over Memorial Day weekend, the Maroon 5 frontman performed at the Tahiti Nui Bar in Hanalei, Hawaii. On his downtime, Adam was spotted holding hands with Behati and playing wiffle ball with his roommate, writer/actor/producer Gene Hong (also pictured at the Mustard Seed Cafe lunch).

    Just two months ago, Adam split from Russian model Anne V after two years together.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Yeah and Anne V is dating Jared Leto know. She clearly has a type.

      • zenb!tch says:

        At least Jared Leto was hot once and tried to not sing pop while trying to look like a tattooed bad boy.

  55. Mark says:

    I’m laughing really hard after reading all the bulls***these douche people has been writing here. OK. Adam Levine must be a very important person.. everything he does ou says is a blast for you???? He’s a success and very important to you too I guess. Just admit it! If he is a douche, forget him lol! It’s easy….

  56. Lisa says:

    lol, if he thinks Christina is/was the best pop singer around, he needs to brush up on his music history. No need for fancy yoga poses; he already knows how to get his head far up his ass.

  57. slh says:

    It seems like when an artist does an interview with Details magazine, they try to be as ‘douche-y’ as possible. Two of Justin Timberlake’s past interviews with this magazine have been horrible.

  58. Hakura says:

    This guy has his head shoved SO FAR up his own ass, he could give himself a prostate exam.

    As to the gay thing (where living with only women affected his brother & somehow ‘made him’ gay), there aren’t even words. Completely idiotic anti-gay propaganda.

    Notice he talks about how he’s slept with SO many women, but doesn’t tell us how many STD’s he’s accumulated during the process.

  59. jenn says:

    He likes women and sex… It’s called being a guy! I’ve met him many times he is totally sweet and not z douche at all

    • yo momma says:

      um, no jenn, treating women like meat and disrespecting them (like his argument with xtina on the voice about his choice of jay-z song which, btw, she was right about on that occasion!) makes you a douchebag.

  60. ToastedSkin says:

    I think he’s just trying to seem “cool” cause everyone knows that his ex was the one who dumped him and that he was completely heartbroken over it. so to me, it just seems like he’s trying to rebuild his street cred as a player.
    I’d still hit it.

  61. zenb!tch says:

    So I was living in a house with two jilted women, plus my cousin, who’s more like my sister, and my brother, Michael, who we eventually find out is gay. Just the estrogen alone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    I’m sure Michael is full of Estrogen :rolleyes:

  62. Hakura says:

    He’s just always come across cocky/superior about the band’s success to the point of being totally obnoxious in every interview I’ve ever seen.

    You’re right it could be insecurity causing him to be an ass in front of the media (sort of like how Rihanna has low self esteem, so runs around naked all the time), but to me, that doesn’t excuse… well, being an ass. (… Or running around naked, though it sounds like quite a few of you wouldn’t mind seeing him do that xD)

  63. L.A. says:

    A bummer that Adam is a jerk…I do love his voice, and his music. Oh, and get this–for anyone that doesn’t know (read this in one of the gossip mags):
    Jennifer-Love Hewitt publicly announced that she wants to date Adam Levine, once she found out he’s now single!

  64. Hakura says:

    That is an interesting idea… Isn’t J-Love the one who always openly announces what male celebs she wants to jump on?

  65. yo momma says:

    i am so happy most people here is seeing the guy for the mysogynistic douchebag he is!

  66. Maha says:

    Haha! He’s an attention loving, women chasing, cocky, confident guy.
    Completely, completely true.
    But there are always two sides to a page. He’s quite a talented guy who writes/co-writes most of his bands songs, and people around him always make a point of how much of an honest, real and easy of a person to talk to he is.
    He’s generous and upbeat. He never cares about the public image created of him, people labelling him as a “singing bimbo who likes girls”, he even admits that he is. But again, as I said, there’s so much more to him.
    I understand why people think he’s a douche, specially after reading articles like these. Hell, even I do think he is a douche. Also, he’s got the kind of quirky humor that doesn’t get across well, and gets even more lost when reading words.
    But these reactions never fail to make me laugh.