“Katie Holmes’s style continues to be questionable and unfortunate” links

I don‘t understand Katie Holmes‘s skirt. Or her booties. The whole outfit, really. Love Suri‘s stuffed animal, though. [ICYDK]
JC Penney continues to be pro-gay and really awesome. [Gawker]
I don‘t get how Spring Breakers even got made. [IDLITW]
Kris Jenner took a lie detector test. [Amy Grindhouse]
A look at Madonna‘s concert costumes. FUG. [LimeLife]
Mark Wahlberg gets spray tanned in his underwear. [Yeeeah]
Flynn Kerr-Bloom is really starting to look like Orlando. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
LOL. Rim jobs are on the line! [OMG Blog]
Hilary Duff is taking off the baby weight. [Moe Jackson]
Alanis Morissette wades into the attachment parenting debate. [CDAN]
Joshua Jackson isn‘t a white-picket-fence guy. [Life & Style]
Kanye West wants to build amusement parks. [Hollywood Rag]
Miley Cyrus has a bike fail. [CityRag]
The “Angelina Jolie Leg of Doom” pose is popular with Miss USA contestants. [Bitten and Bound]
Does anyone else think Tim Daly looks like Billy Campbell? [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Beyonce releases more photos from her concerts. [Starpulse]

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  1. Maguita says:

    Whatever she wears, looks extremely cheap. And I bet you her whole outfit costs more than my monthly rent!


  2. ZZZ says:

    WHAT is her obsession with those hideous booties? Do they remind her of her old life? Is that all she has left of it?

    • Relli says:

      I know right, they are so hideous and unflattering. I am sure Suri will be including this in her burn book today.

    • deep says:

      Yeah, I don’t get the boots. She wears them EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY WITH EVERYTHING!! Burn um!! And, what has happened to her lately? She used to be so pretty. Now, she looks like she doesn’t even care what she looks like anymore. Unbrushed hair and no makeup…horrible clothes and those UGLY boots. Get it together Kate!!

      • zut alors! says:

        They’re her version of those ugly nude wedges Jolie wears everywhere with everything. Come to think of it, Katie and Angie have done a role reversal of sorts. Remember when Katie first got together with Tom and then paired up with Posh Spice, she’d be dressed up all the time? Now, it seems like Angie has turned in to the Stepford wife completely eschewing jeans and any casual wear for her 1950’s June Cleaver look. Katie’s done the opposite and embraced casual clothing with a vengeance. My, how the tide has turned.

  3. salamanca says:

    She looks hideous.

    • mary simon says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. It looks like she can’t even stand to get out of bed and dress herself and brush her hair anymore. I’m starting to wonder how often she bathes.

  4. sharylmj says:

    I agree with a post from the other day that she is doing it on purpose because it’s the only “control” she has over her life. Tom can’t MAKE her look like a glamorous movie star wife.. she goes out like that to piss him off…

    • RocketMerry says:

      I absolutely approve of every single item of clothing she wears solely on the assumption that she dresses like this to defy her “husband”. Go Katy!

      Ps. I love how she’s smirking in recent photos… it’s like a little sign for us believers, a small smile to tell us she’s free or about to be. Sigh…

      • Cat says:

        See, I tend to think he’s stolen all her shoes away & has left her with those. Ugh. She looks so drained too.

      • Aiobhan says:

        This reminds me of the blind item that came out last week about a certain wife who deliberately dresses like crap to piss her husband off. Grant it it was from CDAN and can be taken with a huge grain of salt but I believe it in this case.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I hope so. There is no other reason for a 5’9″ 130ish lb woman to look like she has Thunder Thighs.

        If it’s to piss off Tom… I want to pitch in. I think the local thrift shop sells pastel polyester. Or was that Walmart? Oh no it was Kmart. Anyway, I can get it.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Aiobhan: Your comment reminds me of an article I read recently about the state of Tom and Katie’s marriage, although I can’t remember which gossip rag it was published in.

        Apparently, Katie can no longer stand Tom and they have quietly separated. She relishes going out in public looking like crap, because Tom used to continuously ride her that she must always look impeccable when out in public otherwise it would reflect badly on his image. When she is photographed walking around in public looking the way she does, she gets a call from Tom’s advisor(s) reminding her that she is pissing Tom off, and she responds by laughing.

        I can so see this scenerio especially the part about Tom thinking Katie’s fashion “statements” reflect badly on him. The man has always been a narcissist.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Aiobhan: I just found the “article” I was thinking of, and it was indeed a blind item.

      • mary simon says:

        I hope you are correct and that it is rebellion and not depression, and that she is more in control than we think. If it’s rebellion – she’s doing a damn good job of it. I am intrigued by the idea of Tom having one of his lackeys telling her to spruce up.

    • Maguita says:

      Interesting! Never thought of it that way…

    • clare says:

      If she didn’t have her own “super-deluxe-luxury- expensive” designer line of unoriginal fashion, I would believe that. If she didn’t have Tommy-boy’s continual funding, it would fold. She sure doesn’t seem to want to make it a success by being fashionable.

      I think she’s just lazy and smug.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        I totally agree with you. Totally irritates me that this chick dares to bill herself as some sort of self styled fashion guru and she has the nerve to wear a skirt that cuts off at the widest part of her thighs. Anyone with even a marginal knowledge of fashion knows this is a cardinal sin.
        Then the ankles boots that cut off said hugely wide thighs in length.
        Smug, clueless and fug. Money doesnt buy taste or style that is what she has made clear.
        And where does her daughter always look messy and cold? She NEEDS to start pulling her daughters hair back in a neat pony or cut iit into a bod like when she was very small. Cant stand the girls messy messy hair all the time.

    • constance says:

      I thought she said Suri picked out all her clothing. If this is her only way to defy him, I want to see some real Ugly Betty outfits. lol Entertain us, lady!

    • sarahtonin says:

      This is the one time I will applaud a celeb for looking awful. If all the rumours/BIs are true, I’m 100% behind her sticking it to her husband. It’s the one way she can do it without voiding her contracts. So for that, I congratulate her for trying to assert some control in her life again.

      Actually I’m supportive regardless. At the least, she’s depressed and can’t do any better at the moment and that’s ok too. I’d probably look a lot worse if I was trapped in that hellhole so no judgement.

      This is one celeb I’m leaving alone.

  5. ZZZ says:

    The BEST thing about her fashion sense is that you know it drives Tommy crazy!

    • ORLY says:

      …and for that, I applaud her. 😀

    • deep says:

      Well, she should take more pride in herself. If she is looking like this to upset Tom, something is truly wrong. I wouldn’t leave my house looking like that!! If she is unhappy in her marriage, she should get a divorce not let herself go.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Katie’s look is not good.

    I’m kind of loving JCP right now.

  7. Mew says:

    Oh wow. Not a good look. No surprise there.

  8. sup says:

    it’s like katie aged overnight. and this is the weirdest body shape i’ve ever seen. i’m not even trying to be mean about it

    • Courtney says:

      I know.. it’s sad isn’t it? How she can go from looking her age and really pretty at award shows and then looking like this day-to-day. I’m not trying to be harsh either. But that just shows how fake hollywood is… making people like her look pretty with effort!

    • Dani says:

      @sup that is what I noticed too. She is petite on top and has enormous thighs and calves. She is completely disproportional. How did that happen?

      • Asia says:

        Some of us just are proportioned like that. Life sucks that way.

      • sup says:

        @dani and asia, it’s strange because she didn’t have bigger legs before. i remember her bikini pictures where she was just way skinny all over. i even thought maybe she had gastric bypass because her skin looked so loose.

  9. Ainsley says:

    Is she trying to make her legs look as short and wide as possible? With her money, there is no excuse for her looking like such a mess out in public.

  10. Candyland says:

    Katie’s way of paying TommieBoy back in spades. Messy hair and wrinkly clothes drives Tommy batshit. Harharhar!

  11. Jayna says:

    Budget looking.

  12. Miss T says:

    I don’t love the outfit, but don’t hate it. The worst thing about her look is the messy topknot. No matter how good your outfit is having bad hair can ruin it. ( I know that from my own experience)

  13. Newtsgal says:

    You go gurl! If you want to look unkept and wear crappy clothes and ugly boots you go right ahead….

    (only cause you know tommygirls’ head is spinning)

  14. nunya beeswax says:

    I guess I am the only one who doesn’t mind what Katie is wearing. Not every one dresses like Vicky Beckham with six inch heels (sometimes no heels :\) and looks Met Ball glamified every day.

    • deep says:

      It’s really not the outfit that is the problem. Now, don’t get me wrong..those BOOTS HAVE GOT TO GO!! It’s really about her not combing her hair and putting on a bit of makeup to look human before she leaves the house. That’s not just a bad look for Katie..it’s a bad look for anybody. Like I said before..I would never leave my house looking like that. Brush your hair Katie…and put on some makeup..it’ll make you feel and look better.

  15. nunya beeswax says:

    P.S. the only thing I do not like about the skirt is, it shows off her saddle bags. :\

  16. logan says:

    Sometimes when our lives are in an upheavel it shows in different ways. We eat too much, don’t eat at all, sleep too much, don’t sleep at all. Spend too much money shopping. Some don’t give a hoot how we look, famous or not. Depression acts out in many different ways. One unhappy looking lady.

  17. Trish says:

    is it my imagination or does she looked like she has gained maybe 10 pounds plus?…not criticizing…just wondering if it is the outfit that makes her look heavier?….she certainly looks exhausted….

  18. rlh says:

    A person simply cannot be considered stylish or a style maven if they cannot dress to suit their own body. And, while there is nothing wrong with her body, she has problem areas, like we all do, and she has no idea “what not to wear”! She should watch that show.

  19. H26 says:

    Has no one told her us short-legged people cannot wear those booties!! And the skirt is too short it hits her thigh at the most unflattering point. A longer skirt, maybe A-line and some cute flats could fix a lot. I wonder if it really is true she dresses horrible to get back at Tom.

  20. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Looks like Tom Cruise has had enough of his money getting wasted by Katie on clothes and cosmetics and has finally forbidden her from using his card. XDD

  21. dorothy says:

    What has happened to her? She looks like she no longer cares about anything. It doesn’t even look like she washed her mascara off from the day before, it’s all under her eyes.

  22. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    @Logan… You are totally right. I agree with you,

  23. danielle says:

    What’s so weird about it is how unflattering it is on a beautiful woman. She’s tall, thin, with long legs and she manages to make her legs look stubby AND like she has saddlebags. If she’s doing it on purpose she’s actually kind of a genius.

    • JoeBanana says:

      Actually, her legs are hideous. She needs to hide them, not shown them off!

  24. JD says:

    She always looks tired and sad to me.

  25. L says:

    I was watching a dawson’s marathon this weekend and it was just sad to watch her. All that energy and life-just sucked away in the tommy machine.

  26. Trish says:

    does Suri go to school? all she ever seems to do is roam around with Mom during the day…maybe she’s too young? and why doesn’t Katie get a stylist?…. she probably just doesn’t feel it’s important enough for regular outings and just for special events perhaps.

    • Bobo says:

      I thought the same thing about Suri and Katie alwalys roaming around. Should she be in school? Pre-K??

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I think the CO$ has their own education system, but I’m not 100% sure.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Maybe Tom is so controlling, she’s only “allowed” a stylist for events? Wouldn’t want anyone coveting his woman while he’s off filming and fulfilling his pipe dream of being a Rock Star.

  27. kristine says:

    I honestly don’t see the problem with her outfit. A jeans skirt and a button up shirt. big deal I wear that too. Why do we expect her to be “on” all the time. she gets fancy (not necesarily well) at press time and nights out with the hubby. I doubt she does it to piss off Tom or to displease the public. yes her skirt needs to be longer A-line to flatter her muscular thighs and not pencil variety. A fashionista she is not but a disaster, hardly. also the booties. Maybe just maybe they are her favorite pair and super comfy for running around town. hey at least Suri is in flats right? do the booties match everything, no. do you think she cares, no.

    • novaraen says:

      That is totally an A-line jean skirt she is wearing…making her ass and hips look wider than they really are. Fact is…her stuff is wrinkly…put together wrong and those boots accentuate her cankles.

  28. sitting quietly says:

    defiantly “filthy” rich

  29. e.non says:

    i would love to know what she’s being subjected to; cause by looks of her eyes, it must be some intense mindf*ckery. there’s no way it’s ‘just’ depression.

    in that bottom photo, suri’s profile looks like jay leno.

    • deep says:

      re Jay Leno…LMAO!! You are soooo bad! But, she kinda does and I think it is funny. So, I guess that makes me bad too! Ha!

  30. Ravensdaughter says:

    I thunk she’s sticking it to Tomboy…

  31. Janet says:

    Tore up from the floor up.

  32. BerMan says:

    Let Suri have friends !!!! Please.

  33. Mara says:

    Kate is a very pretty woman but her style is horrible the skirt make her legs look short with big hips .

  34. NYC_girl says:

    Seems like she’s being very passive-aggressive – crappy clothing, sloppy hair, no make-up. Even I don’t look this bad when I go out – but I don’t have paps taking my pic (thank god). Living the lifestyle she does, she probably should pull herself together a bit more. Doesn’t she ever watch “What Not To Wear?”

  35. novaraen says:

    She looks ridiculous ALL the time anymore. Except for when she goes out with Tom…she’ll get dolled up and put on those vacant eyes. I believe there is something to that “doing it to piss the hubby off” blind item. She checked out a long time ago, but I’m sure the prestige(HA) of being married to Tom Cruise is keeping her from flying the coop. That and the CO$…naturally. Oh yeah…and BURN THE BOOTIES. Girl…your cankles are showing!

  36. Snowpea says:

    Poor Katie Holmes. She used to be adorable.

    But those legs! They are like tree trunks! No Katie! Wear a wide legged pant…

    But, in other news, that child Suri…she scares the crap outta me. She just looks so…un-childlike. Like Katies the child and Suri is the Mummy.


  37. dorothy says:

    Does Suri not have any friends? Does she not interact with any other children? She seems like she would be a very weird kid.

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Wow. I thought it was the monitor I was using, but no…those are her real thighs.

  39. Heather says:

    I wrote about this last night. The topic never ceases to amuse me.


  40. the original bellaluna says:

    That is one very depressed-looking woman wearing one very unflattering skirt. (No snark; just the truth.)

  41. 2Park5 says:

    SHE IS HOW OLD AGAIN????????

  42. faye says:

    She’s worn worse.

  43. naturegirl says:

    What misery looks like

  44. NYC says:

    This is what happens to a young girl when she marries Tom C.

  45. Marybel says:

    NO style. Hair and makeup always lacking. Burned out eyes. Tommy Girl ain’t that kid’s daddeh. Katie wants to be a Stah so badly she married a gay midget. Nothing will make her so.

  46. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Katie looks a mess but I agree she’s doing it to p1ss Tom off

    Suri is one beautiful child tho, Tom’s good looks have obv passed to his daughter 🙂

    • Janet says:

      I don’t think she’s doing it to piss him off. Look how empty and vacant her eyes are. She looks like she’s burned out inside. Like she doesn’t care about anything any more.

  47. LindyLou says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Suri in something other than a dress. Maybe she’s trying to piss off daddy too?

  48. carrie says:

    This same outfit on a size 0 runway model would look cute and edgy, but Katie has weird proportions and looks bad in almost anything. The only flattering look on her is long flared pants.

  49. skeptical says:

    Huzzah for JC Penney!
    Not sure what to say about katiebot. Perhaps this really is her way of rebelling a bit? She has a staff I’m sure!

  50. UniqJaz says:

    I wish she didn’t look like a zombie. Can’t she run a comb through her hair. It takes two minutes. A little lip gloss wouldn’t hurt either.

  51. JoeBanana says:

    Suri looks like the spawn of Jay Leno in the last picture…

  52. FeverDream says:

    Looks like she’s quitting the crazy dieting too. Physically she looks almost like her normal self.

    Run Katie, run!

  53. Hm says:

    I get the impression that Suri wears her out. I don’t know about the dressing to annoy Tom – it seemed to me that he wanted to dull her down, to show that she was off the market. She had a look for a while that was similar to his mother’s, I think.

  54. Anahata says:

    Bitches please. She is running errands and didn’t sleep well last night. She looks fine, and doesn’t exactly have thunder thighs. Ugh.

    • Janet says:

      LOL those legs look like fire plugs. She’s bottom-heavy.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      What?!!!! Well, if those ARENT thunder thighs then Im not sure what is. Are you looking at the same photo we all are?? Because hun with that skirt on and booties cutting her leg length her tighs look as wide as a football field. Look again.

  55. Isa says:

    She looks so depressed. I watched, “Don’t be afraid of the dark” yesterday and kept thinking about how grey her mouth looked.
    Her hips look like they’re sliding off her body. I get it. I know you don’t want to dress up everyday. But it’s not that hard to look presentable. There are plenty of comfortable clothes that look okay that you just throw on before you leave the house.

  56. Peach Dancer says:

    She looks just a weird as Tom now, don’t feel sorry for her at all. Poor kid though!

  57. Lady_Luck says:

    Oh dear God, in that cover photo she looks like a batty old 80-yr old woman with no teeth 🙁 and where on earth did the elephant legs suddenly appear from?

  58. dee says:

    I wouldn’t criticize anyone for not looking their best while running errands or such if we didn’t have to constantly be informed that said person is a “fashonista” or a “style icon.” I would love the starlet who didn’t pretend to have their own “fierce” or “quirky” take on fashion and just said flat out “My stylists make me look great cause I’m clueless on my own.”

  59. Mika says:

    I won’t say anything about her shape as she can’t really change that. What does bother me is that she looks dirty. She looks as if she has not bathed and just rolled out of bed and threw on the nearest set of clothes she picked up off of the floor. Ewwww! Shame on you Katie! Get it together! I think Posh/VB must have realized that Katie did not share her liking for grooming and clothes. If you notice, VB hangs out with Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria – two glossy groomed lovely looking put together ladies! Katie just does not want to play the grooming game.

  60. Mean Hannah says:

    There’s really nothing wrong with what she’s wearing, nor her hair and lack of makeup. Women should be able to wear whatever they like and want, famous or not. Granted, she doesn’t always wear flattering outfits… Maybe I’m being a little defensive, because, while much shorter, I have a similar body type. For years, and even during hot summers in AZ and CA, I refused to show my legs or go to pools with friends. Now, I don’t care what other people think about my thunder thighs and cankles attached to my size zero body!

  61. lori says:

    I think that she thinks, she can pull this outfit off; it’s a hot day, they are casually enjoying summer, and that the outfit is cute on her.
    She needs less Sciento-bot syncophants and more real life advisors. This is what happens when your world is too small. I also think she is growing up and becoming more independent. It is one of the things she needs to do if she is to survive this marriage. Tom should relax. If anything could, this image of his wife and child humanizes him.

  62. Marion says:

    I’ve never been a great fan of hers, but seeing her like that just makes me sad for her…

  63. BELLA says:


  64. Faxon415 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks katie looks gorgeous? Her hair is messy, she has nothing on her face, and yes her boots are questionable, but she still looks beautiful to me!

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Well, if a thoroughly depressed young woman who is sliently screaming with her eyes a desperation of “come help rescue me” looks gorgeous then yes! She’s ravishing! lol (?????)

  65. Bogz says:

    It looks like Suri is actually wearing hair pieces.WTF?

  66. Francesca says:

    this is so sad… her legs are thick and there is nothing to be done about it. Other than cover them at all times…