John Mayer: Taylor Swift “humiliated me” with her ‘Dear John’ song about me

John Mayer

John Mayer is such a whiner. Unfortunately, he’s a very successful whiner whose latest album, Born and Raised, just hit #1 for the second week in a row on the U.S. Billboard charts. In response, I’d say, “C’mon, America,” but John also hit #1 in five other countries as well. Honestly, I just don’t get it, but I’m not paid to be a music critic, so I’ll let it go for now.

At the moment, John’s rambling continues unabated, and his current topic de jour is how big meanie Taylor Swift bruised his ego by writing a song, “Dear John,” which is all about how he allegedly treated her poorly. John thinks it’s really out of line to write a song about an ex, which is interesting since his new record contains a song about his breakup with Jennifer Aniston. Never mind the double standard though, for this world revolves around John. Or so he thinks:

Taylor Swift

John Mayer says that he was “really humiliated” by Taylor Swift’s song “Dear John,” which the country-pop star allegedly wrote about him. “It made me feel terrible,” Mayer says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, on newsstands Friday. “Because I didn’t deserve it. I’m pretty good at taking accountability now, and I never did anything to deserve that. It was a really lousy thing for her to do.”

Swift’s song, which appeared on her best-selling 2010 album Speak Now, was released shortly after Mayer went on a two-year hiatus following his controversial interviews with Rolling Stone and Playboy. “Dear John, I see it all, now it was wrong / Don’t you think 19 is too young to be played by your dark twisted games, when I loved you so?” Swift sings on the tune, a staple of her live set.

Swift and Mayer were romantically linked before the song’s release, and in an interview conducted shortly after, the singer indicated that the song’s subject would be apparent. “There are things that were little nuances of the relationship, little hints,” said Swift. “Everyone will know, so I don’t really have to send out emails on this one.”

Mayer now tells Rolling Stone that he learned about Swift’s feelings directly from her song. “I never got an e-mail. I never got a phone call,” he says. “I was really caught off-guard, and it really humiliated me at a time when I’d already been dressed down. I mean, how would you feel if, at the lowest you’ve ever been, someone kicked you even lower?” When asked about the song’s line, “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?” Mayer says, “I don’t want to go into that.”

Mayer also takes issue with “Dear John” as a musician. “I will say as a songwriter that I think it’s kind of cheap songwriting,” he says. “I know she’s the biggest thing in the world, and I’m not trying to sink anybody’s ship, but I think it’s abusing your talent to rub your hands together and go, ‘Wait till he gets a load of this!’ That’s bullsh-t.”

[From Rolling Stone]

I find it interesting that John describes himself as being “pretty good at taking accountability now,” yet he’s the one who recently claimed to not even remember the Playboy interview where he talks about his David Duke c*ck at great length. Then again, he probably wasn’t really hurt by Taylor’s lyrics and was only really concerned about how the song might impact his ability to get laid in the future. Because ultimately, that’s what John is all about. He’ll even sing a page from 50 Shades of Grey in an effort to get laid. Now that’s dedication to one’s craft.

John Mayer

Taylor Swift

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  1. Happy21 says:

    In a word:


    In two words:


  2. Maguita says:


    I guess she was the final nail in his douchebaggy coffin.

  3. Lairen says:

    It was bitchy and immature of Swift to do this. Surprisingly, I am on Mayer’s side for this one.

    • Ainsley says:

      Me too, surprisingly. Not really a huge fan of either Mayer or Swift, but I think celebrities should keep their private business private. I think John Mayer went through a phase where he got too big for his boots and I’m hoping that’s over.

    • Amelia says:

      I don’t actually have a clue who John Mayer is, but I’m with you.
      Swifty needs to be called out on her ex bashing via song lyrics.
      I’m not denying this bloke may be a douche, for all I know, he probably is from what you guys are saying.
      But bitching and moaning about ex-partners and publicly humiliating them is something I don’t condone.

      • Genevieve says:

        NOT ME!! John Mayer is a complete wanker, historically speaking. I think Taylor got in a good one on behalf of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and a cast of thousands of others.

        Well done, Swifty!! Hehe.

      • gg says:

        Normally I’d agree, but in his case, spraying his seed all over hollywood and creation? He deserved it after doing it to a 19 year old. He’s a serial player. And after those bigheaded interviews he’d done, he needed to be knocked down a peg or two. So, glad he got the message.

      • aquarius64 says:

        It’s a big reason Taylor Lautner doesn’t want her back from what I hear. “Back to December”?

      • Jamie says:

        Completely agreed Genevieve and gg, couldn’t have said it any better myself. Not a fan of Taylor either, but John absolutely deserved it. Can’t stand him.

    • cmc says:


      Mayer is a douche, but Taylor has built her career on being the sad little victim.. As she bangs every guy in town. Nothing wrong with getting some, but Taylor acts like every single one of her relationships ended because big meanie broke her sweet, naiive, innocent little heart. I don’t buy it.

      • Erinn says:


      • pwal says:

        People (like me) bagged on Jennifer Aniston for taking Mayer back after his impromptu sidewalk news conference about their break-up, but this chick went right after him. Knowledge about Mayer doesn’t have to be Googled; therefore, no, Taylor Swift doesn’t have the right to act brand new when things between them went south.

        And you can bet that Swift won’t pen a song about a girl whose through line is Yeah… but it won’t happen to me because I’m special because doing so would involve taking personal inventory and admitting some responsibility.

      • Loulou says:

        She’s a country singer. I thought all their songs are about being sad !?!

      • blc says:

        @cmc – i agree totally! Both my younger sisters are in love with TayTay and they talk about her as this sweet little virgin who is just constantly taken advantage of. BE SERIOUS! She is a vindictive person who will tell everyone your personal business to sell records if you so much as cross her. I am surprised any famous guy would date her at this point. Too much of a risk!

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree completely! Mayer is an idiot, but I think Taylor plays the victim card waaaaaaay too much. You are a woman now, take responsibility for your actions and the men you CHOSE to date.

        I also think Taylor writes very elementary, generic songs.

      • Carolyn says:

        Totally agree. The only “story” with these two still is really whether they had sex. If so, considering Mayer is widely believed to be Super Duper Cooper, then Swifty is “doing a Tiger Woods” – her real personna is nothing like her carefully crafted PR image. Fans are being very misled about Miss Innocent. We all know Mayer is a super douche…no secrets there.

      • Meanchick says:

        ITA! Lil” Tay-Tay Swift is no angel! She bangs all of these dudes, then writes songs about them as payback when they don’t propose to her or something. That Lil Doorknob (everyone handles it) knew exactly what kind of dude Mayer was and she thought what? That she could change him? That he wouldn’t do to her what he’s done to the others cause her ‘gina is extra? That seems to be her M.O. Bang the dude and then make a song about how horrible he was to her while she gets her PR team to take ‘sad & lonely’ pics of the “virginal” Tay-Tay. Undercover ho’s are the worst.

      • Lishka says:

        I am sorry, but Taylor is an idiot. John Mayer, it has to be said, even if CB doesn’t “get” why his music is popular, well, its good. He’s talented. Taylor is a whiner. If we are gonna call a spade a spade, John may whine, but holy crap, no making excuses for Taylor, she is a mega whiner. And I heard and watched “Back to December” and I thought, f that, no WAY Taylor Lautner will take her back after that. Whinetastic! She is gonna whine her way out of ever getting any guy to date her! For real! Who wants to put in good effort only to be fodder for another song? John is right, even if he wrote a song about Aniston it was still respectful and more introspective, like he fukked up but now he is finally over being depressed about putting himself down. He wasn’t putting anyone else down. My 2c.

    • Beatriz says:

      I agree, last time I checked she was a grown ass woman, 19 is not 14. Plus, she knew his rep very well, she is no victim.

      • aquarius64 says:

        Co-sign. Swift has too many notches on her guitar neck to cry innocent. I think she got the nickname Swifty is due to how fast she goes through guys.

    • Jamie says:

      It was immature of him to talk about it 2 years after the song.

  4. Lem says:

    Sometimes I honestly forget his name is not actually

    Douche Mayer

  5. Jackie says:

    payback is a bitch. poor baby.

  6. jaye says:

    Is he SERIOUS??? He doesn’t think the way he waxed douchetastic about Jessica Simpson might have been humiliating for HER?? What a prick.

    • Ainsley says:

      I almost forgot about that. He was wrong for sure. Maybe they will all learn to be discreet.

    • Jezi says:

      Exactly!!! It’s only ok to talk about your ex’s when it’s John spilling the beans. Other than that, everyone should keep quiet. He blasted all of his exes. So this is a bit of karma for him.

    • Jaded says:

      Great point – didn’t he call Jessica “sexual napalm” or something douchey like that? How do you think that made her feel???? What a dickwad.

      • Samigirl says:

        YES! The Sexual Napalm comment is “ok,” and his 2 songs about JA are also “ok,” but having Swifty write a song about him is “humiliating?” I think Swifty should write a song about him being a whiny little b*tch about her writing the song :)

      • Liv says:

        I don’t know who’s buying his music, he’s such an idiot!

        Shut the f*** up, I don’t want to hear you applying double standards!

      • bobo says:

        Dickwad made me laugh!!!

      • js says:

        Pretty sure he also said something about Jessica Simpson being into Anal sex.

    • blouson says:

      + 500. he lost whinge rights forever after that interview. Suck it up John.

    • cs says:

      Although I don’t believe in kiss and tell. What he said about Jessica was the least offensive. He basically said she was that great in bed that he would pay $10k just to f**k her. Her Father was probably more upset. What he said about Black women was the most offensive and to a certain degree Jen A since he basically said she was stuck in 1998, boring and talked about how another woman prior to them dating was so great sexually.

    • Jamie says:

      THIS. Thank you! And, I can’t even stand Jessica Simpson.

      haha I hope she does, Samigirl.

    • Bitch says:

      He did the same f•*%#$@ thing it’s called payback douche get over it

  7. Emma says:

    They both need to grow up and stop playing the victim.

  8. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Oooh well BOO HOO!!! Lord Douchebag! I hope his vocal chords heal soon because then he’ll be doing more singing instead of so much whining. Sorry, I have a very low tolerance for grown men with bitch tendencies.

    • Hautie says:

      “I have a very low tolerance for grown men with bitch tendencies….”

      hahahaha! And this is a man who has a serious case of bitch tendencies.

  9. Gene Parmesan says:

    This immature cry baby racist actually makes me laugh. First of all she was too young for him to get involved with. And mmm maybe you humiliated jessica simpson with your napalm comment. Or maybe Kerry Washington??? What women see in this fool is beyond me

  10. gee says:

    He needs to just shut up and do music! It’s so hard to like his stuff when he keeps talking.

    That being said, I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate Taylor Swift so much.

  11. LittleDeadGirl says:

    He is so gross

  12. Evie says:

    Team Mayer!

    • T.C. says:

      On this one yes Team Mayer. I hate the guy but I’m tired of Taylor Swift making herself the innocent victim of every man. She gets rich selling out her personal life from Joe Jonas to Taylor Lautner to John Mayer.

  13. Minty says:

    No, Johnny-boy, you do a great job humiliating yourself. You can dish it out but you can’t take it, hmmm?

    Taylor, that’s a petty, vindictive streak you’ve got. Are you still in high school?

  14. Zelda says:

    “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with”

    Sorry, young lady, but if you want to play grown up games, you have to pay grown up prices.

    I’ve heard that “I’m grown up enough to do this!” argument followed by “But I’m just a kid no fairsies!” lament from people of her age, before. It never fails to annoy me. Consider it a life lesson and grow the f*ck up, Sunshine.

    • Sapphire says:


      • perl says:

        I disagree. I have a good friend who is 28 and in a indie band and he constantly goes after 19 year olds in the college town we live in because they will “worship” him and won’t give him crap like a woman his age about being immature and not having a career etc. Taylor just made a mistake about getting with him and he deserves being called out for being a cad

    • littlestar says:

      Totally agree with you, Zelda! Taylor Swift has played the victim game one too many times. ALTHOUGH I will say, John Mayer is still a loser who should have considered Jessica Simpson’s and Kerry Washington’s feelings when he OPENLY talked about their sex life (I realized he didn’t have sex with Washington, but he made some sort of classless joke about how she’s the type of black girl who’d give a good bj or something).

      I remember hearing this rumour about a year ago or so about Swift, that although she’s seen with all these guys, she’s still actually a virgin. I kinda thought it to be true at the time. Although I know a lot of it is an act so young people like her, she still has this certain innocence and naivete about her, where I’d believe she’s not as experienced as we all think she is. Who knows for sure though.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      Have people in my own family that idolize Taylor Swift (even act like her to the point of NAUSEATING)! I can’t stand Mayer & think he ISA racist Douche…BUT I also can’t stand Swift & her crazy idolizing teen fan base that think they can relate to her. She is a grown woman, if your gonna be involved with someone be prepared for consequences. Pathetic is she going to write as a teen when she’s 30? personally it’s getting kinda creepy as are some of her teen fans, some I know & gag me w/ their behavior & how they hold her up so high. Only one I feel bad for is Jessica…and surprisingly she is the one that seems to have handled it w/ class if I’m not mistaken.

  15. says:

    Don’t care for the douchebag, but Swifty really needs to grow up. How many songs or interviews about her exes can she write/give?

  16. GirlyGirl says:

    So after all of the douchey BS this ass-wipe has done, this is what embarrasses him.

    What an a-hole. He’s made douchiness a vocation, I’d tell him not to quit his day job (allegedly a singer) but he’s terrible at that too,

  17. Lizzie K says:

    That this douche can say this without, apparently, a trace of irony, proves that he wasn’t gone on his introspection tour long enough, and probably proves that forever wouldn’t be long enough.

    I find Taylor Swift boring, but if she actually did prick John Mayer’s bubble of groundless self-satisfaction, then I gotta give her two thumbs up.

  18. only1shmoo says:

    Oh, I see, Mr. Summer’s Eve here can spill all the details about his previous conquests (i.e. Ms. “Sexual Napalm”), but when a young woman calls him out in a song after being used by him when she was 19, and possibly still a virgin, he has the nerve to whine!

    If any woman defends or flatters him, to my knowledge, will imagine myself slapping her to her senses. Gah, I hate this guy!

  19. oh dear says:

    the whole “dont you think i was too young” bit pisses me off. dont you think you were too effin young to be with this older guy in the first place?

    what did she expect? totally her fault for getting involved with him. hes obviously got issues, she was probably one of those girls who thought theyd be able to change him.

    her maturity shows in those lyrics, a douchess move. this whole “classy” and innocent pr thing shes got going on is all BS.

    • Emma says:

      + 1

      I think she’s somewhat talented but her whole image is BS, especially since she writes songs about stealing boyfriends because she’s “better” and then has the audacity to slut shame Camilla Belle.

      • Amelia says:

        You caught my eye with the Camilla Belle thing so I went and googled.
        Chrissakes, if song bashing wasn’t getting on my nerves before, it bloody is now. A private life is called a private life for a reason. If you break up with someone, you suck it up and move on, you DO NOT bring it up at every possible opportunity! And this goes for the both of them.
        Swifty is a 21 year old kidult with the mentality of a 16 year old Valley Girl. Either write decent music that doesn’t slut shame or reference real people, or go back to Nashville and play with your ponies.

      • Jezi says:

        Eh I don’t think less of her. Part of being a writer is writing from experience. Writing about the pain is cathartic. Most keep a journal but singers make songs. I think many people would do the same thing if we were dumped because of another woman.

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        I agree, Jezi

      • Jamie says:

        Exactly, Jezi. It’s not like she’s the first person to write songs about her exes. Jesus Christ, people.

    • says:

      I totally agree with all of this ^

  20. Sara says:

    Is he freaking serious? He is disgusting for dating someone so much younger. He should have thought about all this before he screwed her over like all the other girls. I say GO TAYLOR and she looks beautiful in that red dress above!

    • Emma says:

      “Disgusting” is a bit much I think. He’s only 12 years older than her which I don’t think is that much but still isn’t very appropriate considering she was 19 at the time, but she was obviously aware of the age difference and if you’re going to use that against a person you shouldn’t have gone into the relationship in the first place. Sing that he’s a douchebag, because he is, but don’t sing you were too young and victimize yourself when you were a legal adult dating someone known to be an a-hole.

      • Sara says:

        I disagree, he was disgusting for dating a 19 year old when he was 31. It would be much different if she were say 25 and he was 37. If you are 30 plus and dating a teenager, you are disgusting period.

  21. stinky says:

    how long were they bangin’ each other – like 2 months?-? (drama much?)

    • Ramona Q says:

      I am surprised they had a relationship – and long enough for her to fall in love? I thought they collaborated on a song at some point, and then this song was included on the album as a PR stunt to drum up interest in her album. Really, I had no idea they actually dated.

  22. k says:

    Is it OK if I hate both of them?

  23. Gabby says:

    I’ve been with someone like him. He’s charming at first, with his intelligence and seeming desire to find an equal partner, and he’s charmed by you until you give in to his advances. Then he grows contemptuous because, at the root of it, he is deeply insecure and self-hating and if you show that you care about him, he sees it as a sign of weakness and that you can be manipulated.

    It’s a sad, lonely, and destructive cycle for him, and I’m glad he got called out on it. Taylor, for her young years, at least saw straight through him at the end, which not many people do. I said these lyrics in so many words once, and you could tell he knew I knew what he was really like: “I’m shining like fireworks, Over your sad empty town”. And there really isn’t anything more empowering than realizing your worth after a guy has made it his goal to trample all over you in an effort to maintain his shaky self-esteem, and letting the guy know how little you need him. That’s what frightens people like this the most, knowing that they’re expendable.

    • Emma says:

      Was I the only one who thought about the town-reference? His name is Mayer i.e. Mayor and I just thought that was really clever of her.

    • Jayna says:

      Great post.

    • endlesscircles says:

      I’m 100% with you, Gabby. People like that are so tough to get over, because you’re constantly trying to get back to that first person you met inside them…the charmer, the fun one…but that person doesn’t really exist. This was my theme song, I have to say, to finally get over that guy because it was nearly the exact same situation as in Taylor’s song.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Oooo I really liked this post a lot. Big thumbs up on this one.

    • Darlene says:

      I think we dated the same person. :)

      • Gabby says:

        There are a lot of narcissists out there, but people should be aware that there’s a gaping maw of insecurity and self-loathing underneath, it makes dealing with (and avoiding) them that much easier. That’s why narcissists always have victim complexes and no empathy. They only think of themselves because if they don’t dedicate all their efforts into maintaining the facade, it’ll crumble at the first crack.

        It’s pretty sad that their entire lives (until they get help, which narcissists will never admit they need), they will be continually plugging the dams of their egos with the emotions of others.

        Also, this all applies to Lindsay Lohan, the difference being that she is FAR more stupid than Mayer.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Woah, Gabby. Really insightful post!…you definitely hit the nail on the head with your description of Mayer and described several men that I’ve known/dated. Seriously, I want to copy and paste your post somewhere. Just in case I ever forget :)

  24. Cleveland Girl says:

    I really cannot believe all of the pro John comments on this post. How do you think musicians come up with their lyrics? From real life! This is how artists express themselves, and as long as fans are responding to Taylors style and songs, she will continue to write them.
    Plus that, Mayer has talked about EVery one of his past girlfriends in DETAIL. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, etc! He deserves every thing he gets!

  25. beth says:

    I don’t know which I want to go away more: John Mayer or that literary abomination 50 Shades of Grey.

  26. Snarky says:

    Oh, boohoo, John. Don’t be a douche and you won’t get called out on it.

  27. jinni says:

    When you go out with artistic types (writers, etc) you have to expect that they may end up using you as a source of inspiration for their work and you’re going to have to deal with a version of who they think you are being put out there for public consumption whether you like the portrayal or not. So tough tit John.

  28. TXCinderella says:

    Uh, I think that was the point John. Humiliation. Don’t f_ck with Swifty or you may end up in one of her songs! Way to go girl! That red dress rocks!

  29. Oi says:

    Agree with Mayer about that last point. She has always been abusing her “talent” with these painfully obvious songs about other people. hell, she got famous by naming her debut single “Tim Mcgraw”. She toured with him after that too. But she has been forever and her schtick is way old. The story behind “Hey Stephen” is another example.

    “Mean” is supposedly about him too, isn’t it? That song should never have left the demo stage. That’s the worst piece of infantile tripe that any person in their 20′s has put to a tune.

    Yes, Mayer is a douche, but you need to act your age not your fans’ age Swifty. I don’t see an excuse for her on this one. She’s 22, not 16. She seems to live to be wronged. The best way to keep from being hurt is defense. Not saying that it can always be avoided, and I’m certainly not blaming real victims, but this is John Mayer we’re talking about. Swifty has zero excuse.

    Grow up both of you. Or disappear. I would prefer the latter.

    • Happy21 says:

      I believe that “Mean” was about a couple of things…One being Kanye West and his douchiness at that awards show and the other was all of the people who bashed her singing after that awards show where she collaborated with Stevie Nicks.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Yeah, that one was directed at the people in the blogosphere (like us) who were actively bashing her by the multitudes. The best line from that song “Why you gotta be so mean…and a liar, and pathetic and a lonely life.” That line certainly could have applied to JM as well. Team Tay!

    • Boxy Lady says:

      Since someone above posted a link to the lyrics, I checked it out. If he actually behaved in the way that she wrote, then I can’t really blame her for writing it. And I think it’s worth noting that even though she asks didn’t you think I was too young to mess with, she also repeatedly notes that she should have known better.

  30. Jayna says:

    Guys who play head games never see it. I have to laugh. It really hurt him; yet, he’s the one who name-dropped all over his interview. I hear the album is really fantastic. I did see him on the Andy Cohen show the other week, and I have to admit he was funny.

  31. barb says:

    He deserved it. He is still not taking accountabilty…he’s still out there finger pointing and blaming others. Grow up.

  32. Me says:

    The thing is, none of us know him. All we know is what we read and media can make something look completely different from what it is. Im sure you could make everything I do look douchey. Im not defending him and I dont think I even know one of his songs but if everything I did was being so closely watched and labeled as douchey Id feel a bit kicked down as well. What he is saying is that Taylor only made it worse, which she totally did. But you’ve got to love the girl for that! Haha.

  33. workdog says:

    He actually criticized HER lyrics? That abomination Daughters makes me hurl every time I hear it. What the hell were Grammy voters thinking??? Mayer is a musical Franco…it’s all fun and games, exhibitionist trying to prove their intelligence is above the unwashed masses, but you let someone call you on it and OMG it’s cryin’ time again. Boo f’n hoo….

    But, Swifty, really, honey, time to broaden your lyrical inputs…your heart and my ears can only take so much, mmkkay?

    I will say it’s a damned shame he can be so freakin’ douchtastic because he’s a really decent musician, could be so much more if he kept a lid on the rest of it; the persona he’s cultivated, if that’s the case, is not a pretty one, not conducive to people not sneering when he reacts this way to a dressing down of this sort. He’s not really been a bad boy of rock, an outspoken musical renegade, etc., through his career to warrant being thought of as “allowed” to act this way cuz of it. He’s a decent bluesy guitarist, semi decent voice, lyrically questionable arteest, but in reality a decent musician. But he needs to man up and keep his trap shut or this is what happens.

    Whew..I’m Mayer’d out.;-)

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, wah f*cking wah. Somebody call a wambulance.

    • kb says:

      get him a wahmburger and some french cries. ha. sorry. you reminded me of all the “wah” things me and my brothers used to say to each other.

      • Serenity says:

        I laughed at the french cries bit! If you got some more ‘wah’ stuff, would love to hear it!

  35. Hipocrisy says:


    John dear, you told the world that you only date stupid women…well i guess the younger one was the only smart one.

    Does it hurt ? Good !

    Bwahahahahahahah !!!!

  36. Reece says:

    The wuttle guurl made him sad…awww. LOLOLOL

  37. Cinderella says:

    They used each other. He got another piece of celebrity ass, and she got a song out of it.

    His only regret is that he didn’t put a song out there first.

  38. Lauren says:

    I found the Dear John song comical. JM should have known, not Swifty. She bashes every dude that dumps her. JM is no match for Swifty. (The lyrics are hilarious`and truthful-twangy music too). **Maybe it is your sick need to give love, and take it away**. I believe her, but Taylor is a sympathy junkie. Obviously, Jessica Simpson was JM’s favorite. Taylor has no boobs, and is too intelligent for JM. Twangy, sappy garbage I guess is TS recipe for revenge.

  39. Incredulous says:

    That photo of Taylor makes her look like some sort of creepy sex doll.

    Also, they are both whiny assholes.

  40. Lindy says:

    Can I just please be Team Nobody when it comes to these two?

  41. renata says:

    I agree with the general take on things that this guy gave up the right to complain long ago. I used to like his music but find him so repulsive after his public nonsense of the past few years that I can’t even listen to it any more.

    At the same time, I can’t say I’d want to be dating someone that has a tendency to write about you after the fact — a “tell-all” in song. If she wasn’t trying to stick it to him, she could surely be a bit less obvious.

    So I guess you might say I really don’t think very much of either of them.

  42. OXA says:

    Did he not listen to any of her songs before he decided to mess with her?
    He being the supposed adult,should have known better.

  43. Embee says:

    She’s really young, and her lyrics reflect this. Nothing wrong with that; heck, even Proust wasn’t Proust until…well, actually, yes he was.

    My point is that Swifty is as emotionally developed as she should be, but she happens to write and sing songs that lots of people listen to.

    I don’t follow her, but from what I have heard of her music she IS developing more insight and maturity in her lyrics as the years pass. But she’s only 22 now. Have you spoken to a 22 year old recently? This is what they talk about.

    And she has every right to call him out on his taking advantage of her youth/innocence because she was the one who paid the price of losing it. She didn’t do anything but point out the obvious.

    And if he had an iota of insight his response would be “That really stung, but I guess I had it coming.”

    As does Swifty.

    • Tara says:

      ^^this. Thank you EmBee.

    • meh says:

      I disagree. I myself am 22, and I am often surprised by how immature Taylor Swift seems and how young she plays her image. Many 22 year olds have completed their undergraduate studies and are moving beyond the “WHOO DRINK PARTY” phase and are well beyond the “WHAT? TRUE LOVE DOESN’T EXIST? BOO HOO” phase.

      Her songs remind me of myself at 16 years old.

      • gg says:

        She has skipped college, however, so she’s going to be late in arriving at the serious career phase in chemical engineering …

  44. sup says:

    awww boo f-king hoo

  45. WTF says:

    Whenever I see an article about Douche Mayer I’m already instantly pissed off, in anticipation of the BS that is about to spew out of his mouth.
    All I can say about what Swift did to him is CRY ME A RIVER DOUCHE. Swift may be immature for writing about him, but that’s what happens when a grown a$$ man dates a little girl; she does immature stuff. And I think the evidence has shown that he’s a bad boyfriend, so I’m glad he didn’t say that the lyrics were untrue, just that they hurt his sad little douche feelings.

    also, what pinheads are buying his album?

  46. Marianne says:

    Most artists write about real life experiences. I’m sure he has written some break up songs before. And he could have just played coy and pretended the song wasn’t about him. But no.

  47. foozy says:

    carry one humiliating this douche!!!!

  48. Nilber says:

    I think that the next album Swifty puts out will be the determining factor for me. Her songs about her exes will haunt her for a long time. Who wants to date someone knowing that you will end up in a song as the villian? John Mayer is douchetastic and doesn’t like the role reversal. They both have issues and they both want to be the victim… it is almost amusing when you think about it. The age difference makes it pathetic. She is getting to old to play the helpless damsel and he is to old to pretend that he isn’t a douchenozzle. Accept it… we have.

    • Anahata says:

      What the eff is a douchenozzle and why does everyone say this? Ugh.

      • Nilber says:

        Someone who makes douches appear less douchee. An individual that is such a douche that a greater descriptive word is needed to describe them. Thankfully because douchenozzle exists there is still a meaning to the word douche that can be thrown around freely (ex calling a random idiot a douche).

        - Honestly I ran out of nicknames and I was/am tired so my creativity was waning.

  49. Electra says:

    John doesn’t like a serving of what he dishes out? He discarded and treated other women like crap. I think he deserves it. Kick you when you’re already low? He wasn’t crying when other people were crying over him. It’s called karma.

  50. Candyland says:

    At least the song she wrote about him was good. It didn’t suck. More than he deserves.

  51. HK9 says:

    You would think that the epic disasters he made of majority of his previous interviews would encourage him to keep his f-ing mouth shut. (**me shaking my head**) Why, why oh why do some people not know when they should STFU?

  52. Dizzy says:

    Aww, did the little girl make John upset? He’s done worse things. And for him to criticize her when he’s done the same thing speaks volumes. Sit down, John Mayer, sit down.

  53. Eleonor says:

    I can’t hate on Taylor Swift for that song, it’s a stupid song written by a brokenhearted 19 years old. I used to write cheesy poems about my love life at her age. It’s stupid, but it’s something you can easily forgive, and even regret at a certain point.
    John Meyer on the other side, is the grown up one who talks about his exes in a very gentleman manner saying things like “sex napalm”. But the real point is: why can he write songs about Jennifer Aniston, years after that relationship was over, and moans about Taylor Swift?Please.

  54. LondonParis says:

    he’s a douche, but the music is and always has been good- hence the chart topping.

  55. skuddles says:

    He keeps bringing up his ex’s lately… somebody is getting desperate for attention. I sincerely doubt he was “humiliated” by Taylor’s song… flattered is more like it.

  56. Amanda G says:

    I don’t care for him, but I love that he bashed her song writing ability! I can’t stand Swift. She cannot sing! And she puts off this “I’m so sweet and innocent” act while she’s banging every guy in Hollywood and then writing songs about them. And it’s not even tactfully, she outright says who it’s about.

  57. Darcy P. says:

    So wait- he can go on record about J. Aniston about she wished it was still 1998 when she was popular, and then about Jessica Simpson being sexual napalm…oh and J.Love Hewitt’s body being a wonderland – but he can’t take it when someone does it back to him? Hypocrite much?

  58. iloveretro says:

    Hey John, you reap what you sow. You’re just “mad” at Taylor because she publicly called you out on your b.s. and now the whole world is hip to your shtick. Everyone can see your fake mea culpa shit for exactly what it is – a cheap grab for publicity. Man up, grow a pair and quit being a racist, narcissistic douche.

  59. blonde on the dock says:

    I could give a shit about his personal life. He’s an amazing artist. Not liking his latest look though.

  60. Julianthe says:

    You go Taylor! John is a vain, egomaniacal narcissist. He can’t relate to how someone else feels; it’s all about him. Dude, you need serious psychological help. Get some!

  61. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I really love the fact that not only did he acknowledge the song (it’s been, what, over a year since released??) but that he claims to me humiliated by it. He is giving Taylor so much to smile about with this. Even though it is so clearly PR-based, it’s kind of nice to imagine little baby bully Taylor could degrade him so publicly and he actually feel like crap about it.

  62. Holden says:

    I don’t care about John Mayer’s feelings or that song. kthxbi.

  63. grace says:

    Team Taylor. I hope she shows progression on her next album though – she is better than writing songs about famous exes.

  64. Dredz says:

    At least it is better than the cringe worthy J.Lo’s “Dear Ben” song.

  65. Kim says:

    Ill side with John on this one even though he had no business dating someone that young. Not that I feel bad for him because he is a tool but I do agree with his point regarding Taylor. She had no business dating a man his age! She complains in the song about her being to young for him to play his games with well she shouldnt have been dating a man that age period! She needs to take responsibility for making a very bad dating decision. And where were her parents?!

  66. Bodhi says:

    He is right about one thing, it is cheap song writing.

  67. Aubra says:

    Bye child, fly child, go home Roger…you gets no love from me!

  68. Izzy says:

    He is so gross. How in h e ll did he ever get so many starlets to take a ride on his Douche Dong?!

  69. Newtsgal says:

    Not coming to the Douche rescue but, the 1 constant in all of Taylor’s drama filled puppylove cryfests is….wait for it…..Taylor!

    • Newtsgal says:

      Besides how many country song have you heard that tell the story about how great life, marriage, relationship, life in general really are?

  70. Noel says:

    Taylor Swift is the worst. I cannot wait for someone to blow her image. I want to see a sex tape or pics of her snorting coke.

  71. Mary says:

    Team MAYER exceptionally! Firstly, I think that he improved his behaviour lately and it is fair to acknowledge that. He said some stupid things in the past, he got publicly punished, took step back and learnt his lesson. Swift got lot of credit when she was humiliated by Kanye West and everyone was thinking how terrible it was. So, she just used it to turn her image into sweet, innocent girl. But, just for the record, she was very active dating and dating and still is perceived as sweet girl.And Mayer should stop commenting back on the past events and move forward.

  72. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Please he’s no great talent, he’s no great person and he’s no great lover. He’s the low-point for every girl he ever dated and J. Love, Maniston and Jessica have had some low points, so that counts for something. Amazing how all the women he was with seem to learn something and move onto better. That’s right, they MOVE ON. They don’t continue to talk about his trashy look, his lack of career, his asshole ways. They move on.

  73. Jordan says:

    Good for Taylor for making that little whiny b1tch cry. I knew he just wouldn’t be able to help himself from going back to d0uche mode. Funny how when a woman does the same thing to him as he does to women, they are wrong and it’s a lousy thing to do to him. He and Adam Levine should have a d0uche-off and the loser gets to be the bottom.

  74. Ginger says:

    Those lyrics! Ouch! But I don’t feel sorry for him…country singers often use their lives as fodder for lyrics so he shouldn’t be surprised or feel so superior. Maybe her song revenge is immature but after all he has done…karma is a bitch baby!

  75. Monkey says:

    “Don’t you think nineteen’s too young to be messed with?”

    Yes people. That’s a line of the song. But there’s also:

    “Maybe it’s me and my blind optimism to blame”


    “I regret when they said, ‘Run as fast as you can.’”


    “My mother accused me I’m losing my mind”

    What victim card? Listen to the song first. She admitted she has a hand in the fuckery. Took guts to admit that you’re a moron.

    • rumbleseat says:

      Oh please. It’s just another shade of Swift’s pseudo-victimhood complex, as in “You’re such a douche, boo-hoo-hoo, I’ve slammed you for the past 10 minutes in this song, but golly gosh darnit, maybe my precious precious innocence is really to blame! Now doesn’t that just make me more endearing and adorable?” Um no, not really.

  76. lucy2 says:

    After all the stupid crap he’s spewed, THIS is what humiliates him? Oh please.
    At some point I think she needs to ease up on the obvious ex bashing, but since he’s gone around blabbing about his other exes, he has no room to complain.

  77. Janet says:

    Hoisted by your own petard, Johnny? ‘Scuse me while I fall down laughing.

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer dipshit.

  78. Lake Mom says:

    I’ve got a song for you, Johnny Douchebag. Cry Me A River.

  79. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    Mayer’s NEVER been genuine; with himself/public image or as an artist.
    An example of this is his first record, “Room For Squares,” an album for which he didn’t write himself(but is still my fave record).

    He sold himself out with that stupid haircut and that stupid way he says “baahh-deee” instead of “body” to break into the business, which is a shame because later he turns out amazing and SMART jazz records!

    Why not be a jazz performer, John?
    Chris Botti plays jazz and he gets as much poon as a pop star.

    I don’t care for Ms. Swift’s music, but her songwriting is IMPECCABLE.

    I assume she wrote “Dear John” when she was 18 or 19, I believe?

    She’s truly the BEST songwriters of her generation. SO much insight for such a young woman. It makes my teenage and adult) poetry writing look pathetic and lame. XD

    • Sunny says:

      Thank you!I agree she is great at writing songs.I actually love both of their music,but I side with Taylor on this one.John is known for being a brutal a**hole.Taylor has always wrote about who screwed her over.Like she says..”you should have known”.Also most of what she says about him in the song he has wrote about himself.The truth hurts…I do think she layed it on thick for the songs sake,no way she loves everyone!

  80. Meanchick says:

    I think they are exactly the same, except Mayer doesn’t try to act like a virgin afterward. Tay-Tay has quite the list now of guys she’s dated, so I’m not buying this “Didn’t you think 19 was too young,” crap. She knew how old he was, didn’t she? I really think this girl is a lousy lay to boot and then gets clingy REALLY fast.

  81. original kate says:

    like john “david duke penis” mayer needs help in feeling humiliated.

    *rolls eyes*

  82. JRenee says:

    6 of 1 and a half dozen of the other. Mayer had the reputation before she dated him. Swifty had the reputation for writing songs about her exes before she started dating him. They both went into the fling/relationship fully aware of the others reputation.

  83. Jennifer12 says:

    Lainey Gossip wrote a terrific piece about this. John? This is the way your exes felt when you talked about them in public; sex lives, personal habits. You absolutely deserve everything you get.

  84. Kristine says:

    Okay, well. John might have done things in the past that weren’t the best, but honestly, I think he feels this way because it’s a song said bad about, him. Who wouldn’t feel a little hurt?
    Taylor claimed that this song was like when you write your feelings on a piece of paper, then throw it away. But in this case, she decided to publish it. Do I think it was wrong? Well, too be honest, I think she was hurt more and she took her known comfort of writing songs into this. That’s how she does things, and she’s good at what she does. And also, to the people saying she needs to take responsibility, it’s not like she’s saying, “oh, it’s all your fault” in all of her songs. No one knows what actually happened, so why should we judge? She could have felt vulnerable at the time, and maybe that’s why she wrote the song the way she did.
    Her whole point of her songs is her experiences throughout her life, and you see the different sides of people, and you learn from your mistakes.

  85. Adrien says:

    John Mayer is a fine musician. He’s an excellent guitar player. In fact, he’s one of the finest blues guitarist. I love some of his tunes BUT his lyrics are no better than Swifty.
    Whatever John, calling Jessica Simpson a sexual napalm is much more humiliating.

  86. nina says:

    he looks like his breath smells

  87. Rachael says:

    Dear John,

    You probably should have thought about this before dating a 19 year old. A 19 year old who is a huge pop star and is known for writing songs about her exes.

    Dear John, you’re a dummy.

  88. Lisa B. says:

    Though I detest Taylor playing the victim as much as the next person, I think John is just being a douche.

    She has the right to write about anything she wants to. Artists, good or not, write about their experiences and the way they see the world.

    Actually, most good works of art came from heartbreak or dirty laundry that normally should “stay behind closed doors”.

    If he’s so concerned about looking like an idiot to the rest of the world, how about acting like a decent person for once, instead of telling people what they should or should not write about?

    Also, homeboy’s got a lot of nerve to criticize someone else’s lyrics. Leonard Cohen he ain’t.

  89. Sarah says:

    I have always felt a very strong phony vibe coming from Taylor Swift.

  90. Aud says:

    No John. You embarrassed yourself the moment you opened your smug mouth and said you had a white supremacist penis.

  91. Aries says:

    John Mayer will forever be a douche and taylor swift has that i’m going to grow up and be a lonely old cat lady vibe to her.

  92. normades says:

    There was a post a while back with Tay looking sad in England and people were saying she was sad about Jake G. Then an anonymous poster in the know wrote that she was over him a LONG time ago and that she was sad because she didn’t get the part in les mis (this was a day before the news came out). She loves playing the sad little victim, but if she was even playing with Meyer’s nuts in the first place she can’t be that innocent.

    Anonymous poster if you’re reading this come back and give us some dirt!

    That said, Mayer is a gross douche. Between him and Adam Levine I don’t know which one I find douchier (OK, Mayer wins).

  93. Jamie says:

    This coming from the same person who had no problem blabbing about his sex life with Jessica Simpson (who I also can’t stand) and Jennifer Aniston to the tabloids. Hypocritical douchebag hasn’t changed one bit, he’s not fooling me. He’s still the same narcissistic jerk he’s always been. Newsflash John, you’re not the first ex to be written about in a song by another musician. Musicians write from their experiences all the time, but you don’t hear their famous exes whining about it. Just you, crybaby. Get over it and get over yourself.

  94. jacquie109 says:

    Honestly they are both wrong
    He is wrong for getting involved with a girl so young and in general for being the douche that he is.
    She is wrong for thinking she would be the exception and using it as foder for her career.
    However they are who they are, they act the same way with everyone, he’s always a douche to his girls and she always uses her life for her music.

  95. Thea says:

    He looks borderline driving a van and hanging out in a childrens park. He used Jen A to make his comeback ..didnt he write a song? Is he the only person who can write a song about an ex? He is just pissed because Taylor served up his dirty balls on a platter…he needs to go away and just sing and forget dating women. Who would have him?

  96. Joe says:

    Its a great song. And he got some Taylor Swift i presume? Why is he complaining?

  97. Ravensdaughter says:

    I’ve recently been through a frightening health crisis (see another post re: another celeb) and one of the songs on my “Comfort” mix was “The Heart of Life” from “Continuum”. I don’t know what JM says in his interviews; I hope it is his music that speaks for his heart. This song, along with “Let It Be” got me through some fearsome times. I’ve been pissed at Paul McCartney for years-he went through a long pompous jackass phase and he may still be there-but I have to forgive him for writing “Let It Be” (and “Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End” off Abbey Road..).
    May be another-”Love the art, hate the artist”
    Hilarious-John and Swifty have since bumped into each other-only in H-wood! .

  98. Nikita says:

    When asked about the song’s line, “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?” Mayer says, “I don’t want to go into that.”

    Yeah, of course you don’t. Predator.

    That was the most telling part of the interview / whine-fest for me.

  99. team john... says:

    I’m sorry but some of you are unbelievable… first off you actually listen to half of this. second, please listen to his new album and come back and tell me that he has not matured. as for the playboy thing? Jessica simpson hears what he said and the first thing she decides to do is go out to Oprah and Letterman and talk about how embarrasing it is and basically how she did not want anyone to know… as for people claiming that john mayer is a cheater? Aniston has said that that is not the case and some people just do not fit”