LeAnn Rimes’ casual LAX layered outfit: kinda cute or pretty fug?

These are some new photos of LeAnn Rimes at LAX on Saturday. So help me, I think this is the best she’s looked in a while. She’s gained a little bit of weight back, have you noticed? When I look at her, I no longer feel like I’m looking at two mismatched balloons sitting on top of bones and skin. LeAnn is super-proud of her body too – she loves the attention, good and bad. I suspect she’s one of those women who thinks “You can never be thin enough” – so it’s promising that she looks healthier these days.

Can I just say? I’ve never understood this obsession/style-choice of being so covered up on top and so underdressed on the bottom. If it’s hot outside, wear shorts and a t-shirt. If you think you might be chilly, bring a cardigan. I don’t get the whole “I’ll pair a booty skort (?) with a long-sleeved shirt, jacket and scarf – that will work!” And if you’re response is “She was on a plane, those get chilly!” Then why the completely exposed legs? And what is her obsession with fugly shoes? Those things look like flesh-toned bandages.

During this airport photo-op, LeAnn stopped and signed autographs. Bizarre – like LeAnn had some fans waiting for her to come off the plane so that they could get the autograph of their #1 Favorite? I wonder how much that cost.

As I always do with LeAnn posts, I checked her Twitter to see if there was anything noteworthy/crazy she was talking about recently. That’s where I found the most magnificent photo of LeAnn and a gator …. PERFECTION.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Katren says:

    how can she have such a giant collection of all hideous shoes!

    the whole outfits a disaster…fitting for horsey Rimes!

  2. Krock says:

    I dunno, is it just me or do her legs look weird? Sure she definitely looks better than when she was stick thin but those legs.

    • CreamSoda says:

      Agreed. I find her figure unattractive altogether, especially the legs.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      My bet is she is working out way too much and way too often. She’s kind of got those stringy muscles at this point, where it’s all sinew and no softness. Demi Moore and Madonna suffer from this- they used to have sexy bodies and it’s now just veins, muscles, and harsh thinness. Angelina was always too thin, but it didn’t used to be as harsh. The thing is that all of those women were always very attractive and Leann wasn’t and isn’t. But she had a kind of cuteness. Now all these women are getting older, and Madonna and Demi are kind of losing their looks. And if Leann is 30 (I think?) then she doesn’t have as much time as she thinks to reverse the effects. As Lainey says, you choose the body or the face. And even the bodies are not looking great- pop up veins, no softness, etc.

      • Krock says:

        Jennifer12 you are spot on. She is working out too much it seems. I guess its true what they say, too much of anything isn’t good. Even working out. I remember seeing pics of Madonna when she was working out hardcore like you said, she was really veiny and it didn’t look healthy. Don’t get me wrong, she has a body no doubt, shes in better shape than me so I have no right to moan but there’s a point where it stops being lean and healthy looking and goes overboard. I like a toned softer more feminine look. Leann looks man-ish to me.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        At some point, it’s just too much. You can’t work out obsessively because while you will definitely be toned- and she is- your muscles become stringy from lack of body fat and too sinewy. Both Madonna and Demi Moore were beautiful women who ruined their looks and even their hard-won bodies with their obsessive workouts. Angelina is lovely, but it’s starting to happen to her as well. Leann was never a beauty, but she was cute with a toned and healthy figure. She is less anorexic looking, but that’s all. She looks mannish and harsh. Forgetting my distaste for her, she needs a less brassy blond color for her hair, smaller and more natural veneers, ditto for the implants, and cut back on the workouts. One of her best looks was tight jeans, high boots, tank top, cardigan and softer hair and makeup. And she needs to chill out and stop being an OCD narcissist because that affects looks as well. I’m sure all this will happen by next Tuesday.

    • Amelia says:

      I think she’s working out the wrong muscles, or working them out disproportionately. The sinew we’re seeing is on the quadraceps, but paradoxically, the backs of her legs are kind of flabby in comparison because she hasn’t focussed on the hamstrings.

  3. Krock says:

    Her hips are too narrow for those muscular legs.

  4. Macey says:

    I wonder how much she makes for these paid photo ops?

    I think she has copied Brandi once again and gone the filler route. I dont think its from gaining weight since the only change seems to be in her face. I think shes using fillers around her mouth and maybe lightly in her cheeks b/c something is different in her face but its hard to pin point.

    I think its funny she’s now getting papped in a Fedora/hat ever since the blanket incident where Brandi was wearing a similar one. I believe someone on here even predicted that would happen when the original story was posted.

    • claire says:

      Her body is weird because it’s muscular in some places, isn’t in others. Wide shoulders, no hips and busted implants altogether lead to her having a mannish look. But the face getting puffy and pillowy, while everything else is sinewy is likely due to fillers. She’s gotten a nose job for sure. Her nose used to be more pointed, now it’s very rounded on the end, and shorter. Her cheeks are pushing up against her eyes more and she’s been getting lip injections. Overall, it gives a very odd look to her face. That, with the crazy veneers is not a pretty combination. But, those are all the procedures I think she’s having done.

      As with her clothes and her body shape….nothing on her face is working together. It’s all out of sync because she’s copying others, again. She’s a modern day Frankenstein.

  5. Rita says:

    Yes, I too am totally confused by the look of “Winter in Calgary” upper and the “My cooch is everbody’s friend” look on the bottom.

    Who’s the guy holding Eddie in the second picture?

  6. UniqJaz says:

    Her legs are skinny all around but You see the inner thigh fat she has in picture 1 and 4. I have that too. It just wont go away for me. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? ughh

  7. ahoyhoy says:

    LeAnn somehow always chooses hoof-shoes. Good golly.

    SIGH, LeAnn, your skinny legs won’t impress us until you’re over 40 and have a couple of kids. You know, when you’ve actually WORKED for them? (Sorry, but at her age, the work’s not that hard.)
    So much flesh exposed just looks like she’s trying way harder than she should need to in her 20′s. Like any other trick on the street.

  8. Monie says:

    Women who wear short shorts and skirts like this are why I loathe sitting on anything the public has access too. Their bare ass is making contact with where I have to sit. Not enough Febreeze and Lysol to satisfy me. I immediately remove and wash any pants I wore on a plane. Wish I had enough money to burn them though.

  9. Lizzie K says:

    Why does she always have her mouth open and her eyes shut?

  10. Lake Mom says:

    Did you notice she’s wearing the same sweater in the picture at the airport and the one with the alligator?

  11. Jennifer12 says:

    I don’t get how this woman has managed not to flash her privates by now. She wears the shortest skirts and shorts I’ve ever seen. Leann looked better years ago, when she was toned but with some curves and softer. I think she works out way too much, which can have a harsh look (Angelina and Madonna are victims of this, too) and with her already harsh features, it just doesn’t work. She’s not fooling anyone with the fedora and sunglasses; we all know she set up the pictures and knew the paps would be there. She’s upping the ante with the fake fans and their guitars magically appearing to be signed- I shudder to think what else she has planned. She just reminds me so much of the scene in “Fatal Attraction”, with Alex staring with psychotic love and anger at the Michael Douglas character: “I won’t be ignored!”

  12. jano1981 says:

    I’ve seen pics of her in those shoes, horrible, ya all called them ace bandage shoes last time. I still agree. I never understood the whole cold top warm bottom thing either. I’ve been tempted if I get a new summer or winter thing and its not hot or cold enough to wear yet, to work it in anyway. I notice the person with the guitar already has a signature on it and I’m honestly thinking that hers will bring down the value when they sell it. LOL.

  13. Jayna says:

    She has nice legs, but they were still better with more weight on. She looks better in the face and body because she’s gained a little weight back. She doesn’t look as hard, but it’s still not enough for her best look. She used to be a very cute girl before she went scrawny and her face began to look like a wizened monkey. Glad to see she’s at least filling back out a little. But the length of that skirt for a plane trip is a joke. She’s not 19, but she’s acting like a teenager. Who wears something that short for traveling? It screams look at me, look at me.

  14. Nessa says:

    Fug. She is always fug. That is all.

  15. Zelda says:

    Gotta say her legs looks better than Brandi’s did the other day.
    Doesn’t help her look tolerable, but that’s a different issue.

  16. nomorerimes says:

    This dumb broad is sooo crazy! For her gym opening extravaganza she wore long pants. Now going on the plane she wears a skirt so short her tootoo is bound to show. She has things all twisted around just like her twisted mind. Of course, she thinks she is normal. Normal people go around bedding other people’s husband! Sleaze has mentioned that Playboy wants her to appear in their mag. She said her mom would be humiliated if she did and turned them down. Why? She may as well get paid for showing herself off just a little bit more than she already has. Just a couple pieces of material and we’ve seen it all anyway. ICK! And would her mom be anymore humiliated than she probably was when SleazeAnn committed adultery and did the stalking. Just showed her mom what a psyco her daughter is. Her mom probably wonders what her cheap flozie of a daughter will do next. Maybe there should have been a song–Momma don’t let you babies grow up to homewrecking sluts!

    • Lizzie K says:

      Why would anyone buy a Playboy, when you can just google “Leann Rimes bocce ball” for free?

    • claire says:

      She’s certifiable. Love the conversation going on twitter right now when a Huffington Post blogger tweeted that she can’t sell out her shows. LR, who says repeatedly she doesn’t “read” the criticism, yet publicly addressed it all the time on twitter (smh), agrees with a fan who counters that the venue was small and can’t hold many, by saying that it was also a private show.

      LR sold 560. The venue seats over 1300. And private? It’s advertised publicly on the venue’s website. Anyone could buy tickets. That’s not a “private” show. Why does she constantly lie? At some point, how can it not occur to her that she’s a joke??? Gawd, she needs a stylist AND a PR agent, stat.

      • brin says:

        She can’t afford them because she can’t sell tickets to her concerts…lol!

      • nomorerimes says:

        Wonder if there was that many there because they might have sold tickets 2-for-one! HA!

      • why? says:

        The take home lesson: For Leann and Eddie, ANY publicity isn’t good publicity.

        Leann needs a new approach. Leann spent all this time tweeting about “her love’s” new job and setting up a staged miniskirt photo-op at LAX, only to have it result in her selling only 560/1300 seats and then trying to justify the low numbers by claiming that it was a private show, despite the fact that there was evidence to contradict her.

        Leann blatantly lies because she can. Certain media outlets don’t hold her accountable for her lies and so she continues doing it knowing that those very same media outlets are going to protect her by either writing a fluffpiece about her marriage/body or by depicting her as the victim. If People magazine actually called Leann out on her lies instead of glorifying her bad behavior towards Brandi and her kids, then perhaps Leann would be more selective in what she airs on twiter and in her staged photo-ops.

        As long as Leann surrounds herself with enablers who tell her exactly what she wants to hear, her lies and bad behavior are going to continue and get worse, which is why she stepped out in a super short miniskirt for a plane ride. Because Mateo and Eddie weren’t brave enough to tell her that she looks bad and of course GG, DM, and JJ told her that she looked cute/sexy.

  17. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’m gonna say not horrible only cause her style is just awful so since this isn’t assaulting my eyes I’m gonna say it’s ok.

  18. Franny says:

    This could have been a really cute outfit – with skinny jeans and some nice flat boots, or maybe bootcuts and some cut flats. The bottom of this outfit completely sucks and looks so uncomfortable.

  19. Original Lucy says:

    dear LeAnn, Just wanted to let you know that you are 30 years old not 10…A size 6x girls skirt is really a tad to small for you, you fugly, horse-faced skank! signed: everyone’s eyes…

  20. valleymiss says:

    That’s a skirt you wear to girl’s night out at a club. It’s really too short to wear at any other time.

  21. Bobby sue says:

    Please stop reporting on her in anyway; it keeps her in the media.

  22. Laurie M. says:

    Everytine I see her I think Eddie told her…get SUPER SKINNY, BORDERLINE ANOREXIC, STAY THAT WAY….THEN I’LL LOVE YOU & MARRY YOU. And LeAnn is thinking this is true love….HA!!

  23. sauvage says:

    Girlfriend forgot to put on pants. The End.

  24. why? says:

    Actually the photos were taken on Friday, right after Leann visited “her love” on set for a sec and sent tweets to Eddie’s co-star about how she will be back on the set to stalk, oops I mean visit Eddie. So the super short miniskirt was just another “Eddie isn’t cheating on me or pining for any other woman because…” moment. It’s a shame that Leann is reduced to using things like a miniskirt and fluffpieces about how her legs are “sexy/long/toned” to give the illusion that her “sweet, incredible, thoughtful, and hot” hubby isn’t cheating on her.

    Leann doesn’t look good in any of these recent photos. She looks like she has been crying. What is she doing to her face? I also wonder if she is once again trying to fuel pregnancy rumors by wearing the winter attire on top.

    Didn’t Leann have concerts in NH and NYC last month, and not once was she spotted walking through LAX and “signing” autographs for “fans”(aka-one of the paps she called to the airport or Mateo who is posing as a fan to make it look like Leann has fans and is relevant)? Why does she think that people are stupid and can’t see through her pr stunts? It’s obvious that Leann set up this staged photo-op as evidenced by the fact that she is wearing a super short miniskirt. Courtney Stodden does the very same thing. It’s sad that Leann’s worth as Eddie’s wife is reduced to how short her skirts are and how high her shoes are. If Eddie loved her and wasn’t cheating on her, then photos like this wouldn’t even be necessary.

    Leann didn’t put on the weight gain until she started hanging out with Kim K. During her 2nd honeymoon in Cabo, Leann was tweeting about how she wanted her behind to look like Kim’s behind, so you have to wonder that perhaps she is molding herself in the women that Eddie is pining over.

    Could she be even more phony with the the “surprised” “my fan wants an autograph” look? Isn’t Mateo with Leann? So I wonder if the “fan” is actually Mateo.

    So while her peers in country music are busy participating in CMA fest, Leann is reduced to keeping herself relevant by setting up staged photo-ops at an airport and paying people to pose as “fans” because she wasn’t invited to CMA fest? The sad part is that she has no one to blame but herself. She wouldn’t have to manufacture fans by paying Mateo or a pap, if she would just lay low and shut up.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Yes- Mateo was with her cause she tweeted that he was “ripping her hair out before the show”. So it probably was him–saved her some money. Gosh though the look of surprise–definitely staged!!

      • why? says:

        I’m starting to think that Mateo, Lizzy, and Eddie have a competition going on to see who can get Leann to leave the house wearing the most ridiculous outfit. Lizzy took the cake when she sent Leann to the grocery store to get cheese in a bikini. Eddie came in second with the Stella M dress that Leann wore for ACMs. I guess now Mateo must be trying to catch up.

    • Macey says:


      who is Ediot’s co-star that she is tweeting? I didnt know he was working on anything, is this a TV show or movie?
      I honestly feel bad for anyone that has to work with him b/c they have to deal with her psychosis as well. that should NOT be part of the gig. I can only imagine how she looks them over and tries to intimidate them.
      I used to work in an all male environment(most were married)and i could always tell when I was getting the once over by the wives b/c i worked w/their hubbies. Cracked me up when I first started all the little reasons they had to drop in at the office even tho they never did that before and it was usually something stupid. funny part was I was the last person any of them ever had to worry about..lol

      • why? says:

        Eddie is working on yet another Hallmark movie, which started filming last week.

        Leann was tweeting to Alan Thicke, he played the dad on Growing Pains. Alan T made a comment(which wasn’t even directed to Eddie) about how it was hard to act with Eddie because Eddie is so handsome and the next thing you know Leann started tweeting Alan Thicke like crazy and telling him about how she was on the set and that she would say hi to him the next time she is on the set. So she is probably worried because if this is what a man like Alan T is saying about her hubby, then in her mind the other women on the set must be thinking this as well. Alan T has been married 3 times, which is probably another reason Leann wants to keep an eye on him. She can’t have him putting ideas in Eddie’s head.

        I also think that Leann is trying to be BFFs with Alan Thicke because his son(Robin Thicke) is a R & B singer and also a judge on the show Duets, so that means that Leann is trying to strike up a friendship with Alan to get his son to sing on her album.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Or hoping Robin might put in a good word for her to become a judge on Duets next time around. Gosh, I hope this experience with her showing up at the set will warn Robin off about doing that. She is such a loser!

  25. Amy says:

    If her skirt-skort was a couple inches longer, I’d think this was sort of a cute outfit actually. Minus the bag.

    Love the scarf though.

    Also, as for the fans, what do you want to bet someone was simply holding their plane ticket in their hands and LeAnn was like oh how sweet of course I’ll sign it for you and the person was like b*tch what?

  26. anne says:

    Too bad she didn’t cover the bottom half.

  27. why? says:

    I also find it interesting that Leann’s weight gain started to occur right after she started hanging out with Kim K. Remember that photo of Leann walking next to Kim? During her 2nd honeymoon with Eddie, Leann was on twitter tweeting about how she wanted her behind to look like Kim’s. So Leann’s solution to a cheating hubby is to morph herself into whomever Eddie is pining for. Why not just admit to herself that Eddie doesn’t want her? It’s just sad that Leann has to do all these things to herself just to please a man who called her a speedbump and no matter how much she changes herself, it’s still will never be enough for Eddie.

  28. Honeychild says:

    In an interview, her mom chuckled upon finding out about the adultury and said “here we go again!” Her mother is not embarrassed by anything she does. She loves attention also. As for her look? I can do without seeing the inner thighs and kooch, thanks. She wears those shoes because they make her legs appear longer, a tip Brandi mentioned in her column recently. I happen to think LeAnn does have a pretty face, although it was much prettier 4 years ago before she started messing with it. The part of her which is ugly is her PRIDE, and her starvation for any morsel of attention. Now that she has everything she wants, she still is that sad, unhappy, little girl…..who never grew up.

    • nomorerimes says:

      That explain where SleazeAnn gets her morals! If her mom doesn’t care what she does, why should SleazeAnn care –the ends justifies the means! And as long as she is happy to hell with anyone else! Even Eddie as he definitely is NOT HAPPY!!! Except for the MONEY!!!

    • claire says:

      Yeah, her mom doesn’t care what she does. Leann’s her meal ticket. Leann’s mom has let her do whatever she wants her whole life and has been propping her up to think she was holier than thou. She said her mom thought LR was the victim in the whole twitter war with Brandi, although LR was the one with the fake accounts harassing Brandi, encouraging her fan friends and employees to harass Brandi. I don’t think LR’s mom is much different than her in the entitlement / mental health department.

  29. hatekyle says:


  30. why? says:

    Leann is already on twitter tweeting about plane rides, so does this mean that she has set up another staged airport photo-op where she parades before the paps in short shorts, a super miniskirt, sky high heels, and sheer shirt like Courtney Stodden and pretends to be surprised that another one of her “fans” is waiting at the door with a guitar to get an autograph? Or will this “fan” have a picture of Leann?

    She also says that it is a new flight. Does this mean that she had to take a different flight because her paid pap “entourage” couldn’t get access?

  31. Jackie says:

    she uses a weird formula she thinks = sexy/ desirable, which is that she is not at all chic or sexy or glamorous, but looks only half dressed and not at all feminine. She is not at all womanly, but way too thin and self-obssessed. She needs to get a cause rather than just want to be a celebrity.

  32. Melissa says:

    At 29 years old, she already has that weird monster face from too much plastic surgery.

    I guess I’d be as insecure as she is if I met my current husband when we were both cheating on our spouses.

  33. lori says:

    Lol at the not enough Febreeze and Lysol for this horse’s a$$! It would take a flamethrower to scour off the slime this creep leaves behind. As for the outfit, it’s just hillbilly all the way. She could take a couture item and make it seem like a backwoods barbeque thong.
    I agree about her mom encouraging her in the adultery. Her stardom was waning and this family is a bunch of attention whores. They love it when she pulls these stunts, especially with EC’s boys. Putting their lives on public display, so Leann can get a bit of attention. She’s her mama’s lil hillbilly ho.

  34. Jennifer says:

    She doesn’t know how to dress herself.

  35. Ria says:

    Leann’s legs looks much better than the upper part of her body. Her face is now starting to look like a chimp. Leann Rimes is the poster child for evolution.
    Especially in this picture below.


  36. Lisa says:

    I like her body, muscley legs and all. You have to make the decision to save your ass or your face, and those of us who don’t have the face to begin with, work that ass and every other part!

  37. Nan209 says:

    F-k a duck! This woman is a hot mess. She tries so hard to look so “just put together at the last minute” and all she does is look like a poser.

  38. LadyD says:

    Her tweeting her missing home just goes to show that all she is thinking about is Eddie and NOT her fans. She is never on the road for a LONG amount of time to miss home. Her world is revolved around Ediot.Guaranteed if Ediot was with her on the road she would NOT be missing home.

  39. ZenB!tch says:

    Oh thank goodness I think it IS a skort. Normally I would say something snarky but I have a new standard thanks to J-Love so eh… if it’s a skort, it would be cute with a t. If it’s a skirt, I wish it was a tad longer.

  40. ya says:

    She is looking good, with the exception of the way too short shorts/skirt…. Geez – can’t imagine wearing those on an airplane.

    She always looks better with less makeup on – don’t know who her makeup artist is, but normally she’s got way too much bronzer and eyemakeup on. She’s already got angular, prominent bone structure, so she doesn’t need contouring, and the heavy eyemakeup normally overwhelms her hooded eyes.

    • nomorerimes says:

      According to an often seen tv commercial around here with Leeza Gibbons–she uses “Sheer Cover”. Does she still get paid for these ads? I called the number once and told them that as long as her name was associated with them, I wouldn’t even consider ordering anything. Bet if they saw these pics–they might pay her to be able to cancel these ads or they would hire someone else to advertise for them!
      Remember the article in Shape mag back in 2010–no mention was made in the credits for Sheer Cover so her claims that she wears it is only true when she is in the commercial.

    • Honeychild says:

      Yeah, she just got cheek implants, too.

  41. Sabrine says:

    Is that a piece of rear end flesh hanging down there in the fourth picture? Irregardless, her clothes are completely ridiculous.

  42. Jackie says:

    LeAnne is pitiable really; any partner happy to see her wandering around half-dressed like this in very public places cannot surely truly love her and want to protect her and keep her from harm. The relationship is clearly questionable in its sincerity and genuineness.

  43. nomorerimes says:

    These pics were taken when she left on Friday. So I expect tomorrow we will see more pics of her arrival in LA. They will show EC and Sleaze throwing themselves into each others arms. EC will give him the flowers he brought her and he will tell her how much he missed her and make her promise that next time he can go with her. OH WAIT–excuse me–I just slipped into Sleaze’s sick mind for a minute. Gosh–maybe I could make a career as a fictional writer like Sleaze is making a career of pap/fluff pieces. Dream on, Sleaze

  44. ria says:

    Leann Rimes really is a sad pathetic person. She only does micro mini singing appearances, I won’t call them tours because she’s not in that league. She is away from home for 2-3 days max every few months and she’s already bitching about missing home, its a good job she is washed up. Wonder if Ed had fun this weekend. I hope him and Josie become good friends. She’s a looker, very cute. Or maybe this weekend he’ll go down to the gentleman’s club instead, right after work and have a few drinks and a few strippers, maybe? .He should let his hair down and do want he does best. Cheat. Wonder now that he is working and is away from her if he uses a secret cell?

  45. Theskinny says:

    Weight gain? Nothing more than cheek implants. She wasn’t born with those cheeks look at previous photos. They were flat and now she has two chicken cutlets under her skin.

  46. Kallan says:

    Just goes to show having all the money you need to buy nice clothes doesn’t necessarily make you look good. I could have tolerated the skirt (if it actually qualifies as a skirt as opposed to a head band…) and the knitted top with the scarf that kinda matches the colour in the skirt – but the grey jacket and pink bag is just way to much…!

  47. amoi says:

    why does her purse never match…doesnt have to be matchy matchy of course but why is she wearing a hot pink purse…she does this kind of thing a lot. it really irritates me.

    • lori says:

      Brandi is a fashion writer on a blog called She Knows, recently she talked about loving bright colors on people and using color to accessorize an outfit. Then she tweeted a picture of a pair of bright pink shoes. Leann’s purse is the same color pink. Brandi was also pap’d recently with a very short dress on, showing her legs. Leann is just stalking and swf-ing Brandi again. Leann takes out her frustration by obsessing about Brandi. She knows she is away and Eddie is probably cheating on the set. Have fun, girlfriend, get photos and sell them to the tabloids. Beat Leann at her own game!

  48. Memphis says:

    Why in the hell would she wear that short ass skirt on a airplane?

    This must be a set up for her upcoming ‘accidental’ koochie shot. LOL

    We all know that’s the next step. First the bikinis crawling up her ass, then the sheer ta-ta showing tops, now the too short skirts. Next comes the famous “I’m just gettin’ out of the car and …oh nooooz.. I forgot mah panties” shot.

  49. lower-case deb says:

    did she get into an accident?
    she’s wearing some heavy duty ankle supports there.

  50. Jill says:

    The outfit is umm ok, but it is just hideous. Homewrecker.

  51. ria says:

    Why do her fans not see her swf tendencies? Its so out there and obvious. It’s eerily weird and damn right creepy how much she obsesses over Brandi, her life and style. Other than being a crazy malignant narcissistic psychopath, she really has no self identity even down to twitter talk. Leann Rimes face matches her personality, cold, hard, damn right ugly, nasty. She is evil. The longer Ed stays the more chance he is putting himself, his ex wife and kids in possible danger. Crazy has no limits.

  52. apsutter says:

    Why won’t this bitch ever close her mouth?! Seriously…your face is horsey and your over-exaggerated facial expressions just highlight that fact. This outfit is fugly and her legs look like they might snap at any moment.

  53. nomorerimes says:

    Seriously does she expect up to believe her expression in the first pic to be one of surprise??? You can tell it is soooo staged!!

  54. ria says:

    I see she swf Brandi today on Twitter. “LEANN RIMES YOU NEED A STRAY JACKET AND A PADDED ROOM! ” She really revels in her sick, twisted games. “5150, Eddie do it.”

  55. brin says:

    LOL…Ediot finally lands a job and Leonn is having a “deep conversation” in between his studying his lines. She’s so desperate for his attention, she probably wanted to know what color bikini she should get next.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Geezz-SleazeAnn–Eddie is a bad enough actor without you interfering with his studying his lines. But then maybe that’s what you want to do–sabotage his career so he has to stay for with you for more money.
      On the other hand–maybe Eddie is a better actor than what we give him credit for as he is acting out being happy with you when we all know the opposite if TRUE!! Wish Eriq would throw your skanky butt out so the actors could concentrate on their acting–and having FUN!!!

    • why? says:

      Eddie Cibrian is having a “deep conversation” with Leann? Is that also like how Eddie bought Leann that ring for their anniversary despite the fact that he couldn’t even afford or care enough to pick out a birthday cake for his son a week earlier(Celebuzz did an exclusive on how Leann designed the cake)? Or how Eddie tells her that she is beautiful everyday despite the fact that Eddie also said that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure and yet allows Leann to do just that when she tweets/blogs, takes twitpics, and invites the paps to his son’s soccer games? Or how Eddie bought her an $85,000 engagement ring even though he couldn’t even afford to pay his child support?

      Leann is always trying to make Eddie and her marriage to Eddie out to be more than what it seems. No one is going to believe that Eddie is having a “deep conversation” with her because he doesn’t even care when she walks out of the house looking crazy. HINT-shopping in a bikini, super miniskirt at the airport, Stella M dress for ACMs! Eddie places his kids in Leann’s hands so that they can be used as weapons against his ex-wife, and yet Leann wants us to believe that Eddie cares so much about her that he would have “deep conversation” with her and while he is looking at photos of his female co-star online, oops I mean studying his lines?

      If she really wants to know just how much Eddie loves her, she should wear the craziest outfit and then ask Eddie what he thinks. If he allows her to walk out the house in that outfit and tells her that it’s cute, then she needs to divorce him.

      So Eddie is either out with his other mistress or he is completely ignoring Leann(ie-looking at photos of his female co-star online). Good thing Leann has twitter to compensate for what her marriage to Eddie is lacking. Eddie ignores Leann and she just jumps on twitter and writes a tweet saying that they are having a “deep conversation”. Problem solved!

  56. why? says:

    If Eddie is the “hot, incredible, sweet, thoughtful, and loving” man that Leann makes him out to be, why is she constantly using twitter to validate herself and her marriage to Eddie? If she has to go on twitter and write everything that she is doing with Eddie for the day, chances are she is more than likely providing him with an alibi to cover up that he is out with his mistress. So how long after the twitpic or staged photo-op does Eddie tell Leann goodbye? Wouldn’t she be too exhausted from all the love that her “hot” hubby(who can’t keep his hands off of her even when they are having dinner/lunch according to People mag) is giving her to be arguing with people on twitter about her Stella M tweets? Oh wait, “her love” is “working”!

    Leann slept with a married man and very publicly single white femaled his ex-wife and got a foot tattoo that is the very same thing Eddie’s ex-mistress stated in an interview in 2009, and yet she wants to call people on twitter stalkers and crazy?

    On another note, why is Radaronline kicking out negative stories about Britney? Leann, Leann, Leann.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Why: I agree with you on her having to always validate herself and her relationship on twitter, it’s ridiculous. She got dissed on Good Day LA this morning, one of the reporters was talking about how she can’t sell out small venues and said “country music stars don’t like homewreckers!” It was hilarious.

      • nomorerimes says:

        LOVE IT!!!! People in Nashville know what she has always been like and hate her and now even people in CA are finding out what a liar and loser she is! She lied about her last concert–low attendance and so she claims it was a private show. Like heck it was–they were selling tickets and begging people to come! The toilet is about ready to be flushed, Sleaze!!

      • why? says:

        Poor Leann. So even after riding the coattails of Rob Thomas, Alan Thicke, and Kim K, Leann still is a joke. What surprises me is the fact that the media is just now noticing that Leann is having trouble selling out venues.

        How did the reporter even get on the topic of Leann and her not selling out venues? Isn’t Jillian, Leann’s BFF from Eddie’s racing gig, a host on Good Day LA? What did she say or what was her reaction when the reporter said that about Leann? First HuffPo makes a wishlist saying that they want Leann to quit twitter forever, then they call Leann out for having low ticket sales, and now today Good Day LA backs up what someone from HuffPo said yesterday? Did Leann forget to pay someone?

        I figured that country music was getting tired of Leann and her antics when she wasn’t invited to CMAfest or CMT awards. She uses God to justify her affair with a married man who called her a speedbump and then sits on twitter bragging about her new album which details her affair with him. What a great way to make people forget all about her affair with a married man! If she wants to get rid of the “homewrecker” image, then perhaps she needs to rework her album so that it’s not about her affair with a man who cares so little about her that he allows her to walk out the house in a bikini just to go to a grocery store or sit on twitter bragging about how she is IN LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the remix of “Spitfire”.

      • brin says:

        Maybe that’s why she’s been quiet today(the Good Day LA slam). I’m sure she’ll be tweeting away again soon since she doesn’t seem to get embarassed.

      • Theskinny says:

        Is there a link to the Huffpo thing or the Good Day L.A. diss? Love to see it! lol

      • thetruthhurts says:

        Why: Richard Johnson a reporter from The Daily was on with Entertainment News. One of his items was that country music fans were tired of LeAnn and that she can’t even sell out small venues anymore..he and the newscaster were commenting on how people now forget that she did music, only think of her as being in tabloids, etc and that no one likes a homewrecker. Jill wasn’t in that segment, so we didn’t see any reaction. It was awesome!

      • why? says:


        Thanks for the recap. Hopefully more media outlets will jump on this story and be brave enough to write the truth about Leann instead of kissing Leann’s behind.Considering how Leann has been doing heavy promotions for her new album, that segment on Good Day LA is a very, very, very bad sign. The Good Day LA segment should be a wake call to Leann and her fans and her yes people. There are more than a few people who dislike Leann. No one is going to focus on Leann’s music or “talent” because she doesn’t even focus on her music and “talent”. Leann needs to close the twitter account and stop the staged photo-ops. People don’t want to hear about her affair with a married man or support her as she gloats about it in a song. The more we see and hear Leann and Eddie, the less support they will get for whatever projects they are working on. The staged “happy family” photo-ops with the boys and at their soccer games isn’t gaining fans, but turning people off.

        I think that Leann knows that her fanbase and support is dwindling and that she needs to take a new approach, hence why she sets up these photo-ops where she has the paps and Mateo pose as fans wanting an autograph.

        Leann needs a new approach.

  57. Mela says:

    The Stella McCartney swf move by Leann was so in your face crazy. How can she deny stalking Brandi?! This soap opera is getting better and better!

    My hunch is Eddie has been relatively good in terms of cheating… Until now. Leann is away and that dog Eddie will play. Cheating on set is his speciality, his MO…. Cheaters like him can only control their impulses for so long. This will be the pandora’s box of cheating for his marriage to Leann.

  58. ria says:

    I found it hilarious that she responded to people on twitter calling them crazy stalkers regarding the Stella tweet. 1st, does she not realize the irony of calling people stalkers, especially since that’s her speciality. 2nd, she proved what everyone else has been saying, she blocks but still can’t resist reading their tweets. She might as well unblock them. 3rd, she can claim to like Stella for yrs and that is more than likely true, but when was the last time she tweeted Stella? How convenient that she @ Stella 2 hours after Brandi mentioned her. Leann rimes yet again shows the world how very sick and unstable she is. All we are waiting for, is for her to buy the dress that Brandi bought an tweeted about. You know she’s going to buy it sooner or later. She’s a freak.

  59. why? says:

    Once again Leann attempts to make her marriage to Eddie seem more than what it actually is. She made over 10 tweets last night about how she was going to have sexy times with Eddie. You know what that means, either Eddie was out with his mistress again or he was online looking at photos of his female co-star. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually on the phone with her while Leann was sitting by the door, oops I mean upstairs tweeting. If Leann was going to have sexy times with her hubby or her man like she told all of her fans on twitter, why would she annouce it on twitter like that? Leann was giving her man/hubby an alibi. Eddie’s out with his mitress again. She makes tweets about getting “Loving” from Eddie. Problem solved!

    I hear that Eddie is even trying to practice the trumpet so that he can impress his female co-star. Poor Leann. No wonder she was whining about Eddie playing the trumpet and messing with her loving time with him, she knows what it’s leading up to.

    And after a hard days “work”, Leann didn’t fix her hubby a home cooked meal because she is So “devoted” to her man. Nope, she bought him sushi. So does that mean that Leann was probably having dinner by herself because Eddie was having a home cooked meal somewhere else?

    So what’s next? Will Leann record Eddie’s “trumpet practices” to prove to us that Eddie is in the house with her while she is tweeting, take a twitpic of Eddie playing the trumpet to once again prove that he is in the house when she is tweeting, or set up a staged “Eddie isn’t cheating on me handholding” photo-op of them picking up sushi together to hide the fact that Eddie was out again with his mistress?

  60. why? says:

    Leann posted a twitpic of Eddie’s youngest son, now how does she expect anyone to believe that Eddie is being faithful to her when once again she does the very thing to Eddie’s child that Eddie stated in court documents that he didn’t want for his kids? Thanks for posting the twitpic of the child Leann, and thus confirming that Eddie is a liar and cheating on you.

    Leann is already tweeting about her plans with the child for today. Hopefully she and her mother don’t set up a staged photo-op with him today. Who am I kidding? This is Leann we are talking about, the woman who exploits sick children so that she can release photos of her and Eddie holding hands. Leann needs to validate her marriage because her man was out with his mistress last night, so you know that she has some staged photo-op in store with the child. Sad. Is anyone going to stop Leann from exploiting those kids? How can anyone respect Eddie as a father when he allows Leann to use his kids as weapons against his ex-wife because his ego is bruised?

    The sad part about Leann’s twitpic of Brandi’s son, is that Leann sent it to Brandi. Like she is gloating and telling Brandi that she can do whatever she wants with Brandi’s children. Is Leann hinting that she is taking Eddie to Hawaii for father’s day and his birthday? Because why else would she dress Brandi’s son for a luau?

    Leann is also using the child for an agenda, she has him positioned in the photo so that you can see her Grammy’s and awards behind him. Seriously, so she used this child to taunt his mother, validate he marriage, and of course to get back at Good Day LA and HuffPo for saying that she can’t sell out venues. She can’t sell out small venues, but she has awards and Eddie, right! Leann is so immature. Poor kids.

    • nomorerimes says:

      SleazeAnn could be a poster child for narcissistic personality disorder! She fits it to a “T”. The articles I have read figure that over indulgent parents figure into that problem–duh!! Guess we can blame her mommy for that and for telling her infidelity is okay–just tweet your little heart, child. It’s pathetic that she has to let everyone know about every breath she takes. She loves herself soooo much and can’t get it out of her head that people might detest her. But they do. She REALLY needs an intervention but I’m sure her enabling mommny won’t do it. She’s as sick as her daughter if she sympathizes with her “star?” dauhter.

      Google Sleaze and her dad and you will see that Dad did try to rein her in while she was a teenager but mommy let her do whatever she wanted! Of course as long as the money was there, she didn’t dare tell her little sweetheart no! At least Dad did try! Sort of outnumbered even though the court ruled in his favor as far as SleazeAnn being ordered not to live with an unrelated adult male while she was underage. Both mommy and SleazeAnn ignored the court order. It’s all on google!

    • nomorerimes says:

      She lies so much that she wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her up side the head. She lies about hosband not cheating. She lied about her last show being a “private” one to try to cover the fact about the LOW attendance. She doesn’t know how to tell the truth! And of course, we all know that and don’t believe ANYTHING she says! I take that back –she once said she had a dark side to her and that is the only time she spoke the truth! Devil, indeed!

  61. nomorerimes says:

    I know nothing about how movies are made but I am curious. Do they film on weekends or just during the week? And how long does it take to film a made for tv movie or does it vary and depend on the movie or the director? Any info would be appreciated.

    • nomorerimes says:

      The reason I asked the above questions is because I wonder how much and how often Eddie can be in the presence with Josie! Of course– He-is-not-cheating Sleaze will be there but at some time she does have to go to the restroom! Make sure she has a lot to drink, Eddie!

  62. why? says:

    This is quite interesting. Did you know that Josie D was supposed to have a role on Rizzoli and Isles? Interesting. So is Eddie personally making requests to work with Josie D?

    I figured out why Leann has been tweeting photos of horses. Guess who likes horses and advocates for laws protecting them? If you guessed Josie D, then you are correct. Why must Leann single white female any woman her man comes in contact with if her marriage/relationship with him is SOLID? It’s sad.

    So how long before Leann starts tweeting about whales or how Eddie is interested in saving the environment for the whales?

    • nomorerimes says:

      When you first stated SleazeAnn was tweeting pics of horses–I wondered why she would send pics of herself!
      But then you added the remark about Josie being concerned about laws protecting them. Gosh–with everyone saying Sleaze looked like a horse–I just thought she was sending a pic of herself! She is soooo pathetic and SCARED!

  63. why? says:

    Someone is getting very desperate. Why did Leann invite DM to get “candid” photos on Wed of her “preparing” for her man’s birthday and father’s day? So Leann thinks that she can convince everyone that Eddie isn’t cheating on her/pining for any other woman by bombarding the internet with staged photos of herself in tiny shorts which showcase her “lean/toned/sexy” legs? And she seriously wants us to believe that after seeing another photo of her in yet another ridiculous outfit that her marriage to Eddie is SOLID?

    Didn’t Leann set up a staged “preparing for Eddie’s birthday party and father’s day” photo-op with Brandi’s youngest son last year too and then topped it off with a blog entry and photo of her with Eddie’s parents and the boys? As disliked as Leann is, the worst thing she can do for herself, Eddie, and Rob Thomas, is to keep setting up the staged photo-ops and tweeting about the kids. Leann is already tweeting about what a great weekend she has planned for father’s day and her man’s birthday!I hate to see the mega media blitz she has planned for this year because she didn’t get to do that last year. Seriously, why won’t anyone stop her from exploiting the kids like that?

    • nomorerimes says:

      PLEASE–no more goody two shoes pics of SleazeAnn trying her best to look good as a sweet housewife and “bonus mom”. Everyone knows what her morals are like and how much she lies about everything. When will the rags get smart about her? I know when her money dries up and she can’t pay them anymore!
      She needs a shrink!!!

      • why? says:

        Too Late. The staged “Eddie isn’t cheating on me because I wear short shorts to showcase my ‘sexy/toned/long legs’and no bra” photo-op from Wed is making its round amoung Leann’s mouthpieces. She even made sure that one of her mouthpieces posted the twitpic of Brandi’s son that she posted to her twitter account and called her a great stepmother. I guess since she couldn’t include him in the Courtney Stodden 2 short short staged photo-op, she was going to find some way to exploit him.

        Who needs that much validation? If her marriage was solid like she claims, then why did she walk out of the house in another ridiculous outfit and why is she exploiting Brandi’s son? Eddie hates Leann. Now why did he let her out of the house looking like that yesterday?

      • nomorerimes says:

        @why? She should really sue her surgeon for that breast job–they droop and are spaced way too far apart! She should ALWAYS wear a bra! And despite her short short shorts–her legs do not look longer only worse. Saw a pic on in another place where she had on longer shorts and she looked much better. I suspect Eddie knows how ridiculous she looks and wants people making fun of her. Maybe he makes fun of her tooooo! That would be okay for her as any attention good or bad–she loves!!

    • lori says:

      Noone can stop her from exploiting those boys because their father condones and approves of the exploitation. If you watch E and L’s interview from the gym opening, you can see clearly he is kissing the butt of the person who writes the checks. He is clearly proud of himself for sleeping his way to the bottom of “stardom” with Leann. He appears to have no concern for his children at all, totally narcissistic and into the lifestyle L.R. can provide him. Someone on here once characterized him as an aging “cabana boy” male prostitute type. If you watch their interviews, this is how he comes across. So you can also see why Leann is anxious. This guy would have no problem cheating on her and lying to her face.

  64. why? says:

    So will Radaronline release another negative article about Brandi sometime today or tomorrow because I see that Leann is on a public forum tweeting about her stepson’s graduation as if she is his mother.

    The more Leann posts about those kids the more obvious it becomes that there is no way that Eddie is being faithful to her. If he won’t show any loyalty to his own flesh and blood, then he isn’t showing any loyalty to Leann or the vows he made to her.

  65. kellymickinseattle says:

    She tries so hard to look “hot”…her skirt is too short and her mouth is always open.

  66. ria says:

    Josie Davis tweet today had me lmao. Kiddchris. She’s funny, incredibly sexy looking and has sense of humor. You know LeAnn is having anxiety bouts. Eddie is like leann rimes who? Interesting that she was also booked to appear on rizzoli and isles but couldn’t cause of commitments. She was destined to meet Eddie. “You hear that LeAnn.” Josie is also his type, slim, blond and unlike LeAnn rimes, josie is PRETTY. I love that she’s also is an animal rights advocate. Watch leann start tweeting animal rights tweets with links, because she’s swf like that. smdh.

  67. Natalina says:

    I actually like the shorts, but I always thought it was gross sitting in a plane with exposed legs…like other people have sat in the same seat and maybe they had something on their butt that is now stuck to the back of Leann’s thigh?
    the pink bag doesnt match. Looks lame.