Kim Kardashian bought Kanye a $750K Lamborghini for his 35th birthday: excessive?

Initially, I thought Kim Kardashian bought Kanye West a $750,000 Lamborghini just because. Like, “I love you and we’re both excessive famewhore narcissists who can put a price tag on our relationship, here’s a Lambo.” But Kim actually gave Kanye a Lambo for his 35th birthday, which was Friday. Does the fact that it was a birthday present make it better? Or worse?

Nothing says “true love” like an ultra-luxe, high-end automobile. When it came time to fete boyfriend Kanye West’s 35th birthday this week (the rapper’s birthday is Friday), Kim Kardashian went all out — dropping $750,000 on a Lamborghini for her love of three months.

A source close to Kardashian, 31, confirms to Us Weekly that the E! star purchased the rare, Aventador LP 700-4 Lamborghini for West.

For now, the “Watch the Throne” rapper will have to hold off on testing out his new ride, as he’s currently in Ireland for the European leg of his and Jay-Z’s international tour.

“Thanks to all my fans. I am tweeting under the stage while Jay is rapping in Dublin on my birthday,” West wrote to his 7.6 million Twitter followers Friday. “You guys make all my dreams possible.”

Earlier that day, Kardashian sent out a tweet to her followers, hinting that she wasn’t going to let her boyfriend spend his special day alone.

Wrote the reality star, “Hi Dublin, Ireland!!!”

[From Us Weekly]

Eh. So she bought him a pricey car and he wasn’t even in town to receive it. But she also flew to Dublin to spend his birthday with him. Which is… kind of nice? Like, I would almost deem that “sweet”. Thought one of my biggest peeves is really rich celebrities giving other rich celebrities really excessive, expensive gifts, what are you going to do? Kanye and Kim don’t pretend to be all about humanity and making a difference and charity. They’re all about themselves and they’re all about drowning themselves in luxury. One point for consistency.

Also – there were wide reports a week ago that Kanye bought Kris Jenner a Bentley, in an attempt to “buy” the Kardashian-Jenner family’s approval. SOLD!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Dee Cee says:

    Expensive gifts given to you are taxed.. heh heh!

  2. Krock says:

    They earned their money they should be free to spend it as they wish right? It seems very tacky to me, but thats just my humble poor person opinion. People are losing their homes and cant get proper health care but guess who got a 3/4 million dollar car? And wasnt even home to accept it. I dunno maybe I’m bitter but it just seems tacky.

  3. D. says:

    I didn’t even know that she has so much money to spend?

  4. Macey says:

    Her eyelashes creep me out. I wonder if she has any real lashes left after wearing those fakes all the time.
    I wonder if they both really think the public is buying their ‘romance’?
    I just think any and everything both of them do is for publicity.

  5. mwa says:

    She looks manly in the face.

  6. lisa says:

    It is interesting how we so so many celebs doing this. It is their money. But others that try to at least give back a bit get trashed and called all manner of names.

    I would have been impressed if she had given the money to a charity in his name. But that would not have been showy enough.

    Too many superficial people.

    • Kitten says:

      Really? You don’t see KK getting trashed for this? Every comment on this board is pretty negative. I roll my eyes at the “it’s their money” comments. Superficial indeed. Any rich celeb gifting another rich celeb some unnecessary item for 6-figures (plus) is vomit-worthy across the board. I don’t discriminate about WHICH celeb is involved. Obnoxious and classless imo.

  7. Monie says:

    Her feet look like paddles. Plus her size 4 is blowing up to an 8. I guess love makes her hungry.

    • crazycatlady says:

      I promise you, the only time this bim was ever a “size 4″ was in the 4th grade. She has always been at least a size 6, but my money’s on size 8 just to fit that ass she paid for. At my heaviest (as an adult) I weighed 115 (5’3″ height), and I did fit into size 4 (usually size 1-3 at normal weight of @105). She weighs at least 125 lbs (25 of it being her fake tits & ass).

  8. BB says:

    Kim has money and can spend her money however she wants too.

    The report about Kanye allegedly buying a car for Kris Jenner is false, I can’t believe anyone would believe he purchased a car for Kris Jenner. It makes no sense.

    • Kitten says:

      Oh sweetheart-you’re missing the point. Of course she CAN spend her money how she wants. Spend away, Kim. Just know that you’re wasting your money on yet another dude who is using you for fame. Although, I suppose karma is a bitch. isn’t it?

    • overit says:

      I think what you fail to realize is anyone that is wealthy is ONLY wealthy because of the poor and working class… it is just the way the economy work… she has money because the working class gave it to her…. If they didn’t buy her clothes… sex tape… watch her show.. she would just be another woman looking for her 15 min.. She has become a business woman due to her mother pimping them out… lets just keep it real…. So yes she should be giving back more to the people who actually work hard everyday and support her… PERIOD!! There is a very bad imbalance in pay in this country… I know law students that passed the bar and have no jobs waiting for them due to the idiot CEO and super rich that ruined her economy… so please spare me on the “Its her money ” no… its “Our” money… or should i say it’s their money cause I do not support a damn thing she does

      • Julie says:

        its not “our” money. i gave her no cent. if people spend money on her and watch her shows its their fault.

        you are right that the people made her and so its the peoples fault. if noone had “supported” her she wouldnt have millions.

        its also so easy to blame everything on “rich people” and most people are just too stupid to realize its them who made them rich in the first place.
        we have the choice where we spend our money.
        kim obviously found enough stupid people to buy her products so she deserves the money. its not like she has a monopoly where we are all forced to buy her sh*t.

        if someone is to blame its the people who support her and waste their money on them. she didnt steal anyones money people voluntarily bought her stuff and watched her shows.

        she is a digusting human being but if people spend their money on her they are not better and dont realize its them who keep her in the spotlight.

      • It is ME!! says:

        Kim comes from a wealthy family. She didn’t start out poor and work her way up like lots of others.

        For some reason people tend to forget that. Would DASH have been as successful if it wasn’t started up by family money? One can only guess.

  9. birdie says:

    I think she gave it to him to impress him and show everyone that she isn’t just a reality star. She wants to play with the big celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce, so she invests.

  10. Kaboom says:

    I approve of the money going from stupid hands to those of Italian car factory workers.

  11. Aviva says:

    I’m glad that celebitchy supports princess Kimberly and writes about her all the time. Thank you for publicity and attention. Kim is the only star who brings light and happiness into our life.

  12. TG says:

    It reeks of desperation and insincerity to me. It is tacky to buy someone an expensive gift when you have only been dating a few months. Also, if you could just as easily go out and get the car for yourself what is the pleasure in the gift? I guess I prefer meaningful gifts and have never been impressed with fancy cars so that might just be me. My objective has always been get me from A to B as cheaply and safely as possible.

    • Ramona Q says:

      Yes, I agree Kanye can buy himself a $750,000 car off the line, so unless she put some thought into customizing it or something, it’s like if my boyfriend bought me … roller skates. Although, even that is more thoughtful and would be awfully cute.

  13. SHE says:

    It’s her money and her man. Celebs have ridiculous amounts of disposable cash anyway…Angie gave Brad a waterfall, Beyonce gave Jay a $2 mill Bugatti. Kim’s just giving her man a new toy to add to his collection…”Buy me a lambo so I know that it’s real”

  14. anonymoose says:

    See, she does give charitably.

    Of course it’s excessive. Being excessive is often confused with being special, by people who are not special.

  15. Joy says:

    I really wish she had left her face alone. She was so pretty and now………

  16. Jennifer12 says:

    Well, of course it was excessive. Look who you’re talking about. It’s not like they give to charity. But Kim better watch it- Paris Hilton thought her fame was forever, too. And I agree with commenter #14- Kim used to be really pretty. Whatever she’s done is NOT an improvement. #justsaying

  17. Maritza says:

    I read somewhere it cost $400,000, either way that’s a lot of money to spend on a boyfriend that has been with her only 2 months. She knows what she is doing, he’ll have to top that gift with something way more expensive when her birthday comes.

  18. hateonit. says:

    the chick is cheap. the guys a jerk. perrrrfect couple. yeah she would never spend her money on charity. I dont get why everyone is so surprised. I mean look at who were talking about!! her face is ruined. too bad…now all she has is…well her money. she ruined her face her dignity is gone her body is not that great anymore it’s slowly receeding like her hairline. oh well. I pray her whole family will disappear.

  19. Garvels says:

    I could careless what this talentless piece of filth does with her millions. This is just another PR stunt.

    I wish blogs would stop reporting on the Kartrashians . I will make a conscious effort not to click on anymore Kartrashian related blogs or news items.

  20. bgirl says:

    To each his own but I can think of a lot of charities that could use $750K.

  21. Original Lucy says:

    I have no talent and a big ass…where can I sign up for my reality show?

  22. Izzy says:

    What happens when two black holes of narcissism collide? A super-massive black hole of narcissim forms. And then the whole world goes to pot. I give you Exhibit ‘A’ above. Didn’t even need a Ph.D. for that one. And someone needs to remind Kim that she is technically still married. I hope her soon-to-be-ex takes her for a fortune, and buys himself an expensive sports car.

  23. Franny says:

    she looks very pretty in that top picture.

    otherwise this is just news of rich people buying expensive gifts for other rich people. meh.

  24. Amanda_M87 says:

    Well considering how much money she has, it would be like the equivalent of a regular woman buying her guy a new tie for his birthday.

  25. annaloo. says:

    Oh my God. Why did I click on this

  26. Steph says:

    don’t hate me for saying this, but I think she looks really pretty/happy in the pic above and the botox is wearing off (thank god). Still an opportunistic white washer of fact, but really pretty and happy:)

    • mwa says:

      I don’t know what you see. But her face looks big in a strange way. Her eyes look smaller and different shape, due to cheek injections its pushing into her eyes. She looks weird to me. Her and Beyonce both look older than their age.

    • crazycatlady says:

      Botox wearing off? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Maybe last week’s dose! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

      Her face is so Botox-ed it looks like a rubber mold! I love that first photo of her solo above; it looks like she might be attempting to show surprise, but all she can do is widen her eyes and roll them backwards cuz her face ain’t makin’ no expressions, no sirree!

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    Not only that, but there are also the reports that KW gave her a large diamond “promise” ring.

    Disgusting. Since when did luxury cars become the new flowers or b-day cake?

    • Maguita says:

      Since Ben Affleck upped the ante and offered JLo that awfully gaudy big canary diamond ring.

      (you know JLo, the woman Kim K! was so desperately trying to copy, by even getting butt-cheek implants).

      • the original bellaluna says:

        And didn’t she buy him a Bentley, or they bought each other Bentleys?

      • Maguita says:

        I think she bought him one… Such a long time ago in a far-far land of tacky-tales!

      • Jenna says:

        I agree that she really wants to be J.Lo but I love Jennifer Lopez. When she does things she isn’t “calculating” them…even if what she is doing is stupid, cheap or greedy (or comes across that way to others) it’s her doing what she wants to do or being impulsive. But with Kim, it’s very obvious that she is trying to copy someone (like Jennifer or whatever other celeb), get attention, or manipulate her image or advance in someway, etc.

        When Jennifer gave Ben a Bentley and he did the same it was just to crazy (in love) people trying to express all this love, passion and energy albeit in a extragavant ways.

        But Kim WANTS to be perceived that way and is AWARE that she is being watched. Unlike anyother celeb who tries to hide or keep something like that private or doesn’t think anyone really cares about those details of their lives.

        But Kim is too dimwitted to realize it doesn’t work or just makes her more unpopular with people. Besides, it’s not like she earned the money decently (by having talent) or like she even has serious feelings for Kanye.

  28. Adrien says:

    Kanye’s only 35? He’s been around like forever.
    Kimmy K looks great these days.

  29. Original Lucy says:

    just thought of the perfect nickname for this skanky couple: Sodom and Gomorrah…

  30. Jayna says:

    Come on. Does anyone believe Kim would spend three-quarters of a million dollars on a new boyfriend. She is way too cheap to part with that kind of money. I don’t buy it. There’s more to the story..

    • ok says:

      I agree. The Kardashians are used to getting everything for free…they don’t like having to pay for anything. Even their vacations are paid for by E network, that’s why the cameras are always with them when they vacay. They don’t pay when they go to restaurants either. Kim is cheap and so is her mom. Do you think for one minute her mother would let her spend that much money on a birthday gift for a guy she’s only been dating a few months…especially since she is still legally married and going through a divorce right now. Do you think she bought her husband a gift this expensive when they got married? TMZ reported this story, and they are known for being up the Kardashian’s butts ! It’s a false story I bet. I bet Kanye bought that for himself but ofcourse Kim would never deny a good story like this.

    • Kasey says:

      I’m leaning towards agreeing w/ you two. I just sent an email to a friend about this and my beef was that this klan is forever trying to get freebies so 1-why spend all that money on this if they’re so cheap?
      2- WHY/HOW are they so cheap when it’s clear they are rather financially extravagant and frivolous?

  31. Meanchick says:

    Kim only does things for PR. Right after she filed for divorce, remember how she showed up at a shelter on Xmas to help feed the homeless? Full makeup, cameras everywhere. Has she been back since? Doubt it. Now, I do agree that she can spend her $ however she wants on whomever she wants, but she and the dirtbag have only been together for a few months, right? Angie and & Brad have been together for many years and have a bunch of kids, Bey & Jay (ick) are married and dated for a few years before that. I am disgusted by how showy she is. There are lots of celebs who buy crazy expensive toys for one another and it never makes the papers. This chick can’t go to the Ladie’s Room without Tweeting about it.She has made her entire life a production.She doesn’t “get” that she wouldn’t be despised so much if she mixed some charitable works into her shedule and not have the paps come and take photos of her ladling soup for one hour. I also agree that she is stil married, so this ‘gift’ she gave the dirtbag had to be a kick in the gut to CH. Must be exhausting constantly posing, whining, pretending, playing the victim while also being a whore.

  32. Girlygirl410 says:

    The car situation does not bother me. What bothers me is that she will fly to Dublin to be with her boyfriend on his birthday but would not fly to Minnesota to spend time with her husband. She made no effort to make her marriage work, guess it was because Kris could no buy her cars. This proves to me what this family is all about $$$$$.

  33. Puleeze says:

    Somebody give me a can of raid so I can spray these two cockroaches.

  34. The Original Denise says:

    It’s her money, she is free to do with it at she chooses. Rarely see her in flats…..she should give her feet a break from those ridiculous high heels more often!

  35. jilly says:

    Kanye couldn’t be 35. I didn’t think he was even 30 years old.

  36. Shelly says:

    Um, yeah. Excessive. They’ve only been dating for like 5 minutes.

  37. thatsh*tcray says:

    If by “give” you mean the dealership “loaned” the car with the expectation that these pictures with the paper plate would be widely circulated and talked about worldwide..then yes.

  38. Mara says:

    Kim K. Is so stupid after a while they will broke up and she will ask her gift back .Better she donate this money to some poor country who really need it.

  39. Paloma says:

    I want to see another huge, staged wedding so I can have a good laugh.

  40. logan says:

    Not any more excessive than someone paying $300.00 for his fake skin sneakers. Saw on the news they were drawing numbers to see who could buy them at a shoe store. Wait until some kid pays with his life so another kid can rip them off his feet.

  41. NYC_girl says:

    You truly can’t buy class.

  42. JRenee says:

    There is either a deal in place re: the cost or Kim is banking on this for publicity or vying for marriage…oh Amber Rose said these teo were fooling around when she n Wezt were dsting. This is more than a few months old!

  43. dorothy says:

    Seems desperate to me. Who buys their new boyfriend such a large gift?

  44. katie says:

    They’ve lost touch with reality, as most celebrities have, and they have no sense of what’s appropriate. Even for people worth tens of millions of dollars, a $750K vehicle is inappropriate. However, neither of them has even been a student of etiquette or social grace.

  45. Belle Epoch says:

    What about all the rumors he is gay? She’s just his beard.

  46. JessSaysNo says:

    No question about it, very excessive and ridiculous. 750K would go pretty far at St. Judes hospital, or into cancer research and considering her father died of a poorly understood cancer, you’d think she could have spent that money helping save lives. Nope– spending it on her asshole loser boyfriend is how Kim rolls. I wouldn’t date Kanye if you paid me, he is disgusting and ugly on the inside– a perfect match for Kimmy!

  47. me says:

    She was obsessed with Reggie when they were together and she didn’t buy him anything this expensive…come on this story is fake.

    I bet Kanye bought that car for himself.

  48. ok says:

    She never bought any of her family members a car this expensive, do you really think she would spend this much on a boyfriend that’s she’s only been with for a few months? Her mother would be pissed !

    This story is so fake.

  49. Jayna says:

    Glad to see a few commonsense posters. Of course she would never spend this kind of money on a gift for anyone except on herself.

  50. erika says:

    Haven’t we ladies (and gents) all done this?

    Stage I: It’s the natural course when you start dating someone you’re into. By ‘natural course’ I mean, if you’ve been dating someone for a few weeks, couple months, you let your BEST side shine, guys are chivalrous, pay $$$ nice dinners and the ladies in return dress sexy and put out…

    then comes stage II -around month 3-6, people’s true natures start to show, you’re less than perfect etc., etc.,

    she’s still in Stage I dating, I wonder how much she’ll regret (if she did) dropping 1Million on Kanye…?

    Because my FORECAST for them down the road? DISASTEROUS! Hellish! I know they’re both over the moon right now, but remember, they are both fame/attention whores and Kanye (?)…he’s worst than an infant.

    If Kanye is much of a bullying, narcissist BABY, to swagger onstage drunk while nursing a jug of of Hennessey only to kick the @&(#^! out of Taylor Swift…

    He’s up for anything, pure, Grade A NARCISSIST!!!

  51. Mia says:

    Oh my god…that last photo of her..I thought she was on a slant or falling or kneeling…her head looks so mismatched on such a body now I know why she wears heels/stilts all the time!

  52. Mar says:

    I so doubt she ” bought” a 750k car for him. It’s all about Publicity.
    She looks strange here.

  53. tru tru says:

    She needs to get divorced first!
    she can’t wonder why her relationships never work, she changes them faster than her booty pop panties.

    plastic faced, 5lbs of natural makeup touting, weave wearing, false lash addicted TRASH!

    all these yrs and still no talent out of the whole huge clan of them.

    that car is not gonna make YE stay, WATCH.

    Reggie Bush really dodged a bullet.

  54. Lisa B. says:

    As others said well, I don’t think she actually bought the car. But even if she did, what would be the problem?

    I know she’s a famewhore and that many other people out there would be more deserving of fame and wealth, but guess what? Life isn’t fair. It’s her money, no matter how she got it.

    Celebrities and rich people in general are not in touch with reality. To them, a super expensive gift (and the publicity/status thar comes with it) is just one more thing.

    I don’t understand why some people come around here to act all self-righteous and shit. Sorry, folks, you’re on a gossip site, not the most appropriate place to rant about the evils of the world. If you’re so concerned about the economy and world poverty, don’t waste your intellect here. Go read the WSJ and let the rest of us have fun.

    And to be honest, some of you guys can complain all you want, but every time you click on an article about the Kardashians, you’re giving them exactly what they want.

    Damn, the things some posters make me do sometimes. I just defended the mother of all famewhores! :)

  55. Mnx says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like a hobbit on the last pic?

  56. Tammy says:

    She must have pretty LOW self esteem to be forking out that kind of money!! That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!! lol! j/k! but it does seem like to feels the need to throw her $ around! Look at that wedding – I wonder how much that cost! …what a waste!

  57. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    Maybe she’ll find a straight man to date someday.

  58. Feebee says:

    There’s no way she actually paid $750K for the car. I don’t know exactly how these things work but I’m guessing she either paid way less but $750K is RRP or it’s a loaner/rental. Unless Kanye’s driving that car around in a year’s time I believe it’ll be discreetly returned to the dealer once the publicity stuntness has run it’s course. He probably already has a few cars, who’s going to think twice?

  59. Mush says:

    $750K for an Aventador? They didn’t get a very good deal, did they? This car is supposed to be sub $400K.

  60. cannonball says:

    If this is true, after a woman buy’s her boyfriend an expensive car, he will lose all respect for her and kick her lame sorry ass. (I HOPE).

  61. crazycatlady says:

    Given that she could have purchased homes for at least a few homeless families with that much money, I’d say yes, it is excessive. But then again, it is a disease that many rich people get, the disease of greed.

  62. Ophelia Thigh says:

    She RE-GIFTED that car!!! It was a wedding gift! What a tramp! Of course, Kanye is a sleazy IDIOT so they are well matched.

  63. Koral Sisley says:

    I think they earned they’re money they can do what ever they want I’m sure she gives to charity it doesn’t have to be public to be “good”… What I don’t agree with is splurging so much after only 3months like Kim step back and remember your worth! He should be spoiling her! But everyone should back off celebrities, most of you wouldn’t even dream of working as hard as they do! you see what they want you to see… Haters will hate potatoes gun potate

  64. Wijy says:

    Y’all are dumber than her. Look at all the comments posted here. Y’all are making her even more face. Stop talking about her if y’all don’t like her then.