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29 Responses to “Is this the evidence that Beyonce is really 32? (update: Docs Photoshopped)”

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  1. Phoenix says:

    A girl I used to knit with was a teacher in Texas at the school that Beyonce went to…It was some performing arts high school. This person was her teacher Freshman year and said that she was just a really nice girl.

    I think this was in the mid-late 90’s when she taught there, so it would make sense that Beyonce was in her mid-20’s now instead of 30 something. Really, who would go back to high school after already graduating?

  2. Viv says:

    HSPVA most likely. Houston School for the Visual and Performing Arts.

    I want to see some dirt on Beyonce. I saw her at a Houston Walmart when I was 18 and supposedly we’re the same age, but she definitely looked older than me. Oh this was a free performance that DC gave; it sucked… they warbled, Say My Name a few times and then said God Bless. A sneeze could’ve been longer than their performance.

  3. Viv says:

    Okay, guess not… Wiki said she graduated from Alief Elsik (kind of in a run down area… actually we’re having our wedding near there!). I guess I’ll have to ask my AE mates about this bit of trivia.

  4. chic mommy says:

    You can usually tell a woman’s age by the number of rings around her neck. (We age like trees.) These are fine lines around a woman’s neck, the older she is, the more lines she will have.

    I saw her enlarged picture and I don’t see that many fine lines, maybe one or two, but very faint. I would say she’s most likely in her late 20’s (closer to 30). 27 or 28 maybe, but it’s just a guess based on the photo.

  5. LJ says:

    That pic of eve is so old! She’s already said it’s her! She ain’t shamed so why should we be?
    As far as Bey being 32, I wouldn’t be shocked at all!

  6. FURCH says:

    ok so she’s 32….no need to hide it. Don’t lie, I don’t think we really care as long as she has the talent.

  7. Other Karen says:

    I’m skeptical. With a name like that, and as famous as she’s gotten, news like that would have already come out. People would have mentioned going to kindegarten with Beyonce in the late ’70s.

  8. DD says:

    it’s not terribly difficult to get access to the Texas Birth Index, which very clearly states her birth year as 1981. then again, it could be a state-wide conspiracy, i suppose.

  9. Someone says:


  10. Obvious says:

    Look at the date “1974” it has obviously been altered.

  11. Nuttin' Like Money ina Ziplock says:

    Beyonce never graduated from HS. Trick didn’t even get her GED…

  12. Poor Boopie says:

    Who cares? 25, 32, everyone would probably agree that she’s still “smokin hot” no matter what her age.

  13. Heather says:

    The document spells Matthew Knowles’ name with one T — a small thing but it could be another argument for it being faked.

    But I still don’t believe she’s 25. No way.

  14. Jo Mama says:

    I have always thought that she was older. But black don’t crack so good for her if she can pull it off.

  15. Kaonashi says:

    Wow, a woman lies about her age. This is supposed to be earth-shattering news? My mom’s friends still think that she’s younger than them, when in fact she’s actually older than them.

  16. miles says:

    i knew kelly rowland’s boyfriend back when they first hit it big (not only did he cheat on her a lot) but he/we always laughed about beyonce being full of herself, even then. i thought she went to lamar h.s. with kelly in the 90’s. maybe not. anyway, b. was never nice when i saw her, and i don’t know anyone in their group of friends who had anything nice to say about her, even then.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t Beyonce on Star Search at around 12 years old? I know when she was on that she didn’t look 7 years older than she really was.

  18. betsy says:

    The Texas birth index also lists that Benjamin Wade knowles…the name above beyonce’s…was born in 1981, so the commenter above is correct that the year 1974 has been altered. everyone on that list…including the not famous ones, was born in 1981. nice try by MediaTakeOut. I assume their sounrce altered the document, but shame on them for not checking in out using the free resources easily available to anyone.

  19. bree says:

    i always thought she was older about three years not six. what about kelly and the other girls? peolple in hollywood lower there age for the buisness anyway cause jada pinket smith like 42 all day long

  20. Nately says:

    SHe’s NOT 32. She 2degrees of separation from me and I heard its a lie….not to mention the fact that she leaked her passport picture on the net…and it says 1981…

  21. Nately says:


    it definitely doesn’t matter how old she is…she cant SAAANG!!!

  22. TMW says:

    Well, who knows. There is a legit website called (do not omit the “s”) that shows people’s ages, city they were born in, and relatives (look yourself up). If you search for Beyonce Knowles you get the same results with her parents names for both 1974 (DOB) and 1981 (DOB). So I guess there seems to be 2 Beyonce’s in TEXAS, with parents with the same name, one is 25 and one is 32.

  23. Gretchen Ross says:

    Anyone ever considered other reasons of why Beyonce looks old? It’s obvious to anyone that the night life or living the night life by day can do that. and i don’t want to hear any sorry a$$ teenie boppers defending someone whose existence demeans women even more. grow up and get a brain!

  24. D.T. says:

    Who cares she aint makin me no money!!!!!!!!!

  25. sandra says:

    c’est totalement faux!!!!!!!!! Les gens qui ont voulut faire paraitre ca était jaloux et voulaient détruire la star parce qu’elle a énormément de succes !!!

  26. tiara says:

    why are you posting in french? don’t waste your time

  27. Anonymous says:

    I would like to say that if this thing is real than that means her very “christian” parents were not married when they had her, because her mother now has the same last name as her father, but on that paper it is not the same

  28. Anonymous says:

    you really need to stop beyonce is 25 and will be turning 26