Ryan Gosling “feels threatened” by Eva Mendes’ ongoing friendship with her ex

Before all of the Gosling fan-girls kept voodoo dolls of her, Eva Mendes was in a long-term relationship with a man named George Gargurevich, also known as George Augusto (for whatever reason). George and Eva were together for eight years, and although there were some rumors of breakups here and there, I have to admit – it seemed pretty stable, especially for Hollywood. George and Eva broke up last year, probably around July 2011. Eva and Ryan Gosling were a thing by the Fall of 2011. So… she moved quickly. And Ryan is looking less and less like her rebound after what was basically a common-law marriage to George. Now Star Magazine reports that Ryan is a bit perturbed by Eva’s ongoing friendship/business partnership with George. Hmm… Ryan is jelly?!

Eva Mendes may be hot and heavy with Ryan Gosling, 31, but she still can’t seem to cut ties with her ex George Gargurevich, whom she dated for eight years.

“Back in October, Eva and Ryan were constantly fighting because George was still living in his and Eva’s shared home,” a source says. “Ryan flipped out about it. George finally moved out, but now the two are going to be working together on their new home-accessories line, Vida. Ryan hates their constant communication and just wants it to end.”

The only trouble is, Vida is actually George’s idea, so Eva doesn’t feel like she can just kick him out of the business. She also knows that he would put up a fight, considering he didn’t want the relationship to end in the first place and is hanging on to Eva any way that he can.

“Ryan keeps telling her to just buy him out, but she doesn’t feel right firing him. Plus, Eva actually really values George’s opinion and friendship. Why should she have to banish him from her life just because Ryan feels threatened?”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Is it okay if I don’t really have an opinion about this? It could be true, it could be false. I don’t really see Ryan as a jealous dude, especially considering this relationship seems kind of fauxmance-y to me, but… it could happen. Dudes do get jealous. Especially when their ladies are still in business with their exes.

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  1. brin says:

    She looks good with her ex…maybe he should be worried. But i doubt this is true.

  2. mln76 says:

    I know this coupling is hated here but I think it’s kind of hot. Yes Eva is sort of sulky and doesn’t really match up to Ryan in talent and she dresses badly but they seem to click in a sexy way.
    I can totally see Ryan being threatened by this. I also get the feeling that this relationship is going to last longer than the Gos-fans would like to think.

    • Liberty says:


      ….I also admit I thought the head was going to say her ongoing relationship with her ex sunglasses.

    • T.C. says:

      I like how much their relationship angers the Gosling fans. They make her out to be the ant-Christ. lol.

  3. Chris says:

    My ex wife used to work for her ex lover at his house. They’d be at the house alone during these times and the guy was a sex addict who used to attend sex and love addicts anonymous meetings. My ex wife thought that it was silly of me to be concerned. This is the sort of BS I had to put up with people!!!!!

    • beyonce's bump says:

      omg Chris! Dang I feel your pain! Can you imagine the nonsense?? I do NOT CARE how secure I am SUPPOSE to be in my relationship, my fiance can NEVER have a relationship other than be cordial with any of his exes. At first I was like “I do not want to be THAT jealous partner”, then he showed me the sneaky flirty messages these girls would send (you know those messages that to the untrained eye seem innocent enough..lol), and that was that. Yea so now that is part of the “conditions” that comes with being in a relationship with me. It is one thing to be casual friends and maybe all of us meeting up to party here and there, but if u you both stay steady calling each other, steady hanging out with each other and tings…then me and u cannot be in this relationship no mo. It is as simple as that. #HBIC

      • Chris says:

        Well thanks for the support. Now I have to go through more BS trying to reach a financial settlement with her. I’m also finding being single again at 42 pretty weird. On one hand part of me wants to go straight into finding another partner but another part of me wants to stay single and enjoy my freedom and a life without as much compromise. The idea of settling for someone that I’m not really hot for, just for the sake of having someone, doesn’t really appeal either but on the other hand I think I’ve been conditioned by the media to some degree to desire a partner who, if I’m brutally honest with myself, is probably beyond my station in life. But at the moment I’m comfortable with the thought that if I can’t be with someone I respect I might as well put my energy into something else but I have no clue as to what that something else would be at this stage. After I reach settlement I might fly over to the states if I can convince Kaiser to meet me for a drink. What do you say, Kaiser?

    • Launicaangelina says:

      Ohhhhh juicy! But I kinda feel bad you’re outing his addiction…

  4. Diana says:

    Definitely jealous… he’s a Scorpio! :D

    • yolo says:

      I just said the same thing! I was with a guy for 3 years (his birthday was Nov. 12 as well) and he was CRUUU-aaazy jealous. About everything and I never gave him any reason to be. It got to be too much no matter how hard I tried…and I did try because there’s a lot to love about those scorpio men..lol..

  5. Kit says:

    It’s Star mag so I doubt it’s true.
    She looks gorgeous in the picture on the boat where she’s smiling. She should definitely smile more often.

    • Liv says:

      I don’t buy it either! As if she wouldn’t immediately buy him out.

      And why does she name her line Vida? I thought she wants to be an american actress and not be involved with her cuban heritage.

  6. I.want.shoes says:

    Ugh. I still can’t with his rolled up, hipster douchebag jeans.

    • yolo says:

      hahahaa..right? It’s so circa 1989.. I went to take another look and !surprise! It’s the same grey jeans he ALWAYS wears!! He needs new jeans and she needs new sunglasses…stat.

  7. Missy says:

    Geez she’s had those pantaloons and espadrilles(or they could be different ones, they seem to be all she wears) for awhile
    Ps-that nazi dog scares the sh*t out of me

  8. birdie says:

    Mendes and Gosling are so unbelievably boring together. I never click on a story about them, but today I had to share how I feel.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      + 1…..Considering what team he bats for, yes, this couple is super boring……..

  9. Kimlee says:

    Will for the people saying she dressing for the paparazzi here the proof that she always dress like that even before she started dating RG.

  10. Nessa says:

    I’m all for the demise of this relationship, but these stories about them are ridiculous. Eva needs to tell her PR to back off a little bit. This is getting out of hand

  11. bns says:

    Why is this relationship constantly reported on? Does anyone care THAT much about these two?

  12. Rada ura says:

    EM’s PR is way more clever than RG’s. This article makes her look loyal, nice, promotes her line and at the same time portraits Ryan Gosling as a jealous whimp who looks like a boy next to her ex. Not bad for a dumb bimbo!

  13. andie says:

    Eva’s PR team is relentless. They must be the best in the world. Every other day there’s pap pics of her, very rarely of Ryan. That means he must never leave the house, or he knows how to avoid it. I can’t say the same for Eva. And there is all these so called “stories” about what’s going on in the relationship. It’s so obvious all these things are PR plots for attention. Ryan should be embarrassed.

  14. stephanie says:

    I wonder why she broke up with her ex? He seemed like a good guy and was loyal to her over so many years. I have a feeling she might have ended it to have a shot with Gosling. I believe she’s had a crush on him for years, and was a fan of his band. I feel kind of sorry for her ex, being tossed aside, and asked to move out out of their house. (Because she wanted her new boyfriend to move in) The least she can do is let him keep his share of the business. I guess if she has any kind of conscience, she must feel a bit bad about it.

    • FreeFun says:

      Didn’t have Eva Mendes numerous affairs with her other co-stars while she was still with her “ex”. She was rumoured to have something going on with Jason Sudeikis and Larry David before her “arrangement” with Gosling started. Also her “ex” was still with her after that cocaine bender-miscarriage-rehab rumour, which a lot of people believed it was her. Maybe they never really did split up, but Eva is just trying to get some press for her and he seems to be fine with it. Show business has the most crazy relationships.

  15. rose says:

    I actually think she looked better with her ex than she does with Ryan. She certainly looked happy with him when they were together. It’s too bad they split up.

  16. barb says:

    Ryan is a Scorpio. You bet he gets jealous, but he’s good at hiding it usually.

  17. chocolate_chip_mint says:

    Eva Mendes reminds me very much of Kate Bosworth. Not in appearance, but in behavior. They are both C list “has beens” who’s careers are fading fast. They know this, and purposely wh*re out their personal life to the paps and to tabloids to get attention, because that’s all they have left. Unfortunate for their significant others. At least Alexander Skarsgard came to his senses and dumped Kate. I hope Ryan follows suit.

  18. yolo says:

    I buy it. I TOTALLY see him as the jealous type, plus he’s a scorpio…lol.. At any rate, I think he’s gonna poop a golden egg as soon as McAdams gets engaged, which will be soon, and this relationship with Mendes might hit the bricks. I’m not a crazy McGos fan, he just didn’t take that break up well and I don’t think he’s really over it…

    • Danielle says:

      You may be onto something. 2 stories to share, a long time ago my friend was chatting up Rachel at a bar (Sneaky Dee’s) while Ryan played pool. Ryan came over wrapped his arm around Rachel and told my friend that he was getting into Rachel’s space and to back off. Another friend that worked with Ryan on All Good Things in New York, had jokingly asked Ryan now that he and Rachel were over, could he set him up with Rachel? Ryan got mad and told him, “No that’s my girl”. It was soon after he finished that movie that they got back together for that brief time.

      • anna says:

        Wow, he sounds super possessive. Thanks for the stories! I also believe he still is in love with Rachel. I’m not sure they will ever get back together, as she seems pretty serious and smitten with Michael Sheen. I really don’t think he feels about Eva what he felt, or still feels for Rachel. I’m not a crazy Ryan and Rachel fan either, but I just have a feeling he’s probably having a pretty hard time letting it go.

      • margo says:

        Actually, he sounds like kind of a jerk. I would be annoyed if my boyfriend said that to somebody who was talking to me. I can take care of myself, thank you very much.

  19. aud says:

    i think she’s gonna end up pregnant but they’ll break up

    • carrie says:

      Oh please no! I really hope not. Then Ryan would be tied to her for life, and we’ll never stop hearing about her.

  20. ToastedSkin says:

    of course there’s an Eva Mendez story today. There’s one basically every day.
    Man, I am so sick of her.

  21. Dani says:

    Here’s what I think:

    This is just another story made up by Eva’s people. Ryan is a Scorpio, so it is completely believable that he would get jealous, but only over someone he’s actually into. This relationship is fake, period. He barely even looks at her! I think Eva’s people came up with this story to make it look like he’s more into her than he really is.

    • Lou says:

      Those were exactly my thoughts. As the idea is that she is more into him than he is into her, this is a completely made up story to reverse the rumors and make her look like the reasonable one in the relationship. He is cold with her and he looked crazily in love with Rachel.
      Gosling’s fans pictured him as “almost perfect”, which is ridiculous. This guy said he likes characters with issues because real people have many issues, like he might have. But, people with issues and even a touch of craziness are more interesting anyway. I like this actor a lot. I hope this Eva think will end soon, and he will fall crazily in love with someone again.

  22. mek821 says:

    Gosling looks like a boy while her ex looks like a Man.

    Sorry girls, I just do not get the Gosling thing.

  23. Raz says:

    Maybe it’s that godawful red jumper which I HATE, and the oft-mentioned terrible sunglasses, but she looks so much better with the ex! Aren’t women meant to naturally flourish and look at their best with the men who fulfil them, and men whom they love? Not a good sign for RGos.

  24. Lotta says:

    I don’t understand why so many seem to dislike her. I find her very sexy and I love her clothes.

    • penny says:

      The hate comes from her well known reputation as a mean and crazy person. There is way too many stories to just write off.