Katy Perry is already shacking up with Robert Ackroyd after 3 months of dating

Katy Perry

Here is a photo of Katy Perry in London last week while some dude hides her face with Katy’s Very Important Goth Jacket. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Robert Ackroyd of Florence + The Machine, lurks in the background while holding Katy’s purse. Interesting how that works, right? Katy and Robert have only been dating since April, and they supposedly broke up a month later but then got back together in short order. I was under the impression that this was a rebound scenario or that the two were mostly hooking up whenever Katy spends time in London, but it’s apparently quite serious. Even though her divorce is not quite finalized, a story in this week’s Star would have us believe that Katy is already on the brink of moving in with Robert, and the two are househunting together. Here we go again:

Katy Perry

Is Katy Perry about to make the same mistake twice? Sources tell Star the fast-moving pop star, 27, is already house hunting in London with her new beau, guitarist Robert Ackroyd, just three months after meeting him. “Rob has been staying with Katy in L.A., but now he needs to be in England because he’s playing in all the summer festivals. He begged her to go with him,” says the source. “At first Katy wasn’t sure because he’s got such a ladies’ man reputation [sound familiar?] and only recently split from his ex.” But he insisted he’d put his bad-boy ways behind him to be with her.

Rob, 29, even went so far as to take out his iPhone and delete the numbers of every single ex-girlfriend in front of Katy. “He told her he just really wanted to be with her all the time and that it would be all fun and no drama,” says the source. “She was so taken with the gesture that she agreed to do it.”

There’s just one bump in the road to their happiness — her ex, Russell Brand. “Russell lives in the U.K., and both Katy and he have agreed that they can’t live in the same town anymore,” says the insider.

The amazing thing is, Russell, 37, who katy says was “unbearably petty” during their 14-month marriage, has actually agreed to give up his home turf in the U.K. and move to L.A. for the summer. Katy is surprised and delighted that he’s being so accommodating.

“She has definitely moved on from Russell,” the sources says. “She’s telling friends she’s madly in love with Rob and has never felt this way about anyone before,” the sources says. “Katy really feels inspired by England, and she just can’t wait to put this horrible year behind her and go forward with this amazing guy by her side.”

[From Star, print edition, July 2, 2012]

This story sounds like Katy propaganda — especially the apparent need to describe Russell as “unbearably petty” during the marriage. Also, I don’t quite understand the notion that neither Los Angeles nor London aren’t already big enough for both of them to co-exist if need be. It’s not like Rusty and Katy even run with the same crowd. She’s busy partying, and he’s doing some yoga pose during 90% of his waking moments. They’d probably never cross paths.

Also, that bit about deleting phone numbers on an iPhone … hasn’t Katy ever heard of restoring contacts from a backup sync? If this story is true and if Katy really believes that Robert didn’t keep those numbers on file somehow, then she’s not as “Wide Awake” as her latest video and single would have her fans believe.

Katy Perry

Robert Ackroyd

Katy Perry

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, and WENN

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24 Responses to “Katy Perry is already shacking up with Robert Ackroyd after 3 months of dating”

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  1. marie says:

    sounds planted.. if she moves in with the guy then she can’t really make/promote her “dark” music, and sing about how horribly she was treated during her marriage..

    and jmo but that guy is way to hot for her, he’s the better version of Affleck (that’s who he reminds me from side profile anyway)

    • Esmom says:

      Haha, my first thought was that he’s too hot — and too cool — for her, too. Of course I’m basing that completely on outward appearances, I know nothing about the guy. She bugs.

    • cannonball says:

      yuc! he has no mouth or lips.

      • jenjen says:

        Was JUST thinking the same thing! It’s like someone PhotoShop’d someone else’s lips onto his face….

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Guess I could see the Affleck in him, but I was thinking he has a case of the Gosling face.

  2. annaloo. says:

    Dodo bird.

  3. NM6804 says:

    Yes Perry is really doing her best to stay as classy during the divorce as Brand is:

    - making songs and videos that allude to the break-up
    - giving quotes that are damaging to Brand to magazines as “sources”
    - putting him in her film to attract audiences even though he doesn’t want to
    - shacking up with a dude/hanging out and having to talk about Brand in relation to her new relationship because she’s “so over him”. How many times do we need to hear/read that?! Obviously, she’s not.

    All that and the dude can’t even crack a joke?

  4. merski says:

    Uh, people, what happened to, you know, DATING? It’s ok not to move in together and get married after, like, a week….

  5. Monie says:

    Heavens to betsy, my morning eyes needed adjusting. I read the headline as Katy shacking up with DAN Ackroyd!! lol

  6. eb says:

    Am I the only one that gets a early Sean Penn vibe from him?

  7. lover says:

    yuk long face, no lips.

  8. cherie says:

    ugh, i just got out of a 2 year rebound relationship after my marriage ended. i was lonely and didnt know how to function without a man. this girl needs to be on her OWN for awhile! trust me katy!

  9. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hell’s Horses, Russell Brand is too good for someone. We’ve passed through The Scary Door.

  10. Lisa says:

    on the bright side, they both look so greasy as to make sex impossible. No chance of Perry-Ackroyd babies.

  11. Kevin says:

    Whats with the dudes tan stopping about 1 inch from his hairline? Anyways, katy is no prize. She’s all taint and paint in my opinion.

  12. Bette says:

    The dumbest part about this is that Russell doesn’t even live in London. He’s been living in LA for the last few years. He sold his London house back when he & Katy were together, and hasn’t bought another one — he always stays in hotels when he’s there for work, which isn’t even that often. My UK friends who love Russell are always complaining that he’s hardly ever there! So yeah, at least that aspect of this story is completely false.

  13. UniqJaz says:

    I really think Katy Perry’s mind is child-like.

  14. la_maga says:

    Haha eating my words ^from NOT front DYAC

  15. sup says:

    as usual, i like her hair and outfit and that’s it. she’s all image.

  16. Dana says:

    Why is this so surprising? She moved fast on Russell Brand too.