Blake Lively in yellow Gucci at NY premiere of ‘Savages’: lovely & sunny?

Finally! Blake Lively is wearing Gucci! I was wondering why she didn’t go for Gucci at the LA premiere of Savages, considering it was just announced last week that Blake has been made the new face of a new Gucci perfume. And here she is, representing her contract, at last night’s NYC premiere of Savages. She chose well, I think. I like this dress – this shade of yellow seems like the kind of color only a blonde can really pull off. The cut is lovely, Blake isn’t falling out, she looks summery and pretty. I basically have no major complaints here. The bracelets are excessive, but that’s a minor thing. I even kind of like Blake’s giant braided ponytail. It’s eye-catching and unique.

As for the rest of the premiere-goers… no Salma Hayek. No Benicio del Toro. No Aaron Johnson. Just Blake and Olivier Stone (not pictured, because I doubt anyone cares), plus Taylor Kitsch (he looks like he’s gaining weight, right?) and John Travolta. JT is wearing the same busted toupee he wore for the LA premiere. But this time he didn’t have his wife attached to him. I guess JT wanted to have some solo “boy time” in New York. Maybe New York has really world-renowned masseurs. Cough.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Glimmer Bunny says:

    I LOVE this dress. Seriously, it may be one of the best things she has ever worn!

    • Wizza says:

      She looks gorgeous.
      Though IMO it looks like a Matthew Williamson dress I would never have guessed Gucci.

    • Amelia says:

      Completely agree, Glimmer – love this dress. Yellow in summer always makes me cheerful :)
      I think you need to be really tall or have break-your-ankle heels to wear it though. Otherwise the skirt would just swamp you. I’m actually quite tempted to hunt out a price for this. And then wait 5 years to actually be able to buy it, but still.
      Final note, it may just be me as I’m not particularly clued up on this, but the boobs look particularly bolt-on ish in the top pic IMO.

    • cameron says:

      I don’t get the hate on this woman. She’s attractive and has a great body.. In the 5 years she’s been on the scene she’s had 3 boyfriends, two of which has been high-profile actors. She’s never been arrested for drugs or alcohol or known for hanging out at the HW/NYC latest clubs.. She seems harmless.

      No, she doesn’t have a stunning face like a Charlize, Halle, Angelina, Andriana Lima or Aishwarya Rai but she’s a far cry from ugly.

    • corny says:

      the earrings scream double wide!

      • midnightmoon says:

        i just hate the way she wears jewelry. always too big for her face. she does NOT look good with that turquoise next to her very interesting eyes-just totally steals from her face. and whenever i see her dressed up, the jewelry just REEKS. why do the foremost fashionistas in the WORLD who are giving her clothes not edit her jewelry with some taste and distinction. i am guessing? they HATE her, and maybe want the HATE to stimulate the rest of us to show that we can do so much better.

        wish i had the energy to be a stylist. i think anyone on Celebitchy could do a better job with this awesome dress. YES she looks amazing in the dress, but Kate the freak Hudson did it BETTER in How to…

  2. Tiffany27 says:

    See I don’t like the braid. I feel like it’s making her look a little budget. Her Zuhair Murad dress was WAY better.

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, the Zuhair Murad dress was great, but her makeup and “styling” here is way better – she doesn’t look that cheap like she did before ;-)

    • Rhea says:

      Ohhhhh….yesss! That Zuhair Murad dress definitely more lovely than this!!!

  3. lafairy says:

    I don’t find her face more than meh, but she has a crazy body and she knows how to bring the sensational on red carpet which is not quite common amongst celebrities.

    I find the whole styling very good, summery, classic and elegant and she manages to still be sexy, plus I love her hair here.

    so bravo for the styling but face… still meh!

    • Mimi says:

      She would be so much *prettier* if she changed her makeup. Lay off the bronzer and the heinous dated eye makeup, soften up the lip color…basically keep it simple, Blake, because you don’t want to attract attention to the face.

  4. Jaime says:

    Her face always looks like an oil slick.

  5. Rosy says:

    Her weave braid is just as jank as the rest of her

  6. ruby says:

    Her dress is well cut and flattering, but please girl, time to touch up those roots.

  7. jez says:

    If it was short it would be cute. The long gown though, eh.

  8. Alexa says:

    Is her tan natural or fake because seriously it’s perfect, this pale girl has a serious case of envy!

    • Jacqu says:

      She’s tan to begin with but she looks tanner now. So probably real + a hit of sprays so she’s “ready” for her carpet appearances. Pale’s better anyway, she looks so leathery in a lot of her promo pics.

    • mercy says:

      I think it’s mostly spray on or self tanner. She has naturally fair skin and always looks great with it. Her tan changes colour with the lighting. In good lighting it looks healthy, but sometimes it photographs too dark to go with her hair colour.

  9. lucey says:

    I love her hair and her jewelry.But even in a custom made gown, she still looks down-market and budget… How in the hell does one look cheap in Gucci?

  10. monette says:

    Doesn’t anyone else feel the urge to put a bag over her head? She is literally killing that awesome body and dress with that hideous hair color and tan. Her face doesn’t stand out in that see of orange(tan+hair). Girl, you could be sooooooooooooo awesome. Instead you are just a walking contradiction :(

  11. Monkey Jim says:

    Although this goes against every one of my style instincts – the neckline, the colour, the braid, the tan – I LOVE it. His body is awesome and I covet the earrings. I really want to see Savages, and I hope she does well in it.

    Have a sneaky suspicion she might end up doing a ‘Jennifer Garner’ though and that all she really wants to give RR lots of babies…

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I look forward to seeing how she does in Savages as well. I think she looks great here. Love the yellow dress and the whole look is really Cali-sunny, which suits her perfectly.
      Yeah I keep hearing her say in interviews how she wants a big family…

  12. Nina says:

    Some days I just don’t understand why everyone’s in luuurv w/Blake…but other days I get it. I thought she was great in The Town and The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee. Who ever was giving her early career advice did a good job. Unfortunately, more exposure means more movies like The Green Lantern… this is not her best look, but she’s glowing.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Nina-do you mean “people” as in the media? Because I feel like everyone on C/B has a hate-on for this chick.
      I like her because I used to watch GG and I loved The Town. I’m not sold on her acting abilities (she’s hit or miss for me) but i want to see more of her on-screen. I hope she kicks ass just to spite her detractors, most of whom have never seen her in anything.

      • mercy says:

        It’s unfortunate when people declare she “can’t act” when they have only seen her in Gossip Girl. GG is garbage and her character is the most poorly written of the bunch. She received good reviews for The Town, but she was too young and pretty for that role, in my opinion. Her best roles and performances have been in small indies, like Hick, Elvis and Anabelle and Pippa Lee. I doubt many of her most harsh critics have seen them. She’s very good in Savages when they give her more to do than be the sexy girl.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        She´s really growing on me. I didn´t like her at first because she was overhyped as the new American sweetheart and famous for her hook-ups. But hell yeah, if I was in her shoes I did the same.
        She looks great, yeah she´s no typical beauty when it comes to her faces, but she knows how to work her best features.
        She might be not the best actress, but at least she doesn`t try to pull of this “I´m an actor´s actors” artsy fartsy shtick like Scrajo or Kristen Stewart.
        She´s fun loving and has a sunny personality, I actually like to be friends with her.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “She’s very good in Savages when they give her more to do than be the sexy girl.”

        You saw it, Mercy??? Was it good?

  13. Wizza says:

    Blake has been slaying throughout this promo, even trending on worldwide Twitter.
    Why did Aaron Johnson choose to get married at the time of these events I wonder.
    And I KNOW I’m in the minority as always, but I still feel slightly bad for Travolta. If the Johnny Depp sitch has proven sthg is that in ALL realtionships gay/straight it’s rarely as it seems. And I always side eye people who keep quiet for year and then start piling out of the woodwork with claims. My first thought is -
    “The cheque must have bounced”.

  14. stop the madness says:

    It may be the jewelry that makes the look a bit off. I’ve seen worse.

  15. Amy says:

    I love the color – I’m a blonde and am always surprised at how many compliments I get when I wear that color.

  16. cat1 says:

    Hmmm… I don’t get the CB taste here. I have nothing against her and I agree she ‘ups’ the glamour and is going for a certain style that is lacking in Hollywood. At least she’s not trying to look like another version of the same girl (as Emma Stone has morphed into a bit but I have faith she’ll come ‘out’ of it – I hope so!). That being said, I just don’t see this. The jewelry is totally excessive from the bangles to the turquoise earrings (I like the color contrast but not with those) and I think she’s ‘hanging out’ just a tad too much for a film premiere. The braid I don’t like — it’s not tailored enough. Always a bit too much make up although agreeing this is better than the other shot with the dark heavy make up. She’s pretty, has a nice physique and is trying for something unique but this look is just not great for a NY premiere (maybe a Hamptons’ beach party?).

  17. ladybert62 says:

    I like the hair and the dress – hate the earrings!

  18. bea says:

    Nice dress. Not crazy about the styling – the earrings are stiff and unflattering and the bangles are wrong for the dress.

  19. Ari says:

    She looks quite lovely and I love the braid too. She can pull off that sort of look, like if you threw her in a plaid shirt tucked into tight jeans with a leather belt and some boots and threw her on a horse – she’d be set!

    Travolta = Revolta :L

  20. lucy2 says:

    I like the dress, but she never looks completely together to me. Maybe it’s the braid this time, I don’t know.
    I think you’re right that Taylor has gained a little weight, you can see it in his face. Probably for a role. I’m not that interested in his career right now, but oh in his FNL days…

  21. Laura says:

    LOL @ John Travolta’s hair

  22. Talie says:

    I can’t believe Gucci is putting her in the same category as Charlotte Casiraghi.

  23. GoodCapon says:

    The dress is GREAT but the accessories don’t match.

  24. Blue says:

    Ughh this is what I mean. She always ruins her look with too many(ugly) accessories. I like the dress a lot.

  25. Madhubala says:

    She looks terrific. She’s been killing it throughout this Savages press tour. I think she has a great sense of style.

  26. Mia says:

    I love her nail polish color! You’d have to be very tan like Blake to pull it off though. Anyone have an idea on what polish it might be?

    • Kim says:

      Looks like a couple coats of Essie Ballet Slippers. Its pretty sheer so this looks like 2-3 coats. Anyone can wear this color. I am pale and wear it all the time & get compliments on it.

  27. Kathryn says:

    My goodness. She is such a lovely girl. I want to come up with reasons to not like her…but she seems to have it together and I truthfully couldn’t be happier for her.

  28. Mimi says:

    Why is Ravolta doing that small waist pose with his hands? It made me look at his crotch and then the inevitable train of thoughts happened and yeah, morning cup of coffee is ruined.

  29. Aria says:

    Completely tacky. To begin with the accessories are dreadful. She needs to hire a stylist and stop with the tanning asap.

    JT gives me the creeps.

  30. Jana says:

    Apparently, Blake and Salma Hayek hit it off on set! They didn’t expect to like each other but ended up friends… Crazy!

    Ohh, I really like Blake’s dress here. I don’t know about the hair, a loose or soft and high ponytail would have been better than that braid. Also now that I look at it I don’t know about that tan either, it looks like they added some shimmer. But overall I like the colors for her dress and jewelry.

  31. Shelly says:

    She is gorgeous. Her body is sick. And I like that her face isn’t cookie-cutter pretty. It makes her even more attractive, in my book. And I love this dress!

    • mercy says:

      +1000, 2000, whateva… I agree with you. I understand everyone has different tastes, but will never understand the “fugly” talk. She looks like a woman, not a little girl, and one who follows her own sense of style. She’s not going to be everyone’s cuppa, but that doesn’t mean she’s “fugly.”

  32. lene says:

    i love her hair

  33. Dredz says:

    For a Gucci, this dress is so ordinary looking. It looks like something by BCBG or ABS.

  34. kazoo says:

    OMG, I LOVEEE this dress.

  35. DuBarry says:

    This girl is such a snore-fest.

  36. Joey says:

    Great dress but the jewelry is horrible and takes away from the dress.

  37. mercy says:

    Love the dress, and it fits her so well. I would go with less bangles, but that’s her. The braid is cool, and again something I wouldn’t do but it’s very Blake.

  38. Kim says:

    Like the dress but she cheapens it with all the oversized chunky jewelry that doesnt go with a dress like that at all especially for a red carpet event.

    Her makeup is to heavy & her hair is awful. No one over 10 should wear a braid, let alone a fishtail braid, let alone to a red carpet event!

    She just doesnt know how to put herself together well or her stylist sucks.

  39. Ari Gold says:

    It’s super tacky! The jewelry and the ‘hair’ are really bad and ruin a nice dress.

  40. Reece says:

    She looks good.
    Minor critiques: The accessories don’t go with this dress. I think metals would have been better. Why tease a fishtail? The hair looks ratty on the end not “stylish”. Maybe it’s just cheap hair?

  41. Nev says:

    something is always missing with her looks…everytime.

  42. meh says:

    She’s pretty for sure but damn if she were to lay off the tanning/bronzing, she would probably be even more gorgeous!

  43. lonely hunter says:

    is anyone else really bothered by her dark roots? maybe it’s because of the george hamilton tan but her hair (the real parts) has never looked so dark to me…

  44. Jackson says:

    I hope JT can pull himself away from his rubdowns long enough to slink into a tanning booth when he’s at the spa. Dude needs a few rays of sun on his hide in the worst way.

  45. Hanna says:

    No, i think the whole look seems dated. The color doesnt do it for her this time. Get rid of that horrible tan, girl. It makes her look older than she is.

  46. Lauren says:

    Who is the understated bearded dude..not J. Travolta. Yuck. Everyone is obsessed with Blake. BL looks like a plastic banana. I suppose that is attractive, in this demented world.

  47. Camille (The original) says:

    She looks great, love the colour of the dress on her. She looks pretty.

  48. ginger says:

    That’s the dress I wore as maid of honor in my sister’s wedding…except that mine was chocolate brown, and they clearly cut the neckline lower. Exactly the same dress!

  49. Jovia says:

    Love the dress, turquoise earrings and the hair. Beautiful!

  50. LucyOriginal says:

    She looks gorgeous and I really like the dress. I had a dress very similar style to this one. But it was grey, knee length, and I only paid $ 10 on the retail at macy’s, hahaha

  51. yoyobaby says:

    her bolt – ons are ridic. seriously, i know for a fact that they are not real. i am surprised anna wintour threw her support toward this girl with implants.

  52. midnightmoon says:

    Travolta is just scaring me. Nightmares. Whenever he attempts an actual facial expression, he combines a Gorilla essence with some sort of futuristic robot. I do not know what he’s done to his face, but he is the OPPOSITE of Dorian Gray-every bad thing he has ever done is right there. His EYES are dead and frightening to me. wow. what HAPPENED TO HIM? even just a few years ago, he still looked like himself, but aging. now? Plastic, Undead, Zombie Gorilla man. sad. Bye Bye Johnny. I hardly know ye.