Blake Lively named the face of Gucci Première because she has “aspirational glamour”

I’ve always thought that whoever is in charge of choosing Gucci’s spokes models/faces had very weird taste. In retrospect, it was kind of interesting for Gucci to choose two up-and-coming talents like Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans to represent Gucci Guilty. But I thought the choice of James Franco (for “Gucci Sport”) was odd and ill-advised. And now Gucci has a new perfume, and a brand new “face” – Blake Lively. Blake actually alluded to this mess in a recent Bullett interview, with the writer noting that Blake had “just wrapped her third and final day on the set of a still-undisclosed fragrance commercial, which was directed by Drive auteur Nicolas Winding Refn.” Blake said: “He was my first choice.” So… this isn’t just a print ad campaign. Blake will star in commercials for the Gucci perfume, and the commercials have already been shot – by Nicolas Winding Refn. Here’s more:

In a move not so dissimilar to that of a football transfer, actress Blake Lively has leapt from Parisian luxury giant Chanel and into the arms of fellow premier-league stars Gucci.

The American actress, 24, has been cast as the face of new Gucci scent Gucci Première, which takes its name from the couture line launched by the brand in 2010.

Inspired by Old Hollywood charm and all the glitz and glamour surrounding it, the fragrance is for a woman who is “living her moment, whether it’s on the red carpet or at a private dinner”, according to Gucci creative director Frida Giannini.

Lively was picked “because she is a girl of extraordinary beauty and she’s a girl who loves fashion. She has great taste in clothes”, Giannini told WWD .

“Although she’s young, she’s also very determined, and I liked this spirit.…She knows how to be a diva in the right sense, with an aspirational glamour.”

Lively, who scored her first fashion campaign as the face of Chanel’s new Mademoiselle handbag line in March last year, said she “couldn’t be more proud” to be working with Gucci. She added: “Gucci is a staple. It is a brand I have always looked up to because to me it represents strength”.

Each of Gucci’s Première creations can take up to six months to make and have been worn by red carpet sirens Salma Hayek, Jessica Chastain and Cameron Diaz. The fragrance is set to go on sale in the U.K. in late July.

[From The Telegraph UK]

Oh, that was just chock full of goodies, wasn’t it? Blake is a girl of “extraordinary beauty” who “has great taste in clothes”? We could debate that one all day. I’ll cosign the whole “she’s very determined” thing, though – give it to her, guys. She IS determined. She IS ambitious. And that’s not a bad thing. As for Blake’s “aspirational glamour” – why does everyone always kiss her ass about her fashion sense? She styles herself, and most of the time it’s not all that great. Most of the time she looks like a downmarket Mall Girl. But whatever. Blake got a new gig. Good for her.

PS… The photos of Blake in orange – that dress is Gucci. It’s one of the few times she’s worn Gucci on the red carpet. I’m also including some of her Chanel ads.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Loving CB says:


    Sorry but I really find the notion people honestly think she’s some iconic beauty with style to be really funny.

    Trynna make a VERY BASIC bitch into a superstar. LOL

  2. Talie says:

    It makes sense…Karl moved on from her after the Chanel campaign flopped. Interestingly enough, he also was absent from the Met Ball. I think that was just one of many bad decisions he allowed Ann Wintour to make for him.

  3. Rhea says:

    When I’m thinking about “aspirational glamour”, I honestly would not be thinking about Blake. Audrey Hepburn, perhaps. Or Grace Kelly. Or Cate Blanchett.

  4. Amelia says:

    She’s 24?
    …….ahem. Same goes for the rest of the statement.

  5. mwa says:

    Eew gross she is fugly even after a nose job.

  6. Dee Cee says:

    She always looks to me like she needs exorcism or electric shock to put animated life and response back inside her..

  7. Choupette says:

    She’s pretty in what has become a very, very generic way. It’s become boring. I’d love to see something different in the way of beauty.

  8. Gine says:

    Seriously, this girl’s PR team must be the hardest working people on the planet. I can’t remember such a bland, unattractive non-talent getting so much press and so many deals before. She seems like a nice person, so good for her, I guess, but I just don’t get it.

  9. Naomi says:

    I don’t get this, how does this girl get gigs? There are people I see on a daily basis just walking down the high street that are head turning stunningly beautiful and yet I don’t see them advertising this and that.
    I am nowt special, so I guess this means I have the *look*, how do I go about getting jobs and putting my plain jane face on shit?! OK, maybe that is harsh (on myself) on Lively, she is not ugly but her looks are ten to a penny, I guess *ambition* is the thing then.

  10. shay says:

    i think shes a very pretty girl with a great bod…not an EXTRAORDINARY beauty by any means, but certainly not ugly.

  11. Sarko says:

    I love Blake posts primarily cause it’s fun to see the hate froth, the endless rumor and slurs and of course the unrequited hope that she has not yet perished in a car crash. Never disappoint guys this very ‘basic bitch’
    is easy to ignore but you choose not to.

    •Blake has a high fashion face. She is striking (more so in motion IMO) and has the height so its not that far fetched.
    •I interned for fashion charity bash for Channel 4 here in London and the comments was how much she looked like the CK model ELAINE IRWIN. (google her pics). Fashion is often about regurgitation . Cindy C looked a lot like Gia Carangi and for a good 2 years the word is the UK Vogue editor in the 80s never called Cindy by name but referenced her as Baby Gia.
    •It’s probably the same with Blake. She is maybe seen as a Baby Elaine. They are friends and joke about their resemblance

    •Did Kaiser Karl give his blessing he is not a man to make an enemy of?
    •Is she going to be working/hanging with Charlotte Casiraghi (the other face of Gucci)?
    •Does this mean Blake will be hanging out with the Monacesque Royals, I mean you Pierre? Will Lainey explode?

    • Alice says:

      You need to wipe that brown off your nose and get real.
      Blake looks haggard and way older than her age. Those two lines around her mouth make her look like Homer Simpson.
      Her orange fake tan and ratty looking long blond hair do not hide the fact that she is average looking at best – Yes, still after two nose jobs and breast implants.

      As for her acting….What acting? You mean acting like Serena? Because that’s the character she plays over and over again. Just watch that interrogation scene for savages – It’s Serena! Again.
      And don’t get me started on her nude pics and her schizo image (I’m a good girl yet bad, i’m innocent yet not, look how sexy i am, wait don’t look, I’m a serious actress!).
      I just want to know how she still manages to get work. I’m serious. How in the flipping hell does she get work!? She can’t act and is very average looking (sometimes she looks below average, especially in close ups with little to no make up where you can see how old her skin looks, does she smoke?).
      And her publicists must work their asses off to try and make her happen.
      And her supposedly dumping Leo? (btw I am not a Leo fan in any way, he’s gross) but really, it’s embarrassing the way some (cough Lainey cough) try and twist things to make it seem like she did the dumping when clearly she didn’t hence her jumping off to Ryan.

      I’m done.

      • Amelia says:

        How does she get work? Why, Alice my dear, it’s a little known invention known as the casting couch. Harvey Weinstein’s natural habitat.

      • Liv says:

        Agreed! This trailer for Savages was awful! And she’s just playing herself! Who wants to see a film where Blake Lively is playing Blake Lively!?

      • Emma says:

        I think she gets work simply because these people like her. She doesn’t get Vogue covers and work with these big brands because of her stellar acting or beauty but because she has a lovely personality. She’s nice, charming and not fussy. I remember Baz Luhrmann saying she makes you feel like life is going to go on forever. She’s just one those. I do think she dumped Leo since she was in a committed relationship with Ryan a day later.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        How does she get work? Where do I begin? Her headshot landed on the desk of a HYWD king pin. They made a deal together. He got her an audition for GosGirl, she landed it. She is nothing spectacular at all. Very average. But Anna Wintor lost her muse in Sienna Miller for various reasons and so with a little pressure from Hywd king pin Wintor decided to take blake under her wing and make her her new fashion project. Since then she has gotten gig after gig because she learned real fast how to play the game AND she has no drug and alcohol dependancies like Wintors past project.
        As far as Blakes aspiration beauty…….no, this is merely PR spin. as is “because we say its so therefore it is.” This campaine will flop because for high fashion you need a strange beauty or a spectacular beauty….she looks like a million girls youve seen at the local mall. No hate. Just the truth. Wintour is probably pulling her hair out over this one.

    • kai says:

      “•Blake has a high fashion face. She is striking (more so in motion IMO) and has the height so its not that far fetched.”

      um no she doesn’t. Diane Kruger has high fashion face. Eva Green has high fashion face. BLAKE LIVELY looks like a california beach girl. She looks like an abercrombie model.

      oh and the reason why people dislike her is because she keeps trying to act like she’s on par with the mulligans, maras, knightleys of the acting world. I don’t hate her as a person but it is laughable that she would be up for the same parts as those girls. She’s not even the “break out star” of her own show. Leighton Meester gets far more critical praise than Lively.

      People are critical of Lively because they don’t understand where all this hype for her is coming from.

      • normades says:

        This. I don’t think Blake slept to where she is, but I do think she’s a brown noser.

        If anyone should be getting more roles it’s Leighton (and no, I’m not a Leighton stan), but she rises above the material. Blake has pretty much snubbed GG and it’s that “I should be A list” attitude that is kinda annoying.

  12. bns says:

    Girl is more bland than a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal.

  13. kai says:

    Can someone explain the appeal of this girl to me??? I don’t hate her but she is seriously SO bland.

    I don’t understand why the fashion world loves her because she looks like some california surfer chick. there’s nothing “high fashion” about her

    • Wizza says:

      Fair enough if you claim you don’t hate her but why then go through the trouble of criticising someone else’s write up that does like her, as you did. Sarko likes Blake, you like Diane what’s the problem?

      • kai says:

        except I don’t like Diane Kruger? and I don’t hate Blake Lively. I was simply responding to that person’s claim that Lively has a high fashion face.. which she does not. I also explained why people aren’t fond of Lively. I have nothing against her as a person but she is an overhyped actress.

  14. PleaseICU says:

    She has to have the hardest working agent and PR team in the business going 24/7 to make her happen.

    I’ve never seen so much relentless hype for such a bland celebrity.

  15. Dibba says:

    I don’t understand why this woman has any sort of career in Hollywood. She seems to be more interested in publicity than acting. She’s a borefest too.

  16. Jackson says:

    I think she is drop dead gorgeous.Good choice for Gucci!

  17. Emma says:

    I’ll never know why people act like she’s Hitler reincarnate. She’s beautiful and seems very down to earth, nice and charming in her interviews.

  18. Maya says:

    I’m sorry to be snarky, but…look at that header picture. Is that what “extraordinary beauty” looks like? I just don’t see it.

  19. sup says:

    her ambitiousness is annoying. esp. because she has no discernible talent at all. she should stick to what she’s good at, taking cell phone photos of her average body and then leak&deny it. she has a serious case of butterface too and the hair is really overrated (unless you have a thing for barbie)

  20. Kim says:

    So she slept with a higher up at Gucci. Its a fact in Hollywood this girl slept her way to the top and still is to get her roles. She is not talented nor pretty so you do the math.

  21. Izzy says:

    “Aspirational glamour” So… they hired her because she’s a famewh0re, I guess?

  22. benny says:

    Does she ever NOT tilt her head to the side? I don’t think I’ve even seen a photo of her where she’s standing with her head straight. I keep waiting for her to fall over. Maybe she has vertigo.

  23. Anne says:

    I thought she was cute in the first Pants movie. She had a really athletic hot body, like the girl you hate in high school, but you can’t because she’s actually really nice. There was a sparkle about her…and I definitely took notice of her, maybe even IMDB’d her, etc. But this HIGH FASHION uber chic thing they’re trying to pass off with her isn’t working for me. She’s the healthy girl next door, just like Jessica Biel. Why oh why is A.W. so into these girls for fashion? I know no one likes her, but Sienna Miller is MILES prettier than Blake and has more fashion sense in her baby toe. She’s more my style. I’d rather aspire to someone I actually believe as a fashion icon.

  24. blonde on the dock says:

    I dont know anything about her but I think she’s beautiful esp in the photos.

  25. Ahot says:

    Wow, so much hate…. for someone who is not obnoxious, arrogant or simply vain.
    Do yall feel yet better now that you´ve spit it all out? God forbid anyone tries to improove his life or actually DO something with himself.
    Is success to be only for those who are “exceptional”?
    This girl is living the american dream & it´s quite ironic, how she get belittled for being one “of the normal folks” who dared to become successful.
    What a crime, indeed!

  26. Jovia says:

    Blake looks good in that dress and that color. I’m always interested to see what she’s wearing (for some reason that I’m not over analyzing at the moment).

  27. Scout says:

    To me,”aspirational glamour” is hardly a compliment. Since aspirational is a derivative of the word “aspire”, it would seem that what this means is she aspires to be glamourous – not that she is! :-)
    For the record, I am in the camp that thinks she is commonly pretty but not a raving beauty or fashion icon! Geez!

  28. Candy7468 says:

    After reading some of these comments I think either their monitors need to be adjusted or they need a new set of bifocals. She looks nothing but glamorous and stunning in these photos. She seems to me a really down-to-earth, hardworking actress who is just trying to make it. Is she on any kind of level with Daniel Day Lewis or any of the other acting greats? No, but very few actors can do that kind of acting. She is very talented at a particular kind of role, and that’s fine for some actors. At least she has some kind of poise and actually uses the talent she does have, unlike some actors (*cough* Lindsay Lohan *cough*).

  29. Jover says:

    Two words posters: Yasmeen Ghauri 90s supermodel that epitomized class, elegance, glamour back in the day (her pics/catwalks are all over youtube like all the supers of a generation ago); this chick looks like the girl that waited on me at one of my infrequent shopping stops at Sears – she’s going to wear her you-know-what-out long before she hits her “glamour” peak – the true starlets of the 50s – 70s had personalities, my toothbrush has more personality than this mall girl.
    Anne, i have to think AW is getting kickbacks or something from the studios her fascination with these twentysomethings is irrational.

  30. dallasite40 says:

    In that main picture, she looks fugs! Sorry, but there are many more naturally beautiful women walking down the street on the way to work each day. She’s nothing to make a fuss about. And she looks much older than her years.

  31. Thea says:

    I think Karl’s kitty Choupette has aspirational glamour. Maybe Choupette will be the new Chanel face.