Heather Mills to represent herself in divorce court

Heather Mills can’t afford the nearly $30g a day that her fancy lawyers demand to represent her in her divorce proceedings against billionaire rocker Paul McCartney. Instead of writing an IOU or hiring a cheaper lawyer, she’s decided to represent herself in court some of the time. It seems like she could have found a more affordable fill-in lawyer instead of trying to go it alone, but she’s extreme and determined like that.

She’s also rather stupid. If she had a competent lawyer with her at all times she’d be more likely to get a decent settlement. The judge is probably going to give her less in the settlement after listening to her haughty sourpuss arguments. By saving thousands here she’s probably screwing herself out of millions. That sounds like the fiscal strategy of a lot of bosses I’ve worked for.

Heather Mills, the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, has taken the unusual step of representing herself in the divorce battle with the former Beatle.

Ms Mills dispensed with barristers for an appearance at the High Court last week and on Wednesday during applications to keep Sir Paul out of her home and to gain access to his.

It is believed that Ms Mills, who has retained the services of London law firm Mishcon de Reya in the main divorce battle over money and custody of three-year-old daughter Beatrice, is trying to keep her legal costs down. Barristers can charge upwards of £15,000 a day.

Her final legal bill could already top £1 million, although she is likely to receive at least £20 million and as much as £100 million. Sir Paul has an estimated £825 million fortune.

When Ms Mills brought her own action in the High Court last week she was photographed clutching an A4 note pad containing scribbled notes. The notes formed the basis of her speech and were headed: “I’m seeking an order for occupation of the matrimonial home. The decision on her application to have Sir Paul, 64, kept out of her home in Hove, East Sussex, is expected soon.

Everyone and their brother is calling Mills a liar after she claimed that Paul abused her and was cruel to his ex-wife, Linda. Her own father said she’s a notorious liar and that it’s not true that Paul laid a finger on her. The latest person to hate on harpie Heather is Paul’s cousin.

Pictures found at Lainey’s gossip.

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  1. Domidroid says:

    What a moron. From Lady Heather, to Obscure Floozy in the wink of a camera shutter.

  2. Pecarrie says:

    Well, sadlt– this is something I equate to crazy people.
    The unibomber represented himself…
    and lost. Didn’t Saddam want to represent himself?
    Didn’t Charles Manson — and a bunch of other notorious murderers and wiedros– try to represent themselves??

  3. Toubrouk says:

    The question now is; Why she’s doing it. Baybe she’s dumb, greedy or just have a huge ego. Time will tell

  4. Poor Boopie says:

    What is the old saying? “A lawyer who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client.”

  5. what now? says:

    wow, i think she’s really lost her mind.. she’s been looking thin and sick and drug addled recently, and what’s with the coat that looks like a bathrobe? i think she needs a shrink in addition to a lawyer…

  6. lyric says:

    She must really want to win “dumbass of the year” award.

  7. alexi says:

    God I cannot stand her. How I wish Sir Paul had married a normal American babe like me LOL.
    Seriously, she looks like a train wreck, sporting the Mary Kate boho look (altho maybe now she is finally wearing some Chloe/Stella).
    I think she is FOShite in all fronts. Not a fan. Money hungry, crazy, not nice at all is one hypothesis.

  8. bex says:

    I have no comment on this because in this divorce I don’t think she is 100% guilty so I just don’t know what she’s doing…. she looks like she needs some family or friends helping her out.

  9. frewtloop says:

    Yeah and lets not forget people that he married her which makes him culpable to some degree.

    Just because he’s a music legend doesn’t make him a saint. Look at James Brown….

  10. familylaw says:

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