‘Jersey Shore’ cast was forced to sign an STD clause in their contracts: gross?

Mike Sorrentino Pauly Delvecchio Vinnie Guadagnino

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about “Jersey Shore,” but the cast is currently filming the sixth season of the show in Seaside Heights, so I guess that’s a decent excuse for an update. From the above photo, it looks like Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Pauly D, and Vinny are up to no good per their usual routine. Pauly is wearing a Kate Moss t-shirt though, so it looks like high street fashion is very well represented on the boardwalk this season. I’d say that The Situation looks healthier after completing rehab, but I’d be joking because he still seems like the same overtanned, juiced-up weirdo as always. Oh, and Snooki (who is living in a house next door to the group home) is still very, very pregnant and wearing hot pink like a boss.


Meanwhile, here’s a little tidbit that will surprise no one but gross out everyone nonetheless. MTV, apparently in an effort to curb post-show lawsuits, made all of the cast members sign a “VD clause” since, you know, most of them (at least the dudes and Deena) are having casual, random hookups on a regular basis:

It has been revealed that the cast of Jersey Shore were ordered to sign a “VD clause” in their contract. MTV, who make the show, added the clause so the cast cannot sue the company if they contract a sexually-transmitted (or venereal) disease.

Under the head of “Health of Other Participants,” the clause states that the cast, who include Snooki and JWoww, take full responsibility for any nasty side effects of the frequent sexual encounters featured in the episodes.

It states: “I acknowledge and accept, that the other participants have not been screened for any diseases, sicknesses or other health conditions (and specifically have not been tested for any sexually transmitted diseases) and I assume all risks of interacting with the other participants, including any consensual contact.”

The seedy contract was leaked to Seth Kaufman, who has written a book, The King of Pain, about the cynical business of reality television, reports the New York Daily News.

Mr Kaufman, a former editorial director of TVGuide.com, says that he received the contract “from someone close to the show.”

Jersey Shore is one of MTV’s most popular reality television shows. Currently in its sixth season, the fly-on-the-wall documentary follows a group of people who live in the same summer rental in Seaside, New Jersey.

On the show, one-night stands are a frequent occurrence and in the fifth season, Polizzi announced she was pregnant with part-time cast member Jionni LaValle’s child.

Best friend JWoww isn’t exactly shy when it comes to having sex either. In the opening credits, she says: “After I have sex with a guy I will rip their heads off.”

[From Daily Mail]

I guess this makes sense, especially when it comes to Pauly D and Vinny, who get laid more than the rest of the cast combined. Poor Situation doesn’t get nearly as much tail as he used to land, but when he does land girls, they’re usually pretty easy types who only want to have sex with him to be on television. Is it a gross and distasteful type of legal clause to include in a contract? Absolutely. But is it practical? For sure.

From the photos that have emerged so far from the taping of this season, it’s easy to conclude that it’s the same old drunken escapades from this crowd. There was reportedly a bar brawl that resulted in J-Woww having to wear a leg brace in this photo.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

And during the same brawl, Deena was reportedly arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct. Here’s her parents picking her up from the police station. They must be so proud.

Deena Nicole Cortese

Snooki Sammi Sweetheart

Photos courtesy of WENN

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29 Responses to “‘Jersey Shore’ cast was forced to sign an STD clause in their contracts: gross?”

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  1. brin says:

    Gross but necessary with these carriers.

  2. Enn says:

    My God, Snooki is ugly. Seriously. There is not one attractive physical feature about her.

    • Sandy says:

      It’s creepy how in Picture Number 2 all the girls are wearing the same colour.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      I do NOT find her literally ugly. She is actually quite cute sans the extra pudginess, the horrendous outfits and the fake tan. She is still gross though.

      • Tina says:

        I don’t think she’s ugly ugly, but her lips have always scared me. The thinness plus the harsh lip gloss colors don’t do anything good for her face.

      • gg says:

        It’s the choice of clothing and bad makeup combined with the tan and the sleaziness that is ugly, not herself.

        I like how she’s wearing the above getup thinking it’s making her look more mature. Which is weird, because compared to the rest of them in their usual garb, actually does somehow look more mature. But what is with the glasses? Suddenly she’s nearsighted? Or is this some sort of “look”?

  3. Little Darling says:

    Jersey Shore = STD

  4. Julie says:

    if a show is mainly about having real sex its justified. its not like they are asking an accountant for an std test.

    they should also speak about the risks that come with their random hook ups. that lifestyle is glorified nowadays but only a few people talk about stds.

    so many people know so little about it but because its cool right now and because of peer pressure people behave like the jersey shore crew. its 2012 and still so many people dont know even about contraception or they think giving oral to someone you met five minutes ago is totally safe.

  5. cupidityrox! says:

    I hate this show & everyone on it. & they all better be saving their money cause with the way they drink it wouldn’t surprise me if they all ended up with liver cirrhosis & renal issues. Disgusting fools

  6. NYC_girl says:

    Is that Kate Moss on his shirt? I thought it was Faye Dunaway in “Bonnie and Clyde,” but that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

    • LaTiDa says:

      After reading your comment I had to check and Moss’s pose is almost the same as the still of Dunaway from the movie. Even the black beret. Pretty sure it is Kate Moss, but damn you are observant as hell lol.

    • Beatriz says:

      It’s Kate Moss alright. This photo is actually very famous, I think it’s from the Pirelli Calendar.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    Surprising? NO. Practical? YES.

  8. Samigirl says:

    I am so proud to say I’ve never watched this show.

  9. Becky says:

    I think Sammie has the best legs

  10. IrishEyes says:

    I just can’t get over these people. Ick.

  11. Me says:

    The only people who have horrible things to say about these people are those who dont watch it. I dont think I have ever seen Jwow have a one night stand and most of the time the guys strike out when it comes to pulling women. Sure they do have their fair share of one night stands but I dont think its all that different from most people in their early 20′s.

    • claire says:

      I ignored this show forever. Finally gave in several months ago and watched it on Netflix. It was actually more entertaining than I thought. And, yes, was surprised to find that they hook up less than I assumed also. They TRY to hook up a lot, but it doesn’t seem to work out. Vinny and Pauly do seem to have their moments though, so they’d be the ones to watch out for – I often wonder about Mike. He’ll spend all night trying to land girls, and as soon as he gets them home, he finds a really bizarre inane reason to kick them out, every single time.

      • gg says:

        Precisely. Because he’s really gay. He has no interest in having a girlfriend. Just feeding his ego that he can still actually pull women.

        I can’t get over his looks myself. The gross haircut. He dresses like he’s a 10-year-old. And since he came out of rehab must now spend ALL of his time at the gym ogling men or something because his arms are of comical proportions.

      • claire says:

        Something like that. Or, he’s not into casual sex, but wants to fit in with the whole persona. He spends waaaaay too much time obsessing over finding girls, like making everyone leave the club, when they’re having fun, just because he doesn’t supposedly think there are good choices of a hookup there….only to get a girl home, and then kick her out 10 minutes later, before the deed, because she asked for a pair of socks to put on with her pajamas, and he decided she was too high maintenance and he was turned off. I mean…REALLY??? It’s a little suspicious to me. ;)

  12. judyjudy says:

    These people are gross. I can’t believe this is still a show.

  13. Onyx XV says:

    From a legal standpoint this is absolutely smart of the MTV folks. The ignorant fools on this show probably are passing around all kinds of crap amongst themselves. How anyone would want to have sex with ANY of them is beyond me – they are all abhorrent in every possible way.

    On a side note, I see Deena inherited her father’s – rather than her mother’s – very muscular legs. Poor thing. LOL!

  14. FinallyFr33 says:

    This cast of Jersey Shore = Dead Horse. Stop beating it and get some new people! We know all there is to know about them. At least on Real World they changed it up every season. I miss those early years :(

    Team Melissa (RW New Orleans)

  15. Migdalia says:

    It’s sad when Snooki is possibly the best looking one on this show now…everyone else has terrible alcohol bloat, or is majorly juicing. These people won’t age well at all.

  16. Amanda G says:

    Aren’t they way too old to be acting this way still? Weren’t Pauly and Sitch nearing 30 when this started? Not that 30 is old, but there comes a point when you should grow the F up.

  17. Skinnybetch says:

    Snookie seems completely helpless. . . seriously who is going to take care of that baby?