Is Adele’s pregnancy further along than people think? Is she due in September?

I’m in a weird mood today and I’m having difficulties doing simple functions for whatever reason. I swear, I’ve been counting on my fingers. Like, one piggy per month. February, March, April, and on. I’m trying to figure out if this British tabloid report could possibly be true, because it seems like their timeline and math is all wrong. As we’ve previously discussed, Adele is knocked up. Her baby-daddy is Simon Konecki, who may or may not still be married (no one really knows and I’m not taking Adele’s word for it). Us Weekly reported last week that Adele and Simon were probably engaged, or going to be engaged at some point in the near future. Us Weekly also said something about Adele already being about four months along, which would put the date of conception around (counting on fingers) February-ish. Now the UK tabloid Heat claims that Adele is due in September. Which means that she’s already about seven months along right now? For the love of God.

News of Adele’s pregnancy only broke on 29 June – but heat can report exclusively that the award-winning singer will soon hear the pitter patter of tiny feet as she is due to give birth in early September!

No, this isn’t the quickest pregnancy ever – Adele has actually been keeping her happy news a secret for seven months! Sneaky!

“Adele has barely left the house in recent months, so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible,” an insider close to the 24-year-old singer has told heat.

Adds the source, “She stopped exercising a few months ago, and since then it’s been all about the baby.”

Looking back, all the clues have been there. Adele didn’t fly to the Billboard Awards in the US back in May, despite winning a staggering 12 gongs. She then turned up to the Ivor Novello Awards on 17 May dressed in a loose fitting full-length black dress.

Adele snuck into the awards do late, and the usually very chatty singer then refused to speak to the media or pose for pictures.

[From Heat UK]

We don’t have any photos from the May event, but you can see one here. She definitely looked like she was trying to “hide” something in her mid-section, so maybe there’s something to this. If she was only three months along at that point (??), she wouldn’t have been showing that much. If she’s due in September, that means she conceived in (counts fingers) late December, maybe? And she was in her first trimester at the Grammys? Sure. I guess. If she is further along than we expect, it wouldn’t bother me. BUT! It does mean that Simon knocked her up when they had only been dating for a couple of months. Which happens, for sure. But it still makes me concerned for Adele. She’s got such awful taste in men.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. miriam says:

    I think she may have been further along than we all thought. Even if things don’t work out with this guy at least she won’t be the one in the relationship getting burned. She can take care of herself.

    Plus, it will probably give her a lot of material for her next album.

    • Anki says:

      Adele was smoking during the Grammy’s so I doubt she was (or knew) she was pregnant back then.

  2. jess says:

    I guess its possible she could be that far along. I know Im going to get alot of hate for this but when a woman is on the big side, sometimes its harder to tell if shes actually pregnant.

    • Jaime says:

      You shouldn’t get hate for something that is just true. She’s a bigger girl, and if she gained 10-15 lbs, it wouldn’t be as noticable as if someone tiny did.

    • Kit says:

      No hate from me on that. I was showing much later when I was bigger, or may be people just assumed I put on even more weight.
      I think Adele will be fine, because she can deal with sh*t through her writing and she has a good support network. Babies are hard work, but they can also give you such incredible strength to deal with stuff. For me personally, my kids keep me going, no matter what I’ve had thrown at me relationshipwise.
      Would love it if she was due in September, same as me. Yay!

    • RobN says:

      I’m on the larger side, and I was five months along before anybody really thought that I’d done anything other than put on a few pounds. Actually it was kind of nice to not have all that attention early in the pregnancy.

      No hate here, it’s just a simple fact that larger women generally don’t show quite so dramatically for the first months.

    • TJ says:

      I’m with you Jess. I thought the same thing. I’m 5’9 and was slim when I was carrying my son. I was 7 months before anyone could even tell. Now I’m a good size woman, and I’m pretty sure that if I were pregnant, I could hide it again for 7 months. But for a different reason, hee hee.
      A friend of mine is a good-sized girl and no one knew she was pregnant til she told us. Right after her baby was born. Oops.

    • JenD says:

      Good Afternoon America (which I didn’t know existed until I randomly turned on the tv today) said Adele is due in 2 months.

    • molly says:

      To be honest, I dont think that my sister-in-law really ever started to show (granted my nephew was two months early) but she is on the larger side too. But my thing is, at the Grammmys, her dress was curve hugging, and she had a pretty flat stomach for someone who was already three months along.

    • sarahtonin says:

      No hate here either Jess, was thinking the same thing. Hard to know what is tummy and what is baby.

      You know those girls who find out they are pregnant when they go into labour? They are always big girls who think they’ve just been getting fatter. Obesity messes with menstruation.

  3. irishserra says:

    It could account for the weight loss a few months back, too. I know with my first child, I lost so much weight during the first three months.

  4. carrie says:


  5. RHONYC says:

    i don’t know why but her makeup in the 1st pic reminds me of early Boy George. so gorgeous. ;-)

  6. Madpoe says:

    Konecki took a page out of K-Fed’s book.

    • RobN says:

      Konecki comes from family money and doesn’t need Adele’s income. He went to Eton for goodness sake; hardly K-Fed territory. He started a charity devoted to ending the water crisis in Africa; also not exactly K-Fed’s major interest.

    • idk says:

      not really, they aren’t married which means she doesn’t have to give the guy a dime. If they break up, he will get out of paying child support because she makes more money than him, but definitely not the same as K-Fed, who divorced and got alimony as well as child support, but that’s also because Brit went crazy and lost custody.

    • Madpoe says:

      In in the vein of getting her pregnant. whether he has his own money or not – he wasted no time.

  7. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Think back to the Matt Lauer interview… she sure was distracting from everything else with that hideous hair choice she made. Anyone remember that? maybe it was on purpose. She had one arm in front of her tummy the entire time, too. Look for the pics.

  8. Marianne says:

    If she goes to the Teen Choice Awards later in the month, then we shall see just how big she’s gotten. It is plausible that she is that far along. She is on the bigger side, so the inital weight gain wouldn’t be that noticeable. Plus, she hasn’t really been photographed out and about.

  9. Kimlee says:

    If she is this far along then she was defiantly smoking while she was pregnant and that saddens me. I relly thought she had more since then that.

  10. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    I’m curious as to why people assume she planned this pregnancy (thinking of the past pregnancy posts/comments). Things happen, normally responsible and mature people behave impulsively, bodies do the unexpected. My husband and I were actually planning to divorce when we found out I was pregnant. And I never said to anyone other than two of my closest friends that I was anything but “over the moon” (ugh, that phrase!). We did what we could behind the scenes to work through our crap to get a home ready for our son, but the hard times weren’t anybody’s business. And we aren’t public figures, obviously. Very few know about the situation to this day, 11 years later. Maybe we will talk to our son of it one day, but thankfully he won’t stumble across his parents’ unkind, thoughtless, heat of the moment response to an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy on the Internet one day.

    So while I appreciate the positive PR updates, when unplanned pregnancies like this pop up, I don’t always take the press releases and interviews at face value, that life is all candies and rainbows in Adele’s world. I wish her and her growing family happiness and health, and all the privacy they need and deserve, no matter what the situation is at present.

  11. daz says:

    given her relationship history, her next album will be epic

    • JJ200 says:

      Ditto, guess she’s looking for stability since she didn’t have her father around growing up.

  12. alison8701 says:

    I hope everything works out splendidly for her, especially now that there’s a baby involved. Some of us probably shouldn’t be so invested, but she’s just so darn likable!

    So I will admit that I’ve given this some thought and the plus side to this whole thing is that she’s really close with her mother, so whatever happens, she won’t be alone.

  13. alison8701 says:

    Also Kaiser, a 20 minute power nap might help with the slowness. love me some power naps.

  14. JenD says:

    I always think it’s funny when someone talks about someone getting pregnant so soon in a relationship. If it’s unplanned, it could happen the first time they have sex.

  15. Shoe_lover says:

    getting pregnant a few months into the relationship is nothing- my best friend got pregnant 2 WEEKS IN. 2 WEEKS PEOPLE!!!!

  16. Pigeon says:

    Is anyone else disturbed by the source saying “She stopped exercising months ago” once she found out she was pregnant?

  17. Kosmos says:

    If she is pregnant, I know it’s because she wants to be. She and her man are happy together, it seems, so I wish them the best of everything. She has a promising future & career with a voice like that, she has all money she needs, and a good man to go with that, so as far as I can tell, she’s in a very good place right now.

  18. Aqua says:

    Well,if she is that far along she’ll be rolling in the diapers very soon.Congrats.

  19. dh says:

    I love her and wish her every happiness.