Is Selena Gomez preparing to dump “clingy, immature, delusional” Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber

Oh, young love. This week’s tabloids have a new round of stories about the impending demise of the relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Naturally, these tales come hot on the tail of Us Weekly’s revelation that Justin feels like he should be tapping all the girls, so why limit himself to having a girlfriend? Now Star and In Touch are both running with stories about how it’s actually Selena who wants to dump Justin. Apparently, they’ve already broken up a number of times (including a possible breakup as recently as last week), and the main problem (according to the tabs) is that Selena is really tired of having such an immature boyfriend. It’s impossible to feel sorry for Justin if this is true, since his own response to reaching adulthood was to yell, “I’m 18 years old and I’m a swaggy adult!” Here’s the first story from Star:

Justin Bieber

Growing up can be hard. And growing apart is even harder. It looks like the fairy-tale couple of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be finally coming to an end, as a close pal of Selena reveals she’s “tired of immature Justin and his attention-seeking antics. I’ll be amazed if they’re still together by the end of July.”

The couple, who’ve dated for one and a half years, are having problems because, as the source says, “Justin’s too clingy and delusional and she wants to date someone a bit more mature.”

It seems Selena, 20, has grown up since working on Spring Breakers, her first movie without her parents’ supervision.

“She’s worried that he’s so unpredictable he could do something weird like a dramatic proposal to avoid being dumped. She just wants something more normal and chill,” the source continues.

Apparently, Justin, 18, and Selena have been fighting frequently. The source explains, “Selena just doesn’t want to deal with the drama anymore.”

And how could she not have a wandering eye after working with James Franco and handsome uberweirdo director Harmony Korine? “Working on Spring Breakers was a major eye opener for her,” the source says. “She was spending a lot of time with older guys, and it made her want to start exploring her options.”

Selena has a bad case of the waffles. “She and Justin have actually broken up a few times already,” the source says, “They always get back together because Selena ends up changing her mind.”

[From Star, print edition, July 23, 2012]

See, this ties in with yesterday’s story from Us that Spring Breakers could be the catalyst for change. That movie is nothing but trouble! Meanwhile, In Touch printed a companion piece that labels the relationship “on shaky ground” because Selena wants a buffer, more mature dude in her life:

Justin Bieber brushed off reports of a breakup with Selena Gomez as the couple walked hand in hand en route to LA’s Pink Pepper restaurant on July 5. “What does it look like?” he quipped when asked about a supposed split. But a friend of Selena’s tells In Touch there is trouble in paradise. “Although she still cares for him, she thinks he’s immature,” the friend says, “and she finds herself attracted to older, buffer men.”

Indeed, a solo Selena, 20, broke down in tears when discussing her roller-coaster fomance with friends on July 2 at Ashley Tisdale’s Malibu birthday party, where she was spotted cozying up to Justin’s pal Alfredo Flores.

[From In Touch, print edition, July 23, 2012]

I’m including some photos of Selena “cozying up to” Alfredo Flores at Ashley Tisdale’s party. If anything, it looks like some harmless fun as he lifts her off the ground, but who knows? Maybe Selena just wants a guy who doesn’t speed 100 mph on the freeway or “beat up” paps. Or maybe she just wants James “K-Fed” Franco. Eh … probably not.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

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  1. Kamila says:

    Life goes on… ;)

    • beyonce's bump says:

      Yes, I can’t help but wonder if she dated and stayed with him for famewhore purposes. Biebs is still such in his preteen little body but thinks he is such a macho man, because of the fame and money he has now. smh

  2. marie says:

    ha ha ha, I don’t care, but from Beiber to Franco, she’d still be dating a douche, just an older one..

    Ohhh, oh wait! There needs to be a sing off to prove the better of the two..

  3. Amsterdamned says:

    the VERY 1st smell of p-ssy,is always hard 2 forget..*NARK*

  4. Dhavy says:

    Selena please drop your pretty girlfriend and find yourself a hunk you’re young and pretty so don’t waste your time with inmature little girls and move on!

    Justin should hook up with Swifty and they can both write songs about each other

  5. Dhavy says:

    Selena please drop your pretty girlfriend and find yourself a hunk you’re young and pretty so don’t waste your time with inmature little girls and move on!

    Justin should hook up with Taylor Swift and they can both write songs about each other

  6. Amelia says:

    Took her long enough.
    If she does dump him she should probably be careful about it. I could see Bieber turning into a mini Rage Monster. He probably doesn’t have the strength to use his weedy little arms to actually hurt her, but I could see him being bloody annoying nipping at your ankles..

    • MerryHappy says:

      He is friend with Chris Brown. Friends are a reflection of what you tolerate and who you are. I can see him shaking his babydouche fists, punching walls, throwing shoes, and screeching in dramatic agnostic displays. He reacts to everything like an entitled little bitch–always ‘your mom’ and snide comments.

  7. Veruca says:

    I’m surprised she could stomach him for this long.

    Just when I think he can’t get more douchier — gold shoes?

    Who’s his fashion consultant? Corey Feldman?

    • MerryHappy says:

      I know. If I woke up one day realizing he or another toolbox was my boyfriend… I would feel physically ill.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I can’t understand why she’s dating him to begin with, he looks like a little girl and seems to be an entitled brat. Time to grow up a little and move on!

    • Minty says:

      She’s dating him for the media coverage. She wasn’t that well-known before she met the lesbeaver, except to Disney-loving tweens. She’s a manufactured, cookie cutter product, cute but not particularly talented. Hooking up with the popstar of the moment is a typical famewhore career move.

      Yes, I am cynical.

  9. hateonit. says:

    I’m a swaggy adult?!? honestly?!?

  10. Beatrix says:

    What is this?:

    “Selena has a bad case of the waffles”

  11. Chicagogurl17 says:

    If timbersnatau has taught us anything, biebs is going to fill out and be super hot, get a mediocre acting career.

  12. normades says:

    She’s looked over it for a while.

    He must be so annoying to date. Little man, huge ego.

  13. Lindy says:

    I hope Gomez drops this whiny, entitled, mini-rage-monster. He seems more and more insufferable with every thing I read about him.

  14. Bird says:

    He really does look like a woman. It freaks me out. And his clothes! So sad. The chrome car and gold shoes say it all.

  15. B says:

    That Segway pic sums up the douchiness quite nicely.

  16. Palefire says:

    SHES 20! I thought she was 15! Well go ahead girl ! My advice be single !!!!

  17. Shy says:

    I believe her. I watched Never Say Never. And based on that documentary he is delusional and immature. He was 16 when it was filmed but he behaved like he was some stupid 10 years old kid. I was embarrassed for him. And even felt sorry fro those people around him who need to work with this 10 years old child in a body of 16 years old teenager.

    I guess now Justin has a mind or 14 years old :) Before I saw Never Say Never I didn’t thought that he was THAT stupid and immature. Selena is 20 and is a young woman. Justin has a mind of 14 years old. No wonder she is finally ready to dump his fame and date adult person. I kind of think that after Bieber she will chose some 24-28 years old as her next boyfriend. I think she wants to date real man now. Because child Bieber is exhausting.

  18. Carolina says:

    “handsome uberweirdo director Harmony Korine” LOLOLOL.

    I also like how they conveniently leave out that Korine is married and that his wife is Selena’s costar in the movie.

  19. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Allowing myself a couple seconds of smug. I figured she was the one looking for a way out, and the Dweeber is just throwing out ridiculous stories in a last ditch and desperate attempt at macho.

  20. blablabla says:

    This is bullshit.
    She is the one who is desperate to hold onto him and her camp is bitter. Use some common sense , with all his fame and money he can tap anyone he wants and likely does .

  21. Shannon says:

    I’m not surprised the Biebs is insufferable to be around, he’s turning out to be the next Kanye. He’s simply getting way too accustomed to demanding things and having them appear instantly, and when that doesn’t work on another human being, surprise! Things don’t work out.

  22. Anon says:

    Moving along…….even the teenagers.

  23. emma says:

    look just someone dump someone coz justin bieber should be single for the thousands of fans they love him and he will break their hearts if he dates selena sorry selena not that i dont like yah

  24. this is to long sorry XP says:

    Good gobstoppers! Why the heck did they get together in the first place!? This is just nothin but bull to me ok, first off never date young! And second off its worst when all the media is stalking them! I get the point, selena should just tell justin she wants just a short break then after they think everything through get back together. But either way when this ends it will end up bad, selena will be in depression mode trying to be happy and joyful torwards her fans like she always has, and biebs isn’t gonna give a rats patoot! But since selena changes her mind i we dont know if its her ADHD or just her heart but I would still respect her, she’s a sweet person and she shouldn’t have to be thrown around like that. Thats MY oppinion.

  25. Samii😁😁😁😁 says:

    I think Selena is an attention seeker. She dated nick j. When th Jonas brothers were popular. She dated Taylor l. When twilight came out. And then she is goin to dump justin bieber for someone more famous. I dislike her very much