Us Weekly: Justin Bieber “feels he should be tapping all the girls who come around”

“I think we should see other p—-BOOBS!! What was I saying?” – Justin Bieber, 2012.

A week ago, TMZ reported that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were and are “on the rocks”. Apparently, Selena and Justin have already broken up a few times and then gotten back together a few times and they’re currently “on” but that could totally change because Y’ALL!! They’re teenagers. Anyway, Us Weekly has a similar story in this week’s issue, and I just wanted to cover some of the highlights from the piece – some of the story is covering old ground (SG and JB have broken up a few times, etc), but some of the quotes from unnamed sources… good God. It will make you thankful you weren’t famous when you were 18 and all of your friends were feeding quotes about you to the tabloid press. The highlights:

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are sturggling to hold on to each other. Bieber, 18, has spent the last year and a half wooing Gomez – renting LA’s Staples Center for a private screening of Titanic, lavishing her with gifts, treating her to a helicopter tour of Toronto – but sources say the pair have been on the brink of a breakup for months.

“They fight and then make up all the time,” says a friend. At issue? Schedules that mean spending too much time apart – and plenty of girls willing to ease Justin’s loneliness.

“Justin loves Selena, but he’s starting to feel antsy,” reveals a source close to Justin. “He’s in his prime and can get any girl he wants. He has definitely thought about being free.”

At Justin’s March birthday bash, Selena and Justin stayed close and “Selena kept telling everyone she wanted to have Justin’s babies.” But just days later, Gomez left for Florida to shoot Spring Breakers and Justin stayed behind in LA.

“Selena’s schedule is crazy and has become a source of contention. She has broken big plans – like a trip to Mexico – with Justin six times, and he complains.”

By mid-May, Bieber was losing patience.

“He feels he should be tapping all the girls who come around,” says the Bieber source. “It’s hard.”

Justin tried to initiate a split, but Gomez wasn’t having it. “She freaked out,” says the source. “So he apologized and got back together with her.”

Then, at the MuchMusic Awards in June, Justin was acting “weird” says a source, and then he had a mini-breakdown. As his trademark hair was styled, “Justin was not in a good way. He was upset and crying, saying the relationship was over.”

But – surprise! – it wasn’t. Come July, the two were cuddling in LA. The source says, “They are kids! Of course they fight. They can both be dramatic.”

In the end, “Justin is still crazy about her and knows how lucky he is to have her,” says the Bieber insider. “Everything is not always perfect, but for now they are happy.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Isn’t that story just full of gems? Selena telling everybody that she can’t wait to have Justin’s babies and then suddenly she meets James Franco on the set of Spring Breakers and suddenly she doesn’t have time for The Bieb? And then when Justin tried to dump her, she freaked out and he couldn’t just end it right there, he had to eat it and apologize? I kind of love Selena. I really have begun to wonder if Selena doesn’t have some major game. As for Justin “being in his prime” and wanting to “tap” all of the girls, everywhere… well, he’s 18, y’all. For every Aaron Johnson, there are a million Biebers.

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  1. KatJo says:

    I would say he is famous, not that he is in his prime. Being in their “prime” as a excuse for anything is overrated ’cause it is said about any male between the ages of 16 and 60.

  2. gillociraptor says:

    “He feels he should be tapping all the girls who come around,” says the Bieber source. “It’s hard.”

    Pun intended?

  3. Wilma Flintstone says:

    “‘He feels he should be tapping all the girls who come around,’ says the Bieber source. ‘It’s hard.’”

    Why did I just suddenly hear Beavis and Butthead laughter in my head?

  4. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    In the right outfit he could pass as Where’s Wally. He really could.

  5. INeedANap says:

    But they have so much in common! They both look like 12 year old girls!

  6. Sabrine says:

    I don’t think Justin gets down like that in wanting to tap all the girls that come around. If he was going to see others, I think he would have the decency to dump Selena first.

  7. bettyrose says:

    They are too young for a committed relationship, though.

    • jano1981 says:

      Really?? You are OK with them making decisions on voting and at 18 being able to sign up for military if they so choose but trying to be in a committed relationship you draw the line??

      • bettyrose says:

        I’m not suggesting we pass laws against it. I’m just saying that two teenagers exhibiting this type of behavior are simply reflecting the fact that they’re very young for this type of emotional commitment. And by the way, voting is a sign of intellectual maturity NOT emotional maturity, which tends to come later.

  8. Dusty says:

    Please let his fifteen minutes end soon?

  9. Talie says:

    OMG, I would love it if she left Justin for James Franco…if only for the comedy of it all.

  10. ZigZagZoey says:

    Aw, please tap all the skanks you want you sick little puke. I hope you get as many std’s as you can.

  11. FeverDream says:

    I gag when I see these two. Selena is now an adult and should be dating a real man. If you’re going to be having sex please don’t do it with Justin Bieber. A nice little introduction, whatever, move on and find someone who can really get your hormones all aflurry.

  12. ladybert62 says:

    They are both kids and should be out there tapping it all! Both are way too young to settle down and have kids! Live it up while you can!

  13. jess says:

    Of course Selena is going to freak out when Justin tried to break up with her. If it wasnt for Justin no one would know who she is.

  14. Blen says:

    Jeez, this child is so so annoying.

  15. valleymiss says:

    Yes, please let Justin tap whoever he wants, and let him get embroiled in another baby mama drama that’s majorly embarrassing and ends his career. I am so sick of this spoiled brat and I want him to GO AWAY.

  16. Jojo says:

    Let Justin tap whoever he wants! LOL!

  17. thatttbitch says:

    Poor selena ..stuck with a man child who looks like he has a small weiner ..then look at miley cyrus who is boning liam aren’t they the same age or is selena older..either way selena needs to leave justin and date a guy who actually looks like he can lift something ..just a real guy with muscles not this turd..

  18. Jaime says:

    Can we STOP putting visuals of this little insect having sex into my head? He’s not hit puberty yet! Why? Why? Why?

  19. Jover says:

    I agree chris #4; what I want to know is how is a 10 year old able to get a driver’s license; I wouldn’t let the biebster drive my niece’s cheap ass plastic Big WHeel that was bought at Waly-world. I find it funny and in keeping with the whole music scene, that rappers like Ludacris, (In ludacris’s defense he hosted SNL awhile back and was quite funny), actually appeared in his vids. Guess the rap community, like most other music communities, lost their integrity long ago.

  20. TheOriginalMaxi says:

    I don’t understand how he looked more masculine when he was young. I think it’s his lips that look so feminine

  21. Darlene says:

    He’s a douche-nugget. I’m glad my daughter is too young to be obsessed with him.

  22. Katija says:

    I feel like I’ve heard this story before. Doesn’t this end with her banging their choreographer, marrying a wigger from Fresno, and then having a massive public breakdown?

  23. onAlimb says:

    is beeburr dan akroyd’s kid?

    that sly devil (not beeburr, dan…).

  24. Lindy says:

    I honestly still just cannot, cannot, cannot believe he is 18. I swear he looks 13 or 14, tops. He seems like such a sleazy, douchey, arrogant jackhole.

  25. Kosmos says:

    Right, they’re awfully young for a huge emotional commitment. It’s easy to see why they got together, both are in the same world with the same issues. But, hey, at that age, I just don’t think they will last long given all the traveling, gigs and opportunities they have yet to go through. They are sweet together, but it’s understandable they will unfortunately move on…sad.

  26. skuddles says:

    Ah yes, let the paternity suits begin!

  27. erika says:

    Huh??? Im confused…

    These love crazed kids have Hollywood careers, rolling in millions, travel the world over, in magazines/tv/movies, got fans in the billions…

    and they behave like…18 yr olds?..

    just saying that technically they’re in very adult situations career wise…yet, youth still screws w/ them love wise…

    ohhh…and Justin B’s a prick, can’t stand that dude (I flipped my hair back as I typed this….)

  28. erika says:

    ohhh, ummmm Maria Yeater?

    anyone? Hello..?? he said it, he wants to tap, tap, tap ass, so….

    …she dropped off the radar all of a sudden, I wonder why???

    gag order?

  29. aud says:

    Justin is lucky that she lets him within 5 feet of her

  30. Francesca says:

    We all know they will end it sooner or later.They are much too young(especially Justin) to be tied to each other. They should separate and date other people, if they are able to re-connect in the future and still love each other.. good.