Miley Cyrus goes blonde & makes ‘duck lips’: funny or obnoxious?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has taken a few moments out of her charmed, pilates-centered life to do something else besides get a bizarre new tattoo, y’all. Like Kaiser, I find myself slightly envious of Miley’s daily routine of exercise, shagging Liam Hemsworth, and tweeting like mad. Speaking of which, Miley has just tweeted some new photos of a new blonde hairdo. She looks pretty good, right? Very beachy. And Miley also declared that she’s now got a reason to make “duck lips” because of the new hair color. The obvious comeback is that Miley herself has already been known (on occasion) to make duck lips, but I think she’s in on the joke. She seems cool like that.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

In other Cyrus-related news, we may see an increase in attention-seeking Miley pap shots in another month or so when Liam Hemsworth leaves to shoot Catching Fire, which will either be filmed in Georgia or North Carolina. Miley is (understandably) not thrilled at the thought of missing Liam, and the two are reportedly at odds on who will be flying to visit the other during the duration:

Miley Cyrus is reportedly “begging” Liam Hemsworth to come home for long weekends when he starts shooting the Hunger Games sequel.

The couple met while making the 2010 movie The Last Song and recently confirmed they are planning to tie the knot.

Liam portrays Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games franchise and Miley is apparently not looking forward to being apart from him later this year.

“Liam will be off shooting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire starting in August and Miley isn’t happy about it at all. She’s been begging him to try and rearrange his schedule so he can at least come home on long weekends and fly back and forth, but the filming is going to be really intense,” an insider told National Enquirer.

Liam understands Miley is upset, but has allegedly told her she will need to be the one travelling during the shoot.

Although the 19-year-old is happy she will get to see her beau, she knows a lot of fun will need to be put on hold until the film wraps.

“Liam is always so intense when he’s working,” a source added. “It’s not going to be fun at all for Miley.”


This seems like a silly thing for Miley and Liam to argue about. He’s the one who will be working while she seems to be on an interminable (yet well-deserved) break, so if Miley wants to see Liam on the weekends, then she should be the one to travel, right? Surely there are plenty of pilates studios outside of Hollywood.

Oh and here are some photos of Liam attending a pilates class with a (pre-blonde) Miley over the weekend as well. Maybe he’ll develop abs of steel soon too.

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Twitter and WENN

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  1. Leaf says:

    I have a random question. I was watching a picture of literally dozens of paps outside of her pilates class. And i couldn’t help but thinking… They do know Miley is not relevant any more, right? What does she do to get this big following? There’s always a picture of Liam and Miley being out and about together. Does she call the paps? Surely people aren’t in tizzy of Miley anymore.

    • marie says:

      I think she calls them honestly, just trying to keep her name in the game and interest buzzing around her..

      I like her blonde hair, but there are already a lot of blondes in HW. Duck lips needs to stop being a thing though..

    • Lilalis says:

      I think people are (at least slightly) interested in her new skinny Pilates body. So on a slow day, maybe the papparazzi can make some money by taking pictures of her leaving the gym.

    • Day says:

      She may not be relevant in your mind. But, this post and every post about her will get at least a 100 comments whining and bitching about all things Miley Cyrus, including her life and relationship. Neither of which anybody really knows anything about besides idle gossip. Obviously she brings in the hits so WHY would blogs stop posting on her?

      Also, EVERY celeb calls the paps. Even the ones people delude themselves into to thinking don’t. But, on this site, only a select few get called out for it while others get a pass.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Yes, there is something loathsome about her that draws us to make bitchy comments. However, I used to work at her parent company when she was a thing so she is especially loathsome to me.

        Well – may be its not that. I don’t loathe nor do I feel nauseous when I see Demi L and Selena – well except when Selena is with Bieber. He also makes me nauseous and has nothing to do with the parent company.

    • only1shmoo says:

      I think you’re right, she probably is calling them, because how else would they be aware of the more mundane things going on in her life…or LeAnn Rimes’ for that matter?

  2. gee says:

    I like the blonde look on her and I think the duckface comment is funny. I too am overwhelmingly envious of her life. Overwhelmingly.

  3. Jackie O says:

    besides the lame nose ring, this is the best she has ever looked. love the shorter hair.

  4. INeedANap says:

    I love the who-gives-a-crap stoner chick Miley has become. She’s still kind of a goober but I think it’s mostly her young age and the remaining fallout from being a Disney star. I can’t wait to see where she is in five years. Team Miley!

  5. RocketMerry says:

    The last blonde pic looks SO MUCH like a young Lindsay Lohan, to me. Sca-ryyyy….

  6. Tillie says:

    I like her. The blonde hair is ‘meh’, but I think she can pull it off.

    Gosh, she has a great life.. :)

  7. telesma says:

    Not funny or obnoxious. Boring.

  8. Celeste says:

    In the photo with the red top, she looks like an Olsen twin.

  9. Aussie girl says:

    She looks great. But yes very hollywood.

  10. qwerty says:

    she looked 235938640485 times better with darker hair!

  11. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Can the duck lips AND hipster glasses (that her friend is wearing) die a slow and painful death?

  12. kc says:

    OMG — that girl has too much time on her hands. Please, duckie, go do some charity work, take a class (not just pilates)… take a look around and realize you are NOT the center of the universe

  13. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Off-topic but LH loses points with me for walking ahead of her when exiting the door. I know I’m old-fashioned about stuff like this but he really should be holding the door open for her or holding it open while he lets her walk in front of him. Yeah, it’s pretty arbitrary but I just think it’s not very chivalrous.

    On another note: the blonde looks great on Miley.

  14. TxGal says:

    I can’t stand this skank. Her duck lips are annoying she needs to stop that very immature.

  15. serena says:

    She’s fine with that haircut and colour, I just hope she goes back to brown once summer ends.

    Anyway didn’t she do a movie with Demi Moore, LOL? Is it out yet?

  16. Jenna says:

    Eh; I liked her hair color the way it was before. And who is she kidding? She has perma-duck lips.

  17. mewmow says:

    In The last picture, it looks like HE is doing The duck lips. They HAVE to be in on The joke of duck lips. Right? ;-)

  18. The Original Denise says:

    I guess Leann will be handing over the twitter fame ho torch to Miley Cyrus any day now. What a waste of time; why does she not enroll in some college courses and try to improve herself? She seems do dumb.

  19. Reece says:

    She looks good. She needs something to do though.

  20. Katie Too says:

    Back in her Hannah Montana days I disliked her. But she worked her tail off and deserves this downtime. I’ve seen a few interviews with her, and she actually seems quite bright and grounded. But her pilates body is amazing so I still have to dislike her a little bit. ;)

  21. Samihami says:

    I always thought she was a bit homely, but she has really blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She looks like a completely different person now.

    She wears the blond very well and seems to have a great sense of humor and an enviable life. Good for her!

  22. F5 says:

    She looks like Tot Mom in that last pic D:

  23. ummmm says:

    Name one celeb that doesn’t call the paps at some point.. Paps are needed but definatley not for stalking outside a home when they have long lenses to shoot private scenes in a very private enviorment. There is not a celebrity out there that has not needed the paps in there career. Its how the paps are used & how the paps doit that should be questioned.

  24. Katie says:

    The blonde just isn’t her. She need to go back to her real hair color. Going blonde has made her look like every other interchangeable young star wannabe.

  25. Theresa says:

    don’t doubt for a second that gym trips are anything but photo ops for publicity. Multi-millionaires do not need public gyms. Unless they are used specifically so they can be photographed entering and exiting.

    IMO they aren’t going to make it to the altar either, nor should they. Nothing good comes from a 19 yr old marrying. If she wants a break, why isn’t she enrolled in Uni or college, not even to get a degree but to expand her mind, open herself up to higher learning???

    I am projecting my own wants on her, ridiculous yes, but with her there is nothing to admire, nothing to commend. She is a rich spoiled young woman starved for attention.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Wow, I’m glad you’re not my mother! What a positive attitude you have…not!

      • Theresa says:

        Quite the assumption you made, I feel I am quite astute when it comes to calling a spade a spade.

        I have a fourteen year old girl, who is pretty exemplary. Granted she didn’t grow up in the spotlight, but that’s no excuse for a Miley Cyrus, who seems to wallow in success rather than do anything meaningful with her time and her money.

        This is an anonymous website, so you have every right to make any comment you like, but I will note that accuracy isn’t your strong point, just as a poor attitude is not mine.

  26. tru tru says:

    this lil twit will do anything for attention and she is seething that the other lil starlets get more attention than she does because they have WORK..

    she will not be w/her fiancee by xmas WATCH…

    he wants out, and he will get it…
    we will see more attnetion whoring photos of her doing -nothing-

  27. Ms. Candy says:

    The blonde look is quite refreshing in her. She looks pretty with

  28. Ms. Candy says:

    The blonde look is quite refreshing in her. She looks pretty with it…

    Why are my comments doubling up in post

  29. Cleveland Girl says:

    So glad she got rid of her extensions. The rest of Hollywood should take note.

  30. natalina says:

    she did duck lips in every photo before she dyed her hair blonde, what an idiot

  31. She looks great, but why do all young Hollywood actresses succumb to the blonde thing? It doesn’t look bad, she’s young enough to pull it off, but it’s a stretch with her natural oolouring. Meh.

  32. McMe says:

    I never thought I would say this, but she looks adorable!

  33. Leelee says:

    Now that I look at the photos…did she dye her hair blonde to distract from the fact that she had her lips done?

  34. Jessica says:

    She looks like a young Madonna with that blonde hair!?