PETA attacks (who else?) Kim Kardashian for carrying a Hermes Birkin bag

I don’t know why PETA doesn’t just change their name to “We have a Hate-On for All Things Kardashian”. Generally, I can’t stand PETA as an organization, and I’m beginning to loathe their various hissy fits and PR campaigns. I mean, we get it. People shouldn’t wear fur and they shouldn’t be wearing animal skins of any kind. I don’t wear alligator skins or furs or anything like that, but PETA is aggravating me so much, I kind of want to run out and buy a mink jacket. So… just a few months after flour-bombing a leather-clad Kim Kardashian on the red carpet of her latest perfume launch, and just weeks after issuing a public hissy fit-press release about Kim’s python boots, PETA has launched into yet another anti-Kardashian screed. Today’s issue: the Birkin bag in Kim’s hands in the header photo. PETA is attacking Kim for carrying a $50,000 Hermes Birkin bag made out of either alligator or crocodile.

Kim Kardashian cemented her title as PETA’s most hated celebrity on Friday by adding a pricey crocodile-skin Birkin bag to her cruel closet, which includes countless fur coats and python knee-high boots.

The cost of the rare designer purse can reach $50,000, but the animal rights group says the price paid by the creature that died for it is far greater.

“For every alligator or crocodile-skin accessory, an animal was likely beaten but still conscious and able to feel excruciating pain as his or her skin was peeled off,” PETA spokesperson Wendy Wegner told in an exclusive interview.

“These animals feel fear and pain and they don’t want to die. Alligators and crocodiles have no real legal protection, but they have done nothing to deserve the violent treatment that they endure. PETA urges consumers to watch Joaquin Phoenix’s video expose of the cruel exotic-skins industry and vow today never to buy items made from the skin of alligators, snakes, or crocodiles.”

As previously reported, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was compared to evil Disney character Cruella de Ville by the animal rights group last month after she was spotted strutting around Paris in a pair of thigh-high Christian Louboutin python boots, which retail for $5,495 and are banned in her home state of California.

“They’d go well with a Dalmatian-fur coat, which is also illegal to sell in California and immoral to sell anywhere else,” Wegner told Radar.

[From Radar]

Honest question: is PETA making a concerted effort to only attack the people who purchase the “cruel” animal skins, or do they also issue public statements about the companies that use animal skins in their products? Because I would like to see PETA try to take on Hermes – because I don’t think Hermes would stand for it. They’re one of the most elite luxury houses in the world, and they would treat PETA like a gnat to be swatted. Anyway, I know you guys hate her, but for goodness sake, I really think PETA needs to find a new target. Who takes it seriously when a supposed activist group can’t move beyond attacking a C-list reality star?

Since you guys enjoyed the booty shots of Kim in yesterday’s post, here are some photos of Kim over the weekend in Miami with Kanye. That dress is really… hooker-ish. Usually Kim isn’t letting it all hang out in such a sloppy manner. It makes me think that Kim and Kanye had a quickie in a trailer or something. Also: those booties are hideous.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    She’s hideous.

  2. Marianne says:

    “Honest question: is PETA making a concerted effort to only attack the people who purchase the “cruel” animal skins, or do they also issue public statements about the companies that use animal skins in their products?”

    I was JUST thinking that. I never seem to hear PETA raising hell over Hermes, just the celebs who use the bag.

    I find PETA doesn’t actually do much to help animals, they just like to yell a lot.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      THIS. I get the idea behind going after celebs as they influence societal culture but on the same token, I don’t think the way they go about it will make people on either side of the fence want to convert to their ideology. I just find them to be very mean bullies. Like who seriously throws blood on a person because u disagree with what they are wearing? I mean its friggin ludicrous!

      • Emily says:

        I have seen so many people, in so many different groups, say things like, “saw a PETA ad. Gonna eat a hamburger now just to spite them.” I’ve never seen anyone who said PETA influenced them to become vegetarian or vegan or to help abused or endangered animals.

      • Ms. Candy says:

        I agree with you…

        I never understood PETA and what they stood for.
        I do agree I haven’t heard anyone say that PETA help them decide to go veggie

    • yo momma says:

      exactly! peta DONT care about animals they are just famewhore bullies who will pick on people they know are to scared to bite back-this is why they dont go after hunters or really big fashion houses because they would get their asses handed to them!

      peta only care about the $$$ and they mouth off just long enough so idiots will give them cash thinking they are helping animals despite the fact peta have been known to kill lots of animals themselves.

  3. dee says:

    Seriously, I don’t like Kim K, but PETA is just embarrassing.

  4. paola says:

    WTF is she wearing???

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    I was going to make a comment about PETA but saw this outfit and have now lost my entire train of thought. In what world is this outfit cute?

  6. JenD says:

    $50k for a bag? Holy crap! Also, she looks like a cheap hooker in those bottom shots.

  7. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    The white top in the first pic is cute. That’s all I’ve got.

  8. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It is an ugly bag why do people pay so much for this crap.

    • W says:

      Agreed. I think it is the ugliest purse as well. It looks like a shapeless box bag. It just shows you how shallow celebrities are to blow their money on ugly crap like that. And she already has like ten of those nasty bags. How many does she need?

  9. Marc says:

    Her ass really looks unnatural. She clearly overdosed these fat butt injections. And peta is bunch of spoiled brats and attention whores. So Kim + peta = perfect match made in dead animals heaven.

  10. RHONYC says:

    EW! did she just get finished knockin’ boots with Yeezy?

    fix yourself up for goodness sakes, girl! Kris is ‘not’ going to pleased with this. :twisted:

  11. G says:

    Hermes raises alligators on their own farms. I really doubt they peel them off live animals.

    That outfit is tramp-tragic.

    • TracyG says:

      I come from South Africa, they have crocodile farms and farm the leather! The same as they do cows etc. for your leather furniture and shoes. Also not sure what the fuss is about?

  12. lassie says:

    This black thing is an outfit? Like a not going to Walmart outfit? Who knew?

  13. Micki says:

    I don’t care that much for fur but as long as I eat pork, lamb, beef I am going to wear leather PETA or no PETA.

  14. Jackson says:

    I know it seems popular now to dump on PETA but I pretty much support their bottom line message, although their tactics need an overhaul. And any person stupid, yes stupid, enough to pay $50k for something that an “elite design house” calls rare and slaps their name on would be just as willing to waste that $50k on a non-skin “rare” and “elite” and whatever other words people want to throw in there purse that didn’t come from animal skin or fur.

    And what is that idiot wearing? My gosh. If I saw this coming out the back door of a truck-stop stripper joint I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. It’s even funnier to think how much money she probably paid for it and how long she probably took to pick it out. Idiot.

  15. Krissy says:

    They go after her for the tabloid attention and its not a big deal because she is incapable of feeling shame.

    • pj says:

      You’re right this girl and her family feel NO SHAME. They have no dignity and no self-respect. Kim will continue to wear fur and animal skin because it gets her LOTS of attention. Now a days her “career” is slowing down, she has to keep in the limelight somehow…dating Kanye is helping her stay in the news, but we will get tired of this “couple” soon too…she will have to get pregnant to keep the tabloids going.

      She’s a horrible dresser, always has been, yet somehow she gets called a “fashionista” I don’t get it.

      Also, anyone who would spend that much on a bag is STUPID. She obviously thinks money will always be rollling in, but it won’t.

  16. Fyofeelings says:

    PETA shut the hell up! Until they start going at EVERYONE not just certain people just to get attention then I can’t co sign they bullsh-t.

  17. Mar says:

    That outfit is just so wrong in so many ways.

  18. georgiagrl says:

    She looks like expensive trash! Anyone else in that outfit everyone would jump all over her.

  19. Mara says:

    She looks like a prostitute she can wear the most expensive things but she still look cheap .

    • oh dear says:

      rumour has it she not only looks like one but that she is one. and not the pretty woman type of prostitute either lol

      • Uma says:

        HAHAHHA! What type? I believe it actually! A lot of these reality nobodies sell their bodies and souls for money and air time! Kim C list? Now, that is funny! Try more like an F!

  20. INeedANap says:

    I grew up near the Everglades, and for my college graduation present my dad went out and hunted an alligator (he works part-time hunting alligators, and has a license to do so). He killed and cleaned it, and then sent the skin to a local fashion designer to turn it into a purse and shoes for me. I loooove them and wear them all the time. One of my colleagues is a PETA member and started harassing me about the purse and shoes, even after I explained where it came from — I got HR involved and she ended up relocated to another department. Unsurprisingly, she did not make me a PETA convert.

  21. nikzilla37 says:

    I thought she was getting more stylish with Kanye? What the hell is this trashy dress? Ugh…with a body like that, she needs to tone down the sexy.

  22. Joanna says:

    thats one ugly outfit and it looks horrible. so do those booties. booties should only be worn w pants imo. otherwise it makes your legs look thicker

  23. Emily says:

    The person who puts out public statements for PETA must have the easiest job in the world. Just look at what celebrities are wearing, yell at them about it, and go on with your day. Don’t worry about all the animal cruelty and near-extinction in the real world, that would be work.

  24. Cam S says:

    Even with the sky high heels, her legs are so short!
    A commenter on Radar said Kanye is trying to give Kim an edginess like Amber Rose. That is why she is dressed like this lately (all the leather, etc). And someone on here mentioned he seemed controlling.
    Her look has changed since last year. No extensions etc. I find some of it surprising considering Kim is a girly girl.

    No comment on the bag. I have a knock off of sorts, but I’ll NEVER pay that much for a bag even if I HAD THE $ TO SPEND

  25. Katy says:

    That outfit looks like a slip that you would wear under your clothes. It probably is and she thinks she is being fashion forward by wearing it. Next we’ll see this idiot out in public wearng just panties and a bra.

  26. wonderwoman21 says:

    Kim sure loves dead animals, it’s probably the only way she’s capable of loving an animal: when it’s dead & its skin is stretched across her enormous body.

  27. me says:

    Why is she coming out of a trailer? Is this horrible outfit for a role on some show or commercial or something? I don’t know why companies and producers keep hiring her, she has not talent, no personality, and she is hated by many. Her 15 million twitter followers aren’t all supporters of her, half of them probably just follow her to get a good laugh from her air headed tweets.

  28. W says:

    She has the worst fashion sence for the summertime. Leather pants and big clunky boots. And I agree the bag is tasteless.

  29. guest says:

    I love her boots

  30. G says:

    “It makes me think that Kim and Kanye had a quickie in a trailer or something.”

    Am I the only one envisioning Kanye dressed like Lafayette in True Blood selecting clothes for this girl and applying her make up while sashaying around that trailer?? I don’t see them as “sexin” at all. LOL!!

  31. Uto says:

    I live in a county where alligators out number humans 3 to 1. I can’t feel to bad for the killing of them!

  32. Kim says:

    Im not a PETA Fan but that has nothing to do with the fact that wearing animal fur or skin soley for fashion is HIDEOUS! Kim K is a disgusting person.

  33. skuddles says:

    Why on earth does PETA assume the crocs and alligators are alive when their skin is being removed?? Especially if the animals are farmed?

    And I totally agree with everyone who thinks Kim’s outfit is trashy and hobaggy. I’ve come to expect nothing less from her and her freaky, fake arse.

  34. Natalina says:

    A 50K leather bag is never necessary, this is why the country is in debt–because someone so not worth the money, is made and actually purchased–she should have sent the money to an animal shelter fat bitch

  35. JRenee says:

    The 1st picture looks like a plastic surgery nightmare around her eyes. The black outfit is hideous. But, if enough people have bought into her crap to allow her to spend a year’s salary for many on a bag, it’s her $. Next!

  36. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    PETA Kiss my furry ass

  37. Sandra says:

    WTF is she wearing??? And PETA hates her because she’s a repeat offender. And I’m not a hater but I’m kinda glad that Clint Eastwood’s dumb stepdaughter burned up one hermes bag recently. Lol

  38. JessSaysNo says:

    Kim Kardashian’s butt looks like when a toddler has a massive poo in their diaper and walk around for awhile before their parents notice. It’s so fake looking and gross and I’m SO SICK of her wearing outfit after outfit that accentuates her hips/butt. We get it. You have a big butt. Move along.

  39. erika says:

    So…. I’m pretty grossed out by how many of you are essentially defending Kim K on this one. PETA has questionable tactics, but their core goal is to promote animal protection and welfare. Plenty of people who wear leather or eat meat can support humane treatment of the animals who provide those products. However, countless slaughterhouses and exotic species poachers treat animals with outrageous cruelty . PETA works to raise awareness. Again, they do have questionable tactics, and they can be really annoying, but — they’re right. A $50k alligator bag is cruel and wasteful, and there is nothing ok about it.

  40. Dawning Red says:

    “I don’t know why PETA doesn’t just change their name to ‘We have a Hate-On for All Things Kardashian’”.

    I would join a group with that name.

  41. Krock says:

    WTH is she wearing?? Is that a night gown?

  42. Shoe_lover says:

    While I agree with PETA’s general message their methods destroy any hope of people listening to them. They are unyielding in their badgering and I don’t know about other people but the more I am hammered and nagged about something the less likely I am to do it. I don’t remember PETA always being this way though.

    That said- I am mostly vegan. Mostly because I eat eggs from my own chickens who are treated fabulously and will never be killed for food when they stop laying. But it wasn’t because of PETA, it was because a) I love animals and b) I don’t like the taste of meat and I am lactose intolerant.

    But, as hypocritical as it sounds, I do own a fur stole. I dress vintage or reproduction vintage and my stole was made in the 1950’s so I feel like technically its okay if its vintage because its like recycling. I would never do a Brooke Shields and have a brand new one made. As it was I had to be talked into buying the stole as I felt so guilty

  43. Jen says:

    For the sake of humanity why, WHY, did that person not pour the other more lethal white powder on her?!?! If her and Kanye breed it will surely be the end of the world.

  44. Dahlia1947 says:

    PETA’s goal is to raise awareness about animal cruelty and if one of the ways of doing it is targeting celebs then I’m all for it. Their message gets out there and that’s good!

    I don’t care much for these lux labels, have no respect for them, and am not going to spend my money to OWN a Hermes this or Vuitton that knowing that an animal suffered EXTREME CRUELTY so that product could be made.

  45. deehunny says:

    Her bra hanging out, OK she probably just put the shirt on, but that slutty skirt. yikes.

  46. Laura says:

    PETA is such an awful organization. Their members are completely bat shit. Last fall my mother gave me a gorgeous mink coat as a gift to celebrate my new pregnancy. It was a lovely coat and although I don’t often have an occasion to wear a mink coat it was a nice addition to my closet. One morning last December I decided to wear it out while I was shopping and happened to come across a group of PETA protesters outside a leather goods store. As I walked by them I heard many horrendous comments directed towards me but the icing on top of the cake was the woman who spit on me. In what world is it acceptable behaviour to harass and then spit on a pregnant woman? I have no issue with animal rights activists but just because someone wears fur or leather or whatever else doesn’t mean PETA members should be allowed to act like the animals they try to protect.