Michael Fassbender: “Should something arise, I’m not averse, sex is a part of life”

In my continuing quest to feast my eyes on all things Michael Fassbender-related, I have to admit, you bitches are my enablers. Over the course of just two years or so, commenter reaction to Fassbender has gone from “WHO?” to “OMG, let me email you with every single detail about this obscure foreign interview I just read!” So I have trained you well, and now I am dealing with the consequences of a much-larger-than-anticipated Fassbender addiction. ‘Tis alright. I shall bring the Fassy!

In today’s obscure-Fassy-news, he allegedly sat down for an interview with the German edition of Playboy for an interview. This thing has been translated a bunch of times, and you can really tell, but it’s still enjoyable. Some highlights:

PLAYBOY: Mr Fassbender, are you a womanizer?
Fassbender: One could say that—or what do you mean by a womanizer?

PLAYBOY: Someone who likes it very much to bed very often as many women as possible.
Fassbender: (laughs) I know how to enjoy myself, but I find that a bit exaggerated.

PLAYBOY: What does that mean you know how to enjoy yourself?
Fassbender: That I know how to savor my life. And that I, if I go out, want to have fun. But I really don’t go out on purpose to pick up women. However, should something arise, I’m not definitely averse. Sex is a part of life.

PLAYBOY: Do you have a favorite pick-up line when flirting?
Fassbender: Oh God, no. I haven’t got a certain fad. And I only flirt when I’m drunk.

PLAYBOY: Since a few months you are the absolute shooting-star among the actors. Directors are lining up to work with you, and you are courted by Hollywood. Does that increase one’s sex appeal?
Fassbender: This attention is certainly good for my ego. And I also don’t mind that my popularity has drastically increased compared to my past. But I don’t think that I became more attractive for women. Of course because of my many travels and the many new encounters the hunting area has grown slightly larger.

PLAYBOY: With your career explosion have the distractions and the occasional lapses increased?
Fassbender: No, maybe they are just a bit more expensive (laughs). The opportunities to crash and lose sight of my goal have always been there—and still are. That’s why I eventually focused very deliberately on what is most important to me: the acting. That’s why I’m also pretty sure that I’m immune to thirst for fame and egomania. That has partly to do with the fact that I had my international breakthrough relatively late in my early 30′s.

PLAYBOY: What did you do differently than ten years ago?
Fassbender: That’s the crazy thing: nothing! The only difference was that several directors believed in me. As an actor you’re always dependent on somebody to give you a chance to show what you can.

PLAYBOY: One overcomes fear if one challenges it?
Fassbender: Exactly. I well remember a kind of key moment in terms of coping with fear. That was a few years ago when I was out of work again. In order not to sink into self pity, I assigned myself with a new task every week, I had to deal with. One day diving was on the program. So I went to the swimming pool and up the 10-metre tower. After much hesitation I jumped feet first into the water. Then I wanted to try a dive. But I dared not to do it. I was on the tower for maybe 20 minutes and was about to descend the ladder, when a boy asked me: “Are you scared?”. I said, “yes, you have no idea!” He said: “Just dive in. The first time you might hurt you. But that’s not as bad as you think. Just jump again. And you will see that it gets better with each try.” I jumped, and that was one of the best advices I ever got. In the imagination it’s often worse than in reality.

PLAYBOY: And this experience has made you a daredevil?
Fassbender: That was the beginning. From that day on, I got more and more courageous. By now I’ve become a real thrill-seeker. To expose myself to physical risks and dangers gives me each time a surge of adrenaline. Then I feel very intensely that I’m alive.

PLAYBOY: Any other vice we will not tell your life insurance company?
Fassbender: I’m totally fascinated by speed. But I want to feel the pace really up close, preferably on a motorcycle. When I accelerate my machine, I feel this unique thrill that comes when you barely have something under control — and it could very easily spiral out of control.

PLAYBOY: You drive in motorcycle races?
Fassbender: No, but if I’m out and about on a lonely highway, then I sometimes test my limits. When I am travelling with friends or relatives I drive civilised. Last year I finally fulfilled my dream: a motorcycle tour through Europe with my father. We drove about 7000 kilometres.

[From Playboy Germany August 2012 via Fassinating Fassbender]

He only flirts when he’s drunk? I find hard to believe. And I really hope that he didn’t refer to the single’s scene as “the hunting area” – it sounds so awkward, I’m just going to believe that it’s a weird translation. He talks a lot about his need for speed and he sounds like a boring adrenaline junkie – I guess if he was truly addicted to the “adrenaline high” he wouldn’t be talking about it so openly, though? Whatever is going on with him, I hope he stops with the dangerous stuff.

Also – the August issue of W Magazine has gradually started leaking online, and there are some low-quality images from Fassy and Charlize’s shoot. The photos are all kinds of WRONG, especially the “69” photo. Charlize is really hot for him, right? Bitch better re-read my letter and STEP OFF.

Photos courtesy of W Magazine, Esquire Malaysia, GQ France, etc.

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  1. brin says:

    LOL….he’s playing right into your bisquits, K!

  2. lower-case deb says:

    “Arise, Sir Fassben… not that one, you rude boy.”

  3. Vivian says:

    Charlize looks terrible for a very beautiful woman in this W mag. I like Fass because his interviews are honest and interesting w/o the ego and lip service. I still love the W spread with Mia W; that was when I first notice him.

  4. bobo says:

    Who is this guy? I don’t know who he is apart from this site! What is he in,what does he do?

  5. Marianne says:

    Damn those pics of him and charlize are hot!!

  6. Madpoe says:

    Someone pass Fassy a drink, he sounds dehydrated. ;)

    and daahhammn! those pix are hot!

  7. beyonce's bump says:

    I don’t find those pics hot at all :S. Why did they put my beloved Fass in leather waistcoats with studded belt and possible leather pants??? God he looks like…nvm

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Totally agree. He’s so naturally sexy, he really doesn’t need the “props” (and that includes you, Theron).

      • Naomi says:

        I really wish magazine’s would stop with the remnants of ‘Shame’. That Arnie circa ‘Terminator’ haircut does nothing for him either. Just how much effort does it take for editors to make beautiful people look hideous?!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I HATED his styling in Shame. It really doesn’t work on him. Very very dated. Fortunately, this man’s sexiness transcends a bad hairstyle. But yeah, it was all kinds of bad.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        His haircut in Shame was HIDEOUS. It made him look old with hints of early male pattern baldness.

  8. maemay says:

    Meh I find this pics “try hard” which is funny when two pretty people try too hard to be sexay. Not my fave Michael pics, too 50 shades meets Fabio…Michael is better than that.

    • rtms says:

      That’s exactly what it come off as, too try hard sexy to the point it’s a turn off. The pics are too dark and just wrong for the both of them.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        Stuff like this doesn’t do anything for me. Looking at pr0n or “sexy” pics just make me deeply uncomfortable and embarrassed for everyone involved, especially myself! Maybe because it’s so shoved in everyone’s face 24/7 and everything is sex, sex, SEX (because it sells) but I just feel like maybe we should grow up a little bit? Not directed at anyone in particular and I have nothing against sex or anyone who likes this stuff, but I can’t be the only one who is sick of it plastered EVERYWHERE.

        I was watching a movie from the early 90′s the other day and I was shocked at how prudish it was compared to today. The teens were dressed like normal kids, not skanks, the parents acted like parents, and it was funny and cute without being nasty, and full of sexual innuendo. I know I must sound like a real pearl-clutching prude but when you compare then to now, I can’t help but feel like all this “progress” we’ve made has done nothing but make everyone sex-obsessed freaks. Yes, sex is good, and fun but does it have to be everywhere, all the time?

        Maybe I am oversensitive because I have a young daughter and I remember how bad it got in the late 90′s when I was a teen (thanks Britney!) but I just shudder when I think of her being exposed to all this. I remember seeing Britney and thinking “Am I supposed to be like this?” I know this is for adults but kids DO see it and it DOES make them feel like all they are is sex objects. I am not calling for censorship at ALL, just some restraint!

        Hope this doesn’t piss anyone off or offend anyone, that is so not my intention….I just think there’s so much more to life and it seems like nobody realizes that any more!

    • Latoya says:

      Agreed-too try hard, and gross. Why are either of them doing them? There’s nothing to promote is there? Are they working together again? It’s just weird.
      Also is this an old interview, because before he was talking about his girlfriend and now he’s talking about the ‘hunting ground’. Or is he a womanizer who just didn’t think this would be translated and Nicole would read it?

  9. TheOriginalKitten says:

    He really does seem like such a straight-up guy, no false pretense whatsoever. The thrill-seeking stuff is kind of annoying though-makes him seem a bit juvenile.
    Oh well, the point is that I’d still hit it like nobody’s business.

    • Chattycat says:

      Hey Kit, “And I only flirt when I’m drunk.” peeved me a bit I’ll admit.

      Come on Michael, I don’t want you to become one of my fantasy flings that must keep his mouth shut and say nothing. You have so much more to offer then a hot body, ginge facial stubble and an above average…uh ability to use double entendres.

      I know he is witty and smart but really this interview was not one of the better one’s imo.

      PS. Last night I was listening to my Pandora and Bruce’s “Kitty’s Back”, one of my all time fave songs and I thought of you vs. Curtis the Creep and how you gave him/her/TommyGirl a good ol’ fasion verbal asswhooping! ;)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hey Chat!

        ITA about this interview-it falls short. “I only flirt when I’m drunk” sounds totally put-on. Ugh. This interview, distilled to its essence really just makes him sound like an immature skirt-chaser who likes fast cars. Bleh. He’s so much better than that. I’ll give him a pass this time but he better shape up.

        You already had one major falling out this year (#JoeMang), let’s hope Fassy doesn’t become another Chat Casualty! ;)

        Ha ha..that is so funny about the Bruce song. I went back to see Otiff’s response (thx Tiff!) and I realized that I never saw Curtis-The-Blowhard’s last comment where he called me the c-word. Pretty funny :)
        I hope he figures out that if he wants people to read his posts, he really needs to stop being so boring and put the effin thesaurus down! :)

      • Paul Ó Duḃṫaiġ says:

        Folks he’s Irish, if you ask any irishwoman they’ll tell ye that Irishmen only ever approach them after a few drinks. Then again if ye had to approach a gaggle of Irish wans on a night out ye’d need a couple pints!

  10. Ari says:

    browngirlslovefassy.tumbler.com!? did i read that right? *flies on over*

  11. Cathy says:

    Fassy…oh Fassy…when will you understand that you belong to us, here, at Celebitchy. You need to be educated. I volunteer.

  12. Carrie says:

    Holy hot photos! Damn he is all kinds of sex

  13. Victoria says:

    I want him to star in every movie made.

  14. Aubra says:

    PLAYBOY: What does that mean you know how to enjoy yourself?
    Fassbender: That I know how to savor my life. And that I, if I go out, want to have fun. But I really don’t go out on purpose to pick up women. However, should something arise, I’m not definitely averse. Sex is a part of life.


  15. Stacie says:

    I love Fassy !!! He makes me wish I were a pretty girl . He’s just lovely .

    • bluhare says:

      Maybe you are a pretty girl, and just don’t see it. There are lots of pretty girls with just that problem.

  16. Roberta says:

    “When I accelerate my machine, I feel this unique thrill that comes when you barely have something under control — and it could very easily spiral out of control.”

    This quote, along with the photos are all I’ve noticed. I’ve not quite found the fascination with Fassbender until this cover….he’s a hottie.

  17. alexis says:

    Something about him…is wolfish. Not saying that’s a bad thing, just saying.

  18. TONYA says:


  19. Moi says:

    He’s a person when hearing him speak about his ambitions, makes you want to get off of your hiney and do something about yours. Speaking of that, I should get off of mine and do some school work. :-)

  20. I Choose Me says:

    Ooh la la. Still hate the cover but these pics of him and Charlize are hot! Love the 69 one and the one where he’s grabbing her arms from behind as she thrusts her bum against him. As for the one where she’s got her hand on his belt …I’m imagining her unbuckling the belt, sliding the zipper down slowly very slowly over his bulge which stiffens and strains against the fabric. All the while, they continue to lock eyes and…I think I better go sit under the AC and cool off.

    Charlize you lucky bitch. Cheesy as some of the photos are Fassy brings the sex! And thank you Kaiser for ramping up my Fassination.

  21. Anon says:

    “Shame” is 34th on the list of authentic movies about NYC. It seems that Mr Mc Queen & Mr Fassbender know how to do art. I hope that TYAS will join ‘Hunger’ & ‘Shame’ to form a trilogy. I can safely predict that it will reveal the true story of Norththrop. It will not be a box office hit nor an Oscar contender; because it is too good but a lot of us will be extremely happy when it is released.
    Mr Fassbender has to learn to say “NO” to cheesy interviews and photo shoots while vibrant, beautiful and delicate Ms Beharie will survive one way or the other. She is loved and she knows that. WE are all progeny of West Indian parents and will always support her. To hell ………..

  22. Helvetica says:

    Goodness those are some amazing pictures of both of them!

  23. Ali says:

    A big thank you to browngirlslovefassy.tumblr.com for the W Magazine photos. She took them with her camera from an early issue of the magazine, so fans could get a sneak peek. Her blog is an awesome Fassy resource.

  24. iseepinkelefants says:

    The Charlize photos looked like she bribed the mag to let her bring her wet dreams to life. I mean I’ve never seen him do a shoot like that and I find it hard to believe that they’d come up with it themselves. Did they play lovers in Prometheus? Is that the reason for this? (Haven’t seen it yet). It’s just odd.

    As for his comments about being dangerous to feel alive, yeah those are the type of people you want to avoid. They’re incomplete and go about it in all the wrong ways. It screams I need a psychoanalysist stat.

    Sigh. I’ll just have to relegate him to the fun to dream about, wouldn’t want it in reality catagory.

    • maemay says:

      I’ll join you in that lane. A little too wild for me…I hope he takes a step back from the 50 shades photo ops…just killing my feelings for him photo by photo. Time to pull back and let the movies do the talking…he is another 50 shades photo shoot away from becoming a cliche.

  25. dizzy says:

    When I read “69″ photo, I quickly scrolled down to see the damn picture. It’s pretty funny. But they are trying too hard in those pictures. They’re already beautiful and hot; they’ don’t have to overdo it.

  26. Lindsey says:

    You can see it in her eyes…she wants to smash that to smithereens.

  27. sunmoonstars says:

    Ugh nevermind….lol

  28. Megan says:

    Ooooohhh my goodness. *fans self*
    Look, I know some people are gonna hate this, but IDC what others say..this photoshoot is PURE SEX! I MF and CT have great chemistry (and no, I’m not looking for them to hook up in real life. Although..lol jk) and these pics are are smoking hot. I wasn’t crazy about the cover, but the pictures inside more than made up for it lol

  29. sauvage says:

    I just read the original interview in German and the translation is pretty accurate. He says “Jagdrevier” in German which translates as “hunting area”. The problem is that you just wouldn’t say it that way in English, so the meaning is slightly different (just as there is no aequivalent for “comfort zone” in German. They translate it awquardly as “Komfortzone” which is Germglish and hurts pretty badly.).

    I’d translate the “hunting area” phrase as a simple “I have more opportunities.”

  30. Bradley says:

    Thank you for the Fassbender posts! I grow more in love with him after every interview and photoshoot.

  31. Paul says:

    I remember watching Hunger and thinking this guy is going places! I also like the fact that Mr. Fassbender still does indie films.

    p. I doubt he has problems picking up women!