John Travolta & Kelly Preston are in Greece: everything’s fine with this ideal Cos couple

Last month, before Katie Holmes made the brilliant personal and professional move to divorce Tom Cruise, John Travolta was fueling the latest Scientology PR crisis. Only people weren’t focusing so much on what a destructive cult Scientology is, they were just speculating that Scientology’s hatred of gay people had pushed Travolta into living a lie in a sham marriage. All the lawsuits against Travolta for forcing himself on various service professionals were making people wonder if he was so angry at being deep in the closet that he was acting out by preying on innocent men. Well the press forgot about Travolta in the wake of the sensational TomKat divorce, and all the subsequent news about Scientology the followed. But Travolta and his Cos bride Kelly Preston want us to know that unlike Tom and Katie everything’s fine with them! They went on a vacation to Mykonos, Greece, which incidentally has a thriving gay scene from what I’ve heard. Here’s the story from Radar, which also has a photo of the two of them in Greece. Gee, I wonder how that got out:

Putting his embarrassing masseur sex scandal firmly behind him, John Travolta has taken wife Kelly Preston on vacation, and has photos of the couple enjoying their Euro trip.

The 58-year-old Grease star and his 49-year-old wife are enjoying some much needed R & R on the stunning Greek island of Mykonos, which is famous for its vibrant bar and nightclub scene and nude beaches!

Fortunately, the Hollywood couple was fully clothed when they walked hand-in-hand down the paved streets of the vacation spot that is known as the “gay capital of the Mediterranean,” before stopping in at a local cafe for lunch.

As previously reported, John and Kelly’s 21-year marriage was rocked by repeated rumors that he made highly innapprioate sexual moves while getting in-room massages by men, with the Scientologist actor’s attorney describing a lawsuit against Travolta as “malicious prosecution.”

[From Radar Online]

Gotta keep up appearances. This is the second known vacation for the couple in the wake of the scandal. They went to Hawaii in June, where they were also conveniently photographed. Their makeup trip was chronicled by the tabloids, with In Touch taking the “romantic reconciliation” stance and Enquirer the more realistic “Kelly’s hell.” I feel like Kelly enjoys playing happy family, that it’s something she’s bought into entirely, and that John appreciates her kind of glassy-eyed devotion. Kelly isn’t going to slap John with surprise divorce papers, even if she finds him in bed with a willing male participant.

These photos are from the Savages premiere on 6-26-12. Credit:

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  1. Little Darling says:

    I just can’t with this….

    ohhhhh but I will.

    ICKY!!! I mean, ewww the over the top public display.
    I haven’t seen them this touchy feely in awhile, but I guess John’s has had some “kinks” to get rubbed out.

    This kind of thing makes me have a really big side eye because like mentioned, it’s clearly for appearances.

    Then again, Kelly clearly adores John for whatever reason, I hope that he’s nice to her to deserve that kind of loyalty, but I do have to wonder what her deal is? Doesn’t she crave proper affection from her husband? Does she have side pieces, or does she just sit home and watch Stayin’ Alive and Grease over and over again, sipping a Pina Colada thinking about what a stud her husband used to be?

    (edited because my hand hit reply accidently)

  2. beyonce's bump says:

    Ya Kelly seems like the type that will just suffer in silence and take whatever deal comes from being with him. I don’t know what she has independently going for her or if she has any competitive advantage in anything career wise. Seems like she will stick with JT for the lifestyle she is accustomed to.

    • olcranky says:

      oh, I doubt she suffers in silence. She may be silent in public but I’m sure she’s asserting some die-hard $cilon control at home

      • Vesper says:

        I remember a blind item that was attributed to Kelly and John, and it talked about Kelly being the one pressuring John to stay in the marriage and not come out so that she could save face, and keep the family together. The blind also mentioned that after his son’s death, John decided he was tired of living a lie, but Kelly freaked, and got pregnant soon after.

      • Vesper says:

        Just found the blind item.

        #2: This couple is expecting. No secret there. What is a secret, however, is what was happening behind closed doors before the baby was announced.

        Things had been rocky in this couple’s marriage for the past few years. The more she pushed her agenda on him, the more unhappy he became. After a particularly rough patch, Husband decided that he was going to do three things: get out of the marriage; tell the truth about what had been going on for the past few years; and come out of the closet.

        Wife was desperate to keep any of those three things from happening. She decided to do something quite devious and drastic. The couple had stored up some fertilized eggs earlier in their marriage. (You didn’t think they conceived naturally, did you?) So she went behind his back and had some of the remaining fertilized eggs implanted, hoping that one would take. It did.

        To say that the husband was shocked and absolutely furious with her for doing this behind his back would be an understatement. He does not want this baby. His plan right now is that, if she loses the baby, he will wait a couple of months and then bolt so he doesn’t look like the bad guy. However, if the baby is born, he knows that his primary role will be that of playing the proud and happy father. After all, he is an actor. So until the baby issue is resolved… back in the closet he goes. [Blind Gossip]

        Popular guesses are: John Travolta & Kelly Preston

      • Lulu says:

        Honest to God, I think they write these blind items to fit what they imagine is going on behind closed doors and make it so obvious while they are at it, that you would have to be a moron not to be able to guess it (present company excepted).

    • Emily says:

      Actually, Kelly pings my gaydar as hard as John does. I think she’s got her close female friend/s and he’s got his close male friend/s. I think they probably love each other, though they’re not “in love”, that they even occasionally sleep together, and that everything was fine until their son died.

      Then John went to pieces. Now it’s not stories of him having fun with enthusiastic men, but of him harassing and sexually abusing men. That’s an entirely different thing to stomach.

  3. cmc says:

    I guess I understand, logically, he best friends/covering for each other angle, but I don’t get it on an emotional level. It’s just so sad to me. Why would either of them want to put themselves- and each other- through this massive cover-up? CO$ is disgusting.

    • Rhea says:

      Beside the pressure from CO$, I guess they are used to their lifestyle together and to starting out again different/new outside their comfort zone by a divorce just plain scary for them, too.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      You could ask a lot of politicians wives the same thing.

  4. marie says:

    ah hahahaha, who scheduled the vacation?coincidence that it is considered the “gay capital of the Mediterranean”? I think not..

  5. JenD says:

    Those pictures are so “look at me, I love my husband.”

  6. Agnes says:

    I love it that they went to “the gay capital of the Mediterranean” to put gay rumors to rest. Haha.

  7. brin says:

    Well, at least one of them is having a good time on this vacation.

  8. lisa2 says:

    I don’t know what to say.

    so I’m going..

  9. lucy2 says:

    What in shellacked wiglet hell…?
    They’ve finally managed to make their marriage and happiness even more fake than his hair.

  10. Zimmer says:

    “Keep up appearances”? Mykonos is known to have quite the gay scene. Not that I have an issue, but it certainly doesn’t make him look any straighter.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Those pix look so…awkward. KP’s looking nice in that purple dress though, and I covet that gold bracelet she’s wearing.

    Now, a little aside: KP is THAT woman. You know them; the CZJ character in Traffic. The one that thinks the pay-off makes the trade-off worth it.

    • constance says:

      I agree. I couldn’t be the one who has to look at that terribly fake hair line in the eyes everyday. Although I doubt she does since hes got to work harder to keep his boy toys quieter now.

  12. Franny says:

    Omfg. we all know youre balding! Just own it. wiglets are just pathetic

  13. wilkiecollins says:

    I wonder why they didn’t go to Fire Island or P-Town geez. This is a sham and if you read the blinds on dlisted it will quietly imploded

  14. Eleonor says:

    Well going on holidays in the Gay Capital of Mediterraneo,with your not so straight husband it’s a sign you’re marriage is strong isn’t it? 😀

  15. Kimbob says:

    Oh jeez, can they be ANY MORE transparent? I mean, why don’t they just get it ALL over w/& add San Francisco, CA & Key West, FL as the final destinations of their vacay before they end it?!!

    Yes, Kelly P. very much into playing “loving, happy family woman.” I gleaned this info from this site, but for anyone who didn’t read what a particular blogger said, it’s intimated that Kelly P. has a full-time lover on the side.

    Is is just me, or does anyone else feel insulted that the Travoltas think they’re really fooling people? I dunno, I’m so “over it” by now…LOL.

  16. Lita says:

    Mykonos .. they chose MYKONOS!! It’s one of – if not ‘the’ – world’s top gay-travel destinations; I mean in the travel industry it’s (very successfully) promoted that way. Poor Isle of Lesbos, they got nothin’ on it. What next for their romantic getaways – Ibiza? Sydney at Mardi Gras time?

    Bwahaha’ing my way to another story. They so need a new PR flunky.

  17. paola says:

    I can clearly see where the wiglet is placed!! So lame! it’s ok getting bald when you hit the fifties, but there’s nothing worse than placing a bunch of raven hair on your head in such a ridicolous way! the hair is literally glued to his head!!

  18. Beth says:

    He just looks creepy.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      Omg right! He lost the hots in a big way! Now he just looks like a skeevey ol perv. *sigh* I used to loove him.

  19. Pat Dorty says:

    I bet they have to stay together because of COS. Imagine all of the secrets they spilled about themselves while being “Audited”. I bet they’re terrified if they ever divorced and left that secrets would start to be spilled.

  20. Kate says:

    “much needed R&R”…from what? What do they DO all day that they needed to take a break from? They’re whole lives are a break. John will be part of an ensemble cast every once in a while, and Kelly…what does she do that she would need a break from?

    I’m sorry, I’m just so over him being gay that him going to a super gay island doesn’t even merit an eyeroll from me. But MUCH NEEDED R&R? Gah!!!

  21. dorothy says:

    Those pics are the best acting by two people I’ve seen in a long time.

  22. pintaLOL says:

    They remind me of my gay best friend and I.

  23. Tiffin says:

    Well, according to the rumors, SHE won’t file for divorce. Maybe HE will??

    It looks like this is another attempt by Kelly to ‘reel him in’ so to speak. Question is, will he take the bait?

  24. maggiegrace says:

    He has been so gross-looking for so long now – I feel revulsed just looking at his picture.

  25. barb says:

    All that touchy feely stuff looks so fake and contrived. Methinks they are trying waaaaay too hard. Not digging his hairpiece….maybe he should just rock the bald.

  26. Bernie says:

    I think the toupee says a lot about Travolta’s mental state. If he can look in the mirror wearing that thing and say “This looks good! Totally natural!!” then I think he must be just as delusional about his public perception and his marriage.

    “Hey, we totally look like we’re a happy couple taking a vacation in Greece!! I mean, we ARE a happy couple on vacation… right honey?!?!”

  27. palermo says:

    I have seen several “blinds” that imply he has already hired divorce attorneys and she doesn’t want to split up, he does

  28. Jilliterate says:

    Meh, from what I’ve heard, Travolta’s out (of the marriage, I mean, not the closet). I’m guessing this is a PR stunt that’s actually part of the divorce proceedings, so Kelly can have some tragic magazine covers with headlines like “I Was Completely Blindsided When John Left!” and “Everything Seemed So Perfect!” The only way she’s going to take her talons out of him is if she gets to play the sympathetic scorned wife.

  29. Valentina says:

    Well, Mykonos is definitely a gay scene but it also is one of the first choices of Europe’s jet-setters. That to say, everybody goes there anyway…

  30. blonde on the dock says:

    His hair reminds me of those chia pets.

  31. Playlist says:

    It’s bad enough to be married to a gay man that molests other men, it’s bad enough she lies and denies it all, and it’s bad enough they have to grope each other in public to try to convince everyone they have sex, but seriously, I’d draw the line at being married to a man that spray paints his head all the time.

  32. skuddles says:

    I wonder how many thank you cards and bouquets they’ve sent to Katie and Tom lately?? Thanks to the divorce nobody has been talking about Travolta’s transgressions for weeks now.

  33. Vesper says:

    This is so transparent. With the exception of the trip to Hawaii in June, I can’t remember the last time John and Kelly went on vacation. John, however, goes on vacation all the time, and often it is with “buddies”.

    • skuddles says:

      Oh I’m sure they’re having a wonderful family vacay – Kelly spending quality time with the kids, shopping, sunning, touring around – while John spends every waking moment at the spa 😉

  34. MrsBpitt says:

    How much money does john have and this is the best wig he can buy….horrendous…I think I am more ferklemped by the wig than the fake marriage…

  35. Lulu says:

    Whatever they have going on seems to work for them. I know it wouldn’t for me, but they’ve been at it for 21 years and been through a lot. I honestly don’t see anything ‘off’ in their body language in photos together. Not like you could between Tom and Katie.

  36. Emily says:

    Meh, she knows he’s gay. She may have already accidentally walked in on him with a male lover. She might have even participated a few times — I think it’s likely he’s a 5 rather than a 6 on the Kinsey Scale.

    Learning that he tried to force himself on UNwilling men might be another thing for her entirely. I hope that if he really is a predator, that it’s a surprise to Kelly and that she’s not okay with it. But with someone so deep in Scientology, who the hell knows.

  37. sumodo1 says:

    Meanwhile, here in the sleepy, little Florida town of Ocala, folks are still talking about meeting John, Kelly and Ella at John’s movie premiere at the. HOLLYWOOD 16. People here are just dazzled by JT. The local media fawn all over them like morons. That is why they live in Ocala: to live a sham. Ridiculous, huh?

  38. Liza Jane says:

    I think they have had a mutual understanding over the years, both perusing their different proclivities, and that John was intrinsically very laid back and let Kelly dictate the way their life was viewed by their public and fans. However,a father Jett died ( and he was the love of John’s life) I think that poor John began to question the role that Scientology played in Jett’s autism and the lack of treatment or acknowledgement of his condition. That and the new baby,seemingly forced on him ( and looking nothing at all like his other children) seems to have made him attempt to straighten his life story out….I wonder if all his ‘groping’ attempts were him trying to force an issue into he open? I wish him all the best in trying to live an honest life,but am not sure if he will be successful in breaking free!!

  39. sup says:

    how did that hair grow back??? a miracle of xenu?

  40. Kari says:

    They CAN’T come out, ever. Sc$ church hates gays and claims to be able to “cure’ them.