Demi Moore’s daughters “need space from the drama” aren’t getting restraining order

Earlier this week, Radar ran a story claiming that Demi Moore’s three young adult daughters were considering taking out a restraining order on her. Demi was allegedly bothering her daughters so much with incessant needy e-mails, texts and voice messages that they thought they may need to give their mom a stronger message to back off. The root of the issue was reportedly the girls’ close relationship to Demi’s ex, their former stepdad Ashton Kutcher. Demi was said to be “attacking” them for maintaining a relationship with Ashton, even though it’s safe to assume she wishes she could do the same.

The thing that made me believe that story is that US Weekly had a similar report in their print edition last week, based on a source who told them that Demi and the girls weren’t talking. US corroborated Radar’s version about a big family blowout at Tallulah’s high school graduation in June, and included the same detail that Demi’s daughters were ignoring her. Well now US has another story that Radar’s “restraining order” claims weren’t quite accurate, but that it’s true that Demi’s daughters aren’t on good terms with her at all.

Demi Moore’s daughters may be giving her the silent treatment, but they aren’t ready to cut her out of their lives entirely.
On July 16, Radar Online claimed Rumer, 23, Scout, 21, and Tallulah Willis, 18, were “seriously considering taking about a restraining order against Demi to stop her from contacting them. . . Demi has been calling them incessantly and emailing them, leaving them tearful messages and begging them to call her and the girls are sick of it.”

Not so, an insider tells Us Weekly. “It’s true they’re not all hunky dory, getting along like they used to, but they’re not about to go to those extremes!” the insider says of the Striptease star, who went to rehab in February after her split with Ashton Kutcher, 34. “They love their mom at the end of the day, and they’re never going to completely abandon her.”

Moore — who spends “most of her time in Idaho, not L.A.” — isn’t pestering her three children (with ex-husband Bruce Willis, 57), per the insider. “I haven’t heard about Demi calling them nonstop or anything like that. Demi finds out how they’re doing through friends and Bruce — she doesn’t need to go that far.”
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Still, an insider warns the Ghost actress’ daughters aren’t quite ready to let Moore, 49, back into their lives. “They all do need their space from the drama and the negativity — Scout in particular.”

[From US Weekly]

See this just makes me believe the restraining order story more. They’re admitting that things are bad but are trying to hedge that’s it’s not as bad as the other report made it out to be. Maybe the girls are trying to send their mom a message through the press. Sober up and get your act together because we’re not going to sit back and watch you do this to yourself.

The Daily Beast has a new story on Demi. It’s mostly just a piece chronicling her recent downfall and wondering what’s going on with her.

Demi is shown on 10-17-11 and with Rumer and Ashton in April, 2010. Credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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  1. Tillie says:

    I feel bad for those girls. Must be hard to see your mother act like that. I hope Demi finally gets their message and starts to act like an adult and leaves them alone untill she has cleaned up her act.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      Yes Tillie. Demi is a classic example of a woman who is finding it extremely hard to accept the realization that she is aging and still wants to so desperately cling to her youth where she was the fancy of most men’s eyes. She is probably also really vapid and thought she could ride on her looks forever and now that she is getting older realizes that she has nothing going for her. She really needs to do some introspection and figure out how to make herself better.

  2. mln76 says:

    Eh I understand having a horrid relationship w/ your mom and all and Demi is an immature self destructive baby…BUT I think it comes down to the fact that the WIllis girls are spoiled and uncaring. They don’t want to deal with their mom’s problem in a respectful and private way. They are too vapid to understand the meaning of emotional support and they can always suck up to daddy and his bigger bank account.

    • Micki says:

      Thanks for saving me the writhing.
      Sure, Demi is a sad mess but who supports them financially?They themselves?
      And what about sending a “message” a bit more personally and not through the press? That’s not helpful for anybody.

    • Susan says:

      +1. I can understand them needing space for self preservation but to consider a restraining order is too extreme and public. They have the means to take a long, overseas vacation. Most kids that encounter their troubled parents don’t have any outlets. They are under the same roof with no escape.

      • Rhea says:

        IMO, I think the girls leaked the story about considering the restraining order because they want to give her a big warning to clean up her mess.

        I don’t think they leaked the story just because Demi badgering them with emails, texts or whatever in trying to reach them when they cut her off, I think it’s because she still refusing to address her problems properly.

        As you said above, they have the money, access and connections to move away or changing the number and making sure to give it only to a certain trusted people unlike most kids that encounter their troubled parents.

        Just doesn’t seems to make any sense if they upgraded in such short time from cutting her off to getting a restraining order. Why not from the beginning getting the restraining order if the relationship is really that bad?

        Some people wrote here that Demi might be a manipulative person and abusing her daughters for years. But, how come Bruce could just stand aside if his daughters are abused for that long???? How could he let her be the one who raised the girls??

        In any case, I wish Demi could get a help and supports that she obviously needs. The same goes for the girls.

  3. Venice says:

    Maybe it is karma for Demi. She cut her mother off for her drinking. Didn’t let her Mom see her daughters, and she died lonely. Demi has much more problems than her Mom ever did. She should be greatful her girls just need space from her.

    • lafairy says:

      Demi’s mom didn’t die lonely, Demi Moore reconciled whith her when she got that she had cancer and took her home and cared for her for the last 2 years of her life, and her mom died into her arms.

      And Demi cut her off not just because the drinking thing, but also because she had a horrile childhood because of her mom, ad particularly because her mom had let her then boyfriend bullied her and beat her up for years… so very serious reasons.

      Demi Moore is a lot of things but she was a pretty decent person to her mom if you take into account what her mom made her gone trhough her childhood.

  4. Loulou says:

    I’d be livid at my daughters if, on top of being publicly cheated on on my anniversary, the girls added insult to injury by not allowing a longer period to go by before they had contact with the ex. It’s a double insult for Demi, x 2 for each daughter. But we live in an age where everybody does what they want, even of it means making your own mother look like an imbecile to the world. Too much laissez-faire in my opinion. If I were Demi Moore, I’d shun my daughters for a good long while until they had time to think, that without my fame, not too many people are interested in them. For that, they’d have to cozy up to their father and somehow, if his wife cheated on Willis, I doubt his daughters would get all chummy with his wife. There’s a serious lopsided loyalty in that family. Demi, go to Europe, find a man your age and get some appreciation. That’s my advice. She’s only getting cannibalized at the moment.

    • diana says:

      I kind of agree with you. But not the vacation and romance, because that reeks of desperation.

      If I were Demi, I d first get my shit together. Then focus on work. Because success lures family and friends (sad fact, but true). And Demi is a decent actress. And maybe adopt a kid in need. This is like beginning with a clean slate and forging new relationships. The kids will come back to her one way or another.

      You are in my prayers Demi.

      • Rhea says:

        Because success lures family and friends (sad fact, but true)—> yup, right on the money there! -_-

    • Toot says:

      Agree, but I hope she stays in Idaho and forget those heffas in LA.

    • lafairy says:

      Totally agree! I am totally apalled by these girls behaviour!
      Ok Demi is a mess, but she goes through a really hard time and the only thing they find relevant to do is kicking her when she is down!!Wow these girls know how to bring loyalty.

      I can’t imagine doing that to my mom.ever.

      Even if you are annoyed because your mom is needy, and acting pathetic stabbing her publically is not really a process of healing.

      So besides being ugly outside these girl apparently have the same level of inner beauty.

      They truly are prizes!

  5. Slipper says:

    Any chance that Demi is Coke Mom from the common blind or was she excluded at some point?

    • mln76 says:

      I don’t even see how that’s a plausible guess…CM is supposed to have one YOUNG child…like toddler aged when the blind originated the Willis girls would have already been in their late teens.

      The popular guess has always been Debra Messing.

      • Slipper says:

        Ahh thanks, i googled Coke Mom and was only able to find a couple and none of them just mentioned one child. 🙂 Does anyone have a link to all the Coke Mom blinds?

  6. Toot says:

    Demi is a Scorpio like myself and I bet she’s not that broke up about not being in contact with her daughters right now. She may have wanted support and contact at a point, but this situation that’s happening now is probably making her feel hurt by the publicness of it and she’s fine with no contact.

    Hopefully Demi continues trying to get better and focus on herself.

    • diana says:

      We scorpios are ambitious but sensitive lot, aren’t we?
      But thank our stars, we always bounce back.

  7. Black Pearl says:

    I dont even get why the girls are still talking to Ashton. I dont care how close they were/ are, If it were my mother who was publicly cheated on and humiliated the way Demi was, i would never speak to her ex again even if i hate my mum, i’d still take side with her but I guess that’s just d way I am…

  8. Ravensdaughter says:

    How magnanimous! (Sarcasm)

  9. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    This is a very interesting discussion – whether to keep a parent in your life when they are behaving badly.

    It can be hard when the troubled parent pass on and then you think of all the time that you didn’t spend with them and this can eat away at you; yet when they are here not always kind, easy or healthy to deal with either.

    Some people have parents so mean they have to cut them out completely for their own sanity – and others cut their parents off because they haven’t yet made the same mistakes as their parents.

    When I was demi’s daughters age I cut my mother out of my life because we had a myriad of problems – now that she is gone I think about that time that we weren’t in eachothers lives.

    I hope that both parties can get some counselling to help overcome their issues.

  10. We all need space from Demi, also Jennifer Aniston,Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and a few other old girls who should be sitting in their posh abodes and doing something like writing their memoirs and stop chasing fame like wh*res. Why don’t you ask your audience who they are sick to death hearing about, and then give us a rest from them for the rest of the year.

  11. skuddles says:

    Glad to hear there is no restraining order in the works. Because some sh*t, once it’s done, can’t be undone – or at least the damage and hurt it causes can’t be taken back.

  12. Mpress Me says:

    WOW! Loyalty to a step-dad who’s not much older than the kids who publicly cheated on and humiliated their Mom … that would really hurt!!!! If it was their own father who raised them, I would expect at the most an equal siding of parents. If was Demi, my children shunning me when I was down for their cheating stepfather would be a pain that would be unbearable.

    • CJP says:

      Mature adults don’t make their children take sides.

      • yeabuddy says:

        No, they don’t make children take sides, but we’re not talking about young kids or young teenagers, they’re 20 something adults.

        If it’s true what he did, the children should KNOW which side to take and be close and give support to, NOT the guy who went after some new tail (if it’s true).