Brad Pitt’s mom bought Angelina Jolie a Bible, so all hell is going to break loose

When I first glanced through this story in the Enquirer, I was like, “Eh, yeah right.” But the story is actually based on a factual event – Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane Pitt, bought a Bible for Angelina Jolie. Both The Enquirer and In Touch Weekly spoke to a salesclerk at a Springfield, Missouri Christian bookstore, and the salesman confirms that Jane did in fact buy a Bible, and she had it embossed with “Angelina Jolie”. Obviously, Jane Pitt is trying to bring her devilish, villainess of a future daughter-in-law IN LINE. While we now know that Jane Pitt is something of a fire-breathing conservative, I’m still having problems making the leap from “Jane Pitt is a conservative Christian lady who buys Bibles for her son’s bisexual baby-mama” to “Obviously, Jane hates Angelina and the feeling is mutual.”

Brad Pitt’s God-fearing mother Jane has ratcheted up the battle with Angelina Jolie by buying Jolie an engraved Bible as a wedding present, say sources.

“Jane bought the Good Book a couple of weeks ago to help save Angelina’s soul and bring her closer to God, but it’s turned into a disaster,” revealed an insider.

Kristopher Burnett, a sales clerk at Mardel Christian Bookstore in Springfield, Mo., told The Enquirer that he sold Jane the Bible and prayed with her for Brad and Angelina’s well-being. But after Angie heard about Jane’s prayer, she went crazy! Angelina, who was raised Catholic but adheres to no specific faith, took offense because it implied that she needed saving.

“Angelina was already furious with Jane, so this just added insult to injury,” said the insider.

Said the insider: “Angelina has always felt Jane looked down on her for a bisexual lifestyle, previous drug use and for being ‘the other woman’ in Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. If Brad doesn’t mediate soon, it’s going to totally sabotage his relationship with Angelina and his family.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

In Touch has more details about the Bible too – Jane paid $130 for it, the Bible has black leather binding, and Jane had the “Angelina Jolie” embossing done in “flowing gold script”. And Ol’ Kris Burnett spoke to In Touch too, saying, “We prayed with Brad’s mom and sister over the Bible, asking the Lord to lead the way in Brad and Angelina’s life.” Um… “asking the Lord to lead the way in Brad and Angelina’s life”?? Like the Lord isn’t already in their lives? Presumptuous.

So… does it follow that the gift of a Bible is automatically going to lead to tears, retribution, anguish and, as always, Brad sobbing in the corner? Eh. Brad and Angelina have been together for seven years. Angelina knows Jane is conservative and Christian at this point. I’m of two minds on this, actually – I think there’s a very good chance that Jane has nothing but the best, nicest intentions with this gift, and merely means to give Angelina a nice copy of the Bible, something that can passed down to her children. One the other side, I do think the gift is ripe for some bad interpretations, like Jane is passive-aggressively judging Angelina as a bad mother, as a wanton woman and as a person who presumably has her own faith and her own relationship with God already, but the relationship doesn’t count because NO BIBLE. And while I wouldn’t be upset if I (a theist with no particular belief system) was given a Bible in general, I kind of think a (new) Bible makes for a crappy, cheap wedding gift to give to your future daughter-in-law. It would be one thing if Jane was passing down a family Bible to future generations – but to get her a new one as a wedding gift? I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like the most generous gift (generous of spirit, I mean).

Oh, and the UK tabs are reporting that Angelina is pissed because Jane keeps buying girly, princess-y things for Shiloh. A source claims, “It’s well documented that Shiloh likes to dress like a boy. But Jane still insists on buying her fairy costumes and princess dresses, which Angelina finds very disrespectful.” EH. The source also says, “Brad and Angelina were devastated by Jane’s actions. They have worked hard campaigning for equality, working closely with Barack Obama. Angelina called Jane and told her she believes she’s setting a bad example for the kids.” Even bigger “eh”.

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  1. QQ says:

    This all sound like THE biggest crock of shit!

  2. Marianne says:

    This is off-topic, but is there any reason why you havent mentioned TDKR shooting yet?

    • lisa2 says:

      I was wondering that, but I’m sure something will be put up later.

      JUST SO SAD. People are crazy.

    • cmc says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. Maybe it’s a little too dark/serious of a subject matter. Not that they can’t write it, but that’s not why people come here. That’s my guess?

    • olcranky says:

      it’s a news event and, while it happened at a first showing of a big movie, it doesn’t involve a celebrity so should it really be a story on a gossip site?

      I personally find it kind of offensive when shows like ET, Access Hollywood, etc. cover these sorts of regular news events. It seems cloying and disrespectful to me and I think it actually helps further clouds the fame vs infamy line. he only thing I find more offensive is when they ask the stars what they think of the event or the tag for the story is the “XYZ shooting and how it affected the stars”

      • pwal says:

        I absolutely agree with you. I still cringe thinking about In Touch and/or Life & Style having a cover story about the VTech shootings. For one, they didn’t have a history of having real-life tragedies on their covers and for another, they haven’t done a real-life tragedy story since, therefore it just seemed like a one-shot money grab.

        And for the most part, I don’t give a rip about a celeb’s take on a real-life tragedy. As if knowing that a celeb is heart sick about a shooting/act of violence would validate my feelings about it.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Like the phone interview with Ja Rule after the 9/11 attacks.

      • erika says:

        sick, far beyond offensive there’s no word for it.

        It’s not ‘entertaining’ to be watching that horror go down in colorado.

  3. Chickie Baby says:

    Just because Momma Pitt bought Angie a bible doesn’t mean the book will be used. It may only be added to a bookshelf with the rest of her personal library. (And does anybody really see Angelina sitting down for bible study with a group of people? She’s a busy mom who has probably said her fair share of prayers over the years.)

  4. mln76 says:

    I seem to remember Angelina saying they had a lot of religious texts in their home and were open to their children learning about all the different beliefs. Considering how batshit crazy conservative her dad is the fact that Jane is also a conservative probably doesn’t phase Angelina much.
    But I guess it gives the tabs a new angle to talk about this story so we should be grateful for the change-up.

  5. Billy says:

    Meh. My mother-in-law tries to convert me any chance she gets but we don’t hate each other.

    • Selena Castle says:

      So does my MIL and I agree meh. But she has always asked me before she says a prayer for me (during illness etc). I have always agreed. On the other hand one of the most offensive things ever done to me was when a sexist pig of a born again christian that I was working with (he used to tell filthy jokes and leave porn around our office) told me that he and his mens group had prayed that I would change my life! I was so offended! Because A. I don’t think my life needed changing, B. He had discussed me with his scuzzy “mens group and I can only imagine the terms he used, and C. I felt as though he had infringed on my religious beliefs. Anyway I told him that the girls and I would return the favour. He said what girls? with a leer on his face and I told him that it was a select group of 13 ladies and we met on the full moon to say our prayers. He went very white and never approached the subject again. :)

  6. lisa2 says:

    I don’t understand these stories. Mainly because these stories make it seem as if Angie and Jane just met. They met over 7 years ago. These people are not strangers. Besides that do people actually think Brad and Angie never discussed his family’s religious views before he took her home to meet them in Nov ’05. Angie said in an interview that Brad gave her this bookshelf that had different religious books. So why would people assume that because Brad is not a believer that Angie is equally apposed. these stories act like Angie has no interaction with the Pitts. The elder Pitts have traveled all over the world to spend time with the Jolie-Pitts. They stay in the same house. When his family visits in LA they are at Brad’s house. Just like they came and stayed for weeks in France when the twins were born, not to mention they have been to almost every location. So why is it always Angie and Jane against each other. Why is it always the women. Brad is the father of theses children, and I know that people want to act as if Angie rules over him, which is laughable, but these stories are SICK and dumb.

    credit gossipcop: But Gossip Cop called Burnett, and he tells us he never told the Enquirer that.

    He never “prayed” with Jane Pitt for Brad and Jolie.

    (looking at them together in the pictures above. there is a lot of warmth between them. they seem to like each other very much. And that is possible despite religious views)

    • Bad Irene says:

      I agree that the above photos show an easiness and warmth between them which must be nice for AJ having lost her own mom. From personal experience having lost my mom at 11 I really value the friendship I have with the hubs mother, as for the bible maybe its a family thing that the pitts got all their family and included AJ too, who knows? Not everything is sinister.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      I agree. Jane Pitt seems like a warm-hearted lady, even if she espouses views that I personally find repugnant, and it certainly seems like she has a close relationship with the Jolie-Pitt clan. She probably does worry about the religious beliefs of her son and grandkids (based on what I’ve seen from other devout conservative evangelicals), but she obviously cares more about spending time with her family than about castigating over religious matters. Sure, I can imagine Angelina was righteously pissed about the marriage equality thing, and might well have told Jane she was setting a bad example for the kids. And I can imagine Jane buying a Bible for Angelina as a not-so-subtle “hope you and my grandkids get saved soon” gesture. But it doesn’t mean they hate each other or there’s going to be some permanent family rift. Of course, I guess that doesn’t sell as many tabloids.

  7. joanna says:

    i like reading these stories about my old stomping grounds. :) brad went to mo state univ too so i know he is my soulmate. soon my prayers will be answered. lol.

  8. Hughie says:

    Brad didn’t cry? The stories are false then.

    • Rhea says:

      :D You should wait a comment from @LAK then. She could make the best story about Brad crying his eyes out for every articles about Brangelina! LOL.

      • LAK says:

        @Rhea – i blush! :)

        Sources say that Angelina and Jane Pitt are on the outs because Jane didn’t remember that Angelina likes to tattoo her body with profound messages so would have preferred that she picks one from the bible instead of delivering an actual bible.

        Unfortunately she isn’t speaking to Brad right now because she found out that he helped his mother pick out those dresses for Shiloh after also telling her that a bible was the very thing Angelina wanted.

        Brad is currently in tearful prayer with Burnett at the Mardel Christian Bookstore who has promised to help him organise a special Hen night for Angie and her two BBFs Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob as a wedding gift.

      • Rhea says:

        ROFL LMAO!!!!! LAK, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me!!! :D :D :D

  9. lower-case deb says:

    Maybe that just means that AJ and BP are going to get married soon?

    Isn’t a Bible sort of a “must” gift for a Church wedding? I vaguely remember that all of my friends who got married in church, specially the Catholic church, got a brand new bible with both bride’s and groom’s name (in addition to rosary for the Roman Catholics, or plain cross necklace for Protestant Christians). i vaguely remember there being a part of the ceremony blessing those things, as well.

    and even though my ID card says I’m RC, I got married in the civil hall, so I don’t get those brand new stuff.

    • L says:

      We’re catholic and I’ve never heard of this. Maybe it’s just that one family’s tradition?

      Now at first communion and confirmation-totally got religious pieces, but never a bible.

      • lower-case deb says:

        possibly :) i’m not too well-versed in catholicism to say for certain (even though i am registered in my national ID card as R.C., and since i compromised with a civil hall wedding and not just elope so i can’t tell from personal experience).

        but from two or three of my closer friends, it’s in their checklist of stuff to prepare. although they’re specified in a general kind of way and don’t dictate whether it’s one bible with two names, or two bibles (couple’s bible with matching covers, matching fancy script, etc). my best guess is that this could possibly be one of those cultural assimilation things that R.C. does. because in my culture there’s a “hantaran nikah” (betrothal gifts) tradition which usually includes religious items.
        :) anyway.

    • Lira says:

      In my mostly catholic country sometimes the newlymarried get a bible atthereligious wedding (here people have to have a civil weddding to be legal, and if you want, then celebrate the religious wedding).
      The bible giftis optional here, sometimes it could bea family memberor maybe a Bridesmaid will gift it (the names of those witness at weddings are different here).

    • Lindsay says:

      It isn’t a must but they take it very seriously if you want to be married in their church and wanted your marriage to be recognized by the church. It is months of interviews, classes, and working with a marriage coach. Some people use the book they used in their classes other people get a new one just for the ceremony. It is a nice keepsake of the day, the readings are usually marked and for some people it has a great deal of meaning and sentiment. If the bride and groom don’t care about it the church has a few on hand :)

    • taxi says:

      No. I’ve bridesmaided a lot of Roman Catholic weddings & never saw or heard of the Bible gift.

  10. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    A small part of me died when I read that you’re a theist, Kaiser. :(

    I’m going to buy you a copy of The God Delusion.

  11. Lucy2 says:

    The only grain of truth here seems to be that she bought it. My guess? She thought it was a nice gift, and Angelina will probably say thank you and then put it on the shelf, and that’s the end of it.
    Not something I would give another person as it would feel like pushing beliefs onto them, but I doubt there was any maliciousness intended.

    • Raven says:

      AJ’s mother was very religious. She’s probably used to this.

    • lovelylaura says:


      Last Christmas, my brother’s family (Southern Baptists) gifted my family (Buddhists) with a Bible for each of us (mine has a purple leather cover!) He’s never going to stop trying to convert me, and I’m never giving in, but I love him dearly and don’t want to rock the boat. So, I did the only thing I could think of – thanked him and put them on the shelf.

      The things you do for love!

  12. Dee Cee says:

    Ya never know.. maybe she can help Angelina, Brad and their children in some important way we know nothing about..

  13. Cherry says:

    I hate how The Enquirer -and most gossip rags, for that matter- keeps hammering on AJ’s ‘bisexual lifestyle, previous drug use and for being ‘the other woman’ in Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston’. Please. That was YEARS ago. The woman has been with Pitt for seven years now, she’s a mother and a UN ambassador. From what I can tell, she’s pretty much the ideal daughter-in-law. Personally, I think that’s a pity, because I would LOVE to have the old badass-Angelina back. But Jane Pitt should count her blessings.

    • Brittney says:

      I hate it too, but only because her bisexuality is consistently lumped in with all her wild and sometimes downright dangerous behavior.

      Loving women as well as men is not a vice, and the fact that she’s with Brad now doesn’t make her any less bisexual, just as her relationship with Jenny didn’t either. It’s harmful (and frankly, offensive to bisexuals) that this is still happening in print.

  14. Rhea says:

    My hubby comes from a different culture and religion. So often times my parents always trying to give him a gift either it’s a religious items or something from my culture. The same as my hubby, I would imagine Jolie’s reaction would be amused while politely saying thank you. For him my parents have the best, nicest intentions with all those gifts. :)

    When you are already in years of relationship, you would compromise too and not making a big deal out of every single thing. I don’t think Jolie would make a big deal of every gift from Jane’s.

    Only people with nothing to do and a lot of time on their hands would go bat crazy for small things like that. Just can’t see her bothering herself with getting furious over that when she’s busy doing so many things.

    • diana says:

      your life must be very interesting. I always wished for a multicultural family. My family is so homogenous it is almost inbred.

      • Rhea says:

        A homogenous family has its own advantage too. Multicultural family IS interesting but also comes with its own share of problems, unfortunately. :)

        Often times both sides of family would clash about which religion/culture we should be using in almost every occasion. Classic problems in any other couples—starting from the wedding ceremony, what name you should give to your children, etc—would get double amount of the pressure.

        Friends and family could help to make or break your relationship but there’s an extra pressure when your partner comes from a different backgrounds.

        Each side of family would often try to instill more of their beliefs, culture and religion on the couple’s life.

        Anyway, we refused to let that affecting our marriage and opting to stay in a completely neutral place (neither his or my country). But, we would take turn visiting them on holidays. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why Brad & Angie often traveling. ;)

      • diana says:

        I sincerely wish you and your family keep having interesting times, stay healthy and happy for a long time :)
        You do realize your post has made me want that kind of family much more, dont you? :)

      • Rhea says:

        Aww… you are such a sweet person, Diana. Bless your heart. I’m wishing the same goes for you,too. :)

        “You do realize your post has made me want that kind of family much more, dont you?”
        —-> LOL. Go for it, then!! :D My advice would be one: don’t let the differences creating a distance. ;)

      • Elizabeth says:

        I worked with a woman who had just had her 1st child/ the 1st grandchild. Her family was Italian and her husband’s family was Greek. She told me they named the child Maria (a lovely name IMO) becuase it was probably the only name that both sides of the family would agree on.

    • Melanie says:

      Wow. This has to be one of the most positive exchanges I’ve ever seen in a comments section. Cheers to both of you. =)

  15. RHONYC says:

    speaking of gifts:

    my money says that Angie bought that Chanel bag with the ‘chains’ &
    ‘black leather’ blazer for Mama Pitt. ya know, as a ‘get-on-my-level-bitch’ present. lol ;-)

  16. Lira says:

    AJ probably has a Bible like that, with her name on it and all, and probably her MIL gave it to her years ago. I bet she has a small library of holy books of different religions. probably another given to her by Queen Rania, the Jewish Old Testament, Some BuDdhist texts, etc. She has to be an open person, and her childre, even if the are not raised within a certain reñigion, have to be understanding and tolerant of Christianity, the religion of their close family, and other stoo, since they celbrate other holidays from the adopted children’s cultures.
    This is another c*ap article.

  17. Kelly says:

    Eh. Even though I totally believe Jane is a nutty conservative, I think this one is innocent enough. I’m sure Brad and his siblings all have bibles with their names, which they received at birth, first communion, whatever. This is probably just Jane’s way of welcoming Angie to the family as daughter now.

  18. Melissa says:

    I would be completely offended if someone bought a Bible for me, but I don’t know where Angelina falls on the religious spectrum. And how is a Bible inscribed with Angelina’s name a wedding gift? You buy a wedding gift for a couple, not for an individual.

    • Kim says:

      I’M not religious but I think the Bible is a fascinating book.Maybe the Bible is something new as in something old, borrowed and something blue Lol

    • Lindsay says:

      Blog 2

      If you are a guest you would buy the wedding present for the couple but if you are the parents or even siblings of the couple it is not uncommon to give an individual gift. If it was a proper wedding gift then it wouldn’t have been opened until after the wedding. 

      You could think of it as an engagement gift, welcome to our family gift or a bridal gift that is usually given at the bride’s shower – I don’t think she will have one. So if you find the semantics troubling there you go.

      From what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like she would be offended by a Bible and don’t think his mom would have gotten that for her just to make digs.  I think she would have gone with something more obviously offensive and one that makes a clear point, giving a Bible is vague – there is a good chance the recipient won’t figure out the right answer of why they are a bad person. Parenting books, eating disorder books, addict books, Learn to Cook: That’s What Wives Do, Put A Dress On Her Now: Why Are You Making Lesbian, How To Be A Better Daughter-In-Law, You Are Not Good Enough For My Son, or that Andrew Morton (?) biography highlight all the bad stuff and write we need to talk. I really hope the last one is the only one that exists!

  19. MK yarwood says:

    Meh, Jesus ignores the rich. Stop buying expensive bibles and have a heart to heart with your soon to be daughter-in-law. Why are people so circuitous?

  20. Linda says:

    I don’t get why people keep saying Angie is a bisexual. Maybe her relationship with Jenny was an experiment. She was young. She has never persue any woman after Jenny. Angie hardly ever talk about having a relationship with woman. She always talks about men. If she is a bisexual, she would have go back and forth with both man/woman. Her 1st boyfriend was a man. She married 2 men and soon to be husband Brad.

    Didn’t Drew Barrymore had a short relationship with a woman. Does this make her bisexual too?

    • lisa2 says:

      You are using logic and common sense. And you are correct. Angie had ONE relationship when she was very young. But her detractors will claim she has had all these other “secret” relationships. But as you pointed out. She has only had ONE woman say she had a relationship with her. And all her other relationships have been with men. But according the the people not fans of hers you would think she is the only woman to have done this. Despite that fact that we now have tons of other female actresses coming out saying they have had many relationships with women. But the media and certain people are only focused on Angie and her past. Because she is the only one they have that Double standard about.

    • AnnieN says:

      I think all artists are free spired and capable of seeing beauty in either sex. I have labels because you are suddenly boxed in and if you step out of that box people freak out.

  21. paola says:

    I so wish things between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were kept within the family.

  22. ramona says:

    Honestly, what do you buy for a multi-millionaire who has everything?

    Jane (supposedly) bought Angelina something that she felt had great personal meaning. I’m an atheist, but I think a beautiful engraved Bible from someone who cherished the text would be quite a meaningful gift. Besides, what is Jane supposed to buy for them? A plate for their “everyday china” set from their registry?

  23. hmmmm..... says:

    Wait until the bible thumper starts laying hands on their home to free them of any demons that might be hanging around! LOL I’m sure Jane wakes up with night sweats just thinking about the fact that her grandchildren are UNBAPTIZED…assuming that is the case, of course.

    Somehow I don’t see Angie standing around the Baptismal Font with her brood having them “saved” from the sins they haven’t committed yet.

  24. G says:

    I call BS on this story. It’s summer and not much is happening.

    All the evidence that is that this family is like every other that has a generation gap and differences of opinion. On the whole is seems that the Pitts are proud of all of them.

    I’ve never heard of Angelina criticizing anyone else beliefs ever either. So summer BS.

  25. Chattycat says:

    Momma Pitt may have bought the Bible…but I ain’t buying the Enquirer’s version of the story.

  26. AnnieN says:

    I buy that she bought the bible and did the prayer but isn’t that the norm in their part of the US? I’m sure she’s bought plenty of bibles for other friends & family. I’m no fan of AngieJo or BP but I’m not buying this. I think the tabs are just trying to come up with new spins to sell mags and keep the triangle going.

  27. Boo says:

    Brad’s Mom opened herself up for all of this when she opened her mouth a few weeks ago. Whether any of it is true or not, if Mama Pitt doesn’t want this sort of attention, she needs to zip up her lips.

  28. CT says:

    Why is it just an eh? If you Jennifer Aniston even wears an outfit you can misinterpret, you go into a tizzy. but an incredibly passive aggressive such as this deserves a mere eh? Lol, ok.

  29. fancyamazon says:

    I think hey get along just fine. And as for the clothing thing, that’s a grandma story. My Grandma used to buy me frilly pink dresses all the time, even though I always wore cricket jeans and t-shirts, hated pink. She probably still thinks I loved them though. Just wore them when she would visit. :)

  30. Janet says:

    I agree that a Bible is a tacky wedding gift, but honestly, what could you give them for a gift that they don’t already have?

  31. Sarah says:

    I used to get Bibles from family members a lot. In my experience, religious relatives don’t buy bibles for other similarly minded religious family members, they buy them for the relatives they assume are going to go to hell unless they start going down the “right” path with a fancy new bible.

    Considering a large part of my family would probably love to braid Jane Pitt’s hair and spend the whole night giggling about how much they hate the Gays, I’d say that maybe their intents for bible giving are not that far off.

  32. SMH says:

    I call BS.

    Jolie and Pitt have said they are going to expose their kids to all religions and let them decide. I thought Pitt brought a bookshelf with several texts for Christmas one year (which they apparently observe based on interviews).

    We received a really nice bible for our wedding. So I don’t think it’s an uncommon gift.

    Since Jolie has been married a few times, I would hope she knows that if you don’t get along with your in laws, the best way to handle those issues is to delegate it to your significant other. And Jane buying Shiloh girly clothes is just a grandma not being in tune with the kid or having a hard time letting go of gender roles. Maybe she figures that Shiloh might decide to try dressing up and she wants to make sure she has stuff on hand. Who knows.

  33. mayamae says:

    I find the thought of Jane trying to convert Angelina very insulting. Why doesn’t she try working on her own son? It’s that old fashioned crap about the wife being responsible for the husband’s soul being saved.

  34. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Assuming this story is true (which really who knows?) I kind of don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Yeah, the intention was probably “read this and maybe you’ll change your mind” but most atheists (is Angelina atheist or agnostic or neither?) take stuff like that with a grain of salt. I sort of hate how the tabs are trying to create an imaginary war between Angie and her MIL. Leave them alone, they seem fine.

    When/if I do have children, I wouldn’t have a problem with having a bible in my bookshelves. I’m an atheist, but my aim has always been to raise my kids with the CHOICE to believe in what they want. I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t die a little inside if they chose religion, but I would never influence them one way or another. The point is to avoid indoctrination and let them choose for themselves.

  35. MooCow says:

    How is this a wedding gift if it is embossed with Angie’s name. Hasn’t anyone tumbled to the FACT that this story has been around since about the time of Angie’s BIRTHDAY FFS? IMO AJ is much more open to the world’s religions than Brad …. and a bible would be a really stupid wedding gift for an affirmed agnostic like BP. AJ says she doesn’t believe in an afterlife but that is all I have ever heard from her on the subject of God.

  36. samira677 says:

    What I don’t understand is Brad has been very vocal about gay rights and being anti religion. But all of the stories are Angelina is going ballistic when she never talks about these issues publicly.

    • Kim says:

      Angie is evil and controlling according to the tabloids so they focus on her not Brad

    • MooCow says:

      The tabloid rags can’t make any money off Brad and his Mom falling out. All the Angie-haters will buy anything as long as it puts some bad light on AJ. There is no evidence she has ever had a problem with Jane Pitt except in the tabloids and the Loonifers take it all as gospel …. despite Jen never having been a big go-to-Missouri type gal or even one to hang with Justin’s Mom, Vince’s sibs or her own d*** Mother.

  37. Tastykakes says:

    I’m of the school of thought that any religious based gift would incredibly presumptuous & in bad taste. Perhaps a beautiful, leather-bound collection of classic fairy tales she could read to her kids would be more appropriate, and still just as fictional.

  38. epiphany says:

    Don’t know how Catholicism got dragged in to this, the Pitt’s aren’t Catholic, they’re Protestant. Jolie hasn’t practiced Catholicism in years -I have no idea what her personal beliefs are on the matter, but there’s no indication she’s a practicing Catholic.
    That said, this story is so full of holes you could drive a truck through it. “Gave her a bible to save her soul” – what? God saves souls; the Bible itself is just a book; it’s fascinating reading, even if you’re not a believer.”Working closely with Barack Obama” – maybe Pitt is, but Jolie has stated several times she’s not a fan of Obama, and it’s one of the salient areas where she and Pitt disagree – consistently.

  39. RHONYC says:


    i know what Angie’s getting Jane for Christ-mas…

    a monogrammed Kamasutra.

    she can join the ‘other’ Jane (Fonda) in the geriatric sex revolution. hey-yo!

    what? like you didn’t know Angie worships the Hindu god Gitchafreakon.

    lol :-D

  40. Jordan says:

    So, they sound like a normal family, really. It’s not as if a bible will scorch Angie Jo’s hands when she touches it. Just b/c she has a bible, and even if she reads it, doesn’t mean she has to subscribe to all of its teachings. I’ve read books of other religions b/c I was interested in learning about them, not b/c I was converting. As for buying Shiloh girlie clothes, she probably does. She probably buys Shiloh and Zahara the same princess dress but in their own “assigned” colors. I remember my grandma would buy my cousin and I the same or very similar dresses but mine was ALWAYS pink and my cousin’s was lavender. I actually like lavender better so I wasn’t pleased, but it made no difference. Family, huh!?

  41. KellyinSeattle says:

    I see nothing wrong with giving a Bible as a gift. Myself, I have read EVERY book involved in major religions and philosophies…yes, every one available, and I think people should read the Bible and other religious works before criticizing them…just my opinion. Love Angie, though…she’s so exotic, so effortlessly…no one like Jackie O. ever, but she’s in the category of easy-come class and style.

  42. Sweettart says:

    is something of a fire-breathing conservative

    First, I hardly think having an opinion on traditional marriage and having the “audacity” to actually say so qualifies as being a “fire breathing conservative”

    Second, assuming that this is true (I think half the stuff on gossip blogs is just made up and assigned to a never verified “source,”) this statement contradicts itself:

    “Angelina, who was raised Catholic but adheres to no specific faith, took offense because it implied that she needed saving.”

    She claims to adhere to “no specific faith” so she would have nothing to be “saved by.”

    Third, that isn’t even what the source said. They said they that they prayed for their “well being.”

    What would she had preferred? A black Sabbath mass?

    Fourth, Brad has said numerous times that he is an aethist.

    So if this book is all based on a bunch of fairy tales . . . What is the problem?

    If neither of them think that there is anything to it, why all the drama?

    Put it on the shelf with Classical Mythology and the Canterbury Tales.

    Mrs. Pitt asked for blessings for her son and the person he loves from the One who she believes as the ultimate source of blessings.

    And this is something to be offended by?

    of think a (new) Bible makes for a crappy, cheap wedding gift to give to your future daughter-in-law

    Who said it was a wedding gift? It sounded like it was just something she wanted to give Angie.

    On a side note, this:

    “Said the insider: “Angelina has always felt Jane looked down on her for a bisexual lifestyle, previous drug use and for being ‘the other woman’ in Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

    . . . was an interesting admission. I thought the official line was always that Brad and Angelina weren’t involved while he was still married to Jen.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      *“Angelina, who was raised Catholic but adheres to no specific faith, took offense because it implied that she needed saving.”*

      As someone who was raised Catholic (and quit) – I would take offense to being saved – because those Evangelical nut bags would want to “save” Angelina even if she was a nun. She is not one of them – even if she was a Catholic virgin on her wedding day.

      I take offense to the word “saved” used in this context.

      (not yelling at you but at Jane)

      And yes I was Evangelical bashing because no other Christian faith wants to convert other Christians.

  43. Sabrine says:

    Regarding the mother-in-law issue, the best thing Angelina can do is just be civil and polite to the woman, and definitely don’t bring up any of these hot topics. It won’t do any good. Just keep things pleasant and stick to topics regarding the kids and things in general, changing the subject quickly if the mom brings up topics that you consider inappropriate. Really, this is the best way to handle things.

    Same with inappropriate gifts. Just say thank you and toss them in the garbage/drawer when you get home.

  44. Katija says:

    I don’t know if you can really hate on Jane for looking at Angelina and thinking, “That trick needs Jesus.” I mean, YEAH, her editorial was homophobic and gross. But I mean… she’s not an actress or performer. She’s just this small town Southern Christian lady, and she didn’t ask to be thrown into the Hollywood weirdness.

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t see anything about Angie’s life or Brad’s that screams “we need Jesus”

      They seem to be two people that love each other and are raising their family. They are not out hurting other people or telling anyone how to live their lives. They are helping those less fortunate then themselves. To me that speaks of what Jesus preached about. Despite not being religious they seem to be living an honorable life.

      I know people that are in church on Sunday and are hardly honorable people. I think we should all live the best life we can. Helping if we can and loving the people around us.

      I think Angie has the idea well in place.

      • Katija says:

        I think you misunderstood me. I’m actually Jewish, so I don’t think anyone “needs” Jesus, LMAO. I meant from the perspective of this small town Christian, Angelina probably seems very shocking.

      • lisa2 says:

        No I did get that part. That you meant from Jane’s perspective. But I said this before these stories and even some of the comments seem to come from the point that Angie is just now learning how Jane and the entire Pitt family feels regarding religion. And that is not the case. Brad and Angie have been together for 7 years. And if anyone thinks that Jane’s views are news to her then that is what makes me SMH. Beside Angie’s father feels the same and she has managed to reunite and have a relationship with him. So why would a relationship with Jane be out of the question. Besides that John has spoken very highly of Brad, and we all know they are complete opposites. But stories of Brad and John fighting are not the kind that will get hits on gossip sites. Always woman against woman.

        These people have known each other for a long time. These beliefs are not news to any of them.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Brad doesn’t fight with family. Brad keeps trying to shove estranged families together. He doesn’t get the concept of estrangement. If I were her I would have beaten him silly by now (OK walked off). He did that with the Aniston and he has been at it with Angelina since day one.

        I really don’t know how she stands him. In the end he is very midwestern.

    • RHONYC says:

      lmao Katija!

      or small town ‘Church Lady’!

      Angie: “GLBT rights for all, woop-woop!”

      Mama Pitt: “weeeell….isn’t THAT spe-cial!”. :lol:

  45. Ravensdaughter says:

    Angelina is no fool-she is a Good Will Ambassador with the UN; surely she can handle her mother-in-law giving her a bible in a diplomatic way.
    With six kids and an otherwise loving grandma, there is no good reason for Angelina (vs Brad, her son) to rock the boat. If anything needs to be said, that is Brad’s job.
    I WAS married, so I learned some lessons about the mother-in-law and how she must be handled. Perhaps I didn’t learn as well as I should have, My ex was an only son so all the maternal attention a mother reserves for a son was heaped upon him…sigh…it could be worse for Angelina.

  46. Dee says:

    I hope AJ tells Jane to stick that Bible up her ass!

  47. heidi says:

    Angie’s beloved brother is very active in the Saddleback church. Besides she exposes her children to different religions so they can make their own decision as they mature. So Angie is not anti-religious. She’s smarter than that.
    She once said she had all the religions scriptures in that special bookcase(gift from Brad)~~I’m certain a copy of the Bible has been a mainstay in that home for some time now.

    • Johnny says:

      How are you CERTAIN of this?

      Reading all these comments, I just have to laugh. I have never seen so many people that think they know someone, or even an entire family, as most of you are claiming. What religion they are or aren’t, what their beliefs are, what is in that “special” book case etc.. Come on people! Unless you are personal friends with Jolie, Pitt and spend quality time with them, you don’t know squat. It is absolutely laughable, and really creepy to say the least!

      If Jane Pitt did in fact buy Jolie a Bible, I say, “kudos to Jane”. Now, maybe Jolie will sit down, read it, and learn a few things!!!

  48. Maritza says:

    I see nothing wrong with her mother in-law giving her a bible, mine did the same thing. As for her buying girly clothes for Shiloh well why not? Shiloh should have options I think Angelina is actually encouraging her daughter to dress like a boy.

    • lisa2 says:

      Oh because Shiloh only has ONE parent.
      I suppose Marcia Cross is doing the same thing to her daughter; but then she isn’t Angelina so all is fin and dandy.

      I don’t think she is “encouraging anything”. I thinks she is a parent that understands her child; along with Brad and is not letting people outside their lives dictate how they raise their children. Funny how that works. Imagine parents being the final say in how they choose to raise their children.

      I wonder if this trend Brad and Angie are setting will catch on with the rest of the world.

      How radical.

  49. reg says:

    Nothing will stop Jolie in raising her daughter to be transgender( I’m not buying that the kid picks only boy outfits and loves those horrible haircuts),
    Brad Pitt already said he was agnostic which is a fancy term for atheist, that man is so high most of the time he does not know what day of the week it is, which leaves batshit crazy Jolie running household.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Agnostic is not code for atheist, it’s code for raised Christian and not interested but believes in some higher power that is not related to that religion.

      I was “agnostic” until I learned the term “lapsed Catholic” now I’m “ex-Catholic/lapsed Christian” or “Deist”

      I do agree with you that they are raising that child transgender. We will not know what she is until she hits her teens. She could come out as frilly, pink and girly.

    • Janet says:

      Agnostic does not mean atheist. Atheist means you deny God exists. Agnostic means you don’t know whether or not God exists.

      As for Shiloh, she’s a tomboy and she dresses as one. No child’s gender preferences are set in stone at age six. Seven years from now she might be raiding Angie’s closet and trying on her makeup. And Cher dressed her daughter Chastity in frilly girly outfits all through her childhood, and we all know how that turned out.

  50. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    Maybe the clothing mention is more about Jane not listening or paying attention to the kids and who they are as individuals and what they like and is just imposing what she (Jane) thinks they should be wearing…and maybe she is doing the same with this gift of a Bible. If AJ is not Christian it’s kind of a strange gift. If it’s for the kids or even a wedding gift for her and Brad and their family, then why have only Angie’s name on it? Why not Jolie-Pitt Family?

  51. ZenB!tch says:

    I want to know what took her so long? If Jane is that conservative and Christian you would think she would have been trying to exorcise Angelina long before this.

    Who buys Bibles these days, anyway? I’m sure Angelina knows it’s online if she wants it. Heck, she probably has it bookmarked. It comes in handy for quoting it back at Evangelicals.

  52. EW says:

    I believe this story, especially since Jane wrote that hateful letter. Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the thought of marrying into a family that are passive aggressive, bible thumpers like the Pitts.

    • Johnny says:

      “I believe this story, especially since Jane wrote that hateful letter.” Hateful?? Please!

      “passive aggressive, bible thumpers like the Pitts.” What? Please explain what a “passive aggressive” “bible thumper” is. What a ridiculous comment!

  53. Moreaces says:

    Just the title alone has me about to p my pants, hilarious… Thank You, Thank you so much.

  54. Really? says:

    I love that first shot, what a hoot! She looks hilarious! If i were Brad, i’d put that pic on my fridge just to get a laugh every day, it’s cute and funny.

    My mom is conservative republican living in Oklahoma (i believe that’s Brad’s birthplace) and it really gets in the way of our relationship. I love her, but i rarely call her because all of our conversations steer towards religion. I get that that’s her “thing” but i freaking hate it when she feels divinely obligated to save my soul. I just wish i could tell her that that’s God’s job, not hers. It is so invasive. I’d also like to share Gandhi’s quote with her : “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike Christ.” Now, before anyone rips me a new one, please remember that this was Gandhi speaking, not Bill Maher.

  55. NeoCleo says:

    No, of course this wouldn’t break them up, but it is definitely hostile fire from the mother. I fiercely resent presumptuous people who tell me “they will pray for me” because I am agnostic. Giving Angelina a bible was a slap to the face, gold lettering and all. I bet Angie works really hard to keep things on an even keel with this woman. She is the antithesis idealogically to Angie (and Brad, but he’s not the intellectual heavyweight in the relationship) from her right-wing polictical bigotry to her rude religious gestures. Now, if the gift were a result of past philosophical discussions between the two ladies in which Angie expressed interest in Christianity, that would be a whole different ball game. But I’m a bettin’ woman and I say odds highly favor that Brad’s mother fired off a massive, passive agressive shot across Angie’s bow. I’d love to see this play out–and as a bettin woman, I’m putting all my money on Angie.

  56. John Felix Koziol says:

    I say kudos to Jane Pitt! Angelina Jolie, like many a movie “star” (I put quotes around star because it is TOTALLY and UTTERLY ridiculous how some actors and actresses think that just because they act makes them better than the rest of the people of the world due to the way the media brainwashes them into thinking that way!!!) is SO full of herself that she can’t think straight!!! She thinks she’s setting the right example for her son? She ought to get a clue! And she and Brad won’t marry until same sex marriage is legalized throughout the country? That is, BY FAR, one of the most most moronic comments I have EVER heard!!! Brad Pitt is a wimp! Angelina Jolie is obviously the leader of the family. I say this because I don’t remember him being this way before he got together with Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie carries herself like she’s queen of the universe, let alone the world. Someone needs to slap some SERIOUS sense into her!!! How some people think they are above God’s word is UTTERLY APPALLING!!! Angelina Jolie doesn’t even know she looks the fool for the way she is acting off a movie set. This girl needs some SERIOUS therapy and soon!!! Also, just because Mrs. Pitt and Angelina Jolie look like they’re getting along in front of the cameras doesn’t mean they are. They could be putting up a front in front of the cameras to try to fool the press into thinking that they are getting along. If they’re not, I blame Angelina Jolie!