Amy Winehouse meets with divorce lawyers in the hospital

On Tuesday Amy Winehouse was hospitalized after having a seizure. Though her publicist claims it was due to the specific combination of prescription medicine she’s taking, The Sun says that Amy and husband Blake Fielder-Civil got into a major screaming match over the phone, resulting in Amy going on a long bender. Now they’re reporting that Amy is so serious about ending her marriage that she met with divorce lawyers – while she was still in the hospital.

AMY WINEHOUSE met divorce lawyers yesterday to discuss a separation from BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL. The junkie diva, 25, who is in a London clinic following a “seizure”, asked her dad Mitch to organise the meeting.

Amy is being treated after a phone bust-up with her husband. Druggie Blake continued to make angry calls to her after she was kept in hospital for tests.

The Sun revealed on Tuesday that Amy went on a drink and drugs binge sparked by the screaming match.

Blake then ranted over the phone at cab driver Mitch for “obstructing” their relationship. But pals say Amy wanted to end the marriage and then asked her dad to bring divorce lawyers to hospital for a meeting.

[From The Sun]

Wow, what a man. What a fabulous, caring husband. Technically we can’t blame Blake for the fight (since we don’t know what the fight was about) or for Amy’s decision to react to it by going on a bender. But tracking her down in the hospital while she’s being treated so he can continue the fight? That really takes a commitment to being an asshole. That says a lot about his character and priorities. He wasn’t worried about Amy and calling to see if she was okay. He wanted to prolong the argument as long as possible and make sure he had the last word. Pathetic.

Hopefully Amy will divorce this guy while he’s stuck in rehab so it’s easier on her. And then she needs to buckle down and seriously work on her own issues and forget about Blake.

Here’s Amy at a pub in Kentish Town neighborhood of London on November 11th. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Cheeky Monkey says:

    I think what’s really got his knickers in a knot is the notion that he won’t have access to her ca$h any longer… Nasty piece of work…

  2. geronimo says:

    Wonder if there’s any kind of pre-nup type thing involved here? Anything that’ll protect her money from his greedy paws? I know, clutching at straws, the idea that Ms Chaos might have considered this when she married him… 😕

  3. Mairead says:

    Hmm, you mean considering they got married in America geronimo? I doubt it somehow. Even so, they’re still getting divorced (if it gets that far) in the UK and it probably wouldn’t be binding.

    Alas I see him as being entitled to half of everything and getting it. Perhaps she should stay married to him for the time being but close every single joint account and pay him off so everything else can be signed into trust for her future. Don’t worry, give it a month after he gets out and the lure of going back to using is reaching bursting point. He’ll take it.

    But geronimo – on a completely different topic, don’t forget the true start to an Irish Christmas is on TONIGHT!!! 😯
    Yes, it’s Scary Pat and His Lurid Festive Jumper of Terror irritating the bejaysis out of precocious children the length and breadth of the land :mrgreen: And don’t forget the Billy bleedin’ Barry brats (actually, I don’t know if they still go on or not)

    RTE is showing live streaming of the Late Late Toy Show after 9.30

    Roll it there Colette. 8)
    (sorry, you’d have had to grow up in Ireland before 1995 to get that joke)

  4. Kaiser says:

    Uuuhhh, I don’t think Winehouse needs a *reason* to go on a bender. I mean, other than stuff like “It’s Tuesday” or “Where are my dirty ballet slippers?”

    Alcoholism means never needing a reason.

  5. xiaoecho says:

    Knowing the Sun, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole article is made up

  6. Baholicious says:

    You’re bang on Kaiser. Look how bloated her abdomen is compared to the rest of her body…that folks is acetes or fluid in the abdomen aka failing liver. That’s booze…it’s as bad a drug as heroin or cocaine. Except heroin addicts don’t have to worry about ads for their addiction being plastered everywhere they look.

    Alcohol is responsible for more deaths than any other drug – factoring in domestic violence, child neglect, car accidents, fights…the list goes on.

  7. Jinxy says:

    I totally see the attraction with these two. They both have the maturity of five year olds. Drugs aren’t the problem, she’s just too stupid to handle the fame and pressure of an adult career, so she needs to pull tantrums, even if they nearly kill her. She’s gonna show them! In a casket. Everyone around her is her enabler, very sad but she needs to grow up or just die and get it over with.

  8. Codzilla says:

    Well, if he does get half her cash, he’ll undoubtedly piss it away on hookers and blow in a matter of months. Not sure if that’s any consolation, but the odds of him being set for life are pretty slim.

  9. jennifer says:

    I wouldn’t normally post a link to another site here 😛 but any time I think about this Blake guy I remember this:

    Dude has always been, and always will be, a total fiend. I really hope Amy gets out of this with as much of her own money AND HER HEALTH as possible.

    PS – that link? It’s a dirty, dirty (read: awesome) site. So just be warned – you might come across nudity if you decide to check it out further 😉

  10. geronimo says:

    Mairead – well, what I mean more is that Blake has never held a job and has contributed nothing to their joint income. In addition, in their short time together, he’s enabled her drug habit, been imprisoned for GBH, perverting the course of justice and fraud, has sold private pics of her to the tabs, been unfaithful and is a leeching knob of the first order. He’s in breach of the ‘love and honour’ part of that commitment. That much is visible from space.

    Regardless of anything else, Amy has the money to pay for a team of sharp lawyers and no sane judge is going to see Blake as the wounded party here or worthy of a large payout. I’m crossing my fingers that justice will prevail here.

  11. Mairead says:

    I guess Geronimo – but I have my doubts. Say if the genders were reversed and say we were dealing with a lughead footballer and his permableached permaoranged WAG who didn’t do any “modelling” since they got married and was only known for shopping and coke – I think she’d still get a decent payout. (basically one is as bad as the other0

    So, in the interests of equality, I wouldn’t assume the judge is going to spare Amy’s finances just because it’s a woman.

    Hopefully her advisors will find a way of copperfastening what’s left of her wealth.

  12. geronimo says:

    Well I’m hoping the prison, the gbh, the fraud, the out and out shittiness will mount up in her favour. Can’t really compare a do-nothing WAG with that. I’d just hate to see him continue to benefit from her biggest mistake. 🙁

  13. Susan says:

    He’s upset that he’s losing control over her and her money. He’s a jerk.

    Hopefully this will be Amy’s first step towards getting her life back together.

  14. Jag says:

    Break free and run, Amy…

  15. JaundiceMachine says:

    Jennifer – thanks for that site! I will certainly frequent any good rag that supports “Pot Psychology”.

    I think Amy could lose a limb in this divorce and still come out on top. Run, love, run! Run as fast as your little crackie lungs can carry you!

  16. Jeanne says:

    She needs to get clean and healthy first. If that’s at all possible. He’ll probably wind up back in jail soon anyway or have an overdose. They deserve each other. And so do all of their enablers. Who cares what happens to either one of them? Money is the least of their problems.