Janet Jackson called niece Paris a spoiled bitch; Jackson family divided (update)

Yesterday we heard about a confrontation at the home where Michael Jackson’s children were staying. Michael’s three children: Paris, Prince, and Blanket, were confronted by their aunt Janet and uncles Jermaine and Randy, who had arrived by private plane and had attempted, unsuccessfully, to get the children to come with them to Arizona. The police were called, the children’s security force stepped in, and it all sounded pretty serious.

This incident came after the children’s court-appointed caregiver, their 82 year-old grandmother Katherine Jackson, was taken to Arizona, (seemingly without the children’s knowledge although reports vary) for over a week. Katherine’s grandchildren were unable to contact her during that time and she did not phone or text them. Randy later issued a statement that claimed Katherine was cut off from technology on doctor’s orders. It was all shady as hell, and pointed to a money grab by Michael Jackson’s siblings, who were cut out of his will in favor of Michael’s mother, and his children.

There are a lot of new developments in this story, most notably allegations of violence during that confrontation with the children along with a surveillance video that has been released. I’ll just cover the highlights and link these stories below. The gist is that some of Michael’s siblings are doing whatever they can to get their hands on his fortune, and his kids are fighting back.

Note that Michael has three sisters: Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet, and five brothers: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Randy. Jermaine, Randy, Janet and Rebbie are behind the plot to overthrow the executors of MJ’s estate and signed a letter to that effect on July 17th. Tito previously supported the letter, but has since recanted. Marlon and Jackie have also come out against the letter, and LaToya has not yet made a statement.

  • The showdown Monday was more violent than thought
    TMZ reports that Janet Jackson confronted her niece Paris, 14, during that showdown on Monday and went to grab Paris’ cell phone. Paris has been tweeting about the forced estrangement from her grandmother and I would guess that Janet wants that to stop. Paris held on to her cell phone, with Janet slapping her and calling her a “a spoiled little bitch!” Paris slapped Janet back and allegedly told her “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!

    Surveillance footage has come out of the incident, available here, and while you can see Janet confronting Paris and reaching for her phone (at about 1:45) I couldn’t see much else.

    What’s more is that Trent Jackson, Tito’s son 34 year-old son who lives there, reportedly attempted to protect his cousins. Trent “put Randy in a headlock and punched Jermaine in the mouth.”

    Update: Some of you have commented that Paris denied on Twitter that Janet slapped her. She supposedly tweeted “nope” as a response to the question “did Janet slap you?” If this is the case she may have deleted it already, as I signed in and followed her and I don’t see where she tweeted that.

    Update 2 Apparently she wrote that on Instagram, not Twitter.

  • It’s a money grab by some of Michael’s siblings
    Let’s call this what it is. There’s plenty of evidence, and common sense, to suggest it’s all about the money. Katherine has been essentially “kidnapped” by some of her kids, and is allegedly being pressured to question the will and its current executors. Randy has denied that’s what it’s about, but please. They’re about to try and overthrow the executors, and we’ve heard that Randy, Jermaine and even Janet are broke. They’re trying to claim the will is a fraud because Michael allegedly wasn’t in the place he’s said to have been when it was signed, but apparently that’s a flimsy excuse that won’t hold up.

  • Michael’s brothers who aren’t in on the scheme are very upset
    Marlon, Tito and Jackie did an interview recently in which they said they did not agree with what the rest of their family is doing. “There are some things that we do not concur with which have been said by the executors of the estate. And we’ve been told that our mother is safe, that she’s doing well, but we have not spoken with her… and I do not know where my mother is. Whatever doctor is saying you can’t talk to my mother, you call me!.” All three of the men were wearing sunglasses and Marlon broke down crying at that point! He said “I’m going to see my mother and I’m going to bring her home.” It was really hard to watch.

  • Michael’s kids fight for their rights, try to get new guardianship
    An attorney for Michael’s children has issued a statement about what happened Monday at the home when Janet, Jermaine and Randy tried to leave with them and were blocked. Their attorney issued a chilling statement about it:

    Yesterday afternoon certain Jackson family members ambushed Katherine Jackson’s home after their vehicle tore through security gates on the tails of the SUV containing Michael Jackson’s children. After exiting their vehicles, Jackson family members ran up to Michael’s children as they yelled and began to aggressively grab at the cell phones in their hands. Out of concern for the wellbeing [sic] of Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, the children were forced to temporarily leave their home and taken to a safe location. An altercation ensued shortly thereafter and law enforcement arrived at the scene. Following the incident, it was learned that one of the family members who was part of the ambush admitted that a plan has been in place for the last three years to remove Katherine Jackson from her home and her beloved grandchildren. Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson have not heard from their grandmother since she left their home nine days ago to attend a series of her sons’ concerts on their Unity Tour. She never made the shows. Despite efforts to interview Katherine Jackson at her current location in Arizona yesterday, Los Angeles County Sheriffs confirmed that they were denied access to Mrs. Jackson by security for one of her children.

    [via Radar Online]

    The Michael Jackson Estate released a brief statement as well. “We are acutely concerned about the welfare of Mrs. Jackson, and most particularly with Michael’s minor children.”

    It looks like the lawyer for the children is going to work to appoint a temporary guardian to care for them in Katherine’s absence, rumored to be their cousin, Trent.

    Meanwhile Paris has tweeted that her grandmother has been missing “9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay.” She later added that “a lot of ppl have been saying that i “changed” …i wanna apologize for the attitude… there’s just a lot going on… i promise: the ego = gone(:” It’s not Paris’ ego that people are concerned about.

    These photos of Janet are from an Amfar gala on 5-24-12. She looks like a cat. Credit: PCNPhotos and Apega/WENN.com Paris and her brothers are shown with Katherine on 1-26-12. Credit: WENN.com

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    1. brin says:

      Just another day in the Jackson family.

    2. MK yarwood says:

      Good for you, Paris Jackson. WTF is going on with Janet in this pictures!? EW.

      • Amea says:

        DITTO, as I read this I was just thinking “You GO Paris!!” I’m also glad to know that not all of Michael’s siblings are set on destroying these kids’ lives (not to mention their brother’s memory). I only hope that the rest of the Jackson clan, and the kids’ lawyers, will come through and protect these kids and give them some peace, finally.

        • flan says:

          She seems assertive, self-confident and very intelligent.

          Way to go for being able to stand up to a bunch of loonies at her age.

      • DeE says:

        A child should never disrespect an adult, member of family or stranger. Even if the adult is wrong, there is a fine line between expressing your view, even as a minor or an adult to another elder, and becoming disrespectful. If she slapped Janet, that would be cause for an A$$ Whooping. Of course I don’t condone child abuse, but discipline has been taken out of the hands of parents/caregivers though the law will allow police to billy club, mace, handcuff beligerent people. Soooo, they can dish out “discipline” but parents can’t. Bull crap…and please don’t start on how disciplining a child, within reason and with restraint, can lead to emotional problems without answering how cops can discipline citizens freely!

        • Lithe says:

          As far as I’m concerned, respect is a two way street. You should not expect a child to respect you if you treat him/her disrespectfully. This situation doesn’t sound like one in which Janet conducted herself in any way that would warrant Paris’s trust or respect. Why should Paris fall in line even though she has every reason to believe her aunt doesn’t have Paris’s best interests at heart?

        • Samantha says:

          Janet showed up and tried to help her brothers strong-arm the kids away from their home–and then (allegedly) verbally and physically assaulted a 14-year-old. How in the world can you read all that and come away with, “Children shouldn’t disrespect adults”??

          It’s not like Janet was trying to discipline her in some ordinary parental way.

        • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

          Why have disclipline when they can put the teen on ritalin, concerta, adderall, etc so big pharma can score some long term customers at younger and younger ages. I believe this is why the laws are so facked up nowadays.

        • anon33 says:

          This situation is much more complex and problematic than that. It has nothing to do with “respect for elders” and everything to do with these kids fighting for their lives against this incredibly jacked up family. This isn’t nearly as simple as you’re making it out. If I was going through what these kids are going through, I would have slapped all of them and NOT GIVEN A SHIT if they were my “elders” or not.
          I’ve seen lots of comments like this on a lot of different boards. I just find it so odd that somehow all people get out of this situation is that the kids are too mouthy. WTF??

        • johnnybadboytapia says:

          That was not discipline!! What was Paris doin that was so wron that she required such discipline. Paris was ASSULTED by Janet and she had every right to defend herself.

        • Green_Eyes says:

          There is a HUGE difference between a child disrespecting an Elder and a Child fighting for her & her siblings rights & not basically be kidnapped!! I say great for Paris & couldn’t be prouder if she were my own daughter. Having been beaten as a child for NO reason other than my parent was an alcoholic (when I say beaten..I mean no skin period on legs raw bleeding, blackened eyes, hand marks around the neck…from 5 on. I wish to God as a child I had her reserve. I may have had a lot less physical & emotional scars.

        • AnnieN says:

          These people ambushed these kids, I’m sure they were scared. I would encourage my child to defend themselves if they were ever in a situation like that.

        • S_____ says:

          Seriously. If you ever have kids, please, please don’t tell them that they need to show respect to an adult who is trying to kidnap them.

        • BabySwans says:

          I’m sorry but NO ONE-not a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or whatever relative or adult you are-but my husband or I are allowed to spank our child (for the record we don’t abuse our child). I don’t think an aunt, who is not in a guardian, slapping a 14 yr old in the face & calling her a name is “discipline with reason & restraint”.

        • Dinah says:

          There’s a whole hell of a lot more going on here, and at stake, than simple disrespect and disciplinary issues. Seriously.

          On an aside, Janet ought to fire her make up artist.

        • JB says:

          Some kids are wise beyond their years and more thoughtful, intellegent and mature than many adults will ever be.

          And this comment from S_____ times 100:
          “Seriously. If you ever have kids, please, please don’t tell them that they need to show respect to an adult who is trying to kidnap them.”

          Report this comment as spam or abuse

        • L says:

          HUGE difference between a child “not respecting a adult” and a child fighting back against a relative that has driven through security gates with their SUV, that are basically drag them out of the house for no other reason that to get control of the kids fortune. Esp adults that have the track records of those 3 Jackson siblings.

          HUGE difference. I’m surprised you can’t see that.

        • mel says:

          Are you crazy…whose side are you on anyway?

        • Jay says:

          This has got to be one of the most misguided things I’ve seen posted here in a while. A child should *never* disrespect an adult even a stranger and even if they’re wrong? So go don’t refuse the candy and get in that stranger’s van right now, huh? I’m an adult and a parent, and I damn well want my kids to respect rational people, not just the person with the most frequent flyer miles. Age does not confer wisdom to all, clearly. I remember on 8th grade a math teacher was teaching the entire class a wrong concept. I raised my hand and tried to correct it, politely. She got snarky with me and went to the department head to try to get me disciplined for contradicting her authority. The department head laughed and said, “but he’s right and your job is to teach what’s right, not be in charge.”

        • Jenna says:

          Um. No.

          They apparently drove their car THROUGH a fence to get to the kids, attempted to force them into the car, remove all ways to contact help from them (take the cell phones, etc) and attacked them in what is now beginning to appear like a planned (thankfully poorly executed) kidnapping attempt. In those situations? I don’t care if it’s a parent breaking a custodial order, and not ‘just’ an aunt/uncle/whatever. In moments like that? Kick, hit, and scream “CALL 911 NOW!” as loud as you can, and screw any ‘respect’ for the insane adults attempting to drag you god knows where.

          And that is coming from the often spanked and undamaged from it daughter of a retired FBI agent. Respect your elders yes. Meekly allow someone to hit you and remove you from your home without the consent of your guardian? NO. Hell no.

        • sauvage says:


          The Jackson family are the poster children for what child abuse leads to: disturbed adults with difficulties comprehending and respecting bounderies – their own, and those of others.

          There, I said the r-word.

          And, just for the record: Someone else’s body is a boundary, too.

        • Shannon says:

          That’s CRAZY. I guess “DeE” is ok with children being abducted, abused, and illegally disinherited? But God forbid one of the kids slaps an aunt who slapped her first. Seriously, WHO is the adult in this situation? It sounds like Paris is the only one acting like a grown up.

          Respecting one’s elders should never extend to being hit or forced to do something against your will. And I’m not sure what the police have to do with that.


        • Jinx says:

          @Dee; Bitch, you are the one in need of an ass kick.

        • Zvonk says:

          Everyone (both adult and child) deserves to be shown respect up until the point that they prove that they are undeserving of it. Janet Jackson has proven that she is undeserving of respect from her niece.

          There is no reason to slap another human being. If you can’t effectively convey your opinions verbally, then walk away. If someone is a danger to others or themselves, you would be within your rights to attempt to restrain them in order to prevent them causing harm to others or themselves. Anything more than that is wrong.

          I just have to add, if my aunts or uncles decided to contest the will of either of my parents, the last thing they should expect is respect from me.

        • Mairead says:

          What on earth is wrong with the rest of you people? Why on earth aren’t you teaching your children to be deferential to every adult trespasser and thief?
          If someone tries to strong arm them out of their property (be it a mobile phone so they can’t phone the police or their inheritance) they should go out of their way to help them an fetch and carry and not say “boo”.

          I mean, honestly! 🙄

        • pichounette says:

          That is one of the most stupid comments I have ever read. Being respectful towards an assailant and kidnapper because they are an adult. Right.

        • ViloDeMenus says:

          You’re an adult, do you discipline your neighbors children? These kids have almost no relationship with these uncles and aunt, they are not the guardians so they have absolutely no right to “discipline” them at all.

          However, since it was an attempted kidnapping for financial gain, in some lame attempt to get more money out of an estate they were left out of intentionally TWICE, the kids felt threatened when their adult relatives broke through a security gate, started calling them names, slapping at one of them and attempting to force them into an SUV they didn’t want to get into. That’s not discipline. That’s a crime that is still being investigated. Don’t be surprised at all if these relatives end up being arrested and charged. They committed not one but several serious crimes. Don’t blame the children, they are victims.

        • flan says:

          That is pure madness.

          You can see how crazy these aunts and uncles are. Yet, Paris would have to bow and nod and be courteous?

          That is how a LOT of abuse has happened over the centuries. One party is expected to take it, while the other can do what it wants. Even if the ‘top’ party might be a vile beast.

          Yes, youngsters should show some respect to older people, UNTIL (and not a second after) those older people show they are not worthy of it.

      • Chicagogurl17 says:

        Her boob! Gross!

        Ugh. I feel for these kids. Everyone in that family is drama.

        • the original bellaluna says:

          That boob ridge is positively tragic!

        • princesslizabeth says:

          Definitely trouble in boobtown. What’s with the weird snaky line on Janet’s chest.

        • the original bellaluna says:

          princesslizabeth – That would be the “ridge.” It can occur as a result of implants. (see also: Janice Dickinson – at your own risk!)

      • gg says:

        Looks like extreme stage makeup she’s got on for some opera. Bad. What is with the trend of people (Demi Lovato included) doing wide swathes of yellow concealer/highlighter from their eye down to their cheekbone? Did some delusional stylist declare it makes you look wide-eyed and awake? Looks like baked hell.

        • Samantha says:

          Thank Kim Kardashian. She started that whole mess.

        • LAK says:

          It was the late great kevin Aucoin’s signature. Mind you, the way he did it wasn’t like the way all these imitators are doing it.

          And since he worked his magic on Janet in the good old days, you’d think she’d know better than to leave the house with her face made up like this.

        • gg says:

          Thanks for clearing that up, LAK – I’ve been wondering who was responsible for that for quite some time. The application of it has gone mutant.

        • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

          Kevyn Aucoin was an artist who even has a shade of red named after him. He used to do Janet’s makeup for crying out loud, giving her that smokey eye look that was so prevalent 10-15 years ago. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft is being practiced on her face these days.

          Speaking of eyes, what’s the story on hers?

      • thyphoid marys says:

        There is usually one of these in every family, mine being no exception:
        – the entitled covetous thief
        -the know it all slanderer
        -the self victimized negative lost cause
        Nothing good can happen when they are collude. Hope in the end there is a just resolution.

      • .Ya.right Paris says:

        Whatever . . . Janet doesn’t put her shit on blast and Paris is a total fame seeking bitch pulling shit outta the Kardashian manual!!! I’d slap her in the face 2!!

        If paris wants to play with the big girls she should put on her big girl panties or a mouth guard.

    3. beyonce's bump says:

      I am so disappointed with Janet and she has lost a fan (guess is losing fans day today! I feel so bad for the Micheal’s kids, they really have no one looking for their best interest especially now since they are trying to keep their own grandmother away from them.

      I though Janet had enough money to be content and not bothered with this non-sense and greed but I guess not. Cannot believe she co-signed to contest the will along with those blood leeches

      • Beta says:


      • Rux says:

        With regards to Janet and her supposed fortune, when she was with Jermaine Dupris for all those years she footed the bill and he spent all her money and then broke up with her. It’s all so very sad.

        • marie says:

          so she allowed him to spend all her money while he had money of his own? that’s pretty dumb

        • Naye in VA says:

          I never knew JD to be hurting for money even when he sorta fell off. And then i thought she did the breaking up becuase it was like two months after he got her face tattoed on his side. ijs

        • Tiffany says:

          I don’t believe for a second that Janet is broke. She wrote 46 of her songs, so she gets publishing. That means every quarter she is getting money for each time one of her songs is played. Being that there are so many 80s and 90s radio/statalite radio stations, I can’t imagine that she is hurting for cash.

          Also, the brother’s statements seems to support their family members (because they are saying they disagree with the ESTATE, which isn’t Janet, et al.)

          They said, “There are some things that we do not concur with which have been said by the executors of the estate.” That would not include Jermaine, Randy, Janet and Rebbie.

          I do have to wonder about the will, to be honest. Putting Diana Ross or his mother in charge of his children was a HORRIBLE idea. Who knows what other horrible plans are in that will?

        • beyonce's bump says:

          @ Rux, really eh? that would explain it.
          @ Tiffany, TLC and Toni Braxton..case in point, amount of songs written has no bearing on one’s fortune if one does not know how to protect said fortune via smart investments etc

    4. I.want.shoes says:

      Poor kids. As though they haven’t been through enough already.

      And Janet, please wear a bra.

    5. Anna says:

      First: WTF is going on with Janet boob in the 1st picture – ewww..

      Second: WTF don’t you dare slap your niece, don’t you think Paris and Prince (also Blanket) suffered enough!!! I would never dream of slapping my niece. Janet completely lost all respect from me – and i use to be a huge JJ fanatic.

      Thirdly: MJ must be rolling in his grave if he could see that GREED and MONEY still preside over the family. Let the children have the money and let them be happy and normal. Get them away from the greedy scumbag family.

      Fourth: Katherine is getting old and have enough heartache in her life – for instant did you know she has polo (sic) as a child and could barely walk. Let her enjoy her years with her grandchild and what should be her ‘golden’ years.

      Last but not least: Paris has fire in her belly – good on her and make sure she can stand up for what she want – she deserve happiness.

      //Rant over// RIP MJ <3

      • Kellybean says:

        And what’s with her nose? Why is it so much darker than her face? That “shading” is not working for her.

        • Jordan says:

          AND one eye being smaller than the other. I think the makeup accentuates it b/c I’ve never noticed it before.

      • gg says:

        I noticed from news reports last night that Katherine is really not able to walk well unattended. She shouldn’t be having to raise 3 young children, let alone Jermaine’s kids as well (glad they don’t live with her anymore). Makes me mad her kids did this to her.

    6. carlino altoviti says:

      It is time the authorities intervened and alienate these children from the bizarre family.
      Probably the Jacksons do not even think they are of the family.
      However it’s best for them to live with strangers than with the relatives.
      And Blanket is still only 10!!!

      • DreamyK says:

        The greed and avarice is stunning. Leave it to the Jackson family to manipulate children when it comes to their bottom line, money.

        I’m glad Paris is exposing them for what they are. I hope the executors of the estate encourage them to severely distance themselves from the entire family. Katherine included. Who leaves a 10 yr old boy alone? WTF?

    7. Krock says:

      I’m disgusted by this whole thing. Especially at Janet. I thought she would be the one that the kids could trust and count on. I feel so bad for those kids. What a display. Michael knew. He knew a lot more than people gave him credit for.
      Check the lyrics to his song Money.
      He left his estate to his mom and kids for a reason. He knew his siblings would do this. Pigs!

      • stinky says:

        im surprised it took em all THIS long.

        • Krock says:

          They were hatching this plan for 3 years. Basically as soon as their brother died.

        • Hakura says:

          I agree… I was expecting them to make a move much sooner (& much more organized, using legal loopholes or gaining ‘trust’ by becoming ‘closer’ to the children over a period of time).

          I can’t even imagine doing this to my brother.

      • Krock says:

        Agree Hakura! Its like a 3 ring circus. Almost like they didn’t think it through at all.

      • Stellax2 says:

        I have to agree. I would have honestly thought that Janet would have been the one who would’ve shown maturity, stability and understanding.

        I think this absolutely ridiculous. Why is Katherine not in contact with her grandchildren? Seriously, unless they have her on lockdown or overly medicated.

        I also have to say that I’m a bit surprised that LaToya has had no public comment. Wouldn’t it be shocking if she was the one with the common sense and understanding?

    8. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

      Gack! Who shows off scarred up Frankenboobs? This drama reeks of a three stooges escapade.Grown ass fools scrounging for money they didn’t work for, earn, or deserve. They sure do put the fun in dysfunctional, though.

    9. mel2 says:

      Janet probably is jealous that Paris gets to do what she wants. I’m sure Janet never had that opportunity growing up cause Pappa Joe had them slaving away. BTW Janet looks awful in those photos.

    10. Samantha says:

      I can’t believe Janet would be part of this. It’s really sad and disturbing. Hopefully the courts will step in and protect those kids. I read on Radar or TMZ (can’t remember which) that the doctor supposedly treating Katherine is shady. What a mess.

      • T.C. says:


        Janet WTF? Thought she was the sane one. Kidnapped poor Katherine now back to kidnap the kids. Someone help those children.

    11. Leaf says:

      The more I hear about Paris, the more I like her. She seems to understand her families bull.

      • Eleonor says:

        She is on twitter, sometimes she posts photos of herself alone, or with friend, to me she comes out like a nice and sweet girl. There are people who blame her because she wants to be an actress, and she has landed a small role, I think it’s normale, at her age I wanted to be a rockstar.

        • Hakura says:

          I totally agree with you. It’s definitely normal to want to be a singer or an actress at that age. I idolized Britney Spears & wanted so much to be like her (when I was 14). The whole ‘rockstar’ thing really appeals to young teens.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I’m impressed with that little girl. I hope those kids get what they need and that those trying to hurt them get what they deserve.

    12. Hautie says:

      Geez, I had no idea that Janet was broke.

      I have to be honest, if I was one of those children. I would not leave my home with anyone running down security gates to get to me! And cutting them off from their grandmother is an obvious ploy.

      What is wrong with these people!?!

      It was made obvious, that Micheal Jackson did not have a lot on contact with his extended family for at least two decades.

      He mention numerous times, in many interviews, how he felt used by all of them. But he continued to financial support his Mother.

      But Jackson was not going to financially support his entire family of moochers.

      And for those cheap b*stards to act as if Micheal Jackson had any intentions of suddenly financially supporting them… in his will. Is a j.o.k.e.

      So when these kids file papers to be emancipated…. will anyone really be surprised?

      • Stellax2 says:

        No, it will be Paris leading the charge when she is of legal age. I hope someone neutral intervenes. I thought the kids were living a somewhat normal life. It’s very upsetting because their kids and they are not getting to experience regular kid things. They were thrown to the wolves when Michael passed.

        Although, I won’t comment on MJ himself but to say he was a great entertainer. I think he took the overly cautious route and for good reason. It’s ironic that those who wanted to get at him for his money, name (aka Dr. Murray) and the family is just as uncontrollable.

    13. Vivian says:

      Ditto with Janet! So disappointed with her and it’s obvious as sunshine that it’s an attempt for the money. They are benefitting indirectly through Katherine and that’s not enough. I hope the full truth comes out so that the kids can move on and away from the greedy, shady family members. Basically trying to steal money from children, worse that they are suppose to be family. Shakes head.

    14. TXCinderella says:

      I watched Paris’ interview with Oprah, and you can tell she is a very smart girl. She has every right to be concerned about her grandmother. This just goes to show you to what extremes families will go to when it comes to money. Those children have every right to Michael’s estate and no one else. I think the other Jackson members were sucking off of Michael for a very long time. Time to get real jobs you lazy Jackson’s!

      • ahoyhoy says:

        Exactly. It was Michael’s fortune, he earned every penny, and had the right to leave it to whomever he pleased. He’s got 3 kids under 18 to provide for, for decades!

        ITA–GET A JOB, Jacksons! What a disgusting display. They should remember where they came from, and that they don’t need million$ to make them happy.

        • gg says:

          The Jacksons have a new album out and are touring. But that’s not enough for them apparently.

    15. Glimmer Bunny says:

      Paris is going to be such a stunner when she grows up. Those blue eyes with her tan skin is a divine combination.

    16. oh dear says:

      i find it disgusting when family members fight over money, especially when its about a will and kids are involved.
      wtf is wrong with these people? they have no heart! effin golddiggers.

      ps janets make-up artist and plastic surgeon both hate her.

      • Rhea says:

        ITA with everything you said here.

      • Alexa says:

        If it’s true that Michael’s siblings are scheming to get some of his children’s money and that they have no qualms about viciously harming the children in the process, then THEY DISGUST ME!

    17. Talie says:

      Where is LaToya?! How is that bottom-feeder not involved in this scheme?

      • KLO says:

        She’s probably the only one that didn’t want any part of this? She’s been the black sheep of the family for as long as I can remember. That must mean she’s the normal one, after all 😛

      • Lushus L. says:

        So far, La Toya is not involved in this mess so why are you bashing her? Is it because she spoke the truth about Michael and the truth about Joe? IMO La Toya is awesome. Maybe she should be the kid’s guardian.

    18. Eleonor says:

      If Janet Jackson had money,she wouldn’t do that commercial for the diet thing (pills?I don’t remember) .

      • Mira says:

        Wasn’t Janet worth at least $100 million before going broke allegedly? What I don’t understand is how does one wash away $100 million? On what? She’s 46 years old, has no family/children to care for and yet she manages to go bankrupt! How?

        • gg says:

          Taking private planes everywhere, buying gigantic houses, blowing cash on expensive vacations and clothing … it’s easy to piss away thousands a day.

        • Mira says:

          @gg – Sure, celebrity lifestyle is insane (to us non-celebrity people) but Janet would have invested some of that money. I mean she should have at least to save taxes. It’s not like she has $100 million in cash and she’s blowing it away on vacations, jets and retail. Unless her investment decisions went wrong or she was duped by one of her boyfriends, for a single woman worth so much, it’s slightly bizarre to go bankrupt.

        • LAK says:

          @Mira – having or taking a private jet anywhere, and you can be sure they didn’t take the little cheap ones but more probably the top of the range ones, is tantamount to pi$$ing in the wind.

          Better to buy a $10M home and not live in it. It is considerably cheaper.

    19. mln76 says:

      So saddened and disgusted with Janet. Why on earth would they feel entitled to those children’s money?

    20. Jacq says:

      Look at all of the children Katherine already raised… Is it a good idea to give her 3 more? She obviously has no idea what she’s doing.

      Where’s frog-faced grandpa in all of this? Wasn’t he the most vocal protestor of the will on the first place? He’s such an opportunist, I can’t believe he isn’t mentioned.

      • stinky says:

        exactly! i said the same before reading your comment. he’s the puppetmaster, and omg he’s a slime. poor Katherine is prolly pretty tired about now. those mooching kids r gonna give her a heart attack then all hellz gonna bust loose.

    21. chloe says:

      Wow the more I hear what some of these celebrity children go through, the happier I am to come from a nice middle class family. How can Janet Jackson not have any money, I thought she had some of the highest grossing tours ever, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for anyone that has made millions and then squandered it all away, that money should go to his children and the welfare of his children. Go Paris and brothers.

    22. Eve says:

      The moment Michael Jackson died I knew that at least that Jermaine guy and Joe Jackson would try something. I f*cking knew it.

      I just didn’t expect that from Janet — she seemed to be the only one who gave a crap about her troubled brother.

      I sincerely hope these kids get a new guardianship. This family toxic.

      • jenna says:

        After Mj died i remember all Joe could talk about was the new album in every interview. The whole family is money hungry

        • Eve says:

          Joe Jackson is a sick bastard. He kept talking about his record label on the red carpet at his son’s memorial service — while having a Kardashian-type on his arm.

          And Jermaine couldn’t wait to give interviews. He was often smiling during them. Later on, he milked that reality show.

          Repulsive, all of them.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hi Eve! 🙂 (see comment 88 on this thread)

        • Eve says:

          It’s sickening! The more I read about this family the more I know Michael Jackson couldn’t possibly have any peace of mind while he was alive.

          Now they’re going after his kids and their money.

    23. Holl says:

      Poor Paris. I would be so scared if my family tried to kidnap me like that knowing they are after money. Good on her for seeing through it. Janet is disgusting just like the rest of the money grubbing Jackson siblings (Aside from Marlon who obviously is worried about his mother too)

    24. pwal says:

      Trent isn’t Tito’s son; Trent is Joseph’s nephew, and was apparently hired by Michael (years ago) to drive Katherine around and help her out. TJ is Tito’s son and the one who is trying to get temporary custody.

      • Kim says:

        Thanks I was going to correct that.GMA keep showing picture of Jackie and calling him Jermaine it’s driving me crazy.So Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie are an alliance, I guess.I don’t trust Jermaine or Randy

        • pwal says:

          Yep… GMA keeps using Jackie’s picture whenever they talk about Jermaine. The lack of greasiness should’ve tipped somebody off.

          And as someone mentioned downthread, Paris denied that Janet smacked her. However, some will say that Janet had a right to do it – I don’t.

      • Dusty says:

        I fear that TJ is no better than the rest of them. He is the one who took Kim Kardashian’s virginity – that says a lot right there about his taste.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I think the fact that he intervened on behalf of the kids is proof enough.

    25. B says:

      I’m worried about Katherine. Is she mentally incompetent? Was she taken against her will? The kids need to get authorities involved.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        Katherine is 82, and I’m worried too. It’s not hard to get a shady doctor to declare an 82-year old ‘incompetent’. Unfortunately.

        Somebody has to look out for those poor kids! How sad.
        I can’t believe Janet physically attacked a 14-year old girl. Un-frickin-believable.

    26. Kim says:

      Paris tweeted that Janet did not slap her TMZ is wrong

      • Darlene says:

        I was just going to say that. She replied “nope” to the direct question of “did Janet slap you”.

    27. Dawn says:

      Well money makes the world go around for these people. Apparently they all have been living over their heads for years and none of them can get jobs. There was a reason Michael stayed as far away from them as he could and why he made his will virtually impossible to break. Stealing money from parentless children is horrible and shame on them all. I hope the three kids take their money and run far away from these creeps.

    28. dhhgdc says:

      I’m cynical enough to wonder if this is all a plot to make Paris a star. Next stop: Elle cover shoot

      • Lithe says:

        You think Janet, Jermaine and the others would damage their reputation to further their niece’s career? Do you anticipate the payoff being that big?

    29. fabgrrl says:

      Playing Devil’s Advocate here. Katherine Jackson is EIGHTY-TWO years old. I’m sorry, that is waaaay too old to be responsible for raising three teens/tweens. I’m sure she loves these kids a lot, but there is just no way she can be their parent.

      Paris Jackson certainly does come across as a smart, level headed, young lady. But she is FOURTEEN, Prince is 15 (?) and the youngest is 10. No, these kids are NOT old enough to make their decisions about lives and finances.

      Let Rebbie take care of them. She seems like the only one who managed to have a stable family life. {Maybe Marlon did too?}

      • pwal says:

        Rebbie? Uh… no.

        Rebbie is just as shady as the rest. She let Michael help her when she started her music career, but got seriously pissy after he left the Jehovah Witnesses, which likely diminished her standing within the church. Then there’s her husband who has a $hitty attitude towards PPB’s father.

        And there’s the matter of her selling some of Michael’s stuff that she took from his house mere hours after his death…

        And when her son, Austin Brown, tried to make a go of his music career, instead of seeking out a professional to manage his career, she got Stacy Brown, the guy who wrote that shady book with Bobby Jones. And despite getting on the stand at the MJ trial and disputing some of the things that he wrote in the book, he didn’t change a word of it and went to press anyway with it.

        The b*tch is shady too, and the fact that she’s this shady, despite not having that much success and not having to grapple with industry sharks… come on, now.

        • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

          Everyone taking what’s not theirs to take: Clearly the centipede is not the only thing that is ‘hot’.

      • serena says:

        Rebbie is involved as much as Jermaine Randy and Janet. She plotted with them to take their mother away while the other 3 went to take (kidnap) MJ kids.

    30. LahdidahBaby says:

      I think Paris said “Nope” because she knows that a non-custodial adult could go to jail for striking a child, and being the decent person she (Paris) is, she doesn’t want it carried that far. Gotta say, I’m more and more impressed with Paris Jackson every time she speaks out.

      • sharylmj says:

        I agree… she’s trying to protect her family. I’m sure things are very complicated and that Michael’s siblings are super pissed they didn’t get any of his money.. at the same time, I feel like MJ’s mother is too old to soley take care of these children, especially the 10 year old. It sounds like at least a few family members are concerned about the welfare of Katherine and the children. I hope they fight for what is right. I feel like the strongest siblings are trying to take over and are being way too aggressive. If they are concerned about their mother’s welfare and not just about the money they shouldn’t be causing so much chaos and drama and stress on the family. Katherine is a very stong willed person who maybe might be losing it a little because I can’t imagine she knowingly is participating in this mess.

    31. Kim says:

      Randy just told GMA Katherine is on her way To LA,there was no physical altercation between Paris and Janet and the will was forged

      • LAK says:

        Randy etc are such dumba$$es, sorry to say.

        It is immaterial that the will was forged. If a person dies interstate without a Will, their estate goes to their children if they have any, parents and then siblings.

        The ploy seems to be to make Katherine and the executors declared incompetent paving the way for them to be made guardians so they can get their hands on the money. And you know with their spending habits vs earning potential, they’d run the estate into the ground.

        BTW – interesting factoid: Randy and jermaine asked the estate to pay their child support which the estate turned down.

        This isn’t the first time they have tried to remove the executors or Katherine

        One of them was dumb enough to reveal that this plan has been hatched and merely waiting for an opportune moment for the past THREE YEARS!!

        • serena says:

          What? LOOOOL They wanted child support from MJ money? And why should they pay their problems? This is insane.

    32. Murphy says:

      Paris is not going down without a fight!!! Team Paris!!

      • CatfromFLA says:

        I’m with you, Murph. I’m starting to love Miss Paris. She’s got brains, balls, looks and, by the sound of that last tweet, self-awareness. Janet seems like a jealous bitch – she was used as a money-making machine when she was little and seems mad that Paris gets to be rich without having to work/support the family…it is like the evil Jacksons want MJ’s kids to be like they were – the family bank. And I’m glad Paris slapped that wonky-titted bitch back.

    33. Tanya says:

      why is Janet’s eye so weird?….

    34. Toot says:

      I said yesterday that Jackie and Marlon were the only sane ones, apparently. I’m glad Tito came to his senses and distant himself from the mess his other siblings are making.

      This is just a sad situation and I hope Katherine is okay.

      • Krock says:

        Tito only backed off when he realized their plan was backfiring.

        • Lithe says:

          I’m still suspicious about Tito. Isn’t it his son who’s trying to get temporary custody? Forgive me, but perhaps Tito thinks this is a less shady looking path to the money.

        • Toot says:

          Agree. So, I’ll stick to only Jackie and Marlon being sane and not shady.

      • Kim says:

        Where is Latoya she is very close to kids and outspoken? What did they do with Latoya? LOL

      • Krock says:

        @Lithe yes! That’s exactly right. This whole popping out as soon as the press were on to them reeks to me.

    35. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

      You know, hitting your kids even if they are teens, is just WRONG. Abusing them is worse. I am not defending Paris, teens can be reckless. What Janet Jackson did is just bad, very very bad. Rich kids are always spoilt. But it doesn’t mean you will hit and abuse them. Teenage is such a tender age. We are at our rebellious best. You just can not hit us. We can do something very wrong that you will regret.
      And anyways, if Paris was behaving bad, it is because she has no parent with her. No parent to guide her.

    36. Esther says:

      This isn’t true Paris said on a twitter account that she wasn’t slapped by Janet, but Janet’s definitely involved in all this.

    37. Krock says:

      Watch when Janet does her media blitz to do PR control she’s gonna be all soft spoken and acting like she was trying to help. BS! We know what she is now for real. A PIG!

    38. M.Gajbender says:

      are they scientologists(pr stunt)to?

    39. Lizzie K says:

      Jermaine Jackson is a bum who will freeload off anyone dumb enough to pay his way. He’s a deadbeat dad and an egomaniac who married his brother Randy’s baby mama, after she had already had two kids with Randy. Jermaine and Randy’s baby mama had kids, one of whom Jermaine the delusional named “Jermajesty.” Jermajesty is one of the little thugs who were supposedly whupping up on Blanket when Michael’s kids first moved in with Katherine … Jermaine and his kids been living with Mama for years, hiding out from his creditors and mooching off the funds Michael provided for his mother.

      John Branca is one of the co-executors of The Michael Jackson Estate. Branca is one of the finest entertainment lawyers in the world and was Michael’s personal attorney during his glory years of the 80’s, when he recorded “Thriller” and acquired the rights to the Beatles catalog, probably the most shrewdly negotiated bargain since Native Americans sold Manhattan Island for $26.00. Michael lived to regret firing Branca and eventually rehired him and named him as a co-executor of his estate.

      Michael had his issues, but he knew how to protect his kids, and who to protect them from.

      • sharylmj says:

        I so agree about MJ knowing who was good for his kids and had their best interests at heart and who didn’t. That is why when he was alive he was SUPER protective of them ALL the time. He knew who his siblings were and what they wanted… MONEY… so sad and so sick

      • Rachface24 says:

        Consign 100% regarding Branca. Frankly those kids are lucky he’s the executor. The estate went from 500mil in debt to in the black through his decisions.

        Even if they get this will thrown out, which will never happen, Michaels previous will still left nothing for his siblings and named Branca executor

      • Rachface says:

        Consign 100% regarding Branca. Frankly those kids are lucky he’s the executor. The estate went from 500mil in debt to in the black through his decisions.

        Even if they get this will thrown out, which will never happen, Michaels previous will still left nothing for his siblings and named Branca executor.

      • iseepinkelefants@hotmail.com says:

        Well that explains how he took that estate from a debt ridden money pit into a thriving empire (granted MJ’s death did boost sales). I don’t think any court would be stupid enough to look at what he’s done for the estate and fire him. That’s ridiculous.

        And I love that the Jackson’s are so delusional to think them getting their hands on it would somehow make it more profitable (while swipping some for their own piggy bank). Those numbskulls would run that thing into the ground. You’d have cheesy liscensed merch and MJ songs on every commercial. Ugh I can see it now. They lack integrity (obviously).

    40. RHONYC says:

      and the mess continues. smh 🙁

    41. Sillyone says:

      I hate all of this. I have never understood the greed of people and this just makes me upset and scared for these kids. What a bunch of horrible, nasty, mean and greedy people. These are adults that should be helping to look after and care for their brothers kids.

      What a bunch of a number one assholes!

    42. Bondon says:

      This reads like a Sidney Sheldon plot

    43. Blake says:

      Actually, Trent Jackson is NOT Tito Jackson’s son nor is he the one that want’s to take temporary custody of MJs kids – that would be TJ Jackson.


    44. lucy2 says:

      I am so disgusted by all these family members trying to get their hands on the money. It sounds like they hustled Katherine out and then attacked. Gross.
      Paris seems like a really smart kid. I wish her and her brothers luck with all this. I hope the courts are able to put someone else in charge, who’s only interest is taking care of the kids.

      Also, Janet? Invest in a mirror, and some clothes that don’t highlight your busted implants.

    45. serena says:

      It’s awful.
      But thank you internet for letting us know of that. Now we know what a piece of shits they are.

      They wasted their money?? Seriously who fucking cares! Why would that be MJ -or worse his kids- problem?
      Just get your ass to work and make money.
      Stealing from your dead brother or minor niece, nephews is too easy!

      They all disgust me.

    46. Kaboom says:

      Time for the courts to appoint strict supervision over the financial affairs of the estate that excludes all Jackson family harpies and their grabby hands.

    47. gg says:

      I think Paris’ incessant teenager tweets have escalated this into the stratosphere and made it impossible for anybody on the inside to negotiate or talk calmly about the situation. They all need to calm down and talk sensibly.

      • autumndaze says:

        Seriously? You are blaming Paris?

        How about the adults behave like adults? ( instead of money-grubbing strong-arming morons?)

        • gg says:

          No, of course I’m not blaming Paris. I’m appalled that they busted in like that. I think her tweets inflamed them to the point where they went crazy.

          Fighting with family using Twitter is not designed to cure any problems or increase communication and never will. But hopefully she’s learned that now.

      • Eleonor says:

        Oh please! The Jackson family has always been a well-known greedy trainwreck!
        And now tweets or not, they are scaring 4 kids because they are after MJ money, instead of getting a job.

      • Mairead says:

        Well, they certainly shined a strong spotlight on what might be happening and forced everything out into the public domain. Certainly it was enough for Janet to seemingly try and get the phone out of Paris’s hands either to stop her from tweeting, or more sinisterly possibly calling the police.

        • flan says:

          With the way those aunts and uncles are behaving, getting it out in the open is probably the best protection these kids have.

          Just like Katie Holmes.

    48. debbi says:

      I don’t think we gave MJ enough credit. He obviously was a great father, Paris and his sons are proof, and he knew what his family would do and set up barriers to protect is children.

      I’ve always loved him for his talent and music, but this gave me a new found respect for the man. And I am ashamed to have ever called myself a Janet fan. How could she do this to Michael and his children?

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        I agree. I always felt so sorry for MJ–he always seemed so sad, lost, and trying so desperately to reclaim the childhood that was taken from him by his crazy, money-grubbing father. I think he tried his very hardest to give his own children the loving, secure, ‘normal’ childhood he never got to have.

    49. Beck says:

      This whole thing is disgusting! I can just picture them scheming. This was the worst plan ever. I am so glad it blew up in their greasy faces. Go, Paris!

      The sooner the kids get away from this family the better.

    50. Quinn says:

      Another victim on Hollywood Induced Wonk Eye…I am going to coin a new medical disorder!!

    51. AnnieN says:

      Time to get Katherine back to being just grandma, she is no better than her kids. Stayed married to an abusive man and co-signs everything her money hungry kids are doing at the expense of her ORPHANED grandkids. I’m not buying her little old lady act and the courts shouldn’t either. MJ had a soft spot for her but it’s time the kids wake up and smell the greed from all around. The only one I’m rooting for is Trent that went out swinging trying to defend MJs kids.

      • Day says:

        Katherine is the only family member he allowed around his kids from birth and was the only one he took anything to do with. There is a reason he trusted his kids with her and not any of his brothers/sisters. I am sure Paris, Prince and Blanket know their grandmother a lot better than you do.

        If he felt this Trent person should have custody of his kids, he would have left them to him. He left them to Katherine and Diana Ross. She is next in line to get them. And, if her and Michael had the relationship he thought they had, she would step up.

        Michael knew what he was doing. And, there is a reason for everything he has done.

        • gg says:

          Michael loved his mother, bless him, but Michael did not know what he was doing. How could he – he was a hopeless drug addict. I feel like he didn’t have a real grip on anything after he fell in love with the pills and drugs. How could anybody think straight and plan properly when they’re high all the time? Not possible. And when you factor in a very wealthy high person with everybody greedily making plays for whatever they can get, including his family, there was really not anyone he could totally trust 100%. If he had a straight head about himself, I feel like none of this craziness would have ever happened.

          Filthy rich people have to watch their backs all the time, and for that, you have to be sober, and sober enough to pick who you can trust.

        • iseepinkelefants@hotmail.com says:

          I’m sure part of it was also loyalty to his mother. And she was the lesser of two evils. If she cared at all for those kids she wouldn’t have a) left them alone (WTF?) while running to play uno in Arizona and 2) she would have kicked those leeches out of her damn house. I’m sure when it comes down to it she’s looking out for her children before she looks out for some kids who MJ might have fathered.

          But yes I do agree about Diana Ross. She doesn’t come out of this smelling of roses. MJ must have trusted her (he loved those kids and clearly looked out for them) and she’s like “I don’t wnat those kids”. How could you do that to a friend? And children who are obviously in need? I mean if I was her I’d hear these stories and immediately get some lawyer to get custody of them. I mean Katherine Jackson is 82, she can’t do it and now these kids are being attacked in their driveway? What a cold hearted biatch. But then again she sent her kids to Switzerland right? So obviously not a candidate for mother of the year.

    52. eric says:

      Those raccoon eyes on Janet Jackson is courtesy of Forever HD Makeup, very popular with makeup artists its light reflective makeup, it looks fine in normal light but reflects as white with Camera Flash.

    53. Reece says:

      So disappointed in Janet. I thought she would be one that didn’t go after their money.

      And her face!!! The aged bolt-ons!! *shudders*

    54. eric says:

      during the ambush Janet kept asking where the kids passports were, so they used grandma as bait in attempt to lure kids out of the house and take them outside the country while they took over the estate, truly pathetic bunch of people.

    55. serena says:

      “This is not about money for us,” Randy added, addressing the $86,000 a month that Katherine now gets from her late son’s estate to care for Prince, Paris and Blanket. “This is not about being left out of a will, or a fight over the children. This is about a family that has questions, that has lost a family member and we feel that the evidence is right there and that my brother was not in Los Angeles from the day that they swore on that will that he was. He was in New York. So, therefore, the will is fake.”

      so therefore the money is ours, I think that’s what he meant… oh right this is not about the money. You liars and money-grabber abusers.

      Oh and by the way, I hope TJ Jackson does not get to be their guardian. I don’t trust him. Who says he won’t take the money for himself and his family (he’s married with kids) and do his interests?

      • Lizzie K says:

        I think they have a better chance with TJ than they do Katherine.

        TJ and his brothers were raised by their mother Dee Dee Jackson away from all the Jackson Family cray cray, and by all accounts, they are three of the nicest young men you would ever want to meet.

        Plus, the kids love him, and the Estate is supporting his guardianship. That’d be enough for me.

        • the original bellaluna says:

          I also believe he’s married, with two children, and they already reside in the home with Grandma and his niece and nephews.

      • floretta50 says:

        There’s a right and wrong way, if some of the siblings think the will is fraudalent then they should take their suspicions to court. Janet was very close to Micheal and is probably frustrated that her young niece does not quite understand what she is trying to do. The hill they have to climb is enormous when it comes to fighting the administrators of MJ’s estate. I don’t think it’s about personal greed, I think they are concerned that strangers are profiting illegally from their brother’s hard work. MJ’s estate is said to be hitting the billion dollar mark.

        • LAK says:

          I hope you are not referring to those children as strangers.

        • Lushus L. says:

          @ Lak, I think by “strangers”, Floretta 50 is simply referring to lawyers and such.

        • gg says:

          floretta – I think you’re right in your first sentence. The real problem here is that this should only be seeing light in the court system, not all over Twitter, not all over the tabloids before anything’s even been filed in court, no kidnapping of Katherine should have ever taken place. I have no idea why they even need her. They should just file their suit and wait like everybody else does that challenges a Will. The Jacksons are definitely their own worst enemies.

      • gg says:

        Here’s the problem with naming anybody as a trusted Jackson family member. Every single time some weird drama has happened around Michael, Jackson Family Member X is the “only one that can help him”, and So-and-so is the one trying to do him harm. The roles have flipped more times than I can count.

        Going way back, LaToya has been villain a bunch of times, and then heroine. Everybody loved Janet. Now she’s the main pariah. Then when Michael died it was Rebbie. Rebbie should have the kids. Now Rebbie is involved in this “kidnapping” business so she’s on the bad list now.

        I think the lot of them are not to be trusted.

        • LAK says:

          i hazard a guess that we are calling out Janet and Rebbe [sp?] today more than all these others because they seemed to be the sane jacksons.

          You are so right. The kids need a different guardian who isn’t family.

        • gg says:

          LAK- yes, that seems to be the case. I can stand in line with all those who thought Janet and Rebbe were more sensible than LaToya and the guys.

      • iseepinkelefants@hotmail.com says:

        Not only are the Jackson’s delusional, they’re also dumb as sh-t.

        Let’s play along and pretend the will was invalid, hell let’s say there wasn’t a will. Guess what it still goes to his kids! Hello they’re his next of kin. Let me guess the master plan is to somehow discredit those kids? Say they’re aren’t his blood? Kind of hard to do when MJ has made it clear over the years that they are kids and he love and cares them.

        Ugh. I can’t.

        And yes I don’t trust TJ either. He might be nice now but when he’s getting $86,000 to rent a nice ass house and live the finer life all udner the giuse it’s for “the kids” he’ll get greedy. You think he’ll give all of that up in 3 years? Hell no. Money changes people.

        And if he’s living at the house it’s clear he’s a deadbeat too. I mean damn living at your grandmama’s house at 34? Get a damn job.

        • gg says:

          Exactly this. ^^ You give them an inch and they will scrabble for a mile once they see some free money.

    56. Christine says:

      I wondered why Janet was doing those weight loss commercials. I guess we know: she is broke as the rest of them. Michael’s siblings, Janet, Randy, and Jermaine, are awful, despicable and lower than low. Their links to their father are shining through as money grubbing whores. I feel so bad for Michael’s kids. This just proves why he left his siblings out of the will, doesn’t it? I also gotta say, Michael’s kids seem to have the intelligence andmaturity that the rest of the Jackson clan is lacking. Good for them.

    57. palermo says:

      Ha! I always knew Janet was a big phony, with her little girl voice and speaking soooooo slowly. She’s as street as the rest of them. Grandma can’t manage these kids, they need a new guardian, one who is unrelated to the Jacksons.

      • flan says:

        Yeah, those videos she tended to make about a decade ago, with her all-smiling, was so sugarly fake that it gave me a tooth-ache.

    58. the original bellaluna says:

      Randy and Jermaine SHARE an ex-wife (they each have 2 kids with her) and they petitioned Michael’s estate to PAY THEIR CHILD SUPPORT TO AVOID JAIL. Tell us again how this isn’t about the money, Randy.

      This whole thing disgusts me to no end. All of these people, SIBLINGS, FAMILY, fighting over a dead man’s (and his children’s) money like a pack of rabid hyenas. Especially since they’ve all made money of their own.

      It’s called “living within your means.” Look it up.

      • Eleonor says:

        That story about sharing an ex-wife is beyond creepy! And both of them are two egomaniacs. Jermaine has even called one of his sons Jermajesty!

        • the original bellaluna says:

          Ah, yes; Jermajesty and Jaafar. (I can’t with those names.) And that whole wife-sharing/brother-f*ucker thing is just nasty as all get-out!

        • gg says:

          Yes that’s maybe the most odius trashy thing in the Jackson saga. The brothers don’t even respect each other. I feel like they are not good parents to their kids either; they’re certainly terrible role models.

        • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


          What would Tudors do?

    59. Black Pearl says:

      This is a really messed up family.. Nobody knows what is really going on but i think the courts should be involved and they should give the kids a new guardian preferably someone who is NOT a Jackson. I’m sure that their grandmother loves them and everything but she’s getting old and she won’t be able to take care of them properly besides I really question her parenting skills since all her own kids turned out so GREAT (eye roll)..

      • iseepinkelefants@hotmail.com says:

        I don’t know if I trust the California court system. They let Lohan roam the streets.

        But on a serious note, it’s been 9 days since these kids have been without a guardian, and they still haven’t done anything about that. In most states CPS would have been called in a long time ago. You don’t just leave children alone at home. At least not publicly.

        • gg says:

          Katherine and the 3 kids are far from the only ones living in the new house. I’m sure there are staff nannies there who she left them with when she went to ostensibly go and see the Jackson shows.

    60. anonie@ says:

      Why can’t this over 40y/o woman keep her sagging boobs inside her clothes. This look is Not sexy!

    61. skuddles says:

      How sad – the Jackson family is ripping everything to shreds in a desperate bid to snatch MJ’s estate money. Nothing new with this clan of course. The only surprise is Joe isn’t in there too, raising holy hell. Good for Paris and her brothers for standing strong. Now what’s going on with Katherine? Do they have drugged up to the point she doesn’t know what’s going on anymore??

    62. mln89 says:

      i can’t believe janet of all people is involved in this. she always seemed the least crazy out of all her family members and like michael, to have a career and money of her own. how can she be broke? hasn’t she done like 2 movies in the past few years with tyler perry?

      • gg says:

        We were all wrong about her.

      • skuddles says:

        Janet’s role in this isn’t all that surprising to me (albeit, still very disappointing). I remember reading an expose on the Jackson clan a few years back (and forgive me, can’t recall now who wrote it – I just know it was someone with close ties to the family). Apparently Joe was having a long-term affair with an assistant; Katherine knew about it but did her best to ignore it, until finally one day she exploded. She confronted the woman and actually attacked her, threatening and hitting her repeatedly. Janet was there too, in fact she helped to set up the confrontation, and she also threatened the mistress (not sure if she hit her too or not). She was also very icy in her demands that the mistress (and I believe a witness) never tell anyone what had transpired. So Miss Jackson isn’t quite the nicey nice gal we’ve always perceived her to be…

        • Moon The Loon says:

          I read that story in Margaret Maldonado’s book about her time with Jermaine. Her version says that Janet and Randy were with Katherine and Janet did attack the mistress while Randy held her back. But I spose that’s just one version…

    63. Maggs says:

      Paris is just beautiful, stunning with her eyes

    64. the original bellaluna says:

      Leave it to the Jacksons to redefine “dysfunctional.” *rolls eyes*

    65. Leigh_S says:

      I just sent you the screenshot of the Paris tweet at the info email address

    66. Happy21 says:

      I find this whole story extremely disturbing. Having been a big MJ fan and mourning his loss with the rest of them, I was always concerned about his children. But, they seemed to be coming out of it ok. When I heard that grandma J was missing in Arizona somewhere I thought there was something wrong with this picture and now this behaviour by members of the Jackson family have my jaw on the floor. I am stunned and shocked with what is happening here. It is also upsetting to know that there are grown children of Grandma J who do not know where she is and are upset to the point of tears about it.

      This is just plain awful. And what the hell is going on with Janet. She has made millions on her own career yet she wants to try to get her grubby hands on some of her brother’s?

      It sounds at least that the people who “The Estate of Michael Jackson” have their heads on straight. Seems like Michael was of very sound mind when he made the arrangments in the event of his death.

      God, this story makes me sick to my stomach. I hate it and want it to be resolved happily. These children lost their dad and are dealing with all sorts of stories about him (the drugs, the molestation charges, his general kookyness, etc.), they don’t need this too.

    67. anonie@ says:

      Please don’t critique their Grandmother’s child rearing techniques. Michael told stories of harsh beatings and discipline by his Dad, and said often, that his Father took away his childhood, to make him and his siblings stars, in the Music business. I believe their Mom was the nurturer in that family as much as she could be with the dad in the picture.

    68. blondie10101 says:

      If Katherine can’t take care of MJ’s children, Diana Ross is the one to do it. That’s what MJ wanted. Diana Ross’ children are all well rounded, educated people so I think that she would be the best person for the job and she wouldn’t want the money, she’s sold over 100 million records worldwide.

      • serena says:

        I agree, Diana Ross should raise them at this point.
        They need to freaking get out of the Jackson family. I’m sorry for Katherine, I think she is a good grandmother but she is too old to take care of 2 teenagers and a child.

        • blondie10101 says:

          Yeah and honestly I don’t think Diana Ross would keep Katherine from her grandchildren. But considering how close Ross was to MJ she might keep the aunts and uncles out of the children’s lives.

    69. The Other Katherine says:

      I’m not convinced that anybody slapped anybody; but if Paris ACTUALLY slapped Janet back and told her to GTFO, then Paris Jackson is now my new hero.

    70. Lushus L. says:

      Has anyone checked on Bubbles lately?

      • msw says:

        I know you were joking but, yes, someone has. In fact LaToya went to visit Bubbles at the sanctuary where he is living. There is a documentary about him and her visit: “Michael Jackson & Bubbles: The Untold Story.” It airs on Animal Planet. It’s weird.

    71. pf says:

      Not to make excuses for this family, but I can understand why they are so money-hungry after seeing their original house in Gary, Indiana. It’s the tiniest building I’ve ever seen and to think 10 or 11 people lived there is crazy. It appears Joe’s greedy genes passed along to most of his children. I’ve always heard Marlon is the most normal, having never divorced etc. He must take after his mom. I say give him custody.

    72. grayze says:

      This is so Dickensian. Plotting families, legal entanglements, unfortunate kids…

      All we need to throw in is an orphanage and a debtor’s prison and we’ll be good.

    73. someone says:

      I feel so sorry for these kids that they’ve never had a mother. Their Grandma Katherine was as close as they got, and now all this makes that look like Katherine won’t be in that position anymore. I wish for stability for these kids – outside the Jackson family.

    74. Krock says:

      Hey tittie McFranken tit! TJ has custody! How ya like that evil witch???!!!!

    75. Janet says:

      I never could stand Janet from the get-go but damn, I’m disgusted if Rebbie was a part of this. She always seemed like the only sane one in that whole f*cked-up ménage.

      I hope Marlon and LaToya stay the hell out of this mess.

      • Krock says:

        Of course Rebie was involved. She was the brokest of them all. Thats all they care about is the money. They dont care they do it for the money.

    76. Obvious says:

      so Katherine’s custody was just revoked and the kids have been placed in their cousin TJ’s custody temp. and he has been advised to file for full guardianship ASAP.

      Between this and the K.Stew Sparkles thing I think my head might explode…

    77. SFRowGuy says:

      Janet I love your music, but excuse the phrase “Look who’s calling the kettle ‘black'”. Spoiled? Takes one to know one.

    78. Shannon says:

      Well congratulations Janet, you’re officially a monster. Although I can see why you’re desperate for $, what with your wrinkly deflated boob job.

    79. Nelly says:

      Everyone here needs to pay attention. First if you noticed Janet and her brother were both filming the encounter with Paris, they are not dumb enough to do anything to get them in legal trouble.
      Second. I bet all three of Michaels do it yourself kids have therapist  or some kind of help, so if they felt threatened in any way, before tweeting the public they or Paris should contact her therapist or bodyguard. 

      Why is a fourteen year old celebrity kid Tweeting. With the kind of money she has, it’s a wrong move just for security reasons.

      FYI. Janet is not broke, also you may not like the other Jackson siblings, but their kids were never in the news for scandalous stuff, so someone at the Jackson compound is doing something right

      Could someone be drugging momma Jackson? I don’t trust any of the people who were around MJ, they encouraged his test tube madness, they enabled him by donating their own sperm, if any of the people around MJ really cared he would still be alive today. Same for Whitney she and MJ were not with their loved ones, they were with snakes. Plotting and scamming.

      Sorry to say this we all loved MJ as a great performer, but the man was a bit off. He was very irresponsible for creating these test tube babies. My personal theory is that MJ made those kids with his legal team, they in turn new that one day by supplying their DNA they would get his money. Where is the mother of these kids, she was just paid to birth them. All of MJ’s madness is coming to bite him in the ass. We all now know that MJ, last years were all drugged up. He was out of his head, and most likely his head was in the clouds when he made his will, all who say MJ didn’t like his siblings, well, they all supported him in court in his time of need. This situation is bad, but I agree with Janet, she has always had a good head on her shoulders, and very privet, Paris is a child she is dead wrong for tweeting family business. 

      I here she landed an acting role, last week Janet was said to be upset about it. This child has plenty of time to be in entertainment, she’s only fourteen. She should slow down, and focus on being a child. Now how does she just land a part in a film, was she auditioning? Who drove her to the casting? Who is signing her contracts? Seems like someone else is in charge here. Huh.

      And for all who say team Paris, she’s only fourteen, she is a child. Do you really believe Janet Jackson would really hurt her. Or is she trying to protect her. VS a team of layers trying to steal her money from under her. The same people who kept MJ high on all types of drugs. 
      Things are not what they seem, now pay attention.

      • gg says:

        You expose some very excellent points. There is a lot more to this than anybody knows.

        I’m still not trusting Janet at the moment though, and I don’t think Paris is fully on the rails – she’s too young to handle all this and should be banned from tweeting as well.

      • jane16 says:

        I agree with Nellie. There’s a lot more to this story than is currently out there. This story is being driven by TMZ, the same misogynists who championed the psycho Mel Gibson during his breakup.

        I am hearing that MJs execs are very shady and obviously the people around him the last few years of his life screwed him up even more than he already was and totally enabled his drug use. Also, while I’m sure some of the brothers are sleazebags, Rebbie is not, I have a relative who has known her for decades and says she is very sweet, down to earth and responsible, and has raised a lovely family.

        But an important fact no one mentions in this ridiculous scene is that Katherine J. has not been happy with the execs and has felt manipulated by them. Maybe her kids are just looking out for her. Check this out:


      • Tiffany says:

        I agree with a lot of what you said. I dont think it should be assumed that the “estate” wrote the will with Michael’s kids best interests in mind. They did a whole lot before that that was clearly not in MJ’s best interest.

        Who would think it would be a good idea to name an 80 year old woman and Diana Ross as guardians for their children? That alone makes me suspicious about the quality of the will.

        I worry that Paris is being manipulated. She doesn’t understand that when the estate/family look at her, they are looking at a golden goose. Janet seems like she was actually being parental, IMO.

      • Mairead says:

        I agree to a certain extent, especially as we’re being fed details from both sides to suit their agenda. None of what we’re being told should be trusted.

        Perhaps they *were* trying to stop the kids from making poor choices (you the old “quick, hire a teenager while they still know everything!” joke) – however if my primary guardian at 14 was spirited away for the guts of a fortnight and the aunts and uncles who are allegedly involved ambushed me in front of my house shouting the odds, and tried grabbing my personal property off me (as implied by CCTV footage), I’d have told them where to go in short order too.

    80. juju says:

      Team Paris, thank God she’s old enough to speak for herself & her brothers !!! Michael knew what he was doing keeping himself and children away from this crazy ass family !!! wow Janet for real, how pathetic of you and your brothers, your all disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!

    81. I Choose Me says:

      Wow, what a sh-t-storm. I don’t even know what to make of this whole situation. SMH.

    82. DANDILION says:

      Oh yeah.. bad Paris spoiling their nefarous plans calling Jermaine out on lying about her grandmother having mini strokes, not letting her speak to Katherine.. she’s so rebellious, wanting to know if Katherine is okay.. shaming the Jackson’s sterling honor and impeccable name.

    83. FeverDream says:

      That’s just how the Jackson’s do things.
      Does anyone remember when Rebbie and Janet showed up to beat Jo Jackson’s mistresses ass in the early nineties? Thats how they roll.

      • Lizzie K says:

        Don’t know about Rebbie, but I remember Katherine beating up one of Joe’s assistants named Gina. IIRC, Katherine took Janet and Randy, who were both still children, with her to help with the stompdown.

    84. Tansey says:

      I’m so proud of Paris! She was protecting herself and her siblings and I would’ve done the same thing. How dare those grown ass adults do what they’re doing, trying to steal money from their own niece and nephews. MJ left his fortune to his kids and his siblings have NO RIGHT to any of it! They need to go out and get jobs and support themselves, not try to take money away from MJ’s kids. This whole situation just pisses me off so much. I hope that as soon as those kids are able to, they take their money and get as far away from the Jackson’s as they can. That whole family should be ashamed of themselves. They wouldn’t be acting this way if MJ was still alive. I bet those kids miss their dad now more than ever. The three kids have such a huge family but they can’t depend on or trust anyone in it. All they have is each other. I think they realize that too and that’s why Paris was protecting her brothers so fiercely. I just want to give those kids a big hug. I hate that they’re being put through this.

      • willjass says:

        Paris Jackson’s got spunk. Move over Tomkat, this kid is more interesting to watch.

    85. G says:


      Janet just needs more plastic surgery money since she’s obviously falling apart. YUCK!

    86. eric says:

      Yes, I believe Janet Jackson would hurt the children, during altercation she kept asking for children’s passports, they followed the children car and stormed through security gate, I don’t buy Katherine innocent grandma routine she’s been on this plot to lure the children out of the state of california, the Judge smelled a rat and ruled today that children can not be taken outside the state of california without a court order. This is estate plunder coup gone terribly wrong, these evil idiots never expected Paris to post their evil plot on twitter. Good for you Paris, I wish you the best.

    87. eric says:

      And don’t forget how Courtney Love plundered her daughters’ trust fund and then blamed little green goblins for most of it being stolen.

    88. the original bellaluna says:

      TJ’s the temporary guardian of the kids. Katherine lost custody due to being “prevented from fulfilling her guardianship duties by an ‘intentional act from third parties’.”

      Congrats, Randy, Rebbie, Janet, and Jermaine. Good job. *slow clap* (That was sarcasm, BTW.)

    89. Carolyn says:

      This “family” is freakin’ reprehensible. I hope the 3 children can be protected from these horrible people. And their money too.

    90. msw says:

      I read that MJ’s estate is finally managed, all debts settled, and a secure income stream set up for his children. That was in the news a month or so ago, and now this event. It is hard to be a teenager in any case, but to know what to do when alone and faced with greedy predators who are also related family, practically impossible. I would use social media as protection, too.

    91. LeeLoo says:

      This whole situation is a mess to say the least. Say what you will about MJ but his kids do seem very grounded and level headed. They seem to know who to trust and who to be suspicious of. IMO, Paris strikes me as a typical 14 y/o who has been through a lot of shit. I think Prince and Paris need to trust their instincts, stay positive, stay strong and lean on those who have proved themselves to be allies of their best interests and have proven to be trustworthy. This is a large family and let’s face it there are some shady money grabbers who will do whatever it takes to get ahold of money. People like that disgust me.

      As for MJ’s will, this is a will that was validated by the CA Supreme Court and this issue has already been brought up. Besides, there is another will from 1997 that says the exact same thing. It was obviously MJ’s wish that the only people he wished to have compensated were his mother and his children. That being said, I bet these executors are probably shady as hell but I think they are less shady than the majority of MJ’s siblings. As long as Michael’s mother and children are financially cared for under its terms, and will want for nothing then it needs to stay this way. Even if there are legit concerns about fraud, this needs to be done in a way where Michael’s wishes on who is compensated is respected and the children’s money is left alone by other greedy and unscrupulous adults in the family.

      As far as the kids go, I think TJ needs to remain a co-guardian in case anything like this happens again or in case Katherine becomes too ill or frail to care for them. That way there is no question in the future about who will care for these kids. All reports suggest that TJ is a stand-up guy and has these children’s best interests at heart. It is probably time to look towards the future of someone more permanent to care for these kids. Asking an 82 y/o woman to have the energy to care for these children is unfair. If TJ is the good man everyone says he is and everyone is on board then I think it’s best the job be given to someone younger and more active. Katherine can and should be apart of these kids lives but maybe allow TJ to take over day to day care.

      Most importantly, let’s just hope Katherine is okay. And if she was held against her will, that people get prosecuted for kidnapping.

      • ViloDeMenus says:

        Actually because of the massive debt MJ’s estate was in when he died the court did approve the two men who are in charge of the estate, they are very respected finance men, they’ve nearly got the estate out of the red and have made deals that will bring in millions by the end of ’13. They are the opposite of shady and are trying not only to make sure the children’s futures are secure but the MJ Charity Trust so money can be disbursed to help others. It’s a big job and they’ve done an excellent job. No court is going to change them for Jermaine or Randy, or anyone either of them would want to run the estate. The only shady part of this is Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine and Randy.

        • LeeLoo says:

          @Vilo This is also true but as executors they do have a personal stake in this. When I said they are shady I meant by the fact that even the siblings who aren’t making a cash grab said decisions are being made that they don’t agree with. To me, it seems everyone in the family has some trust issues regarding MJ’s executors but at least it seems Tito, Jackie and Marlon are just going to let the chips fall where they will and let it be.

          Let’s face it, MJ’s finances were in such disarray at the time of his death that the fact the estate has started churning a profit so quickly is a miracle in and of itself. I don’t know what these two executors make off of the estate or what sort of safeguards are in place to make sure everyone has clean hands. Not to accuse these men of anything but there’s a lot of money at stake.

          Still, you are correct, for the most part these men have proven themselves to be honorable and have turned around a failing estate in short order. Like I said, in the end the most important aspect is that Michael’s wishes are respected and his kids are protected from people like Janet, Randy and Jermaine.

    92. Cinderella says:

      What fools for pulling such a shady stunt. Poor Kathryn to have this burden put on her at this age. The Jackson 4 need to go sit somewhere and stop trying to feed off MJ from the grave. They each deserve a real haunting right about now.

      Michael left the money to his kids–his REAL family, and that’s that.

    93. Hakura says:

      I agree with what many have said regarding the siblings, & their disgustingly underhanded tactics. I can only imagine what sort of fate awaits them down the road… Where money can’t save you, & the way you treated family & friends becomes the ‘currency’ that dictates your experiences…

      It makes me sick. & I’m incredibly disappointed in Janet, I always thought she’d be one of the few that protected them out of respect for Micheal. How far some have fallen…(Not to mention I’m amazed that she’s gone through her fortune already, she was incredibly successful…)

    94. Dena says:

      Katherine is 82. She is not going to live forever. Where and to whom will the children go after she dies, that is if she dies before Paris reaches her 18th birthday and can perhaps take custody of her younger siblings? Janet, Rebi, etc. (Not hoping Katherine dies . . . I’m just saying.) Also, I am sure that Katherine, like some mothers, probably rely heavily on her daughters and have probably sought their counsel.

      As far as the money grab goes, that is something that happens in most families. Period.

    95. libra says:

      Janet reacted in a violent manner because that’s how she was reared; I think it is common knowledge that father Joe Jackson beat his children mercilessly while they were growing up. And yes, slapping a child in the face is a violent action. And violence only escalates; first it’s slapping, next it will be punching and let’s not forget that words can be used to hurt.

    96. Izzy says:

      These kids need a COURT-APPOINTED GUARDIAN AD LITEM – someone who has NO interest whatsoever in anything except the welfare of the kids. An independent guardian who has never met any of the Jacksons. Then the courts need to do the same for Katherine Jackson.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Izzy – I thought they had one. Am I wrong, or did where I read that get it wrong?

        • LeeLoo says:

          They do have a guardian ad litem. Her name is Margaret Lodise. She represented the children during the hearing that happened today.

    97. Marianne says:

      She’s 14, are we that shocked that she has attitude. Plus girl probably has a lot of stress in her life right now. There has to be a better way of dealing with it then yelling at her.

      I know that Janet is also really upset with Paris wanting to start an acting career as well.

    98. .Ya.right Paris says:

      I still love Janet. IDK that she bitch slapped a wannabe fame whore. Paris is annoying and super bitchy and totally started tweeting shit for attention b/c she totally knew where her g-ma was and didn’t stop the drama.

      Average annoying bitchy teenage girl I suppose.. . I don’t know her personally but her tweets are really self induced drama. boring.

      • Deeana says:

        Oh.dear.God. Janet needs to not only fire her makeup artist, she needs to fire the plastic surgeon who has over-injected her face with botox and the stylist who said she looked good in that dress!

        Her chest and the breast we see look VERY bad. But there are plenty of flattering styles she could wear that would cover that.

        Janet badly needs a good bra and a full length mirror.

        In this particular situation, it is probably best that Paris did tweet about it. Otherwise those children may be who knows where? Someplace that you need a passport to get to.

    99. A says:

      The rumors about Janet slapping Paris are false. Paris confirmed on her twitter page that Janet NEVER slapped her so please stop feeding these rumors.
      I feel sorry for Janet. The only thing she is guilty of is taking her phone and trying to discipline the child since no one else will and then she gets accused of a bunch of nasty things.
      Janet is like a mother to her brothers children and probably the only one who truly cares about them (a long with their grandmother).

      • skuddles says:

        Nonsense. Janet is clearly a predator trying to move in on the kid’s money. Isn’t it interesting that there is a recent report that MJ’s estate is now in the black and presto, these four come crawling out of the woodwork trying to overthrow the executors? And rumor is they planned this mess for 3 years – so basically from the moment MJ passed away. They were just waiting for the estate to be worth the grab. I don’t feel sorry for Janet one bit. She clearly hasn’t managed her own money well, how does that entitle her to try and snatch the kids’ money? The same kids she supposedly “truly cares about”. Not to mention she is responsible for hiding Katherine away and severing her contact with her grandchildren. I guarantee those kids do not think of Janet as a “Mother”…

        This whole situation is such a blatant, despicable and predictable act of greed it’s practically comical. And the funniest part of all is that all they succeeded in doing was making themselves look like total a-holes.

        • Jill says:

          You are clearly delusional skuddles. Janet Jackson…after money? Since when did MJ ever support his sister and give her money. She loved her brother. Now that it is coming to light, that little girl was doing nothing but being a “spoiled little brat” if Aunt Janet did say that. She should not have been tweeting family business and went straight to authorities if she was that concerned, but now articles are coming out with indication they knew good and well grandma needed some time off. Paris Jackson was out to sabotage her relationship with the family. Eonline has posted that article and it proves it. Aunt Janet was there to get on her because that little girl knew better.

    100. Eleonor says:

      Good Lord, I can’t believe people are bashing Paris Jackson: yes she wants to be an actress, and then?
      At her age I wanted to be a rockstar, she has landed a small part, if she wants to try let’s her do it. But in some comments she is a spoiled little bitch and a famewhore. PLEASE.
      She is not in some crazy reality show, I’m sure Tito and Jermaine would be thrilled to be in a reality with Michael children. They even tried to make this happen, glad they didn’t succeed.
      She is on twitter, I’ve checked her tweets, she comes out like a teenager, nothing embarassing. If she has used twitter to look for help because her Grandma was missing, after nine days, probably it’s because I bet the family must have tried something -we don’t know- before.
      An then: if my siblings assaulted my house, like the Jackson family has done,trying to bring me somewhere against my will, I would have screamed them to go to f themselves.
      BTW *good job* to the Jackson family finally they have been able to remove Catherine. In my opinion, she can be easily manipulated: no way someone responsible would abandon 4 underage children for going to a spa, or I don’t know where. But I think this was the point: to demonstrate Catherine is unfitted to take care of them. I hope they can trust TJ.

    101. lena80 says:

      Too many holes in this story. Paris already clarified Janet didn’t slap or curse at her. The video shows them taping and Janet trying to take Paris’ cell phone. Janet has net worth estimated at 150 million, so she is not strapped for cash. TJ has custody of the children now and the other siblings not directly involved, said they did not agree with the executors on certain points BUT also did not agree with how other members were handling it. Something is going on with Katherine and TJ said in court when he spoke to her she didn’t sod like herself and obviously the court agreed something wasnt right with Katherine. Rebie tweeted a pic of Katherine with her so…this story is a mess and we will never know the truth and the best thing right now would for everyone to stop giving interviews and tweeting.

    102. kellyinseattle says:

      Team Paris. What’s w/ Janet’s boob hanging out? Anyone know what LaToya’s upto? I heard soft porn in Europe.

    103. Ravensdaughter says:

      Her body (well, boobies anyway) and face look awful. Maybe she’s started seeing MJ’s dermatologist/plastic surgeon. Sure looks that way.
      Ugly on the inside can show up as ugly on the outside. Note I’m posting this on the evening of the 26th-so many more details of the plot to divest MJ’s kids of their inheritance have come out even in the last 24 hrs!
      At her age, I wouldn’t be surprised if Katherine was suffering from the onset of dementia. That would explain why she has been so out of it and so easily manipulated. “Elder fraud”-a common phenomenon, not just with rich people.
      Yikes. Those poor kids. I’m glad Paris and Prince seems strong enough to stick up for themselves, and that not all of MJ’s sibs are greedy and corrupt.

    104. dahlianoir says:

      And what about Paris’ biological mother ? She could help protecting those children! Fortunatly, everything is public concerning the Jackson family, that may reduce the risks of seeing these kids sleeping on the streets.

    105. Faye says:

      I find it really hard to believe this story.

    106. Ray W. says:

      If I were Prince and Paris, I would Petition the Courts to become an emancipated minor and also get custody of their little brother. Next get as far away from the Jackson family as they possibly can and enroll themselves in boarding school in another country.

    107. slh says:

      Wow, you used some pretty unflattering photos of Janet here

    108. I thought janet and michael were like cool with eachother kind of like the best of friends.So why would janet do this,especially to his childen?Someone once told me money is the root to all evil,they was right.I knew that they killed him just for his money but i never thought janet was in on it.

      • minniemouse says:

        You are right money is the root to all evil. Don’t forget the O’jays song, for the love of money people will steal from their mother, old song but a true one.