Katherine Jackson claims she wasn’t kidnapped & she’s devastated to lose custody

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Another day, more countless stories in the latest Jackson family saga. As you know, matriarch Katherine Jackson, 82, went ‘missing’ and was separated from her grandchildren for over a week. Four of Michael’s siblings are challenging his will, the same four who took Katherine to Arizona for a ‘rest.’ MJ’s children are upset that their grandmother is gone, and they refused to leave their home after a confrontation with aunt Janet, and uncles Jermaine and Randy on Monday.

The latest news is that Katherine has spoken out to the press to deny that she was missing. (video is above) She claimed, unconvincingly, that it was her idea to give up her phone for a week. She’s also been stripped of guardianship of the children, and the $86,000 a month that the MJ estate pays her for that, after a judge issued a temporary order to appoint Tito’s 34 year-old son, TJ, guardian. Here’s a breakdown of the major developments.

Katherine says she’s fine and that the trip was her choice
Katherine made a prepared statement to ABC news from the Miraval spa in Arizona where she’s been staying. She was flanked by her daughters Rebbie and Janet, her son Jermaine, Rebbie’s daughter, and a spa employee. The ABC journalist was not allowed to ask a single question. Katherine said that she’s not being held against her will, that she willingly gave up her phone, and that her assistant kept in touch with the children while she was away.

Katherine claims that the handover of guardianship is “based on lies”
Katherine is of course upset to lose guardianship, and claims the handover is “based on lies.” She seems to think it’s some kind of plot against her, and given all that’s going on with this family it may well be. She also said that someone fired the cook, the housekeepers, and the nanny while she was away. You can read her full statement here, and a video is here and above. She says she’s returning to be with her grandchildren. Radar claims Katherine won’t be returning to the rental home where she was living with her grandchildren and will be staying at “The Jackson family compound in Encino.”

According to Paris’ most recent tweets, Katherine has returned to the rental home in Calabasas where she was previously living with the children. It’s unclear if she will be staying there.

Katherine called grandchildren yesterday, sounded “drunk,” tried to replace their security team with Janet’s staff
Katherine placed a call to her grandchildren yesterday. TMZ has her calling twice, at 2am and 4am Wednesday morning. Radar doesn’t have a time frame, but also claims that Katherine sounded drugged or drunk, which is concerning since she’s a Jehovah’s Witness and they don’t drink alcohol. (At least they’re not supposed to get drunk or something.)

Radar’s source says that “When Paris spoke to Katherine last night she sounded like she was drunk. Paris repeatedly asked her, are you ok, and Mrs. Jackson was slurring her words. I was told that it appears that Katherine was given alcohol during the time she was staying at Miraval, and remember, it was stated in court today that she had recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Katherine is extremely upset and distraught to learn that she lost custody of the children, but is hopeful she will be re-instated as their legal guardian very shortly.”

TMZ claims Katherine called the house and tried to replace the children’s security team with Janet’s staff. Ridiculous. Here’s their story. (Update: Trent is Katherine’s nephew.)

Sources involved in the situation tell TMZ … people in the house were “alarmed and nervous” after hearing Katherine sounding heavily drugged.

In addition to attempting to 86 the security team, Katherine ordered Trent Jackson off the property. You may recall, Jackson’s security — and Trent in particular — thwarted Monday’s attempt by Randy, Jermaine and Janet to take the kids to Arizona.

Our sources say the prevailing view is that Randy and company have drugged their mom.

[From TMZ]

MJ’s kids and his three brothers who aren’t in on the scheme aren’t buying it
As we heard yesterday, Tito, Marlon and Jackie do not agree with the way that Jermaine, Randy, Janet and Rebbie have contested the will. They’re extremely concerned that they’ve been blocked from contacting their mother while she’s been in the care of their siblings. Paris recently retweeted a message from her uncle Marlon:
I’m tired of not knowing where my mom is. I did speak with her last night but she didn’t sound like herself. I was told by Janet, Randy and Jermaine that I could not see my mom. Doctor’s order. But I see them on television with her. How come they could not call me so I could be with her as well.”

Katherine is back with her grandchildren, but may not earn guardianship back
Paris tweeted at about 11:50 pm PST that her grandmother was back. So I guess we can assume she’s returning to the rental home with her grandchildren, although it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

As for what’s next now that a temporary guardian has been appointed in Katherine’s place, TMZ claims that this whole plot to gain control of Katherine and contest the will may have backfired, because Katherine stands to lose all the perks she was getting from the estate for caring for the kids. (E! has child support at $86k a month, but TMZ claims she doesn’t get that money directly, just the ‘perks,’) Here’s their story:

The judge is now in position to strip Katherine of guardianship altogether. If that happens, the executors will almost certainly petition the court to funnel the money in TJ’s direction, since he would be caring for the children.

Katherine never had control of the money for the kids, but she enjoys a lot of the perks the kids get, and that goes away if she loses guardianship. She would still, of course, retain the allowance he personally receives from the Estate.

Short story … Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie set out to turn Katherine against the estate so she could get more money during her lifetime — money she could dole out to them — but the plot may have actually screwed Katherine.

[From TMZ]

Also, 84 year-old Joe is back! He came in from Vegas to stay in the Encino compound, not the home where the kids are living in Calabasas. I can’t with this family. This is outrageous. Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine and Randy should be ashamed of themselves. This is all about money, and it’s hard to see otherwise at all.

These photos are from April, 2012, and July and November, 2011. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. mln76 says:

    I think Katherine is probably a kind woman. But she never stood up to Joe Jackson through his years of abusive behavior towards Michael and his well documented infidelities. At 84 she doesn’t have the wherewithal to stand up to her children who are lower than low. I don’t think she’s an appropriate guardian. So sad to think of what the poor Jackson kids are going through. I have to hope that Tito,Marlon, and Jackie have the kids best interest at heart.
    And I will NEVER forgive Janet Jackson it’s so disappointing to see her behave this way.

    • Naomi says:

      Pretty much agree with everything you said here @mln76. Michale Jackson left his money to his infant/juvenile children, not to his siblings which is correct. The fact that his brothers and sisters would contest the will because he left them nothing and his children everything is disgusting and shows them up for the single minded greedy bastards they are. I hope Janet and co is well and truly screwed over for this

      • Liberty says:

        Agree with you both min76 and Naomi.

        Ah, in my movie, Michael reappears – surprise! – and says, “yeah, what I thought – just checking.”

    • Jordan says:

      You’ve pretty much summed it up. Hopefully, TJ will get permanent custody and Katherine can just focus on being “Grandma” in her final years.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      agree with everything you said as well @ min76 and Naomi

    • Naomi says:

      What really gets up on my groat is the sense of entitlement from the four miscreants. I think it was Randy who made the phone call to the news station, going on about how the will was wrong and disgusting etc. No, what is disgusting is you trying to cheat your young niece and nephews from their inheritance. The will was right and proper, that’s what people tend to do, leave their property and income to their children and in this case their very young and vulnerable children. I know people called MJ a sicko and wacko but honestly the sickos and wackos in his family are all to clear to see.

    • Rhea says:

      ITA. I know that money can make a family turn against each other. But I thought Janet would be different. I’m very disappointed now. 🙁

    • Jane says:

      I tend to think Katherine did cave in to the demands of raising two teenagers and an 11 yr old. I think she probably complained to her kids (Janet, Rebbie?) that the MJ’s kids were too much for her and she was probably having health problems, after all she is 82. The slurring of her words could have been from a sedative, which would definitely mean she needs help.

      I think that is when Janet & Co. executed their plan using their mother’s complaints as a springboard to take the whole thing further than what it started out to be. The only thing is they weren’t smart about it.

      If their mom was truly too overwhelmed to be in direct communication with the MJ’s kids, then Janet & Co. should have been in contact with them on a continual basis if not actually with them. It was incredibly stupid and bizarre to think that leaving 3 kids on their own (Trent, body guards and a nanny don’t really count under those circumstances) was OK. But, it is the Jackson family, so what is bizarre to others maybe be normal for them.

      My opinion of Janet in particular has plummeted. She may be thinking she is protecting her mother, but her logic about how to do it is seriously flawed and really shows she has no clue about how to handle kids.

      The other thing that seems odd is that I keep reading their plan of getting rid of the executors and voiding MJ’s will is all for nothing because there is no way they get rid of the executors and MJ’s previous will also excludes his siblings. I don’t know if they think they above all this and can get anything they want done, or if they are getting bad legal advice. Either way it seems like a waste of time, not to mention the fact that it has all exploded in their face, which is their own fault.

      • ViloDeMenus says:

        If what you are saying is true, she’s not a competent guardian at this point. The troubling aspect is that the aunt and uncles tried to physically take the kids from their home without cause. They have no rights to remove anyone from anywhere. Trying to fire and replace security who will answer to Janet seems like and end run to have control over the children Janet has no right to control in any circumstances. Something very bad happened but I think the fact that they had to be physically repelled and the police called to intervene.

        I think that their will be an investigation and likely arrests for what ever this stunt was but as it stands Katherine will probably not get the kids back as she is claiming it was her idea to leave without saying good bye or telling the children where she went for nearly two weeks, not a few days although that’s bad enough. Now the brothers and sisters can’t take most of that almost 900k a year she gets for babysitting and I have a feeling she’s not going to go broke herself supporting them and their children. Interesting story and I’m sure we will see more drama from this group in the days, weeks and years to come.

    • slh says:

      Because she took away her phone? Who’s the adult here?

  2. Eleonor says:

    Good Lord how many Jacksons are there?? I don’t understand nothing! Who’s the son/brother/cousin of who??
    And if the trip was her choice (like the 2010 book about MJ??) she is out of her mind: no one can leave 4 underage children alone (ok nannies and securities) she is legal responsible for them! She can’t take a vacation like that.

    • Crystal says:

      I don’t think it’s strange for a parent/guardian to go on a vacation for a week without the kids. Didn’t your parents ever ship you off somewhere for a week or two every summer? Often to a young aunt or uncles house. Mine did. The only difference is she left and the kids stayed. The strange part is the no communication part.

      • olcranky says:

        it’s not strange if the guardian actually tells the kids they’re going away themselves and touches base with the kids (or at least directly speaks to the kids at least once when they call) while they’re away. If Katherine was in full control as she claims, she has proven her judgement is not conducive to being a guardian for minor children

      • the original bellaluna says:

        When I was a single mother of two, I took a trip (8 days) to Hawaii with a serious beau.

        I arranged (and paid for) child care for both children; I made sure the child care provider had all of my contact info (including the hotel info); I made sure my parents did, too; I called my kids every day/night to stay in communication with them and make sure the were fine; I stayed in communication with my (disapproving) parents.

        Parents/guardians are certainly entitled to vacations. Just loop in the kids, so they know what’s going on. And make sure they have adequate care and know who’s in charge while you’re gone.

  3. Kim says:

    TRENT is her nephew. TJ is Tito’s son,her grandson

    • Celebitchy says:

      I’ll change that thanks!
      -edit- I did look that up when I wrote it, ad some outlets were calling TJ Trent, but you’re right, I see that he’s the nephew.

    • CaramelKiss says:

      All these damn Jackson. I need a Family Tree Diagram! TJ, Trent, Tito…shit, I can’t, NOT today. LOL.

  4. Hautie says:

    Oh the irony. They ended up losing all control of not only the children, but the CASH!

    Though I am still puzzled about Janet being so broke, that she became the leader of this idiot group of adults.

    I am actually hoping that the court digs a little deeper.

    There seems to be some really nefarious behavior with this group. Who are determined to separate those kids from their Father’s estate.

    • Eleonor says:

      Janet was doing commercials for that diet thing…

    • Liberty says:

      I seem to recall she had a very very expensive bf who used her and walked out. So, she may have some financial needs. Or maybe they are all this rudely entitled in their minds. Very sad for those kids, but — go, Paris. She is beginning to remind me of a young tough Lisa Marie P.

    • Samantha says:

      Maybe Randy and Jermaine have bled her dry so now they’re looking for an alternative money source.

    • G says:

      I think I read somewhere that Jermain Dupree swindled/borrowed major bank from Janet and never paid her back. I think she’s trying not to end up being the whole family’s personal ATM like Michael was.

      Notice Joe coming home now like a shark that sensed blood in the water. SMH

    • slh says:

      You actually think Janet Jackson is broke? Janet is well worth over 150 million. She is not hurting for money. How ridiculous.

  5. eric says:

    Reading the statement but no questions, staying with her family in Encino instead of with the chilrden just confirms she was part of the plot to appoint new Guardian to take over for her to gain access to children’s money. Never bought her innocent grandma routine, she’s on the side of vultures who are attempting to steal these poor children’s money.

  6. eric says:

    By the way Debbie Rowe lives nearby and visited the children on Tuesday.

  7. tracking says:

    Truly disgusting to abuse an old woman like that and try to rupture her relationship with those children. Horrible people.

  8. Toot says:

    Well Katherine, if you choose to give up your cell phone and not be able to have contact with your grandchildren for over a week then you made this mess. The children are minors and and should be able to contact their guardian. The situation is beyond shady.

    Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine, and Randy are shady as hell and can’t explain to anyone, logically anyway, why they can be with their mother, but the other siblings couldn’t. Good job fools. Now Katherine won’t have any extra money besides what was left to her.

  9. DanaG says:

    What happened to all Janet’s money? I’m sure she had a tonne of it at one stage what has she done with it all? Anyone who thinks it’s ok to leave 3 underage children while you are being paid that much cash to look after them has something wrong with them. Sounds like Tito, Jermaine, Randy and TJ are the only ones thinking of the kids. It might be best if TJ does do the raising..Katherine clearly can be easly lead by others into doing things not in the best interest of her grandchildren.

    • Toot says:

      Cross out Jermaine and Randy, but add Marlon and Jackie. Tito is still in question to me because he was part of this mess in the beginning.

    • flan says:

      TJ was also part of 3T, which was successful for two or three years in the nineties. Hopefully he still has some money from that, so he won’t be too greedy for MJ’s money.

    • slh says:

      Janet is also looking out for the kids.

      With royalties alone, Janet will never be broke.

  10. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    Katherine is a despicable person. I see nothing kind in her. She did a horrible job with her children, allowing them to be abused by her psychotic husband all those years.Every last one of them had a lifetime of serious issues because of that. The first rule of nature is mothers protect their young. Why would anyone think she would do any better with her grandchildren? Michael’s kids’ nanny, Grace, did a far better job of genuinely loving those children.

    • mata says:

      Thank you for saying it. I couldn’t believe Michael left the children in her care after the childhood he had. Granted his family offers slim pickings in the way of responsible, non-effed-up adults, so he may have felt like that was the best option. I really hope she doesn’t get the kids back.

    • normades says:

      good point. Where is Grace?

      • Jag says:

        If memory serves me, Grace was told in no uncertain terms by the family that she wasn’t allowed to have further contact with the children.

    • lena80 says:

      Katherine was most likely caught in the cycle of abuse herself, not to mention she is extremely religious and divorcing was a sin for her. You have to remember that times were extremely different and difficult back then and she wasn’t at first, in a position to leave Joe. Where was a woman with 9-10 kids going to go and how was she going to feed them etc.? If you notice when her children became adults, she separated herself from Joe. She has always been dedicated to her children, and at one point…she did stand up to Joe about how he beats the kids, etc.. She’s a victim also. Michael trusted Katherine with his children for a reason, he was extremely close to his mother and knew his mom would care for his kids, but that’s just my opinion.

      • gg says:

        Katherine is a victim too. She’s a sick person mentally from the abuse, and she is an aging lady. She might even have some onset of dementia at her age. She is not equipped to deal with ANY of this stuff. And I don’t believe for a second she gave up her cellphone willingly.

        And if the statements are all true, then all this ridiculous cloak-and-dagger subterfuge would not have happened. If they had any legit claim to take to court, they just ruined everything by all the ambush. A handover of custody could have easily been done without traumatizing the kids. This has all been so shamefully done.

        Did any of the Jacksons even think of consulting a psychologist or child specialist before they ambushed and tried to strong-arm the kids?? Who would be on their side now after all this $hit? Unbelievable. How can they all be so incredibly stupid.

      • LAK says:

        You know what gets me? What kind of adult thinks it’s ok to tailgate another car full of kids??? HOW insanely crazy is that?? What has lead to that kind of desperation that a tailgating ambush was necessary???????

        That alone should disqualify them from any kind of contact/control/ whatever with those kids.

        If they were not celebrities, that alone should have seen them inside a jail cell for a few days/hours to think about what they had done.

        And Randy is on a media tour justifying his actions or rather trying to say that didn’t happen or was somehow misunderstood!!!!! SMH. Come on!?!!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        LAK – The kids (or bodyguard/driver) should have called 911 and said “The paparazzo are following me!!!!” since that is a very viable reason for police involvement/excuse-offering in LA County. 😉

  11. tmbg says:

    “Hello, I’m Katherine Jackson and I’m being forced to read this because Janet is holding a pistol to my back. What? I wasn’t supposed to say that?”

    I really do think they are either drugging her or brainwashing her. They looked evil, all standing behind her with those goony grins. And I don’t think Katherine gave up her cell. I’m sure they took it from her by threatening her somehow.

    Why is Janet even in on this? She made a bundle of cash in her career. Now she wants more?

    Those poor kids. If the man who has guardianship of them now is a decent person, I hope he retains it. They need stability. Poor Blanket has seemed to be the shyest one and has the most difficulty coping. I wonder how he’s doing.

    ETA: And where’s Joe? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the puppetmaster behind this whole thing.

    • irishserra says:

      Sadly, she reminds me of my own grandmother. My grandmother is a kind and generous woman, but she doesn’t want to believe anything negative about her own children, so she will defend them to the death on any and all matters, even without basis, even if they are completely and obviously wrong.

      Therefore, I don’t believe Katherine Jackson has bad motives; I believe she just does not comprehend that her family members may ever be in the wrong.

    • gg says:

      How can they think any of this is going to work in their favor???

    • LAK says:

      @tmbg – that was my first thought when i saw those images of the kids standing behind her. What goons. talk about digging deeper.

      Unfortunately papa joe has now returned to california. Apparently he is now back at the family compund in Encino.

  12. samanthalous says:

    Those poor kids, do the adults not understand that even if they contest this will (as Harvey pointed out) the old will still excludes them! MJ did not want his them to have a dime! It is upsetting that Paris a 15 year old is the most logical and can see all these snakes for what they are. I hope they leave once they are of age and get away from that family.

    Janet ran out of money and is now broke!

    • flan says:

      Yeah. At this point, if this TJ also proves untrustworthy, I rather hope Paris gets custody over her brothers than any of the Jacksons.

      15 or not, she seems far more level-headed and good than any of the uncles and aunts.

      If only Liz Taylor was still alive and had custody. She was a kind mother and person (no matter the scandals) and would not think twice about cutting apart anyone who tried to harm children, especially her friend MJ’s.

    • LAK says:

      even if they manage to break every will michael wrote, the money still goes to his next of kin AKA his children. The children’s vulnerability is their age. If Prince reaches Emancipation age which he will soon, he should do so pronto to have complete control of the estate and his siblings.

  13. Aud says:

    Something fishy about it all. Then again, when is this family ever normal?

  14. Krock says:

    That statement was scary. It looked like a hostage situation. I don’t feel any better about this mess after watching that. In fact its even more messed up now.

    • irishserra says:

      Agreed. This would be more palatable if she had not been flanked by five people and a script read. Also, HUGE red flag that ABC was not allowed to ask any questions, no? I can understand perhaps limiting the questions, but prohibiting?? Very contrived.

  15. Krock says:

    “here Mom, read this just as we wrote it”.

  16. Dany says:

    Hm. I was never a huuuge Michael Jackson fan and I sometimes had at least three different opinions about him and his ‘strange’ ways of living. I was never really sure what to believe.

    But I always thought he must love his kids (in his weird MJ way) more than anything. Don’t know why but since this farce is going on I sometimes have a picture in mind he’s watching in anger and disbelief. Seems he really wanted to make sure his kids are safe because he knew they would be totally alone without him in this private shark tank.

    Look at this “family”… greedy, ruthless and under the delusion that they’re something special. When I see them flocking together, black sun glasses on, shiny cheap looking coats… this is just ridiculous. When I heard about Grandma reading something for the media… well, don’t we see that a lot in “real” kidnapping cases??

    I really do hope Tito jr. has the best in mind for the children.
    Must be one hell of a life to learn again and again that you’d better trust nobody, not even the ones closest to your heart. Sad story. Poor rich kids.

  17. Aubra says:

    I’m thinking maybe this is something that has been mataerializing for some time. She’s probably starting to become forgetful of certain things, isn’t minding things as she should as their guardian. I just don’t know what made the court assign TJ as the one the replace her. Why not one of the older siblings?

    • Eleonor says:

      yes she is old, but anyone who think it’s fair to go on holiday for a week letting 4 minors alone, is unfit to take care of them. They are minors they can’t stay alone.

      • Kim says:

        What 4 minors? There are 3 kids she left with TJ.She has left them before.This time they didn’t talk daily.When. she left she was going to see the brothers in concert.Someone either Jermaine or Rebbie decided to take her to AZ without telling the grandkids

    • Eleonor says:

      Sorry 3 kids/minors.
      If she did things properly there wouldn’t be this mess we are seeing.

  18. lena80 says:

    Janet isn’t broke, estimated net worth is 150 million. Only someone foolish would believe she is “broke”. Paris already said Janet didn’t hit her etc, but some reason that’s not mentioned.

    I don’t buy they were the ones about the money. It’s very telling that TJ, Tito’s son, has custody now and his father and other siblings weren’t contesting the executors of the will about mismanagement of this estate because they had bigger plans.

    My new take is, Katherine went away and left instructions just like she said she does all the time and SOMEONE fired her staff. Move number 1. Then the tweets start coming out about how Katherine was kidnapped etc. from the silent Jacksons. Move #2. Then when the adults were trying to figure everything out, Paris not knowing any better or being encouraged to do so by Tito and gang, started tweeting about not seeing her Grandmom. Move #3. Then this ramdom Jackson guy says Katherine was kidnapped. Move #4. Jermaine then says Katherine is fine and in AZ under doc orders. Paris still tweets, and I truly believe she was instructed to, about how she hasn’t spoken to her Gmom. Move #5. JJ and co go back to the house to try to get the kids to their g-mom, and JJ tries to take Paris’ phone, most likely because someone is instructing her tweet. JJ and co proceed to videotape someone on the property..could it be Tito and gang? Rumors are shot down by Paris that JJ did not curse her out or hit her. Then stories are popping up from Tito and gang that they have spoken to Katherine, but she seemed drugged or drunk and TJ gains guardianship. Move #6. Prior to that, when she found out what was happening with her staff, she tried to have JJ’s team put on staff, but it didn’t work. Hence all of that videotaping going on when JJ and co went on the property. Seems to me JJ and co got pissed off at all of the tweets from the other family saying Katherine was kidnapped, drugged, etc… And went to the house for a confrontation with whoever is spreading those lies and to try to get the kids to see their Gmom. I think Tito are the the ones that are strapped for cash and they manipulated the children, fired Katherine’s staff because that was their window, said she was kidnapped, drugged, etc., and got what they wanted..the kids and the money that will come being guardians. She didn’t look drugged at all in the interview, she seemed like a typical older woman in decent health. Furthermore as much as Paris tweets, she has not said anything via twitter about her Gmom not sounding right…that has been coming from Tito, TJ, and the other silent Jacksons.

    • normades says:

      Jermaine, Janet??? Is that you?

      Why would Katherine the LEGAL GARDIEN of those kids not talk to them for a week? Why would team janet not let them or Micheal’s brothers talk to her on the phone???

      Paris is a smart girl and she seems to know who she trusts, so I trust her. TEAM PARIS. You go girl.

      • lena80 says:

        LOL, No I’m not Jermaine, I promise, but the whole thing people are saying is that they are strapped for cash etc.. Janet isn’t broke and Rebbie is/was married to very successful business man. Tito, Jackie, and Marlon have always been known to be the super broke Jacksons. Plus they stated that they contested some of things the executors were doing but would not fight it etc…now their side says Mom Jackson is drugged and kidnapped and Tito’s son…not Tito himself…gets temporary custody of the kids. They DID speak to their Mom and all of them said she sounded drugged etc..Doesn’t that seem off to you? Doesn’t it seem odd that Paris never tweeted my Gmom sounds drunk etc..Why did brothers and TJ say in court they spoke to the Mom, but never put the kids on the phone to speak to her? I don’t know, it’s all odd…it’s the Jackson’s after all.

    • Kim says:

      Trent her nephew is not a random Jackson he has been her confidant assistant for years.He is the one who drove her to hospital and helped her with kids the day MJ died.If Jermaine and his group had simply let her call home Trent would not filed missing person report and Paris Wouldn’t have tweeted about missing grandmother and Marlon wouldn’t be crying on the Insider.

      • lena80 says:

        With that said, and thanks for insight about Trent…and I mean the genuinely, then Trent was the one who was more than likely with the kids when she left.

        I don’t know…I think Tito and gang..including Trent set this thing up to report her missing and Katherine couldn’t get in touch with her staff because Trent fired them. Tito and the other brothers are beyond broke and this whole thing may have been orchestrated to get TJ custody so they can get at the money and Trent being close to Katherine was close to the kids and some major manipulation went on. I can’t see Janet and Rebbe doing that…they are the most sane ones in the family. Jermaine on the other hand is broke as a joke to, but maybe he actually put his Mom first in this shady situation.

      • LeeLoo says:

        I believe TJ and Trent has his cousins’ best interests at heart. He has seen first hand what can happen in these situations. His mother was murdered by someone who only wanted her money.


    • fabgrrl says:

      I like this. I’m thinking Katherine did have *some* kind of medical episode – one of those mini strokes, a bad reaction to medication, dehydration – something like that. She is quite old. I think they – Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine & Randy, are trying to cover that up. But I don’t think those four are the bad guys here.

      • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

        She might’ve had a small stroke. That can make someone slur their speech.

        Regardless of the reason, she was wrong to just leave without telling the kids and making arrangements that she made sure they were informed of. It’s just weird that she left and there was no contact for so long.

        Also, whether they have money of their own or not, the Jackson clan seems out for $ and I’m glad the kids are getting older. The older boy is 16 I think and could certainly ask for emancipation and maybe even guardianship of the younger two. If this Trent has been close to them, then that’s a good result as well. I don’t think Katherine is up to really raising them. She is just too old and tired and frankly, she’s no match for the snakes in that clan.

        I don’t know what they expect to get by contesting the will. Even the previous will cut them out. All they are doing is making themselves look greedy and selfish. I don’t think they care about the kids at all.

      • Samantha says:

        The oldest boy posted a text message where Janet said not to let them see their grandmother… Not buying that those four are in the right here. They’ve done too many weird-ass, outlandish things in the past few days.

      • jane16 says:

        My Dad had a lot of small strokes when he was KJ’s age and he definitely had slurred speech, uneven gait, confusion, etc for days or weeks after they occurred. Didn’t one of the kids say she had a mini stroke in the first place? Then Paris started tweeting that it was a lie and her grandmother was fine. How would she know? A 14 yo kid. From what I have always been told, Rebbie is the one that KJ has always relied on, always took care of things for her mother and siblings. She is the oldest and has grown children who all have their own careers. Someone mentioned down post that the “four” siblings have been acting weird the past few days. Well, Michael acted super weird the last 20 years of his life. He certainly was not a good parent, and was massively addicted to drugs (another thing Paris tweeted was a “lie”). Until all the facts are out, I’m not judging Rebbie & Janet, and I sure as hell am not taking tmz’s word for anything. They have every reason in the world to create drama and controversy where there is none. Its normal for middle aged daughters to be the ones to take care of their elderly parents, so I see nothing odd in Rebbie and Janet looking after their mother. For all we know, maybe the kids were giving their grandmother a lot of grief, she had a mini stroke, and the daughters decided to get her out of there. The 2 oldest kids are at a terrible age, and seem rude and pushy. I don’t get all the “team paris” and “those poor kids” comments. Its laughable. Those kids have been raised very oddly, but raised like they were old time royalty or something. No one here (including me) knows all the facts of what is really going on here.

    • jane16 says:

      lena, very interesting, very reasonable idea of what is really going on. Well said.

      • jane16 says:

        btw, don’t fold up, they’ve been calling me Jermaine here all week also, becuz I don’t agree with the tmz line. Apparently, anything to do with the jacksons, like brangelina or the twit movies, gets really strong reaction from people.

  19. Cathy says:

    That whole family is whacked. I feel bad for the kids.

  20. Janet says:

    Coming from Randy, Jermaine and Janet, none of this surprises me. But I am absolutely disgusted with Rebbie. All along she used to be the only same one in the family.

    So where’s Auntie LaToya in this mess?

  21. eric says:

    Michael must have known this would happen if he excluded those vultures from his will, they were hounding him constantly while he was alive.

  22. RHONYC says:

    “The Jackson family compound in Encino.”

    isn’t Encino code for ‘The Valley’. lmmfao! 😆

    • fairy godmother says:

      The Encino home is owned by MJ’s Estate.

      The Jackson family has no right to be on the property much less live their without permission.

      It is high time the courts take of this mess asap including the mooching and accounting as to where the monthly allowances have been spent. Everything is provided by MJ’s Estate- so how does Mama J use the monthly allowance money?
      The kids allowance is estimated at $70,000 a month & Mama J’s is around $26,000 a month.

      That is a whole lot of money & way more than all of the hard working people earn annually!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      RHONYC – I’m not sure about Encino, but “The Valley” is definitely code for the San Fernando Valley, porn capital of the US (K-Fed lives there).


  23. Sonia says:

    I hope Prince turns 18 soon and can become guardian of his siblings. It’s not fair to do to an 18 year old, but it sure beats the alternative!

    • oh dear says:

      seems he finally spoke up!

      “I would first like to start off this tweet by thanking the fans that have always stood by me and my family, my dad really appreciated your support and I still treasure it to this day. As I am sure everyone is well aware of the events that have been going on. I have been holding off on backing up my sister and her tweets avidly because I was waiting for the time to reveal my side. As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways. Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt. The following image is of a group chat I had started to several family members. This group text message I had started was replied to but they didn’t know that I could see the responses. For this whole time, they denied us contact to our grandmother. “If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth”

      -Michael Jackson Jr.

      Attached is the screencap with detailing the message he had with his Aunts and ,uncles and their refusal to let them speak to their grandmother”


      • Eleonor says:

        “As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways”. what’s happened in the last days was Michael worst nightmare, I’m sure.
        If this kids are using internet to show the world what piece of s*** are in the Jackson family, and to protect themselves, I’m glad they’ve got twitter.
        And how is it possible that two teenagers come out like the more mature in this situation says it all.

      • normades says:

        Wow, just wow. Good for those kids for standing up for themselves and standing together. I trust them to trust the right people. MJ warned them. He was right.

      • LeeLoo says:

        MJ may have been a controversial person. He may have done some bad things but I will say this: the man did not raise his children to be stupid.

      • Mairead says:

        Well that IS interesting. It could certainly explain why they were seemingly eager to get those phones: not to stop the tweets, but to stop these text messages leaking.

        It’s a pity that the image doesn’t show the entirety of Janet’s text, just in the interests of fairness, like.

      • stop the madness says:

        Someone hacked his twitter account, deleted the picture of the text, and said that it was not him tweeting. Paris tweeted the statement and text again for him. I feel so bad for them. This has to be scary and stressful. I wish these people would leave them alone.

  24. Thea says:

    I want to feel sorry for Katherine as she is elderly and etc. But I cant. She left those kids, didnt call, went played cards and etc. She didnt protect her children when they were growing up so who is going to protect her. I think Janet is broke, I dont care if it says she worth 150 mil, all those family sucking her dry too it would be gone fast. I only have pity for those kids. I hope Katherine permanently looses guardianship, as she is too old honestly, plus she wouldnt get much money to support the others. I think they are all disgusting, and the two who interchanged a wife, well, they make me vomit. Janet needs to move to the desert with Wissam cause she looks busted. She use to be a pretty lady and get new boobs. And stop using the baby voice as thats really getting thin. I see their careers, which werent much, over. And see how quick they returned mom went their plan blew up. That will has already went thru probate so they are screwed.

  25. AnnieN says:

    82 is not senile unless they have dementia, Alzheimer’s or some other mentally debilitating disease. Most 90+ year old memaws I know as tough as heck! i’m glad Katherine got stripped and the gravy train will stop for all her mooching kids. I know plenty of grandmas that care for their grandkids, mine included, and they would never ever EVER leave their grandkids for a “spa” week without contacting them or at least making arrangements for their care. Heck my grandma refused to go to anywhere without the grandkids she had custody for.

    As for MJ leaving the kids under her care, he didn’t exactly have many choices. Like some people mentioned, she is the lesser evil but not innocent at all. For those that know the family history, she was the one that wanted to pimp MJ out even before Joe got his claws in him. If she really was this poor little old lady that could do no wrong she would not have left a 10 year old and his teenage siblings to fend off the rest of the crazy family while she was off at the spa. I’m sure there are plenty of spas in Cali. And why the eff does she need a spa week anyway? It’s not like she’s worked a day in her life smh

  26. sharylmj says:

    wow.. I really really hope that the theory about the “Silent” Jackson’s isn’t true. It might be that Katherine’s Dr. told her she needed to go and unstress somewhere and she chose to go to Rebbie’s house. The only part that makes no sense is the not telling the kids part, if she just would have said “kids, I’m going on vacation, Trent will take care of you while I’m gone” none of this would have happened. It appears that this family is VERY divided and no one trusts anyone… SAD

  27. SalmaNella says:

    Most of the Jackson’s have been faking this sweet, soft spoken “I love you” facade for years. Yet, the real truth comes out.They are nothing more than pit vipers. Janet being one of the worst. Honestly, ugly people do ugly things and going after MJ’s children and estate is the lowest.
    Janet and the rest of the vipers have you ever considered wise money management? Or perhaps, getting out there and working again?
    I hope MJ’s kids can get out of that toxic situation and become independent of the Jacksons soon enough.

  28. julie says:

    Does the youngest kid have a real name? Is he name really BLANKET? What kind of f’ed up crap is that? What is wrong with these people? Because they are rich, cfs or some other organization doesnt step in? These kids should be with someone who has nothing to do with this horrible family. And give BLANKET a real name – David, John, Steve? Something normal…jeez

    • SalmaNella says:

      How about Duvet??

      Just kidding. 🙂

    • LeeLoo says:

      His real name is Prince Michael II. I remember MJ saying in an interview he nicknamed him that because he had a blanket he loved as a baby.

  29. blondie10101 says:

    The article I read on E! says that Diana Ross was notified that she could ask the court to grant guardianship. I hope she does before something happens to those children

    • Lushus L. says:

      That would be so awesome if Diana Ross swooped in and saved the day. However, if I were her, I’d stay far away from anything Jackson. Think of Dr. Conrad Murray. He’s rotting in jail as we type.

  30. LeeLoo says:

    It is so sad to watch this family tear themselves apart over money. Money is nothing, love and family should be everything. It’s so sad to watch a family ruin themselves over avarice and greed.

    I think TJ Jackson should retain custody of the kids if that is what the kids want. I really do not believe TJ is trying to manipulate anyone, I just think the guy is trying to be a responsible and sane adult. One article said he did not even want a salary, he just said he wanted enough money to pay for the kids’ expenses. But I also think that Paris and Prince are old enough to have a say in the matter and I think these two have proven to be intelligent, mature and savvy enough to be trusted to make the right decision. I will praise Michael for raising smart and resilient children. I think they’ve all been through a lot of stress and I think they used twitter very appropriately in this matter. The Jackson family can easily use the media to manipulate as we have already seen. I think Paris and Prince used a lot of discretion and restraint but at the same time wanted to get their side out.

    I think the estate needs to put restrictions on Katherine’s use of funds to prevent her from being financially abused. Pay her living expenses and give her a Black American Express card but DO NOT give her cash. Michael specifically stated in more than one will his siblings were not to have any form of compensation from his will and that needs to be respected. That money should go to Katherine only for her needs and care. The rest of these money grubbing a–holes can find a job.

    • normades says:

      Everything you said LeeLoo. Well put. Those kids are old enough to decide who to live with and they sure as heck don’t want to go with Janet/Jermaine.

      As TMZ reports TJ was the only one looking after them at the tribute concert. Making sure they were FED etc..he has been a father figure for a while and that shouldn’t change.

  31. Diva says:

    People wonder why Michael seemed so crazy sometimes. If I had to deal with these leeches I would be too. He’s rolling around in his grave now. His kids have become pawns in his family’s money scheming. SMH

  32. claire says:

    I’m having such a hard time following this!
    So, tell me if I’m getting this:
    The one half of siblings coerced Katherine away, said she needed rest, got her to agree to give up internet/phone, told her the kids were fine, and had her assistant tell her kids were fine, and not worrying about her, wanting her to get rest.

    But on the other side of things, the assistant was lying to katherine for the family, because really MJ’s kids were not fine, were freaking out and dealing with strong-arming from Janet, etc.

    And all this was Janet, and the others’ attempt to spend some alone time with Katherine, to coerce her to do, what exactly? Help them contest the will? Or, was this to keep her out of the loop so she didn’t know that they were contesting things?

    So confused. Is any of that correct?

  33. Lizzie K says:

    The Jacksons are a nasty bunch. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Randy, Jermaine and Janet claim next that the kids aren’t entitled to Michael’s money because they aren’t really his children.

  34. DANDILION says:

    Crazy Al Sharpton witness for the Original Jackson was helping them take down the assigned lawyers and executors of the will by saying Michael wasn’t there that day to sign the legal document, he was with Al.. whom is also forgetful and still too busy and unable to understand how to file a income tax form in order to pay all his taxes..

  35. LeeLoo says:

    I just found this article about TJ Jackson. I really do think he has the kids’ best interests at heart. He has seen first hand what greed does to people.


    • normades says:

      Thanks for posting. Great article. The 3Ts had one hit in Europe and then just vanished. I always wondered why. These boys sound educated and grounded. Heck, it even makes me like Kim K a little more! And they were close to MJ and MJ loved them. That says a lot. I’m on board with you. TJ does want what’s best for those kids.

    • LAK says:

      Randy and Jermaine petitioned the estate to pay their child support which the estate turned down.

      Plus one of them was dumb enough to confirm that they had a plan hatched and waiting for appropriate moment to remove Katherine from guardianship for THREE YEARS!!!!

  36. lori says:

    Prince Michael’s statement that his dad warned him about people taking advantage is probably about MJ’s siblings. A whole family of fame whoring moochers. These kids need to listen to the estate attorneys not Katherine or anyone else. And if Katherine was so concerned about not losing custody of her grandchildren, three of the richest children, of one of the biggest celebrities in the world, she could have brought them to Miraval with her. They have a children’s program for guests, they also have resort nannies and security. I’m sure the resort would have even designed a custom vacation for the kids to keep them busy while she was “resting.” But it wasn’t about health, it was about money and manipulation.

    • Eleonor says:

      I think the plan was making Katherine lose custody, and then one of them Janet, Tito, Jermaine asks for it, and after they could have contested the will, and try to get the money.
      Jesus they manipulated their own mother (she is old I bet it’s easy) to try to arrive to the money.

  37. Me Too says:

    The slurring of her words and sounding drunk could very well be the result of a stroke or what is called a TIA–what is essentially a smaller stroke. With the stress this woman’s been put under by her children and her age, she’s prime for this kind of medical outcome. What a sad situation.

  38. Amanda G says:

    So what exactly is the theory on this craziness? Is Katherine not capable of caring for MJ’s kids? Is she letting them run wild or is she not mentally fit in her old age? Obviously MJ picked her for a reason and if the things I just mentioned are not the case then this is B.S. They should honor MJ’s wishes.

    Why is Janet getting involved in this mess? She has her own money.

  39. AnnieN says:

    Miraval is calling BS on Katherine’s story that she didn’t have a phone via TMZ. She had phone AND even a butler, all of MJs dime while her grandkids were being ambushed in Cali. Poor little old lady my a$$!

  40. serena says:

    This family is full of lies, shit and stealer.

    I read the statement and, seriously, she sound indoctrinated. I know that she is old and easily blown away by her children, but how can she give up her phone and let her assistant check out the situation at home?
    I mean, did she not feel the urge to get in touch with her grandchildren at all?
    What a caring grandma.

    And then she insist on talking like a sponsor for that Miraval-thing. Wow.

    I’m impressed, Rebbie, Janet and her brother did a good job in brainwashing her.

    Also, Janet just dig a hole and stay there.

    • AnnieN says:

      serana, check TMZ, Miraval says she had a phone and free wi-fi.

      • serena says:

        Oh thanks, then she is just a shitty grandma. Poor kids.. I wonder if they’ll ever find stability.

  41. skuddles says:

    Oh it’s some kind of plot against Katherine alright – a plot concocted by her own children to take control of MJ’s estate. Mom and MJ’s kids be damned. They just cost Katherine her pension fund. I am so glad to see this asinine scheme of theirs backfired so badly. Thank goodness at least some of the kids know this is very wrong and refuse to be a part of it.

  42. yoyo says:

    Grandma is just as full of sh*t as her kids. Why do you think Michael wanted NOTHING to do with any of them. She’s the one who at best stood around at worst joined in when Papa Joe took it upon himself to “discipline” the kids aka beat the crap out of them. Make fun of the kids noses and color etc… They are a self hating bunch. She’s the one who brought up 8 (I don’t remember how many they were in the end) dysfunctional kids. Michael was destroyed by his family, used and abused and he didn’t escape unscathed, at best he was eccentric at worst something far more sinister but at least he had celestial talent. The rest of them are users, abusers and moochers. Paris seems to have a good head on her shoulders she should contact Courtney Love’s daughter on how to protecct what her father gave HER and emancipate herself asap. It must be terrible to be that age and have to stand up for yourself cause you do not have a single adult looking out for you. Unortunately her brother seems (the older one) a bit daft and if anyone can save her siblings from the claws of the Jackson “family” she can.

    PS Janet had turned into one of the evil ones it seems.

  43. EscapedConvent says:

    Aren’t the two older children, Prince Michael & Paris old enough to decide who they want to live with? I thought that happened at age 13. If I have that wrong, someone please correct me.

  44. Amy says:

    Isn’t Diana Ross the successor guardian? Maybe she can step in and take the kids away from this mess.

  45. Shannon says:

    Ok, my question is, do the jerks trying to steal the kids’ inheritance not realize how bad they look?! WHO would hire any of them after this? They’ve all proven themselves to be bottom feeding scumbags.

    • skuddles says:

      Exactly. And Janet especially. She could have gotten have gotten her career back on track and made a fortune but instead she cooks up this scummy scheme… I think she just lost a lot of people’s respect.

  46. stinky says:

    dang – maybe it w/b WORTH it to just make em all sign a disclaimer then give em each their million to go-the-eff-away. forever. or at least for a very long time?

  47. voice of reason says:

    I believe that the Jacksons love M.J.’s children, and know that they are michael’s biological children…. all three, or four of them, including Omer Bhatti…M.J.’s children don’t look half black because they aren’t half black… they’re closer to a quarter , 1/4 black, and the Jackson’s know this.Paris, Prince, blanket, and Omer Bhatti can’t be half black because their father, Michael Jackson wasn’t full black.(M.J.)was closer to around one half, 1/2 black, or just a little more himself.M.J.’s other half of his genetic makeup was Native American Indian and caucasion, white… so since children only inherit half their genetic makeup from each parent, M.J.’s kids are half white through Debbie alone, a quarter, 1/4 black from m.J., and a quarter white and Native American through Michael Jackson..This makes M.J.’s kids a quarter, 1/4 black, and 3/4 white with some Native american. that Katherine and Joseph jackson are both Choktaw Native American with black, as well as white is well documented online.M.J.’s kids all look how they should , being only a fourth black…m.J. discussed his parents and family’s genetic makeup, and heritage. M.J.’s kids are not half black…. smile… hope this helps…