Elizabeth Taylor’s family & friends actively ignored Lindsay Lohan

Back when Lindsay Lohan’s casting in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick movie was first announced, The Enquirer claimed that Elizabeth Taylor’s family was, not surprisingly, appalled by everything about the Lifetime project. According to a family friend, “It’s a slap in the face to Elizabeth’s memory to have this errant party girl play her. She’d be screaming bloody murder over this whole fiasco!” Well, it seems like Lindsay was trying to cozy up to some of Elizabeth’s close friends and family members before the production, and none of them would give her the time of day:

Lindsay Lohan is counting on the biopic Liz & Dick to revive her once bright career. So she reached out to Elizabeth Taylor’s former inner circle, hoping for personal details about the screen legend that would help her performance. But friends of the late violet-eyed beauty, like Sharon Stone and Colin Farrell, as well as her children from her second marriage, Michael and Christopher Wilding, want nothing to do with LiLo.

“They think it’s embarrassing – especially considering her troubled past – that she would be picked to play such an icon,” says an insider. “They know Liz would never have given her the thumbs-up.”

At first Lindsay ws hurt at the snub, but now she’s found a way to make it work for her. The source says that if her performance fails to win accolades, she’ll point to “the lack of research.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Part of me thinks this is BS simply because I don’t think Lindsay even bothers to “prepare” for roles beyond “holding up a copy of Furious Love while Terry Richardson takes photos of her crack-rack.” But, on the other side, Lindsay IS desperate to connect herself to anyone and anything more legit than her array of cracked-out enablers. Obviously, people take advantage of the LOHAN CACHET all the time, but somewhere in that crack-addled mind of Lindsay, she wants some kind of “respectability.” She’s just not willing to do what it takes to really get it, though.

Here are some photos of Crackie Von Cracks-A-Lot taken by Lady Gaga last week. Rough. Very rough.

Photos courtesy of Lady Gaga’s Twitter, Fame.

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  1. Happymom says:

    Dear god-besides all her other addictions-how many packs of cigs does this woman go through in a day?? I have never seen her without a death stick clutched in her dirty hand.

    • corny says:

      I didn’t know Lily Munster was a smoker

      • IzzyB says:

        Lily Munster was played by the completely gorgeous and talented Yvonne de Carlo.

        Not even on her best day can Lindsay compare.

  2. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Look at those eyes…..she is high as a kite on something…and that poor nose the nostils are constently red and irritated looking around the rim…..as for the rest puffied up lips overdone makeup and constant ciggie I bet her breathe would knock you out……What a fool , what a complete and utter fool of a human being…..

  3. serena says:

    She really think smoking is cool and her crack-botoxy-face is beautiful.


    • hillbilly in the corner says:

      Of course she does sweetie look at that picture of that woman fooling with her hair…look at that stroked cat smirk on her face all the world like the look a cat has when someones stoking its back.Makes you want to backhand the little sucker clean across the room…….though I don’t get what shes getting out of it can’t feel anything but the tugging on the roots the hairs not real…. UGH !!!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Can you imagine the olden days where they put people in stocks. Why do I think most of CBers would be lining up with rotten fruit to throw?

        I can’t get rid of my gravatar until it does what it is supposed to. Must keep until Crack destruction finally occurs.

        Yes, would love to smack her a good one.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff – Oh, her freckled skin would be burnt to a blistery crisp in no time flat!

        And I’d imagine that rotten fruit & veg would be the best case scenario, as far as us CBers throwing stuff at her. I won’t get into it (I have to eat breakfast soon) but can you imagine what others would be tossing her way?


        (How are you doing? My stepson’s been here for two weeks now, and it’s been sheer craziness at our house!)

      • Izzy says:

        OTiff, Bellaluna – Cracktini time! Ugh. I used to think she did those stupid mouth-slightly-open poses because she thought it looked sexy. Now I think it’s just because she can’t shut them from all the fillers and crap.

  4. RocketMerry says:

    Lolling to infinity. “Lack of research”, are we sure that her career comback isn’t some comedy/performance-art skit?

  5. dorothy says:

    No one of any status wants to be linked to Lohan. Do you blame them?

  6. Cody says:

    I get the feeling that her career is over with and a Lifetime movie is not going to save her.

  7. Syko says:

    Is she supposed to resemble Liz Taylor in that top picture? Sorry, honey, Ms. Taylor wore bras.

    • Christian says:

      Best comment. “Lindsay Lohan is counting on the biopic Liz & Dick to revive her once bright career” – wasn’t her once bright career, like, 10 years ago? Just stick with the escort service, honey.

    • corny says:

      liz has rolled over in her grave so many times her grave neighbors are complaining of the rumbles

  8. Quinn says:

    She REALLY has a case of Old Lady Body. Nothing on this woman looks young or healthy anymore…toneless limbs, paunchy stomach, ashy/blotchy skin, lifeless “hair”. All in her mid-twenties. Great job throwing away what God gave you, girl.

  9. Sillyone says:

    I would put my next paycheck that my garbage that has been sitting outside in 100 degree heat for almost a week smells better than she does.

    As for her looks YIKES!

  10. Boo says:

    I don’t know who that blonde lady is who is touching Lindsay’s skanky weave, but I bet when she pulled her hands away from that mess, her palms were covered with sores.

    Lindsay must be all sorts of thrilled that she is now associated with Gaga. What a coup! Gaga better hide her meat dress and all her cash.

  11. hmm says:

    Smoking is not glamorous, little girl. You don’t look cool, you look like you smell.

  12. lassie says:

    I doubt it would register with Ms. Lohan’s ridiculously entitled ego that she was shunned. She thinks the sun shines out of her own butt.

  13. anon33 says:

    Jesus Christ on a cracker!!! I cannot believe that this moronic trick-ass bitch is going to BLAME THE FAMILY if her performance gets panned. There are no words yet established in the English language for how AWFUL I find everyone in this family…

  14. erika says:

    Oh my god…the first thought that came to mind with the 1st pic? the receiving ciggie..?

    these look like the shots 48 Hours I.D. will show when doing a documentary about her DEATH..seriously,

    “here’s lindsay at the chateau with Gaga and God knows just 2 weeks before her death. Suspicion rises over ZERO suspects, but Lilo herself. Apparently, her car, tired of years of abuse, decided on it’s own to crash into Lilo, repeatedly, causing her demise..

    …she was 27 yrs old”

    omg..sorry, that was creepy mean. what if she does die soon? OMG….

  15. Shannon says:

    I love the shopping bags in the background. Of course.

  16. Aubra says:

    Seriously, this brawds career is walking around with a Life alert button, it needs to collect social security and move on to pasture!

  17. skuddles says:

    Boy, interest level seems to be really plummeting in la Lohan – only 25 responses, that must be an all time low for her. I think it’s just getting too difficult to find anything to say about this human port a potty that hasn’t already been said a million times over…

  18. Sara says:

    Everything about her is ruined. Her mind, her body, her soul and dear god, her face. She looks like sh*t in an industry that values appearances and her brain is so messed up she can’t act anymore. I guess now she is a cautionary tale: don’t do drugs kids.

  19. skeptical says:

    What the hell is Gaga doing hanging with the cracken? Gaga has a good voice and a work ethic…crackberry snortcake has neither. Has Gaga fallen this far? Wtf. Crackie Von Shrinkingnose will only see this as further proof of her star power….that smirk in the hair petting pic says it all.
    Wtf, Gaga?