Amber Heard dumped Johnny Depp when she thought he was cheating on her?

Can you believe all of the drama that’s happened this summer? And the summer’s not over! Kristen Stewart cheating on Sparkles. Katie Holmes dumping Tom Cruise. And before all of that, it was Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and Johnny’s wandering dong (alleged). Yes, this whole thing feels dated because it was two major gossip-news cycles ago, but I’m still interested in exactly what went down. Allegedly, Johnny and Vanessa are on a family vacation right now with their kids. Allegedly, Amber Heard is back with Taysa van Ree. So are we just supposed to act like nothing happened? Like Johnny wasn’t quietly boning Amber for months? Because that totally happened. He was boning her for several months, if not on-and-off for the better part of a year. So why the dramz pull-back? Last week, an interesting theory was floated: Amber ended things with Johnny because she didn’t like the drama. The Enquirer claims something similar this week:

Johnny Depp’s new squeeze, Bisexual beauty Amber Heard, kicked him to the curb after she was labeled a homewrecker, say sources. Depp, 49, and Amber, 26, were hot and heavy until the publicity surrounding the bustup of Depp’s 14-year-relationship with Vanessa Paradis overwhelmed the budding romance.

“Amber didn’t want to be seen as the vixen who tore Johnny’s family apart,” an insider told The Enquirer. “Johnny had assured her that his relationship with Vanessa was over before they really got serious. But when Amber got drawn into the publicity after their split, she wasn’t happy at all. She actually went into seclusion.”

Depp and Heard reportedly got together while filming “The Rum Diary” in 2009. They continued to see each other after filming wrapped, and Amber broke off her relationship with Tasya Van Ree. Johnny continued to see Amber on the sly after production on his latest film, “The Lone Ranger” began in New Mexico a few months ago, said a source on the set. He even bought her a horse so they could ride together.

“But as filming progressed, Johnny started to have eyes for his beautiful British co-star, Ruth Wilson,” said the source. “Word got back to Amber, and that was the final straw. She abruptly went back to her former girlfriend and is now crying on her shoulder.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I thought The Rum Diary filmed in 2010, but whatever. I don’t know if Amber and Johnny were a thing when they filmed the movie, but I think they were a thing when they were promoting the movie. And while I don’t think Amber enjoyed being called a “homewrecker” or anything, let’s not pretend that she didn’t enjoy the (albeit brief) association with Johnny Depp – she was getting pap’d way too much, and she probably got a lot of meetings out of that association. So… did she dump him? Or did he get bored and move on, which is looking more and more like his M.O.?

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  1. lisa2 says:

    I’m still not convinced they had anything going on..

    I have said it before and will say it again. The girlfriend looks like a female Johnny Depp. It is the weirdest thing to me.

    • GiGi says:

      Just wrote the same thing… It IS creepy! Guess Amber definitely has a type.

    • fabgrrl says:

      OMG. I saw those pictures and was like, when was Johnny Depp going around clean shaven and a bit thinner? I didn’t even notice that was not him until I got to the comments!

    • Rachel says:

      + 1 on the not convinced part…

      And the lookalike thing IS creepy!

    • corny says:

      Yes, but JD is way more feminine, swish,

  2. cupidityrox! says:

    I’m bored by Johnny & his relentlessly wandering dong

  3. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Who wants to date a guy when you constantly have to be looking over your shoulder, worrying that he’s going to dump you for the next hot piece? Depp is so gross. Mid-life crisis dudes are NOT sexy, just sad.

  4. GiGi says:

    Tysa is totally a female Johnny Depp… A few more years, a few more thumb rings and she’s there!

    • Chordy says:

      “a few more thumb rings..”

      I just cried real tears laughing at that. OMG thank you so much for the laugh.

  5. Jenny says:

    Let me get this straight. The woman who apparently dated a man in a long term relationship (and I take it while she was also in a relationship at the same time) dumped him because he “cheated” on her. All righty then.

    Seems boring after the Stewart/Rupert photo show and the Katie CIA manuever.

  6. MK yarwood says:

    It’s possible he had a thing with both of them?

  7. Ming says:

    KStew, Jonny Hamm and Johnny Depp go into a bar.

    The friendly waitress sadly shakes her head, when Jonny Hamm and Kstew keep asking, if this wonderful whorehouse of a bar offers “Tie me to the Bedpost” cocktails. Everybody cries when offered a “Sex on the Beach.”

    “That brew is for voyeurs. Or people who want to be seen during sex !” provides Jonny Hamms drunk, razor-sharp mind.

    “Uhu.” provides the gummy pea mass inside KStews skull enjoying her “Cock Grenade”.

    Nothing inappropriate happened that night, until Johnny Depp started singing “Moonriver” while rubbing whiskey glasses.

  8. marie says:

    I’m curious as to what these women think will happen? She couldn’t have been all that shocked when she was labeled a home-wrecker? It’s not right, but it’s what happens when there is a third person in the relationship.

    And Johnny Depp is gross, her girlfriend seems like the much better choice..

  9. diana says:

    I like this chick….

  10. gillociraptor says:

    It’s pretty clear that Johnny really only loves himself.

    In which case, he should probably get with Tasya.

  11. wilkiecollins says:

    I don’t much about AH so my opinion maybe way off but she upgraded to JD getting publicity and all the perks that go with it and then he bones another co-star and she’s shocked. She doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb. Her girlfriend is a bit of a fool to take her back, this stuff is crazy. How many stds are now covering most of hollywoods well known, gross.

  12. DSS says:

    At least Amber Heard is consistent with her horrible clothing choices….Poor girl has no sense of style what-so-evah!

  13. Talie says:

    I agree, she wasn’t too mad. She got the publicity she needed to get some important meetings.

  14. Meh says:

    Ohh! please!! this is B.S.

    First: It’s from the Enquirer…

    Second: Amber came out of “closet” (at GLAAD 2010) soon after the shooting of “Rum diary”…so, It’s a little hard to believe that she was willing to let people believe she was a lesbian even while she was “dating” Johnny

    Third: There are NO proof about the “relationship” between them and still media want to make us believe about the reasons of “their split”?…CUUUUEKKK!!

    Fourth: “US Weekly” has an interesting report about “the amicable exes”- Johnny and Vanessa- and how they are getting along so well in their vacations and also it’s said: “Johnny is still dating Amber Heard”

    I tend to believe more “US weekly” than “Enquirer”, but they need to show a proof anyway!!

  15. Kim says:

    I don’t believe they ever hooked up.

  16. ZenB!tch says:

    I still thought she was a lesbian – but whatever. If they hooked up, it was a hook up. It was not serious. He was or is in the middle of a midlife crisis. If he hooked up with Amber that is all she was a hook up. If he is hooking up with Ruth, its an onset thing. He’s not about to be exclusive with anyone at this point. If he and Amber got together, I think she (and Taysa) knew that.

  17. Terry says:

    The French press are saying Vanessa has had her new bf for a few years. So neither cheated and both already moved on a long time ago.

    • kaydee says:

      Yeah but that doesn’t really make sense for her to have a boyfriend if she and JD were papped together last august playing footsie on the yacht or JD giving her a standing ovation at both her LA and NY shows last year as well. Whenever they ended happened either late last year or early this year.
      And if JD is seeing Amber and they eventually come out of hiding together, she’s always going to be seen as a home wrecker to a lot of women because she’ll be the first after a 14 yr. relationship and JD’s behavior seems really silly at this point.

      • Terry says:

        People don’t seem to be criticizing Vanessa for already moving in with a new man. If Depp did this he would get more bashing. We don’t know the nature of their relationship but Vanessa has already moved on pretty seriously and the French press were saying she was seeing another man even when she was papped with Depp.

        His behavior isn’t silly if she has already been looking for a new place with another man already.

    • kaydee says:

      (I’m replying here because the reply link on your other comment won’t open)!!

      I probably shouldn’t have said “silly behavior” because we don’t know what is true and what isn’t. But the horse and the jewelry gifts support the idea that there is or was something between he and AH. And in my opinion if you are trying to hide this relationship, why would you float all these clues?
      But I really don’t believe Vanessa has a new boyfriend hidden somewhere, because her physical appearance doesn’t support the image of a woman with a new love. From Dec. to this July she looked sickly and bothered, like the rug had been pulled from under her. The end of their relationship may have well been a mutual decision, but problems didn’t start until AH entered the picture. And Vanessa was still wearing her “love” ring until Dec. Why would she still be wearing that if she found someone new?

      Even last year in his VF article, JD talked about how having a family with Vanessa was the most important thing in his life, and now it’s over. That’s a quick turn around for there not to have been some outside influence.

      • sure says:

        from dec to july you mean, since july this year Vanessa is looking better and better lately she is all dolled up, early this year she looked like she was 60 years old too skinny and looking glum 24/7 (i guess that was post split and she was heartbroken for this douchebag) but now it’s clear she moved on and after months of pain she looks beautiful healthy and cheerful again what else could it be than a new dong! lol, saying that I totally believe she has a new boyfriend or at least she must be boning somebody but she is just smart enough to keep it low key not like silly johnnyboy, well he is the one with the midlife crisis, Vanessa is not, so she knows how to keep her lovelife private (like she did when she banged kravitz in the 90’s) she is very sharp I heard she was fooling around with benjamin biolay and some other french guys but I am not sure about that

      • camila says:

        I believe Vanessa P. has a new boyfriend have you seen her newest pics at the premiere of her newest film? it’s everywhere on E! and even here in CB just go to her tag in the search bar, she was glowing looking beautiful and healthy again after all these rough months, def influence of a new love, I think it might be Benjamin Biolay they are working a lot together I am not saying she is a wh-ore or anything but she did the same with Kravitz at first it was ‘all work and music’ then things got personal

  18. Sophie says:

    The French press have been very vague about the “supposed” boyfriend of VP. I am supposing that they “think” that it’s Matthieu Chedid, whom she has collaborated with for years, but they really don’t have a clue. Yes, she’s met with Benjamin Biolay (collaborating) and with Matthieu, but they have NOTHING CONCRETE other than the comments from the US press that have been tossed out by either Depp’s people or Amber’s people: “oh, didn’t you know she’s had a boyfriend for 2 years, that makes it okay for Johnny and Amber” BS. I think the French press are feeding off of rumors from the US gossip. There’s just no proof–no photos, no nothing of her with some new guy. She and Johnny and their whole family were together a year ago next August, all very happy, and the hug and kiss they gave each other was not a “oh we’re broken up” hug and kiss. The rumors of trouble started when Heard entered the picture and the promo for Rum Diary began. So, she is a homewrecker, and if not, she or JD should debunk the rumors. She could do this very easily, but instead, her PR is playing this for all it’s worth, making little inuendos that keep her face in the press. These are her 15 minutes of fame. If she doesn’t want to be seen as a homewrecker, all she needs to do is come clean and have her PR release a statement: “Amber Heard denies an affair or dating with JD.” I will bet money she will never do this.

    • dude says:

      bless this comment I am not even sure if she ever had something with depp I mean the horse gift story is false as kim kardashian ass his pr never confirmed that E! news lied as usual; check, the photos of a blonde woman getting in his car last month was not her it was a blonde woman but with darker hair definitely not heard; check, the pics on his private jet was the day they were promoting rum diary; check, there was not so much chemistry in rum diary or the premiere pics; check!, I am no depploon or depptard but you know this relationship was never there it was created by the media and she doesn’t want to deny it because she will disappear of the spotlight and that’s no good since she has no career besides crap rum diary crap movie with nic cage and a playboy tv serie in tv if she denies the depp rumors her career will be over Eva Green denied the rumors because she has a career she doesn’t need pr, and depp looks like he doesn’t care about rumors he has been linked with everywoman walking in hollywood yet he never cared..

    • Miral says:

      Because the “new boyfriend” isn’t famous…that’s why media are at “lost” with Vanessa…

      The real speculation (the one I’ve been reading since about december) says the new guy is a parisian art gallery owner (if you don’t believe me, you could see that others are also talking about this since way before…I think Bohomoth is one of that I can remember now)

      And he’s the reason why Vanessa has decided return to living in Paris instead of Los Angeles (where she was looking for a house before)

      • sure says:

        @Miral, but how could you know Vanessa Paradis new boyfriend is not famous (there in france)I dunno but I don’t see her dating an ordinary guy she has never dated any ordinary guy, always musicians (like pagny kravitz) and the most famous of all johnnyboy she is a big thing in france and dating an ordinary guy will be like a ‘downgrade’ of the ‘level’ she has in france, she is just keeping it low key to do not look like a cheater you know jd moved on too fast and everybody is pointing fingers at him, but i bet vanessa’s boyfriend is not ‘if-i-see-you-later-i-won’t-even-remember-your-face’ relationship looking at her beautymakeover and good moods she might be in love with the guy whoever he is, it must be serious not fooling around like johnnyboy is doing with chicks, Johnny you need to be more careful if you don’t want serious relationships then you should tell the golddiggers starlets like this chick AH to shut up because this AH girl is just using his fame

  19. Tiffany says:

    I went to rent The Rum Diary and….I just could not. 30 minutes in I knew that I would not finish it and would not care. It was awful.

    • eljeran says:

      I was really intrigued by Amber, I wanted to see this movie and see what she was all about. I couldnt finish watching it either, I hated every scene she was in.

  20. midnightmoon says:

    @DSS: the WORST taste in casual outfits… she obviously has an excellent red carpet stylist, but MAN does she need intervention for her day-to-day wear.

    And AmberHoneyBun, stop dying your hair or you will be wearing a wig soon enough!

  21. Divorcee says:

    I read that Johnny Depp’s mother was in the hospital, I hope she recovers soon.