Tom Cruise had “tears in his eyes” after receiving CO$ slave labor gifts

Tom Cruise

Our photo agencies have been slacking off quite a bit in regard to new Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise photos over the past week or so, so I apologize for not being able to post these delightful pictures of Katie and Suri feeding the giraffes at the Bronx Zoo on Saturday. Both girls look seriously happy, and it’s nice to see them doing normal mom-daughter things together per their new routine. Also of interest are these cute photos of Tom wearing blindingly white hightop sneakers with massive lifts built into them. Tom was leaving his lunch spot in Malibu before heading straight towards the Scientology Celebrity Centre, so I guess Tom finds it valuable to stick his with routines as well. Whatever.

Yesterday, we covered Part One of John Brousseau’s interview with the Village Voice, which talked extensively about his life inside the Scientology as part of the Sea Org. Of course, I only excerpted the parts of the talk that spoke of Brousseau encounters with Tom Cruise as well as the hundreds of thousands of hours of free CO$ labor that Brousseau not only worked himself but helped to direct. The context of yesterday’s story was how Tom worships CO$ leader David Miscavige “like a god” and how Miscavige would do anything to keep the “face of Scientology” happy. Sure, Tom apparently paid for raw materials to completely revamp his Telluride home and various vehicles and other properties, but Scientology provided the labor free of charge. Those who worked on Tom’s projects were paid about $50 per week for up to 100 hours of labor, and while we’ve heard about Tom taking advantage of CO$ slave labor before, Brousseau’s details make the whole story even more real. He even provides the Voice with several photographs of the work he oversaw (and performed much of) for Tom.

This opens up the brief opportunity to discuss a particular argument that is brought up in relation to the Sea Org’s exceedingly low pay. Brousseau even mentions it in Part Two of his Voice interview, which I’ll get to in just a moment, but first I want to discuss the claim that “low overhead” for Sea Org members is a justification for a $50 per week pay check. Yes, these workers get free room and board and meals; but as Brousseau mentions, this means that you share a house with many other people (or in his case, other married couples) and previous members have commented that the housing is usually substandard with barely-working plumbing and that meals often consist of beans and rice and little else. If one ever decides to leave the Sea Org, they lack basic life and job experience. They lose all of their CO$ friends and relatives, and they are automatically charged in full (as “freeloader debt“) for all CO$ auditing and courses that they have ever received. So leaving is not really an option for the vast majority of Sea Org members.

After 32 years, John Brousseau finally got out, and now we have more of his story, but first, here are some of his photos (courtesy of Village Voice) of what he (and his fellow laborers) constructed for Tom Cruise. Behold the airport hangar made with CO$ slave labor.

Tom Cruise

Here’s the customized truck interior and a pen carved from a Eucalyptus tree close to where Tom first learned to audit.

Tom Cruise

Here’s what that eucalyptus tree looked like before it was turned into a truck interior and a pen. Poor tree.

Tom Cruise

Now let’s move onto the second part of the Voice’s discussion with Brousseau. I’m trying very hard not to excerpt too heavily here (although this stuff is very addictive), so I would fully suggest reading the full piece if the urge strikes you. Among the topics of discussion are his eventual escape from the cult where he was ordered to help turn “The Hole” into a virual prison for wayward CO$ execs, but I’m only including the stuff about greedy Tom and how the greedy cult caters to his every whim:

On that fateful Eucalpytus tree: In 2006, Brousseau [had] been asked to customize yet another vehicle, a black Ford Excursion, which on its own was nothing special for a celebrity like Tom. But Brousseau had found a way to upgrade the vehicle in a way that would bring Cruise, then 44, nearly to tears. Brousseau replaced many of the surfaces in the vehicle with wood sculpted from the burl of a Eucalyptus tree that had been blown down in a storm at Scientology’s International Base. The custom job was so detailed, it even included a matching pen in a special hidden compartment. “Tom fell in love with this thing. I told him, ‘Here you go, Tom. Here’s the pen and stuff that was made from a tree that grew at the place where you learned to audit.’ There were tears in his eyes.”

Tom received repairs on demand too: “Somebody spilled something [in the The Ford Excursion], or there was a scratch on the burl-wood finish. I’m out there wet-sanding it and buffing it in the middle of the night. Laurisse [Stuckenbrock, Miscavige’s “communicator”] gets hold of me after Miscavige has flown somewhere in Tom’s Gulfstream. And she wants that done right away. Things like that happened three or four times over the next few years.”

Tom never paid for the labor: “I went up to Oregon to a manufacturing plant that was making Tom Cruise a new [second] motor home,” he remembers. He spent the next six months working at the plant, each day from six in the morning to midnight. “I was making sure these guys were doing these finishes correctly. They weren’t used to this high-end stuff. Tom paid the tab to the company, Marathon Coach, but he never paid me.”

Brousseau wants to be clear that he never felt slighted when he wasn’t paid for the hours he put in working on Cruise’s homes and vehicles. “I’m not complaining. I had low overhead. I had a place to stay and food to eat. I even saved money despite being paid $50 a week.” When Brousseau has publicly released photographs of the work he’s done for Cruise, he says it was not to carp that he was owed money, it was to make Cruise question why he was benefiting from a group that is supposed to be helping humanity.

On the airplane hangar: “Tom had gone to where Miscavige lived. Miscavige had a garage there all tricked out. I had made signs for every kind of car and motorcycle he owned. Tom saw it and said it rocked, and said he wished his airplane hangar looked as good. So Miscavige had the people in Cine [Scientology’s movie making division] make these giant signs. Four months it took just to make the signs. And the hangar’s fancy office was completely designed and constructed at Cine Castle. It was reassembled at Burbank. Tom was blown away by it. He was raving — ‘Dave, thank you!'” Brousseau says. “It was sick.”

On a “bed for the gods” & the humidor: “There were renovations going on to Miscavige’s living quarters in Upper Villa. I built him a bed for the gods. It had a hand-carved headboard. It looks like a giant fantail. It had inlaid wood from all over the base. Cottonwood, elm, eucalyptus. Tom Cruise was beside himself when he saw it. ‘God, look at this bed!’ I built a handmade humidor that would hold 500 cigars. I had hand-tooled leather on top. It was one of a kind. You could probably get $40,000 for that humidor. And the thing was, Miscavige didn’t smoke cigars. Tom Cruise did, and Miscavige wanted to show off for Tom when he came to visit.”

[From Village Voice’s Running Scared blog]

Then when Miscavige pull out those cigars, Tom’s eye wandered towards that “bed for the gods,” and the two shared a knowing glance … just kidding. Maybe.

Throughout all of this, I have to wonder how Tom — even if he disregards the fact that slave labor was used — ever thought it was appropriate for his “church” to be constructing such elaborate gifts for him. I mean, what on earth kind of church does that for a member? And what sort of church patron thinks he deserves such excessive services? Tom Cruise, that’s who.

Brousseau states that he was motivated to leave the cult after reading the now famous “Scientology: The Truth Rundown” article from the Tampa Bay Times paper as well as watching Anderson Cooper’s four-part series on CNN (during which the Coop interviewed several former church officials including Marty Rathbun and Amy Scobee). When Brousseau left, he was tracked down personally by Tommy Davis (head of the Celebrity Centre and frequent subject of Suri Cruise paternity rumors) and had to barricade himself in his hotel room while claiming that he’d called the police. Brousseau was luckier than most Sea Org escapees because he had a vehicle and some money saved up (due to his work on revamping the Freewinds cruise ship), but he had no family, and he had been pressured to divorce his wife by Shelly Miscavige, who disappeared a few years later in 2007. (Brousseau suspects, “I think you’ll hear that she’s dead at some point, because she’s never coming back. Once Miscavige loses faith in someone, you’re a treasonous b*st*rd never to be trusted again.“) Brousseau soon took refuge with Marty Rathbun and then proceeded to rebuild his life at age 52. He is now remarried to another ex-Scientologist, but he’ll never get back those lost years.

In other CO$-related news, the great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, Jamie De Wolf, has spoken about Tom Cruise in a CBS-affiliated interview. De Wolf refers to Hubbard as a “portly red-headed charismatic lying con-man pseudoscience self-help author” and performs as a stand-up comedian. De Wolf says that he’s been harrassed by the CO$ but maintains that Tom is merely a “victim of the mirage that my great grandfather created around himself.” Eh. Not really. Tom loves Scientology with every fiber of his being, and the CO$ will continue to give him everything that his little (lifted) heart desires. They’ll even find him a new wife soon too. Just wait.

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Village Voice

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  1. Danziger says:

    Oh come on, stop making fun of TC’s height. You know that short guys have received the shortest end of the stick (yeah yeah pun). TC’s the same height as my dad, and trust me. It takes one hell of a personality to live your height down if you’re a guy. I can almost forgive him his lifts.

    Let’s make fun of his intelligence instead. IT’s difficult to be dumber and more oblivious than a rock, but TC kind of excels at it.

    • birdie says:

      Tom loves $cientology so much because, they worship him, give him everything he wants and make him a “god”.
      The weird thing is… you were a freaking MOVIE-STAR, back then he was desired by so many. He was already loved and famous and a celebrity.
      Why did he need a cult who give him even more attention? To me..
      TC is the biggest attention whOr* alive.

    • kk says:

      The reason everyone makes fun of TC’s height isn’t because he’s short, but rather because he tries so hard to hide it. It’s like a comb-over: hair = not funny, bald = not funny, comb-over = ridiculous. Come on, Tom, the drag queen platform sneakers aren’t fooling anyone.

      • CC says:

        THIS. No one rags on Bruce Willis, who does action movies, BTW. Why? because he owns it up. And instead of looking diminished by it, he looks badass.

    • lil says:

      My dad’s 5’4 and owns a bar. He never has an issue kicking drunks out because he has the kind of quiet authority that people listen to, regardless of his height.

      I’m sure it’s been rough for him, being short, but you don’t need to overcompensate. And if my dad doesn’t need to wear lifts, why would Tom Cruise? Lots of people in Hollywood are short. They don’t wear lifts when they’re just walking around.

      He deserves to get mocked. It’s not about his height, it’s about how ashamed he is of his height and how lamely he tries to pretend he’s not short.

  2. ontheraw says:

    Details on the above and a full bio of TC with the CO$ in this documentary aired on French national TV. It’s very comprehensive and sheds lights as to TC’s upbringing, his insecurities, MR/NK/KH, ex CO$ higher ups talking about TC, Miscavige, Rinder and Rathburn speaking too, TD’s role with TC in France and Sarkozy. It’s full of details and very very interesting. I’m posting the 1st part, the rest is on youtube.

    • Nymeria says:

      I watched the whole documentary. Very well-researched, doesn’t pull punches. It is chilling. It has well-done English subtitles, so fear not if you don’t speak French.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Just finished watching the whole thing. Whoa. I have to say, it is the first thing I’ve seen/read that caused me to actually feel some sympathy for TC. They make a good case. Rona Barrett was amazing. Rona Barrett! Old School!

      It’s also the first thing that’s started me to think that maybe TC and Miss Cabbage aren’t going at it like crazed weasels offstage (although the bed and the humidor do suggest that, after all, indeed they are). A great watch. Thanks for posting it, ontheraw! I’ve researched this stuff a lot and found this totally worthwhile.

      • erika says:

        what’s crazier? CO$..,? or the amount of time, talk, listening I do reading CB, and all this other CO$ related stuff! Documentaries, articles, youtube…

        for me this is the ‘Summer of Scientology’ – i just find it all so psychologically fascinating!

        i can feel bad for tom too – how? because my theory is that people like tom are seduced by CO$ because it fills a void of love, acceptance, confidence that they never received in early childhood, tc’s growing up was ruff, so i hear…it’s the perfect recipe for CO$ — – bring in the folks who need emotional support, ‘family’ ‘friends’ acceptance and they’ll never, ever leave..

      • erika says:

        what’s crazier? CO$..,? or the amount of time, talk, listening I do reading CB, and all this other CO$ related stuff! Documentaries, articles, youtube…

        for me this is the ‘Summer of Scientology’ – i just find it all so psychologically fascinating!

        i can feel bad for tom too – how? because my theory is that people like tom are seduced by CO$ because it fills a void of love, acceptance, confidence that they never received in early childhood, tc’s growing up was ruff, so i hear…it’s the perfect recipe for CO$ — – bring in the folks who need emotional support, ‘family’ ‘friends’ acceptance and they’ll never, ever leave..

      • Kath says:

        Erika – I know, I’m guilty of this too! Having been fascinated with the creepiness and stupidity of Scientology for years, I’m addicted to watching it all unravel!

        However if you read the original article by Tony Ortega over at the Village Voice site, there seems to be a bit of a conflict brewing between the ex-Sci commentators and the non-Scilons.

        Some of the ex-Scilons think that the people leaving Scientology should be treated as “heroes”, and one poster even compared them to Vietnam War vets (???!!). Others have pointed out that a lot of these former execs were complicit in Scientology’s crimes and only left once they themselves started being targeted.

        The disturbing thing is the number of people who seem to think that the only thing wrong with Scientology is David Miscavage and that the so-called ‘tech’ of L Ron Hubbard is still a-ok. It seems like they still can’t see Hubbard as the sinister con man with a made-up history that he actually is.

      • Thiajoka says:

        I absolutely agree with TMOT–the first time I’ve felt sympathy for Cruise, that he really is brainwashed and doesn’t actually understand the havoc he’s wreaking. Thanks for the link to the video.

  3. Agnes says:

    Tom and his Co$ are pieces of shit.

  4. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    So how come only a small percentage of this hatred of Tom and the COS is filtering through into the mainstream news? Well that’s the case here in Australia. Not sure about the states.

    • Anait says:

      In Italy is the same. Magazines talk about the split, but all this mess with his “church” is only a pale background… all I know about Scientology comes from american sites, and I’m glad to know it. If you know the danger, you stay away from it.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      They are afraid of lawsuits. Co$ is famous for hounding critics with frivolous lawsuits, wasting time and money as people are forced to defend themselves.

      They’ve done worse than that to reporters they don’t like.

  5. Sandy says:

    I used to have an ambivalent attitude towards CO$ but this really made me feel for Katie –

    • flan says:

      Wow, a religious figure hating on women, what a novelty. It would be nice if they hated hunger or war or abuse for once.

      But no, those are often even justified. It’s women those frustrated freaks like to shit on.

  6. cupidityrox! says:

    What will it take for this man to wake up and leave this cult?

    • beyonce's bump says:

      but does he really want to leave? It seems that he is receiving slave labour for most of his projects. Granted he has spent some of his millions in the cult as well, but at one point does he stop being this naive pawn and starts becoming a willing evil participant as well?

      • LAK says:

        Here is why i speculate that TC may not be fully aware of the slave labour.

        Many celebrities and rich people live in a bubble cusioned so that they don’t deal with what the regular person has to deal with. Their bills are sent to their accountants, they have invisible house keepers/staff. Their agents and managers handle all their business decisions. They just have to do the job they are being paid to do. The rest is taken care of by other people. Their critical brain is never used. This is also why they surround themselves with yes people. To take all potential problems away and give them what they want instantly. Whose job is to make them feel good about themselves and their pseudo life decisions. This always gives power to the person they decide to trust the most eg Colonel Tom Parker with Elvis or The Munchkin David with Tom Cruise.

        In the case of TC, he has both his celebrity life and co$ facilitating his life. Even if you took the co$ away, he would still have the celebrity handlers pandering and cusioning his life. If the accountant is receiving bills from the companies working on his co$ gifts, there could be an assumption that the labour costs are also included unless bill is itemised to show otherwise or not made clear that labour costs are for non co$ employees.

        Plus co$ keeps it’s devotees uninformed so maybe TC is just as uninformed.His indoctrination per Marty Rathburn was one to one rather than reading for himself. Who knows what rubbish was put into his brain.

        The majority of defectors have done so because of something that has happened to them externally that has caused them to re-employ their non co$ brain. Only in rare cases like Debbie Cook, Marty Rathburn or Mark Rinder, has something happened internally that caused them to question the co$. If TC is resistant to outside forces, and doesn’t involve himself in anything non co$, as well as the fact that he is dyxlexic which means he isn’t going to read newspapers or blogs, he may not be as informed as we think he should be. If his life is suceeding because of his perception of co$, nothing short of a major crisis [that doesn’t involve reading or external forces LOL] will provoke a crisis of faith.

        And if those sea org members are as terrified of the munchkin David as we know they are, perhaps they show TC only happy faces.

        The thing that gets me is why the less pandered to celebrity members like Kirstie Alley or JT don’t realise or speak out against this abuse of sea org members as well as the other abuses.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Interesting analysis, LAK. It is definitely true that minions are instructed to only smile, not to speak unless spoken to, and to avoid running into the celebs when they visit, especially TC. This is documented elsewhere (probably the VV articles).

        As to why Kirstie and Travolta don’t figure it out, perhaps they can’t read either. (Although I suspect it is the typical “too much dirt in their files” reason, really.)

    • Chatcat says:

      Tom leave? Why? The cult is a perfect place for a narcissist like him. This article is just a small piece of why Tiny Tommy Tyrant (that is what I’ve crowned him) feeds off of CO$ abuses of others.

    • skuddles says:

      Perhaps when his career has flatlined and he’s no longer a big deal CO$ will lose interest in him. The only way I can see him leaving is if he feels he’s not getting the hero worship treatment anymore. Or, he decides to come out…

  7. Eve says:

    A Brazilian cartoonist recently posted this on his blog:

    Cruise: “We want the press to stop showing Scientology as an idiotic religion based on aliens”. “We demand respect!”.

    The green thing: “Word!”.

    Sorry, it may not sound that funny in English, but a friend of mine sent me this and it cracked me up.

  8. Jaxx says:

    Katie’s face in that first picture looks a bit like I feel: That man and his grin are scary. Just scary.

    I’m so sick of Tom Cruise and his bloated egomania.

    • JudyK says:

      Yeah, what is up w/ TC’s exaggerated ear-to-ear grins…it’s just too much…it’s like overcompensation for something or trying too hard to convince the public of something that’s not there.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        I suspect mania. Really. The Oprah clip, the constant intensity… the fact that the cult tells you not to take your meds…

  9. RocketMerry says:

    “They are automatically charged in full (as “freeloader debt“) for all CO$ auditing and courses that they have ever received.”

    WHAT?! That must be an insane amount of money, how the heck are they ever going to pay? The co$ really does take over every mental, physical and pratical possibility to escape.

    That Hubbard guy was a sick, evil monster, and Miscavige is his clear soul mate. Disgusting.

  10. Jacq says:

    That hangar looks like a Nazi dance hall. What freaks.

  11. Julie says:

    I had read both parts yesterday. As posted above, TC is in CA. I don’t think he’s going to spend any time in NY. Just enough for photo ops. They can’t relocate Gold Base and that’s where his whole life is at. And if he was really was “stunned” by Katie leaving he probably had questions as to why this happened to him when he is the perfect Scientologist. I bet DM sent him to more of their refresher courses to reinforce the programming. This guy is actually going to go to his grave never knowing anything. I used to have a hope that he’s wake up like some others have and really ruin CO$ but I think it’s a lost cause.

    • Izzy says:

      There is a teeny, tiny little part of me that almost hopes Miss Cabbage tries to worm Co$’s way into NYC. Could you imagine the response from native New Yorkers? Epic hilarity ensues.

      • gg says:

        Honey, they already have a co$ $elebrity $entre in New York. They own buildings and have “centers” in most major cities. They like to have a big looking presence; meaning, they buy large buildings and don’t use most of the space, just wanting a sidewalk presence. But it is actually a large functioning celeb center in NYC. They have to scoop up all the lost souls at the subway stations as well.

      • Izzy says:

        @gg – thanks for the fill-in. I’ve been to NYC, but have never let a Scilon get close enough to me to find out where they have their “bases” (read: “landing strips for Xenu’s intergalactic spacecraft”).

        Still and all, I like to think that New Yorkers have a maximum tolerance for this crap, and that Miss Cabbage would just be too much overall.

        Can’t wait until this whole fabricated “religion” comes tumbling down…

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        They’ve had a centre in my hometown for as long as I can remember, and I’m from a town through which one would pass in order to reach Nowhere, Anonymous.

  12. dorothy says:

    It amazes me that Cruise had not one thought of the slave labor that it took to do his bidding. What kind of monster is this guy?

    • Rumorhasit says:

      Oh, he has a thought about it all right. His thought is about how much his fame, and notoriety have brought his sick little cult into the light of the mainstream world. His only thought is about how much he DESERVES the rewards the slave labor have presented him with, and outrageous, excessive gifting. It would never occur to an egomaniac, narcissistic, monomaniacal, delusional little troll , that human rights violations of other sentient beings for his airplane hangar, or upgraded motorcycles, motor homes , or humidors, or the bed of the Gods, was/is/or ever will be wrong.
      Ok Tom, we get it. Dad was a bad man who beat you before abandoning your family. You were probably abused somewhere in the Catholic church. You’re dyslexic as hell, and found traditional education challenging… And then you found the perfect way to pay back the father who wouldn’t believe you would ever amount to anything, the church that let your abuse go unanswered, and the abuser unpunished…you back doored a way to educate yourself, by having an unpaid slave laborer, read to you your scripts, and $ ciento literature.
      But none of those things give you the right to abuse others, yourself…. Get serious, get real, and get the Hell away from that cult, once and for all.

  13. Jaded says:

    The Co$ walls are crumbling. You’re going to see more high profile members blowing. It’s going to take 5-10 years before it finally self-destructs, but I can totally envision Mini-miscavige offing himself like Hitler instead of facing the truth, that it’s a shameless, evil cult and he was the ringmaster that caused its destruction. Tom the Tiny Terrorist better get out now while he can.

    • Julie says:

      Total agreement on DM. Those kind are always cowards. At this point I think TC is delusional. I mean total, mental health, not aware of reality or however you want to say it, delusional. The only difference between him and others like Tommy Davis is that we get to watch it play out. I hope he doesn’t try to procreate/adopt again. This man shouldn’t even have a house pet.

      • loma says:

        I agree. It’s crumbling and it’ll continue until it’s just ashes. I think the internet has a lot to do with it. There is so much info out there now. And it’s searchable thanks to Google, unlike rags and newspapers that get thrown out. The internet archive is the greatest threat to CO$ and there ain’t a damn thing they can do about it. Suck it, Miscavige.

  14. tru tru says:

    Tom has always been creepy to me, always.

    tiny and creepy

    I’m so glad that more things are coming out about this cult.

  15. mia says:

    As is common with most people, TC wouldn’t even consider leaving CO$ unless his movie career tanked completely.
    Man is naturally superstitious and will bow to whatever god makes him rich.

  16. e.non says:

    cruise isn’t going anywhere — he found a friend even shorter than he is.

  17. TrustMeOnThis says:

    I found this really telling (from the article):

    Brousseau says Tom showed the car to Katie Holmes, and opened up the special compartment to show her the pen.

    “‘Oh, JB, did you make that?’ she asked me.”

    And Brousseau knew that as soon as she said it, Katie’s question actually put him in a tough spot.

    “I couldn’t accept the praise. Miscavige was standing there,” Brousseau says, referring to Scientology’s leader and his former brother-in-law, David Miscavige.

    Thinking quick on his feet, Brousseau blurted out, “Don’t thank me. I’m just the hammer.”
    He then held out his hand to Miscavige and said, “This is the hand that wields me.”
    Brousseau says Tom nodded, knowingly.

    “‘Thanks, Dave,’ he said. And that’s how you survive at the base. You can’t accept praise. You have to divert it to Miscavige.”

  18. Hautie says:

    I have a new favorite picture of Cruise! I love that header picture.

    Just looking crazy as hell.

    And Katie just wondering where the hell she is at. Perfect.

    I have a favorite place, where there is fun gossip-art stuff… and the owner placed all her TomKat stuff in a single post. And it is all brilliant.

    Her stuff always cracks me up!

    Now I am off to go read the full articles on our favorite Cult.

    • erika says:

      you are a Goddess for sending us that link to the absurd! i’m crazy in love with it…

      damn, there’s still not enough time for me and the internet to get cozy these days, i’m so busy reading CB as it is!

  19. Selena Castle says:

    OK this is weird. I have always despised this little troll man, he has come off as a sleazy little toad. But, after having watched that French documentary from start to finish, I am beginning to feel a little sorry for him. I am now thinking that he has been seriously and irrevocably brain washed. He honestly believes himself to be a god that should be worshipped and, every word of his is honey from a gods lips. He has been isolated and fed a whole lot of codswallop and he believes every word. That is sad. Not that I find him any the less sleazy, it is just that now he is a pathetic, creepy little man, trying to hold on to his relevance.

  20. barb says:

    I read the whole article. Why has no one pursued the case of missing Shelly Miscaviage? I suppose because she has disowned her family. I’m scared to hear that she will show up dead one day…probably after years of being in CO$ prison. And why does the FBI not have enough to throw Mioscaviage in jail? He sounds like a sociopath really.

  21. d says:

    I’m telling you, imo: TC willfully blinds himself to the CoS inconsistencies because that would mean questioning everything, including himself. He’d rather hear what he wants to hear, and have his ego boosted 24/7. He’s a fool for going along with CoS and their ilk just because CoS makes him feel better or good about himself, like that’s his ONLY criteria for life. There are plenty of things you can do for that that are FREE and which don’t enslave others or that force others to follow asinine rules.
    Agreed on Bruce Willis owning up to it and action movies. Exactly, TC is in truth diminished by his association with the cult, not enhanced, much as he’d like to believe opposite. \
    Very good points LAK @ July 30, 2012 at 9:37 am. and Rumourhasit 2 9:39.
    And I think he’s a lost cause as well. As is John Travolta, sadly.
    It’s a cult and deprogramming from being brainwashed would take YEARS. None of which those guys would want to devote to, rahter than lose the fame (in their mind) by leaving the CoS. They would rather clutch on to whatever fame they have for as long as they can, as long as they’re getting something out of it, never mind who suffers.
    And yes, re comment #17, that anecdote jumped out at me as well. CLASSIC cult mind-f***ery. God, if THAT’S not a sign you need to get out, I don’t know what it.

  22. erika says:

    GOD! I hate it BedHead is such a fanta-bo-lous writer/journalist. The influx and content of the Tommy C. articles are just killing me….KILLING!

    Again, why is the FBI, IRS, Amnesty International for God’s sake!?!? investing CO$