Brandi Glanville banged some dude in the bathroom at Kyle Richards’ White Party

Sometimes, gossip comes full circle in a magical and extremely gross way. Last year, Brandi Glanville publicly admitted that she had a week-long affair with Gerard Butler (they were both single at the time). There had been rumors on-and-off about them for a few months, so it was good to see Brandi verify it. But then Butler was asked about Brandi’s week-long-hookup claims, and his reply was rude and priceless: “Who’s Brandi Glanville?” So, either they never hooked up or they totally hooked up and Gerard didn’t remember who he was bangin’ because A) he never pays attention to his strange long enough to get their name and B) we now know Gerard was on a lot of drugs. Long story short, Gerard got sober (allegedly!), and then proceeded to party his ass off at Coachella, even chancing upon a mystery girl (as in, he didn’t catch her name) who he boned in one of the Coachella Porto-potties.

As I said, this story comes full circle… Radar reports that Brandi Glanville boned some strange in the bathroom of Kyle Richards’ White Party. Doesn’t it all make sense now? Gerard and Brandi totally hooked up. In the bathroom. And he never caught her name. Anyway, here’s the current Brandi-boned-a-stranger story:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ infamous White Party was a night filled with booze fueled fights, but has exclusively learned that Brandi Glanville was apparently ‘caught’ by her friends having sex in the bathroom! Brandi has earned the reputation of the show’s bad girl and that night she shocked her co-stars with her casual tryst.

“Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy having sex when the girls caught her,” multiple sources — who all say they heard explicit noises coming through the bathroom door — exclusively told

“They couldn’t believe that she was doing that and they were all stunned when they found her.”

According to our sources, the Bravo reality show crew caught her too.

“The crew thought it was hilarious and would really make for great TV, but who knows if they’ll ever air that,” Radar was told.

As exclusively reported, Taylor Armstrong to “extremely intoxicated,” at Kyle’s party and Brandi was telling guests about her fight with Adrienne Maloof over her family.

“Poor Kyle planned this gorgeous party and her guests were acting like total hicks the entire night.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are filming their reunion show Monday night where the sparks are sure to fly.

[From Radar]

First of all, when you live in Beverly Hills, I don’t think you should throw “white parties”. I’m sure it was just, like, a dress code or theme or something, but it gives my Racism Radar a chill in any case. It would be interesting to know if Kyle actually invited anyone but white people, wouldn’t it? So, Brandi “acted like a hick” and had loud, wild sex in the bathroom. Sigh… I’m glad she’s getting some… but she’s almost 40 years old. She and Gerard Butler BOTH need to stop having sex with strangers in the bathroom, for the love of God.

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  1. carrie says:

    if she uses condoms,i don’t see where is the trouble? she’s adult and single!

    • cmc says:


      Her kids weren’t even there, so it’s not like she was acting up in front of them. Get some, Brandi!

    • Freckles says:

      Usually I would agree with this. But she is in the public eye and has kids. They’ll be able to read this one day!

      • carrie says:

        it’s not because you’re mother,you can’t have a sex life

      • Freckles says:

        I’m not saying you can’t have a sex life just because you’re a mother. But you probably shouldn’t be doing it in public when you’re in the public eye so your kids can find out about it.

      • NM6804 says:

        Agreed. I’m not going to condemn her having sex. Let her have it. But doing it in a public bathroom? Ok it’s exciting I guess but obviously, she was doing it to heard, to be in the tabs again to show people how… what? Sexy she is? Edgy? Cool? That’s pathetic.

        The point of doing it in public is the RISK of getting caught not being so loud it’s inevitable to get caught and have your name in the gossip sections because you’re a famewhore. There is a reason why caught is between apostrophes! Her bouts are rarely spontaneous. She is selfish and stupid.

        People rag on Demi for acting juvenile yet this woman is 10 times worse and no talent in present or past endeavours, no redeeming qualities. Demi >>>> Brandi.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      I find her artificial and fake like all these other the real houseclowns but a little bathroom sex ‘aint neva hurt nobody’ 😉

    • Meg says:

      I really hope they will not cut it. I wanna see faces of these old phony bitches when they found out about her rendez vous in bathroom.

    • Lukie says:

      Slap a condom on him and call him Carl.

      Let grown folks enjoy safe, consensual grown folks business, that’s what I say.

      But she’s kinda stupid doing it when cameras are around. Whorish tendencies are ok, but you should never advertise them for the world to see…

      • Shannon1972 says:

        “Slap a condom on him and call him Carl”??? LOL! You almost made me spit out my coffee…priceless!! 🙂

      • Lukie says:

        Yea I don’t even know where that came from….heeheehee!

    • Little Darling says:

      No problem, just really gross and tacky. In houses like that they usually have bigger closets!!

      Sex in bathrooms just scream HIGH SCHOOL!

      Umm…leave the party and go have sex in your house.

  2. marie says:

    ha, way to keep it classy.. And I’m assuming Kyle was just jealous it wasn’t her..

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t think so. Kyle has Mauricio, the only husband I find truly hot on any of these housewives shows.

      • corny says:

        Looking at them makes my eyes hurt from the twisted mass of plastic surgery that defines them. Having sex must be like playing olympic volleyball, bouncing off the implants everywhere

      • marie says:

        I don’t know who that is, and I only know who Brandi is because of this blog.. All I can say if she did do it is, at least it’s a clean bathroom.. But I really don’t care one way or another about this..

  3. loma says:

    People who do this sort of thing should not have kids. I feel so bad for her little boys. Not only their dad, but this stuff with their mom has gotta be awful, especialy when they’re older.

    • Samigirl says:

      Seriously? She’s a grown adult. She didn’t sex him in front of her kids. Maybe if her chikdren were perpetually dirty, hungry, etc., then she wouldn’t deserve to be a mom, but a random hookup does not equate her not deserving to have children. Too harsh.

      • keats says:

        I think what she did was icky, but i approve of you using sex as a verb.

      • JudyK says:

        LOL @ Keats.

      • Samigirl says:

        LOL! I didn’t want to use the “f” word!

        For the record, I wouldn’t have sex in a restroom at a pary either. Definitely not my cup of tea, but I guess when the mood strikes…

      • Vesper says:

        Seriously? Brandi’s Bunch is now going to rationalize an almost 40 year old woman with two kids having random sex in a bathroom at a formal party while being filmed on a reality show? This woman doesn’t know the meaning of appropriate. I can only cringe to imagine what she is like when she is not on camera. She needs to get counselling for obvious alcohol abuse, and lack of self esteem.

      • Sal says:

        She didn’t have sex in the bathroom, Vesper. So you trying to rationalise your ignorance as is your post, is null and void. By the way, what makes you think it was filmed?

    • Macey says:

      yeah, Im sure its really awful for them *rolls eyes*

      I doubt its any worse than watching their father with his all but naked sugar momma dry humping him in front of them.

      • fancyamazon says:

        So this means she should go have sex in the bathroom? This would be gross for anyone, young, old, man, woman.

  4. Jilli says:

    Gaks! All of these women look awful!

  5. Jayna says:

    Seriously? Get a grip, Brandi. You’re not 20 at a frat house party. You’re becoming the female Gerard Butler.

    And the CB remark about racism and White Party? I hope that’s a joke. PDiddy even threw a White Party where the dress code was all white and the decor and theme is all white.

    • GiGi says:

      White parties have been happening for a long time – among people of all races ;). And PDiddy’s are legendary!

      I honestly think it’s just something to break up the monotony of going to parties all the time… Like a costume party without costumes.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      For sure. Gross. the first thing I thought when I read the headline was “of course she did… Barf” once again, Saint Brandi is aaall class.

    • Lady D says:

      My first thought on a “white party” in Hollywood was cocaine not racism.

    • Vesper says:

      Black and white parties are fun too.

  6. says:

    These women are clearly not into acting their age, but more like acting their IQ level.

    Nothing wrong with partying but a little class never hurt anyone.

  7. ladybug says:

    Nothing glamourous about being a wh-re. Married couples are known to have better sex lives than singles anyway. These women are trash. Just because they have money doesn’t make them treasures.

    • Kate says:

      agree, i dont want to hear about them anymore. stick to real celebrities, ones that have talent and interesting projects.

      I know i’m coming across as sanctimonious (i’m don’t mean to, sorry:) i’m just so tired of this trash… I’d rather hear about what Brangelina put on their morning bagel than anything about R.H.

  8. Iggles says:

    That is so gross. A bathroom, really?? And a random drunk lay? At her age I would think she would past such risky behavior. You know, random drunk guy could give her a STI! Condoms don’t protect you from herpes, crabs, and other diseases!

  9. NeNe says:

    As long as she used protection, who gives a f*ck!! She’s an adult, and can do what she wants. Come on, who hasn’t gotten freaky in the bathroom at least once during their life??????

    • carrie says:


    • operagirl says:

      Um, maybe she sholdn’t because she’s almost 40. And a mother. Of two.

      I’m not saying she did or didn’t, just commenting on the why she shouldn’t. 🙂

      She also needs to stop with the center parted, contrivedly (is that a word? If not, it should be) waved hair. It makes her look like she’s trying too hard to be young. Her face looks so much nicer with a deep side part. MHO.

      • Lukie says:

        40 year old mommies get horny too.

        Her only mistake was doing it when cameras were around…

    • Joanna says:


  10. Janet says:

    Nothing sadder than an aging, used-up, played-out, no-class ho.

  11. GG says:

    Brandi has denied this Radar story on her twitter page. Usually the Radar stories are not true (hey Leann)!

  12. Debra says:

    Someone asked Brandi about this story on twitter, and she told them, no sex in the bathroom but really hot kissing, and they’ve been dating ever since…. I’ll believe Brandi unless someone shows me proof, as Radar Online has been constantly publishing these Brandi bashing stories for some time now

  13. sara says:

    Why are there so many defenders of this trashy nobody on Celebitchy? Very strange.

    • mln76 says:

      Her Twitter friends post here (possibly Brandi herself she’s a desperate fameho)
      I also have the feeling she gave Celebitchy the Blind Items they posted a good while back.

      • Eileen says:

        I have been a CB reader for 4 years now and found out about the Leann/Eddie/Brandi nightmare on this site.
        I got to know Brandi the last 2 years when I found out I am friends of friends with her and she is seriously the sweetest person you will ever meet. She reads this site from time to time but doesn’t comment on it.
        And yes she is a total free-spirit with absolutely no filter-but no fameho.

        And I don’t kiss celebs asses either. I’ve worked closely with many and know some through friends who are much bigger than her and I’m the first in line to say what assholes some of them are: Sean Penn, Steve Nash and JLo come immediately to mind.
        So yes, knowing a lot about her, it does break my heart to read people raking her over the coals.

      • mln76 says:

        I don’t know Brandi. She may be a nice person. That’s besides the point.

        She isn’t a celebrity. She’s known because her sleazy ex husband cheated on her with a skank who used to be famous.
        She segued that notoriety into a series of photo-ops. She then got herself a guest spot on a reality show. She then got more attention by bragging about banging Gerard Butler.
        She’s a famewhore. She may be a nice person but classy and mature she isn’t.

      • Holl says:

        Brandi is a celebrity in a way, like it or not, because she is on a popular Bravo reality show. That is celebrity these days…reality shows… Like it or not

    • Little Darling says:

      At this point, she really isn’t a trashy nobody. She might not be famous for the reasons you think she should, but she’s definitely more of a household name now, so nobody doesn’t really apply.

      I happen to think she’s trashy. I’m sure she’s sweet, and I love that she kind of sticks it to LeAnn subtly.

      I do NOT love that she:
      – twitters things like #Fuckit
      – twitters details of her divorce/custody
      – does things like fornicate in bathrooms at parties while a tv show is filming. She’s not on the Real World and she’s not 22!
      – she has two boys…that’s just gross and icky, although I am sure her boys will realize she’s a little trashy waaay before they can scope the internet.

      I DO love that she:
      -She stands up for herself and for the most part hasn’t seemed like a complete ass with the whole LeAnn thing. I would have lost my marbles with LAR long ago.
      -While being constantly rubbed in her face that LAR gets to spend time with her kids yadda yadda she has avoided this type of behaviour to LAR and EC.
      -She’s pretty funny and laid back. She is who she is and she’s okay with it.

    • DuBarry says:

      Yeah. Reading this article and the one that was posted yesterday about her, it has become obvious to me that her friends are on this site. It’s quite weird.

  14. ShanKat says:

    She makes it hard to root for her.

    Did that Radar story have Kyle’s written-by credit on it?

    I wonder if Kyle’s white parties are coke parties like Puffy’s white parties, or if hers are unironically named.

  15. SleepyJane says:

    But she’s doing it for the sake of her poverty-ridden children!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:


    • Johanna says:

      It’s all for the children, ha!!!!!!!

    • Joanna says:

      hey, she has to support her kids! lol

    • thetruthhurts says:

      SleepyJane, I will give that one to you, hilarious. I like Brandi, but the “to provide for the kids” excuse her hardcore fans constantly use is embarrassing. I’m sure Brandi doesn’t even feel that way.

      • Jezi says:

        We said doing the show and the various party hosting and so on was so she could provide for her kids. Which is true and yes, she would say that herself.

    • Vesper says:

      Being a full cast member on RHOBW doesn’t pay enough to support the kids so Brandi needed to take on an extra job as a bachelor party host in Las Vegas even though flying traumatizes her. No worry, alcohol and pills take care of that.

      Not sure if it is true, but I read recently that the next gig is called “Adult Swim”.

      Why doesn’t she just go back to being a makeup artist which was what she claimed to do BEFORE her divorce?

  16. Ming Lee says:

    the source radar is quoting, ‘..acting like hicks.. ‘ was a tweet made by amejean.. one of leann’s bff twitter buddies known to bash brandi on twitter quite a few times before. funny that tweets are now sources…but thats radar for you.

    • Jayna says:

      A Leann follower is the source? That’s reaching. The source was there when it happened. Brandi has acknowledged being in the bathroom. The source is most likely Kyle Richards or Adrienne Maloof.

    • nomorerimes says:

      “Hick” is a give away as LR is a country hick with no education other than having sex while a young teenager with married men and approved by her mommy. Now parents would have child protective services all over them. But mommy got away with it! The story was fed to ROL by LR and her paid friends!

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Amejean is a pussy. LeAnn blew him off months ago and he got all bitchy about it, wouldn’t tweet her and was hella cold to her when she tweeted him a month or so ago. Now he must have dried his tears and pulled up his panties and forgiven her because he is back to licking her ass again. He is a joke in the twitter world of LeAnn Rimes / Brandi followers. He’s as bad as that one that always asks LeAnn to sing with her.

    • Vesper says:

      So tired of the LeAnn is-to-blame-for-all bs.

      The BB ringleader on this blog had a photo on her twitter account indicating she follows LeAnn on twitter. Two parody sites about Brandi both mentioned this ringleader by name as being someone who has spent the last few years aggressively “campaigning” for Brandi. When I checked out Eddie Cibrian’s twitter account, I noticed one of Eddie’s responses identified the same ringleader.

      For Gods sake, J. get a life already!

      • Sal says:

        So what? Leann has around 6 people that have been aggressively campaigning for Leann for 4 years, so why is it not ok for one, but ok for the other? And its common knowledge that Leann controls Eddie’s twitter account. He rarely uses twitter, so of course Leann is going to say the same thing under both accounts.

        For god’s sake Vesper, why don’t you and Leann’s group of bullying thugs get a life already!

  17. Skins says:

    That is how you move up in the reality tv world

  18. Stacie says:

    Brandi is so trashy but she always seems like Fun and she lives life to the fullest . I would love to party with her !

  19. SmokeyBlues says:

    Haha Sleepyjane!
    This is some seriously trashy, juvenile, classless behavior. And disrespectful to the person hosting the party. I love to throw a good party, and I would be pissed if a girlfriend treated my bathroom like a brothel at one of them. You are ADULTS – if you feel an attraction you can keep your pants on until you leave the party and get a room. I have only ever seen this woman look and act in a classless way.

  20. Cam S says:

    This can’t be true? I mean, Jeezus what a classless, childish, rude and asinine thing to do. That’s not acting like a “hick”, that is acting like a teenage slut. What kinda woman has sex or even makes out in SOMEONE ELSE’S BATHROOM at that age???? Classless much?

    Not a huge fan of hers anyway but I spport her. I find her crass at times. If the rumor turns out to be true, I’ll unfollow her on twitter. I follow to support, but I don’t hang with or support slutty behavior. At 40 years old, your divorce was 3 years ago, you should be past that brief period of sleeping around. Grow the hell up.
    She talks about making herself into a “brand” like Bethany. This is NOT the way to go about it

    • Little Darling says:

      Teenage slut. That describes this action to a T.

      Coming from an adult, in the public, with two young children is just tacky.

    • MST says:

      Not only that, but even the cleanest bathrooms are full of germs. Do you really want to “do it” surrounded by someone else’s bacteria? Ewww!

  21. TheOriginalKitten says:

    She has every right to do the nasty in the bathroom if she wants but I really REALLY hope that when I’m a 40-year-old mom I’m not doing that sort of thing.
    Having your behavior compared to that of Gerard Butler should be a serious red flag for anyone.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      I’m a 40 yr old mom. 3 boys…one a teenager. What are hubby and I supposed to do? Hang up the sex life and wither away like proper old people? LOL! Life’s too short…enjoy it while you can.

      Anyway, I think it would be much worse to see her making out on the dance floor. That could be caught on camera. The white party has been full of drama the last two seasons. You bet its going to be shown on TV. At least she grabbed some privacy. And this is not your normal powder room. Have you seen Kyle Richards’ house?? Her “bathroom” is probably the size of a small condo. We can all stop wringing our hands over her.
      (full disclosure: I don’t know Brandi. I love RHOBH…guilty pleasure. 🙂

  22. Holl says:

    First, racism radar? If she threw a blue party or purple party or yellow party, would that be racist? geez I wish the political correctness trend would die off soon.

    Brandi…my girl..come on now. Tone it down. Its inappropriate at someone else’s house especially at a pretentious party hosted by “classier/better than YOU” Kyle Richards.

    • MB says:

      THANK YOU. Racist?! Oh brother!

      Soon we wont be able to sing “Im dreaming of a white Christmas” and poor Billy Idol will be arrested for enquiring how nice a day it is for a White Wedding.

  23. Eileen says:

    Ok Kaiser: I’m really surprised you didn’t do your research on this before publishing it. Brandi said this didn’t happen and they were just kissing. At least cover both sides of the story.
    Also: ““The crew thought it was hilarious and would really make for great TV, but who knows if they’ll ever air that” PLEASE! If this happened you can bet your sweet ass Bravo would air it! They are already putting that out there because that’s the excuse for when it isn’t on the show.
    Radar is the only major gossip site that takes these ridic stories about Brandi without even asking her to confirm them. I personally think its Adrienne. She does NOT like how the last season ended and how she came across. Now articles about her seperation hit the news yesterday and this story comes out? Hmmm….

    • Jezi says:

      I agree. This has Adrienne written all over it. Even Lisa said the story wasn’t true. And they didn’t call Brandi hick they said her friends were acting like hicks. First off, none of her friends are hicks. I think she brought Jennifer Gimenez with her and maybe Adrienne Janic. Neither of these women act that way.

      • SweetLou65mums says:

        Jezi, we know you are close with B. Please let her know that she’s creating destructive perceptions that can and will destroy the successful marketing of her soon to be published book. Sending a message that she’s all about fun is a good and beautiful thing, especially after what she has been through and continues to endure with the antics of her dirt bag former husband and his 2nd wife, currently known as “Gums.” But a nearly 40-year old who continues to make these kind of behavior stumbles is going to ruin her own second chance. It will affect her ability to earn a living, buy that house she always says she wants, and keep the respect of her own kids as they grow up and research their parents on the Internet. She’s way better than toilet sex (or toilet kissing) and she should believe it by now. You can’t make two people love each other as a couple, but Brandi and Darin would make a fine couple as many have often said. In any event, he knows how to conduct himself in public with grace. He loves his kid and he loves her kids. And he loves her. She must be having so much fun she’s blind?

      • Jezi says:

        Don’t we all wish she had those feelings for Darin. She’s dating someone right now who she likes, which is the guy she was kissing in the bathroom. Darin and her unfortunately don’t have that type of attraction for one another. I’m close to her but I certainly can’t change who she is. You either like her or you don’t. I’m not one to tell her what to do, even if we are close. I may not agree with everything she does but that’s who she is. Honestly there are worse things she could be doing. She isn’t doing drugs or going around stabbing people. Her boys love her because they love her. They know her and she’s great with them. I am sure though that she would appreciate your concern for her.

      • I hear you, Jezi and you are right, of course. (Too bad you’re probably right about Darin, too, because he’s one of those good, strong and true guys you want to travel with for at least 50 years.)
        My concerns stem from the experiences of my own age (I am old enough to be her mom, ha!) and also being in the marketing biz for over 35 years. “Perception is all.” is the most shallow belief of all but it is the basic foundation of successful marketing. Brandi needs to protect her brand to make the most of a window of opportunity that could make her and her children financially independent for the rest of her life. That window won’t be open for long. I only wish her the best!

      • Jezi says:

        That was really sweet 🙂

        It sometimes sucks reading people’s comments about her because I know how she is and she is so undeserving of it but what can I do you know?

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        This place just gets better and better. Thanks Jezi for your unique perspective. And, sure, some of the comments are catty but there’s compassion revealed as well.

        I don’t even follow reality tv, there’s just nothing else to read today, and CB has spoiled me for all the other gossip sites (well except the DM). Stumbling upon this was sweet.

  24. cupidityrox! says:

    G*d I dislike this woman!

  25. Gia says:

    Her husband dumped her and she’s living her single life. It’s not like she did it in the middle of the dance floor…she tried to hide 😉 live nd let live I say. She’s not hurting anyone.

    • NeNe says:

      Exactly. Seems like some people just need to remove the stick from their asses.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      God help me, I actually agree with you. I guess after being humiliated by her husband and Leann, I give her a pass. Plus, I loved her on RHOBH. She and Lisa were hilarious together. Passionate kissing in a bathroom? Good for her!

    • nomorerimes says:

      SHE dumped her husband and I say have fun. Besides when the door is closed–doesn’t that mean stay out until it is opened. Brandi denied the sex so until I see it–I don’t believe it. And as long as she is single and he is single-go for it. Better than hitting on married fathers ala LR!

  26. skipper says:

    I highly doubt this the most scandalous thing that has happened at one the lady’s parties in Beverly Hills. Who hasn’t gotten wasted and had a tryst of some sort in the bathroom? At least it wasn’t in one of the bedrooms of Kyle’s children. lol! Anyway, a white party doesn’t mean a KKK party for crying out loud! Just like a black party wouldn’t be a Black Panther party. It’s just a color theme. Color meaning clothing not race.

  27. dorothy says:

    I like her, I really do. However, sex in the bathroom at a friends party at their home? Why does she put herself in these situations? There’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing, just where. It’s called respect for other people. She needs a keeper. Someone that walks around with her and helps her make appropriate decisions. Kind of time to grow up.

  28. Jezi says:

    She did not have sex! She stated on Twitter that she just made out with the guy and she’s still dating him. Lisa even said the story wasn’t true.

    • Cam S says:

      @ Jezi:
      Who the hell makes out in a bathroom at parties??? Oh yeah, frat boys an sluts.

      Gross, immature behavior, and if it was one of my friends I’d tell them so to their face. Free spirit is one thing, acting classless and rude is another

      • Eileen says:

        lol kissing a guy in a bathroom at a party? Really? Go to any party ANYWHERE in Hollywood or in the sticks and you see someone kiss in a bathroom at a party. Shoot I saw two ppl who were married to other ppl who are celebs make out (and more) at a club in the bathroom stall NEXT to the one I was using!
        I kissed a guy I had been dating the a bathroom because when I came out, he was the next in line.
        Regardless of who this is-I can’t understand what the big deal is?
        I’ve christened every room in my house, my friends bathrooms AND their poolhouse bathrooms every year at a 4th of July party. Its my annual fun-too bad I just seperated this year and didn’t get to. 🙁
        So Cam-don’t invite me to any of your parties! 😉

      • Jezi says:

        Yeah I also did this at my friends house at her BBQ. Let me tell you, my hubby and I still talk about that day. We also did this on New Year’s of this year at his sisters house. It sure did spice up our sex life. Hahaha!

      • brin says:

        LOL…hey Eileen, hope you are doing ok.

      • Eileen says:

        Also, I’ll be 38 this November and I’m reading people say “At her age she shouldn’t be kissing a guy in a bathroom…its higschool…”
        If and when I get a new guy and he wants to kiss me in the privacy of a bathroom, I take that over making out in fromt of everyone at a party. Just my opinion, but I’ve always been quirky and unconventional. Different strokes for different folks?

      • Eileen says:

        Hey Brin!! I am well as I can be. 🙂 Moving out 2nd week of Aug & lucked into an awesome home of a friend of mine that my kids are very familiar with and practically grew up in. They are moving in with her father to help him since he just had a stroke and its mine as long as I need it. The universe/God works in mysterious ways!

      • brin says:

        @Eileen…very true. You are strong and positive (like the subject of this post) and you will be fine. Wishing you & your kids the best!

  29. Prinny says:

    I don’t believe she had sex because if she did I think Brandi is the type to admit it. Come on, she’s admitted on twitter to having sex one of her son’s bed. I like her but I do think she needs to class it up a bit. You can still speak your mind and be a free spirit without being so trashy (at times).

    • Cam S says:

      @ Prinny:
      What!?!? She had sex on her child’s bed????? Is that a joke?

      • Linda says:

        So what? It was Eddie’s turn with the boys, so, that means an empty house for Brandi. Brandi can have sex anywhere she darns pleases in her own house because….it’s her house.

        My daugheter’s father and I have had sex on our daughter’s bed (she was at school), heat of the moment type of thing. SO WHAT!!!!

      • Cam S says:

        @ Linda
        I find that behavior disgusting. Likewise to Leann’s birthday sex cake for Eddie. Both situations are gross to me and immature.
        However, I respect your opinion to retain the freedom to have sex on children’s beds. Go for it. I have a house full of furniture and other surfaces I’d rather do the deed, than on my kid’s beds. jmo

      • Vesper says:

        She posted a pic of the guy on her twitter account. He looked miserable.

    • Dani says:

      I thought she said her room or bed was flooded and she slept in one of the boy’s beds while her guy slept on the couch?

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    If Brandi were a guy, she’d be getting high fives, slaps on the back, and requests for the chicks number. So go ahead, get yours girl!

    But Brandi, please be safe. Your sons need you around!

  31. original kate says:

    way to keep it classy, brandi.

    and speaking of classy, why is octomom still in the news? ugh.

  32. CutePie says:

    Ah do your research….

    the supposed “hook up” story is old, there are TONS of pics of them frolicking on the beach together on vacation. Gerard Butler was just trying to keep his private life private. The bathroom story is probably BS.

    Gawd I hate Kyle Richards.

  33. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I wouldn’t be too happy about it if it were my bathroom. I don’t want some woman’s lady bits on the counter where I do my makeup or some dude’s hairy ass crack near my tooth brush.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Seriously, Mort. Get the sanitation crew in there, STAT.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Hey kitten!

        Maybe I’m just squeamish, but I don’t even like other people taking dumps in my bathroom. The plumber that installed our new toilet spent an hour taking a dump on it after installing it. I was furious! At least give someone who lives here the chance to christen the throne.

      • Eileen says:

        Mort: I am totally with you on that one! Kissing in a bathroom-yes. Dumping in a friends bathroom-NO. My body won’t do it anyway! ugh-it turns off until I get home which is good AND bad because when I travel I am miserable!! O.o

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Hee-hee Mort! How goes it? Haven’t heard from you lately (Jezi’s “upgrade” disappeared my emails). Hope all is well. 🙂

      I’m sure it was one of the downstairs guest baths – doubtful either of the owners ever set foot in it.

      Hi OKitt!

      • Jezi says:

        What happened? LOL

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Mort-Are you serious? LOL!
        Maybe a *test dump* is part of the Deluxe Plumber Repair Package?

        I hate phantom dumping the most. I was at a party recently when a *mystery guest* dumped in the downstairs bathroom-which is RIGHT in the livingroom area where all the guests are. I mean, at least do your biz in the upstairs bathroom! Or better yet-DON’T EAT WHATEVER YOU ATE TO MAKE YOU DUMP!

        Hi Bell! 🙂
        Based on the above conversastion, I guess I shouldn’t be lecturing anyone on “class” huh? Still, guests taking dumps at parties is a serious issue.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Sorry for sending the conversation into a downward spiral!

        @bells, I haven’t been over to Jez much because I hate their new commenting section and I haven’t been here as much because we’ve been really busy at the funeral home. Just took care of a 21 year old girl who was murdered by her boyfriend (who then turned the gun on himself). Very sad. How are things with you? Better, worse, the same?

        @kitten, LOL. I just don’t know how anyone could be comfortable enough to dump in someone else’s house, let alone at a party full of people!

      • Jezi says:

        Oh, Jezi’s a website??? LMFAO!! I thought you both were talking about me and I was like what upgrade? What did I do to your emails? Hahahahaha!

    • skuddles says:

      “hairy ass crack near my tooth brush”…. holy crap that made me laugh, thanks Mort! 😀

      Icky true story. My BF met a guy, had him over for coffee on their first date… shortly after he arrived he took her newspaper and disappeared into the bathroom. For 45 minutes. Totally stunk out the joint to boot. No second date 🙂

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @skuddles @Eileen, why are some of these men not aware of the universal rules of dumping? LOL.

  34. hoya_chick says:

    I think at her age making out/an or having sex in a bathroom at someone’s party is a little trashy. If this was anyone else people would be giving them hell….why does she get a pass? And this is coming from someone who likes her and takes her side in the whole affair thing. But her behavior is at times questionable. Class it up a little Brandi, you are gorgeous you don’t have to be so trashy all the time.

  35. Memphis says:

    So the four horseman ( one whose hubby probably hooks up with random strange anytime he who probably hasn’t touched her hubs in who is so wired she probably doesn’t even know shes at a party…and one who is on the hunt for her next scam partner) are upset because Brandi made out with a guy in the bathroom. Makes perfect sense to me 😉

  36. anonimouse8319 says:

    As I read through the comments, the only “excuses” or “reasons” that anyone is agreeing or supporting bathroom make sessions are that she’s single and she was cheated on…piss poor reasons..she’s a mother, and as a mother and pro-woman woman, I expect more from other mothers…it doesn’t matter a diddly-damn what LR or EC has done/did…she should hold herself to such a high level as to make up for those two…

    • Eileen says:

      I don’t give two craps about this story-but I do take offense to judging people kissing in a bathroom as juvenille. You know what’s juvenille? Sitting on a couch dranking Mad Dog 40 and mouth locked at a party while everyone else is playing quarters on the coffee table next to you. Kissing in a bathroom at a party when you’re having fun, tipsy and hot for a new guy? At my age that sounds damn fun. I’ve done that with my husband for 12 years and it IS fun-even when your relationship is old school. Now I’m in the midst of a divorce and am faced with dating again and I’m still up for it if the opportunity presents itself. Oh and I have two kids so as a mother I take offense to this attitude.
      Seriously girls-lighten up!

      • Cam S says:

        @ eileen: I think what anonimouse8319 is saying is that Brandi is old enough to enjoy a party that the host has graciously invited you to- and then sex it up when you LEAVE. Not an unreasonable request to ask of ANY ADULT.

      • Eileen says:

        Cam-ITA, but she didn’t have sex with him. She kissed him. There’s a huge difference.
        Both Brandi and Lisa V confirm that this story is a lie and that’s all that happened.
        Me-yes I did my husband in my friends poolhouse bathroom, yes they knew and thought it was hilarious & it continued to be a tradition for years to come. BUT they are practically family and not on camera.
        Of course there are boundaries in circumstances like this, and Brandi being who she is, pushes them, but she didn’t sex up some stranger in a bathroom, she kissed him.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        It’s not even the having sex (or not) in the bathroom so much as the fact that she’s in the public eye and she’s a mom. It’s kind of different if you’re an average person but when you have to worry about Tabs reporting on your every move and when you tape a reality TV show, you have to be a bit more cautious. If she says it didn’t happen, that’s good but at this point the rumor is already out there. Just sucks that her kids might have to get sh*t at school for mom “doing it in the bathroom”.
        They get enough embarassment from LR and their cheating father-it’d be nice if at least one parent kept it classy.

        That being said, I think the Puritan screams should ease up a bit. Not like she murdered anyone…

      • anonimouse8319 says:

        I wouldn’t condone sitting on the couch, drinking MD and playing quarters either…in my opinion, as a woman, we SHOULD be held to a higher standard of behavior..especially if we are mothers…doubly, if not more so, if the fathers of our children have proven less than stellar in public decision making skills…all the more so when we’ve chosen “careers” that put us in the public decision making situation…

      • Eileen says:

        Kitten: again, I totally agree with you that it sucks that rumors are out there. But let’s look at it this way. Brandi didn’t ‘do’ this guy she only kissed him and a mother on this show cares more about starting horrible nasty rumors of another mother than she cares about how Brandi’s boys would feel reading the lies. Why are we condemning Brandi for having someone lie to the media about her than we are to the person who started it?

    • Macey says:

      I cant believe how uptight some people are being about this. It was a party people! Most parties do get carried away regardless of the age of the partiers.
      My gawd, Im sure those judging arent a bunch of nuns or never had a wild, spontaneous moment with someone they were attracted to.
      As someone over 40, Id love to have a night like that. Just b/c someone is older and has kids doesnt mean they cant have some fun.
      Im sure theres been a lot worse than that at some of those HW parties but you wont hear about it.

      • Vesper says:

        The difference is they aren’t being filmed for a reality show that their children can later view.

      • Sal says:

        And you know for a fact that Brandi was being filmed, Vesper? Didn’t think so.

  37. muffin says:

    i think GB does remember her, he’s just being a total D*CKHEAD

  38. claire says:

    She said this isn’t true. Lisa Vanderpump was interviewed and said this isn’t true. Specifically, Lisa said this is still down to one person who has been planting bad stories about Lisa and Brandi, to discredit them. Celebitchy…you should quote that stuff in your main story rather than set all the readers up to rake someone over the coals.

    Furthermore, a lot of the blogs that write extensively about the HW shows have been noting for a while now how Adrienne doesn’t get bad press, many of the stories never mention her, and many of the Lisa/ Brandi bad-press stories are likely being planted by her.

    Don’t you think it’s coincidental that when Adrienne’s divorce story comes out, it gets buried by this more salacious accusation of Brandi having sex in a bathroom?

  39. mayamae says:

    I’m not really surprised. She has admitted to giving herself the date rape drug often when flying.

    I think Kyle Richards is a snobby bitch but she usually throws her white parties at her home and I’m sorry but it would be the last party I would invite you to. If you want to act like a teenager go fu*k in your car for heaven’s sake. She seems the type that would have a quickie in Kyle’s bed.

    I don’t get the need for sex in public places – it doesn’t seem too far up from a flasher.

    Kyle’s husband is a Jewish man raised in Mexico. I’ve never gotten a trace of racism from them. Kyle’s ex-husband and the father of one of daughters is Indian or maybe Middle Eastern – I’m not sure, I tried to google him but I don’t think he’s famous. My point being “white” refers to the dress code and is apparently something the rich and famous do for fun.

    • Macey says:

      Im pretty sure it was NOT a date rape drug but something like Xanax, many ppl take meds to fly.

      • claire says:

        She said “roofie herself” which is usually the term for Rohypnol. In over 50+ countries, it’s a legal medication, and similar to xanax, valium, etc. Since she was a model in Europe, she probably got it there. Models, especially in the 90s, probably took a lot of things. 😉 In the US, it’s illegal, and got the term “date rape” drug because of its misuse by perpetrators. So, really, it’s not as scandalous as some make it out to be.

      • mayamae says:

        Claire –

        I’m a nurse and I’m pretty damn sure there isn’t a “proper” dose of rohypnol. It’s illegal because it’s extremely dangerous. It is actually scandalous and by no means should be compared to xanax and valium.

        I appreciate that Brandi’s friends want to defend her here – I would do the same. But she has flat out stated she used rohypnol with alcohol which can be deadly and is indicative of drug misuse or even abuse.

        I get it – she’s a free spirited hippie who believes in free love, free sex, free drugs, etc. Sometimes there’s accountability for your actions. You have every right to do what you want. Others have the right to judge you. I personally don’t really care what she does. But if the criticism upsets her she needs to curb her actions are get thicker skin.

        Just because you’re practically stalked by a nut who stole your husband, you are not automatically elevated to martyr status. Every woman who signs up to a reality show now a days, knowingly signs herself and her family up for this. They each have to weigh the pros and cons and decide if the check is worth it.

      • Jezi says:

        She said she used to roofie herself when she was younger but a lot of what Brandi says is a joke. People need to learn sarcasm.

  40. SusieQ says:

    “Poor Kyle” says the exclusive source, probably Kyle herself. She’s just pissed because she’s a foul, funny mouthed, ugly footed witch and is jealous of Brandi. That said, that wasn’t too classy of Brandi..

  41. Rita says:


    You’re absolutely correct about Brandi having to watch her behavior. She can’t be all “wild woman” and expect her support to be endless. Having said that, I’m very sure that Radar loves to smear Brandi and I never take such rumors seriously but then I’m a fan of hers.

    Perception is everything in Celebrityville. Hope Brandi will stear away from the “party girl” routine and more towards the classy seasoned woman. Otherwise, she’ll have to get that realtor’s license.

    • claire says:

      Totally agree. With all the talk about Adrienne (and Bernie) being sources for negative stories about Brandi and Lisa, I take a lot of it with a grain of salt.

      That said, in some ways, she makes herself an easy target.

  42. Embee says:

    I’ve long wanted to sneak in a quickie with my man at a party. [Hangs head in shame.]

  43. thetruthhurts says:

    Brandi can do whatever she wants in the bathroom, for all I care, as long as she cleans up the sink or toilet afterwards. What concerns me more is her obvious draw to men who treat her like crap. She tweets how she doesn’t like nice guys and is drawn to men who treat her bad. Didn’t she learn enough with Eddie? I think she should go into therapy about this. It’s sad to watch.

  44. Kiyoshigirl says:

    I’m sure her kids will be uber proud of their mother for this. Don’t fool yourself into thinking they’re too young and won’t know. Their friends will be only too eager to pounce of them about this the minute the new school year bell rings.

    No matter which way you look at it…tacky. Might be fun, might even be admiral to some, but the end run is tacky. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have some tacky fun then she’s your perfect idol. The problem with tacky is that it’s often coupled with pathetic. Poor Brandi.

  45. skuddles says:

    Well that’s just gross. She’s like a 45 year old high school sl*t. Sure her boys will enjoy hearing about this from all their little friends.

  46. RHONYC says:

    you know the chick they typecast in a movie scene to be the hooker ‘on the prowl’ in a casino bar about to proposition some sales convention dude…

    uh, yeah…her ‘entire’ look reeks that in the 1st pic.

    just. bad. 😕

  47. sunmoonstars says:

    Ugh that’s so gross. And yes, I would say exactly the same thing if it was a man. I don’t care what other people choose to do with their lives but it sure seems nasty to sleep with someone you just met and don’t know, and I will never understand the mindset of people who act like it’s no big deal or normal. It just seems so degrading and weird, why would anyone want to have sex so badly that they would sleep with some random stranger? I must be a prude and repressed but I’ll take that any day over the alternative, especially when it includes things like incurable STDs. EW!

  48. KellyMick says:

    Who is the better mom? Her or octomom?

  49. GirlyGirl says:

    I wish all of the real housewives (including Vancouver) would crawl into a hole and disappear

    It’s just all too much “rich-white-trashy-hey-look-at-us-we’re-so-outrageous!!”

    bores me to tears

  50. why? says:

    First of all, this story comes from ROL.The same ROL that said that Brandi wasn’t going to be a full castmember and that Camille wasn’t going to be back on the show.

    Brandi said that she was kissing the guy not having sex with him.

    Check out the timing of this story. When was Kyle’s white party? Wasn’t the party weeks ago? So why are we just now hearing about Brandi and the bathroom from ROL NOW? Which just so happens to fall on the same week that Leann is going to be co-hosting on The Talk again and goes on a major “Woe is me” mega media blitz? Which just so happens to be the same week that “someone” has been put on bed rest for a “root canal”.

    Of course ROL is setting it up to make Adrienne look like she is feeding them stories. If it is really Adrienne who is feeding ROL these stories, then how do you explain the fact that all this comes when Leann is doing something “important” this week and how Leann showed up in the staged lake photo-op wearing a jacket with her bikini(July 15) before Brandi even posted the photos to her twitter account 2-3 days later, so how did Leann know that Brandi was going to post the photos of herself in the jacket and bikini to her twitter account?

    Plus you can always get some idea of the negative story ROL is going to post about Brandi because a week before they release their article Leann’s fans are posting over and over and over making hints about it.

    • lori says:

      Leann’s ego is melting down. She had a terrible time on her lake vacation, and it was documented by her paid for paps. She was angry and pouting whole time because Eddie and Liz flaunted their relationship in front of her. So instead of her “hot bikini” photo shoot, she got public pictures of her husband and his mistress ogling each other. Then Brandi had her Vegas Beach Party hosting gig and gets the publicity from that and from her comments about Kristen cheating with a married father of two. Leann is desperate for any attention and so jealous of Brandi. So she bombards her paid for tabloid journalists with cash to print rumors about Brandi. So desperate.

  51. goinrogue says:

    You do know Diddy throws white parties…right? Maybe you could handslap him over the racism of wearing white clothes, in summer heat.

  52. Snowpea says:

    Oh my golly gosh ARE YOU PEOPLE FOR REAL?

    Those of you acting all sanctimonious and holier-than-thou like Sunday school teachers are really freaking me out.

    Have you NEVER done crazy stuff? You should! It’s called having fun. And if you’re single and unattached who is it hurting? All this talk of ‘she’s a mum’ and ‘she’s almost 40’ as if both those statements mean you know what’s good for you and stay home doing craft and making apple pies ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!

    I tell you what. I HAVE TWO KIDS. I AM SINGLE. I am THIRTY SEVEN and I am having the time of my life! Life gets more fun as you get older. You learn to go “Fuck it”. You realise you only get one shot at it.

    Nobody is gonna be standing at your deathbed when you’re 90 with a clipboard giving you gold stars for anything.

    I went to a party recently and was dancing all night with this hot girl and we ended up having the hottest night together. Who cares? My kids weren’t there at the end of the bed. I am single. Who does it hurt?

    You guys need to take one long hard look at yourself and stop being such wicked, judgemental, hypocritical sticks-in-the-mud. Sheesh.

    • Ming Lee says:

      this!!! people need to lighten up, you only get one life. and i love how you said it, no one is gonna be giving you gold stars when you’re on your deathbed.

    • Eileen says:

      THANK. YOU!! Yes! Oh man-I was crazy, free spirit. Then I settled down and had kids….guess what? That urge to live and have fun DOESN’T go away! And you are making a big mistake if you try to live a way you THINK you are suppose to live with kids or with a husband. Do YOU! Don’t give up your love, passion and life. I did and wow, it was a mistake for everyone. My kids and Me! My kids need to know that growing up, getting responsibility and taking care of them doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun and live life too.

      • Snowpea says:

        Eileen I have been reading your posts on this topic and we are kindred spirits. I, too, am 37 and separated from my partner who I was with for twelve years. AND I have two kids : )

        Al these peeps carrying on about ‘trashy’ and ‘classless’ and ‘juvenile’ and ‘high school’ are OUT OF THEIR MINDS!

        Life is a long, meandering journey full of joy, excitement, opportunity and experiences! Who ARE all these people that think after 25 one must climb into a chastity belt and be a nun for eternity? Fuck that! You go lovely girl! There is so much fun to be had!

      • Eileen says:

        Snowpea: Thank you and I hope nothing but the best for you too! If you need to talk to someone who seems to be exactly in your predicament look me up on Facebook -> Kristi Yover or Twitter eileenyover.

    • sunmoonstars says:

      It’s all fun and games until you get an incurable STD. I don’t care what anyone else chooses to do with their lives or bodies but I’ll never understand this mindset. I don’t act this way because I want a gold star or think I’m so great, I do it because I don’t want to be the kind of person who bangs random dudes in bathrooms. I would be deeply ashamed of myself if I did that, but if you think it’s something to be proud of…good for you, I guess. Just don’t be surprised when people don’t respect you because of your actions. You can whine about how it’s not fair and how judgmental people are til the cows come home but in the real world, that’s just how it is.

      I guess I’m just a judgmental prude because I actually bought into this idiotic mindset when I was younger, thought it was totally cool and empowering to party and be big and bad, til I got raped. Then it wasn’t so fun anymore. I grew up real quick after that, and realized that actions have consequences. It sucks but it’s the real world and the real world isn’t like Intro to Feminism 101. People ARE going to judge you by your actions, and if you’re promiscuous people are not going to respect you. That’s just the way it is, and pretending like everyone else has the problem and you’re just empowering yourself isn’t going to change a freaking thing. Do what you want, just be aware of the reality of the situation, that’s all I’m saying.

      • Eileen says:

        First off-I am very sorry for what happened to you. But I am having trouble with your logic of kissing a guy in a bathroom and being a free spirit equates to s, disrespecting yourself and then rape.
        Being fun, silly, kissing a guy in a bathroom or having a quickie in the bathroom with your husband -correct me if I’m wrong- do not make a person “slutty” or asking for someone to violate them. I think this is the biggest misconception for women when they are attacked that they somehow must have asked for it because they were giving off a vibe that made a man chose you. Owning yourself, looking hot, being comfortable in your own skin and being wild doesnt mean your are sleeping with everyone either. And you have women automatically jumping to that conclusion when you see someone like that-“oh she’s a slut because she kissed a guy in the bathroom. Look at the way she dresses and carries herself, she was probably screwing him….blah blah…”

  53. justsayin... says:

    Everyone needs to get over themselves…what horse did y’all ride in on….oh Yeah…LeRoy….if this is worst you have on B then babygirl doing great…don’t worry who she fucked or where…she didn’t fuck married dude with kids…my suggestion is to find a high hard one and go fuck yourselves

  54. Sean says:

    Brandi & Lisa both said it wasn’t true. I believe them not that toilet paper ROL. Love you B!

  55. MB says:

    A single woman had sex somewhere that wasnt her bed! Please excuse me for a moment while I clutch my pearls and pass out from the shock.

    I like Brandi and think she is the most down-to-earth and “real” of the lot. Good for her for finding someone she is hot for. The guy in question is lucky – Brandi’s body is out of control.

  56. ViloDeMenus says:

    Maybe she faked it in order to get more face time on the show. Without the kids being allowed to be filmed her part was cut way back, so why not spice it up if it means a bigger check for an acting gig. It’s not like Eddie was a high paid working actor, he’s barely employed as an actor and she lost her husband to a richer woman. She’s got to think of her paycheck too. I can see that being closer to what happened than randomly donging some guy at a party where you know nearly everyone.

    • Dani says:

      Um, it was revealed months ago that her part was NOT “cut way back”, in fact, she was PROMOTED to FULL TIME.

  57. Deb says:

    Good fucking grief!!! A single hot woman locking lips with a guy she digs! What is this world coming to *rme*

  58. Kosmos says:

    OMG, she’s just getting too skanky for me. Why throw it around like that, and in public places?

    • Linda says:

      Well at least she didn’t have sex with a married co-star (on a movie set) like Eddie and LeAnn did.

      Hmmm, which is the lesser of the two evils?? That’s what I thought.

  59. Karolina says:

    Uhm, who cares? I find thoses slut shaming comments here hilarious. Why should she not bang some stranger in the bathroom when she wants to? She is single and she is not hurting someone (unless the stranger was married or in a relationship) And just because she is a certain age she is not a horny person anymore or what? Really, I don’t even know who this person is, besides that she looks horrible plastic, but people who call her a whore and judge her because of that, pleeeeease.

    • sunmoonstars says:

      “Why should she not bang a stranger in the bathroom if she wants to?”

      Wow. My answers would have to be:

      Because we are human beings, not animals, and should show a little more restraint when we decide to have sex with someone. I’m not a dog, I’m not going to sniff your butt then start screwing….that’s repulsive and while you have a right to do whatever you wish I have a right to comment on how gross I think it is. Not “slut shaming” just realtalk.

      Because that’s how you get (and spread!) STDs.

      I feel really bad for anyone who engages in this behavior. You cannot tell me that anyone well-adjusted and not broken in some way does this stuff. I’ll just never believe you! And if you think screwing a stranger in a place where people take dumps is empowering then I honestly don’t know what to say.

      Seems like the more we “progress and evolve” the more we really devolve and regress. If this is progress I think I’m going to move to Iran, because this place looks more and more like “Brave New World” every day and I don’t think that’s a good thing. Hmm, guess I’d better take my Soma.

  60. jk says:

    They bitch about LA and Eddie lol This tramp Has been busted for DUI, lieing and boozing and being a bad mother and now having sex in the bathroom and making sure the whole world knows how swinging she is? LOL she needs to have these kids taken away from her before they think it is ok ton behave the way she does. I see why Eddie left her for someone else. I bet she was pulling this shit while married to him and just like4 Jen Anniton played the poor wife when she got dumped..typical.

    • why? says:

      Well by your logic, Eddie shouldn’t have access to the kids either because there are over 60 photos of him walking around with beer or alcohol in his hands, sometimes he even did it when the boys were around. There are also photos of Leann making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched while his own kids were just a few feet away. Oh and Eddie, Leann, Lizzy, and Dave were also drinking during that as well. Leann also tweeted a photo of her and Eddie drinking, and then x17 and JJ has photos of Eddie getting behind the wheel of a car afterwards. Sure he didn’t get a DUI, but wouldn’t you have to admit that what he did was irresponsible? What was more irresponsible is the fact that the media outlets(x17 and JJ) who posted the fluffpiece didn’t bother to call him out on this.

      Leann also tweets to Jenna J and Kim who both became famous for making their sex lives their careers. So Eddie is appalled by Brandi’s actions, but he isn’t at all turned off by the fact that his current wife associates with porn stars? Even Halle Berry was appalled when Gabriel starred hanging out with Kim.

      BTW, people seem to forget that when Leann was going on double dates with Brandi and Eddie, where do you suppose Leann and Eddie were sneaking off to have sex? A bathroom probably? So can you really judge Brandi when Leann was probably having sex with a married man in a bathroom while his wife was there? How did Leann look Brandi in the eyes after having sex with her husband in a bathroom or where ever she and Eddie went off to?

      If you see why Eddie left Brandi, then by your logic he has also left Leann because why would Eddie be sick of Brandi’s antics when Leann has made out with Lizzy while Eddie watched, tweets to porn stars, was probably having sex with Eddie in a bathroom, and has also been photographed several times with alcohol in her hands while the boys are with her and Eddie?

  61. claire says:

    It’s ironic that people are still judging and convicting her, even with her costars coming forward to say it’s not true.

    And JK? Who do you want to get those kids? The serial cheater that leaves them with the nanny all the time? The stepmom who makes out drunk with other women in front of them? The stepmom who has at least 3 times crashed into a car and left the scene? The dad and stepmom who are total tequila boozers?

    Yes, let’s take away Brandi’s kids because she got a DUI after she was going thru that mess of an affair, and now responsibly uses drivers and taxis. Let’s take away the kids because the mom who kissed a guy in a bathroom at a party. Because that is child abuse I tell ya!

  62. april says:

    She has very trashy behavior. I can’t see any decent man dating her.