Did Kristen Stewart just score a coveted dramatic role that she desperately wanted?

Months ago, Jennifer Lawrence mentioned in an interview that she was obsessed with William Styron’s Lie Down in Darkness, and that if a film adaptation of the book was ever made, Jennifer wanted to play Peyton. Then Kristen Stewart name-dropped the same book in her Elle Mag interview (when she was supporting Snow White). Kristen told Elle, “Have you ever read Lie Down in Darkness? I want to play Peyton more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad. Oh, dude, she f–kin’ loves it! She’s in love with [her father]. I mean, I think she’s in love with him. It’s not his fault. They’re the most f–ked-up family!” I haven’t read the book, so I can’t speak to who would be better in the role, but I will say that I simply LIKE Jennifer Lawrence more, and I think she’s a better actress. I tend to think Lawrence has more friends in Hollywood too, more people rooting for her to succeed – but that becomes a Catch-22, because Jennifer Lawrence is booked solid for the next year on future projects, and when producers went looking to cast Peyton, they ended up with Kristen…?

Kristen Stewart may have become tabloid fodder in recent days, but the 22-year-old seems decidedly committed to being taken seriously as an actress: Vulture hears exclusively that Stewart has landed the lead role in an indie adaptation of William Styron’s 1951 novel, Lie Down In Darkness. Directed by Crazy Heart helmer Scott Cooper and set in genteel fifties Virginia, Lie Down will have Stewart play Peyton Loftis. As part of a dysfunctional and disintegrating family, Peyton is constantly compared to her crippled sister, Maudie, and her intense physical beauty makes her the object of her frigid mother’s jealous hatred and the target of her father’s incestuous, alcoholic lust. (Stewart will also appear in another fifties-era film, Walter Salles’s On the Road, when it’s released in the U.S. sometime this fall/winter.)

The part of Peyton had been coveted by Jennifer Lawrence, but Lawrence will spend the better part of the next year shooting sequels. (Catching Fire ignites this fall, while a new X-Men film at Fox commences shooting in January.) Set up at Open Road Films, Darkness has been in development for years by producer Jeff Sharp (You Can Count on Me, Proof) and while it’s unclear how soon it might start production, this is a major casting hurdle cleared.

Meanwhile, less clear is what will become of Universal Pictures’ planned sequel to Stewart’s Snow White and the Huntsman. In April, before the film’s June release, Deadline reported that David Koepp, Hollywood’s go-to screenwriter for blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, and Spider-Man, had been retained to write a script for a Huntsman sequel. “The word is the studio hopes to fast track the project so that Huntsman helmer Rupert Sanders can make it the next project he directs,” wrote Deadline.

But the sequel’s future has naturally been complicated by Stewart’s admission of an affair (of some sort) with the married Sanders, her director on the film. Could (or would) the two ever reteam? A Universal source insists that “nothing has changed and we are still looking at sequel options that would include Rupert directing.”

Calls to David Koepp were not returned, but as one agency insider noted, it would be highly irregular for a screenwriter of Koepp’s renown to continue work on a project that didn’t have a director attached to oversee its progress to the screen, lending credence to the idea that Sanders remains the intended director. Agency sources say that Universal hasn’t yet sought any other candidates to replace Sanders.

Calls to Snow White and the Huntsman producers Joe Roth and Palak Patel as well as to Sander’s agents also went unreturned; Stewart’s agency declined to comment on her future film plans.

[From Vulture]

Vulture isn’t some tabloid – I believe this. I believe that Kristen is the leading contender for the role. But Gossip Cop has a “production source” who claims “While it’s exciting to see all the interest the project is generating, the film is still in the pre-production process, and no offers to cast have been made as of yet.” You know how I read this? Vulture’s story was also from the same “production source” who used it as the proverbial canary in the coal mine – producers are trying to see if Kristen will still have a career in six months. They want to see the public reaction to news that she scored a coveted role. And the reaction is…?

Kristen does have another film in preproduction, though – she’s going to be working with director Nick Cassavetes on the film Cali. There were reports last week that Alex Pettyfer would play her boyfriend. Which… would be interesting from a gossip standpoint, because Alex is supposed to be one of the biggest douches of the Hot, Young Hollywood set. Alex and Kristen could easily have a grumpy-off.

Meanwhile, Radar reports that Kristen has been “banished” from attending Robert Pattinson’s NYC Cosmopolis premiere on August 13. Obviously. I mean, isn’t that one a no-brainer? A source tells Radar, “Despite the fact Robert and Kristen have been communicating by cell phone, she will not be at the Cosmopolis New York premiere. Security was briefed and they were told that Kristen is not allowed anywhere near the red carpet or the after party. The decision was made because Robert just doesn’t want to see her. There were fears that she could use it as a chance to talk to him in person and that sort of drama is not wanted at the premiere. There’s also the fact that if she did attend, it would distract from the film premiere itself and the movie bosses are not interested in that sort of publicity. It’s going to be Robert’s first public appearance since the scandal broke – and they really want to make it less of a media circus than it already will be.” Oh, for the love of God. Kristen is not going to try to hijack the premiere. And I would put money on producers secretly wishing she WOULD show up and create a lot of drama.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    There is no phrase I love as much as “I told you so!”

    This “scandal” reeked of fake self-promotion since day one. I knew it. Kristen’s people were desperate to rid her of the “Bella” image; she’s been playing though and angsty for a long time and that did not work, so…
    I’m more and more convinced of this.
    All that remains to find out, for me, is if the strategy will work.

    • Kim K. is my God says:

      This scandal was like hug from Baby Jesus. She should make some donation. It only helps her career. Unfortunately.

    • Naye in VA says:

      At the risk of ruining a marriage involving kids? Yea cheating was going to ruin it, but to purposely benefit from the public pain of a family is sick. I think they had been going at it for so long, they no longer thought they could get caught.

    • Julie says:

      still not believe this was a pr stunt.

      lets just assume it was. trashing a family in the process?
      you know cheating is bad enough when its temptation but planning everything and not giving a crap about what it does to the children? that would be even worse in my book.
      so lets just all hope she is a cheater and her pr is pissed becaused of the bad press.

      • CC says:

        Maybe, but it “saves” her from the Julie Andrews/Romy Schneider curse. Those 2 just couldn’t shake the Maria/Mary Poppins and Sissi images.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristen wants Bella off her ASAP. Any actor knows tweens eventually grow out of their addiction, and then what? No career if they don’t carve a different one for themselves.

        And the other guy’s marriage thing? Not sure she cares too much about something she didn’t really want for herself, being that guy’s “official” woman. She needs to avoid a flat-out boycott, but in this world? Not gonna happen. And as proven, twihards barely supported “their” star pair outside “their” franchise so far. So why would they be a plus? They’re mostly detrimental to their careers.

      • Tiffany says:

        cc, I completely disagree. Kristen was never trapped in “Bella” type casting. The hollywood community knew of her long before Twilight, and she has been playing women with issues for a long time (Into the Wild, Welcome to the Rileys, On the Road, etc.)

        This role is really just more of the same.

    • Rice says:

      I’m inclined to believe you RocketMerry. Kslut always hid any kind of PDA from the media but she was suddenly “caught” on camera with a married guy. I’m not even going to bother with that staged shit at Cannes with her and Sparkles. Something reeks and it isn’t just buscuit.

      • Brown says:

        I’m going to agree with you that something isn’t right, but I don’t believe this was a PR stunt. I am thinking that there is probably a lot more to this story than is being released. I like the theory that Us Weekly approached KStew/Sanders upfront and showed them a good bit of damning evidence, and maybe their teams agreed to a deal where each party would publicly admit that Us Weekly’s story was indeed true, and in return the more damaging photos/evidence would not be released.

        I do feel like something is off with the whole situation, and this is the theory that seems to fit it best. You have some random weirdo pictures that make you think “there has to be more, right??” You have both parties publicly admitting guilt and regret, even though that is a bizarre move, especially coming from KStew. I am not in the full-on PR stunt camp, but I definitely think there is more to the story.

    • Geekychic says:

      I’d usuqlly disagree, but after The reports that l. Ross will take Sanders back. He publicly Humiliated her, she’s supposed to be independently wealthy and famous( never heard of her)- and we’re already speculating about taking him back?? Fishy. So fishy.
      If The Wife and director stay together, I’m convinced all of this is PR.
      Oh, one more thing: she won’t come to The premiere, ask for dog or whatever. She’s in no position to do So, and If she really is groveling for him, wouldn’t dare.
      But, I don’t know, after all of this I’m not really sure that it ain’t PR.

    • Ojulia says:

      I agree!! Those pictures look so staged to me.. If you are super-famous and having an affair that could potentially hurt a lot of people, why on earth would you make out in a public park? Why not get a private room somewhere, or at least rent a car with tinted windows?

      Something is very strange about this whole thing.

    • CTgirl says:

      Hold up. The film doesn’t have financing yet. It may not get made.

      • sallyreo says:

        Kristen has the money to finance it.

        She is already financing something.

      • CTgirl says:

        @Sallyreo, smart people don’t finance their own movies without having a lot more business experience than a 22 year old.

    • gloaming says:

      I honestly think the photos were posed.

      KS and whatsisface looks like she’d spotted the pap when they were in the Mini, then they went somewhere open to pose for more shots. I haven’t a clue why they’d do it, but your summation seems feasible.

      If it was a set up, shame on them.
      If it wasn’t, shame on them anyway.

    • sunnee says:

      I’m not willing to say PR (yet), but I am inclined to agree that something is off, way off. Firstly, a six foot tall man in a clown car with untinted windows, easily identifiable as hers, coming from a gymn she is known to frequent? Sounds like a come and get me. Then they reportedly neck for hours (according to paps) and they even get out of the car. The pap called in for back up and all we get are 50 pretty tame pics. The most damning is kissing in a car and his d..k up against her butt. I noticed in the standing pics that she’s not even opening up wide for his leg to get in and rub her good. Don’t they know how to grind? So..three paps, more than two hours of daylight and this is all they got? Either there are more pics we have yet to see, or this just reeks of something fishy.

      • zellie says:

        i’m sure she said in a recent interview that she doesn’t drive that car anymore because it’s always so easily identifiable by the paps and followed

    • Minty says:

      Whoa there. I can easily believe that “Robsten” was a showmance to sell the Twilight movies to gullible teens. I can believe that Robert was more emotionally invested in whatever kind of relationship they had. But, I have trouble believing that Kristen would potentially destroy a marriage as a way to break free from her current image, especially when there are young children involved. There are less convoluted ways to achieve a new public persona.

      Cheat with a married person because she’s selfish and has no impulse control? Sure, that’s not uncommon for both genders. Pretend to cheat with a married man so she can be labeled a homewrecker? It’s foolhardy, not “badass”. As a publicity stunt, that’s ludicrous. Kristen and her PR people are not that stupid.

      If your theory were in any way true, why is she trying so hard to portray herself as the victim? She’s playing Bella all over again. If it’s about a new tougher image, she wouldn’t be groveling and making a public apology. She wouldn’t admit to anything.

      Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres in November. Why would she destroy her showmance at this time? Where’s the logic in alienating your rabid fan base before the movie comes out? Twihards are upset and many might skip BD 2. People who were on the fence about her before now have a reason to dislike her, which translates to more people who’d avoid her movies. Rupert would also have to be complicit in this supposed scheme. Where is the logic in sabotaging a directing career that’s barely begun?

      • Blue says:

        I agree. This would be by far the stupidest PR stunt ever fathomed. Also I don’t think Liberty taking her husband back means it was PR, it means that she has known her husband since she was 17, started dating him at 18, got married and had 2 kids and isn’t ready/willing to walk away from that. I happen to agree with Brown’s theory. I was thinking along the same lines. If I was a pap and saw someone famous getting it on in their care with someone other than their partner, you better believe I’m taking more than 50 pics.

      • Janet says:

        I don’t think she gave a damn about Sanders’ wife or his kids or Sanders himself or about anything but herself, but she cares a lot about herself, possibly to the exclusion of everything else, and that is why I can’t believe she would deliberately expose herself to photos that make her look like common trash, cost her at least half her fan base and jeopardize her career in the process. I very much doubt those photos were staged.

      • RuddyZooKeeper says:

        Please feel free to laugh, because that is exactly the sort of theory I am proposing: anyone remember the movie “Throw Mama From The Train” with Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito? My brother and I watched this every day for maybe six months so I’ve got the script seared into my brain. All I keep hearing is ” Criss cross! You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!” Ya’ think it’s possible with Kris-Pert? Both have a significant other they want to “be rid of,” so why not kill two birds with one stone? Criss cross! Ha!

    • Cindy says:

      Well this is funny to observe that this sort of drama makes people buy theatre tickets but this will definitively not work for me! The only reason why I used to go to her movies (well, two of them) was because I thought she was a nice and genuine person in a petty environment and surely not because of her acting abilities. Now this is a shame since Jennifer Lawrence can act when Kristen is incapable of it. It has always been about money, rarely talent.

    • Theresa says:

      I have yet again seen the US Weekly pictures, even more were published, showing where Kristin parked in relation to where she and Sanders did most of their PDA. It is remarkable how blatant they both were with the location they chose and how far they did NOT walk from their car to the railing where they fondled each other. And there are NO other pics of kissing then the ONE that was caught in her car. Hardly passionate, barely exciting.

      I have remarked several times about how not into the clinch she was with Sanders, and to me, having all those photos revealed just continues to prove to me that she (not sure about Sanders) knew exactly what was happening with the pap(s) and wanted the pictures taken.

      The big question is not just was it all designed and agreed upon by both parties, but did Kristen purposely want to expose Sanders to the public as a cheating a**hole? Has anyone considered that she was well aware of his attention and interest during the filming of their movie, and may have been secretly disgusted by it. Perhaps she had no problem “luring” him in, agreeing to the meeting, perhaps knowing (but not contacting directly) that paps would catch her, and expose him for the jerk that he is. Perhaps she thought she would be doing his wife a favour by letting her know just what kind of man she is married to? Wouldn’t be the first time a woman exposes a cheater this way, even if she doesn’t really have feelings for him.

      And since I don’t believe that KS and RP are a real couple (but absolutely believe they are friends and still are), Perhaps she offered him this opportunity to get out from under the showmance mantle with all the sympathy. Perhaps she really doesn’t give a shit what the public thinks of her, and was fine with taking the heat. There are plenty of examples of indiscretions disappearing from public view and being forgotten, so perhaps she didn’t think it would scar her rep for life. I still don’t even buy the “heartfelt” apology. It doesn’t sound like her. Had there been some profanity, like “I am so f**king sorry”, that would have been a 100x more believable. This is a chick that bleeds hardcore from every pore, and I cannot accept those words as hers, unless it is a part of the big picture. Which I must admit I am still not 100% sure of what that is.

      For these reasons and a few others offered around, I think I can understand why things have gone down the way they have. Best part, Sanders doesn’t have to know or suspect that Stewart was trapping him in a lie, the beauty of the paps are that they would have been there indiscretion or not. But it was Stewart who drove, picked the spot, parked and led the way to the spot by the railing.

      Man, I do love a good conspiracy theory. No need for people to get too hot under the collar for my thoughts, I am not sympathetic to Stewart, Sanders or anyone. I just don’t buy the “gotcha” of those pictures. Without those particular pics, or if they had been blurry and barely legible as most truly secretive meetings tend to deliver, I might not be so quick to dismiss their legitimacy. But they are unbelievable and unconvincing in my opinion and what this whole situation is based on. Just not buying the goods that are trying to be sold.

      • Anname says:

        Yes, it is much better to concoct some elaborate scheme that makes herself look bad. She could have just told Liberty that Rupert was coming on to her?
        Unless she enjoys the idea of public humiliation for herself, Rob, Liberty, Summit, Universal…

      • Theresa says:

        I am a regular follower of Hollywood history, long long before the internet, and have always had interest in behind-the-scenes stories of producers/actors/directors etc. Most of those stories would make your toes curl and make this Stewart affair look like a tiff in a sandbox. I do not find it hard to analyze and dissect situations like this in the context of the business side of things. There are sexual transgressions and indiscretions, affairs and even worse happening in and outside of the business all the time that we do not hear or see anything about. Mostly for a reason; they are conducted with the utmost discretion and care because people DO NOT want to get caught.

        When someone who has made it a part of her brand, to be so obnoxiously secretive about her affairs of the heart, SO BLATANTLY and EASILY gets papped in such an utterly bizarre copulation, with such an unlikely and unsavory partner, I cannot dismiss it as a simple affair. Stewart does not seem to be the type of person, actress or not, to be swept up in a moment and just so careless and carefree in lust, that she simply threw caution to the wind for a kiss and a cuddle… And because I found the pictures, which everyone is basing their opinions on the matter, so utterly dispassionate and clinical, it is easy for ME, and only me, to come to a different conclusion than yours (Dee).

        I agree there is too much money and reputations at stake for this to be anything but simple. But there is way more to this than a stupid sexual affair. I don’t know what it is, but like I said, I am not buying this sad tale as it is being sold to me. And since most of the confirmation of the affair is coming through media outlets and PR reps and the like, I tend to believe the exact opposite. It’s spin, it’s fabricated and it’s designed to defuse and obfuscate the issue. You don’t know what to believe and are willing to take a PR rep at their word? Not me.

    • Dorie says:

      This has “stunt” written all over it.

      Everyone involved will gain something. The director and his wife get their names out there (no one has heard of them before this). I think the wife was in on this from the start. Pattinson gets sympathetic publicity just in time for his new movie. Stuart gets a huge amount of publicity and distances herself from her Twilight character. Sex scandals (between consenting adults) don’t seem to damage people in the long run. “Any publicity is good publicity” seems to apply.

      • dee says:

        For the life of me I cannot fathom why anyone thinks this is about anything but 2 people acting stupid over sex. Breathe, eat, act stupid over sex are, in that order, three things human beings are practically incapable of NOT doing. The fact that these people are in the entertainment industry does not mean they are strangers to the emotions felt by the general populace. People cheat on their partners everyday. Really, really smart people cheat on their partners in really stupid ways and get caught, again, every day. There’s no need to speculate about vast conspiracies involving people willingly humiliating themselves, their families,and their partners for PR or to speculate that the partners and families also willingly agreed to be humiliated for someone else to get some PR. People indulge in risky behavior when they are having an affair for the same reason people have unprotected sex: they don’t think that the entirely predictable bad consequence of those actions will actually happen to them. In explaining any situation it usually makes sense to use the normal range of human behavior as your guide rather than assign radically abberrant behviors to people so that what has plainly happened, what the parties involved admit has happened, is somehow not really what has happened. They cheated. End of story.

      • Minty says:

        dee, THANK YOU for the common sense! It’s really silly, the elaborate conspiracy theories some commenters have dreamed up. Seems like we have a few here more predisposed to Twihard levels of denial than basic logic.

        Since the beginning of human existence, smart people have done stupid things when they think with their crotch. Cheating (fake or real) on your significant other/spouse, hurting the future emotional development of your children, being called a homewrecker, all for what? Some cheap PR and a possible change of image? That’s not much of a tradeoff.

        It ain’t working, folks. Kristen and Rupert are now the butt of jokes. She and her team are in heavy damage control mode, trying to save her public image. They are likely being pressured by the studio executives to do this, so as not to ruin the box office for BD Pt 2. Money talks, and pissing off your demographic equals a reduction in profits for everyone involved.

        If you look at Hollywood history, cheating celebs who were caught red-handed suffered setbacks and spent years trying to regain some of the popularity they lost. They may get forgiveness from the public, but their former good reputation is now tarnished. The fallout from a real affair is too damaging, so why would anyone openly fake it?

        Kristen’s affair was real. Full stop. She was only thinking about herself. It looks like she knew she was being photographed. So? Some people get an extra thrill when there’s a chance of being discovered. Or maybe she didn’t care about being caught because she believed in her own hype and thought she was above the consequences, like Lohan (who often gets a slap on the wrist). That makes a lot more sense than all this cockamamie fanfic reasoning. SMDH.

      • Theresa says:

        S’okay. I am just having some fun speculating, nothing invested in this either way. I seem to be in the minority, just offering another perspective.

        Won’t ever know the real truth. There are no winners in this situation, regardless of the motivations.

        I don’t think KS is a very good actress, limited range, single note style. Jennifer Lawrence is another story. I think she is terrific and I hope for her to have a long and successful career.

      • Spivva says:

        Theresa, you’re hardly alone in thinking that something is wrong with this story. They were “caught” too easily and the Stuart/Pattinson romance was obviously a tale concocted to sell movies to teen girls. 10 bucks says that Dee and Minty are the same person, the writing styles are too similar.

        I don’t know why some people are so invested in making Stuart a villain. Are they secret Pattinson fans? Probably.

  2. Adeli says:

    Ugh, so disappointing that she got this role. Another movie that will be ruined by Kristen Stewart.

    • Liv says:

      Somebody wrote yesterday that she does not have the role for sure – she is just attached to it. I think her PR-team wants to distract from the scandal or make sure she gets the role by destroying other actresses ambitions.

      I never thought Kristen Stewart would be playing the Hollywood game hard.

      • bns says:

        She’s always been playing it. That whole “I’m so awkward, different, not like every other young actress” “I hate Hollywood and the media, but I will talk to every major magazine as long as they put me on the cover” act is just as contrived as Blake Lively’s.

    • akku says:

      The only way she would land this role is by getting in the couch with the producer/director. I always wondered how this wooden talentless person is offered jobs. Getting in the couch with influential people is her talent..
      I bet Jennifer Lawrence refused to get into the couch.She has talent .She doesn’t need to. So they have to turn to old rotten Stew.

  3. neelyo says:

    The worst thing about this scandal is now we’re going to be stuck with her for a much longer time.

    • Rice says:

      Amen to that neelyo. I believe more and more that she will become even more famous. Look at The Jolie. But you know what’s even sadder, by the time the final Twilight comes out, this affair will fade to a bad memory.

      • Molly says:

        Jolie’s famous because she is gorgeous and intelligent. Aniston is famous because she’s lovely and relatable.

        KStew is famous because Twihards live for Twilight and they really want Bella to be real. Unfortunately, KStew is an effed up and destructive and selfish person who is totally self-absorbed and desperate to be “edgy.”

      • IzzyB says:

        I agree with you Molly.
        The only people defending her are Twihards who want her to be just like the books. It’s quite sad really.

  4. Eve says:

    I haven’t read the book, so I can’t speak to who would be better in the role, but I will say that I simply LIKE Jennifer Lawrence more, and I think she’s a better actress.

    Almost anyone is a better actress than Stewart.

    Lainey reported a while ago that she had talked to two agents and they thought the scandal not only wouldn’t affect her career, but that it might actually help it. I think they’re right — unfortunately. And no, not because I think she’s a cheater, therefore doesn’t deserve to be hired. She’s simply a horrible actress.

    • T.C. says:

      Lainey is a Kscrew supporter. Of course she’s going to find two people in the business to say nice things about Kscrew. I think she got the role a while ago and leaked it this week to take attention from trampire gate. Jennifer Lawrence talked about wanting the role in a 2010 interview. Kscrew’s PR name dropped Larewrence to make the story get more play. Funny that the production company quickly contacted Gossip Cop to say no offers were made to any actors for the role.

    • Mira says:

      @Eve – ITA. I don’t care about the sandal but Stewart is a bad actor (as of now). However, she has age on her side and she can train to be a good one. Never know! What is freaking me is who’ll play the father? I remember Stewart mentioning in the interview that she wanted DDL to play the father. That’s a HUGE NO for me, not until I read the book. I’m confident that he’ll say no but you never know. Please DDL, say no, say no, say no!!

      Having said that this may just be the role that will do it for her, you know? Propel her to the big league. I will wait for other movies to judge her acting than base it all on Twilight sh-t. If she has the drive, she’ll train on her acting and get better.

      • dee says:

        I tend to agree it will not have much affect on her career. While there is a large camp of people with fanatical feelings, both good and bad, towards this unremarkable actress, outside of that Twilight lot, she’s really not that big a deal. She’s just another young actress whose presence in a film will neither pull in the general public nor make them stay home. I don’t think she’s very good but she could improve and I would go see “Lie Down in Darkness” whether it was her or Jennifer Lawrence because I liked the book. I’d go in with higher expectations if it were Lawrence though.

  5. Lala says:

    While I understand why one might not “like” Kristen…her talent…to me…can’t be questioned…ever since I saw her in the “Safety of Objects” as a young kid…I knew she had “IT”…

    I think she’s PERFECT for the role…and can’t wait to see her in it…

    • Tapioca says:

      That’s the weird thing – as a child in Panic Room she was great, but in adult roles I’m just very aware that we’re watching “Kristen Stewart collecting a paycheck” rather than a character!

      • Jade says:

        The problem isn’t that she became a bad actress as she got older, the problem is that the character/movie that rocketed her up to superstardom is one that so resented and hated.

        Kristen is a really great actress crippled by the twilight franchise. And now with this scandel she’ll be handicapped even more.
        It’s sad to think that every time she gets a role people will assume its a casting couch situation.

      • Jade says:

        The problem isn’t that she became a bad actress as she got older, the problem is that the character/movie that rocketed her up to superstardom is one that so resented and hated.

        Kristen is a really great actress crippled by the twilight franchise. And now with this scandel she’ll be handicapped even more.
        It’s sad to think that evry time she gets a role people will assume its a casting couch situation.

      • Micki says:

        True.I voiced my opinion of her action talent 2 years after 1st Twilight hit the big screen.I haven’t seen her in anything.
        Then I made a point of watching about 1/3d of her 10 films(then).
        And my opinion is that she has a VERY limited range, that is suitable only for a certain type roles.Something like Aniston’s girl-next-door-scheme.
        That doesn’t mean though that KStew won’t be cast for decades to come.

    • starsh says:

      I honestly think that people are unable to evaluate Stewart’s acting objectively, which is always raw and good in good projects, after Twilight. Now this scandal makes it even harder for people (or, women who dislike her for cheating) to like her acting. She has been in some v. good stuff, she’s a low key, emotional actress. She deserves a career.

      • Micki says:

        I actually watched 1st Twilight because the reviews I#ve read were so dismal.I thought that the potential of such impossible love could make me wet my pants.Sadly the reviews were very objective.But at the same time I’ve read on CB that she is great in Adventureland and so on so I gave her second chance.
        I stay by my word:if the part requires somebody with her public image, she’ll fit perfectly.If not-you get gapping Bella dressed as a Snow White.

  6. corny says:

    OMG that black lace dress is puke worthy, and Halloweenish at the same time

  7. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Who knows she might have slept with the casting director to get this role.

  8. Tillie says:

    J-Law is so pretty and talented, but I often think her styling is off.

    I think Kristen is a talented actress too and I liked her previous work. I don’t like the fact that she is a cheat, and I think it would be better for her career to take some time off.

  9. Brown says:

    I love Jennifer Lawrence but WHAT is happening in that pic of her???!!!

  10. Rhea says:

    “Kristen is not going to try to hijack the premiere. And I would put money on producers secretly wishing she WOULD show up and create a lot of drama.”

    —>LOL. Definitely. :D

    • another nina says:

      “Security was briefed and they were told that Kristen is not allowed anywhere near the red carpet or the after party.”

      Hah, finally a response from male’s ego. Though I’m not sure it’s Sparkle’s, I’m betting on the Portuguese producer.

    • Liv says:

      She must be really desperate, if it’s true.

  11. Brown says:

    I forgot to mention, I also think JLaw would be perfect for this role, it sounds a little like her role in Winter’s Bone where she was AWESOME. Seriously, so good.

  12. tripmom says:

    I’ve never read the book, but if the character is described as possessing “intense physical beauty” then obviously Kristen Stewart is very wrong for this role. She is completely average looking.

    • Blue says:

      I said that out loud when I read that line.

    • keats says:

      Exactly. At my least bitchy I will admit that she has a face that wears makeup well, but she’s not an intense physical beauty. Also she straight up cannot act.

    • Geekychic says:

      Well, they say that beauty is in The eye of The beholder.
      I find her ridicolously beautiful. I could say The same thing you said about J.Lawrence-I don’tget The hype.
      But I usually seldom agree with beauty consensus of the majority.

    • Brat says:

      Thank you, I thinking the exact same thing

    • dovesgate says:

      That was my first thought as well – neither JLaw or KStew are beautiful enough to be considered “intense physical” beauties. Attractive, sure. But not to the “intense” degree.

  13. Little Darling says:

    I will always vote or Jennifer Lawrence over KStew. Lawrence can say entire lines of non dialog with just her face. She’s incredible!!

    I will say that Kristen isn’t as horrible as Twilight allows her to be.

  14. Shannon1972 says:

    I don’t think she actually bagged the role. I didn’t believe it when I first heard it, and I still don’t. I think her people are fishing for public reaction. They are trying to send the message that she is still an in demand actress and that her scandal hasn’t changed her career in any way.
    Good luck.

    • mln76 says:

      yup, I certainly believe that producers would be willing to wait a few extra months for the Oscar nominated/blockbuster star Lawrence IF she liked the script.
      This seems akin to the planting that Jessica Biel or Alba does.

      In other words the chick is desperate.

    • Bad Irene says:

      Agree, this news is either from the studio to test the public reaction to her being cast, or from her people to get negative press off her and to make her seem in demand.

    • Twigharder says:

      Jelousy is unbecoming.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Wow, how did you figure me out? And here I thought I was hiding it so well.

        *sigh*…I knew I should have bought a mini cooper.

      • Twigharder says:

        You Kristen haters are not hard to figure out, you are just jealous she got the role when you were wishing for her career to be over. Well, who’s got the last laugh now?

      • Crystal says:

        So is stupidity. Sit down.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @Twigharder – ugh, no, it’s not “jealousy”. Read it again: Shannon’s post is expressing doubt that Kristen actually got the role (and hey, nothing’s been confirmed, so that’s a reasonable doubt), and she ventures a guess that they might be fishing for public reaction.

        Where’s the jealousy in any of that? Hint: there isn’t any. Not unless Shannon was actually in the running for the role, and Kristen somehow snatched it away from her.

        If so, Shannon, I’m sorry – you would have rocked that part. But, it’ll be okay. You go get that mini-cooper you wanted. ;-)

      • Shannon1972 says:

        I am totally laughing now…Ducky La Rue, you read my post exactly right. And you cracked me up – thanks! How did you know I was up for the role?? LOL

        Crystal: You always make me laugh!! :)

        Let me try this:
        I am hardly a Kristen hater. Before this mess, I paid no attention to her. She is about half my age, and in movies I didn’t see. (Maybe a bit obnoxious in photos, but harmless enough.) But you have to admit that her people are twisting themselves into pretzels doing damage control.
        I have never seen anything like this.

        That’s my only angle at this point. She did wrong, and if I had any respect for her before, I admit it would be gone now. TBH, the scandal has lost my interest, as the players are all going to do what they think best. But the aftermath is absolutely fascinating.
        Understand now?

    • Twigharder says:

      Whatever, haters gonna hate and all the while, Kristen is laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Ok, whatever. You don’t have to agree with me, but calling me a hater is just stupid, especially when I just explained very clearly where I am coming from. Maybe I should have used smaller words.

        I am finished trying to reason with you. I suggest you go back to Tumblr.

      • Crystal says:

        Did you get lost on your way to a K-Stew fansite or…?

        I wish I could drop kick whomever came up with the term ‘haters’. It’s basically the 21st century way of saying ‘I know what you are but what am I’ or ‘it bounces off me and sticks to you like glue’ for people who can’t properly voice their thoughts and feelings with the English language. Ugh.

        I wish some of you twihards were brave enough to go on Dlisted and defend Kristen and call people haters. We tolerate y’all on CB but you’d get dragged so far on Dlisted, I’ve seen what happens to the few brave twihards that post there and it’s marvellous. Please. Go to Dlisted and say this. I dare you.

      • marie says:

        why is this the automatic go to response just because someone doesn’t like who you do? And if Kristen was laughing all the way to the bank then there would have been no need for her to issue a public apology or for this story to come out early. The movie is in pre-production, no one has signed anything yet but here you have KS’s PR team putting out feelers on her bankability.. Would someone who’s laughing all the way to the bank need to do that? I don’t think so..

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Marie: It’s because Twigharder (what the hell kind of name is that anyway??)is completely inarticulate. You and Crystal are wasting your words and intellect.

        Twigharder obviously doesn’t understand them.

    • normades says:

      Stop feeding the trolls gals! I never thought I’d use that phrase, but it so fits here.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        You know what, normades? I know you are right. There is absolutely no point in engaging with some of these people. Most of them here just state their opinion and it doesn’t get nasty. But others are just so hostile to anyone who disagrees with them or offers another opinion.

        I came here for some fun diversion. I love the debate, and many of the posters here are so smart and funny. It’s been a blast! But I am definitely finished trying to reason with the crazies. :)

  15. Rememberthattime says:

    Umm, no. Producers of Cosmopolis don’t need the PR of KBeefStew. Remember that time everyone was blown away by Cosmo at the Cannes? Oh and Stews long awaited movie took a dirt nap? Yeah. The bottom line is that Stew is a legit fameHoor & is running out of things to hoor around (besides her vag & Bhole). She is a bad actress & has a personality of paper bag full of poop & set on fire. J

  16. marie says:

    meh, if she can get the financial backing for the movie, she’ll have the role-otherwise they’ll give it to someone else.. It’s Hollywood, isn’t that how it works?

  17. Vic says:

    Actually it’s on Hollywood Reporter that Kristen isn’t signed on and it’s been confirmed that it was her team who leaked the news, probably in an attempt to soften the blow of the affair scandal.

    It’s just another case of eager actress’ team trying to make it seem as if she’s cast even though she’s not officially. She’s probably just in talks. It’s up to the producers now to see how to proceed.

    And she DID NOT beat out JLaw for this no matter how much her people will try to spin it.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Knew it. :)
      Kinda figured that this would be her team’s new “more subtle” strategy.
      Could they be any more ham fisted??

    • Tiffany says:

      Vic, part of your comment isn’t true. The HR does say that no offers have been made to any cast members yet, but they absoultely do NOT say that Kristen’s team leaked it.

      You either got a bad source, or you are lying.

      • Vic says:

        I didn’t say Hollywood Reporter said her team leaked it, I said it had been CONFIRMED (By gossipcop btw if you’re so inclined to know)

    • Tiffany says:

      Also, it probably wasn’t her team that leaked it, because there isn’t funding yet. It is typical behavior of production companies to try and gain financing by linking a star to their script.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Tiffany: It also works the other way around. Many times if an actor or an actress really covets a role, their people will put out a release that they have an offer. This is usually for two reasons:
        1. To push the producers in their direction. Sometimes this works.
        2. More often, its to scare off the competition. If there are a few candidates for the same role (and everyone wants it) one will say they have it to get the others to back off.
        3. Or a new reason: damage control.

        Based on recent history, I am more inclined to think this is what happened.

      • Tiffany says:

        Shannon that does happen, but usually after a film is funded. There isn’t that much victory in snagging a role in a film that isn’t financed because it has a great likelihood of not being made (soooooo many projects never get made). Many times, if an actor is interested in a role in a film that isn’t funded, they will let them know they are interested but will hold off on signing a contract until they have funding. You don’t want to commit your schedule to something and turn down other offers, if it is still up in the air if it will get made or not.

        (However A listers many times sign contracts where they get paid a certain amount whether the film is made or not. KStew isn’t there yet).

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Tiffany: Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I guess only time will tell which this was. Her people are all over the place, just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, so it is hard to take any of it seriously. I just can’t imagine any studio committing to her in writing right now.

        From a purely financial standpoint, it would probably make more sense to wait and see how the last Twilight movie does in the theaters. They are so careful these days, with everything focus-grouped to death. The timing of the announcement is just odd, and premature at best. It’s really fascinating…and will probably be studied for years to come – as either the best job of muddying a story, or the worst skewering of a career in a long time.

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree Shannon, only time will tell so all I can do is speculate right now! ;)

        I have to wonder about how much of this has been coming from “her people”, too. US tabloids making things up completely from scratch because there is no legal punishment for doing so here, so I have to wonder how many of the “sources” were Kstew’s people and how many were just the writing staff at the tabloids. I think all the tabs are in desperate competition for a new angle on this story. I think after things settle, we will be able to see the overall arch of the many different storylines that have been created, and maybe we will be able to figure out the roots of them. This story is such a blessing to celeb gossip!

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Without a doubt, Tiffany! :)

      • normades says:

        “Many times, if an actor is interested in a role in a film that isn’t funded, they will let them know they are interested but will hold off on signing a contract until they have funding.”

        I don’t agree with this. A lot of times A-listers will attach themselves onto projects and that will get the funding needed to get the movie made. If 2 of the hottest young starlets realllly want this role and the director of Crazy Heart is attached, I think there’s a good chance it’s getting green lit quick.

        Also, while I have no proof, I belive this probably was leaked by team Kristen as a way of saying “look, the scandal hasn’t hurt”.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        You both make great points, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. As I mentioned to Tiffany, I tend to agree with you, normades, that this leak was intended to show that her career hasn’t stalled. That was actually my first thought when I heard about it.

        Guess time will tell. :)

  18. Eve says:

    There were reports last week that Alex Pettyfer would play her boyfriend. Which… would be interesting from a gossip standpoint, because Alex is supposed to be one of the biggest douches of the Hot, Young Hollywood set. Alex and Kristen could easily have a grumpy-off.

    Then I’m already Team Pettyfer.

  19. Mia 4S says:

    “Attached” to a movie without financing if far from a sure thing. As I said in the other thread this story feels a bit like her team trying to change the subject.

    As for the book? Well it’s very well written. It’s also a thoroughly unpleasant, depressing, feel-terrible experience. I won’t give it away but you can find the plot online. Also she wouldn’t be the “lead” per say, not if you stay really true to the book. Honestly it’s not a movie I would see even with Jennifer in the role, so I wouldn’t get too worked up either way.

    • judy says:

      If you read the Hollywood Reporter article it does not indicate that her team fed them the info. They confirmed the “attachment” and said the financing will hinge on the male lead. In addition they state that the director, Scott Cooper is also “attached”. They still use that phrase even though it is obvious he will be since he wrote the script. “Attached” simply means that they have it if it gets off the ground and it meets with their other obligations. Once they’ve signed on it is a contract which they are bound to. IMO it’s hers if she wants it, and she does.

  20. Naye in VA says:

    JLaw is my girl crush forever.

  21. The Original Denise says:

    Emphasis on the word “score”.

  22. Aussie girl says:

    K stew turning up @ his movie premier! Sorry no one the planet would do that. Oops I take that back Lindsay would! Lol!!

  23. aquarius64 says:

    Stewart’s team is trying to get SWATH-gate off the front pages. I don’t care how many friendly outlets they go to, there are too many blogs and publications that will vet these announcements and debunk them.

  24. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Yeah I don’t see a cheating scandal ruining her career like so many have speculated. Cheating in Hollywood is as common as fake boobs.
    Her image will recover but she’ll need to capitalize on the Twi sh*t as quickly as possible. Once the Twi phenomenon is a distant memory, she’ll have to show some serious acting chops in order to sustain a lasting career.

    • Julie says:

      “Cheating in Hollywood is as common as fake boobs”
      yes but there are fake boobs that you dont see at first sight and then there are cup size K fake boobs on a girl with kristens body.

      you rarely have cheating this obvious. even with tiger woods and that guy from sandra bullock you just had their confessions and the mistresses, nothing more. this much evidence is very rare.

      hollywood doesnt care about cheating or anything else but people who buy tickets will and hollywood deeply cares about them or lets say about their money.
      if kristen stops bringing in money she is done, if she still brings it in she will continue. hollywood only cares about money and awards. you can even rape children and still be liked and defended.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I don’t think images of those two in the car will make any difference, not like the photos were of them f*cking.

        As you said, Hollywood is a very very forgiving place as long as you bring in the dough.
        Post-scandal K Stewart still has a rabid fanbase and will still bring in the dough.

      • Mira says:

        @Julie – The people (twihards) who buy tickets based on this scandal will outgrow their obsession before the DVD of Part-2 is released. They are all teens well on their way to becoming young adults. This group is always coming and going. No one will bother about Twilight in the next decade. Stewart will do fine.

  25. folly says:

    i believe that this scandal is really going to help her career,take angelina jolie and jennifer aniston for example,people keep saying jolie wont have career again after the scandal but look at her now,she is one of the biggest celebrity name in the world today and aniston is stil stuck with bad romcoms,the only person i pity here is rob because i dont know how this drama wil help him

    • mln76 says:

      OH PLEEZE Angelina had a huge career before the scandal. She had an Oscar she had her own successful franchise in Lara Croft. She was considered the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. The only person who got a career boost in the triangle was Jen Aniston who had no established film career and public sympathy helped her coast along in rom-coms for several years.
      K-Stew is defined by Twilight she has yet to prove herself (SWATH had several huge stars Theron,and Helmsworth). She’s also yet to have a breakout critical success.
      This may very well make her more ‘famous’ in the mainstream but I don’t think it will translate to box office UNLESS she can act her socks off instead of the lip-biting.

    • Julie says:

      in angelinas case there were no children involved and we never had pictures of her and brad humping in a car. (that helps them a lot to deny it, kristen just couldnt deny it)
      also consider that angelina is the queen of self promotion. how she stages photo ops and so on is very good and interesting from the pr point of view.

  26. folly says:

    i believe that this scandal is really going to help her career,take angelina jolie and jennifer aniston for example,people keep saying jolie wont have career again after the scandal but look at her now,she is one of the biggest celebrity name in the world today and aniston is stil stuck with bad romcoms,the only person i pity here is rob because i dont know how this drama wil help his career

    • Anna says:

      folly, at the age of 25, Angelina Jolie WAS A BIG STAR in Hollywood. She was recognizable for her talent. She won three consecutive Golden Globes, was nominated twice at the EMMYs at 24 and next year she won the Oscar. Two years later, Angelina starred in a franchise -Lara Crown-. And when she met Brad Pitt she’s starring as a producer -She’s starting “A Mighty Heart” since 2004- and UN ambassador.

      I known, I sound as a KStew detractor -And I don’t care- But the comparation between Jolie and Stewart, as you remark, are off of basis. Jolie was the most important female star at the time of the triangle and even with US box office flops, the international box office was still excellent. Count out “Twilight” Stewart was NOTHING comparing with Jolie in this aspect. “Into the Wild” wasn’t exactly her movie and with the exception of “The Runaways” none of her films made real impact. Maybe she received good reviews but again Jolie was an other situation…

      Also, Jolie was smart enough for being low key isntead of this pathetic PR declaration. Aniston – Pitt haven’t any children. So, no case point

  27. cupidityrox! says:

    I think she has the right idea. She needs to take on more challenging roles. I think she’s a horrid actress but I’m open to being convinced otherwise

  28. Kay says:

    I’m sorry but in what universe would Kristen Stewart beat out Jennifer L. for a role?! Putting talent aside, Jennifer’s career is on fire right now, not to mention she was nominated for an Oscar. Kristen Stewart is….. Kristen Stewart, only now people like her even less because she cheated on Rob Pattinson. Why would the people making this movie think she was the better choice?

    • Glimmer Bunny says:

      They didn’t think she was better, Jennifer Lawrence just wasn’t availible.

    • PleaseICU says:

      JLaw is booked solid for months and months filming the X-Men sequels and filming Catching Fire for Hunger Games. She literally doesn’t have time to do this film.

      JLaw lobbied hard for the role, she was really passionate about it, and from all accounts she was the first choice and was offered the role but had to turn it down for scheduling and contractual reasons. The reason JLaw isn’t in the movie definitely is *not* because KStew was the better choice in anyway and beat JLaw. But since this entire story is coming from a very desperate KStew’s PR team, that will never make it into any of these articles about the role.

      I still can’t believe how quick the production team was to smack KStew’s team down about this leak. They went to THR and GG. They released the denial on the same damn day. The phrasing of their statement was interesting too. I’m guessing the role was all but hers but it’s never a good idea to piss off the producers (especially when in the middle of a huge scandal) before everything is a done deal and the producers/studio gives the a-okay to announce. Another fail move by her PR team.

      • Kay says:

        This is good to know! Originally when I read the story they made it seem like they were both up for the part and KS won out. I wish Jennifer could do this movie, I think she is a really good actress with the potiental to have a big career.

    • kay says:

      Jennifer Lawrence is so overated. She just another medicore actress. Jennifer and Kristen are interchangeable as actors. The reason I like Kristen more is because of her fashion sense. Although the dress at the top looks yucky. Kristen usually has an interesting edgy style. I am interesting in what she is going to wear. Jennifer style is so bland boring and cheezy.

      Since I don’t know Jennifer or Kristen I not going to decide who is the better person. Just because Jennifer sucks up to media doesn’t make her great person.

      0 for 2 though, didn’t Kristen beat out Jennifer for the role of Bella in Twilight.

      • Erinn says:

        See, I’d rather see a little sucking up then someone who acts like they are sooo above the roles they get. Remember when KStew went on about how much she couldn’t stand Twilight fans? Until she started realizing how much money she could make.

        I find her petulant, always flipping her middle finger at someone or another. She’s an adult. She needs to act a little bit like one. I find most of Kristin’s outfits terrible as well. She only really looked good when she was dressing up and doing those promotional things with Rupert.

        Now, I know you’re entitled to your opinion, as am I. I’m not trying to change your mind. But I PERSONALLY don’t like KStew. Never have. Probably never will. I’m not a huge Jennifer fangirl either, I just think she’s a better actress.

      • Kay says:

        Please don’t use my CB username on here to condradict a post right under my original one. Thanks.

      • Anna says:

        Kay, I don’t think JLaw is sucking the media. If you watch most of her interviews, she’s a low key, funny and refreshing girl who enjoy her sucess and she’s humble enough with her fans.

        Stewart, on the other hand, she’s always act like she’s above of the media putting her middle finger to everyone -How mature?- and puts herself as a “honest wannabe”… Yeah right…

        Also, in terms of acting talent, JLaw is the second younger actress nominated at the leading category and won an special awards at Venice Film Festival -Marcello Mastroianni Award- for Acting Relevation, decision made a jury whose leader was Quentin Tarantino. Now, with the variety of roles:

        -JLaw: The Burning Plain, Winter’s Bone, X-Men, The Hunger Games, Silver Lining Playbook and next with Serena
        -KStew: Twilight, Into the Wild, Welcome tothe Riley’s, Yellow Handkerchief, Adventureland and The Runaways

        Umm, yes I prefer JLaw, her range is varied and she has more interesting character. Most of Stew’s performance are only variation of the same character.

  29. serena says:

    LOL at the photos (both actress in really fug dresses).
    Anyway, I hope they’re not communicating via cellphone, it doesn’t make sense to me. Just dump her sorry ass, Rob.

  30. Daisy says:

    The producers of this film might want to read the reactions from people online to this news. Hardly anyone wants to see Stewart take this role. Jennifer Lawrence has far more support and is widely considered to be the better actress. A much better actress. It’s also worth noting that yes, Jennifer Lawrence is well liked. Perhaps one of those gossip sites (or all of them) should just poll it; ask the potential movie ticket audience who they would rather watch take on a very challenging role. As far as dysfunctional families are concerned, let’s see: Jennifer Lawrence has that kind of character nailed, doesn’t she? (Burning Plain, Poker House, Winter’s Bone, The Hunger Games) and oh yeah, an Oscar nomination. Stewart has: Twilight, Welcome tothe Riley’s, Yellow Handkerchief, and…???…none of which stack up to the kind of acting chops Jennifer Lawrence displayed in every single one of her films. There’s also the the fact that it was Jennifer Lawrence who shouldered The Hunger Games into a 700 million dollar film worldwide so, the popularity is definetly there. It should be a no brainer.

  31. Daisy says:

    I guess what I’m saying is, couldn’t the producers just wait for Jennifer Lawrence to finish her commitments to Catching Fire and X-Men?.

  32. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    No I don’t think this affair is going to help her career at all. She’s finished. Trust me. And not just because of this but because she has no ‘glow’, no ‘star’ appeal, no talent and is not attractive enough to continue with a big career. ‘Twilight’ was a fluke for her.

    Her career was already over, the affair is simply the final nail in the coffin.

    • kay says:

      You are forgetting one thing Kristen is good at picking good scripts. She picked Twilight, she picked Snow White and the Huntsman. People know her name and they will soon forget this scandal. If Bill Clinton can survive the blue dress, Kristen will survive a make out session. Plus people love to hate her so her name will always be out there.

      I laugh at people who continuously trash Lindsay Lohan. You are the reason Lindsay Lohan still gets work. Anything Lindsay is attached to instantly get a lot of free publicity.

      • original almond says:

        You consider Twilight a good script? Really?

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Ok, fair enough. So now all KStew has to do is become one of the world’s biggest humanitarians, and raise hundreds of millions of dollars to help fund clean water and small businesses in suffering countries. Also, she would have to develop magnetic charisma, a photographic memory and become one of the best orators in recent memory. Then we can compare her to President Clinton. He had teflon coating because he was a master at what he does.

        Again, I say “Good Luck with that”.

      • Crystal says:

        Good scripts. I’d like to believe you’re trolling with this one.

        You mean Twilight where she plays Bella ‘Mary-Sue’ Swan, a quivering jelly mess of comletely useless estrogen. Please. Bella is nothing more than a stampeding clitoris on legs & pounting lips. There’s nothing admirable about the book or the script.
        Twilight had a built in fanbase like Harry Potter (it’s blasphemous to mention this book in the same sentence as Twilight but it’s just to make an example) and Hunger Games. Bella could have been played by a cardboard cutout with a scowl and it still would have been big.

        Snow White was an even worse script because they gave Kristen about 5 lines in the whole movie. She spent the rest of the time with her mouth open. Between Charlie’s overracting and Kristen and Chris’ underacting, the movie was a godamn mess. The only redeeming qualitiy was the effects.

      • renata says:

        I’m a tad concerned when I see a comparison between Bill Clinton and Kristen Stewart. Really? I mean, REALLY???

        I do generally agree though that any publicity can be good publicity, but I don’t think the ‘affair’ news really helps Stew at all. Were she considered to be just an “actress” the publicity might ultimately be useful and desirable, but there seems to be a difference when taken in the context that she’s not just an actress but rather the “actress from Twilight”. The latter seems to carry with it a whole different set of meanings and values, regardless of whether or not you agree with those connotations.

        I was reading an article late yesterday that suggested the reason for floating this story ‘prematurely’ about the new acting role was that Stewart’s people are attempting to gauge the effect of the scandal on her future. Makes sense to me. I would imagine they are going to conclude that she’s now “controversial” which bankers aren’t very fond of. Sure, some actors and actresses have been able to thrive following a controversy, but most examples of that are with people that were already in the public eye a lot longer than Stew. I don’t think all of this really winds up helping ‘the girl from twilight’, though a well-publicized controversy may have helped someone who was just another actress….

        BTW, anyone see the clip of Will Ferrell on Conan talking about Stew and R-Patz? Hysterical!! And am I the only one who looked at the top photo of Stew and thought she looked like she was breaking into a rendition of “My Way”?

      • Jenny says:

        Well, there is a similarity between the Clinton mess and this one. He is famous for saying “I did not have sex with that woman” and she says the same thing (though hers is “with that man”). We know his statement was false, and I figure, so is hers. However, that is where the similarity ENDS.

        Folks need to stop elevating the importance and impact of this rather minor, (at least in the world view beyond Twilight and the “Twilight Zone”), incident. The comparisons to a President and others of much higher calibre are ridiculous.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Hey, renata…I’ve been waiting for you to weigh in. We are moving into the theater of the absurd with this story.

        Now that I look at it, she does look like she is breaking into song in that first picture. The visual of her singing “My Way” is hilarious! :)

      • renata says:

        Hey shannon1972! Nice to run into you as well :) Maybe we should write to KStew’s management and request a “KStew Does Sinatra” album? I’m laughing so hard at the thought of Kristen singing “Strangers In The Night”! Could you just imagine…. doo be dooby doo…. HA!

        If I don’t run into you some more, have a great weekend.

      • Shannon1972 says:


      • Shannon1972 says:

        Omg, KStew sings Sinatra would be the best thing ever! Let’s get that letter written. Do you think she would do “The Lady’s a Tramp? Lol! It would be too perfect! Or “Strangers in the Night”, but change it to “Strangers in a Mini Cooper”?
        *sigh* fun to think about.

        Hope you have a good weekend too, honey!! Flawless post…again. :)

  33. adalia says:

    Did I read this incorrectly, or (if it’s to be believed at face value), do they want both K-stew in that role *and* Rupert as the director?

  34. Chatcat says:

    It is economics 101…supply and demand.

    KLewd has helped bring the money into the studios because of the character Bella in the Twilight saga, not because she herself is a beloved actress. Unfortunately (scary really) that there are many folks who have blurred the line between Bella the character and actress who portrays her.

    Now the studios only goal is to capitalize on her “popularity”, regardless of its reasons, for big revenues. So they attach her to a movie that another highly popular young actress (who happens to be very talented) had stated she coveted but couldn’t be in the running for because of other commitments, so this casting announcement has generated MORE media coverage/interest. Since interest in = demand…they are supplying in anticipation of a long term gain. Is it a risk? Absolutely, she has headlined a movie in the last 5 years that tanked commercially (The Runaways) and although she played the main character in SWATH, it is more likely she was not the main audience draw, but had a part of the draw along with Hemsworth and Theron; the studio business execs know this…just like any other business professional.

    So in reality, it doesn’t matter to if she is talented or not, it matters if she is popular because that means she’s in demand. The studios will meet that demand by supplying her in roles she is not qualified to fill UNTIL there is no more demand, then she’ll fade into oblivion like so many starlets before her. What is yet to play out, but will very shortly, is that the more talent and range you have as an actor increases your longevity (i.e. demand), IMO KLewd is not talented enough to be around for a long time. And all this means is it doesn’t matter that she is, has or will conduct her personal life with less then stellar morals, as long as people will pay to sit their asses in a theatre and pay $11 to watch her on screen, she could screw the whole cast and crew of her next movie, and as long as it brings in the bucks, nobody cares.

    • Crystal says:

      Perfect comment.
      I request the highest of fives…

    • Reece says:

      Exactly! This reminds me of when the Twilight producer (forgot his name) was asked about Rob & Kristen and his answer was not about the relationship but how it would affect the movie. The studios don’t give damn what she does in her personal life as long as her movies make money.

    • Rory says:

      You’re wonderful!! Thank you for pointing out that most people in the movie business are in it to make money. The artsy fartsy part of film making doesn’t interest them. Money is their god and if Stewart stops bringing in money, she’s over.

    • CC says:

      Agreed. In the end it doesn’t matter what she does, unless it lands her in jail. Cheating or allowing anyone else to cheat asn’t one.

      All it takes is people paying money to see her or not, and in the end… Twihards or not, the studios don’t really care where the dollars come from, but they’ll exploit whatever works until it stops working.

    • renata says:

      What you’ve said is so true. So much of what we see in movies or hear in music is predicated on cost and prior decision-making.

      Take some of these musicians that music labels keep recycling decade after decade. I’m convinced the reason they do so is that it’s easier and cheaper to sell an existing brand name than to familiarize the public with something new, a process that’s fairly expensive and time-consuming. So, the Stones may not sell a lot of records anymore, but at the same time it costs next to nothing to get their name around.

      On top of that, producers feel it’s occupationally “safe” if they make a choice that someone else in the business already made before they did. As in, ‘How could it be wrong when so and so hired that actor’? It’s a form of maintaining job security, a.k.a the ‘sheep mentality’.

      Producers and directors don’t always make decisions based on whether someone is the best possible choice for a role. Their choices hinge upon someone previously haven chosen the same name, and the belief no one will wind up crucifying them for having made the same (presumably reliable) choice again. That only changes when they don’t have much of a budget and then have to take a risk on a new or newer name for a role. That’s how Jennifer Lawrence wound up in Winter’s Bone. And man, did she make the most of it! Interestingly, Twilight didn’t start out with a big budget or big names either. Stewart got a major gift off of that role, and now seems to squander it with her goofiness.

      Stewart will keep working for awhile, in spite of her so-so skills, lousy attitude, and current controversy. The thing is, that never really lasts, because sooner or later despite being an easy choice for a movie, the public grows weary of her antics and the powers that be have to gamble on someone new. Let’s face it, Kristen Stewart was in SWATH not because she’s KStew the great actress, but because of her having been in Twilight. The further that becomes removed, the less it works as a point from which to make a decision on other parts and projects for her.

      She’ll fade soon enough. It just won’t be tomorrow, it might take another year or two, and before you know it five years will have passed and you’ll be saying to a friend, ‘What ever happened to Kristen Stewart’? The same way you’ve done with who knows how many other actors and actresses.

      I think that’s inevitable at this point, as her popularity is founded in middle-american conservatism and those people are upset by her recent actions. Heck, let’s face it, she became famous off of books written by a Mormon. The very vocal Twihards may sound like they’re still in love with her, but I don’t think the real numbers in her “base” will be tolerant of their sweetheart having affairs with married men twice her age. It just doesn’t fit their image of her, or play out well with that conservative fanbase. So for now, she’s an easy choice for a role. She should probably learn to enjoy that while she still can.

  35. MJ says:

    F U Kristen – Time to slink into obscurity you lip biting, arrogant, talentless hack.

  36. Jordan says:

    Did anyone think her career would suffer? Directors will probably want to work with her more and get some on the side as well. I believe KStew has always had a plan, and it doesn’t involve Sparkles so he is expendable.

  37. Celia says:

    Jennifer is so boring! Please, I hope Kristen or someone exciting gets the role!

    • Anna says:

      Did you call Jennifer Lawrence boring? Even at comparision with Stewart. Sorry, but Stewart is the most boring actress around and most of her performances are monotonous variations of the same character -Look at me, i’m a depressing soul with not hope-

  38. anne says:

    Yep, another good novel ruined by awful casting. Even an unknown would work in a great novel.

  39. LL says:

    all that dress does is show that she has no figure whatsoever.

  40. mewmow says:

    There was a movie, Lifetime ha, years ago where Kristen played a high school student raped by a classmate. The whole thing was pretty much about proving he did it, I can’t remember the name, but her character was a very dark and sad person. That is the only movie I ever saw her in, and I always think of that when I read stories about her because that’s the kind of character that seems to fit her perfectly.Dark and sad. Anyone else see it? :-)

    • Aria says:

      “Speak”. It is a great indie movie.

      • mewmow says:

        That’s it! Lol Thank you. I always think it just didn’t seem to be a stretch for her to play such a dark person, aside from the disgusting plot of the movie. Talking about the rape,:-( . Not the movie itself.

  41. anita0614 says:

    Isn’t KS’ case similar to the situation with Sienna Miller? After she was caught topless on the yaсht with a married father of four, her career suffered. Should it be different for Kristen?

    • Twiharder says:

      Angelina’s should have suffered too.

      • Linda says:

        But there was no photographic evidence of Angelina and Brad Pitt’s indiscretions together, so they were able to deny, deny. Sienna couldn’t and neither could Kristen. For the both of them there’s proof. It also doesn’t help they both weren’t the best actresses to begin with so they’re easily replaced.

  42. Birdie says:

    Well now we know how she gets her parts.

  43. hayley says:

    how does she keep landing roles including descriptions like “intense beauty”? she looks like an awkward boy.

  44. Crystal says:

    Awww another movie where Kristen puts her two facial expressions to good use !!! Go K-Stew, bite your lip all the way to the bank girl.

    Those saying Jennifer is overrated need to have a stadium of seats. Whilst I think Kristen is a lot more beautiful than Jennifer, don’t act like Jennifer hasn’t got more talent and charisma in the corn of her pinkie toe than Kristen will ever possess. Get real.

    I have a theory that because literally every other actress is white bread and bland. People are over the top excited for the miniscule edge Kristen brings. She’s just not good. I’ve been blown away by way too many actors at every/any stage of their career to ever be impressed by her. Even her fans are defending her by saying she’s not THAT bad. …..Seriously?

    I also think she strives on all of this, despite herself. All people say about her is how “down to earth” she is or how intense she is. She has to rely on people saying she’s “not like other actresses” because she doesn’t smile in front of the camera or it’s endearing how awkward she is, because they can’t say “she’s a good actress”. She isn’t. At best she’s adequate, at worst she’s a stale plank of wood. She has to rely on her aloof behavior as some sort of combatant against these other fame whores, who I’m certain is less than a handful in numbers. When did brooding equate to personality superiority?

    Daniel-Day Lewis better stay away from this mess. Kristen isn’t even worthy to breathe the same air as him let alone act alongside him. If they’re gonna hire K-Stew they may aswell hire Joe Jonas next. They’re obviously not looking for good actors…

    • kay says:

      Jennifer Lawrence charisma. Ha. She a very blah actress. I can’t stand the hype. Besides Emma Stone, I haven’t seen any actress in their twenties that has any great talent. They are all very medicore. Kristen get roles because she stands out among the mediocrity.

      • Aria says:

        Ok, let’s see… Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman (overrated but can act), Audrey Hepburn. All of them proved themself as actress and talented ones in their early 20s. KS only stands out thanks to Twilight franchise, for better or for worse. Talented actress? Not so much.

      • Crystal says:

        You think Twilight is a good script so forgive me if I laugh at the rest of your comments #notsorrytosay.

        I don’t even like Jennifer so I have no reason to hype her. The only thing Kristen has over Jennifer is looks because Kristen is stunning and Jennifer is blah. As for talent, well it’s not fair to compare them since Krsten has none.

        Kristen stands out for her stank attitude and dressing like it’s laundry day at the Salvation Army. It’s funny how the same website that bashes Blake Lively for ‘playing the game’ don’t see that Kristen does the same thing but just in a different way. You think the whole ‘I’m so authentic’, ‘I’m anti-hollywood’ (even though she was on 32 magazine covers this year) or whatever else she ripped from the Avril Lavigne songbook is genuine ??

        LOL. Delusion is a hell of a drug.

      • Anna says:

        Kay, you made my day Kirsten Stewart… The most talented and charismatic actress of her generation??!! LMFAO. I hope you’re kidding.

        Jennifer Lawrence made a lot in few times. Not only an Oscar nomination at her 20s. She came with an awards in Venice Film Festival and even came with recognition by the critics. When Stewart win a real acting award -Not Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards- call me.

        And also, just because you’re limited to watch another places doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent actresses:

        USA: Nina Ariadna -Tony Award Winner-
        Great Britain: Felicity Jones, Ruth Wilson, Michelle Dockery, Carey Mulligan -If you watch “Shame” and her stage performance in Bergman’s adaptation. Trust me, it’s dinamite!!
        France: Mélanie Laurent, Ludivine Sagnier, Hafzia Herzi, Sarah Forrestier
        Germany: Julia Jentsch, Nina Hoss, Sibel Kekilli
        Australia: Mia Wasikowska
        Argentina: Martina Gussman
        Sweden: Alicia Vikander
        Canada: Sarah Gardon

  45. oooowl says:

    I hate when people say so and so can’t act. Most of the “bad actors” are talented but have either not found their niche or refuse to stay within their niche.

    The Best actors have found there niche and way to work the most out of it with out wearing out their audiences.

    Kstew is talented but she has worn out her niche. This scandel should push her into new terriorty but now everyone will attribute her success to sleeping with the boss.

    It is nice to see some substantial film critics stand up for kstew and her talent as an actress. It’s nice to know she has some peeps in her corner who aren’t twihards.

  46. Reece says:

    Smacks of wagging the dog. Create new headlines to distract from all the current headlines.

  47. Crystal says:

    And if one more person compares her to Elizabeth Taylor or Angelina Jolie…

    Come off it. It’s disrespectful to put Kristen in a sentence with those two, scandal or not.

  48. Crystal says:

    Funny how there’s no mention of this movie being made and all of a sudden Kristen is the lead. (It’s a good book though, you guys should read it)

    Her PR team are trying so hard. Gotta hand it to them.

    Ahhh Lip-Biter McGee, we hardly knew ye.

  49. Katija says:

    The average looking daughter of people who worked in the industry and had easy access to a career in Hollywood for their little girl. Yawn.

    And in other news, SHE’S A TRAMPIRE!!!!!!

  50. marky says:

    the announcement didn’t come from her team, somebody else leaked it, her agent came out ans said she is attached, but nothing is final, still early in the process.

    • PleaseICU says:

      The Hollywood Reporter is lying? Gossip Cop, which has been trying to help whitewash KStew’s actions since day 1 and has a direct line to her PR team, is lying? More than one source has said the casting leak came from her team. I’m going to buy their claims over the claim of a team that’s now trying to backtrack after they had their asses called out by different media outlets and the production team behind the movie once their PR stunt failed. Again.

  51. ruby says:

    It sounds like either KScrew’s team or the production are leaking this to gauge reactions… And make it sound like the scandal won’t affect her career.
    I hope it does though… What she did was extremely unprofessional and it should ruin her public image.

    As for acting chops, I don’t believe Kristen has the range for this sort of thing… She’s always so blank. I think Jennifer Lawrence would carry it off better.

  52. Aria says:

    Having read the book, I think the perfect choise would be Emily Browning.

  53. Ann says:

    Looks like the competition between JenLaw and KStew is heating up. I would love to see Jen end up with this role after all. I’d also love to see Jen and Robert together. It’d be another kick in the ass to KStew, and Rob & Jen are both hysterical and goofy in their interviews. They’d be cute. Yeah, I know she’s seeing Nicholas Hoult, but young love doesn’t last forever.

  54. marky says:

    where does it say that it came from her team ? it said a “source” closed to her, read what HER AGENT said, he even clarified that it wasn’t 100% yet, why would they want to put her in that situation? they have eerything to lose if the role goes to someone else.

    • Dan says:

      Because they are trying to change the focus from her cheating scandal but they didnt expected the rumor to be denied so early (hours later) by the production. In those situation normally the studio and pruducers stay mum about rumors like this, “no comments” strategy. Now that her PR people proved to be bunch of fools once again the agent came to scene to clean the mess.

  55. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    The more I read about the nasty, bitchy way she treats people & the more pictures I see of her with an ugly hateful face giving people the finger, the more I loathe her & hope she goes away. Who acts this way? Is Charlie Sheen her role model? Was she poorly brought up? Was she born mean? Is she mildly autistic and unable to comprehend the effects of her actions on others? Including the public? I mean WHAT is her PROBLEM? She has or had everything anyone could possibly wish for.

    To quote Alec Baldwin, she is a RUDE LITTLE PIG.

  56. Linda says:

    You know what I think after reading the statement on Gossip Cop? I think her people released that rumor to show everyone that she’s still in the running for a big role and even beat out Jennifer Lawrence! But funny thing is the producers of the film were quick to say that it wasn’t true. Its just one of the those casting rumors that celebs start themselves in order to get a part. I doubt they would give it to her honestly…too close to home.

  57. jenne says:

    she is not talented, thats why the girl has been acting since she was 10, okay I guess people here know more about talent.

    I think both of these ladies are talented, Jen is a little overated, she is not that pretty but she is a decent actress, I thik Kristen can hold her own as well, this role would be good for her, I hope she gets it.

    This is just a dumb rivarly that media is trying to create, I don’t think this was leaked by Kristen’s team, the project is still far from starting, many things can change .

    Oh and by the way, Kristen already beat Jen for Bella, a role that she wanted as well, so stop acting like Jen is all that, she still gets beaten by Kristen and Im sure other young actresses.

    • Crystal says:

      ‘thats why the girl has been acting since she was 10,’

      Rihanna’s been singing since she was 16 and has no damn singing talent. What’s your point??

      ‘Oh and by the way, Kristen already beat Jen for Bella, a role that she wanted as well, so stop acting like Jen is all that, she still gets beaten by Kristen and Im sure other young actresses.’

      Of course she did. Who better to play a person who is completely one dimensional, practically void of facial expressions, and can be described with one word – “sullen”. All Kristen had to do was blink and gaze into Robert’s eyes in the movies. She was in her zone.

      Who else could of played Bella:
      A moldy piece of bread, a rotten log, some used underpants, a discarded candy wrapper, an empty 7-11 cup, a wad of used toilet paper, Margret Thatcher, the number 42, the molted exoskeleton of a tarantula, and finally that strange stain on your shirt that you can’t get rid of and have no idea were it came from.

      • Janet says:

        “Who else could of played Bella:
        A moldy piece of bread, a rotten log, some used underpants, a discarded candy wrapper, an empty 7-11 cup, a wad of used toilet paper, Margret Thatcher, the number 42, the molted exoskeleton of a tarantula, and finally that strange stain on your shirt that you can’t get rid of and have no idea were it came from.”

        Dammit, you owe me a new keyboard! You made me spit out my Pepsi all over this one! ROFLMAO!

    • Chatcat says:

      Crystal…did you happen to have a McD’s large sweet tea with lunch? LOL!

      All I have to add is …
      ‘so stop acting like Jen is all that, she still gets beaten by Kristen’

      Yes, she beats Jen in headline stealing by husband stealing too!

    • Vini says:

      Kristen never beated Jennifer for twilight. there is an interview online from jennifer that she confirmed she auditioned for twilight when she was 16-17yrs old but she had know idea what the story was, she read the books later on, she also said she didnt even read the script beafore the audition and went beacuse her agent told so unlike some other roles like winter`s bone, the burning plain and hunger games that she went for it like fight for her life and didnt take no for answer beacuse if she went probably she would get it. If i remember Kristen was offered the role. Catherine wanted her so there wasnt much chance for anybody else. not even sthephanie meyer wanted kristen.

    • Anna says:

      Actually, i’m glad Stewart got the role of Bella instead of JLaw:

      1. She’s too cool to received these annonying crazyfans
      2. Next to that, she got the role of Ree Dolly -Yes, her Oscar nominated role-. And then, at the same year won in Venice. So it was a win-win

  58. Aria says:

    Stop comparing KS to JL in the looks department. It’s not fair for KS. We may compare JL to Blake Lively: Both are sexy, tall and leggy. On the other hand, we may compare KS to any other pale, thin, tomboyish actress like the girl from Juno.

    • sallyreo says:

      I went to comapare cars, my 370 and the mini cooper.Seeing Rupert lay down in front of KS, I thought I’d trade in my 370 for a mini cooper. Since, the mini cooper looked so spacious. Turns out the mini cooper is 72″ from the edge of the dash board to the rear door. Still,not enough space for my gardening needs.

      However, if a mini cooper is 6 ft. from the edge of the dash board to the rear door, how did Rupert, who is 6 ft. tall fit from in front of Kristen, who may have taken another 12″ to the very back of the car. He would have had to have the rear door open and his feet hanging out from the rear door.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Sally, we have moved on from this. The affair is a foregone conclusion…she admitted it, he admitted it. The hows and whys don’t matter anymore. Your car research is admirable, but you aren’t going to change any minds at this point.

      • Crystal says:

        …I’m sorry, what now ??

      • mercy says:

        I think this falls under where there’s a will, there’s a way. ;)

      • Aria says:

        * massive eye roll ala KS *

      • Shannon1972 says:

        I think this may be the nuttiest post I have seen. At this point, I am afraid for Sally.

      • marie says:

        I’m sorry but what is wrong with you? Who has that kind of time, and better yet-why would you choose to use your time that way?? I’m not trying to be ugly, but seriously??

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        That is frigging hilarious. Obviously you are like 14.

        I vividly remember having sessy times in my bug and a tiny Honda civic. I was young and with my partner, not a married man. You can have sex anywhere, does not need to be in a six foot or more bed.

        I encourage you to live a little, have some fun in isolated places. Or wait until you turn 16 or 18 or something.

        This whole shitstorm has turned me off CB right now. Plus, I’m moving, good timing?

    • V4gossip says:

      winona ryder?
      without the talent. i think Winona can show her feelings and it doesn’t look the same all the time. the thing that interst me about kirsten is her fasion choice on the red carpet. Winona had a good stylist too in her prime. i miss Winona :( . but i’ve seen Kirsten in 2 movie’s + trailers. i don’t like her acting. i will watch a movie on cable with her. no way i’m paying for a ticket.
      and JL is on a levele. she can play diffrent rulls. kirsten plays herself.

      • Aria says:

        Hi, V4gossip! I love Winona. I really want to see her doing more films but she hasn’t been much around lately. I think the shoplifting affair ruined her career.

        I don’t know if it’s a fair comparison Winona and Kristen. Winona even in her rebel years was always demure and showed class and gratitude. She wasn’t flipping the bird and the most important thing, she could articulate a whole sentence. Kristen is the trailer trash Winona version minus talent.

    • V4gossip says:

      Aria +1 on Winona. yes i would like to see her doing more movies too.

      i think KS and WR are more comperable then JL because they are/were both with huge teenage girl fandom. JL is diffrent and even though she did acting jobs as a teen i don’t consider her a child actress.

  59. mercy says:

    Let me preface what I’m about to say by re-stating that Rupert Lawrence is a scumbag who deserves to never be fully trusted again.

    So let me see if I have this straight: Jen Lawrence has pressing obligations to films that are already in the works, financing lined up and everything, and she ‘lost’ a role in a movie that doesn’t even have financing to K. Stewart, though ‘nothing has been signed’? Could there be a more obvious PR plant to distract from the Rupert Scumbag Sanders affair?

    The idea that she would put young children and their mother — people she knew — through all of this to change an image that didn’t even really need changing that badly (as others have noted, she’s already firmly established her tortured young woman image on and off screen, and this role is more of the same) doesn’t help her case in any way. She could have chosen a single man if that was really her intention.

    This is not about an image change. This is about changing the story. Her PR is trying very hard, and it may work for a day or two, but once again they are coming up short. They can’t change the pictures nor the fact that she put a family she knew through hell. Her reasons don’t really matter – they are selfish and destructive, period. Her PR needs to accept this and stop trying to spin. It only makes them and their client look worse — and that’s hard to do.

    What Liberty Ross chooses to do for her family has no bearing on the situation one way or the other. She will probably choose what she thinks is best for her family, as she did when she sidelined her career to support her husband.

  60. Havik says:

    Alright, I got about halfway through the comments so I have no idea if somebody’s voiced this before me (most likely, this is celebitchy after all ;)

    The only thing this so-called scandal goes to prove is how nasty and unpleasant the twi-hards are. Say something vaguely negative about Kristen Stewart and the claws come out; you can practically hear the hissing and spitting through the screen.

    They type this vitriol with such conviction that, if you didn’t know better, you’d think it was an absolute truth.

    And when I refer to twi-hards, I’m referring to the ones that troll the comment sections and hide magazines in supermarkets.

    Gossip is supposed to be a bit of fun, nothing more. This is not something worth getting emotionally invested in.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Havik: Yes, Exactly. And there is no talking to them…it’s absolutely maddening.

    • kay says:

      Twihards are nasty? Oh Please! I was on this website before this scandal happened and Kristan was trashed constantly. You just don’t want anyone to defend her. Well sorry not everyone hates her

      • Havik says:

        Where on earth did I say I wanted nobody to defend her? I never had a problem with her.

        No need to get snarky to a random stranger on the internet. I’m well aware people were quite unpleasant about her before.

      • Chatcat says:

        @Havik…you must consider the source.
        These twihards have made KLewd and Bella one in the same in their minds…they’ve done it for years. The non twihards have negatively commented on Kristen Stewart THE PERSON because of HER actions when not portraying BELLA THE CHARACTER.

        Going as far as measuring a car to see if it’s possible…well I am not a mental health professional, but I’d say action is even beyond the scope of a twihard. Sad.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Kay, you just proved exactly what Havik said. Congratulations.

      • Kate says:

        Actually I’ve defended her. I’ve said what she did was horrible, but she’s a young woman whose whole life shouldn’t be defined by this. Nobody has been anything but civil, even when disagreeing. It’s the degree of crazy and invested behind the defence, I think.

        My life isn’t altered one way or another, because I don’t know any of these people. I just feel a bit sad for her, because millions of people make the exact same mistake – or bad choice, to be really accurate – and aren’t eviscerated for it like this. And the lone TV slot of hers I’ve seen, she was actually very nice to a reporter (it was a press conference, not one on one) who stumbled over her words, saying “I do that all the time,” with what looked like genuine kindness, so I just haven’t seen the bitchy and entitled person others here say they have. (Not saying they’re wrong, just that I’ve not seen it, and I’m not invested enough to look further.) But I can’t say I blame people who think she was given the moon on a stick with a nice big bow, and proceeded to put it in a wood-chipper. Because frankly, that’s pretty much the case.

        I also suspect Renata is bang-on when she says that she thinks a deal was struck with the PR team to cover up a worse story, and that US Weekly had probably been watching her for a while. Because very experienced and professional PR teams are not this clueless, and there’s probably more to this story than we will know for a very long time, if ever.

      • renata says:

        @kate —

        funny you should mention that regarding my theory from the other day that there might be more to this story then meets the eye. I was considering that earlier, trying to get my head around why I keep thinking that. What is it that bugs me here about this story?

        I suppose, in part, it’s that I love a good mystery! But what I’ve also concluded is this whole thing worked out a bit too neatly and perfectly for the major players, and that’s why I just don’t trust it. In real life, things are rarely that tidy.

        So, since it’s late Friday, and CB is pretty quiet on weekends, now’s a good time to theorize about all of this, when few will be around to read it :)

        Here’s what I think might have gone down: Stewart and company got a call about photos of her and Sanders. Stewart + Sanders + Summit/Lionsgate then immediately turn around and threaten to sue. The magazine, recognizing a lawsuit against deep-pockets could be both costly and dangerous for their business, agrees to negotiate.

        In the end, that negotiation yields US Weekly preserving their scoop and story, but limiting it to reporting no more than a one-time event, and an agreed-upon set of photos. US Weekly, as a legal safety net, demands a public acknowledgment of the affair — that way they can’t ever be sued for having made any of this up, or be accused of photoshopping their pics. The unusual and unprecedented apologies that follow from Sanders and Stewart are then in reality a “failsafe” that protects both sides, as it establishes the ‘one-time-only’ concept they feel helps them save face and reputation, while verifying the legitimacy of the photos, which is what US Weekly ultimately wants.

        This is quite similar to what you see lawyers negotiate when there’s a dispute about a termination of someone’s employment. In that type of situation, a settlement always winds up including a “neutral employment reference” so that the former employer can never claim an ex-employee was fired from their job- in other words, a similar type of “failsafe” mechanism. The unusual apologies in this situation strike me as serving the very same purpose, and are what creates a red flag here that something isn’t quite right. They didn’t just offer up those apologies out of nowhere; I think they did it for these very reasons.

        In this scenario, everybody wins something, everybody loses something; in other words a perfect negotiation. Which again, is exactly why I believe something like this is what went on with Stewart & Co. and the magazine — endings are rarely this neat and perfectly attuned to multiple interests. In order for things to work out this neatly, there has to be some tweaking of reality.

        Will we ever get the full story? Probably not. If there were “biscuit-munching” pics, or even something both innocuous and devastating all at once — like photos of the two of them going into a cheap motel and leaving 2 hours later — those were probably worth a pay off of millions of dollars to some of these people (after all, the last twilight movie grossed something like a 1/2 billion), and so whoever was on the receiving end of that pay day has every reason to keep their mouth shut till the end of time. Would some of these people have been willing to ante up a truckload of dollars to keep this quite? You bet! Were there to suddenly be the equivalent of a KStew porno or graphic photos, her and the twilight franchise get reduced to being one more Kardashian video. Material like that, and Sanders can’t even begin to defend himself in a divorce proceeding. Keeping this quiet would have been worth a fortune.

        So, if guesses are allowed as to what may have happened with these people and photos, this is mine. What are yours?

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Great post Kate. It is so much more fun when we can agree to disagree. Debate doesnt have to be nasty – especially when most of the posters here are so smart and funny! Thinking back, if Molly Ringwald had been caught in a Black Trans Am with some older guy, I probably would have been upset too. But I was 12 when she was popular. Everything is dramatic at 12. :)

        And you are right, only time will tell how this story ends. We may never know the extent of it, but to be honest, what I have already heard is enough.

      • Rory says:

        @Renata, On what grounds would Stewart be able to sue the photographers? They were taken outside in a public place. Not saying it isn’t possible, I just don’t know the law well enough to know on what grounds they could sue. It IS possible they PAID off the photographers for the video that I bet they had or have. I’m betting money and not legal threats have hidden the more damning evidence.

      • renata says:

        @rory —

        Well first, in the U.S. you can sue someone for just about anything. It may wind up getting kicked out of court, but that could take some time and the second these things begin its like the meter in a taxi cab running — it keeps costing you in legal fees till you get where you want to go, and that’s that.

        If a judge tosses the case, you can start appealing… and then you have more legal fees. Since appeals can be quite complex, the fees go up accordingly. This could go on and on for years, and though you may not have had much of a case to begin with, it still could cost all kinds of money. Besides, you never really know how a judge is going to rule, and in spite of the belief that another party had no case to begin with, a judge might feel differently.

        So, I guess the first answer to your question is that it doesn’t really matter what you might sue for, since its quite possible to invent a million different grounds and have it cost another party a hundred thousand in legal fees before they even know it. Fact is, the threat to put another party out of business by haranguing them with legal fees happens every day of the week in the U.S., and its a legitimate threat. A business can go under from the costs of litigation.

        The second answer becomes more speculative for 2 reasons. First, we probably will never know what was actually in the possession of this magazine or their photographers and investigators. What did they really have on Stewart and Sanders? Secondly, I don’t live in California, and so I’m not fully familiar with the laws in that location.

        That said, I would imagine the classic first reason to sue would be to claim the photos (or anything else US Weekly might have had) weren’t real, and they were in some way doctored. That immediately throws the ball into US Weekly’s court, forcing them to have to prove the legitimacy of the photos. Doing so would require all kinds of testimony; expert witnesses who would discuss the manner in which photos or videos could be doctored; a careful analysis of the pictures that we’ve all now seen to determine if they are real or not; depositions and testimony by the people that claim to have taken the photos or videos, and on. Right away you’re probably looking at 150 to 200 thousand dollars in costs and fees just to get the ball rolling. Not sure if you’re aware of it, but it’s not uncommon for lawyers at this level and stage of the game to be making anywhere from $800 to $2000 an hour and so the expense of this sort of battle can be really high, and in fact back-breaking.

        A second reason for suing might be a claim that a party acted illegally to obtain the photos, and therefore had no right to their use. Under that scenario, US Weekly could be made to hand over everything they have to the court who would then return these materials to Stewart and her team. This could happen for example, if US Weekly or those in their employ went on property they had no right to be on to obtain photos or videos.

        The next grounds for a lawsuit would be based on the first two I’ve mentioned; the personal damage and injury caused Stewart, Sanders, and others, by releasing photos or videos that Stewart claims they had no right to or were fraudulent to begin with. This is where you could really hurt another party because the sky’s the limit on this type of damage award. Stewart could be saying her career was ruined by the release of certain materials, and that over the next few decades, but for the release of this stuff, she would have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in acting fees. Sanders could make a similar claim, and so could Summit. Like I said, the sky’s the limit on that type of damage award, so it could wind up being an astronomical number.

        Those are a few of the reasons for suing. I’m sure if any of us knew what if anything was actually in US Weekly’s possession, there may have been any number of other reasons to sue.

        I hope that’s a good answer for you rory :)

    • Crystal says:

      Twihards have always been pathetic. This scandal couldn’t have happened to a better fanbase. There’s nothing like a glass of twihard tears. So refereshing.

      The same fanbase that disses Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Blake Lively and the like for being famewhores and ‘playing the game’ and now look, their idol is a fraud like the rest of ‘em.

      When this scandal came out I felt bad for Liberty and her kids but a bigger part of me was drowning in the Schadenfreude I felt towards twihards/kristen fans who live up Kristen’s ass.

      Any fanbase that would rather believe that Kristen has a brain tumour than admit that she f*cked up is pathetic.

      Stupid is a hell of a drug.

      OT: my younger brother was trolling the robsten tag on tumblr by posting a bunch of porn. Robsten fans were so mad.
      I had to get a bucket to collect all the tears of the Kristen fans. I rub their tears on my skin, it keeps me young. LOL.

      • renata says:

        “There’s nothing like a glass of twihard tears. So refreshing.”

        —One of the funniest lines ever! Brilliant. And kudos to your brother. Smarts and a sense of humor must run in the family.

        I don’t often follow the hardcore twihard forums/threads. Are they still claiming the Kristen/Sanders pics were photoshopped?

        How dare KStew put a stake through the hearts of these poor children. Trampire!

      • Crystal says:

        @renata AKA my future wifey ;)

        LOL. Me and my brother (he’s 23) love messing with twihards especially because our younger sister (19) is one and she is beyond delusional. He posted a bunch of gay and lesbian porn on the Robsten tag and they were mad at him because they felt he was mocking their pain. Well duh !!!

        Oh Girl, Tumblr is where intelligence goes to die. They’re still claiming that the pics are photoshopped, the statement is fake and now they’ve started victim blaming.

        That’s what pisses me off the most. I’m not even a fan of Rob (even though his jaw is like porn to me) but Kristen fans have done a complete 360 and now it’s all Rob’s fault because;

        1. He’s boring (K-Stew isn’t exactly the life of the party)
        2. He has a small d*ck (he’s tall and skinny, I’m sure he’s packing, I’d be happy to investigate and get back to you ;) )
        3. He was moving too fast and Kristen wasn’t ready
        4. American’s are prudes and she should be able to f*ck wh she wants (that’s rich coming from a group of fans who probably haven’t started their periods yet)

        Also they’ve all made ‘Stay Strong Kristen’ posters and tribute videos on youtube because as you know she’s the victim in all this. The one person who was brave enough to make a ‘Stay Strong Robert’ poster got cussed out by Kristen fans.

        *facepalm* God made twihards special. That’s the nicest way I can put it. They’re special.

      • Janet says:

        The Twihard tears are refreshing, but the bile makes me want to puke.

        Oh, and now they are conceding that she did screw the director, but he forced her into it so it wasn’t her fault.

  61. ally says:

    Kristen is miles more beautiful than Jennifer, she has a nice body but her face is not cute, sorry Jen fans.

    I like both of them as actresses, they’ll be up for the same roles many more times, and yes Kristen did beat her already, make whatever excuses you want, she beat her for the role, good or bad it’s true, stop kisssing Jen’s ass so much, you look pathetic

    • Crystal says:

      ‘you look pathetic ‘

      *looks around*
      Are you talking to yourself or…?

    • mercy says:

      For real? Or is this some kind of parody?

      Jennifer Lawrence didn’t ask to be dragged into this mess. It’s a creation of Stewart’s PR to distract from the fact that she backstabbed a family she befriended. Not as bad as their own husband and father, but she did.

      After watching them drag Lawrence into this, it makes me wonder what they’ll do to Pattinson if he chooses not to play along with their games.

    • V4gossip says:

      No she didn’t it’s not confirmed. to me it’s looks like PR stunt from Kirsten poeple to change the news cycle. it’s been done before…

      and if so,it might not work. this is an oscar worty part. not a superhero movie and the project have been long time in development. JL or other actress are not out of the picture.

  62. V4gossip says:

    what do you think true or false?
    if true, she should really chack her close friends. becouse her personalty is just… take responsibility and move on.

    • Julie says:

      “She was caught up in the moment and totally besotted by him. After that day she texted Rupert that she never wanted to do that again because she feared being caught ”

      thats Kristens team trying to clean her from guilt.
      She really has the worst Pr Team in the world.

  63. That trampire! says:

    Will Ferrell is the best. lol

  64. kiki says:

    lol, radar is fos. i’m sure rob loves that now his movie is getting dragged into this mess.

  65. sallyreo says:


    I knew you would respond, because you have not convinced me yet….ha, ha, ha…

  66. Nan says:

    Why shouldn’t she have this role?? The only reason it is even a conversation is double standard at it’s worst.

    Businesswise – On the Road won’t lose any any viewers because Nutty Madamam and her ilk were not going to watch it in the first place. Same applies to Lie Down in Darkness. If director/production team believe she can pull it off – good for everyone.

  67. mila says:

    It was made clear that there have been no casting decisions. Now Stewart’s agent is saying she may never be in the film and that everything is “extremely premature.”
    There were so many factual errors in this story: that Stewart had landed the role; that Lawrence was still interested in the role when every story was relying on a September, 2010 magazine article; that Stewart “beat out” Lawrence for the role when no casting has even occurred. The film may never even get made as it has no financing. The whole story was contrived, and I’m curious as to Vulture’s source.

  68. Julie says:

    because many people bring up sexism against women:
    isnt it also sexist that they try to paint kristen as a victim of her emotions? as if women always just listen to emotions and never make rational choice and dont have a free sex drive just like men? isnt it wrong to celebrate women who have a sex drive and who engage their sexuality without feeling, just like lots of men but when they cheat and hurt people with it it wasnt their sex drive it was love? thats the pussy way out (no pun intended) and i hate it when suddenly old gender stereotypes are used to excuse something (same goes for “he is a guy, he must stick his p in every v”)

    guys could never get away with that. or would anyone believe a story where bruce willis was caught in the moment and besotted by a woman and just followed his heart? no, people would say “he thinks with his dick.”
    same goes for kristen, replace dick with vagina.

  69. kay says:

    Keep trashing Kristen, you are just going to make her more famous. Her fanatic fanbase will only buy more of her stuff to counter all the negativity. Kristen is here to stay.

  70. normades says:

    I don’t think either of them are right for the role! “Intense physical beauty “? Try again.

    • CC says:

      co-sign. They’re not ugly, not by a long shot. But intensely beautiful? Nope. I see people like the 2 of them every day.

      • Anname says:

        I read that as beautiful AND intense, not vapid beauty (ala Blake Lively). Kristen has the intensity, and she can be quite dramatic/striking. But I still would rather see the role go to Jennifer Lawrence, for the simple reason I want Kristen to suffer a bit. Petty but there it is….

    • Liv says:

      Did you see footage of Jennifer’s new film “House at the end of the street”? I think she can pull it off.

  71. BigProblemhere says:

    This is a story floated by Stewart’s PR team to Change the headline. Plus, the movie is as a production source says still in the early stages. Plus it has no funding so it’s hard for Stewart to beat Lawrence out of a part that doesn’t exist yet. And Lawrence is booked up for the foreseeable future.

  72. Dan says:

    I just dont get it! how they know J Law will be busy if the movie doens t even have funding? i mean this movie/production could very well take 6 months, 1year, 2 year to get made or maybe doenst even go to production at all. this movie had zero buzz until a couple months ago the media was desperate trying to pitch Jlaw and Kstew against each other and suddenly kristen drop in an interview that she wants the part and they realize jennifer also said sth similar 2YEARS AGOOOO!!! and out of the blue kristen got a role of the movie when the production doesnt even began. I knew when i first read this story was bullsh** . Who knows if jennifer still wants the role. back then she was still unknow but now if she wants she can get it. jennifer is known for going hard after the role she wants and blowing people away on her auditions so if she was giving the chances she wouldnt have a problem taking the role away from kstew. This smell desperation from kristen PR.

  73. Kosmos says:

    I definitely think Jennifer Lawrence is the better actress, hands down. Kristen seems okay in Twilight, but not so much for other roles. Too bad all this has helped her career, if indeed it has. I find her a bit self-indulgent, hate her f*** attitude about everything, and now do not like her for cheating with a married man. She comes off as really spoiled, sorry.

  74. Gin89 says:

    Only time dismissed scandals in hollywood but kristen PR team obviously didn t get the memo. WTF they are trying to do ??? bunch of fools!!!

  75. Lee says:

    kristen stewart over jennifer lawrence?

    No thank you.

    The producers would be better off waiting a year or two and booking jennifer.

  76. Sue says:

    Is her stylist a 3 year old? She looks like a mess, and no I don’t mean a hot one…… Sorry do not think she is attractive at all.

  77. Lori Schwartz says:

    I just stumbled upon this website and I must say…I’m impressed. Love the funny, candid and highly entertaining stories. I am frankly too old to be answering about this nonsense but I do have my own spin on this matter, and since I am a “Twi-hard Grandmother” I feel I need to get my 2-cents in! I truly do not believe this is a publicity ploy, and I could not even fathom a ploy that would destroy a family. I like to people watch and I think that Rupert has had the hots for Kristen through out the filming and promoting of the movie. I am sure many of you have seen the photos from Cannes and the “secret videos” taken of Kristen and Rob. The one that stands out is when they are at some party and were filmed secretly from below from someone on the street. Rob was acting really silly and even though they were seen cuddling, kissing and such it looked like he was trying to “cheer her up” at one point. My guess…things were brewing then and he just couldn’t figure out her more than usual aloofness! She outed herself with those ridiculous comments about wanting something “terrible” to happen to her so she can experience it and feel pain since her life has basically been a catwalk until now. I do think the pics from the park were a bit “staged” but I wasn’t there so I don’t know for sure. She is, young, naive and very sheltered unfortunately. Maybe she will need to treat the paps a bit better other than giving them the finger all the time. She also needs to take that puss off her face. She is very pretty with the right lighting and clothes….but she has some major bags under eyes(perhaps from deceit???).

    • Janet says:

      Welcome from one grandma to another! We have all ages representing on this blog but I think you’ll find the compared to the denizens of other websites, we’re a pretty level-headed and down-to-earth group.

      Totally agree with your take on the photos. No way was this a publicity stunt. Nobody, no matter how desperate for publicity, would agree to participate in a ploy that was guaranteed to destroy their reputation and possibly their career in the process. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she can’t be THAT stupid.

      • Lori Schwartz says:

        Thanks for the welcome Janet! I have been enjoying everyone’s “spin” on here ;) !!

  78. Black Pearl says:

    K-Stew got a role over J-Law?? Someone should please tell me who she had a “momentary indiscretion” with to get the role..

    • aquarius64 says:

      Unvortunately for her that’s her reputation now. I’ve heard some of the PR experts coming on TV saying she will bounce back from this, but tell me: how can your career survive being perceived as willing to sleep with a person in a hiring position (director, producer) to get roles?

  79. Jill says:

    I like neither. Jennifer Lawrence…blah.
    Nor the trampire.

  80. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I wonder if boning an older dude in real life is gonna help her win the role where she wants (?) to bone an older dude (her dad). I have no idea if that’s the premise, it seemed like that’s what they were talking about.

    I think all in all Hollywood is gonna continue casting her until she doesn’t make them money.

  81. Francesca says:

    She tanked her career with her antics. If she wants a better script she better stop twitching thru every scene. The only thing she CAN DO is act like an awkward teenager! Trampire is right!!

  82. aquarius64 says:

    The PR Stewart’s team should be worrying about is when “On the Road” has its premiere in London, UK. This girl cheated on a Brit, one of their own. Can you imagine what the British press is going to do to her? A US presidential candidate was beaten up for insulting the Brits’ prepareness for the London Olympic Games. (“Mitt the Twit” anyone?) Stewart must be sweating the red carpet. Cue the YouTube moments of her being booed or called “trampire” or “slag”. And she is going to be expected to keep it in check. If she loses it on the RC by flipping the bird or cussing out people it won’t be seen as cute this time. The press will be embloden to really lay into her.

  83. kingkayski says:

    I still think Kristen has the best publicist that ever work in hollywood.I wouldn’t be surprised if she managed to bag this LDID movie and get nomination for it for oscar award.As much as i liked the girl ,her acting is very limited ,except in “Cake Eaters”she’s not so bad there.But to make it this famous with a little amount of talent ,you got to hand it over to whoever is handling her career,i think it’s Ruth isn’t it,she’s good.These scandal will only make her more famous than she already is,until she actually win an oscar for some movie that is not actually good but still better than other oscar contender,it happens all the time at the oscar award,she’ll win over some technicality where theres just no really good movies at that time to watch,then all of these scandal will surely be forgotten and she’ll be an official icon,just watch.Everybody screw everybody in hollywood ,that’s why Will Farell find this so funny as hell,as if this is the first time it happens in hollywood.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Yes. Disrupting the lives and security of a 7 and a 5 year old is a smart PR move (sarcasm). NO – STEWART LOOKS LIKE A MONSTER FOR HURTING CHILDREN. Name one person alive whose career survive for committing emotional harm to a child. And please don’t try to say it’s Rupert’s fault for those kids’ pain. Stewart was an accessory before, during AND after the fact. Fans need to stop trying to absolve her of any responsibility and painting her as a victim.

  84. dee says:

    spiva, can I send you my address for that 10 bucks you owe me for thinking I’m the same person as Minty? Then can you explain to me what anyone remotely involved in this tawdry affair has actually gained? “PR” is not a valid answer because KS and RP are, and would have continued to be without this, at a level of PR super-saturation. Breaking Dawn II will do huge box office and would have without this. The director has gained nothing but the likelihood of not directing the sequel to SWATH. His wife has been humiliated and the publicity will surely have a negative effect upon the couple’s children. Who has gained anything?
    I’m sure you are an intelligent and rational person in most areas of your life but you have an emotional investment–and I doubt it’s a huge one in the grand scheme of your life–in this business being something other than what the only two people who really know what happened have painfully and publicly admitted was the case.