Princess Eugenie & Beatrice are trying to mean-girl Duchess Kate

This story is slightly complicated, so let me get through some background before we begin. Allegedly, Prince Harry and William are pretty close to their younger cousins, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Harry is said to be especially fond of them, and Harry (who is closer in age) seems to travel in many of the same aristocratic and moneyed circles as his cousins. When Harry found himself single recently, Eugenie set him up with a friend – a beautiful, blonde model friend named Cressida Bonas. Harry and Cressida hit it off, and they might still be seeing each other. Here’s where it gets more complicated.

Because it seems like Duchess Kate doesn’t get along so well with her cousins-in-law. Kate, Eugenie and Beatrice are not outwardly bitchy to each other, but there are some tensions and some hard feelings over old grudges. It doesn’t help matters that the Queen recently re-emphasized the royal hierarchy so that princesses who “marry into the family” have to curtsey to “blood princesses”making Kate lower in status than Beatrice and Eugenie. So, why is this Cressida Bonas thing raising Kate’s hackles? Because Cressida’s sister Isabella is the one person that made Kate incredibly jealous – because William was totally in love with Isabella. So…

Prince Harry and a beautiful blonde? It seemed like just another date in the life of the eligible young royal. But when the blonde is Cressida Bonas – half-sister of the woman Prince William once wanted to marry – and the matchmaker is royal cousin Princess Eugenie, palace insiders see Harry’s rendezvous as the most recent volley in the way between the Yorks (Eugenie, 22, and Beatrice, 24) and the Middletons.

“No woman makes Kate as insecure as Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe,” a palace insider tells In Touch of Cressida’s half-sister – for whom William left Kate for five years ago.

“Eugenie knew it would get under Kate’s skin,” adds the source, explaining that were things to get serious between Harry and Cressida, family gatherings would become excruciating for the duchess.

Why would Eugenie put Kate in such an uncomfortable position? The source says there’s been a royal battle brewing for quite some time: “There is no love lost between the sisters. They have nothing in common, unless you count Kate now being a member of the royal family.”

The source says it’s not entirely one-sided. “Prior to the royal wedding, Kate invited Beatrice to a party, but forgot to mention it was costume,” says the source. “Poor Beatrice was so embarrassed, she ended up in tears in the bathroom.”

Now that she’s part of the royal family – and a future queen – Kate knows such oversights are beneath her. But it won’t be easy to forgive and forget.

“Although Kate will have to socialize with the Yorks at royal events, they’ll never be good friends,” the source says.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I mean, in some sense In Touch is just reorganizing some facts and gossip to pit the princesses against the duchess. But… there might be something there. I’ll admit, I don’t pay much attention to Eugenie and Beatrice, but I remember hearing stuff about the York girls not getting along with the Middleton girls – and this was years before Kate married William. So, maybe Eugenie decided to get back at Kate using a weird method. I don’t know.

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  1. Cleveland Girl says:

    Good lord. Why can’t Fergies girls get their teeth fixed and wear proper fitting clothes?? It just doesn’t seem right. They represent the Royal family. Get them proper dental care and a stylist!

    • corny says:

      They dress as though they are the before pictures in What Not To Wear

    • sandy beach says:

      I recall that both of them wore braces at one point, so they’ve probably done all they can do — Beatrice’s mouth is simply too small for all of her teeth and I’ve never seen her close it!!

      • barretta says:

        oh you brits. this condition is extremely common, small jaw and large teeth that don’t fit in the jaw.any decent orthodontist has been able to solve this problem since the early eighties for chrissakes. You simply pull some of the permanent teeth to make more room for the teeth to fit in the jaw. I had this treatment as a tween for that exact same condition. Now they use palate expanders on tweens ( before the palate has fused)to create more space in the jaw. They must have seen a complete hack for an orthodontist.

      • My turn says:

        I think it’s that her teeth are too damn big for her mouth – they look like horse teeth. Like someone suggested maybe get a referral to the Middleton dentist and get the trademark Middleton veneers?? Come on, they all have ‘em.

    • wendy says:

      They’ve already had orthodontic treatment, what do you want them to do, get a set of the famed Middleton veneers? I swear the entire Middleton family – including Ma & Pa – seem to have the exact same set of fake looking veneers…..At least William’s yellow rabbit teeth look normal.

    • LAK says:

      They have had orthodontic work.

      If you google pictures of the wider family, you will see that of the current members, the following all have big teeth.

      William, Andrew, Anne, Zara

      It’s simply not as noticeable as B.

    • Memory30 says:

      Thank you!!!! all that money for nothing they need some lessons from Charlotte of Monaco she’s gorgeous and has style but then again she has good genes.

    • Raven says:

      They are just not that attractive and they seem to call attention to it by always wearing the loudest colors at any event. If they’d mute it down a bit, they might not looks so out of place. Kate not only has a prettier face, but she always dresses so much better that this pair.

      • OhPlease says:

        Perhaps if the sisters got regularly Botoxed like the dear Duchess, they’d each have a “prettier face” like hers, too.

    • gg says:

      I think it’s a bite issue that can’t be altered any more than already has been tried. Brits are famous for having “weak chins”, and all that means is that if you have a weak chin, you have a bit of an overbite, which makes your upper teeth look more prominent.

      Maybe I’m weird, but I kind of like mild overbites. My older sister has one and I always thought it made her cuter.

      Anyway, these two, aside from the teeth, look like old biddies to me because of the way they dress.

    • DreamyK says:

      Speaking of mean: doesn’t Eugenie remind you of the McDonald’s Hamburglar?

    • PG says:

      I thought the Brits had issues with their teeth because of the poor water conditions.

    • thyphoid mary says:

      Eigenie and Bea look like Cinderella’s ugpy step sisters…for real!

      • Divorcee says:

        No, they do not. Actually the youngest one is quite pretty. And Kate is average looking and looks much older without her makeup, at least the girls look their age unlike the lazy one. What surprises me is that someone so lazy can look so old.

      • Meg says:

        Uh, yes they are ugly. The Duchess is quite pretty, actually.

    • deehunny says:

      @bros– good reference. Particularly with that last pic

    • Carolyn says:

      The red-haired one has Andrew’s teeth. Their mother is Fergie. Can’t expect either of them to have any innate sense of style. The dark-haired one is nice-looking. The red-haired one makes Rumer look attractive.

  2. Jackie O says:

    i could see these girls being the jealous type, with their mother feeding into it.

    i am no fan of kate, however she is pretty, thin, and does a fairly good job of styling herself. these girls have none of that. unfortunately, claws are probably out.

    • aquarius64 says:

      The York girls don’t look good in this. They come off as the ugly stepsisters to Kate’s Cinderella. Let them hate. The duchess is the future queen, and if someone clarifies the protocool, the “blood princess” (5th & 6th to the throne) will have to curtesy to her when that day comes. I think William will see to that.

    • Micki says:

      Ahh, well they have their birthright and blue blood and it will be more till the moment Kate becomes officially Queen.Looong years I grant you.
      Besides I think (might be wrong)but in the Royal circles styling a la Victoria Beckam, which comes sometimes through by Kate is considered “daft”.
      I think she has chosen smth.between Queen’s style and Victoria’s (my opinion).Works for her but I can’t think of another European princess, who dresses so.Even Letitia (Spain)wears trousers on official occasions and the court there is supposed to be the striktest.

      • Raven says:

        Sadly, B&E’s styling looks more like K-Mart.

      • Micki says:

        @raven:I read a book years ago about the class differences in UK.And about clother the author wrote that the “upper class” and the aristocracy often have smth “off” -just to show they don’t care so much and are above such things like dressed to the nines.
        I think both E&B have it.

    • IzzyForYa says:

      I don’t understand why people are saying they’re jealous. What reason do they have to be jealous of Kate…for YEARS, apparently? They probably know much more about her shady ways than we do. And Kate doesn’t seem very personable unless he needs to be or has a reason to be. Sometimes women can sense that fakeness much faster than guys can. I hope the media doesn’t target Bea and Eugene over this obviously biased story. I’m sure it’s much deeper than what’s written.

  3. Iggles says:

    Lol. Ah, Royals. The original targets of gossip, betrayal, and backbiting. The tradition lives on..

  4. Nanea says:

    Fergie was pretty pissed off because she wasn’t invited to the wedding, and I’m sure her daughters take it out on Kate.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      she wasn’t invited?? how come?

    • Lithe says:

      But that wouldn’t have been Kate’s fault. After the stuff Fergie pulled, there is no way the Queen would’ve allowed her anywhere near the wedding.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Why would they blame Kate…Wasn’t that the Queens call?

    • LAK says:

      Fergie has been left off any royal invite list as a directive from Prince Philip.

      It is unfair for Kate to be blamed in this.

      • HME says:

        I still don’t get why people were even surprised she wasn’t invited. She’s DIVORCED from Andrew FFS. At any family wedding I’ve been to the divorced spouses aren’t invited. I thought that was standard practice but then everyone was going on about how Feefie had been snubbed.

    • Jupiter says:

      The Queen has forbidden Fergie’sparticipation in Royal events ever since she was caught on camera trying to SELL access to her ex husband.She cooked her own goose with influence peddling. Katherine had nothing to do with her not being invited.

    • Sillymilly says:

      “Grandmummy” it isn’t fair that we’re REAL princesses and she is only a princess by marriage. Can’t you make her have to curtsy to us?”

    • IzzyForYa says:

      This doesn’t make sense. Fergie’s girls know why their mom wasn’t invited and it has nothing to do with Kate. If anything I’m sure that was William’s/ The Firm’s decision.

  5. Eleonor says:

    I don’t know what to think, everything seems so ridicoulous to me. If it’s true they come out like Anastasia and Drizella, Cinderella’s ugly sisters.

    • BRE says:

      Ever since their outfits to the wedding, I haven’t been able to look at them without thinking of the evil step sisters too!

      • Eleonor says:

        Glad to hear I’m not the only one. If they are as nearly crazy as Fergie, I can totally buy this story.

  6. rogue says:

    Oh…Please !!! I believe they don’t get along but i seriously doubt that Eugenie has Kate on her mind.I doubt the girls even care what Kate is up to.Kate doesn’t strike me as a girls girl and that’s fine but lets not make her out to be some victim.If Kate and the girls wanted some sort of relationship with one another they would have done that along time ago.They had a decade to get to know one another.

    • Viv says:

      Exactly! Plus they know she will be queen someday so they wouldn’t be openly hostile. For now they are superior to her and I hope they enjoy that as long as they can because she will give them a hard time later on.

    • Fue McCormick says:

      Why can’t they be openly hostile to Duck-Face? If Anne wanted to be openly hostile to another royal she would be and I don’t see why B and E should be any different. I’m definitely Team B & E …

  7. shannon says:

    Whatev. Sounds like typical family stuff … and the royals are supposed to be above us? How’s that work again?

  8. ramie says:

    royals are homely….must be all the inbreeding.

  9. Coby says:

    With a mother like Fergie I really don’t think the York sisters are in any position to mean girl Kate. Besides, I’ll put my money on Kate any day. Just saying

    • Lithe says:

      Yep—ITA. Kate seems like the type.

    • fairy godmother says:

      I think learning the facts would help one to make an informed decision before choosing sides.
      Beatrice was not invited to the roller rink. She called Waity to ask why Waity did not include her. Waity told B the time & day while not being forthcoming it was a 70s theme of dress. When B arrived both Waity & Pipster mocked, ridiculed B & even to B’s face. The Midd girls aka “bully sisters” were so cruel poor B ran to the bathroom & was crying. Many saw what was going on & staff at the rink witnessed all that went on.
      The other time Pipster publicly threw a fit because she told (ordered) the York girls to find another seat for the fashion show because Pipster wanted the york seat since the seats were the best. The Yorks had the primo seats front, center of runway. Pipster caused enough commotion to warrant photographers to take notice &start snapping pics. Pipster left in a huff & York sisters stood their ground- good on them! I know this to be true because I witnessed the entire “show”. I had no idea who the rude, bossy female was or that the York sisters were there. Ppl seated near me told me who each girl was.
      Takes a lot of gall to order/demand royals to do anything- especially someone whose sister was trying to get a marriage proposal! And yet Waity got in- go figure.

      • Tatiana says:

        Well, after all Duchess Dolittle is not so “nice”.
        She better be nice with the York girls, because after all she can be replaced (and there is more than one example of that in the BRF history).

      • Original N says:

        This does not surprise me at all. It is, unfortunately, exactly how I have perceived the Midd. sisters. It is so sad that she ended up receiving the proposal that she so desperately desired, likely for all the wrong reasons :( .

      • polk8dot says:

        You know, your whole story – actually both of them – sound utterly ridiculous.
        I am not a fan of Kate’s in the least, but even I can see biased gossip and spiteful side-taking for what they are.
        I will never believe that a Pippa NOBODY (since she was then supposedly only a sister of Will’s GF) would try or dare to tell the ‘royalty’ what to do. Even disregarding any other details, it is hilarious that someone would think that the protection detail these girls always have around them would ever allow anyone to come near them to ’cause a comotion’ or to ‘tell them what to do’.
        From the timbre of your comment I have to say your story reads like a complete rubbish. Especially the ‘I was there, I saw it all, then OTHERS had to tell me who it was’. I call BS, dear.

      • fairy godmother says:

        Well Polkadot-

        Some things are true whether you choose to believe it or not!

        It is your prerogative to choose what to think. Its your choice whether you have an open mind or prefer to bury your head in the sand.

        As a person who was present at a fashion show Pippa’s behavior was uncalled for- if she had not been so overbearing no one would have even noticed her!

  10. bea says:

    Well, if those two are anything like their crazy mother, I would believe it. Also, the body language in those fotos says it all.

    I just Googled pics of Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe – wow, she’s totally beautiful. I could see where this could actually be true.

    BTW, clothing the sisters seem to favor are really ugly. Unflattering colors and bad material. Very old-lady. Kate kills them with her style.

    • gg says:

      Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe – wowwee, what a name. Imagine teachers having a hard time repeating that mess for roll call.

  11. bettyrose says:

    Well, it’s not like any of them have anything better to do with their time.

  12. Rhea says:

    I never even heard a story about Will and Isabella before…*hung my head in shame*

    But,wow! She sure is pretty!! So Will have a taste for blonde, too apparently. :D

    • Carpe Diem says:

      I’m saying; Isabella is really pretty. Maybe she didn’t used to be that pretty when she dated William because I would have remembered her. Some people grow into it.

      • Kate says:

        I could be misremembering, but the story in the tabloids was that they didn’t date… because she wouldn’t have him. That’s why Kate is so jealous, allegedly (it is all gossip, so may be rubbish) the story went that he only went back to Kate as a second choice when he had to accept Isabella was never going to want to know.

        I’m sure he does love Kate very much, nobody is with someone that long otherwise, but the long-named blonde was supposedly the one that got away, and Kate (again, allegedly) knows it. I think she’s with Branson’s son now, and who can blame her. Less media attention, more money, no responsibilities and all his own hair.

        And I need to read the Daily Mail less.

      • LAK says:

        @Kate – he broke up with Kate several times to try his luck with Isabella until she told him once and for all she wasn’t interested in being a royal wife.

        The story isn’t just in the daily mail.

      • Kate says:

        LAK – I’m sure it isn’t, that’s just where I get my gossip from!

        I do think there’s a degree of healthy cynicism called for on all this, though. I mean, what we get told in the media is still only third hand gossip. We all know how reliable that can be – fun, but hardly guaranteed to be accurate.

      • LAK says:

        @Kate – very true. However, the mail and the telegraph, and in the old days,the sun (or whatever paper was edited by Stuart Hill) have a direct line to the source so I tend to believe their royal stories. Even when it is a bs plant, it’s there for a reason.

      • Lizzie says:

        Well if people on here are getting their information from rags like the Sun and the Daily Mail it is no wonder so much rubbish is talked on these columns. People seem to read the garbage they print and think it is the truth. Then they make up the rest. It sounds more like a competition for writing cheap novels on here. K, B & E may not be best friends, but we all have family members we are not close to. However I did see them greeting each other with a kiss a couple of days ago! Some people on here like people to think they have inside knowledge of the royal family, when they probably get all of their ‘knowledge’ from the gossip columns.

      • LAK says:

        @Lizzie – with all media, you have to take what is written with a pinch of salt. And of course note the writer of the piece.

        Google Stuart Hill, Katie Nicholls and Richard Kay. They all have their bias of course, so you look to what the royal reporters are saying. We all know royal reporters always check with the palace before publishing. They have to go with the palace line whatever that may be.

        If you live in britain, it is very easy to findout information about the royals without having to rely on tabloid sources because they don’t live in an ivory tower on an island.

        That said, Credible biographers like Sarah Bradford and Dimbleby have confirmed the tabloid connection, and Diana herself via Andrew Morton confirmed her own tabloid links.

        There is a reason the establishment courts the tabloid. When the PM can write a piece every so often for the daily mail, do you think they are above using the same ‘tabloid’ for their own purposes??

        I personally detest the tabloids, but they are read by millions of people whose opinions are influenced accordingly, allegedly. You don’t see other proprietors becoming as influential as rupert murdock or bob maxwell or conrad black, do you?

  13. Michelle says:

    I thought Princess Beatrice was wearing a Santa Claus hat on the first page. (The red and white hat)

  14. Liz says:

    I wonder if the ridiculous looking hats – fascinators, I guess is the right word – at the wedding was the cousins way of dissing Kate.

    • Boo says:

      I think absolutely yes. That was their way of drawing attention from Kate to themselves. The one hat became a meme, after all–not by accident. Blue blood princesses = green eyed monsters?

  15. DanaG says:

    I can imagine Kate being a little stand offish you never know when a certain hanger on desperate for attention will drop by. Beatrice and Eugenie are royal born and they don’t let anyone forget it by all accounts. Even Harry has joked about Beatrice’s high mighty attitude. Maybe she has mellowed with age but her parents push the princess thing to the hilt. They wouldn’t be happy Katie get’s all the attention and has a figure and some taste although boring in clothes. Neither girl is that attractive and without their titles they wouldn’t have landed the rich boyfriends they have and they both have to get real jobs. Kate get’s to do Royal Duties when she feels like it. So yes the have lot’s to be jealous off. If they had off worked hard over the years and spent more time doing charity work instead of dancing on tables and wearing bad clothes the Family may of wanted them to be part of the team. Then there is their parents…

    • LAK says:

      Don’t let the facts get in the way of your dislike.

      1. the york girls have done charity for years. E is now patron of the hospital that operated on her curved spine as a child, and recently raised money for them via a charity bike ride.

      2. Every time B has been slated in the press, she hasn’t turned it into a woe-is-me tale like Kate. She’s laughed about it, and turned it into a positive eg when she was slated for being fat, she lost the weight and run the London marathon, raising money for charity. Ditto thw wedding hat which she sold on ebay again raising money for charity.

      3. Both girls have supported their mothers’s charity Children in crisis for years.

      4. This July 2012, E graduated from University per the picture above. She didn’t attend a ‘toff’ university and by all accounts was hanging out in Newcastle like one of us.

      5. B has a job. She has recently been taken on by a firm in the city and is undertaking her Finance exams as required by the FSA in order to operate fully in a finace career.

      6. E’s boyfriend is a waiter/barman. Not from trustfund type wealth. His parents are professionals who have done well but not enough to be put in the ‘wealthy’ category. The middletons are far wealthier than them.

      7. i’ll give you Dave Clarke family money but so what, they’ve been dating for 5 years and met when B was still in her ‘fat’ phase.

      8. if people are not allowed to be different from their unfortunate parents, then god help us all.

      9. Whatever little they have done at their age far outweighs what Kate has done at 30yrs old.

      • Micki says:

        What I really miss on this site is an actual blog about who does what in the Royal Family. I think most people doesn’t grasp fully the fact that the Queen has 2 events a day during the year(I divided the yearly total).So whatever else is happening she does her duty.I think that most women in RF have jobs/charities to be well occupied.
        What I want to know is what Kate really does with her time.
        I don’t care much about her eye-liner and her buttons(I like buttons)but to talk about them all the time is borring.

      • Naomi says:

        I am not a fan of the royal family, it’s not a personal thing (well not too much of personal thing), rather more against the institution of monarchy.

        E and B, from the rare stories/reports I have read on them, they have always come across as refreshing/unaffected girls, with a certain drive and ambition, and considering who their parents are, that says a huge amount about their strength character.

        Despite the unfortunate fashion sense (which I think actually makes them endearing, two young girls being daring fashion wise, doesn’t always work but says something about their willingness to try something outside of the box), I really don;t think there is much people can criticise them for.

        They are both making successes of themselves scholastically and hopefully professionally (B job in the City), so when they monarchy no longer exists they can rely on their skills and qualifications.

      • Leen says:

        I knew someone who went to Uni with Eugene at Newscastle University. She lived on the same floor as her halls of residence as well. She said she was pretty nice, the only difference is that she had a body guard with her. But she was living as a normal student with the rest of the people.

      • LAK says:

        @Micki – exactly. Kate told someone at a BP reception earlier in the year that she was hoping for a quiet 2012 because 2011 had been very busy……

        i’ll give her wedding and Canada but apart from that, doing what?????

      • Micki says:

        Ah LAK! LOL
        What about all the sausages and preserves?!She might be secretly donating an orphanage…

      • Original N says:

        I would really love it if we could switch from “Waity” to “Duchess Dolittle” as one poster said above, lol … I have a full life, and still manage to do more charity work than Waity!

      • Kelly says:

        B and E sound great, Kate not so much.

  16. Elisabeth says:

    Kate will be Queen and they will be pensioners of the crown

    Kate FTW

  17. BeccaZ says:

    Wait…is this article implying that Will and Kate don’t have a Disney-field fairy tale marriage?!? How could Kate possibly be worried about an old flame with her fierce sausage and jam making skills? All she needs to do is wave a home made brat in front of Will’s face and alls well!

    I feel sorry for the York girls. They really lost the parent lottery. They’ll be paying for their parents shenanigans for the rest of their lives. I’m not bothered by the blood princesses/curtsy protocol. When Kate is Princess of Wales or Queen, they can bow to her. Kate can thank Princess Anne and Camilla for this protocol anyway.

    There have been rumors about the York ad Middleton sisters disliking each other for years. The York girls are 6 and 8 years younger than Kate. Maybe Kate needs to be the mature one.

  18. tmbg says:

    I know jealousy is commonly used as an excuse, but this time I really think that’s what it is. Kate’s the future queen, 5’10 with a model’s body and is quite a bit more attractive than those two. She’s also receiving a huge amount of press while the most press Beatrice got was for wearing a toilet seat on her head to the royal wedding.

    I believe there’s no love lost there.

    • LizEJ says:

      “wearing a toilet seat on her head” lol

    • IzzyForYa says:

      This still doesn’t make sense to me because they are not in competition with Kate. Kate dated/married their relative. Even if Kate was hideous she would get more press attention and accolades because of William. If anything, being friendly with her would be in their best interest so I believe something deeper caused a rift between them, long before the wedding and it is likely a mix of all of their personalities not meshing. The Yorks don’t strike me as vindictive or fame-whoring, and if they were we would know that about them by now.

  19. ANGELIC 20 says:

    oh my god , here it goes again, the innocent perfect delicate duchess kate is bullied by the mean jealous yorks , queen and anyone who don’t worship her . how come people buy the fact that kate is always the innocent one while absolutely every one else is at fault like harry and rest of the royals. it’s bull shit and nothing else.

  20. Carpe Diem says:


    Okay why the F isn’t it William’s fault? Would there be any unease without the baldie’s wandering wanker? Eugenie/Beatrice didn’t screw Isabella; William did.

    Plus I don’t believe it. Isabella’s one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen; she wouldn’t show her face in front of Kate if there were issues, because she’d know Kate could have her head lopped off one day.

    But even if the rivalry between Kate and the York cousins were real, it’s sort of what Kate signed up for. What, are we supposed to feel sorry for Kate because she wants to be legally “better” than everyone else, as Eugie/Bea supposedly are? Aw hell no, LOL. Bow, bitch. Bow low.

    • says:

      “Bow, bitch. Bow low”


    • Divorcee says:

      Kate can not do a damn thing to Isabella! The BRF royal family does not have that kind of power! Besides, wasn’t her future husband father given the title Sir and didn’t Sir Branson let Diana use his private island, and didn’t William use it even after his mother’s death. That would be stupid on Kate’s part but than again we are talking about Kate Middleton.

  21. Jen34 says:

    Cinderella’s step-sisters always comes to mind when I see these two. I wouldn’t put anything passed them or their classy mom.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Good grief! I don’t know what’s worse, the teeth or the ginormous eyes on Beatrice. I also immediately thought of Anastasia and Drizella vs Cinderella…with the Queen as the wicked stepmother. I was blown away by the whole blood princess/curtsy thing. Do they not realize how awful they sound when they make rules like that? Ugh. You couldn’t pay me enough to tolerate that family every Christmas for the rest of my life.

  23. backwards says:

    The Middleton sisters were pretty mean to them, this is probably payback.

    • flan says:

      Yeah, they have reason to not be overly fond of Kate.

      Can somehow see Pipa being the instigator, with Kate kind of haplessly joining in.

  24. Courtney says:

    Technically Beatrice & Eugenie are 3rd & fourth to the thrown the Queen has already said she favors William to replace her on the thrown rather than his dad charles and all of Charles’s younger siblings Anne Andrew & Edward have all renounced their claims to the thrown so when the Queen passes William becomes king. as for the backbiting thats nothing new in the royal family

    • Boo says:

      I thought it went like this:

      1st = Charles
      2nd = William
      3rd = Harry
      4th = Andrew
      5th = Beatrice
      6th = Eugenie

      Is that not accurate? I wasn’t aware Andrew had renounced any claims or that QE2 would express a preference that goes against laws of succession….interesting.

      • BeccaZ says:

        I haven’t heard anything about this either, and I just can’t see either Charles or Andrew renouncing. I also don’t believe the Queen would ever say something like that.

        Charles hasn’t been my favorite in the BRF, but the guy has spent most of his life learning the role of King. William can’t even manage true full time hours as a rescue pilot. There’s also been those rumors for years that William doesn’t want to be King. Will and Kate may be the young and glamorous choice right now but it would be a disaster. William needs to mature and Kate might need a solid decade of public speaking lessons.

    • Merritt says:


      This is completely inaccurate. None of Charles siblings, or their children, have renounced their place in the of succession.

      Furthermore, while popular opinion favors William as the next king, the Queen has never publicly said anything. Charles is still 1st in line to the throne.

    • Poppy says:

      Erm, none of that is true!

      The Queen never has and never would express a preference for the line of succession. Altering the line of succession so that William inherited from the Queen would take an act of Parliament, which would never happen.

      Andrew, Edward and Anne have not renounced anything, because they are in line behind Charles, then William, then Harry (until there are little Cambridge babies), so unless all the Wales’s die, they’re not going to inherit anyway. And if Chuck, Wills and Harry did die, there’d need to be someone to inherit!

      • flower says:

        Slightly inaccurate, William and Harry are next in line after Charles, then Andrew and the York girls, followed by Edward and his children, Anne is last in that very long line.

    • Naomi says:

      No the Queen hasn’t said she favours William to take the crown after her, that is just tabloid talk. After what happened with her uncle in the 30s there is no way she would shake the monarchy like that, it’s bullshit mooted around by anti- Charles people. In all likelihood and I really hope what will happen is by the time Charles succeeds the throne, the monarchy and royal family will be wind down and that it will end with Charles as the last monarch.

      It is ridiculous in this day and age to have a monarchy, especially one as such as the British, when you compare it to the smaller European ones, in which many royals actually hold down proper paying jobs and are less of a burden to the public treasury.

      I think at the moment most people are either indifferent or pro monarchy, the marriage of William was suppose to strengthen and make a bigger case for monarchy today, as a new caring monarchy, he married someone although raised with much of the same privilges as him in terms of wealth, she is still not so high in step, despite how much her family would like it otherwise.

      The problem is that Kate dubbed Waity has failed to capture people’s respect, she is seen no different than if he would’ve married someone as *high born* as him, she has shown herself to be work shy and happy to live of her husband as she did her parents as a grown adult.

      No, the Kate effect won’t work, Britain most likely will cease to exist as the nation it is today once the Scotland votes for Independence and in likeliness drops the Queen as head of state, as will follow a lot of other commonwealth countries for republicanism. And where will that leave the monarchy, a bloated and expensive institution of small country such as England, nope that will be the end of that, it’s one thing supporting a titular head of state of many countries as well as England but people will balk at doing so for a monarchy that exists simply to exist. I doubt that monarchy will exist in thirty years time, people are already grumbling about paying for the upkeep of one family now just because of an accident of birth, when they are called to austere in a period of double dip recession.

      I would love it if the party was over today but sadly that is not going to happen short of a revolution. Up the revolution, who wants to join me down at parliament square…that is if I can get my arse away from Celebitchy

      • Merritt says:


        While monarchy may not be around forever. Your prediction of Scottish independence is likely wrong. Recent polls show that support for Scottish Independence is way down. There is supposed to be a referendum, but support is currently to remain part of the UK. As much as talk of Independence may sound exciting, the realities, expenses, and diplomatic concerns all make it less likely to happen.

      • Naomi says:

        @Merritt, the YES campaign may have faltered slightly but it’s actually started to get steam under it. The reality is Scotland will likely vote for independence, it may not look it, but there is a cross party support for it, it’s maybe the single biggest policy for the SNP but with the recent appointment of Blair Jenkins, a non political figure as head of the YES campaign, I think you will see a bigger push for independence.

        In the short term, the expense of Independence will hurt but in the long term this will in likelihoods be recovered by total control of North sea gas and oil…

    • Jaded says:

      @ Courtney: Even if by the remotest chance the Queen should favour William, it would take a lengthy, protracted and contentious act of Parliament to have him legally move up the line of succession ahead of his father – this is just idle conjecture with no truth to it.

    • LAK says:

      The Queen has never said that nor have any of them renounced their rights of succession except for some kent and gloucester cousins who did so by marrying catholics.

      This is all wishful thinking.

    • Kate says:

      The law is really clear on who inherits and the current monarch has no say whatsoever on that. It wasn’t up to the Queen whether girls should inherit equally with boys, either. We have a constitutional monarchy here.

      If there were some awful accident that wiped out Charles and his sons, then I suspect we might have an Act of Parliament that would make it possible for Anne to inherit, because nobody would accept Andrew when there is a much-admired older sister. But that’s so unlikely it isn’t worth talking about.

      If Charles outlives the Queen, and barring a (very unlikely) republic, he’ll be King. That’s just a given.

    • Raven says:

      The Queen would never make a statement about wanting someone other than Charles to replace her. It is completely inappropriate and she’s a consummate professional.

    • flower says:

      The Queen as no say in who follows her (no matter what she may think privately) Charles as the first born son is automatically the heir.

      Even if Charles himself decided he didn’t want the job (unthinkable), he wouldn’t say so until after the death of the Queen otherwise he would probably lose his multi million pound income from the Duchy of Cornwall as it is a position traditionally reserved for the heir to the throne (William will inherit the title when Charles becomes King).

      At the exact moment the Queen dies,Charles becomes King. At that point Charles could abdicate in Williams favour before his coronation but even that would require a complicated act of parliament.

      As for Anne eventually becoming Queen….never, Andrew, the York girls and Edward and his two children are the legal claimants to the title before her, the government has absolutely no say in who the future monarch will be no matter what the British people may think and Andrew would never say no to the throne even if it meant the collapse of the monarchy in Britain.

      Charles knows all this so would never pass the throne on before he meets his maker. He dislikes Andrew, there is no brotherly love there, it is well known Andrew is the Queen’s favourite child and Charles has always been a bit resentful of that so he would never do anything that might allow Andrew the slightest chance of becoming king.

      As for the York girls and the in fighting with Kate, it has been said many times that no one in either William’s or Harry’s circle of friends really liked her very much and Kate doesn’t seem to have any close female friends other than her sister so there must be something off about her.

  25. lucy2 says:

    If the whole set up thing was true, that would mean they are also putting their cousin William in a bad position, were Harry’s relationship to go anywhere.

    I can totally see them not getting along, with all the attention Kate has gotten, I could see the York girls being jealous, and Kate rubbing it in a bit.

    • Jane says:

      Exactly. If this story is true, and William and Harry are close to their cousins, why would William tolerate their antics?

      More importantly, why would Harry accept the date knowing the circumstances? He didn’t have to agree and could have shut down the whole situation before it got started. He is that hard up for a date?

      Something is off with this story.

  26. khaveman says:

    Eugenie minus 15 lbs would be a stunner; the prettiest girl in the Royal family. And I love the neckline of her purple dress. Great color on her.

    • The Original Denise says:

      You obviously have not seen the Duchess of Kent’s daughter; she is positively glorious compared to these two!

  27. Hmm says:

    Cool off she might not be jalouse, Isabella was a guest a their wedding and got engaged herself in june!

  28. cupidityrox! says:

    I just googled that Isabelle chick & she is as basic(if not more) as Kate. Completely average looking.

  29. The Original Denise says:

    In Kate’s defense, she will be producing the heir to the throne. So, these two little horses need to simmer down; their Mama is almost a criminal and their father is the family idiot.

  30. The Original Mia says:

    Poor widdle Waity. Everyone is so mean to her. She’s a saint. Except she’s not. Why should she care who Harry is dating? Who cares if she is the sister of William’s ex? If Eugenie set them up and Harry’s happy, then she’s a good cousin. It has nothing to do with Waity. If Waity is so insecure about her marriage as to be concerned about the sister of Harry’s latest jump-off, then that’s her problem, not Eugenie & Bea’s.

    And it’s telling all the Kate defenders can’t defend their queen without insulting Eugenie & Bea’s looks. Shallow defense for a shallow queen consort to be.

  31. Talie says:

    It is somewhat true…I don’t think they get along with Pippa and did, in fact, ignore her at a fashion show a couple years ago.

  32. RHONYC says:

    that one sister with the ‘Gollum’ eyes freaks me the f*ck out. :?

  33. Big Eyes says:

    Lovely photo of the York girls, they look like the step sisters of Cinderella.

  34. Big Eyes says:

    On the other hand, Cressida is perfect for Harry, if it doesn’t work, it will be absolutely normal for her and him, she grew up watching mummy marry and divorce x 4.

  35. Kate says:

    It really depresses me that the media are so down on the York girls. Their parents are really unpopular and their mother has leaned on them emotionally in a way that has to have been tough. They’ve gone to university and done well, they’ve never done anything to embarrass themselves or the country (if a silly hat is the worst then there’s no dirt) and the idea that Harry is this facile moron who would hook up with whoever Eugenie told him to is a bit silly, frankly.

    I do believe there’s tension at the moment because Charles is set on reducing the size of the family’s public face – the Jubilee showed that – and Andrew has been very open about wanting his daughters to be royal, not just royal relations. I can see that there might be some resentment when the only visible women now other than the Queen are Camilla and Kate. But to think they’d be willing to try to use Harry like this is to make them out to be pretty unpleasant and that seems unfair.

    They all seem pretty incestuous in terms of friends/lovers in their circles, too. At the wedding one paper I read said Kate’s ex was married or engaged (can’t recall which) to an ex of William’s. I’m not saying it’s impossible Kate is insecure about someone, most people are, but claiming one of the Yorks managed to hook the woman in question’s sister up with Harry just to wind Kate up is a bit of a reach, IMO. Seems more likely that Harry selects his own partners, and if a cousin matchmakes I would imagine his happiness would be higher on their wishlist than Kate’s discomfort. (And bless him, it’s fairly plural as long as they’re blonde – I doubt Kate is panicking just yet.)

    • Raven says:

      Andrew wants his daughters to be working royals, so they get income from the Queen. But the girls seem to have been smart enough about their futures to get an education so they are qualified and moving into jobs on their own.

      • Kate says:

        I genuinely didn’t know anyone who did official duties was paid – I thought only the monarch’s active kids were, so thanks for that info. Just googled and was rather startled to learn the extent of that list.

        I thought he wanted it as a prestige thing, not a finance thing (though why, given he managed to finagle an 80 year lease on Royal Lodge at the age of 50, I don’t know – couldn’t be more blindingly obvious that was intended to benefit his daughters, could it).

        I do feel really sorry for those girls though. They aren’t *that* terrible looking, I mean in the normal population and if they dressed better they’d be fine. And they seem perfectly nice, too. Their parents are venal and self-serving but the venom is extended to the girls, which strikes me as desperately unfair. It must be hard enough having parents you love attacked (they’ll hardly agree that it’s deserved), without being tarred by the same brush.

  36. Paula says:

    They are so UGLY! Their mother is nothing but a lying FAKE who can’t handle her money.

  37. Anne says:

    This actually sounds more like one of Kate’s personal PR machine’s exaggerations in an effort to make her look more sympathetic than anything else.

  38. Rory says:

    I don’t believe a word of this. Eugenie seems like a smart down to earth person and Beatrice is busy with her own life. That said, BOTH York girls need a makeover. What Not To Wear could do wonders with Eugenie.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Totally agree! And I also think, even if you assume Kate is the most devious, conniving chick on the face of the earth, then SHE knows she ALREADY WON by marrying Wills, the big prize! Furthermore, if she is as smart as everyone seems to think she is, she would know better than to take games or threats emanating from Fergie’s offspring seriously.
      I think, rather, that she is in love with her life right now, and may very well be a little oblivious to the tedium of royal snark.

    • christinne says:

      Agree with both of you.

  39. Amy says:

    I easily believe the rumors that Kate and the York sisters don’t get along. When you see them at public events that the whole royal family participates in, you rarely seem them standing together. Harry or William always act as a buffer so they never have to stand next to each other.

    I don’t really have an opinion on the York girls–not great tastes in fashion but they fly below the radar most of the time. Their mother is kind of crazy so that must have been stressful growing up but they seem pretty well-adjusted.

  40. Loulou says:

    Artifice is looked down upon especially for blood royals so veneers? Not likely. Too nouveau. But for royal “breeding mares”, it’s tolerated because they’re only interested in the heirs they’ll produce.

  41. Jaxx says:

    Yeah, I bet Kate gets about eight hours sleep worrying about the ugly stepsisters.

    However, if Kate really did “forget” to tell Bea it was a costume party that’s bad. You don’t forget something like that.

  42. serena says:

    I think they’re just jelous of Kate since she is far more beautiful than them (ugh).

  43. sal says:

    also, didn’t i read somewhere that beatrice’s boyfriend wasn’t even invited to the wedding? VERY cold. it’s known that significant others usually get in invite, if only a plus invite. especially since they’ve been dating for FIVE years.

    • says:

      Oh I didn’t know that. Then yes Bea has a right to be pissed. She and Dave Clark have been together for a LONG time, leaving him out is just rude. Who did they think she’d take with her? In that case William’s no better than Waity.

  44. moo says:

    Fugly little witches…….

  45. moo says:

    Is this story’s picture above photo shopped??? The shoes on the Princesses is covered….

    Ah, the lengths media will go to crap up a headline…..

  46. evon says:

    that erdem dress beatrice is wearing in the last pic is quite nice. it also looked nice on kate bosworth.

  47. Kkkaren says:

    You know what. Kate may have to curtsey to the York girls but I don’t. So happy to live in a democracy. God bless free trade too. So my livelihood doesn’t depend on kowtowing to these eeejuts either.

    Just saying. Thinking of how it used to be for so many people.

  48. lea says:

    maybe kate really is a gold-digging waity pain in the a*** and thats why the two sisters don’t like her? ever consider this???

    • Lizzie says:

      Well they would know all about gold digging with parents like theirs. Both their mother and father have had huge financial problems and dodgy ‘friends’. Charles is trying to trim down the main royal family group so that it won’t cost the country so much, but that is still wrong with a lot of people. They will never win.

  49. Garvels says:

    I personally think the sisters have experienced life with the “real” Kate and that is why they really aren’t close.

  50. anne says:

    it’s the other way around.

  51. Suzie says:

    In the first photo with Beatrice wearing blue and Eugenie in purple: what the hell are they wearing? They look so dowdy, un-stylish and even a bit frumpy. Those hats the two sisters are wearing are awful. What is it about these two and hats, after that giant reindeer contraption Beatrice wore at the wedding. I know I must sound mean and critical (they’re probably such nice people too), but one doesn’t have to be a reed slim to wear clothes with style and panache. And they should just look in the mirror after they put on the hat of their choice. In fact, their hats in all the photos here are strange. Shapeless blobs tied in different ways, in different colors. Personally, and regarding their attitude to Kate, I think the York sisters are probably pulling rank for all it is worth, as in, born princesses…

  52. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    @LAK — please tell us what is wrong with Fergie? Early on she seemed like a perfectly like able fun sort of regular girl. Does she have some sor5 of mental illness regarding money and acquiring things? How could she possibly need to spend so much money that she engages in all these desperate efforts to shake it out of trees and the Queen has even had to bail her out???

    • flower says:

      Diana’s lawyers made sure she got a huge divorce settlement from Charles, but Sarah must have has some real duds representing her, I think she gets just£15,000 a year (no lump sum payout) that’s about the same wage as one of the palace servants, so she did need to make her own money, but with no education and a stupid streak a mile wide she was bound to fall in a ditch financially.

      • LAK says:

        @Flower – The two ladies’ settlements were based upon the salaries of their soon to be ex-husbands.

        Andrew being Naval officer at that point where as Charles is the Duke of Cornwall.

        @bored suburban housewife – i can’t stress enough just how much the royal family spoils. It isn’t their wealth, which for the most part is in the form of assets rather than cash. It is in the form of limitless perks and access. The gift that will forever give. When you combine that with the royal family’s policy of no interference until somebody does something that impacts the family in a negative way, you get a situation where a person, with little guidance or strong self awareness, can consider their actions acceptable and indulge to their heart’s desire. Fergie was not reigned in for many, many years. If her actions had not made the press, she probably would worse than we know.

        She has never really faced the consequences of her actions, and the family protect her enough to continue her semi-royal perk filled life. If they truly kicked her out, and she had to get a job based upon her own merits as opposed to her status, however tarnished, she would wise up soon enough.

  53. lower-case deb says:

    maybe it’s just me. but if i’m blueblooded and in the single digits in line for the throne, i wouldn’t want to go all vain and do all those cosmetic surgeries just to please gossipy biddy peasants. unless it’s directly detrimental to the health, i’ll just go along with it.

    so i have a crooked teeth, horsey face, severe appearance disorder whathaveyou, and blood the color of actual blue (like crustaceans)… so what. i may be wearing my victorian doily that hasn’t been washed since edward VIII’s abdication, y’all still have to curtsey when i come along. heh. :)

    that’s how i see it. sort of like an efffective way to shrug off the bullies (if they can get past the bodyguards that is)

    Bully 1: Yo so ugly…
    Bully 2: … yo mama…
    Imaginary me: whoa whoa wait a second. FYI. my grandma’s face is all over the money you use to buy your measly school dinner. my grandma’s name is by which you obtain travel abroad. and some day by some twist of fate, that could be me. … and you are who again?

    • Tatiana says:

      LOL. But at the end of the day that it’s true so…
      Personally, I like the York princesses a lot, they seem like the most genuine of the young royals, so I do not understand why they are so bullied in order to defend Kate, who is not the role model some people believe.

      • polk8dot says:

        @ ‘so I do not understand why they are so bullied in order to defend Kate’
        Oh, FFS, please ENOUGH with the ‘bullying’ claims.
        People who come on here and throw the bullying accusations around usually have no clue – at least based in reality – what constitutes the real bullying. Real victims go thru horrible treatment, and it often reflects on their mental and emotional state, at times ending in tragedies. Bullying is awful, in all its forms, whether in person, via internet, social media, etc.
        Now, stating ones opinion about someone, not liking them, is NOT BULLYING! It is just having an opinion. If you choose to be delicate and considerate about it, good for you, if not – you may be branded an A-hole for saying stuff to peoples’ faces. But you are not bullying anyone by doing that.
        Since when has it become immoral to have an opinion about someone, even if it is a really bad one, and since when the people deserving or receiving such treatment have become victims of bullying?!
        It is time to drop this BS from today’s society. It is OK to have opinions, it is OK to speak out, it is OK to not take someone else’s sh!t, it is OK to be told that you are not liked or look bad or that someone hates you. Big F-ing deal! Shrug your shoulders, and move on. NEVER will it happen that everyone will like you, but whoever doesn’t is not a bully!
        Enough with this idiotic turning of our youth into professional, permanent victims!

  54. taxi says:

    Beastie & Huge have listened to Mom whinge forever about being “left out” of family events. Fergie told the press that she wanted to go to Will’s wedding “to be with [her]girls”. It was QE2′s mandate long ago keep Fergie away from everything & Philip has never liked her. Andrew’s reputation is quite soiled & only his mother’s overt protection of her favorite child keeps him in the family business.
    Seems likely that the sisters may resent an “outsider” bride, but their mother is not upper class or aristocratic & it shows.

    • LAK says:

      Fergie may be a lot of things BUT she is definitely aristocracy. She’s descended from the same son of Charles II as the Spencers which means she is related not just to The Queen but to the Spencers too.

      • Dredz says:

        This is true. I did hear that she’s a minor aristocrat. She actually looked quite lovely in her younger days.

  55. GirlyGirl says:

    I surprised the British press hasn’t come up with a nickname for those 2

    Something a la “Ugly Stepsisters” or something

  56. Ginger says:

    Isabella is a beautiful blonde model and actress and if she did indeed date William before I can see why Kate might feel uncomfortable in the same room with her but she did attend their wedding and she’s currently engaged so I don’t see that there is much to this story. After all Kate MARRIED William. I do however believe that the York girls are probably envious of Kate’s good looks.

    • LAK says:

      This is a genuine question. Given that unforseen and unexpected cases of death/infertility and an abdication resulted in Queens Victoria and Elizabeth (both of them),should similar happen and we find ourselves with Queen Beatrice, will you despise her as much? And will her looks improve?

  57. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I think having a monarchy at all is wrong and should be done away with. However, as long as there is one, then it’s difficult to argue that being born into the faimly like B & E were doesn’t matter. Of course it matters. If it didn’t matter, then William doesn’t “deserve” his title and money any more than B&E do — and therefore, William’s wife doesn’t deserve a title or money. So there’s no way to put down B&E as being useless without William and Kate being useless too – it’s a no-win

    Besides, as Diana and Fergie and Lord Snowdon and Mark Phillips have shown, people who marry into that royal family can be discarded at will. Being born into it matters a lot more.

  58. Jupiter says:

    Archetypal “ugly stepsister” story. The classics never fade!

  59. Another K says:

    Beatrice’s protruding eyes scream thyroid imbalance.

    • LAK says:

      Can thyroid imbalance be a genetic inheritance?? Those eyes are a Hanoverain feature which have manifested expicitly in some family members but not all of them. Queen Victoria had the same eyes.

      Infact B’s the spit of the young Victoria. They have the same eyes, nose and mouth, but not teeth obviously.

      • S says:

        My goodness. You’re spot on. Bea really is the spit and image of Queen Victoria (yes, minus the teeth).

        I’m clearly in the minority, but I actually think that neither Beatrice nor Eugenie is unattractive. Not even in comparison to Kate (whom, dare I say, I’ve never found to be much of a stunner; she just knows how to work what she has, generally speaking).

        With the right makeup and “facial poise,” B’s eyes could be a physical asset to her, I feel. In some pics, where her facial expressions are a bit more relaxed, she actually looks like a pretty/cute young woman.

        And her teeth? Well, perhaps if she were a six-foot-tall Eastern European model with 36-24-36 measurements, no one would be making horse jokes. I swear, some women who are considered “great beauties” actually have facial features that are completely exaggerated and unbalanced. The only difference is that they have racks and rumps that look good in skimpy two-pieces, so they get a pass.

        Beatrice’s big teeth can’t be any more offensive than Kate’s Julia Roberts-esque grin and blindingly white veneers, can they? And her eyes? At least they’re not being eyelinered into oblivion and ‘toxed into her hairline.

      • Another K says:

        LAK, I really don’t know if thyroid problems are inherited. Doctors seem to be divided – some say yes, same say maybe, some say it’s a throw of the dice. My mother developed a hyperthyroid condition several years ago and her eyes looked almost exactly like Beatrice’s. After surgery and daily thyroid meds, her eyes retreated a bit but were never quite the same. My three siblings and I had regular thyroid testing for awhile and then it sort of petered out. None of us have ever had a problem and neither have any of our children. But as I say, doctors do not agree on the question of if there is an inherited tendancy towards thyroid imbalance. Perhaps Beatrice is already on thyroid meds and her eyes would look much worse without them. I can’t believe that her parents would not have had her tested so this is all assumption (of course!). I do have a question for you: Who do you think the horse teeth came from? I’m thinking Queen Mary, the Queen’s grandmother? And I have another question for the British girls but I’ll put it way down below.

  60. Bungee says:

    She’s not ALL THAT. Dating Richard Branson’s son. Wants the money and fun but no responsiblity. Meeting all those people and kissing all those kids–not for her. It all worked out for the best.

  61. Noi says:

    ofc their jealous of Kate she’s bone thin, and ppl bill her as a beauty, she’s married to a balding wandering prince.
    who wouldn’t be jealous

  62. says:

    Ahahaha and I thought I couldn’t like the York girls anymore than I do. Go Eugene! Glad she’s getting back at Waity.

    Serves Waity right for treating the Yorks like THEY were beneath HER. No no no, it’s the other way around. How did she expect to marry into this family all the while mean girling those two? I hope Eugene and Bea continue to put her in her place. Afterall they’re in this for life. All it takes is a signature on a divorce decree to send Waity right back to where she came (and she doesn’t have [any] the friends or the connections to stay at the top. The upper classes can’t stand her).

    • lea says:

      that’s so right^^ i def agree with you. i can remember that a few weeks ago even the queen herself order kate to bow down in front of the two sisters. that does mean that she didn’t do so in the first place… so when even the queen is standing up for this two girls it does mean something. are there is nothing, absolutely nothing that the two princesses most be jealous of. they are princesses and their grandmother is the queen. i mean hello??!!?! who the f*** is kate anyway??!!

  63. HappyJoyJoy says:

    That royal family has some unfortunate genes.

  64. says:

    The Waity sychophants really are pathetic. It’s okay for someone to be a monster and a bully because she’s “pretty” and “skinny”. What a sad, shallow lot you are. No wonder you worship a vacant geisha like Waity. Projection methinks.

    • Tatiana says:

      True, I do not get it too. The York girls are far more accomplished than “the girl who married Prince William of Wales.” I understand that they maybe not the ideal type of beauty, but Kate is not the most beautiful women either.

    • Kate says:

      The pots sure do think they’re better than the kettles, I see.

    • GoodCapon says:

      Don’t forget “5’10 with a model’s body” HAHAHAHA :D WAity fans are truly pathetic!

      P.S. who’s that lovely girl in your avatar?

  65. Europe/ Amsterdam says:

    God, are they related to Leann R?Fuglies..

  66. ZenB!tch says:

    Is the ugly redhead wearing a Santa hat?

  67. Sachi says:

    If Kate’s critics are accused of being jealous when they criticize her, am I right to assume that those who criticize the York girls are also jealous of them?

    I mean, Beatrice and Eugenie are blood-princesses. Nothing can take that away from them. Isn’t that what Kate’s fans always say about the “haters”? That they’re jealous of Kate’s position so they criticize her?

    So what are the reasons for people’s criticisms of Beatrice and Eugenie? If the Kate critics are just jealous haters, what are the York girls’ critics? Don’t tell me it’s just “telling the truth”?!

    If all that can be criticized about those girls are their looks and their fashion, then I say good for them.

    It’s funny to see how some of the people here who are sycophants of Kate and defend her here on CB for her clothes, her laziness, her hair, etc., go on and attack Beatrice and Eugenie.

    You can’t criticize Kate because that would mean you’re jealous, according to Kate’s fans. But they, apparently, get the right to criticize Beatrice and Eugenie all they want. I see some comments above who are from the same people who defend Kate from criticisms, yet some of those very people are attacking Beatrice and Eugenie for the same reasons from which they defend Kate, such as style, looks, and personalities.


    I think I shall call the criticisms of Beatrice and Eugenie as the works of “jealous haters” too. After all, it seems that for Kate’s fans, it’s the only reason why a person dislikes someone.

    • Kate says:

      I do like Kate, and I do tend to defend her, but I have to agree with you on the comments on the York girls. Seeing people attack two young women who just happen not to have been lucky in the genetic lottery is pretty hard to stomach. Particularly when I think Beatrice has a medical problem with her eyes. She can’t help that, and it seems really harsh to attack her on that basis. Nor does physical appearance tell anyone a damn thing about what a person is like, or define their worth as a human being.

      To be honest I don’t think the levels of venom aimed at any one of the women in this are proportionate. None of them have done anything wrong, really. But that’s another story.

      • Suze says:

        It’s all a bit crazy, yeah?

        Kate is very pretty but she isn’t a drop-dead beauty, either. She works her assets assiduously and it pays off. She is exceptionally well groomed and very disciplined about the details of her clothing and overall look. Usually she gets it right for both the occasion and her role (I say usually because there are a few choices that make me raise my eyebrows but I’m not perfect either.)

        And while the York ladies aren’t great classical beauties, they aren’t hideous, not like some of this comments would have you think. They’re rather eccentric and a bit frumpy for international tastes, but honestly, they aren’t blindingly ugly.

        I can see where there might be irritation and friction between them because they come at life from such different points of view but I doubt there’s full scale war.

        The gossip is fun to speculate on. It’s the point of this site. But I am puzzled by the sheer viciousness of some of the comments toward the royals.

      • Sachi says:

        What astounds me is the sheer hypocrisy of those who adore everything about Kate. They have a right to their opinions, and they can defend Kate all they want, but I find it interesting how Beatrice and Eugenie seem to inspire disdain for something that aren’t even in their control, like their parents and their looks.

        Yeah, they’re not conventionally pretty, but would it lessen people’s criticisms if Beatrice got a ton of plastic surgery to beautify herself?

        They have Andrew and Fergie for parents? Those two are major screw-ups, but they have gotten it right in many aspects of parenting, such as Bea and Eug’s charity works and dedication to philanthropy. Both girls have found causes they have been supporting since they were teenagers and the girls seem like decent people.

        I’ll admit I criticize Kate often, but I will say that I don’t “hate” her, contrary to the labels that her fans love to accuse those who don’t praise Kate at every turn.

        What irks me is that physical beauty, for a lot of people, is still the mark of superiority. Kate is made to be the victim in almost every PR-related story put out about her, and people defend her because she’s pretty and wears nice clothes.

        Bea and Eug are considered ‘ugly’ by some, therefore they are always, always assumed to be jealous, malicious, and spiteful. They’re not seen as beauties, so that must mean they’re bad people. They’re not even given the benefit of the doubt. People just jump right away to lambasting their looks and equating it to the two girls having bad attitudes and ugly personalities, and that they’re just jealous of someone else’s looks.

    • christinne says:

      I’m wondering where is meamay to say ‘it’s not all that serious”….

      • Sachi says:


        ‘It’s not that serious’ when it’s not about Kate. Everything and everyone is fair game but poor Kate.

        But if the criticisms are about Kate, then it’s called “fanfiction fodder” by Kate’s fans, therefore the criticisms are invalid and must be dismissed as the ramblings of jealous haters.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Hahahaha +1

    • The Original Mia says:

      Well said, Sachi! I am beyond disgusted by the insults lobbed at Eugenie & Bea in defense of Waity. They can’t find one substantial thing to criticize either girl about so they go juvenile with she’s fat/ugly/dresses funny. They’ve never been caught flashing their panties, hanging with a fake gun waving fool, refused to eat paste meant for starving African children, worn a high end dress to a burned out/riot-ravaged city or spent the majority of 10 years waiting for a man to finally decide to make her his wife & brood mare.

      All they’ve done is support charities, go to school, graduate, find jobs, care for their wacky mother and support the Firm to the best of their abilities while constantly being snarked on for their looks. I think they’ve done quite well for themselves and will continue to do well monarchy or not. Can the same be said of Waity if she gets divorced? Doubt it.

      • Sachi says:

        Exactly. Many people say they don’t like the York girls because they’re ugly so the girls must be jealous, petty, and mean.

        It seems that for Kate’s fans and many others, a person’s looks is the gauge by which to measure someone’s character.

        It’s just sad that the York girls just can’t catch a break. If it isn’t their mother that people are using to criticize them, then it’s their weight, their teeth, their style, etc. A lot of people equate their looks to their personalities, and it’s almost always negative.

        Kate is considered beautiful by many, therefore she can do no wrong and she is given a pass by a lot of people simply because she wears nice clothes and has succeeded in pretending like she’s some elegant, sophisticated, cultured person. Only on the outside.

        But hear Kate speak and read her comments, and you’ll feel your IQ lowering significantly.

        Beatrice and Eugenie are articulate and come across as smart and genuine in the few interviews they’ve done.

      • lea says:

        @the original mia: so well said^^

  68. Nessa says:

    Just to be completely superficial (who are we kidding here anyway). As much as we disparage(d) Kate for her “waity-ness” I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body. She seems like poise and diplomacy personified (ok, exaggerating a bit). But the York sisters seem like they are all hoity-toity bluebloods who can’t accept the fact that a middle class Middleton worked (slept & waited) her way to the top. They dislike Kate because she isn’t “up to their standards” and that makes me dislike them!

    • christinne says:

      maybe they think she isn’t good enough for them….because all she did is to work (slept and wait)….ever thought of that?

    • GoodCapon says:

      Hoity-toity bluebloods who have been doing charities for years compared to Waity who only started rubbing shoulders with the plebs when she was asked to do so.

      She may not have a mean bone in her body, but let’s not pretend that she’s the most likeable person on earth either. And as for ‘poise and diplomacy personified’ (totally YUCK, btw) Google photos of her before she had the title, let’s see what you still think of her.

    • Divorcee says:

      Kate worked, don’t make me laugh.

  69. kellymick says:

    If they are truly “royal” personality, they wouldn’t be so vicious and snobby to anyone. Why do charity work and then turn around and act like a bitch?

    • Mel says:

      Kelly, you’re confusing royalty with NOBILITY. :-)

    • Krock says:

      ITA! When someone gives truly from the heart, they don’t run around with a bull horn shouting it out to the world.

      Point in case: Michael Jackson donated OVER 3/4 BILLION to childrens funds, building a burn unit wing in a hospital. Paid endless visits to sick children.

      Michael was in the Guiness book for his charitable contributions.
      Just sayin’.

    • Divorcee says:

      The tab’s didn’t profit off of Camilla now their trying to use these girls to make a profit.

  70. christinne says:

    I’m amazed that nobody really cared enough to google an interview with these two girls before posting anything….they are lovely and articulate….Kate on the other hand that’s all she’s good at “posing”…if that makes her genuine….come on.

    Her interview in Copenhagen was a disaster. her two sentence speech she gave a couple of months ago….disaster….

    not too long ago lip readers caught Kate telling Pippa how fat Fererer’s wife is…..

  71. mimi says:

    I don’t know how Kate is in real life, but the combination of the new “protocol”, which was meant to put Kate down, the matchmaking that appears to be an attemp to subotach to bring unrest in Kate’s marriage- that looks bad for the two very unfortunate looking troll look alike.

    If they are even snnobish and think their blood is somehow better than the pretty girl their cousin married, well, that makes them even more like a classic fairytale.

    So, my question is, what do they do for a living?
    How do they spend their days other than plotting against Kate and running to their grandmam asking her to assist in humiliating the newly married pretty girl?

    Are they just leeching off the tax-payers?
    Do they have careers of some sort with their connections and money?

    • The Original Mia says:

      Bea has a job & Eugenie just graduated from college. She’s searching for a job.

    • S says:

      @mimi–You state that you “don’t know how Kate is in real life.” Do you know the York girls on a personal level, then? Because the tone of your comment not so subtley hints that you’re partial to the Duchess. Which I wouldn’t be able to understand if you know neither her nor B&E personally.

      The media will skew and exaggerate things just to create a buzz. Rather than simply going off the information (and speculation) provided by a single article, it’s generally wise to remain as objective as possible until you have enough knowledge of Kate, Beatrice, and Eugenie to make a more informed assessment of them. Some of the links provided in the comments on this blog are a great starting place to learn more about these young women.

  72. Suzie says:

    I haven’t exactly noticed any problem with Beatrice’s eyes, just her teeth. She has rather horsey teeth, and a bit too many of them. Pity she can’t spit a couple out. Or have them filed so she can close her mouth sometimes. Mind you, a horsey appearance is a good trait to have in the royal family, apparently.

  73. Another K says:

    I think this whole “mean girls” story is a bunch of hooey but I do have a question for the British girls. Who is this guy who is Beatrice’s boyfriend? I know he is from a wealthy family, works for Richard Branson, and I think I read that he is a friend of William’s but every time I see this guy in a photo I get a bad vibe. He seems rather sketchy; kind of like he’s more into the royal thing than any romantic relationship with Beatrice. I know they’ve been together quite awhile but he still smells smarmy to me. I think she could do better. Information please?

    • LAK says:

      Not much is known about him except that he comes from money and is american. He treats B well, is welcomed by the family etc.

      Btw- regarding your reply to my question about thyroid problem inheritance, I wasn’t aware that big eyes were a symptom. I have a sister who was born with huge eyes like B. One of my grannies was the same. As far as we know, they are both very healthy with no medical problems.

      B was born with those eyes. If you google pictures of her at any period in her life, even as a baby, those eyes leap out at you. If she had any medical issues, I am sure her parents would have sorted it out. Prince Andrew also has big eyes but they aren’t as big as B. I also think the size of his head vs his eyes and teeth (which are also huge) disguises the prominent features. It’s the opposite of the Willis daughters where they have tiny features in a huge head.

      As for the teeth, it is hard to say where they came from because Queen Mary was a super aware of her royal dignity. She would have thought it improper to smile or show her teeth in public, so I am sure only the royal archives/medical files have information as to size of her teeth. However, she was from the european branch of the royals so looking at the european royal families might answer the question.

      • Another K says:

        Ah, she was born with those eyes! I didn’t realize that. I hadn’t known much about the York girls until recently so I thought it was a symptom that had just developed. Well, so much for my rookie medical diagnostic services. And the boyfriend is an American. Interesting.

      • Mac says:

        Human eyes do not change in size from birth through adulthood.

        In the photos, Beatrice is either always smiling or having difficulty trying to suppress a smile. Eugenia seems like a bit of a hag.

      • flower says:

        Bea has inherited the ‘Hanovarian Eyes’
        they pop out (pardon the pun) in the family every so often. Queen Victoria had exactly the same trait, in fact Princess Bea looks very much like the young Queen Victoria.

        I really can’t understand why so many are calling the girls ugly, especially when it’s simply minor genetic traits which no one can do anything about. They could look a lot better if they had more dress sense but that’s it, bad taste in clothes is all they are guilty of. I find it quite offensive that they are being called ugly, it says a lot more about the person making the statement than it ever will about the York girls.

      • LAK says:

        @Flower – Lord Fred Windsor [Prince Michael of Kent's son] also has the Hanoverian eyes.

        His are closer to Queen Alexandra’s version of the trait which you also see in her.

  74. Becks11980 says:

    I would rather hang out with B & E than Kate. They come across as quite laid back, relatively well adjusted and up for a bit of a laugh whilst Kate is always to aware of her surroundings to fully let her hair down.

    While I’m at my imaginary party, throw in Harry, Fergie, Prince Philip, lots of booze and I think it would be a night to remember.

    I have a huge soft spot for Philip, whenever he opens his mouth I can almost hear the collective groans from the Royal PR dept :)

  75. Messenger says:

    if we go strictly on looks there is enough of a dichotomy to foster dissension and sniping on that score alone. it does seem like the queen took sides to put kate in her place, which might be her way of compensating the “step sisters” for 1) the fact that they will never ever be queen 2)their mother’s scandalous behavior and subsequent ostracism 3)having inherited the unfortunate looks that are recessive in the royal line. i like kate. team kate.

  76. Mel says:

    Frankly, I don’t get the “ugly” thing.
    True, I never perceive people as “ugly” – not their physical features (an expression or look in the eyes, however, CAN be very ugly), but I also have a rather keen sense of beauty, yes, even if I say so myself.
    And the reality is, I find Eugenie’s face – not necessarily her expression – quite beautiful. She does have an overdeveloped jawline, but it’s a minor flaw. I think she is “conventionally” pretty, very much so.

    Anyway, I love many of the comments here. They show intelligence and a discerning eye. (“Facial poise”? That was brilliant!)

    It’s refreshing to see, especially on a gossipy site like this. :-)

  77. mayamae says:

    These girls have the same problem I do. It’s taken me years to accept it – I am not photogenic. In fact I am the complete opposite of photogenic. I have spent years as a nurse having patients look at my picture on my badge exclaiming – “Oh my God, what a horrible picture. You don’t look like that”. In video the girls are reasonably attractive. You just gotta accept it and move on (and avoid cameras).

  78. MiMi says:

    With the York girls, it always seems a case of “the clothes wearing them” opposed to the other way around. As with anyone, when this happens it comes across awkward and cringe-worthy.

  79. Dena says:

    Here, where I am from, we have a saying: Be careful who you pass on your way up because you might just pass those self-same people on the way down. I get the impression that Kate feels that her shit don’t stank now that she has married the big, bald yellow-toothed one. And her sister, by extension, is riding that coat-tail to fame. God forbid, but unfortunate events could visit the House of Windsor that prevents William from assuming the throne or perhaps her being able to produce an heir and spare, etc. So, Waity shouldn’t be so fast to create enemies and/or be too quick to “lord” her future and/or current status over anyone.

    My impression of the York girls is that they are demure, open and friendly young women (still girls in some ways and nearly a decade younger that Kate (who is 30). Through their mother, they have had a lot of humbling experiences. It’s hard to love a parent when a lot of people, publically and privately, show disdain for her. Their own grandfather (Prince Philip) and Grandmother (the Queen) refuse to welcome their mother at events (publically or otherwise) that are perhaps meaningful to them. At those events, their father (who is regarded as an arrogant prig) escorts them. They are outsiders when they should be the ultimate insiders. Moreover, due to the gender gap between the girls and Princes William and Harry and the overall age between Princes William, Harry, Peter Philips and Zara (Anne’s children), I don’t know if Beatrice and Eugenie are that “close” to the others and/or would have a bit of immunity/protection that comes with the whole bonding together cause we played and fought together as children. In some ways, the girls are very vulnerable.

    I wonder how Kate acts towards and around Zara. I beat she doesn’t pull that bullying shit and neither does her Wallis Simpson looking sister. Now that’s bullying . . . .prying on the weak and kissing asses and genuflecting to those who have more power, rank and privilege than you (both formal and informal power).

    Finally, I hope Princess Anne makes Kate curtsy so much that Kate goes home each night with a Charlie Horses in her legs and the smell of muscle relaxant ointment on her hands.

    It’s simply very difficult to condone and/or respect what she represents.

    • S says:

      I know virtually nothing about Zara. But I would bet money that she’d be able to wallop the Duchess’s arse any day of the week! I wouldn’t mess if I were Kate. :-)

  80. Luise says:

    Dena, I like what you said.

  81. Lurkeelee says:

    I am American and don’t follow the royals very much. I just went to youtube to watch interviews with Beatrice and Eugenie and they both seem like lovely, laid back, cool and intelligent young women. Beatrice interview was with her mom and she compliment her mom very much to the point Fergie almost cried. Bea is really very pretty in video too with cute eyes. I think as another poster upthread said, she probably just does not photograph well in stills. Eugenie was being interviewed for participating in a charity 100k bike ride to benefit the hospital in which she had an operation to correct scoliosis and said she had steel rods and screws in her back. I didn’t know that. She compliment her “Granny” very much. I think they are both very good representatives of the Royal family. As for this story of vindictive behavior at introducing Harry to the girl, why should they have to consider Kate’s feelings when introduing him to a pretty girl he may enjoy the company of? Also I find it very odd he didn’t already know the girl since his brother dated her half sister. I agree tabloids just trying to stir stuff and make the sisters look bad and make Kate look the victim. They do that alot with Camilla and Kate too it seems.

    • telesma says:

      How much do you wanna bet someone is getting paid for these stories? My money is on Pippa or Fergie, or both.

  82. Fred says:

    Need to settle it the old fashion way……MUD WRESTLING!!! Kate can recruit Pippa, so it can be a tag-team match. Harry can be the referee, he seemly like the kind of guy who wouldd enjoy this type of thing. Camilla can act as manager for Eugenie and Beatrice.