Justin Bieber doesn’t get why Prince William doesn’t just use Propecia

It’s no secret that Prince William is balding. He’s been losing his hair since his early 20s. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s all of the fruity hats the royal family has to wear. Whatever happened, it happened fast and William went from “Wow, he’s a good-looking whippersnapper” to “Wow, he has his father’s hairline.” For the record, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bald or a balding man. It’s what they do with it and how they own it. I get the feeling that William doesn’t really own it, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he’s fine with the way he looks. Hopefully.

Anyway, Justin Bieber was doing an interview with something called “Rollercoaster Magazine” and the conversation came to William and his bald spot. Bieber, as you can imagine, spoke like an 18-year-old with a full head of hair:

Justin Bieber got himself into a hairy mess when he took a cheap shot at Britain’s Prince William.

In an interview with Rollercoaster magazine, Bieber said: “I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia. I don’t know why he doesn’t just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?”

The British press is up in arms over boorish Bieber’s slap at their beloved royal’s shriking mane.

“While he’s brushing his golden locks, Bieber also needs to brush up on his manners,” sniffed one royal watcher. “He should remember that he’s just a rock star. One day, William will be king – thinning hair and all!”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

First of all, it’s kind of funny that Bieber just pulled the word “Propecia” out of the air. It feels like he or someone in his family has looked into it. Second of all, it’s adorable that Bieber thinks that it’s so easy – “Like, just take a pill or something. You’ll have hair, I promise.” Ask John Travolta if it’s that easy. Third thing: Hahahahaha. It’s just funny! Justin Bieber to Prince William: “I don’t get it. Why can’t you just, like, grow hair?” If only, Bieber.

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  1. autumndaze says:

    Bieber seriously needs a brain transplant; I would take the intelligent and substantive Prince William over the vacuous Bieber every day.

  2. brin says:

    The last thing this kid should be talking about is someone else’s hair.

  3. void says:

    This is adorable. Genuinely.

    Also, I feel pretty dumb admitting this, but…I kinda thought the same thing for a while, haha. I kept thinking “surely they must have Rogaine over there?” whenever I saw photos of William with a bald spot. I was sincerely confused about “why he didn’t just, like, use Rogaine?”…


    • gg says:

      I just think he’s more practical about it than a self-conscious American might be. I don’t think he really cares. Albert doesn’t seem to give a rip, and why should either of them.

    • MW says:

      I agree. It does not state what question Bieber was asked, but obviously he was asked something to do with his opinion of Williams’s bald spot. He seems like he was only trying to be helpful. Somebody tell me, please, what should have been the “APPROPRIATE” response to that question?

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @MW – Exactly! Why is this stupid magazine asking JB about the Prince’s bald spot! Its not that the Bieb’s gave a stupid answer, its that the magazine asked a stupid question….geez…

      • qwerty says:

        How about…I’m not gonna comment on prince William’s hair…there’s nothing to comment on [evil laugh]

    • Spacelamb says:

      He’s in the military. He doesn’t care about his hair. Even when he had all of it his haircut was very basic and there was no noticeable product in it. I’m bald, and I just keep my head shaved. It’s not that I wouldn’t like hair exactly, but I can’t be bothered to rub expensive ointments into my scalp every day and take pills to counteract the side-effects (like impotence!). I sat opposite a guy on the train the other day with plugs. They looked just awful. Not for me, thanks.

      • Autumndaze says:

        I think it’s normal for men to go through an adjustment period when they begin to lose their hair and contemplate options.
        But there is nothing sexier than confidence.
        Let it go down the drain, guys! There is no one sexier than a Patrick Stewart (jean Luc Picard)—confident, compassionate and bald.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I can’t stand Bieber. I hate his music. He is short, his hair looks ridiculous and overall he is not attractive (hey we’re talking about looks right?) He lives by me and makes the local news way too often.

      HOWEVER… I was 18 once and that is just too cute. It’s what 18 year old’s say.

      I agree with Kaiser that “I get the feeling that William doesn’t really own it” and that does make him an unattractive man. However, I think it suits him. He is boring and stiff.

      I find bald*ING* men totally unattractive. You can be Jason Alexander or you can be Bruce Willis, own it and shave it off. Bruce is too old for me but some of his younger imitators pull off the shaved head look well.

      • CoCo says:

        You think shaving your head is ‘owning it’? I think that’s a coward’s way out. I also disagree about William not being comfortable with his baldness. He is hot and seems confident.

        There’s a helluva a lot more to look for in a man than hair!

        Finally, if baldness has a simple solution, then why are there so many rich people still balding?

  4. Boxy Lady says:

    I will be honest: I have wondered the same thing. *slinks away ashamed*

  5. Jackie O says:

    i don’t get why bieber doesn’t just stop looking like rachel maddow.

  6. Naomi says:

    “the British press is up in arms over the comment” no they are not, there is probably no other press who takes the piss over the patch then they!!

  7. Nanea says:

    If I were a man, I wouldn’t use hormonal products until I was through with having kids…

    Just saying. ;-)

    But of course that’s something that Bieber wouldn’t know anything about.

  8. Ella says:

    When did Justin Bieber start making public statements about Everything?

  9. Bobo says:

    I hope Bieber’s hair starts thinning! What an ignorant jerk!

  10. DanaG says:

    When William was 18 he had a full head of hair so Justin should watch out. Besides in 5 to 10 years time Prince William will still be famous and the world won’t remember who the heck Justin Beiber was. He doesn’t have that good a voice to last too long and his fan base tend to be very fickle. Just every boy pop star of the last 40 years who did exactly what Biebs is doing now.

    • qwerty says:

      Exactly. 10,even 7 years ago Will still had a lot of hair and was actually handsome.
      http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Prince+William+In+Profile+etOTo3PlEnAl.jpg (2005)

      http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Prince+William+In+Profile+qns9NkGm1wrl.jpg (2002)

      I looked up Bieber’s father’s pics and can not find *one* of him without some sort of hat on. I bet he’s balding. Bieber will too probably, let’s see how that goes for a guy who’s a teen sesnation and not a prince lol

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Someone in Beiber’s family uses Propecia. I’m a 43 year old woman and I’ve never heard of it, why has an 18 year old boy heard of it. 18 year old me would have said “hair transplant”. Yes, I would have thought the same thing.

        I’ve heard of Rogaine. They even have a pink bottle for women. I was hoping it would make fine hair thicker but I’ve heard it doesn’t work very well on either gender.

      • jwoolman says:

        Usually it’s your mother’s father who gives you a clue about your potential hair or lack thereof. Male pattern baldness tends to run through the maternal line. So Bieber’s dad has nothing to do with it. Sorry…

  11. lafairy says:

    Don’t worry John Mayer your succession is just (annoyingly) knocking at our door!

    Mini-douche is growing up…and is up sizing from being a mini to a massive tool!

    so justin can we talk about your (heavy) makeup??? or the fact that you look like you still haven’t hit puberty yet? or maybe about how cringe inducing you can look when you try (losely) to be sexy in your music videos?
    So we can talk about lot of things right?

    At least Prince William will be a king and will be known worlwide and revered and respected as the king of england… while Justin bieber is aimed at (at best) being a whashed up, has been and ageing tweener in a couple of years and balding will be the least of his toughts

  12. bella mama says:

    you can’t use propecia while trying to start a family. there are serious side effects leading to birth defects

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Is that the one that women shouldn’t even touch because it is that likely to cause birth defects? Or is that a prostate one? I’m not an man, I ignore the men’s pharmaceutical ads but that part always catches my ears.

  13. moopsie says:

    Wow he is really becoming an asshole. Karma will kick in, just watch.

  14. bettyrose says:

    Wills is definitely not “owning” it since he still styles his hair like a guy with hair. However, that comment speaks volumes about what a superficial little idiot the Bieb is. When Bieb stops appealing to ten year old girls, his career will be over (and thus I’m sure he slathers on face cream nightly), whereas Wills is going to be KING. Maybe hair isn’t his first concern?

  15. keats says:

    Well look at it from Bieber’s perspective: if you don’t have your hair you’re just another tone deaf kid with a spoon chest.

  16. really says:

    Bieber’s stupidity aside, why would someone as rich, young and happy as the Prince take on the risks of those dangerous drugs just to grow hair? It’s not like the baldness is standing in the way of William getting everything he wants.
    Kate’s the one who has to look at him, and we know she’s not leaving anytime soon.

  17. Jules says:

    What a baby douche.

  18. Anoni Mus says:

    I actually admire Prince William for not using products, attempting a combover, etc. He should just keep it short and he’ll be fine. I’ve never been gaga over him but can still admire his toned lean body. He’s a strapping young man, who cares about his hair? Bieber, of course, for whom looks obviously are one of his top priorities.

    Let’s talk in a few years mmmkay Justin?

    • BeccaZ says:

      Prince William can really rock a polo uniform.

      I’m just waiting for the Biebs’ spectacular fall. Just seems like its inevitable.

  19. NerdMomma says:

    Prince William is hot. There, I said it. I think he’s foxy. He looks like a man.

    Biebs needs to hush his little mouth for a while. The majority of teenagers are twits until they get some real world experience. Why is anyone asking him questions about anything?!

  20. Sabrine says:

    Well I was wondering myself why William doesn’t get a hair transplant or something. He’s barely out of his 20′s and looks like Grampa. What Justin Bieber said was perhaps what a lot of people were idly thinking. I think although it was perhaps mildly offensive, it was funny and after all, he’s still just a kid.

  21. Kim K. is my God says:

    Maybe he should take some pills to look like a MAN finally and not like a teenage girl.

  22. Alvin says:

    Prince William looks just fine as he is. And the undergrown bieber needs to zip it and learn some manners.

  23. judyjudy says:

    Biebs should take a pill and grow some pubes .

  24. Valerie says:

    I think William is owning it, mostly. My husband is starting to lose his hair at 26 but I tell him hey, take it like a man. We’re all gonna lose it someday.

  25. Jennifer says:

    First, Bieber is a douche, and not just because of this comment. There.

    Second, products like Rogaine only work for certain types of balding. I realized this when I bought it for my husband and read the instructions. If you read the back of the bottle it tells you what types of balding it works for and what it doesn’t work for.

  26. el kiddo says:

    At least William looks like a man.

  27. Krock says:

    I have so many things to say I’m not sure where to start. I lost my hair in my late teens due to illness. (I am female). I’ve tried every gimmick on the market. Every pill, shampoo, rogaine, etc etc. It just doesn’t work the way Beebs thinks it does. Sadly. And no I don’t own my baldness because it sucks and I feel hideous. Wigs are so uncomfortable and hot and sweaty.

    My last thought is, just you wait Beiber. I can’t wait till he starts losing his big dumb hair. I’ll personally mail him a years supply of propecia.

  28. ramona says:

    Guys, could someone please get Bieber in touch with me? I’m not sure if I should keep my hair its natural dark colour or add some red to it. I need advice from a real hair guru, and he’s the only one I can trust.

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    CAN’T. WAIT. Until his hair starts falling out. What will he be without his luscious Bieberlocks?

  30. cupidityrox! says:

    Too bad there isn’t a pill for horrible singing I would have recommended it to Dweeber

  31. Little Darling says:

    The irony is that he doesn’t think he’s being anything but the gospel on this, offering good ole Prince William some “hombre a hombre” or “man to man” advice.

    Too bad he doesn’t realize the world doesn’t need to be inundated with his golden locks of wisdom.

  32. G says:

    Seriously, when did you all start to expect anything more than this for a teen-age boy. I wouldn’t trust one with my lawn mower.

  33. jen7waters says:

    Oh kid… I would take Will home over you in a heartbeat, thinning hair and all.

  34. blondie10101 says:

    I find this humorous. The pics of Bieber make it even funnier though!

  35. venny says:

    Have we not reached a point where male pattern baldness isn’t a problem to remedy?

  36. Darlene says:

    Sadly NO ONE should take propecia.


    Want permanent side-effects? Seriously??

  37. PortlandJan says:

    Justin, we already KNOW you’re a twerp. You no longer have to prove it.

  38. DD says:

    LMAO @ judy_judy.

  39. Adrien says:

    Luckily for Justin, he won’t suffer hairloss. He has no male hormones or testosterone whatsoever.

  40. Jordan says:

    I don’t get why Beiber doesn’t take steroids to make himself more masculine. They have those nowadays. He’s at an age where he thinks a pill will solve everything. But on the flip side, why was the mag (?) asking him about it as if he’s some sort of expert because he has hair?

  41. Nev says:

    he seems to be becoming more bratty lately. oh geez.

  42. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Well said lafairy kim k and krock; it’s amazing how quickly this diminutive knucklehead went from being a merely tolerable pop “star” to an exceedingly annoying douchnozzle disproving einstein’s postulate from the special theory of relativity that no physical object can travel faster than the speed of light.

  43. Minty says:

    Some other things that Bieber doesn’t “get”:

    • the Sistine Chapel
    • glass doors
    • pants that fit

  44. Carla says:

    I’ve wondered this too. William was so beautiful (and is still fairly good looking, especially when he wears a hat). He could benefit from doing something about this being so young, he is one of the most photographed people on the planet and in this day, image matters and all these details are scrutinized. I realize he’s found a wife now but it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t attempt to keep it under control if it bothers him, which reports suggest he’s self conscious about. It all boils down to what he’s comfortable with.

  45. DSMR says:

    Someone needs to ask Bieber when he is going to stop looking like that girl who played a boy in the 1985 movie “Just One of The Guys”

  46. phoenix says:

    This is the funniest headline I’ve ever read. I can’t believe it came from an actual interview. Propecia is not 100% effective.

  47. bagladey says:

    I always have an issue with why Williams doesn’t do something to try and keep his hair and thus his looks. Is he embarassed to do something? Is that a level of vanity that’s frowned upon and not allowed by the palace? William needs hair and new sunglasses immediately. Rogaine, hair plugs and Raybans!

  48. Lurker says:

    I have wondered the same thing about Prince William, but I don’t think Justin Bieber would take so kindly to someone if they asked him why he doesn’t do something about his extremely short height & pre-pubescent body at the age of 18.

  49. Guest212 says:


  50. SevenofNine says:


  51. Jayna says:

    I think Propecia can cause sexual dysfunction in some men. Maybe he tried it and didn’t like it.

    • Annie says:

      My guess it that’s the case since apparently he was trying all sorts of homeopathic remedies at one point so surely he would have tried something like Propecia first. Not all guys can just “take it and all your hair grows back” like ignorant Beiber thinks. Some guys get side effects that are WORSE than the hair loss – severe depression, erectile dysfunction, lack of sex drive etc. Kind of like how not all women can handle being on birth control pills. Others don’t get side effects but only get limited results.

      Beiber though, I highly doubt will ever have to worry about androgen related problems like baldness or zits since he has none.

  52. CL says:

    It has been my experience (also some friends’ experiences) that men with that bald spot on the top back of their heads are often generously compensated “downstairs”.
    If I were a hot prince with a larger than average scepter, I wouldn’t care about my hair.

    Biebs needs to learn to shut his ignorant trap and be grateful for now, because he’s a has-been waiting to happen.

  53. paranormalgirl says:

    when will Justin Bieber’s testicles drop?

  54. Bobby says:

    Doooch Baaaag! That is all.

  55. Havik says:

    I actually admire Wills for not messing with his hair. Hey, baldness happens!
    There are far greater injustices in the world than William not popping a pill to reclaim his hairline.

  56. Tiffany says:

    For some reason, I just don’t really buy this story. How does an 18 year old even know what Propecia is? (I didn’t know before this story).

    The comment and the royal response just seem kind of made up to me. Maybe I am too skeptical.

  57. faye says:

    If there is a God, Justin will be balding himself soon enough.

  58. Mandy says:

    When he turns into a man i’ll start listening.

  59. Clarish says:

    Beiber seems really lost and a lot girly to me — like he is in a state of utter confusion about who and what he is. I know a few 18 year-old guys and they none of them act as daft and fem as the LesBeaver.

    When I was in my late teens I saw a lot of girls my age playing down their intelligence and thus sometimes coming off a bit bimbo-ish — which actually did not hurt them with guys of that age, because it seemed to give the guys confidence with girls they might otherwise find intimidating, so the guys could be both protector and educator — but I don’t recall the guys ever acting downright naive.

    So I think Beiber seriously does lack testosterone, and education, obvs, because his schooling took a back seat to his money-making potential so as to capitalize on what is often a small window for teen “stars”. Yet being surrounded by yes-people and screaming chicks has impacted his ability for logic and fallibility.

    BTW — The accompanying picture is just BRILLIANT for the context of this article.

  60. Nessa says:

    Hahaha! I just read an article about how Propecia can cause permanent sexual side effects – like loss of libido, and … ahem… “shrinkage” of the bits. But hey, at least you’ll have hair!

    Here’s info ob the drug, in case your interested:


  61. Marianne says:

    Just wait till Justin starts losing hair.

  62. George "Springbok" says:

    Bieber wonders when his bawls will drop.

  63. april says:

    I wouldn’t take a drug, but if I were him I would get hair plugs. I know a guy who just got hair plugs and he looks great.

    If my significant other was balding and had the ability to afford hair plugs I would strongly encourage it.

  64. Amy says:

    I never realized this but it seems Prince Charles has more hair than his son!

  65. Luffy says:

    Thank god he’s Canadian. Seriously. People think Americans are stupid and self absorbed enough. Now we have someone to point to when we want to look good.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’m no social butterfly, but I’ll wager that defaming an entire country apropos of nothing isn’t the best way to tell the world of your wonderous works. Ask Billy Bob Petty, he’ll tell you.

  66. carlino altoviti says:

    Bieber’s father wears a cap or a hat in all the pictures. I’d like to see his head.

  67. Lia says:

    Bieber is such a silly child.

  68. Jill says:

    I don’t understand why this kid can’t look like a boy.

  69. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    We’re from the same area. No shopping mall can hold back the mob of pubescents who descend upon him when he ends up at the mall. No mall with its truncated holiday hours, no Summer Music Festival and no Shakespeare Festival is safe when he comes around and starts stomping with the big dogs. Nope, I didn’t see Biebs, I saw Midsummer Night’s Dream and I apologize. We can safely say I’m a non-fan.

    …and yet,

    Who the crap asks a teenager about a stranger’s male-pattern baldness? Why would they encourage him to speak with such familiarity about a grown man? There must be such a thing as going ‘double-batshit’ because I know for certain that my mother would end up there. Did they think he would have something edifying to say, or were they looking for an outrageous soundbite?

    And really, what kind of pill, curative or any other snake oil reverses centuries of inbreeding? Propecia? Nope, let’s talk about hemophilia. Come on, Baby Maple-Snot, it’s time to sort out your priorities.

    It’s well-documented that Queenie has less than zero interest in all things historical that stretch back further than her grandfather’s days, which is a little troubling on the medical front. How does that Herrick poem go, ‘Gather ye phlebotomists while ye may, else you should be trapped under the rings of a wasting disease and the leeches make a feast of you’? If this is how her loyalties are spent, I can say with shaky confidence that Other Queen Bess is not invested in the disconnected ramblings of the Shoelift Pompadour.

    What an odd little curiousity interview this is. It’s not like anything else is going on in England right now, huh? The press over there isn’t up in arms about any of this unless ‘up in arms’ means adjusting your body to find the best light for picking at cutitles.

    I did roll my eyes a little when the royal watchers began talking about how one day William will become king, as if to say that a trick of biology renders him above the hoi polloi and the people need to remember that his life is just worth more than ours are. We’ll see how much those oaths of fealty pay out in the end, Falstaff.

    What sagacity will tumble from the lips of the Cabbage Patch Commonwealth Kid next? He needs to show some understanding, not because some day he’ll chuckle at the cocksure arrogance of his youth when the march of time takes him in hand, but because poor William works so hard at everything and I’m certain that it’s stress that’s causing his baldness.

  70. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I don’t know, I think he looks fine, and it seems like he could be using his time better than worrying about a bald spot that’s coming either way. It’s a slippery slope, you start obsessesing over that shit, and then you’re looking in the mirror all the time. Plus, maybe he has tried and it didn’t work.

  71. ZenB!tch says:

    My mom and I were talking about how William is turning into Charles. It’s not a good look but the crown covers it.

    With the possible exception of Harry who is not my type (I’ve never been attracted to gingers, sorry) – none of the royal men have ever owned their looks. They’ve always looked uncomfortable. Princess Anne owns her dowdiness as does her mum and her mum before her but her brothers and William do not. This is not news. Well Philip owns his baldness but his sons are well not Philip. It’s said when the obnoxious 95 year old has the best posture in the family.

    • Annie says:

      Wills reminds me most of his grandpa Philip at the same age rather than Charles per se (and Philip was in the same hair boat at that age too), although obviously Phil and Charles look alike. William’s eyes and nose are more his mother’s though. I think he’s quite handsome, although in a very manly way not at all in the conventional hollywood pretty boy way.

  72. Arla says:

    That’s why I can’t have kids. Everything that comes out of their spoiled rotten mouths is WRONG. And I can’t pretend what they say is good and special or whatever, so I would be a horrible parent that the kid writes a book about someday when they overcome me. lol

  73. andrea says:

    William will be a king one day!! justin biber will sing 4-5 years like jhonas brothers and then will be ”old” let’s say at hollywood…. he has just 18 how could he say this about William??? i hope that when justin will have 30-40 years will be blad,short and fat:*

  74. ardnaskela says:

    How shallow is that kid! First it’s rude to discuss an adult person in such a way as if he was his peer or a mate, and no Justin Bieber is not an adult.
    Secondly Prince William is college educated, he has class, he’s in the army and can fly helicopter and rescue people. He actually has a job that is in some way beneficial for others. And he is tall Mr. Bieber- like a foot taller than you. Who cares about his hair?

  75. jwoolman says:

    Never mind the propecia controversy – it never ceases to amaze how many adult women hate this kid for just looking, sounding, and thinking like a teenage boy. Are you so hateful to the adolescent boys in your neighborhood? Do you laugh at them for “sounding like a girl”? (Obviously the worst thing in the world.) Do you wonder if their testicles have dropped? Accuse them of looking like lesbians? (a double slam, attempting to insult both the young boys and the lesbian women…) Expect them to actually have words of wisdom to share about balding?!? Geez, the kid was asked a question and he tried to answer it in his naive adolescent way. He doesn’t have the experience to know how to deflect such silly questions.