Michael Phelps is dating model/waitress Megan Rossee: is she using him?

Michael Phelps has had a girlfriend this whole time. Okay, maybe not the WHOLE time, but he’s definitely had a girlfriend for most of this year. Her name is Megan Rossee and most legit outlets are referring to her as a “model”. That’s backed up by the fact that I could actually find some model-y shots of her, so maybe it’s for real. Apparently, the whole relationship has been very under-the-radar, but people saw them hanging out together in London over the weekend. It’s also weird that people are only putting it together now, because I glanced through her Twitter, and she’s been tweeting about him a lot, and she just started posting photos of Phelps on Instagram. Some selected tweets: “Michael Phelps this probably will get lost in your tweets but since I can’t text I miss you and cant’ wait to spend time with you for real xo” and “Good luck tonight bear.” Yes, she calls him “Bear”. Because apparently they’re Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez.

But of course there’s already a scandal. Sort of. Radar is trying to make a big deal out of the fact that Megan doesn’t really work full-time as a model. Radar describes her as “a cocktail waitress” and “a bottle server at Blok nightclub in Hollywood.” A source told Radar that Phelps and Rossee met at Blok:

“Michael and Megan have been an item since January. He met her in Blok nightclub – and despite advances from Paris Hilton’s ex Doug Reinhardt, she chose Michael. Megan thinks Michael is very funny, kind-hearted, loves hanging out with him and is just as athletic. She loves to keep in shape, so they have a lot in common. She was with him in Omaha, cheering him on at the Olympic trials and has been playing the part of devoted fan and girlfriend. Michael was desperate for her to see more of the world, so he decided that she should join him in London for the Olympics. He’s also hoping that eventually she quits her nightclub job to go full-time on her modeling career. He hates that she still works at Blok. Michael is completely besotted with Megan and now that he’s retired is even thinking of popping the question,” the source revealed.

[Via Radar]

Sounds like wishful thinking on behalf of Megan and her friend, but who knows, really? I think Phelps does tend to go for the model/waitress types, right? And why not? If it’s good enough for George Clooney, it’s good enough for Michael Phelps. Except that Radar has OTHER sources who claim that Rossee might be a user. *clutches pearls*

Friends fear that Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend Megan Rossee is only in it for the fame, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting. The Olympic swimming champion is besotted with the leggy, blonde aspiring model – but has been warned that she’s just using him to climb the showbiz ladder. Worse still, pals are concerned that he will be left heartbroken if things don’t work out between them.

“Michael is like a puppy dog around Megan – he’s completely in love with her,” a close source said. “However, like any young girl hoping to make it in Hollywood, she’s ambitious and knows that by associating herself with Michael she will get a lot of press herself. She’s desperate for her own fame – her career has been a slow-burner but this will certainly accelerate it.

“Megan supplements the little money she makes through modeling by working as a cocktail waitress at Blok nightclub – but neither she nor Michael want her doing that forever. Now that people know who she is, Megan is hoping that she will get more offers for photoshoots and her modeling and acting career will finally take off,” the source revealed.

Despite supporting Michael at the Olympic trials in Omaha and the London 2012 Olympics, friends are wary that Megan will leave the Olympic swimming champ heartbroken if their relationship was to ever end.

“He took her to the Olympics at a time when he was trying to become the most decorated Olympian of all time – that’s how much she means to him,” an insider divulged.

“Michael adores everything about Megan, she’s athletic, makes him laugh and she’s obviously drop dead gorgeous. But what happens when the buzz of the Olympics dies down and life goes back to normal? Will she want to date a retired swimmer?”

As RadarOnline.com exclusively revealed, the mystery blonde Phelps was spotted celebrating with in London was cocktail waitress, Megan.

The pair have been serious since January – but wanted to keep their relationship under wraps as Michael concentrated on becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time at the 2012 London Games.

[From Radar]

FFS. “But what happens when the buzz of the Olympics dies down and life goes back to normal? Will she want to date a retired swimmer?” Oh, I don’t know, “source”. Will a struggling model/waitress/famewhore want to hang out with a completely ripped, famous, and beloved millionaire with nothing but time on his hands? Rossee is definitely pushing this WAY too hard.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, WENN.

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  1. Belle Epoch says:

    OK he’s ripped, famous and has money. Anything going on upstairs? What will this guy talk about or do with his life now that he’s done swimming? Is he really a pothead?

    Sorry, the guy grosses me out – no dolphin sex here.

    • Ennie says:

      Ummmm but what makes you uthink she is a rocket scientist? They will probably talk more or less the same things they talk about right now.
      They could be perfect for each other.

      • Lisa says:

        Whatever his level of intelligence, I do think Phelps has matured a lot since the ’08 Games. He seems more appreciative of his good fortune and more self-aware.

        He also seems to have almost always been pretty dedicated to his family.

        My guess is he hasn’t had the opportunity to be in many serious relationships, so this idea that he’s “besotted” could very well be true.

  2. brin says:

    Radar sources are now just as bad/same as Star sources.

  3. Zimmer says:

    Pretty much any woman he dates could be accussed of using him. Isn’t that the price of fame?

    • judyjudy says:

      That’s the unfortunate part of being so successful, I guess. You would never know if your partner was genuine.

    • Liv says:

      If you take a closer look it’s not that hard to tell who’s serious and who’s not. Matt Damon’s wife was working at a bar and she seems humble and nice.

      This girl? Not so much. She wouldn’t be with him if he wouldn’t be famous. He should be careful and see if she is still with him in a year.

      • Zimmer says:

        ….if she is using him, he is likely doing the same. It is not every man that can find a girl with a pretty face and body of a model. Maybe he is getting what he deserves. I don’t think we should be harder on her than him.

  4. justalark says:

    Not sure if I understand the point of this “big scoop” from Radar unless the author is trying to say that famous/successful/wealthy people should only date each other. (*rolling eyes*)

    1) There is a relationship between a famous, much-admired athlete/celebrity (Phelps) and an unknown but very attractive other person (Rossee).

    2) Others observe that the very attractive person (Rossee) probably enjoys the lifestyle, perks, and attention that comes aong with dating the celebrity (Phelps).

    3) It is likely that one of the parties will have his/her feelings hurt if the relationship becomes serious and they break up because he/she is in love.

  5. lassie says:

    She should call him something more water oriented than Bear. Like Crab Cakes or Sea Cucumber.

  6. corny says:

    I think he can keep his head above water with this one

  7. judyjudy says:

    Maybe he is only using her because she is pretty. ::shrugs::

    I really like Michael Phelps. He seems quite nice and is well-spoken.

  8. lisa2 says:

    I was never on the Michael train. But I have to give him props. Listening to him in interviews he has a lot more to say then Ryan Lochte.. Now there is nothing hanging from that ceiling; Lochte is just facially and body pretty.

    I think Michael has done his thing and is ready to move on. There will be so many opportunities for him. He is 26/27 and his life is hardly over. I heard him say he wanted to travel and see the world outside the pool. I can so understand that.

    So BRAVO to him. No he is not the facially pretty boy, but the facially pretty boy didn’t do what he was spouting off he was going to do at the games. MICHAEL actually did. And the sports world remembers the Winners.

    Lochte is so superficial to me and sorry his doucheness is not attractive. I’m waiting for his scandal to happen. OH I hope when he got that dumb grill he gave his parents some money to save their home.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I think I remember Phelps saying in an interview that he wanted to learn golf properly 😀 I’ll understand if he’ll probably want to stay out of the water for a while, he’s probably burned out these last several years.

      About Lochte – man oh man, I watched that Blake Lively interview and it was TMI! Jeez.

    • Eve says:

      @ Lisa2:

      Totally agree with you. I never liked Phelps, but I have to give him props for all his accomplishments. He also comes off much better than Ryan Lochte (in interviews) — which actually doesn’t say much because…well:


    • christina says:

      well said! + 1…couldn’t agree more!

    • Camille (The original) says:

      Yes! to all of the above ^.

  9. NYC_girl says:

    “Besotted?” I think my grandmother was the last person to use that word. She looks like every other young blond in trendy bars here.

  10. backwards says:

    Ryan Lochte needs to go on Dancing with the stars right?

  11. Dasha says:

    Meh, she can have him. Should’ve gotten to him circa 2004, when his career would’ve been on the upswing. He’s retired now. Nothing but Subway commercials and Dancing with the Stars and promotional appearances for random clubs in Fort Lauderdale now. Plus, I’d rather not end up with a prescription for Valtrex. No thanks.

  12. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Three observations:
    1. In her model-y pic, she kinda looks like Bar…in the top pic, not so much.
    2. Convenient timing that she waited til he has scored all the medals and is now in the fame moments to come out as his gf. This screams user.
    3. Lochte said he his dream girl is Blake Lively…in other words, someone who looks like her. Wonder if it’s to compete against Michale who has that type on his arm now…hmm…wondering out loud.

  13. Katyusha says:

    She’s really pretty.

  14. Jules says:

    I wonder why she was never sitting with Phelps’ family? It can’t be that serious.

    • polk8dot says:

      My thought exactly. I was racking my brain for the last 5 min, trying to recall one time when she was sitting anywhere near his mom and/or sisters.
      Nope, can’t. So maybe his family is not so much into her as she, I mean ‘sources’ would like us to think from all the stuff she, I mean ‘sources’ had leaked.
      And yeah, her tweets, right at time of his greatest achievement, so clearly personal and so intentionally timed, do not give me much hope for her being in it for him, as opposed to for his fame/money/lifestyle.
      I like Michael, but also worry for him, as he seems to have led a sheltered life, and may not be used to user/hang-around girls that regular guys get exposed to in their early 20s. I think he may have a very naive, immature idea about love, girls and relationships.

  15. NM6804 says:

    That man has been working for most of his life on his swimming skills on days and hours that most people sit on their asses. He was never a 9-5 working guy and had to do better to be the best. Always push push push. And now he is.

    Not many people have the perseverance, will and ambition to push their bodies to the limit like these top sportspeople do! So good for him if he has a hot girl that he can tap on the regular and that spends time with him and gives him attention. Who the hell are we to judge, really???

    So what if she would be after him for one thing? Phelps is a grown man and can make decisions for himself. If he chooses a certain type of girl to hang out with, it’s because he wants too.

    And who says she is using him just because she isn’t as accomplished as he is? Or because she is prettier than he is? Obviously he enjoys her company and if she doesn’t cut it anymore or it doesn’t work out, they can always split just like any other couple. Phelps might not be the hottest, brightest man around but he has enough money and fame behind him to take his pick =). And he has more dreams to accomplish which his money will sure grant him to do so.

    Everybody deserves to be happy. Lord knows he worked hard enough for himself and others and the USA to finally sit his ass down and enjoy LIFE without being judged on everything. He owes nobody an explanation.

    • S says:

      “That man has been working for most of his life on his swimming skills on days and hours that most people sit on their asses. He was never a 9-5 working guy and had to do better to be the best.”

      Mind you, not everyone aspires to be a pro-level athlete. So though not everyone is out there “pushing their bodies to the limit” with the goal of winning medals, trophies, titles, etc., many people exercise the “perseverence, will, and ambition” to attain and surpass standards in other fields, and through other means. Accomplishment and dedication occupy a vast spectrum.

      If we’re going to talk about athletes, even though I agree that Phelps is a phenomenal figure, I find more inspiration in people like Oscar Pistorius: determined + driven + handsome + humble = I am in love.

  16. Talie says:

    I hate to be mean, but if he wasn’t who he was…no, he would not hook a girl like this. Although, you can give him credit for not being as dopey as Ryan Lochte.

    • DreamyK says:

      Cosigned. I’ve never found him attractive in a physical sense and was really disappointed with his pot pics. Taking bong hits isn’t something I associate with a top level athlete.

      • anon33 says:

        See, this is what I don’t understand. His pot use CLEARLY did not affect his ability to win medals or break records. Wh, then, does anybody need to judge what he did? I’m honestly asking.

  17. Mar says:

    I don’t get a good vibe from her- but whatever. She seems to fame whory

  18. lisa2 says:

    Maybe he was the one that wanted to keep this relationship private. I would bet that if she was known when he lost that first race it would have been all her fault. She was distracting him, keeping him off his game ect.

    well he did his sh*t won the gold became the most decorated Olympian in history.. then he said.. OH YEAH here’s my girlfriend. So nobody has anything to say now except she is using him.

  19. lizbet says:

    That body! Then again, that face…. oh well. I guess I will just close my eyes when I do him.

  20. maddox says:

    Why is everyone hating so hard on this girl? She’s a shitty famewhore because she works VIP tables at a club in Hollywood? Lots of models do that job while they’re trying to make it. No possibility that she might really like him I suppose. The outpouring of animosity seems a little over the top and weird.

    • valleymiss says:

      Considering the # of girls who move here to become model/actresses who end up hooking to pay the bills…I admire her for at least working an honest job.

  21. Aussie girl says:

    If she is using him it gives a new meaning to the term ” GOLD DIGGER”.

  22. Relli says:

    Meh she is average at best. The thing is a million blonde and not-blonde girls move to Hollywood/LA in hopes of making it big and very few actually do. Most of them end up working nightclubs and trade shows just to make ends meet and there best chances at a good life are meeting millionaires or professionals who will raise their standard of living. My point she really isn’t that special. But Michael has spent his life in the pool and probably never had some of the very initial experiences of lust or flirtations that we all had. So going out and celebrating his success these were the type of girls he was bound to meet and hookup with.

    For him i hope it works out because he seems really happy with her. Also i don’t doubt the power of Debbie Phelps, and his sisters. Whoever he ends up with is going to have to be pretty strong because he has a few mama hens pecking about. He seems like a tremendous person, lets hope he makes her sign a pre-nup and doesn’t end up with a really expensive first marriage.

    Personally I would like to see him hook-up with that female swimmer he has a lot of chemistry with, her name escapes me right now.

  23. chevyhops says:

    HELLO! Blue class worker here. Nothing wrong with server/waitress.

  24. Minimi says:

    I guess that if they really are together he’s not jumping full head on it or being naive about it. After all, she had a bunch of tweets mentioning him and he didn’t even mentioned her at all!! (although he does look like an avid tweeter, yes, slow day for me…)
    I’m sorry, but she does look to be fame-whoring…step up the game girl!! a bit more self-respect! don’t mention the guy a million times if he does not even answer back!

  25. BlackMamba says:

    Another cocktail waitress. Ugh. double ugh. Just when I started to like Michael Phelps again. Of all the girls he could be dating why would he go the douchebag way with a cocktail waitress? I don’t know why I’m so disappointed in him for going in such a cliche direction, I’m not even that big of a fan.
    And yes she is using him, look how she’s publicising their relationship on twitter and all those sources that are giving the 411 to the media are obviously her and her friends.

    • Macey says:

      what is so wrong with cocktail waitresses? I can see an issue with this particular one since she claims she’s an aspiring model/waitress, in other words, she’s a waitress hoping to get famous, but there isnt anything wrong with waitresses in general.
      I dont do it any more (thank gawd) but its an honest and tough job. somebody has to serve the public.

      • BlackMamba says:

        Sorry Macey I didn’t mean to make it seem that waitressing was the problem because it’s not. I use to work as a hostess in a restaurant as a teen and I KNOW how hard those waitresses worked. The point I was trying to make is that it seems that all the famewhores also pose as cocktail waitresses. The Tiger woods/Ashton/Charlie Sheens of the world have given cocktail waitresses a bad name. Now whenever I hear “cocktail waitress” I see famewhore trying to come up.

  26. Little Darling says:

    I think the oddest thing here is that she was twittering out everything to him, like, I don’t know how to get in touch with you, etc etc. Wouldn’t you think that she would know how to get in touch with him if they were that close? That is the main thing that struck me as super off.

    Whatever. He’s going to have his fair share of the “Megan Rosse” latcher ons. She was evidently with him before the olympics, traveled with him to see him in various places, so it’s not just the “Gold” that has her, I don’t think.

    But, my opinion remains that pushing it all out in public like that, without his admission, reeks of “Get it while the gettin’s good!”

    She is definitely not my type of gal.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      Yea that is odd. I mean they do have phones in London.

      But he did bring her to the Speedo party so maybe he was just ignoring her during the Games? (still weird)

      And this isn’t his first Olypics ya’ll. It’s not like last time around where people were like who is his kid. He’s been on the radar for a long time now, so I’m actually surprised we haven’t heard more cocktail waitress stories. Especially during that time he spent in Vegas (nightclub appearances?).

      My guess is a) he’s hot again so his private life is of interest and b) the girl he’s with is trying to get famous off of his name and this is why we’re getting stories all of a sudden.

      Kind of unrelated, whenever I think of Olympians I now think of Bruce and Kris Jenner. Olympians watch out! You too could become washed up and paying the way for a family of famewhores (before E! paid them millions it was Bruce’s money they had to live off).

  27. Nessa says:

    She is not pretty. Her body makes up for her unfortunate face.

  28. dooliloo says:

    Truth is that girl wouldn’t give him 30sec of her time if he wasn’t a gold metal Olympian and earning millions in endorsements! No hate nor jealousy. Of course one can always be wrong. If that’s what works for him, fine, but that girl is in it for the FAME and it doesn’t take a laboratory scientist to put it under a microscope to figure out.

  29. garfield says:

    1. Did anyone lol when it was said she’s just as athletic as he is?

    2. Did anyone lol when it talked about how happy he makes HER?

    3. Did anyone lol when her dad said she had to pause her busy career to be with him like it was a hardship?

    4. Did anyone notice that she never sat with his family when his ex girlfriend did?

    Apparently there were tweets from her to him going back for months and he’s been much more on the down low. I’m guessing it’s not nearly as serious as we are lead to believe or she wants us to think.

    Analysis: total gold digger. I think he’s just super inexperienced at girls and this won’t end well. The Phelps family hasn’t embraced her, so there’s hope that he can escape.

  30. DaisyDoo says:

    GOLD DIGGER!! She is obviously using him for his fame. I would be fine with him dating another (popular) actress or something who is famous and gets what it is like.
    But just showed up in Omaha, when everyone knew that he was trying to break this record for most medals. And trying to become a model? No offense to anyone, but we all have to admit going to L.A./Hollywood to be a model is the oldest story in the book.
    I personally would love to see how him and Allison Schmitt would have a romantic relationship. They like each other a lot and have a very strong bond from training together.
    Soo… Yeah. Gold digger! Gold digger right here!