Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund have chemistry in the new ‘On the Road’ trailer

Now that we know Kristen Stewart is capable of rolling her eyes provocatively at other men, it’s time we review Kristen’s previous associations with other dudes, right? I remember rumors about Kristen and her male co-stars while she was filming On The Road. Kristen worked with a number of hot dudes on that movie – Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Tom Sturridge (who is Rob Pattinson’s BFF) and Viggo Mortensen. Now, did Kristen fool around with any of these dudes? Doubtful. But you’ve got to ask the question now that we know how self-destructive she was and is. And if I had to name one of those dudes as a potential lover… it would be Garrett. I know he’s with Kiki Dunst. But Garrett is still my choice.

Anyway, there’s a new trailer for On the Road. It seems like a weird time for the studio to release a new trailer, right? Or maybe it’s a brilliant timing choice. Re-focus on Kristen Stewart, The Actress, in a role that’s giving her some of the better reviews of her career. From what I’ve heard of the film, Kristen plays it very sexy – she’s playing the 16-year-old bride of Dean Moriarty, and she has sex scenes and she goes topless, etc. Here’s the new trailer:

I have to admit, I’ll be seeing this. It might be a rental for me, but I will see this.

And here’s the first trailer (which we saw a few months ago):

You know what’s weird? On the Road doesn’t have an American release date yet. I wonder if producers are worried that Kristen’s former fan-girls are going to picket all of her movies now.

Meanwhile, Kristen’s last lover now thinks that fooling around with Kristen is the “the worst mistake of his life”. According to Radar, Rupert Sanders is in a pit of despair because he succumbed to sexy lip-biting:

Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders is desperately trying to save his marriage following revelations he cheated on his wife, Liberty Ross, with Kristen Stewart, is exclusively reporting. Sanders has confessed to friends that he made “the worst mistake of my life” as he fears his wife will refuse to forgive him and file for divorce.

“Liberty is not making this easy for Rupert, not surprisingly,” a source close to the situation tells “She is refusing to see him right now and has not spoken to him about if they have a future together or not. Rupert is willing to do absolutely anything and everything he can to save his marriage, he realizes this is the worst mistake of his life, and he cannot believe he was so stupid. The thought of losing his wife and children, who he loves more than anything in the world is killing him.”

As previously reported, Stewart released a statement shortly after news broke of the affair insisting that it was a “momentary indiscretion” but, photos have surfaced showing Stewart and the married director looking cozy together back in May during an intimate dinner in Berlin and there have been several reports that the affair lasted for “months.”

Ross was photographed out with her two children Sunday, pointedly not wearing a wedding ring, and the source says she is in serious turmoil as to whether she will ever be able to forgive her cheating husband.

“Liberty has told Rupert she just doesn’t think she will be able to trust him again,” the source says. “This affair went on right under her nose and she feels like he has made her look like a fool. Rupert is just hoping it will blow over soon and he can win her back, but that is looking ever increasingly unlikely.”

[From Radar]

I keep saying that I really hope Liberty leaves him. I think she’s been unhappy in LA for a while, and she probably wants to move back to London, and that will become the big issue. And I really hope Rob has dumped Kristen too, although I’m expecting a lot of back-and-forth on that issue for the next few months. But the Rupert-Liberty thing seems more clean-cut – she should throw the bastard out.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Uh oh….watch out Kiki!

  2. Kennedy says:

    “On the Road” is one of my favorite novels of all time (right after “The Great Gatsby”) and I LOVED “The Motorcycle Diaries,” so I’m curious to see how Salles fares with this material. I am not, however, the least bit excited to see K Stew as Mary Lou. I’m not even a full time hater of this girl, but in the original trailer I already saw some lip biting and hair flipping and I JUST CAN’T deal with it anymore. With so many other talented, charismatic actresses, why her?! But if she’s getting good reviews, then I’ll be a little more hopeful…

    • ORLY says:

      “I’m not even a full time hater of this girl…”
      HA, best line ever.

    • someone says:

      I also enjoyed On the Road (the book) and honestly K-stew was the last person I imagined as MaryLou… but we shall see. whereas i think (hopefully) Garrett Hedlund will
      make a great Dean. i can just imagine him saying, “yes, yassss” in that accent of his lol. also Great Gasby was a fantastic novel, I’m excited to see how the movie will do.

    • Ellie says:

      Honest question–I swear I’m not trying to be rude at all–what do you see in this book? I read it thinking it would be good, if not amazing, and found myself bored. Not quite bored enough to quit reading it entirely, but definitely not understanding what it is that’s supposed to be so wonderful and deep about it.

      But I, like you, LOVE the Great Gatsby, which means our taste is books can’t be totally dissimilar, so maybe you can help me understand? I just felt like nothing happened plot-wise but a lot of driving, with the only “profound” realization being when the narrator finally realizing that Dean is a mess, a fact which had been evident the entire novel to the reader.

      Sorry to get off the topic of gossip, I’ve just been wanting to ask someone this question for months!

      • Hotpockets says:

        Ellie, I never read the book, but I know a lot of people who didn’t like it either and found it incredibly dull, including my hubby, who reads about 10 books a month and couldn’t get through, “on the road.”

        There have been a few classics that I HATED and never understood why they were classics. I hated, “The Sun also Rises,” by Ernest Hemmingway, but everyone loves that book too.

      • someone says:

        i totally understand where you’re coming from. it’s one of those books without a concrete plot, you know? i enjoyed it because i went into it without any expectations, and i thought the writing style was smooth and the events in the book were interesting. nonetheless, it did get monotonous because all they kept doing was travelling in different places but doing the same things in every place (boozing, sex, drama, dean being dean). there was a lot of talk of “it” and discovering the meaning of life, which was okay, but also not totally surprising. i guess i just liked Sal Paradise and I was interested to see where he was going to end up. as much as Dean was a huge mess, i kind of liked how Sal stood by and him, until he finally realized how much of a user Dean really was. in other words, i enjoyed the book but it wasn’t my all time favorite.

  3. merski says:

    Ok, not that I care AT ALL about any of these people, but did anyone else notice how during that “OMG INTIMATE DINNER IN BERLIN” there was Charlize Theron sitting between the two of them? Not to mention, another few people present at the table. I mean at least let’s keep to the facts…

    • Silk Spectre says:

      Oh honey, you’re not fooling anyone with that I don’t care -spiel. You care. You care so very much.

      • merski says:

        Hehe, I love the internet. You can just go and “oh honey” somebody who, for all you know, might be twice your age… But I digress!
        Truth is, I’ve not seen any of the Twilight movies – I don’t think I’m the target audience, tbh. I just honestly wish we would go back to talking about some more pressing subjects, like, you know, the Fassdong or Hot Guy Fridays… ;)

      • Silk Spectre says:

        I love that about the internet too. That and the free… well, we’ll call it erotica. But I digress too.

        But I’m still not sure I believe you. You just see this kind of thing way too much. You know, a person will first say that they’re not a fan to give themselves some credibility and then go on to spout some absolutely insane garbage that marks them as an over-invested fan. The “Charlize was there too!!!” seems to be one of the party lines. So there you go.

        I don’t get the Fassbender thing, personally. Saw him ages ago in this British series Hex, which was so hysterically bad it’s impossible for me to take him seriously anymore. Totally unfair for him, but what can you do?

      • merski says:

        Well, you know, that’s just one more thing about the internet – it’s sometimes hard to tell if someone is full of shit or not…
        I totally get how this is an official Twihard party line. But it’s also something that simply stood out for me in one of the many, many, MANY photos posted here over the last few weeks. I’m an attentive gossip student and the hysterical coverage of this affair is mind boggling at times. (So I guess you can say that I DO care in a “I like gossip” kind of way).
        Re: Fassdong – interesting, never seen that show, maybe that’s why he doesn’t bother me this much…

      • Tiffany says:

        Merski, I understand where you are coming from. You don’t really have a passionte opinion about the situation, but you are logical, so it raises questions when you see something being called an “intimate dinner” where facts show that there were multiple people there and in between them.

        I tend to be like you, where I love silly gossip, but one can only ignore reality for so long. Some on this site don’t like facts to burst their entertainment bubble, so you get reactions like the “oh honey” above. Sometimes entertainment gossip has nuggets of truth in it, but most of the time it is just completely made up by tabloids. I don’t fault you for being skeptical sometimes!

      • Kate says:

        @merski, I get you. I like gossip (we all do, or we’d not be here) but stuff like that bugs me, too. It’s like stuff gets repeated often enough that it becomes irrelevant that it isn’t true.

        The fact is they were caught with their tongues in the other’s tonsils. No need to make out they got caught on a hot date in Berlin, too. (Though if they had been, and Charlize was a party, that REALLY would have been a headline. Just saying.)

        I hope the pics that came out today of Liberty Ross, without wedding ring but looking superlative and hard as nails, get a post. My admiration for her just leapt.

      • Silk Spectre says:

        @merski, you’re coming off all reasonable and adult-like now, and I’m beginning to regret my earlier sass. So here goes: apologies for my condescension. Let’s be friends and braid each-other’s hair!

    • starsh says:

      Charlize Was there – if you look at all these pics of The Dinner, not just the one pic, Stewart’s so-called intense focus is directed at Charlize! Why do people not see that? They are using this pic as so-called proof the affair went on a long time!

  4. Birdie says:

    She better not messed around with Sam Riley. He is married to german Alexandra Maria Lara. It would break my black little heart. Garrett is too hot for her!

  5. Mike says:

    Talk about beating a dead horse! Now she’s slept with other co-stars (male and/or female)

    • ORLY says:

      The horse is still running, but Kristen sure did ‘beat’ something.

      • Chatcat says:

        Well yes Orly she has! LOL

        And to think, now every woman who has a man that works with KLewd, either on camera or behind it (or within 2 miles of the set) will wonder if she will continue her home wrecking – other woman ways with their man.

      • Tiffany says:

        Lol!! “Klewd” Ha!

    • Lk says:

      This will follow her career for years and years and blow up every time she’s pap’d with some dude etc.

      • carrie says:


        and i saw the movie in France 3 months ago :she’s good but Hedlund is the best with his showy character

  6. diana says:

    Support Kristen. Robsten is unbroken. :)
    And hide Celebitchy (uh, may be by spamming? Can’t think convolutedly like twiteens)
    And btw its all a pr stunt for OTR. Cos I personally know Kristin is a virgin and holding it till the wedding with Edw…no, Rob.
    Final word, Enty said Rob cheated. And Enty is always right. And so Rob and Rupert drugged her and staged all this.

  7. sanna says:

    The best part is how Kirsten has no speaking lines whatsoever in the trailer.

    • original almond says:

      The same thing happened with SWATH when all these huntsman and queen centric trailers kept being released, but not one line or word were herd from Lipbite McLewd. And didn’t that bode well for her performance?
      So, I’m taking my expectations way down low and hope that the other actors carry the movie well-enough for me to forget that this bland blob of oatmeal is also starring in it.

      • marie says:

        ha ha Lipbite McLewd, awesome..

      • original almond says:

        Inspiration: from the one and only chatcat. She always has some of the most poignant answers and arguments.

      • Reece says:

        Here I’m thinking I’m just going to read through comments and giggle but OMG Lipbite McLewd gets my vote for funniest name!

      • yoyo says:

        “bland blob of oatmeal”

        You get a gold star for that one my friend best description of Kstew ever.

        I nearly walked out of SWHM when I realized she was in the movie, but the rest of the cast was so good I managed to make abstraction of her

        “On the Road”: didn’t like the book and the trailer makes me think of some tired pretentious teenage angst navel gazing rubbish à la “Into the wild” ie young people using their youth as an excuse to make really really really stupid and careless choices but trying to make it pass as thoughtful and revolutionary. Nonsense.

  8. EllaDee says:

    Get that money and RUN, LIBERTY!

  9. LittleDeadGirl says:

    The trailer looks interesting and I like the cast so I might see this movie. To be honest I got about half way through the book and sort of half forgot about it. His writing style just never captured me but I’ll try and finish the book before I see the movie. I think it’ll be a rental for me too.

  10. yellowshaba says:

    Kristins never impressed me, I find her overrated and quite frankly annoying…she has an excellent stylist otherwise her unkept look would spill onto the red carpet. Just remember, its ALL for publicity, I just keep wondering how they choose kristin to be the fall guy…rob needed a career boost? She’s already one of the highest paid actresses, this won’t hurt her..

    • sanna says:

      You’re incredibly stupid to think this is “ALL for publicity” No, just no. That’s now how public relations works.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I’m with you Yellowshaba. Always thought this was a PR thing, to give Kristen a new image, to start the DRAMA for the promotion of the last Twilight, to finally give a pretext for the ultimate breaking up of fake coule Robsten, to gather every last bit of interest for the Snow White movie/s.

      In fact, the new trailer for On The Road being released now “…it’s a brilliant timing choice”. It is. Before, Kristen was the awkward quasi-teen who played Bella in those idiotic vampire movies. Now, she’s the little sexy lolita vixen who sleeps around. Much more consistent with On the Road, Runaways and those angsty and dark movies she likes to star in. I guess it was really a no-brainer for her handlers.
      Now all that remains to do is watch how this all goes on. If Liberty stays with her husband, if the Robsten break up is used to build up drama for the last Twi-movie, if Kris goes on with the unconventional movies… then I’ll know I was really right.

    • Mia 4S says:

      The whole highest-paid actress thing is a silly thing her fans try to use to give her credibility. You know who the highest paid actress was on that list a few years ago? Emma Watson. Exactly. It’s about the franchise and the franchise only, not credibility or bankability. It means nothing unless she can reappear at the top of the list when Twilight is gone.

      • Valerie says:

        I totally agree with you, Mia (I don’t do that +1 crap, are people really that lazy they can’t type that they agree?), we will see how many gigs she gets when Twilight is all over.

      • ORLY says:

        Hi Valerie – +1 is our “unique’ celebitchy thing.
        Most of the people who +1 are already writing long responses on different parts of the thread.
        I know you’re a regular, you should do it, then you get your very own celebitchy badge :D

    • Denise says:

      So Liberty Ross is in on this, too? And their kids? For the sake of two other actors’ careers? I know it’s hard to believe, impossible really, but sometimes people cheat. Even celebrities.

    • Janet says:

      What in the world are you smoking? Do you honestly believe anyone would consent to having their reputation and possibly their career destroyed for a publicity stunt?

  11. lola says:

    I think Garrett and Kristen could have had a flirtation going actually. I remember R/K were supersekrit back then, but it was the first time Rob went up to one of her film sets and seemed to be very public with her romantically. It seemed out of character.

    I bet those two have had jealousy issues for a while, both of them seem to seek out supersexual roles with lots of bare ass in them. I bet they are both little freaks that ways. lol

    • taksi says:

      Isn’t this the movie Garrett and Kirsten Dunst met and hooked up on though? He seems pretty smitten with her. Not impossible for him to play both sides but I doubt it.

      I’m pretty sure Rob Pattison has visited her on set before. Maybe not very publicly, but the longer they were together the more open they were. Doubt it had something to do with jealousy. Plus his best friend is on the movie too, of course his going to stop by.

  12. Mia 4S says:

    The movie doesn’t have a release date yet because the reviews from Cannes were good, not great, on average just good. A movie like this needs awards attention and this awards season is shaping up to be BRUTAL! Good isn’t going to cut it for a film like this: My guess is it gets dumped.

  13. Boo says:

    Don’t care much about her, but the boys in the movie are extremely pretty. And I love that. The guys were all much more into each other in that book and among the Beats as a whole. The wives and girlfriends seemed merely a distraction, if memory serves.

  14. Jenna says:

    I think the film got some good reviews from critics, but from what I’ve heard actual film goers have hated it…which makes me feel bad for everyone else in the cast. Love me some Viggo.

  15. Micki says:

    …Kristen plays it very sexy – she’s playing the 16-year-old bride of Dean Moriarty, and she has sex scenes and she goes topless…

    Hey Bitches! She is a METOD actress!She’s been rehearsing this whole time!Who could have guessed!

    • diana says:

      How dare you?!?
      Kristen would never ever ever go topless. Her natural emanating fragrance would end an entire species with its potency. Actually she doesn’t shower just to maintain it.
      She would never ever act in a sex scene unless it’s with RPatz. You are so mean. Of course its a STUNT DOUBLE, the same one which was in the staged mini coop photoop.

      And Kristen is above all this cheap METHOD acting. You are saying 22 yrs worth of sullenness and stinking shit expression is all method acting? No she’s born to replace Meryl Streep. She’s so precious, their love is so precious, that you should have half a brain to understand !!!
      Cheers :)

      • Micki says:

        You’re so right!Mea culpa!

        Surely it’s because of her great-, great-,great-…..greatgrandma’s fragrance the dinos are extinct now?
        There must be a family secret and sacred tradition or smth…

        Oh but, BUT! She’s even BETTER than Meril, she can compete with Hepburn and her Oscars!! Ha, get that!LOL

      • diana says:

        Hail Micki.
        Sistah, we are the queen bitches ;)

      • Micki says:

        And she’s such an inspiring object to start with.I can’t think of another actress apart from Blake Lively that inspire bitchiness with both her looks and her acting skills.

  16. jess says:

    I kinda always thought she had something going on with Garrett. When they first started filming she was seen hanging out with him and Sam all the time and then Rob showed up and Garrett dissappeared. I also think Garrett is kinda like the american version of Rob but minus the charm.

  17. Ari says:

    When are those pictures from? The ones with Viggo etc.

  18. Julie says:

    no wedding ring, yay. go liberty.

    its just another hit in the face when you abandon your career and make a lot of sacrifices along the way and the person you did all this for cheats on you…

  19. Glimmer Bunny says:

    Sigh, I just love Garrett Hedlund. Such a great actor and SO handsome.

    I will see OTR for him (and I think Kiki and Garrett got together when they were filming the movie so I don’t think he and KStew had anything going on)

  20. diana says:

    Will watch it for the threesome

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Then you need to watch “Y tu mamá también,” with Gael García Bernal!

      • diana says:

        Oooooh Alfonso Cuaron’s movie… (just googled it) Loved Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban. So I ll put this and Children of Men on my wishlist. Thanks a lot for the recommendation :)

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        No problem ;) great movie and the ending is very touching.

  21. geekychick says:

    I’m really interested in the film-although I didn’t read the book and think it was the greatest of all time…
    and I have to admit, she looks like she nailed the part in the trailer-the dancing!
    yeah, the speculation about other dudes? not cool. come on, that’s like saying: “she slept with one boy, so she must be a s*ut!”.

  22. Genevieve says:

    I’m not a KStew hater, so won’t go on for an entire post making jokes or ranting about what a (insert expletive here) KS is.

    Rather, the book was somewhat interesting, although Jack Kerouac is not one of my fav authors. It looks like a quirky, small release film, which tend to be my favorite. Garrett Hedlund IS yummy, though. :D

    And of COURSE Rupert Sanders is now saying that KStew is “the worst mistake of my life”. Predators ALWAYS find a way to negate their own sleazy actions and throw the victim under the bus. KS made a dreadful mistake, but she is not the one with a spouse and small children.

    I seriously doubt that KS locked him in a closet (or mini), stuck a gun to his head and demanded that he submit to a bj. Slime will always be slime…I hope Liberty is wise enough to realize that, poor woman.

    • Debra says:

      When exactly did Kristen Stewart become the victim here? I thought Liberty and Rob were the victims… Kristen is an adult and it didn’t look like Rupert had a gun to her head forcing her to go to some sketchy neighborhood and pick him up in HER mini cooper, make out, drive around til they found somewhere else to make out and no telling what else they have done or would have done if they hadn’t been caught… she really looked like a victim when she was grinding her a** into his groin at that park…yeah , she’s a victim (of her own stupidity)

      • Genevieve says:


        If it makes you happy, I will repeat after 80% of the world…”KStew is is a trampire. KStew is a home wrecker. KStew is Satan incarnate”. :(

        The only problem is, I feel the sanctions against Kristen Stewart have been just a WEE bit Draconian.

        There, I repeated the above mantra. Feel better? Good, I thought you would.

      • Boo says:

        Huzzah to Genevieve for using the word “Draconian”! I love that word! :)

    • Debra says:

      My point is, Genevieve:
      that in your post, you make KS out to be a victim of some ‘predator’

      she is not a child who was groomed and used by a pedophile, she is an adult who worked with and knew the wife and children and chose to cheat with RS anyway.. she doesn’t get a free pass because of her age..she is just as guilty in all this as RS is… she was not dependent on RS for money, a job, a place to live, etc. she chose her road and now has to live with the consequences of her actions.

      Do I think she deserves death threats? no
      Do I think some people are being harsh?

      Unfortunately, if you’re going to be a celebrity you have to take the good with the bad.. the good being the millions of dollars she has sitting in the bank that came from all her fans.. the bad being that when you screw up, millions of people are going to know about it and a large percentage of those same fans are going to turn on you, it may not be right, but that’s just the way it is

      I merely took offense to you trying to make KS out to be some innocent, preyed upon victim

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well, it IS predatory in the sense that he is an older man with power and they had a working relationship.
        If you’ve ever been hit on by your boss, then you would understand how inherently wrong it is to exploit a position of power/authority.

        But yes, she could have resisted and she didn’t and in the end, she needs to be accountable for her actions.

      • ORLY says:

        I highly doubt that Rupert Sanders had more power with the studio and producers than Kristen Stewart did. She isn’t some up and coming actress who needed to use the casting couch.
        If it got down to the studio choosing between KS and RS at that time, I would wager that Sanders would have found his ass out the door.
        Rupert Sanders was not Kristen Stewart’s boss. Come on now.

      • Adeli says:

        Debra: PREACH IT!

      • marie says:

        I agree with you both. I have been hit on by a boss and it is dreadful and predatory in normal circumstances. However I don’t believe this was the case. I agree with ORLY that she had more power in this situation, this was his first movie. And as it’s been stated ad nausem, the ‘discretion’ didn’t happen until after the movie was over and he would no longer have been her boss, it was just two douches humping at that point..

      • Genevieve says:

        Oh FFS, Debra…

        Clearly, they are both W-R-O-N-G. I believe I have already stated that. Cheating has always been my one absolute deal breaker, personally. I GET IT.

        Do I think RS is a bigger slime than KS? Yes. He had a wife and children and he is 40+yrs. old. Older, smarter with a contract before God to not boff a starlet instead of his wife. Do I think KS is a complete innocent? No. But she is certainly bearing the brunt of 100% more hatred over this incident than RS, now isn’t she?

        If her BF had been some anonymous nobody instead of the delightful RP/ part of the sometimes delusional Twitard pack who often confuse fiction with reality, would people hate on her as hard? Gee….no. Probably not.

        Not condoning cheating by anyone. Merely stating that a 22 yr. old’s judgement probably shouldn’t be held up to the same standard as a middle-aged, married man. At least as far as the level of sheer HATRED is concerned.

        *heavy sigh*

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        How do we know they weren’t having an affair while filming? She only got CAUGHT afterwards, doesn’t mean it didn’t start earlier than that.

        @ ORLY-Regardless of whether you’re hung up on arguing about who has more power, he’s still her “boss” in the sense that he’s telling her what do in front of the camera. He’s calling the shots and he’s in a position of control.

        Apologies if that doesn’t fit your argument of K-Stew being a conniving, “home-wrecking” devil.

        @ Genevieve-I got what you were saying. The K-Stew posts are insane to the point where if you voice anything that isn’t instant condemnation and hatred of this chick then you are automatically accused of defending or making excuses for her.
        People really act as if she murdered someone…smh…

      • marie says:

        well Kitten that’s true, I dunno how long it went on for, none of us do. I get where you’re coming from, he was her boss on that set, I just think it was something they both agreed to do, so they are both equally a-holes. I think Rupert wanted to bang someone other/younger than his wife, and I think KS wanted out of whatever it was that she has/had with RP. While I think they’re both a-holes I think Ruperts career will suffer more than Kristens..

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Marie-What do her parents do? Didn’t know they were in the industry. Then again, I don’t know anything about this chick really.

        I just feel as Genevieve said:
        “that a 22 yr. old’s judgement probably shouldn’t be held up to the same standard as a middle-aged, married man.”

        I know, I know, I know, at 22 she knows right from wrong. Of course she does, but let’s not pretend that the behavior and wisdom of a 22 year old girl is on par with a middle-aged man. F*ck, there’s plenty of things I did at 22 that at 33, I would NEVER even THINK of doing and yes, I knew that they were wrong but I still did them (not cheating though). My point being that in 10 years, you learn a lot, in 20 years you learn even more.

        Finally, I feel like the level of rage expressed on these posts should be reserved for Kim Jong Il, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Muammar al-Gaddafi….Ted Bundy….Jeffrey Dahmer…

      • ORLY says:

        OriginalKitten – You’re taking this to another level and making it personal. I have never called Kristen any of those names. I have argued that she is not innocent and that I don’t believe she was particularly preyed upon. Take that to mean whatever you like.
        I already didn’t like Kristen prior to all this, so it’s no surprise that I’m unsympathetic to what she’s dealing with. However, if I thought she had been taken advantage off, by Rupert Sanders, I would have said so. I have no horse in this race.

        As for how I see Kristen, I see her exactly as I did before this scandal, with just a bit more disgust piled on because of her very public actions.

        PS: I consider a boss (in this instance) someone with the power and/or influence to get a subordinate fired. I’m not hung up on anything.


      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ ORLY-I should have rephrased so as not to put words in your mouth and for that I apologize.
        It’s simply the prevailing opinion that people have of her-that she’s a “home-wrecking devil” and honestly, I thought what I wrote was more toned-down than much of the words that have been used to describe her.

        As for me, I’ve always been indifferent towards her but now I just see her as someone who made a terrible DECISION (not a mistake) with very destructive consequences.
        While, I do not claim that she’s the victim in this, I do blame RS more. She hurt her boyfriend and her co-worker (Liberty) but Sanders hurt 3 people who he vowed to love and protect-his wife and kids. For that, he will always be the greater villain in this IMO.
        Anyway, we don’t have to agree on that and I do apologize if I got ‘personal’, should have thought before typing!

      • marie says:

        I had to look it up, but I keep seeing comments about her parents. Dad works behind the scenes and her mom is a script supervisor. Since that’s such a cut-throat industry I would hope they gave her a leg up on what to look for, stay away from, but maybe not.. And yes I agree with my mind not being the same now as it was at 22. I was young, dumb, selfish, & never worried about consequences which I think is what happened to Kristen. I don’t think she thought it through, not fully anyway.It’s still not an excuse, and she’s learning a painful public lesson, which she brought on herself.. She doesn’t deserve the level of rage/hate (extreme name calling, death threats-I mean come on people) she gets from some but her past flippant attitude isn’t doing her any favors, or winning her any sympathy.

        And it really should not have taken me this long to answer but dang if my phone won’t stop ringing. How dare these people expect me to work while there’s gossip going on..

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        That’s interesting, Marie..Would love to know what her parents think of all this….

        I hear ya about the phone calls-dealing with the same thing. Don’t they understand that K-Stew scandal takes precedence over whatever crap they’re calling about ?!?! ;)

      • ORLY says:

        Kitten – No worries, girl. None of this makes my blood boil, it’s all just interesting and entertaining to a degree.

        I agree with your perspective on Rupert Sanders and the hurt he caused his family. 100%.

        I think one of the reasons people are hard(er) on Kristen is because we have had years of programming (for lack of a better word) and exposure to her not-so-nice behaviour. I mean, she has made more than a few gaffes over the years, none really unforgivable, but still offensive to a lot of people.
        Now that she has made the mother of all bad decisions, people seem to be enjoying her “downfall”.
        Regarding Rupert, people are hardly discussing him because no one feels any real passion towards him, negative or positive. People hate what he has done, but as a person, no one cares about him one way or another. He’s like cold porridge.

      • geekychick says:

        TheOriginalKitten: Agree with everything you said and you said it perfectly.
        the level of hate is ridicolous and makes me sad, as a young girl. Kinda the way all that “V. Paradis is a nagging b?tch so Johnn had to escape” media BS made me sad: I feel like we’ve fallen in a time-vortex. ;/

    • Chatcat says:

      “Slime will always be slime” EXACTLY my sentiments on KLewd as well! Sorta like the old “it takes one to know one”. No wonder they got off on each other.

    • Chatcat says:

      My recycled two cents (in part)…

      “Why can’t she have been the predatory one? What no 22 year olds girls go out on the prowl and come-on to guys? It always has to be the man coming on first?”

      Because of the attitude and behavior KLewd has displayed over time it’s a toss up in my mind who was the predator here. But inthe grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter…both should have said no to whoever was the aggressor because of their relationship statuses.

      • TXLaney says:

        If you hate her so much and think she acts like a c@nty beyotch, why waste your energy on commenting about her? Isn’t that what voodoo dolls are for?

        I think I acted like a total beyotch when I was 22. Eye rolls, cigarette smoking, don’t give a crap attitude, I hate my life, angst. You know nothing in your 20′s even though you think you do. I didn’t get that until I hit my 30′s and I shudder when I remember my formative 20′s. I look at her throwing out the finger with her bitch face and I shake my head and think “Oh child wait until you grow up and you look back at your shit.”

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Chat-I guess I just think a grown man should know better. Why get married and have children if you can’t keep it in the pants?

      • Chatcat says:

        Well TX, I comment because I can. That is what this site and others like it are for. And I don’t do voodoo dolls because they are so…childish.

        I suspect there are more 22 y/o that don’t go around flipping the bird, showing angst as you say, and generally acting like a spoiled little bitch. Oh and most 22 y/o’s might be f*cking around, but most are not with married men with kids.

        @Kitten…I don’t know about grown men, but certainly married men at any age should…and having kids makes it even more despicable. However, if he came onto her she could have said NO go home to your wife, and if she came on to him, well then he should have said NO I am going home to my wife AND KIDS. I’ve seen men and women be predatory when they want what they want. KStew has been raised in the Hollywood environment, she knows what’s at stake, she just didn’t care.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ Orly:

        You may have said the one thing that levels out all of this hate language for me. “People hate what he has done, but as a person, no one cares about [Rupert] one way or another. He’s like cold porridge”.

        I think that’s what O Kitten and I have been trying to say. The level of hatred towards KS is that which should be directed at a mass murderer, not a 22 yr. old starlet. I am not a cheater, period. If I’m miserable, I’ll get out. But I HAVE been a 22 yr. old who made other sh*tty decisions, as others here have said.

        I’m not a Twihard…I have no horse in this race. I liked both KS and RP equally, and I’m disappointed that both actors have been hurt in different ways. NOW..if I see evidence that KS had a 5 yr. plan of targeting and seducing the revolting Rupert Sanders and hurting & destroying his family, caring nothing for Rob and using him only to further her selfish gain? THAT would p*ss me off.

        However, I’m sorry…I still don’t think I’d be as crazily outraged at her as some people are if you merely mention her name.

      • ORLY says:

        Genevieve – You posted way down here, I almost missed your response. :)

        Two things:
        1 -I don’t think Kristen is getting as much hate from celebitches as you think she. For instance, you accused me (on another thread) of directing hatred at her when I was merely pointing out the names that were used to describe her.
        I think you have a passionate likeness for Kristen and you feel sympathy for her, so it upsets you when others seem callous. JMO.

        2 -Most of the people who post negatively about Kristen already did before sh!t hit the fan. We have interacted a lot over the last 1.5 yrs, so I can say that I don’t think they hate Kristen. I can only speak for this blog, because it’s the only place I post. It may seem like I hate her because of the stance I’ve always taken, but I don’t. I just dislike her public persona, it’s the only Kristen I know, so I say “I dislike Kristen”. That’s a far cry from hatred.

        I still believe that she is equally to blame for this mess as is Rupert and I don’t see a victim at all. I still believe that she is getting the reaction that she deserves, it’s still very fresh.

        However, I can agree with you that Rupert is not getting his fair share of outrage. Like I said…cold porridge.

  23. Jade says:

    Kristen and Sam have more chemistry. Their scenes were hot as hell. It was really nice all the things Sam said about Kstew during promo for the movie.

  24. jojo says:

    “But the Rupert-Liberty thing seems more clean-cut – she should throw the bastard out.”

    Why, pray tell, is it more ‘clean-cut’ for the guy to be thrown to the curb, and not the woman? Granted, he is older, but she is 50% at fault here too.

    Or is this a discrimination type of thing, where the woman is the ‘victim’ and the guy is always the one at fault? Both were in relationships, both equally deserve to be thrown out on their asses…

    • Chatcat says:

      JoJo…Robby has thrown said cheating homewrecker bitch to the curb…like two weeks ago. It is if Liberty throws Ruppy out along with the trash and not the “recycle” trash.

      So in summary…cheaters both need to be thrown out, one is gone that we know of and one should be.

  25. Naye in VA says:

    I dont think she guns for every guy she is in a movie with . Look who she got caught with! Some ugly (sorry) half-known old-guy director. She messed up super bad and she might be a whore, but I don’t think she’s a slut (if that makes any sense). If she was just freakin every guy she met… from the pics (despite her denial) she was totally having an affair, like a “i like to hang out with him, he thinks im cute, i feel kinda special” affair.
    She may be a serial cheater, but she isn’t just doing anything that moves.

  26. Aria says:

    Kirsten Dunst watch your back!

  27. MaiGai says:

    US release date: December 21.

  28. sallyreo says:

    Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson
    planning wedding in the Isle of Wight.


    Love does conquer all.

    Bless you Kristen & Robert, you belong together. Live HAPPILY, EVER AFTER.

    • jess says:

      My favorite rumor about this whole situation is that some of there fans think this is a stunt so they can get married in private. Really.

      Does anyone else think that if Rob and Kristen break up and Rupert and Liberty get divorced that Kristen and Rupert will start dating?

    • Rory says:

      Sally, I sympathize with you. Kristin punched your idealism in the face. But there are people in this world more deserving of your devotion. Find some and use your energy on their behalf, because you are wasting your time with Kristin Stewart.

      • sallyreo says:

        Who the hell are you to be telling me what to do?

        How I spend my time is none of your freaking business.

        One of my traits is always being for the “underdog” and KS has been the underdog.

      • Genevieve says:

        OMG…that’ll teach you to try and extend a hand, Rory. Especially to nutty Twitards.

        No good deed goes unpunished. Sorry about that :(

      • Kate says:

        Sally, genuine question: are you for real, or are you playing with people here? I just can’t believe anyone could so embody a stereotype. It has to be a wind-up, no?

    • Rory says:

      Sallyreo, I will continue to say exactly what I wish. Especially to delusional people such as yourself. You are ridiculous.

    • Rory says:

      Genevieve, thank you. The Twihards are the most rude and insufferable creatures!

    • Janet says:

      Sally, is your shrink on vacation? I know it’s August but there’s probably a psych ER near you that can fix you up.

  29. Nan209 says:

    All the movies these days are being release over seas first before releasing in the USA. Heard about on NPR.

  30. Dahlia1947 says:

    I loved Garrett in that country music movie. I don’t remember the name of it sorry. : Well he’s with kiki so don’t think there’s anythng to worry about.

  31. Natalina says:


  32. hairball says:

    Have no desire to see this movie. It actually looks boring. But the main reason is I am done seeing movies with Kristen Stewart. She is a f*cking idiot who cannot act and ruins the movie experience for me personally.

    Even if she hadn’t screwed a married guy, her acting just sucks. I saw Snow White DESPITE the fact she was in it and I was so distracted by her HORRIBLE acting.

    WHY does she get roles??

  33. Rory says:

    The reviews for this were decidedly mixed. There’s a lot of competition this year, so I don’t see this doing very well. Not at all sorry for Stewart but her co-stars were supposed to pretty good in this. Too bad for them.

  34. LucyOriginal says:

    I am going to see it because of Salles and Viggo.

    Whenever I hear one of her directors or colleagues praising her, I will imagine they had an affair. That’s the only thing that explains how someone with such limited acting skills get so many roles in big productions.