FYI: Harrison Ford shaved his head and now he looks like Ben Kinglsey

These are two new photos of Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman in Philadelphia, where they’ve been filming their new movie (Paranoia), and they posed for photos when they went out to eat together. So… this is just your FYI: this is what Harrison Ford looks like these days. I know, it gets kind of depressing, especially on the heels of what Ralph Fiennes looks like these days. Much like Ralph’s unfortunate look, I suspect that part of Harrison’s vibe might be specifically for the film. He must have shave his head, right? Because just a few months ago (back in April), he looked like this:

Still grizzled, obviously. With hair, Harrison seems like an aging rancher or cowboy, leathery from working in the sun for decades. Without hair, Harrison seems… like, Ben Kingsley or something. Which isn’t bad at all – I love Ben Kingsley. But I never thought Harrison Ford would give me Ben Kinglsey vibes. Incidentally, Harrison Ford turned 70 years old a month ago. I’d say he looks pretty well-preserved for 70.

Also – I end up thinking about Harrison whenever I watch White Collar. Does Tim DeKay remind anyone else of a young Harrison? That’s one of the reasons I’m still watching White Collar – my love of Americana beefcake like Tim DeKay.

Last thing – Gary Oldman looks really hot, right?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. marie says:

    I’d say a mixture of Ben Kingsley and Gene Hackman.. love Gary Oldham

  2. Mia 4S says:

    I still love you Harrison, just no more Indiana Jones OK? Gary could still get it, now and always.

    That’s a good comparison with Tim DeKay, I never thought of that! Both rugged Americana, handsome but not pretty. *Sigh*, I love White Collar. Bomer’s beautiful of course but I’d marry Tim.

  3. Hautie says:

    Okay, I am going to say it.

    Harrison ought to have had his face done in his early fifties. Had those eyes done with a nice mini lift.

    It probably would have not been noticeable at the time. He would have just looked like he got some sleep. Then never touched his face again. Let the aging be genuine from there on out.

    But now. It’s too late to do anything. Without it looking obvious. Sigh. But it is okay as long as he doesn’t try to play a love interest for a 30 year old.

    Every time I see Robert Redford after he had his work done… all I can think is that he should have had it done 20 years sooner.

    • Sammihami says:

      There’s no shame in looking your age and just aging gracefully. I think it’s really a pity that our society is so youth obsessed that people feel like they must have their faces and bodies hacked up by surgeons. Harrison Ford is 70 and he looks 70. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      I do prefer him with hair, though.

      • Kasia says:

        I totally agree. This obsession about youth makes me think our civilisation is decaying just like ancient Rome. And how could anyone think Harrison would get any sort of plastic surgery?!? Indiana Jones with plastic surgery? Han Solo with plastic surgery? That is so lame.

      • Kasia says:

        That being said, I do think he looks 80. No need for plastic surgery, though.

  4. Eve says:

    You’re saying that as a bad thing (an insult to Ford)? As IF!

    Ben Kingsley IS the hotter one — and he’s aged better (they’re about the same age).

  5. postaldog says:

    Looks more like he’s buzzing it close — see the snowy stuff on the sides. I think it looks good on him, but then I shave my head too, so . . .

  6. grabbyhands says:

    He wishes he looked as good as Ben Kingsley. Sorry, Harrison. And Gary Oldman pretty much always looks hot to me.

  7. NYC_girl says:

    Gary looks very hot. Nice head of hair. I will always love Han Solo. Even if he married Ally McBeal.

  8. tmbg says:

    I’m thinking he looks a little Picard-ish!

  9. Alexis says:

    Gary Oldman behaves…like a Gary Youngman.

  10. valleymiss says:

    I know Harrison is totally a Grumpy Old Man, but I can’t help it – he will always hold a place in my heart. Indiana Jones was my first crush when I was 7 (or it might have been David Cassidy lol).

  11. ramona says:

    Gary Oldman is such a handsome man. He has always been incredibly handsome, he remains incredibly handsome, and I would like to stand near him and shoot him lusty glances while he becomes increasingly uncomfortable and asks his buddy Harrison to screen him from view.

  12. kct says:

    Yeah, that’s a long way from the Harrison I remember from Working Girl. Glad the earring is out in the recent pic.

    And, Gary Oldman? Wow.

  13. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Upon first glance I thought Harrison was Jean Luc Picard – dang I now I want to watch some Star Trek the next generation : also Miley Cyrus should have got Gary Oldmans haircut – much nicer ‘do.

  14. Angela says:

    Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth, Julian McMahon, Amber Heard
    Josh Holloway… Nice casting job for this movie.

  15. Rhea says:

    Not really my favorite look of him, but I still think it’s better than when he’s looking like this :

    • malathyonxx says:

      You are so right! Yeech. I know it’s a crazy thing to say- but, I guess I thought Harrison would never look “old” He looks way older than 70. Sigh…

  16. sup says:

    *cries bitterly*

    • Crying with you. I have loved him since I saw “Star Wars” in 1977. I was 8. His Han Solo set the tone for every guy I dated, and the man I married. Breaks my heart to see him getting older, but everyone gets older. Just smile for me, baby. Your smile never gets old.

    • tripmom says:

      Completely. He could easily pass for 85 in that top pic, and he’s rocking some serious moobs. He’s just really not aging well. So sad.

  17. barb says:

    He doesn’t look like Ben Kingsley, he looks like Wayne Dyer!

  18. lucy2 says:

    Will always love Harrison. The guy was Han Solo AND Indiana Jones. Icon. But I’m hoping the hair, or lack of, is for the film.

    Gary does look good!
    Hmm, I don’t live THAT far away from Philly…was there mention of Josh Holloway too?

  19. novaraen says:

    I love Harrison. So surprised that the guy is 70 now. Wow. I do think he could use a bit of a neck and chin lift…otherwise he looks great!

  20. Vanessa says:

    Harrison Ford as Han Solo was my very first crush but with that hair (or lack of it) he now resembles my dad. I can’t look at these photos anymore.

  21. kellyinseattle says:

    Love you , Harry, but the force is not with your looks…

  22. Ruffian9 says:

    Han Solo was my first real, honest-to-God screeen heartthrob. Now the dude who played him look exactly like my dad. Sigh.

  23. Ally8 says:

    I like Gary Oldman’s grin: “Who would’ve thought I’d ever stand next to Harrison Ford and be the best-looking one in the group?”

  24. crtb says:

    If I hadn’t read the title and just saw this picture, I would have no idea who this old man was. Without hair, he looks 10 years older.

  25. epiphany says:

    Who cares about Harrison Ford’s hair? Look at Gary Oldman’s beautiful locks (sigh) THE best actor of his generation; he should be mentioned in the same breath with Olivier, Dean, Brando, DeNiro, Hoffman when the greatest actors are discussed, but ask a 20 year old who Gary Oldman is and they ask, “who?” How can hacks like Clooney and Pitt be household names, and Oldman – who does what an actor is supposed to do, he BECOMES his character – have to take supporting roles in franchise films to pay the bills?

  26. Jilly Bean says:

    NO he looks like CHEVY CHASE on COMMUNITY! gold friggin gold!

  27. Holly Hobby says:

    I cry everytime I see Harrison Ford’s current look. He was so hot as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and yes even Working Girl!

    Please no more love interest roles with girls old enough to be his daughter.

    Gary Oldman – I will forever remember him as the spitting actor on Friends. Now I see why Uma Thurmond married him.

  28. luls says:

    Yes, a shaved head isnt his best look so far, BUT on the brighter side, thank God his earring’s off! It was absolutely ridiculous on him.

  29. Ravensdaughter says:

    He does not look like Ben Kingsley! Ben Kingsley is a very sex bald man, especially with his goatee. Ford-NOT sexy