Blake Lively talks nonsense, claims she’ll never take off her clothes in a movie

I mentioned part of this new Blake Lively interview in yesterday’s links, but it’s worth discussing the entire piece in full right now. Blake gave an interview to something called “Style Magazine” which I’m assuming is a UK publication. In the interview, Blake reiterates her favorite Q&A chestnut, which is that she never, ever works out and she just has that body normally without any exercise at all. She also discusses how you’ll never see her do a nude scene on film. I guess we’re supposed to forget about seeing her bits and pieces in those hacked (“hacked”?) photos then. And although I haven’t seen Savages yet, I’m sure I heard something about a graphic sex scene? Yes, yes, I did. And didn’t she has sex scenes in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee? I never saw that either. But this is probably just Blake trying to prove how she’s a super-modest 1950s housewife, I guess.

Blake Lively has ruled out ever doing nude scenes. The Gossip Girl star said she is not a fan of stripping off for acting roles and said she found nudity in movies ‘distracting’ to the plot.

The 24-year-old said: ‘When I see nudity in movies, I am always distracted by it. I know that if I am watching a scene and someone has their b00bs out, then that’s all I’m looking at – I can’t help it. I just don’t think that will ever be right for me.’

Lively, who is dating Ryan Reynolds, is one of Hollywood’s most sought after young actresses. She was recently seen in the Oliver Stone thriller Savages and is known to have an enviable body. But insists she does virtually no exercise to maintain her slim figure.

She told Style magazine: ‘I am terrible; I don’t do any exercise – I’m going to have to learn the hard way. I love food too much, and my family is from the South, so the food I like is not necessarily the best for you. There are days when I will be like, “Oh my goodness, I am not happy with the way I look because I cannot fit into any of my clothes”. So I eat quinoa that week, and then I feel good.’

Lively said she realises how fickle Hollywood can be and relies on her family and close friends to keep her grounded. The star remains grounded by surrounding herself with friends and family who are always truthful with her.

‘The same people who love you to death one day will hate you to death the next, so who do you give the keys to your self-worth to?,’ she said. ‘You have to have those keys for yourself. And you have to surround yourself with people who are honest with you. I need honesty. I need good friends who can say, “I love you to death, but you look terrible in that and you need to change right now.”‘

[From The Mail]

I don’t have a raging hate-on OR love-on for Blake either way. Sometimes she’s very interesting, sometimes she’s super-annoying. I’m finding this current version of Blake to be pretty annoying. She’s trying to convince us of too many things all at once – like, we’re supposed to think that she’s a super-glamorous fashionista who loves clothes and has a natural “style eye” AND that she doesn’t care about how she looks insomuch as she doesn’t feel like going to the gym ever AND that she’s a perfect Betty Crocker housewife and super-loyal girlfriend to her barely four boyfriends (total, over her lifetime). Maybe she truly is all of those things. But I suspect that she’s just an ambitious hustler who works incredibly hard to project a certain kind of image.

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  1. Honey Boo Boo says:

    Bitch please! We all have seen yout tits already.

  2. yellowshaba says:

    The girl bores me to tears. Sorry blake but what’s distracting in film is when an actress cannot act and you distract the shart out of me…talk about overrated, prime example

  3. Birdie says:

    Since I have seen the holiday pics of her with Ryan and I saw she has a lot of cellulite (google it, it’s true) I like her so much more, lol.

  4. Gossipologist, PhD says:

    I really didn’t understand her seemingly random declaration about this yesterday… It is an odd public stance for someone who leaked their own photos to the internet, non?

    • Liv says:

      She can try, can’t she? ;-)

      There are still people out there who don’t know she leaked the nude pics herself and who think John Travolta is straight. She’s super sexual, but that doesn’t get you female audience – so she’s trying now to create a new image and be our best friend, who eats much, never exercises and just had 4 boyfriends.

  5. LadyBird83 says:

    Never say never boo-boo. I get wanting to make your body special for your man and all but a good role comes along or somebody says money, then boom. Naked.

  6. cupidityrox! says:

    Shut up & take an acting class for eff’s sake!

  7. Eve says:

    But I suspect that she’s just an ambitious hustler who works incredibly hard to project a certain kind of image.

    …but failing miserably in doing so because I don’t think anyone actually buys what she’s so desperately trying to sell.

    You see, I don’t mind being lied to by these celebrities — heck, that’s what most of them do for a living (if we’re talking about actresses).

    It’s the blatant lie that angers me — I don’t like having my intelligence so cheekily insulted.

  8. Liberty says:

    And somewhere in a LA, Leonardo and Ben think, “Ha, challenge, it’s on!” and begin to stuff cash into a case to send to Harv Weinstein.

  9. Jane says:

    Style magazine comes with the Sunday Times in the UK. One of the things that I found particularly weird about the interview, apart from the above quotes, is that they explicitly state that she dated Ben Affleck. I guess if Blake ever sees it she’d be pretty pissed that a magazine that by default has a wide readership would outright state that she had an affair with a guy well-known to be married with young kids, especially since she’s trying to project this 50s housewife image.

  10. says:

    Silly girl. Nudity is supposed to distract from your terrible acting.

  11. Mel says:

    I never had to exercise at 24 but oh it will catch up with you. Just wait.

    • T.C. says:

      Did you have a TV ready body though? Every actress either diets or exercises to maintain a skinnier than normal body since the camera adds 5 pounds. Blake lying about being able to eat whatever she wants including Southern fried food and not exercising is a load of crap.

  12. GirlOne says:

    She’s not superficial which is why she got both a boob and a nose job.

  13. EssJjay says:

    With all the pouting and blank facial expression… Blake, l think nudity in your case will be a welcome distraction.
    As for acting, l think youre really overestimating yourself….sorry girl.

  14. Kiki says:

    Oh, Blake, you kill me. She talks AS IF she’s got something other than her body to rely on. Her scenes in Savages are all clothed, even the sex ones. We did got some Taylor Kitsch’s and Aaron Johnson’s buttocks, though.

  15. Vic says:

    I understand where she’s coming from, nudity in film can sometimes be completely unnecessary and take away from what’s happening in a scene.

    But then, this is the chick whose breasts are main supporting characters in everything she does. The attention is constantly on her tits so I don’t see how doing a nude scene will be any more distracting than how she’s usually dressed in films and on the red carpet.

  16. Puffy shmuffy says:

    It was not a declareation. It was a a Sunday Times Style magazine article. Her reponse was in line to the question.

    Savages is not out in the UK but I understand, there is no female nudity and only Aaron Johnson gets the lunchbox out (yum)

    The Mail as usual sensationalises one line, and makes it appear she wrote a piece for them. Cue the verbal throws

    Ditto the Gwyneth Sunday article where she actually comes across IMO as unsure of herself & fencing as 40 appraoches but Daily-Mailised to make her look an anally retentive b**ch.

  17. Blue says:

    Lively, who is dating Ryan Reynolds, is one of Hollywood’s most sought after young actresses

    Ummm……… since when?

  18. tru tru says:

    She annoys me tremendously and its getting worse.

    girl, we don’t beleive you…no one is buying your practice fake interviews, how about we don’t care.

    this bird canot act, so she may NEED to show some skin.

  19. Hautie says:

    I still find Blake harmless.

    And I have to admit… I never watched Gossip Girl.

    Till a couple of weeks ago. My niece loaned me her DVD’s of the show.

    And damn it. I love that vapid show.

    I am trying to catch up so when it starts this Fall… I will understand what is going on.

    And my niece is thrilled, that she has influence me to watch the dang show.

  20. Crystal says:

    I think a woman’s body is beautiful, but 9 times out 10, nudity is not advancing the storyline in any way and is unnecessary.

    Her body is bangin’ too but if she doesn’t want to be nude then that’s cool.

    I don’t get why people are bringing up her nude photos…weren’t they supposed to be private ??

  21. duchessofhazard says:

    To be fair, she’s in her early twenties. Especially if you’re out and about, you don’t really need to do spot exercises. I pretty much didn’t do jack all in my twenties re: exercise, whereas nowadays, it’s all exercise and watching what I eat to keep everything in check – and I’m in my thirties.

  22. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    There is graphic sex scenes in Savages but you actually see very little of HER body. It’s mostly the guys that you see. She is covered by them…mostly you just see her legs wrapped around them and often she is covered with a bra or tshirt.

  23. geekychick says:

    I can’t forget her last interview where she said that when she gets married, Louboutin will make special shoes for her, and she just has to call Chanel and doves will fly with the dress or whatever.
    That holier than thou, “I’m in fashion and I influence people around the world” attitude was too much for me. Blake, when young girls today live on less than 200$ a month, busting their off and going to college and praying to find a job when we get a degree, my fashion role-models are young girls who dress on bazaars and still look more stylish than most of those clad in another generic Lacoste shirt, Chanel purse and Louboutin nudes.
    Oh and If you want to be a desperate housewife from the fifties, go ahead, but STOP shoving it down our throats!!

    • mercy says:

      She was talking about how her life had changed from the time she imagined her mother would make her a dress to now. Yes, she never misses a chance to give props to Louboutin and Chanel. They’ve been very good to her and she obviously appreciates it. She also credits being on a fashion forward TV show for giving her access to that world.

  24. QQ says:

    So No nudity in her films but to get the roles is… cool?

    • Minty says:

      No nudity in films, but she’ll continue with her naked auditions on the casting couch. Isn’t that what you really mean, Blake?

      Maybe she wears Spanx on the red carpet and in ads. Recent paparazzi photos of her on the beach show little waist-to-hip ratio.

  25. The Original Mia says:

    I could have sworn I saw pictures last week of her coming out of a gym with Ryan.

    As far as nudity on film, who cares. Everyone has seen NotBlake’s body and there are body doubles who will do what she won’t. The only reason she gets acting jobs is her body. Did she forget, because the rest of the world hasn’t, that she can’t act and she mumbles.

  26. Marni says:

    Wrong move, girl. Your body distracts from your bad acting and your manly face.

  27. Relli says:

    HMMM this article put my gossip radar up. See I always suspected that Ryan had a problem with Scarlett’s sexpot image and when they were married she always seemed subdued. I cant help but wonder if he pressured her to do less sexy and push towards a more demure image. I mean his divorce has been finalized for over a year and he still hasn’t put a ring on it, maybe she is going for the gold and doing exactly what he wants. Or maybe they are just scared if they have children they will born with their original noses

  28. DANDILION says:

    She has an exclusive photo contract with this private corporation she can not break..

  29. TXCinderella says:

    I’ll give her 20 years when she’s in her 40′s and her celebrity fades. She’ll be either posing for Playboy or doing a nude scene in a movie. That seems to be what older actresses think they need to do to become relevant again. Yeah, she’ll show her boobies.

  30. DB says:

    The best I have ever seen her look in terms of body was those hacked pix. She was very thin, dancer-like.

    Her bikini shots with her boyfriend a few weeks back (I think only a few weeks) did not look nearly as impressive.

    I guess she just has one of those thin-bone frames where even the slightest bit of extra weight just doesn’t work well for her.

    If a movie showed her looking like those pics in the phone hack, I’d pay money to get see it. :)

  31. Carolyn says:

    Blake is too immature to realise she is Ryan’s rebound lady. They won’t marry. He’s burned by the Scarlett experience and will marry someone waay down the track.

    Blake may try to trap him with a baby when she comes to this shocking realisation.

    PS With you all rolling my eyes at the straight-out lies Blake tells. Can’t stand slutty actresses who reinvent themselves as virtuous ladies. We aren’t stupid. Ryan will tire of the hot sex at some point and realise things don’t add up with her.

  32. eric says:

    What about her nudity in “The Savages”?

  33. debbie says:

    isnt she from LA, born and raised there. i wasnt aware that was the south

  34. Kennedy says:

    Nudity or no nudity- girl, you can’t act worth shit.

  35. Andie says:

    OH PLEASE! She does not have an enviable body! She’s just skinny with no muscle tone or definition whatsoever! There are tonnes of girls like her! Her body does not look healthy at all! Who would envy that? I believe her when she says that she eats all of that unhealthy food.