Alanis Morissette actually loves the paparazzi: “They’re forcing transparency”

Alanis Morissette

Here’s some photos of Alanis Morissette being inducted into Guitar Center’s Historic RockWalk yesterday. For whatever reason, Alanis brought Alicia Silverstone along to provide support in what is essentially a paid-for honor similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Of course, this is a familiar public relations strategy when a musical artist is preparing to drop a record, and Alanis’ next effort arrives in stores next week.

Speaking of carefully refined PR strategies, Alanis has spoken out on how much she actually enjoys dealing with the paparazzi unlike most stars. Her words remind me a bit of January Jones’ sentiment that she doesn’t mind the paps who lurk outside her home because they make her feel “safe” since she lives alone and they essentially function as “the best security system ever.” I imagine that January gets a lot more pap attention than Alanis does though, and the latter expresses a different sentiment for not minding the photogs. Her message? Transparency:

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is a rare celebrity who doesn’t hate paparazzi. “I actually like the paparazzi,” she said during a listening party hosted by Target for her new album, Havoc and Bright Lights, at Sonos Studio in LA. “They’re forcing transparency . . . What are we afraid of? Our relationships being dysfunctional?” The singer also discussed fame. “I love all the trappings,” she said. “I’m as shallow as you can be. I love my 6-inch heels.” Her new album drops Tuesday.

[From Page Six]

I get what she’s attempting to say about transparency — that celebrities who choose to earn their living in a the public eye shouldn’t be afraid to be photographed in candid moments if they aren’t doing anything wrong. The complicating factor, however, is when “candid” shots are staged, which happens all too often and a perfect example is Christina Hendricks earning some dough for calling the paps to show off her $23,980 purse. Then there are the staged, fake romances between celebrities and happy-family photo ops. It’s all a muddled mess, and “transparency” doesn’t really work as a descriptor unless one assumes that everyone is being truthful, which obviously isn’t the case.

However, I guess Alanis, who has managed to live a scandal free life thus far, really doesn’t mind the paps at all. Here’s some photos of her with husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway and their son Ever on 5/26. They do look totally cool with those photographers.

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Nev says:

    love her music…one of the best singer/songwriters ever!

  2. Lem says:

    She loves 6 in heels? I believe she’s betting facetious.

  3. Eve says:

    The most amazing thing is that January Jones’s theory actually makes a lot of sense to me (who knew?)…o_O

  4. Crystal says:

    LOL. It doesn’t mean much coming from a singer that the paps give no f*cks about.

    Cute kid.

  5. bns says:

    I’d rather not have things like Twitter and the paparazzi. I don’t want to know that some of my favorite actors/singers/etc are actually idiots.

    • Eve says:

      But Twitter can be a useful tool. Remember how those money-grubbing Jacksons backed off after Paris Jackson started tweeting about her grandmother’s disappearance?

      Plus, sometimes I do enjoy seeing how much of an idiot a celebrity is — that will make me stop supporting her/his work OR will add extra validation if I already her/him (case in point: Lady Caca).

      • bns says:

        Good point.

        I’m torn because I really have been enjoying this Summer of Gossip, but Twitter can be so obnoxious.

      • Eve says:

        Eesh, I meant “OR will add extra validation if I already HATE her/him (case in point: Lady Caca)”.

        The problem with Twitter is definitely not the tool itself, but the (many) tools who use it.

        I get a little upset when I find out celebrities I like regularly tweet (like Tom Hiddleston). I especially hate the wrong idea their followers/fans usually have about the whole thing…that they’re “besties” because they “talk” via tweets or retweet each other, that they’re “close” to their fans because of that (puh-lease!).

        The oversharing can be extremely annoying too. Most of the time I don’t really want to know about their lives (I rarely check their accounts/tweets) — knowing too much about someone I admire may lead to disappointment.

    • Crystal says:

      For real.

      I can’t really complain about paparazzi(because I more or less feed into it by going on all these gossip sites) but twitter just proves the existence of Lucifer. Seriousy.

      Too many tweets make a tw-t and I’m starting to hate my faves ’cause they are doing the most on twitter. (I do have soft spot for Beyonce’s tumblr though, hopefully she stays on tumblr and keeps her ignorant ass off twitter )

      • bns says:

        Sometimes the paparazzi can deliver the gold (Kristen Stewart), but I agree with you about the Twitter. Some of my faves are so obnoxious on it, and it makes me cringe. I don’t tweet myself, and I don’t really know why anyone would want to.

  6. Angela says:

    Her teeth look nice and healthy.

  7. Genevieve says:

    Hmmm….I’ve always liked Alanis, but thought she was slightly cuckoo. This statement pushes me closer to my “whack” theory.

    Yeah, I’m sure Alanis DOESN’T mind the paps, because her popularity has waned to the point where any attention from them keeps her relevant. But I’ll bet if you were to ask Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon or Katie Holmes how THEY feel about the paps and how they stalk each respective woman’s children, you’d get an entirely different answer.

    I get really sick of seeing pics of Suri Cruise and Nahla Berry-Aubry in tears because the paps invade their personal space to the point that it terrifies them. Yes, I agree that many stars also court the paps for their own purposes, but for those who don’t, paparazzi really SUCK.

    I do like Alanis..and further, I realize that I personally contribute to the pap problem by indulging myself in online gossip (BAD Gen)…but I think everyone was happier when there was a little less “transparency”.

    Am I totally wrong? *shrugs shoulders*

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      If the kids are having a hard time with paps, their parents should quit using them as a source of a second income with the staged photos.

      What was the last Jennifer Garner film you saw? What was the last Jennifer Garner film, period? I just can’t get on board with the complicit victimhood thing these Hollywood moms perpetuate, if they’ve made it their bread and butter I’m not interested in hearing them whine about the knife. Is Reese still pregnant? I don’t know, but what I do know is that not a single living person is interested in watching yet another film wherein two men fight for her love, so of course she’s going to work another angle.

      Celebrities are addicted to thinking they’re pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes when they start complaining about the public face of the backdoor negotiations of their fame. Whether they think the public is dumb enough to believe their protestations is their problem.

  8. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Their kid looks like a mini me of the actor who plays Dexter.

  9. Tara says:

    Ok I used to just kinda like her. Now I love her.

  10. lucy2 says:

    I think that’s very easy for her to say, since she isn’t followed and harassed 24/7. I doubt they pay much attention to her at all.
    But then again, she’s just saying it works for her, not saying everyone should feel that way.

  11. Lipsy says:

    Alicia and Alanis together?!?? There’s a picture that sums up my teenage years :)

  12. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Isn’t his name Imre? I feel like I’ve been privy to a few conversations about the Hungarian extraction of that name.

  13. Chordy says:

    I think she’s more saying that celebrities shouldn’t be so worried about not appearing perfect to the world at large. Everyone has dysfunction in their lives, and perhaps normalizing the dysfunction will actually improve society, because we won’t keep trying to hide it from each other. It’s similar to why I’m glad that so many actresses are being so honest about what it takes to maintain being “actress skinny.” Celebrities are just people whose circumstances are different than ours, and it’s a good reminder that at the end of the day, nobody is more special than anyone else.

  14. Mira says:

    All of this pap-blaming/support is terribly one-sided like these celebrities don’t have an agency. It’s a nexus for god’s sake, which sometimes works in their favor and sometimes leads to Stewart like scandal. Paps force transparency to an extent, but it’s not with an aim of exposing things in order to set it right. It’s just an interest group catering to a media-savvy audience. Most often than not these exposures mean nothing other than creating a space for gossip discussion. The Stewart affair is much ado about nothing. Happens always. At the same time, just because someone has nothing to hide does not mean they should be comfortable with a bunch of people taking their pictures. Paps look for stories/pictures of celebrity affairs, marriage break-ups, their meltdown etc. They are not exposing things like corruption in the system or racism or sexism etc. Having said that, Alanis is partly right because some of the stories leads to discussion on serious issues like body-image complex, consumerism etc.

  15. Just Sayin says:

    I’ve always liked her and her music, bet she’d be cool to hang with. A.S. on the other hand. Sure she is nice to look at, but that chick seems to bring a whole new level of wack to the table, pun intended