Is Kristen Stewart “close to a total meltdown” or is she playing up for sympathy?

I think it’s a good thing that Kristen Stewart has begun to emerge from her Twihard Exile. Some people are still pissed off at her, of course, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at new photos of her. Pop Sugar had the first exclusive pics of Kristen, but I think she was photographed again yesterday – are these pics new? Could be. Anyway, now that this week’s tabloids are slowly beginning to come in, let’s see How Kristen Is Doing. Because that’s a thing now – everyone has to have an opinion on How Kristen Is Doing.

*Allegedly, Kristen has definitely not been back to the house she once shared with Robert Pattinson. Sources say she’s been “bouncing back and forth” between her parents’ Woodland Hills home and her girlfriend Scout Taylor Compton’s house.

*Not that Kristen has been sleeping much! Kristen “cried herself to sleep every night”. Us Weekly gets even harsher – their source says: “She isn’t sleeping and she stays up all night crying. She’s close to a total meltdown.” Kristen “can’t do anything” and she’s “so distraught.”

*Kristen’s parents “are begging her to stay with them. Because they’re worried she can’t deal with this on her own.”

*Hollywood Life has a source close to Summit Entertainment who says that Robert Pattinson has already let it be known that he is “not interested” in speaking to Kristen or spending any time with her during the promotion of Breaking Dawn Part II. The source says, “Kristen Stewart is definitely still in love with Rob and is going through the motions of a breakup. She really wants him back but Rob is not interested in talking to her right now and that is certainly making things difficult for the plans on doing any press together for when Twilight comes out… Chances of them being in the same room is highly unlikely. They are going to have the timing of interviews timed out to prevent awkward encounters.”

[Via Hollywood Life, various stories]

I actually think Team Kristen is overselling her devastation a little bit, in the hopes that she’ll magically seem sympathetic if we think she’s just torturing herself in the wake of the scandal. I don’t think she’s really torturing herself – I think she feels bad, for sure, and she’s probably depressed and all. But I also think she’s preparing herself to move on. Either that, or she’s preparing herself to win Rob back during the publicity tour for Breaking Dawn. I actually think that might be a real possibility.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter had an interesting, Twihardy, anonymously-written piece about The Dilemma of Kristen Stewart, and why people should back off and why Kristen’s apology – issued hours into the scandal – totally backfired. You can read the full piece here.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. tru tru says:

    uhhh, sympathy

    she’s never cared about anything before, it all shows on her face.

    I don’t beleive she grew feelings and emotions that quick.

    alot of Twilight stalkers are pissed at her, LOL

    • Psyren says:

      ^ This right here. There’s always this smug undertone in her words and on her face that clearly says ‘insincere’ to me.

      • Jenica says:

        Oh, that’s right – because all women are expected to smile and be happy in the public eye. Thanks for your brilliant insight.

    • Emma says:

      They are totally overselling the devastation. As if this girl has any emotions. They’re hoping that if they sell her as devastated enough on paper once we do see her impassive, emotionless face, the public will buy this instead of just noting that she looks like she always does. Not giving a crap about anything or anyone but herself. She can’t act so she won’t be able to pull off devastated. Only eye rolls and nasty remarks about how fake others are but how real she is.

    • Molly says:

      I would like to sympathize with her, say it was a mistake, etc., but she is the worst. She has that personality where it’s clear how thinks she’s really smart and unique, but she’s not either.

      She and Justin Theroux should get together. They would be the perfect match.

      And Aniston needs someone like Chris O’ Donnell. Like a really good guy.

    • Jane says:

      I’m done with the “scandal”. It has been milked dry. I’m moving on to what Harry’s going to do about holding his family jewels for all to see and what grandmother Queen has to say about it.

      • Minty says:

        Remorse is always easy after the fact.. sure she feels bad. After years of playing coy about her rumoured relationship with Robert Pattinson, she’s papped in her mini with a married man!

        yeah… I’d have my manager work out a working relationship with the paps too… need to suck all the sympathy you can right?

        What did anyone expect? She was always trash.

  2. DANDILION says:

    You don’t have to do the director to get your lines and parts changed..

  3. T.C. says:

    The Huffington Post too is writing weekly ‘feel sorry for Kristen, she is just a baby taken advantage by a pedophile and sexually harrased on the job’ stories. The same girl who wanted eople to respect her as an adult at age 17 is now being infantilized so there is no personal responsibility. Liberty Ross and Robert Pattinson ain’t the real victoms, no it’s baby girl Kstew. Gag me.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Blaming the paps was a nice twist!

      • T.C. says:

        Everyone should read that Hollywood reporter story Kaiser posted. It is HILARIOUS. according to them everyone in Hollywood cheats or is thinking of cheating and the paps catching the cheating are the real problem. They end with: “BEING A CELEBITY MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU ARE SORRY” Go Team Kstew PR. :D

      • Jenna says:

        That article was beyond ridiculous and yet hilarious at the same time. “celebrity means never having to say you’re sorry.” Oh no they didn’t. -_-

      • Molly says:

        I know, right? They keep saying that it’s a mistake, but seriously, I’ve NEVER cheated on anyone. You don’t accidentally let a guy go down on you. I know if I was hooking up with someone while in a relationship with another person, I’d know that I was hurting someone I love and care about deeply.

        You don’t just forget you love someone else.

    • HME says:

      I love how THR not only pulls the she’s ONLY 22!! What were YOU doing at 22? card (finishing up college, working and not having an affair with a married father of 2, thanks for asking THR) but they also use the ‘hey it’s not like SHE was married’ card. So cheating only counts if you are married then? Good to know, I’ll tell that to my cousin who walked in on his girlfriend and her lover. I’m sure that will make him feel better.

      • Becks11980 says:

        This is the one thing that annoys me, trying to justify her actions using her age. I met my now ex-husband at 18, I was married at 21 and I left him at 27. He was a bully who cut me isolated me from my friends and family, had severe money issues and I was on the verge of bankruptcy when I left him. I knew at 22 that I had made a HUGE mistake but I have never blamed anyone but myself for the situation I was in, it was my choice and I take full responsibility for it (including staying with him as long as I did) and I have never played the victim.

        The biggest thing I have learned since then? Take responsibility for your actions and you will be far happier than by blaming others or playing the sympathy card, people will respect you far more for it.

      • meg says:

        @HME Agreed. At 22 I set to begin a grad program, living with my bf(monogamously I might add) and holding down 2 part time jobs. I find the age excuse personally insulting. The problem isn’t age or “lack of life experience”, it is a young woman who boasts she does “whatever the f*ck (she) wants”
        Well, I guess she did just that, didn’t she?

    • Elle Kaye says:

      I see nothing wrong with the HP article. She is young, and she is immature…look at how she behaves. A grounded young woman would not behave the way she does. She started in Hollywood at a young age and has had to handle a great deal of pressure that she clearly isn’t prepared for. Look at Drew Barrymore; it took years before she could handle the fame.

      Of course she should have known better, but the true adult and the person in the power position here was Sanders. I don’t think she is a victim, but I do think she is naive. This experience should change all that.

    • meg says:

      I’ve just read the HP article and skimmed throught the comments. Woah! Evidently Stewart’s PR team has awoken and is making up for lost time. While it can’t be argued that Stewart is an immature young woman, enabling bad behavior won’t help an obnoxious brat see the light. If she’s ‘distraught’, I’d guess it’s akin to the screams of a toddler who has just had her lollipop snatched from her sticky little hands.

      As for Robert, I hope he takes DiCaprio up on his generous offer. Poor boy has earned a stress release. And if Liberty hasn’t taken Rup’s Am Ex out for a night on the town yet, she’s not half the woman I imagine her to be. (I am fast growing to adore her) fwiw I was told today is her son’s 6th birthday. That’s a tension filled birthday party, I’m sure. :(
      Speaking of the devil, am I the only one wondering how Rupert is holding up? Not concerned so much as curious. Don’t know whether he was pining for KS or Liberty, but the man did not look good in the deli pics.

  4. Hanna says:

    Who the hell cares? Like, really?

  5. Amelia says:

    This is going too over the top, sympathy wise, IMO. I do think her public vilification is over with now, as it can’t be dragged out forever. She’s done her time humiliation wise. I’m not in any way saying she needs to be forgiven any time soon, but there’s only so much naming and shaming a person can take.
    Now is the time for Kristen to be quiet, professional and just generally keep her head down. It’s a little too early to be feeling sorry for a cheater right now. But showing the world she can be professional and do her job despite what she may or may not be feeling, will earn her a stack load of brownie points.

    • ol cranky says:

      I think a lot of the ongoing vilification is coming from either the Twi-hards who can’t separate reality from fantasy and/or people who are reacting to those somehow making Stewart out as a victim. To be honest, I think if people stopped going on about how Stewart’s getting more public crap than the director completely disregarding that she’s getting the more crap because she’s a star (and he’s a relatively unknown director) then most of this stuff would just die down. . . at least until the next Twilight press junket (if there’s another movie on the horizon). Then there will be a lot of “they’re talking together” stuff which will die sown if they just handle the situation like professionals.

    • Chris says:

      What vilification? Every article written on this matter seems to paint Kristen as the victim.

    • Rice says:

      I agree with you Amelia. I think between the press and the Twi-hards, this story has gone on long enough. I was angry at first but now I really don’t care. My hubby made the point recently that people always look for something/someone to pin their hopes and dreams on. They can’t separate fact from fiction. She made a dreadful, disgusting mistake, she owned up to it so now she’s coming back out into the world. The press is trying to keep readers interested by posting fiction about all of the four adults involved in this mess and feeding the insanity. It is reminiscent of the BrangelinAniston nonsense that the press have been milking for over seven years now. I think people need to move on now and let Rob, Kristen, Liberty and Rupert be. We’ll never know if Kristen’s remorse is genuine or not, if Robsten is back on or even real, and, frankly, I don’t care because the world is still spinning and I’ve still got bills to pay.

  6. A says:

    Eh. I’m so over this. And I doubt Hollywood Life’s story. You know Summit didn’t want Stewart to promote, that they were going to pimp out Lautner/Pattinson instead. But both Lautner/Pattinson have decided not to do any of the conventions, etc. I’m sure they want Stewart/Pattinson photographed together sometime, but not for Stewart to actually promote the film with him…It would bring back too much attention to the scandal. I’m assuming Pattinson decided he just didn’t want to face all the screaming twi-hards/invasive press questions about the scandal and told them to fuck off. Lautner was always friendly with Stewart, so I assume he didn’t want to go and face the press and fans, who would surely scream nasty things and ask questions about her. I’m not a huge fan of RPattz, but I believe he’s professional enough to do the minimal promotions with Kristen Stewart IF Summit wanted him too…which I doubt they did anyway. I also think he and KStew were in an open or PR relationship, and he’s more pissed about her humiliating him and fucking a married man and ruining their arrangement.

    I’m sure this will be controversial, but I do feel sorry for KStew in a way…I don’t think she’s a victim or anything, but I feel sorry for her because the media backlash has been so very over the top. If she had to endure it for a week, I would have been like, okay, that’s expected….and then endure a little around promotions, same thing. But it’s been nearly a freaking month, and the the media is still running all these stories about how she’s this weird seductress slut, etc. So I guess I do think the media needs to back the fuck off, because it’s become ridiculous. I don’t think her people are feeding stories to the tabs either, unless it’s People magazine. Anyway, like I said…you don’t have to be victim for the backlash/punishment/etc. to be too much. All the old stars did similar stunts and affairs (Bergman, Taylor) and Sean Penn (domestic violence), etc. have done just as bad if not worst things…So this fixation on KStew is way over the top. Yes, she’s no where near as talented as those people. But just because she’s not as talented does not mean that she deserves to be punished more harshly.

    • ORLY says:

      I don’t think you’re “so over this” just yet.

      • A says:

        LOL…you are right:). Guess I’m just over seeing it on every tabloid cover at the grocery store and people calling for her career to be destroyed. It’s a juicy gossip story, but I’m more over the over the top reactions.

    • Adeli says:

      Please, the media have been riding the KStew as victim angle for a while now, fed by her bungling PR team. The backlash has come from commenters on the internet. And that’s because she is disliked for her “I’m so above all the fakeness in Hollywood; I can’t lie” bullshit that she’s been spewing for years. And then, surprise, surprise, who turned out to be a lying faker after all? Nobody likes a hypocrite. Or a cheater. Or a homewrecker.

      Meanwhile, as KStew’s PR and her famewhoring friends continue the pity parade, Liberty Ross and Robert Pattinson are out there taking care of business with dignity and restraint. And really, when you look at the differences in how they are handling it, it just adds more fuel to the backlash and ridicule against Kristen.

      • Janet says:

        ^^This in spades.

      • carrie says:

        Perfectly stated. This backlash to the backlash that never really existed is bizarre. The media’s been painting her as a victim and excusing her actions since the week this happened.

  7. maemay says:

    ugh i just can’t with this one. perhaps she needs another job or something besides looking dour and non acting.

  8. Nat says:

    I seriously don’t get all the hate for her; Rob has been cheating on her for years.Jezebel has an excellent article exposing him.Sorry I can’t provide a link.

    • Anname says:

      For the 10000000 time, this has been debunked in every possible way. There is nothing credible that Rob was ever cheating on her.

    • Ann says:

      Honey, noone is interested in reading the crap you fed to Jezebel and every other gossip site’s comment boards. You should try your hand at writing original fiction some time.

    • Crystal says:

      Oh you mean that piece of sh*t article written by the K-Stew fan that has been banned from most gossip sites and used to send Robert death threats ???

    • Chris says:

      Get lost Kiko. Only people looking for something salacious like Jezebel and CDAN would buy your nonsense instead of just appreciating that Rob appears to be what he is which is a stand up guy. I haven’t been in his bedroom but there has been zero evidence of impropriety on his part.

    • Anna says:

      Not again… I only asking REAL PROOF of Pattinson’s cheating allegations, not a ridiculous article by Jezebel -Made by a Stew fan with no evidence-. Nat, don’t be a crazy fan please.

      Also, in these Cosmopolis’ tour, Pattinson shows maturity and dignity in this mess even when he’s one of the real victims -Alongside Liberty Ross-

  9. Marla says:

    These photos are at least 3 months old. I remember being 22…. I’m gonna give her a break.

  10. serena says:

    Like I care about her supposed ‘meltdown’. When I start to feel sorry for her I remember what a rude girl she is, all her ‘hardcore’ poses with no smile whatsoever, f-ing words and all.. then I realize she deserves all this.

    • A says:

      Eh. I feel the same way about Jennifer Aniston as you do about Stewart. Even if Aniston was in a similar position, I’d find this over the top media reaction ridiculous and uncalled for. Even if someone is a shitty, shitty person they don’t deserve to be tarred and feathered in public and have their career ruined unless they raped/molested someone imo.

      • geekychick says:

        THIS. I can’t stand Sienna Miller, but when someone wrote “S ut” on her house a few years ago, I was appalled. What about Getty, why didn’t they write it on his house?? He abandoned his wife and children.
        I can’t stand some people, but I don’t wish them ill above what they’ve done.

  11. lori says:

    OK, in the world of Twil-hards I’m old people. Nearly 40~ gasp! I watched part of the first one and had to turn it off. I thought they were all shitty actors. But Kristen the worst out of the bunch. I really don’t get her appeal professionally???

    • Serenity says:

      Who understands her appeal?? I for one will never understand how such a poor actress got so many movie deals….the mind simply boggles…..

  12. Genevieve says:

    Jeez. Let it go, people.

    Kaiser, these are from the sequence of photos taken with director Nick Cassavetes. They were released a few weeks ago, but I think they were actually taken either the day before or after Us Weekly broke Rupergate on the internet.

    • geekychick says:

      they were taken a day or few before Us Weekly pictures.

      • Genevieve says:

        geekychick- you are absolutely right.

        I remember thinking when I saw the pics later, “WOW, her head must’ve been a total pressure cooker at that point”. Nosey me, I’ve always wondered what NC was saying to her to cause such a violent reaction….?

      • geekychick says:

        who knows? I think she knew what was coming her way. Or she thought she knew. I don’t think anyone would expect such a strong reaction as it turned out to be!
        we the normal people will never know how do you exactly feel when you know it’s just a matter of days before pictures of you groping and making out with married man will hit all newsstands. I’m not saying it to garner sympathy for her or anything. No matter the angle victim/predator/brat/sleazeball/whatever…it must be bizarre, no?

    • ORLY says:

      Gene – She is talking about the pic in the link she provided where KS is wearing the sweat stained hat and a black hoodie or something and the missing ring of love. They were never posted on this site before.

      • Genevieve says:

        Oh, FCS….thanks for the assist, Orly.

        Usually I’m a little quicker on the draw when someone states the obvious- my only excuse is that I’m still on pain medication, lol ;)

        Yes, I think the *pics Kaiser already posted the link to butiamadumbass*- are new. Especially as she’s wearing RPatz’ Baltimore Orioles cap in most of the pictures that have surfaced since yesterday.

        I know most people hate her, but I remember that kind of pain SOOO well. Sleeping in your ex’s T-shirt because you can’t yet come to grips with a life without him….UGH. KStew needs to learn a huge lesson from her actions…and start going out on dates again. Dating is the only cure for this kind of heartache. At least it would somewhat take her mind off of the horror of what her life has become.

      • ORLY says:

        Gene – No worries.

        If Kristen starts dating anytime soon, the press will eat her alive. Sad, but true. She won’t be ‘allowed’ to move o with another man (publicly, anyway) anytime soon.

      • Rory says:

        Orly, I think it’s interesting that she is wearing a shirt that says “Don’t nickel and dime me” and Pattinson said a few days ago on Jon Stewart that his biggest problem is that he’s cheap. Do you think there’s any connection? I ask you because you seem informed and intelligent. :)

  13. LoverlyWindows says:

    Is it bad that I kinda like KStew after this? Lol, I disliked her before, but I can’t help it. The amount of women taking this so seriously, acting as if she cheated on them makes me laugh. This entire affair is too funny.

    • Liv says:

      I don’t feel like she cheated on me. I even liked her before and thought she’d be just a bit immature.

      But this scandal and how she handled it showed me that she’s just a selfish brat. I don’t have any sympathy for her. She should just be quiet and move on.

      • Lotta says:

        I feel something similar, before I didn’t care for her at all. The only Twilight movie I saw was the first one and I found it stupid. However, now I really feel for this girl. OK, she made a mistake but the hate she is receiving is just too much. I guess the haters never sinned or did something bad that they regret? I know I did a lot of stupid things at her age, but luckily the whole world didn’t find out about it. Let the poor girl move on!

        I’m on Team Kristen!

    • Anname says:

      Yes it is bad. Admiring someone for acting so selfishly is a bit dim.

      • geekychick says:

        But admiring and liking someone is not the same thing. I admire Pope John Paul Second, I like Nicole Kidman. I don’t admire her.
        I like Stewart, but I don’t admire her. I don’t condone her cheating, but I realize it’s not my thing to get so upset about.

      • Anname says:

        Geekychic, saying that you “like” someone better for doing something awful it nonsensical to me. “Admiring” or “liking” it, doesn’t matter which word you use, I still think it’s a horrible sentiment.

    • ToastedSkin says:

      I agree that it is funny how seriously people are taking this whole thing. As if they’ve never messed up.
      But the situation as a whole isnt really that comical because I imagine some people got hurt (liberty, sparkles, etc). so it’s quite a shitty situation to be in for all those involved.

    • Emma says:

      Well, what’s funny is that you are a fan pretending as if you’re only liking her for this now because you hope people follow this opinion.

  14. Katie says:

    What are these photos from? The first hair clench, jaw jutting photo makes me want to slap her self pitying face.

  15. Monie says:

    I like her red Nikes. That is all.

    • Lizbet says:

      Haha! The only thing I noticed was her sock situation.

      It’s a cry for help! Someone save her! Sparkles, come back! She is clearly on the verge of a breakdown!


  16. Smokin' Jo says:

    I don’t think she’s suffering at all, maybe just by not being able to go out in public. She looks like she doesn’t give a shit about anybody or anything and her publicist probably advised her to stay in and out of the public so they could sell this story to make her seem like she actually had an emotional side. It’s all an act, and we all know she can’t act so she has to just stay the hell away from the public. And with new films coming out that she would’ve been promoting right now, that’s probably the only reason why she’s suffering.

  17. Crystal says:

    What I want to know is…who is writing articles for Sparkles or Liberty?? Why the f*ck are we s’posed to feel bad for this broad right here?

    All these articles telling the media to leave her alone (even though they have left her alone, apart from Celebitchy and Hollywoodlife, this story has dried up and no1curr anymore). I mean what is this so called backlash she’s recieved? Internet comments?? Puh-lease. All she’s had are articles defending her because of her age(because all 22 year olds mess with married men). There’s been hardly any backlash, unless you count the delusonal fools on tumblr. Her PR team is grasping at anything resembling a straw at this point.

    I’m sure she is devastated…
    That she got caught.
    Now I see why she hated the paparazzi so much. It’s hard to get your freak on with married man in a mini cooper when the paps follow you. I’ve tried.

    I wonder if she’ll wear Rob’s suit to TIFF, she sure does love to wear his stuff.

    I’ll be so mad if TomStu doesn’t throw some Mariah Carey style shade at her.

    Chin up K-Stew…the public are fickle and will forget about this soon. You’ll be biting your lip all the way to the bank soon enough.

    OT: The last time I read OTR was a while ago but I swear Marylou didn’t have a big part in it. I don’t get why they’ve had Kristen promote so much. Unless they they made her part bigger for the movie??? Or maybe I have it wrong Marylou was a big part of that ‘overrated piece of white-male wank’ book.

    • A says:

      Hey Crystal! Would be kind of ironic for TomStu to be judging someone on infidelity considering who his baby momma is LMAO. Anyway, I read some of the articles on Movieline and there was a definite backlash. The journalist also commented in the sections, and said something like “what a mess Stewart has created for the Sanders family.” Like, no shit, but Rupert Sanders created the bigger mess within his family. There’s been a backlash, but I also think there is a backlash to the backlash because a lot of it is so over the top, pin a scarlet A on her.

      It doesn’t matter how shitty an actress one might think she is, or how terrible one might think her personality is. So many people in Hollywood, from the old stars to the new, have done similar or worse things. Yet she’s been kind of put up as the poster child of bad deeds. Regardless of talent, no one deserves to have this kind of stuff splashed all over the tabs a month later. I would say the same thing about Jennifer Aniston. If someone’s a star, they should expect a backlash. But to have their career possibly ruined and to be put in the tabs for months on end…Way, way over the top in my opinion. She’s an actress, not a politician who can influence someone’s daily life.

      • ORLY says:


        The public is going at her hard because of the persona she showed prior to the scandal.

      • Crystal says:

        OMG A !!! I’ve missed you *big hug*
        Are you back for good or do you plan to leave me again :(

        LOL. Right ??? Tom has no reason to talk considering he’s dating Sienna Miller but since he was once Rob’s true love it’d be interesting to see how he feels. Did you see Bobby Long’s shade on twitter. The twi-hards went in on him. LOL.

        ‘There’s been a backlash, but I also think there is a backlash to the backlash because a lot of it is so over the top, pin a scarlet A on her.’

        I agree with this but maybe the backlash would have ended quickly if people weren’t writing defensive articles about her after only 4 days. It would have dried up but instead the media made it worse by making K-Stew into the victim and internet commentrs into the big bad guys imo. I mean where were all these fauxmenists before the scandal when she got hate for ridiculous things like ‘not smiling’ and ‘wearing sneakers on the red carpet’ or ‘bad posture’. THAT was misogynistic but the sayed quiet then. Now when she does fuck up, everyone comes out of the woodwok to baby her.

        ‘Regardless of talent, no one deserves to have this kind of stuff splashed all over the tabs a month later.’

        I agree but 6 years later and the tabs still make money from the Jen/Brad/Angie triangle so it’s wishful thinking to hope that this would be gone after a month. Sorry. People still can’t get over Winona stealing and she had so much talent. It’s unfair but it is what it is.

        ‘But to have their career possibly ruined…’

        But we don’t know if her career is ruined so we can’t really speak of how unjust it is at this point. I mean before twilight she had a smal rabid fanbase and they’re the ones who will stick with her. She seems happy to do Indies for the rest fo her life so it’s not like it’s a huge loss to her. Twi-hards would have left her eventally, the same way HSM fans left Vanessa and Zac. They grew up. Twi-hards and their fickle minds would have moved on regardless and Kristen wouldn’t be a hot commodity because she wouldn’t have that big fanbase behind her. Look at Vanessa Hudgens. People think that her nudes ruined her but she was only getting jobs because directors thought she could bring in the HSM fans and she didn’t. When they realised that, they didnt bother with her anymore…with or without the nudes her career would have tanked.

      • marie says:

        ‘pin a Scarlet A on her’ that’s ridiculous, she is not a feminist hero and folks need to stop trying to compare her to one. she’s in this mess cause she was dumb enough to cheat and get caught on camera..

        the reason she gets so much hate is because she dared to break the spell that is Twilight, and their fans are fanatics. And like someone else has mentioned more than once, her attitude was horrible. It’s hard to feel sorry for a jerk..Did she deserve the blacklash? yes.. Has it gone on long enough? yes.. When will it stop? quit the tabs quit selling the magazines or find a bigger scandal..

        Hey Crystal, love that you used Winona-she’s always been a favorite of mine..

    • A says:

      @Crystal. I’m afraid I’ll be on and off for the foreseeable future :( Life is kind of cray cray right now…in a good way, but still cray cray. I’ve missed our bitching about celebs too :)

      I do wonder about what TomStu feels, considering he was RPatz’s true love back in the day with the handholding photos and all ;) I had no idea one of his friends was throwing shade on twitter. I still think the worst thing KStew did was that open apology. That opened the floodgates for the rabid fans and RPatz stans and the haters to hate her even more. I completely agree that all the defensive articles have made it even worse…although I disagree that it’s her PR team and believe it’s more faux feminists jumping on the bandwagon.

      It seems like she did land that big indie role, and I agree with Kaiser that it was more the people behind the movie seeing the reaction to casting her than KStew’s own people. I don’t think KStew’s team would want to fuck up a potential career saver or booster by blabbing. Anyway, I read the Vulture article and they explained it pretty well and stuck by their story, saying that those types of films don’t confirm anyone until they get financing for certain reasons. So I agree that she’ll have an indie career most likely, but any chance at a mainstream career is over imo.

      I wonder what RPatz is going to do. Some of his stans jumped on me, but I said he was playing up this public sympathy like Yo Yo Ma. He’s had like two movies greenlit since the scandal. Even if he wanted to go back to her, I don’t think he would because of the career boost of being Sandra Bullocked, as you called it. That said, I don’t know if I buy that there was a monogamous relationship in the first place.

      @Orly, Marie
      You all missed my point. It doesn’t matter what her persona is, no one deserves to have the public lash them for over a month over their personal fuck ups in my opinion unless they are breaking numerous laws, raping/murdering/molesting someone, or possibly influencing the general public. Rooney Mara and Megan Fox have equally unfortunate public images…And I’m not turning her into a feminist hero at all. Fucking a married man isn’t feminist. I’m comparing the public shaming in The Scarlet Letter to this situation. Public shaming, especially for an extended period of time, is ridiculous.

      • Crystal says:

        Awww :( Well as long as it’s a good cray…get that Ph.D/money girl (unless you’ve got a guy in your life then get that d*ck girl!!). I aint mad at ya’.

        ‘believe it’s more faux feminists jumping on the bandwagon. ‘

        Oh yeah, that’s definitely what it was and they made the situation worse. Everyone in her team has been a big ass flop and it all started with the public apology. Why apologise to us??? We were gonna talk shit regardless because we had all those pics.

        ‘He’s had like two movies greenlit since the scandal’

        LOL. IKR. Who do his stans think they’re fooling tryna convince us that this is a coincidence?? Nope. This scandal has helped if only a little bit.

        ‘It doesn’t matter what her persona is, no one deserves to have the public lash them for over a month over their personal f–k ups in my opinion unless they are breaking numerous laws, raping/murdering/molesting someone, or possibly influencing the general public.’

        I agree but it comes back down the defensive stories and all of the faniction surrounding their relationship. People seriously would have left her alone and moved on but everyday there’s a new article defending her and there are more articles defending her than articles villifying her so who are they defending her from ??? I mean Jodie Foster is known for defending Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski and she thought it was a good idea to defend Kristen when she has a reputation for backing shitty people??? She shoulda kept her two cents in her damn pocket. None of it helped.

        Kristen has always been a little indie princess so her career will be ok, I hope. I don’t like her but she deserves a career like the rest of the creepsin Hollywood. Those that liked her for her acting will stick with her and those that admired her personality will bounce. Simple as that. I’d like to see her in a Rom-Com or something, less angsty ‘Adventurland’/'Welcome To the Riley’s roles. Those will o her no favours at this point.

      • carrie says:

        Um no. One of his films was announced and sold at Cannes way back in May. The other he was in talks for back in early July. Nice try though.

      • geekychick says:

        I wonder what RPatz is going to do. Some of his stans jumped on me, but I said he was playing up this public sympathy like Yo Yo Ma. He’s had like two movies greenlit since the scandal. Even if he wanted to go back to her, I don’t think he would because of the career boost of being Sandra Bullocked, as you called it. That said, I don’t know if I buy that there was a monogamous relationship in the first place.
        This! I just had to jump in, sorry. But this are my thoughts exactly!

      • ORLY says:

        A – Good to see you posting again.

        I don’t miss your point. I understood you perfectly, I just disagree. It’s like the bully in school (Disclaimer: I’m not equating Kristen to a bully), when something bad happens to them, people have a hard time feeling empathetic.

      • phill says:

        Rob’s movies The Rover with Michod and Mission Blacklist were already announced around Cannes. He was in talks with Herzog early July for QoTD which happened to get announced last week. He isn’t riding the sympathy wave. He was owning it like a boss last week. He was understandably nervous in the TDS but since then he has been in charge. One thing that was clear from his interviews was that he didn’t like being pitied. If this mess created by somebody ends up benefitting him by default, good for him. He is not seeking to get benefit out of it. Big difference.

  18. scorellini says:

    I have no idea why this story inspires so much vitriol. I guess it’s because people hated Kristen before this happened and they get satisfaction out of seeing her taken down, but seriously? Why is she getting so much hate? Do celebrity cheaters usually get this much hate? Did Hugh Grant or Russell Crowe get this much hate?

    Women get a disproportionately greater amount of hate, am I wrong here?

    • Annie says:

      I think cheating men and women get about the same amount of vitriol from online commenters however in Hollywood it could potentially hurt a woman’s career much more.

    • Liv says:

      Come on, this is not because she’s a woman (I don’t know about the Twi-hards though).

      This is because she made clear she’s above the Hollywood crap – calling the paps, being fake, sleeping with directors…she hated the attention, the journalists and other actresses.

      And now it turns out she’s just like most of them. It hits her harder now, because she was arrogant before.

    • Crystal says:

      ‘Do celebrity cheaters usually get this much hate?’

      How many celebrity cheaters have a fanbase of 12 year old girls who see them as an idol and role model to ‘awkward’ girls??

      ‘Did Hugh Grant or Russell Crowe get this much hate?’

      Does Hugh Grant have a career??? Where the hell is he? Seriously.
      Does no one remember Tiger Woods or did I just dream up his scandal???

      ‘Women get a disproportionately greater amount of hate, am I wrong here? ‘

      Yep. There is no lie in this comment. Celebitchy is proof of that but this would be better said in a Blake Lively/Jessica Biel/Scarlett Johanson post. These harmless women get hate for breathing the wrong way. Kristen made her be, now she can lie in it. Plus I find it wierd that people are saying women are being hars on her…really??? Do any of you got to TheSuperficial, Dlisted, Huffington Post or Perez Hilton. Men are even worse and noone calls hem out for how disgusting they are towards her. Comments like ‘slut’, ‘whore’ and ‘p*ssy open it’s nothing’(quote from a Nicki Minaj song) are all fine and dandy on male dominated sites. Maybe people need to take their soap boxes onto those sites and see the reaction.

      • geekychick says:

        Hugh Grant may not have a huge career now, but come on-he was a “cute, funny Brit” in every single great comedy of nineties-and his scandal did not diminish his movie-character-type of a sweet, funny, intelligent guy not one bit.
        I find him irresistible in every movie I’ve seen him in (I cry every time I watch About a boy and don’t get me started on Love Actually). :)

  19. geekychick says:

    I do believe that she may be overwhelmed, if for nothing else, because it goes into her “emo” M.O.: when you’re young, artistic (be it true or not) and everything is so dramatic..and this is, I’m inclined to believe there are some strong reactions there.
    Is her PR team trying on a strategy of suffering, to see how it fits? Eh, I think that would be a bad choice, but her team is pretty dumb, anyway. It seems.
    Oh and her and Sparkles? Dunzo and there won’t be a reconciliation. He’s riding on so much public sympathy and he’s got such a good press, there’s no way his team would allow such a set back: a man who forgives is not a man!, don’t forget that. Even if he may have thought about it. MAY is the main word here.

    • ORLY says:

      Geeky, I’ll have to partially agree with you here. It’s a bad PR strategy.

      Thing is though, whenever I start to feel a bit of sympathy for Kristen (which is RARE) I see something else to turn me off.
      Her first pictures with the crop top and skinny jeans? Bleh. Any other time I wouldn’t have even batted an eye, but considering the nature of all the backlash she received, couldn’t she have chosen one of her knotted t-shirts and cover up all that skin?

      • geekychick says:

        Yes, I don’t get it. If they get on planning her first pics after the scandal, why those jeans and that shirt? It doesn’t bother me so much (but that’s just because I have a 15 yr old sister and I do have many a hipster acquaintances, so I know it’s part of the “I so do not care and yay! nineties!” trend), but come on-if you plan, PLAN PROPERLY.

      • ORLY says:

        Right – She has been called myriad names online since the scandal. I didn’t expect her to come out looking demure and innocent, that would have been obviously fake. She could have been herself, and still covered up a bit.
        If they’re trying to shift public perception and rehabilitate her image, they’re doing a piss poor job.

  20. ToastedSkin says:

    I actually do believe that she’s feeling pretty guilty and probably devastated. If I got that much hate spewed at me on the internet (or anywhere really), I would be too.
    But as far as winning rob back during promotions, I dont think that’s gonna happen. I think he’ll probably avoid her at all costs.

  21. Adeli says:

    Oh boo hoo, cry me a f*king river. For more than a week now her PR team have been trying to portray her as some naive weak little girl who got taken advantage of by the predatory older man. Nobody’s f*cking buying it. So now we move on to phase 2, or whatever phase this is in their craptastic PR strategy. Her little staged appearance yesterday wearing Rob’s hat and the ring he gave her was carefully calculated to whip the crazy robsten fans into a frenzy of ZOMG, robsten is unbroken! And it worked. And she just HAD to do it right after Rob killed it in NYC for his Cosmopolis promo tour.

    Oh I’m sure she has some feels about the situation and was likely devastated over the backlash against her on the internet. However, I think her main concern now is getting her career back on track, and using whatever PR tricks she can to keep her fanbase loyal. And that includes trying to manipulate Rob into taking her back.

    Rolling my eyes so hard right now at KStew’s try.

    Rob’s a grown man and he’s perfectly capable of deciding things for himself, but I’m gonna side-eye him forever if he takes back a person who roundhouse kicked him in the nuts in front of the entire world. It’s just inconceivable to me that he would believe anything she has to say. Those pictures man, they don’t lie.

  22. renata says:

    Sympathy and career promotion, nothing more, nothing less.

    I’ve met a number of people in my life that appeared to have a similar sense of entitlement. I’ve met a number of celebrities. I’ve yet to encounter a single one that was having a “meltdown” over much of anything, unless it was going to jail, losing all their money, or being told by a director they were 4 ounces to heavy to be cast in a particular part.

    Most people like that don’t get hit by this sort of stuff the way the rest of us do, unless it also involves some major personal problems like drugs and/or the overall psychological well-being they had to begin with. They have too many options in life to get upset or fazed by much of anything, and generally think so highly of themselves that what others think or say about them rolls right off their shoulders. Sorry, but people that are this rich and famous are just different.

    I doubt she sheds a single tear over Pattinson. Mostly because people like Stewart love themselves too much to cry about the loss of someone else — after all, they still have the one person that interests them most of all, and beyond anything else, themselves. If deep down she didn’t really feel that way, she wouldn’t have been with Rup-dong in the first place.

    But, this sort of hooey does translate well to the rest of us if she comes off as terribly hurting by all that’s gone down — because the twihards and her other fans desperately want to believe that Kristen and Rob are just like them, immersed in a dream of some gallant operatic romance in the sky that they hope will enter their own lives. They’re not. They never were.

    My take? Stewart’s just a bratty kid who probably doesn’t think much about anything other than herself, and what she appears to think is her overwhelming talent and wonderful-ness. If you’ve ever met people like her (and I have…) you know just what I’m talking about. This whole routine about solace and grief is about little more than rebuilding “customer satisfaction”. That’s it.

  23. sallyreo says:

    The above are old pictures, the man is
    her bodyguard, in the last picture she
    is not as angry.

  24. bns says:

    Where’s her middle finger now?

    • Mary says:

      Inside some rich producer’s hole? Nah, you’re right, she always had a stinking attitude. Sucked in for her, she now is forced to play the goody two shoes act. Must be killing her. She should take 5 years out, travel the world, volunteer in the third world, and come back when she’s grown up and able to appreciate her luck.

  25. Booboocita says:

    There’s a little truth in everything posted so far here — she’s a vapid twit and is now getting what she deserves; the whole mess is overblown and the media needs to lay off her post-haste; Sanders is getting off easy; women have it harder than men; etc., etc. But I think the real reason for the level of vitriol is simply that both she and Pattinson are the objects of frenzied obsession on the part of millions of Twihards, who are for the most part very young women. And let’s face it: there’s no-one on the planet who can love or hate with quite the passion and single-mindedness of a young woman (I should know; I used to be one, and if anyone had hurt David Cassidy I would have been loaded for bear). Add to that the level of exposure that comes with the internet and the new tabloid journalism, and you have the recipe for a perfect shitstorm of hateration.

    Frankly, I don’t think either Pattinson or Stewart stands a snowball’s chance in hell of getting past this mess for at least another five years and a whole slew of movies for both of them. The best thing that could happen to either one of them is for someone to write a series of romances, paranormal or otherwise, that supplants Twilight in the hearts of young’uns. Fifty Shades won’t do it; the audience is a little too old and the sex a little too squicky. Hunger Games won’t do it; there’s not enough romance there. The next romantic teen craze has yet to hit the shelves of bookstores around the country. When that happens, and a new Robsten is crowned, Pattinson and Stewart will have a chance at a decent career. If it doesn’t happen, then they’re just going to have to wait for all the tween and teen Twihards to grow up and fixate on something else. (I recommend working your way through college as a way of figuring out what’s really important in life; you’ll drop any untoward celebrity obsessions you ever had right quick.)

    • Mar1ey says:

      LOL…or Bobby Sherman! I think she will be fine, she has been in other genre’s besides the teen flicks. I personally don’t think she can act, but there are directors out there who do, and she has been acting for a very long time. Who knows, maybe there could be a cheating scandal with Selena and Justin?!? Oh The horror!!

  26. Diana says:

    Who gives a sh#t?! she did wrong, by many parties involved. IF and that is a big IF, if she is in fact feeling that bad, well to bad for her! she is responsable for the cause of her pain so no simpathy from me.

  27. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    I am completely confused by the coverage. The general coverage says they are not speaking/he won’t take her calls. But HL saying they are talking and friends think they will get back together. To me the first seems more likely.


  28. Francesca says:

    She looks and is totally average. If she cared, she would hire a stylist at the very least; she dresses like a pre teen.

  29. Janet says:

    Meltdown my ass. She’s devastated that she can’t have her cake and eat it too. She’s crushed that people are finally calling her out on her bullshit. But believe me, this chick will survive, simply because she doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself.

    @boredsuburbanhousewife: Don’t believe anything Hollywood Life says about anyone. They say they think people want to hear. Their credibility is zero.

  30. Lee says:

    Oh get over it..crawl up the guys backside for awhile. The pictures showed 2 people, but you would never know it just seeing here being castrated. Its called free will and living with your own conscience

  31. DreamyK says:

    Kristen says she wanted some sort of drama in her life, that it made her feel more alive. And she got it. I don’t doubt that she’s in a bad place inside her head about how she treated her long time boyfriend. I do think that she’s of the mindset that all this pain and drama should be wallowed in so she can use the emotional experience to bring some weight to future roles. That’s pretty schmitty, but that’s also how actors tend to view their emotional blowouts: a new source to hone their “craft”.

  32. sal says:

    I think the hatred for her in this scandal is wayyyy over the top. let her move on because if you made the same mistake you would want people to give you a chance at redemption. I know what she did was wrong but no one is perfect. All this hatred has me pulling for her and I hope her career soars and finds herself a hot guy that doesn’t have the crazy, crazy fans that rob has because wow some of his fans are evil.

    I just smdh at how personal some have taken this. I don’t know any of them therefore I will not pretend to know what rob and kristin’s relationship was like. Maybe it was all for pr or maybe they had an open relationship. It’s Hollywood so anything goes. I feel sorry for Rupert’s wife and kids but I blame this on him because he broke his vows and hurt his family. But that’s on him. If my husband cheated on me I would go after his butt not at the other woman.

  33. Angela says:

    “…or she’s preparing herself to win Rob back during the publicity tour for Breaking Dawn”

    That’s the scenario I’ve been expecting ever since the cheating pics came out. I can’t help but feel this whole mess has been scripted.

  34. aquarius64 says:

    New York Magazine’s new nickname for Stewart: vamp harlot.

    Her PR team has its work cut out for it. This mess is going to go beyond the end of the Twilight saga and well into SWATH 2 if she reprises the role of Snow White.

  35. Ann Emmess says:

    What even is that Hollywood Reporter article? I read it expecting I might disagree but be entertained or thought-provoked; I didn’t expect the content to be 100% asinine.

    The problem is that the scandal is a perfect storm of extremes coming together:

    Kristen’s cultivated but hollow above-it-all image
    The inexplicable affair — why risk all for him?
    The public figure victims, constant reminders that Kristen is not the wounded innocent
    The studio-level destruction any idiot could see coming, that may continue to roll out consequences.
    The passions of the Twihards
    Kristen’s defenders are weak and easily rebutted. They miss points and deflect blame, often onto an innocent party — which maddens the detractors and keeps the scorn going.

    Yet all of that could be managed and deflated, bigger scandals have been before. The core problem is that Kristen is clearly so immature, emotionally and morally underdeveloped that she can’t do ANYthing to stem the tide. She’s powerless.

    She can’t act well enough to sell a lie, but she can’t sell a sincere apology because she doesn’t understand that she did wrong. She thinks she’s the embattled victim, and it shows.

    She can’t project emotional depth, empathy, wisdom because she doesn’t have any. She’s WAY behind her peers, in “I love Rob so much and want him to take me back” land. We keep hearing that, and it’s a child begging someone else to undo the damage, make it all go away. Abandoning self-pity and showing understanding would go far, but it is not an option.

    The problem for Kristen isn’t that she NEEDS to wear a scarlet A forever. Nobody really wants that from her. But she can’t even comprehend how to take it off.

    She needs a good five years of emotional growth before she could possibly come out of a scandal like this looking good. But in her position, she’s unlikely to get that, either.

  36. MrsNix says:

    Kristen isn’t the home wrecker; Rupert is.

    Beyond that, she’s reaping what she planted. This didn’t just “happen” to her. She is a grown woman who chose to behave romantically with a man who was married with kids WHILE she was publicly in an exclusive relationship with another man.

    Rob would be an idiot to forgive this level of betrayal since they aren’t married and there are no children being disrupted. Why go on and marry or continue on with a woman who has demonstrated her lack of loyalty? Fixing a marriage or keeping a family together…makes sense. Perpetuating a dating relationship after this kind of betrayal makes no sense at all.

    Kristen is not a victim. I think the press (and a lot of people here) are being ridiculously overwrought in their condemnation of her. She’s not the one who broke vows. She didn’t break any laws. She didn’t do anything that people her age don’t do over and over again. Calling her a slut (three men in 5 years is hardly slutty) or being more angry with her than the man or blaming HER for the breakup of HIS marriage…is absurd, unfair, and seriously bitchy.

    But…she’s not a victim, and this result is not a surprising consequence. This is what happens when young female celebrities behave badly and get caught. She did this, and I hope she learns never to do it again through this experience.

  37. andrea says:

    Cry me a river. I didn’t like her before. Don’t like her now. Her career will be fine for the moment. It’s obvious she’s got enough friends in the biz anxious to kiss her ass. This scandal won’t sink her career. But the end of Twilight, the end of her relationship (assuming Pattinson has the smarts to stay away from her) and the attention it brought her, and the increasing number of solid 20-something actresses out there are what will take her down in the next year or two. Jennifer Lawrence, Rooney Mara, Emma Stone, and Mia Wasikowski are going to hurt her worse than a cheating scandal ever could.

  38. Maritza says:

    The only way the twilight fans will forgive her is if Rob Pattison forgives and gets back together with her.

  39. The Original Mia says:

    This chick is not having a meltdown. She feels bad because she got caught being Mini-Coop’d & her boyfriend rightfully dumped her. She didn’t care what people thought about her before this happened so I doubt she cares now. She just wants to return to her oh, so perfect life before she so willfully f*cked it up.

  40. Mar1ey says:

    Why would anyone take the word of an “anonymous source” or “close friend of Kristen”, seriously? She came out and said she was sorry. Anything else that is said about the subject “on her behalf” should be taken with a grain of salt. How many other people do you know, let alone Hollywood types, that would own up to their affair knowing there would be h*ll to pay? I don’t like what she did, but at least she took responsibility. I’ll believe she feels like a victim when she says it herself.

  41. Jay bird says:

    These are not new pictures. They turned up onondaga the Internet at the same time the pictures of her and Rupert came out. In some the shots you could clearly see the man she was arguing with. I believe he was identified as Nick Cassavetes.

  42. A Fan says:

    Caveat: I don’t dislike her, nor do I think she should be flogged for the rest of her life…but…

    Based on all her previous words, I’d say playing up for sympathy. She doesn’t strike me as a person who takes personal responsibility for too much nor spends a lot of energy thinking about the welfare of others. She actually strikes me as a selfish, arrogant, self-entitled brat who thinks way too highly of herself. There’s only one way to go when you’re that high up (your own ladder) – down. Hopefully she learns some humility and lessons as a result of all this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  43. Dani says:

    My cousin helped do the make-up for the Elle photoshoot that Kristen was in, and he said in these words “She was a total douchebag. Just a little shit, such an angry person.” I always got the feeling of this just from her pictures and interviews, and I’m glad that it was confirmed that she really is like that. I feel no sympathy for her, she’s always acted like she’s above everything and could care less, I doubt she’d start now.

    • Anname says:

      This is opposite of what is usually said by people who meet her in person. Most people say she is very normal when you meet her personally, nice and down to earth.
      She seems to have changed quite a bit over the last few months – seemingly not for the better!

      • Dani says:

        Some people probably have had good experiences meeting her, all I know is that he sure didn’t! He said Scarlett Jo was very friendly and engaging, but pretty much had the same thing to say about Naomi Campbell that he did about Kristen. Said Naomi showed up very late then ignored everyone else while she spoke rudely to someone on her phone. He thinks that it has to do with her getting everything so quickly and at such a young age, the fame and wealth and all. Thinks that she doesn’t appreciate it and that’s a reason why she doesn’t seem to care and acts that way. This was before her cheating scandal came out.

    • Rory says:

      Now this I believe. I bet she’s indifferent when getting her way and an angry tornado when she doesn’t.

  44. TG says:

    Many on here have covered good points about the issue at hand. It is interesting that she has stated several times in the past how grown up she feels and felt while a young teen yet I have never seen her behave in a grown-up fashion. Her manners are that of a child, her clothing choices are that of a child and as stated above her apology letter is that of a child. No sophistication or emotional maturity in sight.

  45. Janet says:

    She’s not having a meltdown or anything close to it. She’s sitting home bitching and moaning about how unfair life is.

    You wanted to get f*cked over, you got your wish. Who said life is unfair?

  46. msw says:

    I remember reading some headline about Kristen when she was publicly saying that nothing bad had ever happened to her. All I can say, is “O dear.”

    • Sugar says:

      she did say that & how she wanted someone to really f her over. she didn’t plan on that someone being herself. She f’d herself over but good. life lesson be careful what you wish for.

  47. Rux says:

    I am pretty much over this shit. She made her mistake, she is laying in that bed without Sparkles; The End. They will probably make this little scandal into a movie on Lifetime anyway.

  48. andrea says:

    she is a f**ing piece of sh*t!

  49. P says:

    You guys make laugh so hard !!! So you believe summit will only talk to Hollywood Life about Stewart ?? Really . Of all the stupid blogs on the Internet they would pick the worst one to make a comment ..Lol . This HL site have no connection to anyone in Hollywood , they are like the Inquirer or Star or whatever they are called these days , all they do is fabricate shit , and obviously everyone here is lapping it up . Making comments on stuff they don’t know .. Hilarious ! I’m sure she still upset but crying to sleep and smoking cigs and drinking red bull is stupid no one does that shit .. The sympathy you all talking is only portrayed by the gossip site not Stewart camp , I doubt it very much , but hey good luck keeping this old story going , because it’s really not that interesting anymore , you read about one scandal you read them all .. Rinse ,Recycle , Repeat !!!

  50. Jennifer12 says:

    This girl needs to see herself for what she is: someone who cares about her Hollywood career and standing and not an indie actress who can flip off what people think. She’s probably sorry she hurt Robert, but that’s about it. I think she tried selling herself as a victim and when that didn’t work, she’s selling herself as heartbroken. Enough, KStew.

  51. Loulou says:

    I’d start by changing cars, personally. Nobody needs a reminder. Secondly, her issue is with her mother. She’s trying to be grown up too fast, and picking a married older man also is like flipping at her mom. What’s more, if her mother put that DB Something actor up to tweeting that Pattinson was a douche, then the in-your-face apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in that family. They are lousy people.

  52. Tvcon says:

    She simply needs to grow up.

  53. LucyOriginal says:

    As If… She cares.

    She’s probably sad that now she cannot continue the “double life” – having a boyfriend and an affair with a married man (Sorry, I meant to say a momentary indiscretion).

  54. Me Too says:

    I’m not a Twilight fan and I think Kristen Stewart’s acting abilities are limited (although if I had to choose between Blake Lively types or Kristen Stewart I’d go with Stewart) but I find the hype and the hate towards this girl baffling. I also think it’s another example of the double standard in our society that she is being blamed entirely for her “affair” while Rupert, 20 years her senior and the director of her movie, seems to be getting off scott free. She’s a young woman who messed up. He on the other hand is old enough to know better and he’s married. Ease off on this girl ladies!

  55. kudzuqueen says:

    I am not going to be popular for this..but..

    I guess it depends on who the players and victims are involved…
    Angelina Jolie….anyone??

  56. NeNe says:

    I say, “Who gives a f*ck??!!”. I am getting tired of all the attention her cheating scandal has caused. Time to STFU, and move on!!

  57. Mary says:

    Where’s the proof that Rob and her were ever really a couple? There wasn’t because they weren’t. They went along with the ‘are they, aren’t they’, because Twilight’s PR people pushed them to do that, but it has backfired on them.

    Kristen was caught ‘cheating’, when she wasn’t, she was having an affair with her director, who was planning to dump his wife in the coming months imo. The wife found out and called a pap friend to catch them out and scupper Rupert and Kristen’s plans, which were to ‘come-out’ as a couple in the future, probably after Snow White 2.

    Before that, after Breaking Dawn 2 came out, suddenly Rob and her were going to be reported as ‘breaking up’ of course, you know the whole ‘they have been so busy in their carreers they had no time to be together’ baloney .

    Their plan has backfired and it’s all a big mess now. Bravo to Liberty for scuppering their pathetic plans. Now she’ll get a divorce and lots of money and ruin the ‘lovestory’ Rupert and Kristen were going to spin about their broken hearts bonding together.

    Sorry, but you have all fallen for the Rob and Kristen fake showmance. The only one she was with these past few months has been Rupert. Now Rupert and Kristen are scared to be together, even though they are both inlove imo.

    What a mess. Even in the statement she made it was not 100% clear Rob was her boyfriend. When she said ‘I love him, I love him’, she was referring to Rupert.

    She apologised to Robert because he’s a good friend of hers who she respects and she’s made a fool of him by being caught out with her secret ‘boyfriend’ Rupert.

    Before they were caught she was asked if she would sign up to a new Snow White film and she said ‘I would do it in a heartbeat’. She said that for a reason, for her to spend more time with Rupert because she knew that by then they would officially be ‘free’ to be together. Now those plans have backfired on them.

    If she’s broken hearted it’s because of possibly losing Rupert. Also because she’s ruined the last Twilight promotion with her colleagues, including Robert.

  58. Julia _S says:

    Kristen Stewart is not a victim. Any suggestion she is, is PR trotted out to keep 12 years old happy.

    She was clearly in a sexually intimate relationship with Sanders, and she was in it consensually.

    This idea that she was “lured” or compelled into cheating is an insult to the millions of truly abused children who really don’t have a choice in that.

    Stewart is not a child and this is not a sexist issue.

    It’s about deception, lying, entitlement and lack of integrity. If those pictures hadn’t come out Stewart would still be lying to her partner – you know, the one she said she respected – and dealing a fatal blow to a family with two children are at stake.

    If there is any pity going around, save it for them.

  59. Michelle says:

    Kristin is the worst actress to grace our presence since Beyonce. That being said I am sure this wasn’t the first time she tried sleeping her way to the top. It is quite commen for lackluster actresses/ and some actors to sleep with ppl to get roles. She can’t act one bit. Her acting reminds me of how I feel when i get a pap smear. I have always been team Jacob, but I hope Rob never gets back with her. She is a slore. I hope this kills what is left of her stale acting career and i hope she vanishes off the face of the earth. She makes Twilight suck with her awful acting.
    She is the worse. I hope the guy who she slept with can get back with his wife. But, his wife is gorg and she really deserves better, but they do have kids so he has a reason to try and make it work. Kristin should be thrown out of Hollyweird the way Corey Haim was exiled.

  60. Just Sayin says:

    “Slore” lol…. To bad money can’t buy class. This time next year will it really matter? Nope, she’ll still be who she is, just not as financially secure. Like it matters.

  61. Susan says:

    what is it with her??? she constantly looks semi-skuzzy and dirty needing a shower( even b4 the whole scandal), trying soooo hard to look above it all?

  62. Things Fall Apart When They're Meant To Fall Apart says:

    If Mr Pattinson has so little respect for himself that he chooses to believe Stewart (and her team’s lies), then he will have no-one to blame but himself when this situation occurs again in 30-40 years from now.

    It will be much harder to forgive the next time. And there will be a next time.

  63. so says:

    LET’S BE SERIOUS: Kristen is with Scout Taylor Compton….she was NEVER with Robert Pattinson. This scandal is baloney to cover up the real “scandal” that she plays for the other team! <3 Krisbians<3