Katie Holmes will receive $400,000/yr in child support from Tom Cruise: go Katie?

Katie Holmes

Here’s some photos of Katie Holmes taking Suri Cruise to Chelsea Piers in New York City. Presumably, Suri was attending another one of her gymnastics classes, and Katie pulled the rare move of opting for flats and leaving the fug booties at home. What have Katie and Tom been up to lately? Well, Katie reportedly delivered a triumphant secret stage performance (a reading of One Day When We Were Young), for which she was said to be “very focused,” in Williamstown, Mass. As for Tom, he’s in the UK preparing to film All You Need is Kill; and his entourage was left quite embarrassed when they racked up a £220 bill at a curry house, but Tom only had an American Express card on him and no cash. One of his CO$ lackeys ended up paying the bill. But Katie certainly has reason to be pleased with life at the moment, for she’s shed the exhausting presence of Tom, who himself has now shed many pounds as a result of “heartbreak” (i.e., a bruised ego). She’s also received a very healthy amount of child support for Suri in the divorce-custody settlement revealed this morning from TMZ:

Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes walked away with nothing other than rather modest child support in her divorce from Tom Cruise … and we at TMZ have the breakdown.

Sources familiar with documents filed with the court tell TMZ … Katie got no lump sum payout, which is consistent with the prenup which essentially shuts her out of Tom’s $250 million fortune.

As for spousal support …. Katie got zip.

Katie will get money for child support, but it’s way less than a judge could have ordered. According to the settlement, Tom must pay Katie $400,000 a year in child support. That comes to $33,333.33 a month. The money will be paid by electronic transfer.

Tom must pay Suri’s support for the next 12 years — until she turns 18. All tolled, that comes to $4.8 million.

Tom must also pay Suri’s expenses, including medical, dental, insurance, education, college and extracurricular costs.

And … both Tom and Katie agree that Suri will NOT attend a “residential school” from now through her high school years. Translation — she can’t be shipped off to boarding school — Scientology or otherwise.

Katie could have gotten more child support under New York law if the case went to trial, but both she and Tom decided to settle quickly.

We reported early on … Katie said she wanted nothing from Tom other than a divorce — well that’s exactly what she got.

[From TMZ]

Who cares if Katie didn’t get any alimony? She didn’t exactly get “zip” — she got a lot. Katie just wanted out of the marriage, and that kind of child support (on top of Suri’s expenses) is phenomenal. Plus, she won’t have to claim the child support as income on her taxes like she would with alimony. Can you imagine $400,000 per year after Suri’s education, medical, etc. are already accounted for? So much of that can just go in the bank and start accruing interest post haste. Katie won big here — she not only received a finalized divorce less than two months after filing, but she can also go on record with her claim that she wanted nothing from Tom than to be rid of his crushing presence. Also, Tom totally got off easy although I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate it at all. He probably thinks it’s a huge injustice that Katie divorce him at all since, in his eyes, paying for things should be enough to keep people happy.

Meanwhile, there’s a story from this week’s In Touch that claims that Katie is completely dreading Suri’s first day of school (Sept. 11) and not just because mothers tend to get a bit teary eyed on such an occasion. In addition to the usual stresses of leaving one’s child behind with strangers, Katie also will have the added pressure of enjoying a face-to-face meeting with Tom for the very first time since she filed for divorce. Reportedly, Tom will be on the scene as well, and Katie is dreading seeing him because he’s very “bitter” about their split, and “he can’t let her be happy.” Supposedly, Katie plans on ignoring Tom as much as possible when she (unavoidably) must cross paths with him on Suri’s inaugural day of formal education. Good plan.

Another story in this week’s Enquirer reveals that all of the nation’s big TV names (including Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, and Matt Lauer) are scrambling to land a sit-down interview with Katie. Supposed interview questions would include her life of confinement, the lack of intimacy in the marriage, more details on how she pulled off the divorce, and the “gay lies that have haunted Tom for years” (although a source says that Katie would probably answer that “Tom is 100 percent straight“). Right. Mostly, TV analysts say that women want to know about the “final straw” that made Katie realize she needed to leave Tom. The question remains, however, whether Katie will ever actually talk about her marriage to Tom in definable terms. I don’t think she will. After all, she’s got her entire future ahead of her, and I believe she’s done wasting her energy on thinking about Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Mia 4S says:

    Sure, I buy it, but how much did she get from the *ahem* other agreement?

    Overall this doesn’t make Tom look good. She could have gotten much more but it was bad enough that she just wanted out? Yikes.

    • Reece says:

      Yeah the “I just want out” factor looks far more worse than her taking alimony. That screams he’s terrible to live with.

    • Nicka says:

      Agreed. All the people crying “gold digger” don’t have a leg to stand on any longer. She could have tried to rake him over the coals in a long and bitter divorce trial like so many other celebs, but the fact that she didn’t speaks volumes. All she wanted from the get go was to get away from Tommy-girl…as if using burner phones wasn’t a big enough clue about just how bad things were. He’s going to try and use the “poor, broken-hearted, woe-is-me” defense for a little while longer, but at the heart of it, he is an actor, and that’s exactly what he’s doing…acting. He’s not broken hearted, he is completely enraged that she got free of him, especially since he wasn’t the one holding the reigns like did to Nicole Kidman. Napoleon likes to be in power and control everything, and when he’s not, he flips out. Katie needs to be on guard for the rest of her life. Men like Tom do not just simply “let women go”. They stalk and harass them for the rest of their lives to try and regain some of the power they lost. Katie’s lucky in that she’s in the public eye. If she wasn’t and this was just a John and Jane Doe, you can bet your ass that this would be a murder-mystery on Dateline that we’d all be watching.

      • Turtle Dove says:

        +1. This. Yes. 100%

      • yolo says:

        Well, he’ll stalk and harass her until he finds another chick to replace her and drag back to the stepford/scientology cult. Was he like that with Nicole after they divorced? I don’t remember…

      • Nicka says:

        @yolo No, he completely cut Nicole off because she was labeled a “suppressive person” by his cult. Also, he was the one with the upper hand since HE surprised HER with the divorce. She gave several interviews around that time about how happy their home life was and how they were celebrating 10 years together, then BAM! He pulls the rug out from underneath her. There was no need to stalk and harass Nicole because like any good manipulator and egomaniac, he stayed in control the entire time. With Katie, it was a totally different story. He thought he had total control over everything and everyone until she pulled the rug out from him. That is something that is completely enraging and unacceptable to men like him. Their need for control and to always be the “dumper” rather than the “dumpee” leads them to drastic measures to attempt to regain control over the lost person/people. It always goes back to the need for power and control. Nicole had no power in the divorce, so she was safe. Katie? She held all the power, therefor in his mind, one way or another, she must be destroyed and “pay” for that.

      • mayamae says:

        Yolo -

        Cruise was already involved with Penelope Cruz when he ended his marriage to Nicole Kidman. He cut off Nicole coldly and completely with no apparent regrets.

    • DEB says:

      Tom Thumb has not “looked good” since he jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch like a bloody fool, because he was “in love” (*snickers*) fewer than three weeks after being dumped by Sofia Vergara because she didn’t want anything to do with C0$. He also pursued Jennifer Garner (she thought he was a weirdo) and Scarlett Johansson (she also ran the other way when she realized what was happening, as soon as she and Tom sat down to dinner at the Scientology Celebrity Centre, she took off after politely excusing herself). The limosines filled with chocolates and flowers could have been arriving for ANYone after the first date. I’m reading his unauthorized biography … it ain’t pretty.

  2. lori says:

    34K is a lot of dough. She is apparently putting out 12.5K for the apt, so that leaves over 20K for living expenses. First world problems!

    • Seagulls says:

      I don’t think leaving an abusive marriage, no matter what sums of money we’re talking about, can ever be considered “first world problems.”

      • Polk8dot says:

        @ ‘I don’t think leaving an abusive marriage (…) can ever be considered “first world problems.” ‘

        Oh, but of course it can. Especially if there are burner phones, cult schools, pre-nups, image trashing and character assassination, $30K a month in support payments, and high-powered highly-paid attorneys involved.
        You can hardly expect to see these issues crop up in a third-world marriage problems (assuming divorce is even allowed by the law and/or cultural canon).

    • Anonny says:

      The $33,000 is for “child support.” They probably have a separate agreement where he also pays for her education, insurance, medical bills, security detail, etc. — all of which is *not* included in the $33k.

    • LeslieM says:

      You know this 400 thousand a year to support her daughter seems like a lot but she has to pay tons for security and lots of help when she is working and on the set. Sure she’ll be able to invest some of but not as much as it might seem

  3. Rhea says:

    I don’t think she would talk more in the future. Probably just dropping a hint or talk her way around the question. IMO she would talk more about adjusting her life as a single mom. I’m sure part of their agreement would be no more negative talk about Tom. Otherwise, Tom would drag the divorce process longer.

    • WillyNilly says:

      See but I am wondering if she bargained ‘I will not take a dime of your money. I will also not sign a confidentiality agreement either’.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      Even if there was no confidentiality agreement, Suri will be googling about this some day. How does it look to be slagging off her kid’s father to the media?

      Katie has been taking the high road in terms of the divorce, and she isn’t going to ruin it by badmouthing Tom. That way when she gets around to the inevitable ‘alienation of affection’ situation, she can point to the fact that SHE never said anything bad about Tom.

      • gg says:

        Oh honey. She doesn’t need to badmouth him. Everybody else on the planet is doing a fine job all on their own. Enough bad things are known about him without going deep under the surface, so much so that there’s no need for her to ever talk.

    • mayamae says:

      In my opinion, Katie has been “talking around the question” ever since she first met Cruise. She’s an expert at evading questions and giving non-answers. I do think she signed a confidentiality agreement and will possibly never speak of Tom or CO$.

  4. e.non says:

    so, he’s going to show up and disrupt suri’s first day of school. hopefully, they’ll be allowed inside instead of the sidewalk outside the school.

    what a d-bag he is.

    • mewmow says:

      I can’t stand the guy, but he is her Father and has every right to be at his daughters 1st day of school, celebrity or not.

  5. Onyx XV says:

    She should’ve had more kids!

    • DEB says:

      With a man like Tom Cruise? I think she was disillusioned quite early on (as in within a year) in this “marriage,” but that she felt (or was advised to by her family) she had to “stick it out.” All she wanted was a divorce and her child, that’s it. She got both. I’m happy for her. And yes, the fact that she had to use disposable phones speaks volumes, as apparently even her email was screened by C0$ before she could even read it herself. That stinks. To high heaven.

    • gg says:

      Holy cow, she knew a lot better than to create more spawn from THAT thing.

    • CF98 says:

      It probably would’ve been harder to leave with two kids in tow that and I don’t buy Tom is Suri’s biological father to begin with.

  6. dorothy says:

    True, it’s not alot by Hollywood standards, but I think she just wanted out and enough money to take care of Suri. It says alot about how life was around Tom.

  7. I.want.shoes says:

    Sure, $33 000 per month is a lot but her monthly bills for security and guards must be pretty high as well. But I don’t feel one bit sorry for Kate, She got out, she’s making her own life, and she doesn’t owe Tom a thing.

    • Polk8dot says:

      I’m pretty sure ‘the security bill’ and other expenses of that type, including most likely house payments and the costs of furnishing it out, are all covered by Tommy from the separate ‘Suri expenses’ account.
      The child support money (in HW divorces at least, it seems) is not for the ‘big ticket items’ like that, it is more for every day expenses, like going out to museums, fun parks, for ice cream, some light shopping (clothing etc), toys, parties with friends and small vacations.

  8. MrsBPitt says:

    Since Tom was, reportedly the biggest money-making star of last year, this truly show how badly Katie wanted to be away from Tom…She could have fought for some money…hell, sometimes, partners who are not even married, just living together, get more than Katie got after a split…This makes me respect and feel sorry for Katie all the more…it must have been a bad five years…

    • Raven says:

      Why would she fight for more money? She’s got her own career and I don’t think she wants to live large in the way that some celebs, including Tom, are interested in doing. Although she’d like publicity for her fashion line and her acting, I suspect if she were never photographed on the street again with Suri, she’d be very happy.

  9. Aria says:

    Go Katie!

    You don’t need his money.

  10. stinky says:

    i refuse to believe that they havent been in each other’s presence until now.

  11. Maritza says:

    She’ll do just fine with that amount of money because Katie Holmes doesn’t seem to be a pretentious person to me. Besides, living in NY was a good move,that amount in Hollywood would not be enough.

  12. elllie66 says:

    I wonder if she had a stash before she left? a little nest egg, i bet she did smart girl!

    • poopie says:

      i read that she had 7 mil or so of her own going into the (scam)marriage and that remained her separate property throughout.

  13. Julie says:

    I wonder how bad it is to be around him now? Did he double down on the control thing with the other two kids? And I have to admit a new respect for Katie Holmes. I’m not one that ever thought it was a contract marriage. I really think she loved the guy. Never rest easy though as long as Tom is around. People like him don’t like to lose.

    • fairy godmother says:

      ^ ITA! New respect for Katie!
      Any concern I have still remains for Suri.
      All those reports that Katie’s ppl would be at Suri’s side during visits w/ TC does not look like it was true. Has anyone ever noticed who is really surrounding Suri when TC takes the girl away for several days or like a week at Disney?
      More than 1 or 2 days away for a child it would not surprise if TC is secretly trying to indoctrinate Suri into Scientology. Do not trust him unsupervised!
      I saw his daughter Isabella is wanting to sign the loony contract w/ CoS and wants to join her bf on that ship. It would not surprise me if TC encourages her too.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’m curious about the reports stating Katie Holmes is worth $25m. For the life of me, I can’t figure it out based on her career. Around the time of their marriage, there was much discussion about Katie’s father negotiating a $20m lump sum trust fund for her, regardless of how long the marriage lasted.

    • CF98 says:

      Dawson’s Creek is probably in syndication somewhere in the world been in a few movies I’m guessing if she invested well and didn’t blow it all its possible. It may also be tied up in assets that aren’t liquid

      • flan says:


        Remember how the Friends stars got 1 million an episode each?
        That was not just based on the US market, but also because countries like Germany etc paid big money to run Friends.

  15. NerdMomma says:

    Wait but what is the custody arrangement? I am willing to bet Katie’s decisions were based not only on getting away from Tom, but getting her daughter as much time as possible.

    My ex is a total douche, and he told me that if I would accept reduced child support, he would allow me to have primary custody. I accepted, knowing that they are far better off living with me and visiting with him. I’d rather have my kids than any amount of money.

  16. Sabrine says:

    Although adequate, that doesn’t seem like a lot of money. They use security regularly and that costs a lot. I’d salt it away as much as possible if I were Katie. Who knows what the future brings…

    I keep reading Katie got one of their homes. Maybe not?

  17. lucy2 says:

    That’s a lot of cash for most, but miniscule compared to his earnings. She really wanted out!
    I doubt she will ever really spill the details, I think that was part of him agreeing to not fight over custody.

    I would guess her clothing line is now the biggest source of income for her, though I have no idea how much it actually sells.

  18. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    Go Katie freedom is more valuable than money… Run little, one run…

  19. Scorellini says:

    So, how is Katie going to support her lavish lifestyle? I mean, I understand that the child support is a ton of money, but is that enough to fund the kind of life that high-profile celebrities lead? Just wondering. I guess she’s got her own money and will probably start earning money again as well.

    • truthSF says:

      Katie doesn’t have a lavish lifestyle. She’s living as normal as she can, doing normal things with her daughter that most of us parents do with our kids.

      • TQB says:

        I agree, I think a lot of this “lavish lifestyle” that we’ve seen for years was part of the Cruise Image Control. I don’t think Katie particularly cares. People still want to hire her, so she will have an income.

        I just remember a story from when they very first met about Tom taking her car – an older BMW – and having it detailed because he felt it was too messy. And then the insistence on calling her Kate, not Katie. It’s all about the image.

  20. iseepinkelefants says:

    $33k isn’t exactly a lot when you take into account how much other women who married high profile men get and that’s just alimony! Doesn’t Elin get like $60k for the kids? Granted there are two but still.

    • renata says:

      Yeh, but Tiger was caught red-handed with his pants down, which generally translates into a much more significant settlement. Here, the only thing we know that Katie caught Tom with was Scientology, which she knew about when she met him — hardly the sort of thing you can use as a wedge to eke out more money since it comes off like Tom was who he is, and Katie changed her mind about what all of that meant for her, her life, and her child.

      That’s part of why I generally don’t see her as such a heroine figure in this story. She could have, and should have known what this guy was all about from the start. Now she’s placed on a pedestal because after several years she finally figured it out…. I know, there are some here that will disagree with me on this, but I don’t see myself really looking up to Katie Holmes under these circumstances.

      • Helene says:

        I totally agree! He has never hidden the fact that he is a Scientologist, nor that he is a bit crazy. Also, she has been in the entertainment industry since she was a teenager and should have known better if it is that bad. It annoys me that she is portrayed as some damsel in distress.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        Yeah, because cults and abusers always advertise the crazy up front. It can’t possibly be that she was swept up by someone who seemed wonderful, a dream come true, and once she was locked in stopped showing that facade.

  21. Francesca says:

    She should have received some $ for pain and suffering, separate from child support. That guy is cheap!!!!!

  22. Celt Lady says:

    Team Katie, all the way.

    You can’t put a monetary value on freedom.

  23. MoxyLady007 says:

    I wonder if part of the motivation had to do with the CO$. I know that they will make her life miserable no matter what but….

    Also I find this very interesting with Tom’s recent PR efforts. He paid for Katie’s family to come visit etc and sad day, it was so expensive! Wan wah.


  24. daisydoodle says:

    I think she must have received whatever was decided in her pre-nup…not a penny more. People with that lifestyle will tell you that she asked for “nothing”, but what they’re not telling you is they “asked for nothing but what was in the pre-nup” I’m sure a house/residence was included in that deal.

    • Julie says:

      Before the split ever happened I remember reading that the prenup had 3mil for each year married. Maybe this news only relates to items not in the prenup. As for CO$ I read the no boarding school for Suri item as all about them. I don’t think sister Cass home schooled his two kids. They were in Oregon at the Scientology boarding school. She just had a home nearby.

  25. renata says:

    I see many posters saying that the amount she’s receiving is related to her desire to get away from Cruise. I disagree.

    She probably did have a major desire to get away from the guy, that’s clear based on what we know about how she handled her getaway. But it would be my guess that much of the rest of the details were already spelled out in the pre-nup. Agreements like that have all sorts of formulas built in for how a variety of situations will be handled; for example, number of years married, number of children, individual incomes, etc. That way if there’s a split somewhere down the line, it becomes a matter of fairly straightforward calculations to determine who gets what.

    While it sounds like plenty of money to work with for someone like me, in the world she’s in I’d say it’s actually not great. Especially when you consider Cruise’s wealth combined with the cost of security for Holmes and her child and full-time nannies that are necessary for someone like Holmes. Hopefully her agreement considers costs like that to be separate from the 33k/month that is being reported she will get. But yeah, this doesn’t seem like all that much considering who’s involved.

    On the up side of course is that she is someone with her own career. While that career hasn’t exactly been a barn burner compared to her ex, she probably will have some renewed/enhanced interest following all this recent publicity. That should translate into more income for her, at least for the immediate future.

    For me, the biggest surprise in this news relates to her father being a divorce lawyer. I would have thought with someone like that in the family she would have had a better financial outcome. Though I suppose there could be many other details that aren’t (yet) public which might serve to give this outcome better perspective. And of course, the high-note for Holmes is that she obviously wanted out, and she got it.

  26. Bubulle says:

    Give me a break she’s no hero, they have an agreement, 400 000 $ a year in child support, but how much for giving birth to Suri and how much for each year of marriage, she probably made somewhere between 30 to 50 million to be his fake wife and give birth to his baby.

  27. gg says:

    Oh no, the return of the Cinderella jammies.

  28. ViloDeMenus says:

    She would have made a lot more than that had she not done what TC wanted and leave the Batman movies. That was insane, instead he picked family comedies that bombed or other lower tier projects for her than set her career back.

    She took very little from a very little man just to get away from him considering his vast wealth.

  29. Gossip Rawker says:

    Why is Katie Holmes portrayed as some heroic figure? She spent FIVE YEARS engaged in a marriage con, lying to the public about Tom’s “straightness” etc. Why am I supposed to applaud that? Or her PR ways using the kid for a million photo-ops? Because I hate Tom Cruise? Can’t a person be disgusted by both of them?

  30. sassy says:

    Tom Cruise you are NOT the baby daddy and she threatened to tell unless he agreed to let her go….but he is making her pay for leaving…..IMO of course

  31. Memphis says:

    I’m sure she got enough to live very, very well.

    She received what was in the pre-nup, and I’m sure her dad made sure it was more than sufficent…plus she gets child support and most likely a lump sum paid out quietly and off the books to keep quiet.

    As for the amount.. it seems low compared to other celeb divorces but Tom is also paying for everything for Suri (which most likely includes her security detail ) so that 30k will go a long way..besides I’m pretty sure she had some money saved before Tom..she is more savy than people give her credit for.

  32. logan says:

    This gold digger got over. Poor Tom got taken to the cleaners by another skank. He needs to stop marrying actress and hook up with a real girl.

    • Ennie says:

      Oh, I think she was entitled to a load more for putting up with living with his family for years in Cali, besides finally bearing Tommy a bio child that he can parade around.

    • Jaded says:

      Spoken like a true misogynist.

  33. escape says:

    This is my theory on Tom and Kate. Having a major crush on him, she rushed into the relationship blindly. He talked her into in vitro within a short time claiming he wanted a child with her but that his sperm were slow swimmers and needed help. In fact, he wasn’t able to have children at all so he talked Tommy Davis (thinking they kind of look alike) into providing sperm and that sperm was used to impregnate Katie while she thought it was TC’s sperm. Katie figured it out because Suri is the spit and image of Tommy Davis, had DNA testing done behind Tom’s back and confronted him with the facts. That is why he let her go without any resistance.

    • CF98 says:

      Plausible but how does it explain why she disappeared around Dec/Jan and her belly was oddly shaped. I mean if they were going the in vitro route why couldn’t they have done that when they were married.

      As opposed to having the kid first then getting married.

    • Jaded says:

      I totally agree – Suri’s resemblance to Tommy Davis is eerie, and this is the BIG SECRET she found out about and is holding as collateral so he’ll back off graciously.

    • PichezChichez says:

      OMG, I’ve never even heard of Tommy Davis, but Suri definitely looks just like him!!!!! Touché Escape. What a bunch of weirdos, if this is indeed the case.

  34. tmbg says:

    I just hope one day she finds someone who treats her the way she should be treated (if that’s what she would like – maybe Tom ruined the idea of another relationship forever!). I think she deserves the money after putting up with that yutz and I hope he won’t be popping into her life too much like a Stan Zbornak.

    • PichezChichez says:

      Lol at Stan zbornak! I love GG, at least Dorothy ended up with Lucas Devereaux in the end.

  35. Bodhi says:

    “Triumphant” secret stage performance?

    Sorry, but “She capably delivered,” one eyewitness tells Us Weekly. “She was very focused on the piece.” doesn’t sound very “triumphant” to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that she & Suri got away from TinyTom, but I still think that she is a terrible actress. I’m sure she’ll be getting offered more roles & have loads more opportunities to woodenly stammer around on set

  36. Amanda_M87 says:

    $400,000 a year to raise one child? Wouldn’t the money be better used for feeding hundreds perhaps even thousands of kids in Africa? They really need to set a maximum cutoff for child support payment.

    • CF98 says:

      Considering that Tom is worth $250 million that’s nothing.

      Linda Evangelista gets nearly twice as much in child support and she wasn’t even married to her baby daddy.

      • Amanda_M87 says:

        That’s nuts! The system sucks. (BTW, I don’t think it matters if the parents were married or not, the child has the same financial requirements either way)

  37. MrsBPitt says:

    I’m thinking Katie may have gotten a lump sum, out of the parameters of the divorce. You know, hush money. He probably paid her a huge amount to zip her lips about the marriage. She probably wanted it outside of the divorce, exactly so that the public says “wow, Katie didnt take any money from Tom”…

    • CF98 says:

      I don’t think so I think Katie is glad to be rid of him that she would pay him for the divorce if she could.

      The fact he let her have sole custody and no spousal support is a big FU to a control freak like him.

      $$ = Control

      If he and the CO$ leave her and Suri alone that’s all she wants. Peace of mind is priceless

  38. Carolyn says:

    There would be other private, non-publicised payments. Tom would be paying more than $400K per year for Katie to keep his secrets.

    Nicole still hasn’t said anything about her time with Tom. In this TMI era of celeb overexposure this speaks volumes.

    Katie is suddenly “involved” in her clothing line because that’s her main money spinner now. She needs to work it.

  39. lena80 says:

    I don’t know why she continues to get applauded for breaking up with a man who she had full knowledge of his behavior beforehand. She stayed with him with his couch jumping thing, she stayed with him and watched as Nicole was alienated from her children and went as far as publicly announcing that Nicole’s kids call her Mom, and she willingly bought a child into the world knowing all of this BEFORE the marriage. I can’t help but think she had her own ulterior motives marrying him…no bandwagon “Go Katie” for me. She gets a firm side eye.

    • CF98 says:

      Did she though? She could be one of those chicks that thought she could change him or that he’d treat her differently not saying its right but its not hard to fathom.

      I think Tom behind closed doors is totally different than what he presents to the public. I think she would’ve left him years go but didn’t because of Suri.

  40. LeslieM says:

    You know it’s interesting. I put up a post here yesterday mentioning Tom’s former wife eludes to him being gay. I mentioned that I had both male and female friends who’s spouses were deeply hurt when they learned their mates were actually gay and left them for other partners. I have no problem with people being gay at all, but oddly my comment from yesterday vanished. Cruse’s people search his name everyday and if someone mentions the gay rummers it vanishes. He is a public figure, so it’s not slanderous to pose the question. How do they do that? Where did my comment go?