Lindsay Lohan accused Suge Knight’s son of the crack burglary, of course

Everything old is crackie again! Does anyone else feel like Lindsay Lohan has just been repeating old scandals for the past year or so? Like, she keeps pulling the same old crack shenanigans and defending herself the same old crackie ways, and telling the same old crack-lies. I think all of that crack has done a number on her brain, quite honestly. So, to recap, Crackenjuice crack-heisted more than $100,000 worth of watches and other valuables from the home of Sam Magid less than two weeks ago. As of Monday, Lindsay is considered a “suspect” in the crack-heist, and police are focusing the investigation on her. So what does a Cracken do when she’s cornered? IT’S THE BLACK GUY’S FAULT. That’s her crackie M.O.

Lindsay Lohan claims she’s been framed in the theft of $100,000 of watches and sunglasses, telling friends the real culprit is a man claiming to be Suge Knight’s son. Problem is … cops aren’t buying what she’s selling.

We broke the story … Lindsay is now officially a suspect in the theft, which occurred at the lavish home of Sam Magid, a good friend of LiLo’s.

Magid told cops Monday … he was in touch with 2 of Lindsay’s friends — one of whom is Andrew Knight — and they said the night of the theft Lindsay had handed them a bag with 2 or 3 pieces of the stolen items wrapped in her t-shirt. The 2 men returned the items to Magid. Other items were still missing.

Magid also said he was in touch with Lindsay, who told him she had hidden some of the other items around the house because she was afraid they would be stolen by burglars. We’re told Magid told cops Lindsay confessed she was on Ambien at the time she hid the jewelry and was hazy about exactly what happened.

Now Lindsay claims Knight is the real culprit, something Knight strongly denies. And apparently cops buy his story, because Lindsay is the target of the investigation.

Magid told cops Lindsay contacted him recently and said, “I’m sorry. Please pray for me.”

We’re told yesterday Magid gave cops Ziploc bags containing some of the stolen items. In addition to the watches and sunglasses, we’re told Tiffany monogrammed silverware was also taken.

[From TMZ]

There’s just so much gold in this story, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, blaming “the black guy” is so old-school, so dumb, and yes, so racist. Second of all, Lindsay was handing out her stolen wares… and the two dudes returned the items to Magid? WTF? She’s like, “Shh… take this, I already have two watches in my crack muffin shhhh.” And the dudes are like, “Oh, Jesus, what are we going to do with this stuff?” And then Lindsay calls up the dude she ROBBED and tells him, “Yeah, I totally stole some stuff but don’t worry, I just hid it in secret places around your house. YOU’RE WELCOME.” And then she’s all, “Oh, crap, did I just blame Suge Knight’s son for my crack heist? Pray for me, because my crackie ass is gonna face some consequences for that one.” *headdesk*

Still, this sh-t gets even weirder.

The insanely wealthy man who reported $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses stolen from his house told Lindsay Lohan she’s not a thief, because “What’s mine is yours.”

TMZ broke the story … Lindsay is the suspect in the theft. The victim, Sam Magid, tried to recant his story but LAPD detectives say they have independent evidence to corroborate the theft and the investigation is full steam ahead.

We’ve learned text messages were sent between Lindsay and Sam over the last few days, and he says “I officially told Detective Rodriguez you can’t take anything from me cause what’s mine is yours.”

Sam also told Lindsay he told cops the culprits were men. It’s also apparent Sam is obsessed with Lindsay, telling her he loves her and, “I will fight for you.”

[From TMZ]

For real question: just how good are Lindsay’s beejs? Like, are they “steal my $100,000 watch and I still love you” good? Because if that’s the case, Lindsay should really teach a class in beej technique. That would actually be a career path which would make some serious money.

Oh, and here’s another addendum to the story (I’m sorry, I’m pre-writing this Tuesday night): TMZ reported Tuesday night that their sources say that Lindsay will definitely not be prosecuted for the crack heist. Apparently, “the D.A. just rejected the case… According to the D.A.’s charge evaluation worksheet, there is insufficient evidence to bring a burglary charge against the actress.” There are doubts about the crack heist because Crackenjuice and Sam Magid have a “longstanding relationship.” Which makes no sense, because Lindsay steals from strangers AND from people she knows, so WTF? TMZ also says that the Cracken is not a suspect and all of those people who told the cops that Lindsay was stuffing watches up her crack muffin have now “refused to become involved.” Meaning…?? I’m tired of this cracked-out analysis. This sh-t is fishy as hell, and I’m sure it involves payoffs and prostitution and an insurance scheme. Nothing is ever simple when Lindsay’s drawers are jangling with the weight of heisted jewelry.

UPDATE: One more story and then I’m done. Bitch got kicked out of the Marmont for not paying her bill of $46,350.04. She’s been flat-out banned for not paying for a 47 day stay, plus extra expenses like minibar charges of $3,145.07, cigarettes worth $686 (49 packs in 47 days at $14 a pop) AND a $1,992.07 Marmont restaurant bill.

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson.

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  1. teehee says:

    I hope she gets a Suge style shank down for this level of dumb–

    • emmieapricot says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! …I don’t know who is worse — Lindsay — or the people who continually enable her incredibly asinine behavior.
      …btw, TMZ has a story about her owing over $40k to Chateau Marmont & them banning her until she pays up. She charges thousands of dollars to room service – but has to borrow the Hotel’s laptop. The hotel is demanding the laptop back – but I’m sure Lindsay misplaced it during one of her Ambien blackouts.
      She is such a loser!!!

      • gg says:

        Can we even count how many times this thing has violated Marmont’s dignity? She’s been thrown out numerous times, banned a few times, and now this. Why in hell do they keep letting her in? Am I missing the cachet the Cracken brings to their establishment? Do they encourage all this crack business? If so, they’re going to turn into a Motel 8 in a few years and actual classy people will never go there.

        Also, very entertaining article, Kaiser. I lol’d several times.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Wasnt uncle terry footing the marmount bill?

  2. cmc says:

    I hope Suge Knight throws her off a hotel balcony. Sorry I’m not sorry, I’m sick of this trick.

    • Lucy says:

      I love how she’s too young to know how f-ing DUMB she is to do this! Talk about “Dumb b!tch of the day” Crack may not kill her after all…love it!

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I’ll stand behind that statement. This is getting old. Please let Suge still be a murderous dude and does us all a favor.

      • Erinn says:

        And I figure he’s aged, and matured in this murderous spirit… probably could just make the girl dissapear if he really wanted.

        I’d be out for blood too if Lilo tried to blame my kid for her shenanigans.

      • Genevieve says:

        I’m TOTALLY with you guys.

        You just CANNOT be this level of stupid and be allowed to survive. Still can’t believe she threw *Suge Knight’s son* under the bus!!

        I think girlfriend just moved up my projected Dead Pool date for her appreciably.

        Kaiser, I’m sorry…the” beej technique” career path is one of the funniest comments EVER. And SO helpful!!

        Also, had to laugh at a restaurant tab of just under 2K compared to a mini-bar and cigg tab of almost 4K. Because smoking and drinking is obviously SO much more important than food, ROFL!! :)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I’ll get behind that too. The Crackroach obviously has NO IDEA who Suge Knight is, or his history with violence.

        PLEASE, Suge, disappear her Cracken ass!

    • CG says:

      ROFL that was my first thought too! Bitch must have a death wish because Suge is NOT gonna be happy about this. :)

      • Mourning the Death of Music says:

        My exact words.

        She is either trippin’ serious balls or is honestly that obliviously stupid to not realize Suge Knight is right up there on the top of the list of humans you do not ever want to cross.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Both tripping balls and stupid. That’s one o my favorite saying, BTW:)

      • JRenee says:

        exactly ^^

  3. Thea says:

    I dont think its totally a sexual thing. She does drugs with these people and probably sex too, but I am sure she has info that can hurt the people she is involved with. And who the hell is this Sam person? He is apparently as cracked out as she is which proves a point…birds of a feather. And she needs to get bodyguards because Suge is coming for her after this. I believe she did steal it, they turned around gave it back….and then decided not to flip on one another because she has info on drug dealing. Also now she is in another scandal with The Chateau….the Crackie Reigns Supreme..

    • RocketMerry says:

      Yep, that’s what I think too. My bet is she has videos and recordings of really compromising stuff. Also, my guess is she is the subject of a blind I read some time ago: underage girl who had sex with a powerful politicial while her mother secretly recorded the encounter for future blackmailing.
      That’s how she stays out of jail.

      • lizzi says:

        WOWZA. If this is true (which it very well may be), then Dina is so, so much worse than I thought. That is straight up sickening.

      • TheOriginalMaxi says:

        WOW Rocket, that makes a lot of sense. I can’t wait until karma kicks in, but it will probably be years from now

      • JaneDoe says:


        You must know someone because what you have said is possibly true. May I also add that there are also underground rumors/whispers is LiLo also had underage sex (we’re talking 14-15 year age)of her and very powerful studio executives & possible other power brokers while her mother secretly video tape those encounters. From what I hear through the grapevine,(and I really believe) these recordings are hidden somewhere and if anything happens to Lindsay, lets just say more than heads will roll.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Like video/pix of her 16 year old brother (Cody) doing drugs/drinking/blowing other “guests” of this party…

      • RocketMerry says:

        Wow, Bella, that poor kid. He really had no chances, did he?

        Sigh. I wonder if Ali turned out to be a disappointment in the hooking department and that was why she was allowed to try for a modeling career.
        I still harbor some tiny little hope for little Ali: she needs to want freedom and decency though, and I’m not sure she knows how to di that.

      • spugzbunny says:

        This is exactly what I was going to say. She baltently has something bigger on this guy and he’s realised it’s not worth pursuing. The same as she has with half the rich elite she hangs out with and crack heists off.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Great analysis. I really think you’re on to something here. This makes so much sense when you break it all down.

  4. brin says:

    Forget “Liz & Dick”, I want to see “Cracked Out of Her Mind: The Lindsay Lohan Story”.

    • cmc says:

      Wow, I almost forgot about that movie! When is it coming out? Anyone know?

      • phaksi says:

        I didnt know they making a movie about her. Whose gonna play Lindsey?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Liz & Dick will supposedly be out in Sept on Lifetime. I think maybe they are holding out for A) November sweeps or B) her death.

      • Byte Me says:

        I believe Lifetime will run the movie during the November (ratings) sweeps…like this is gonna help their ratings.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Brin, we are watching it it…now. She already can’t remember her own lines!

      Please God let Blohan go to Vegas and watch a boxing match if you get my drift.

  5. GiGi says:

    This is just the strangest story. “Whatever is mine is yours”?!?! Even for high priced girls, this really takes the cake.

    TMZ is reporting she was kicked out of Chateau on Aug 1 for not paying her $46,000 hotel bill. Such a mess.

    I’m sure she’s just going from party to party conveniently “sleeping over” and “not stealing stuff” for a living. She’s just a homeless grifter at this point.

    • Really? says:

      You mean, this really takes the “coke.” Cake is for kids, which i don’t think this girl ever was.

  6. DanaG says:

    Once again she get’s away with it. What she hasn’t gotten away with is stiffing the hotel Marmont which evicted her a couple of weeks ago she owes nearly 50 grand do you think she will pay it or just ignore it? Can you get charged for that? Doesn’t matter Linds probably won’t anyway. So where is she going to “live” now? I can’t see any other hotel being this stupid but then it’s Hollywood.

  7. Heather says:

    Who is Sam Magid?

  8. Ri says:

    Why is she always blaming the black kid? Is somebody secretly racist?

  9. Steph says:

    Close your mouth LILO! Not cute when every single picture of you has your mouth open

  10. LeeLoo says:

    All I have to say is this: Bitch is going to ruin her life. Hell, she’ll probably kill herself one of these days. I don’t really care about any of that. I just hope the stupid bitch doesn’t ruin anyone else’s life in the process. I just can’t bring myself to care anymore about the stunts this stupid bitch pulls anymore. I tried really hard to get into this article and be indignant about the fact she got away with yet another crime. Sadly, I just can’t bring myself to care anymore.

    • Roxy says:

      I agree. She’s OVA! That Liz & Dick movie will be a freak show, laff-fest. It will be ridiculous and embarrassing, of that I am positive. Poor Liz. The shame she would feel, she would be indignant right now. Pissed!! But if she’s drawing Suge’s kid into the mess, watch your back Lilo! Wow! Not exactly the guy you want to get angry with you. Just wow. She will regret saying that. How stupid is this little klepto who*e? We know she steals, so does everybody else, so STOP inviting her to your homes. They are idiots! w/e…it truly is very hard to even give a sh** what she does. Like not even. *yawn*

  11. yellowshaba says:

    How is she able to get up every day and look in the mirror. seriously….She hasn’t one shred of decency, respect or shame. And those lips my god, those atrocious lips that bother me more than any if her crack shenanigans ever will. But I guess those big lips are good at getting free drugs and jewelry…her and kim kardashian should go crawl under a rock together since they’re both worthless to humanity.

  12. Barrett says:

    I can’t even read this story. I skimmed and felt sick. Her situation is repetitive and desperate!

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    That picture of her with her middle finger up is EXACTLY how she feels about the rest of us. It should be her DL photo, her passport photo, and all her mugshot photos. I cannot stand this lowlife.

  14. Quinn says:

    Groundhog Day!!!

  15. bea says:

    Who the heck is Sam Magid? I need a foto!

    And why would he call the cops to his house after an “all night party” – how could he be certain there wasn’t a grain of drugs in the residence………the whole story is weird and drug-psychosisy

  16. Mar says:

    Wow-she’s messing with West Coast Gangtas now? Did she see what happened to Biggie and Tupac?

    She needs to stay the f@ck home

    • busy ramone says:

      Suge is not “gangsta” he’s a punk. The crips shot Pac…if Suge was anything he wouldn’t have been knocked out like a bitch in public and nobody do anything about it. It doesn’t take any balls to turn on a brother whose been supporting your ass for years. If Pac had stayed in jail he might still be alive today. Fk Suge Knight.

  17. Rux says:

    At this point, I really think that her crack muffin ooozes crack juice and this is why all the boys come to the yard. THIS is the only explantation I can get behind.

  18. Sassy says:

    i can’t find a single photo of Sam Magid or his age. When you google his name and images…all that comes up are pics of Lohan and stories of her……is he old and creepy??? I think he’s connected to her NY sugar daddy that she’s ‘on call’ for whatever twisted stuff they’re into. And now that Ali is **ahem** modelling in Korea, she’s dragging her 16 yr old brother in her twisted life.


  19. Cathy says:

    Yeah, I read it in the NYPost about no charges, not enough evidence. But they could still get her on a probation violation for driving and causing that accident while she was filming Liz and Dick. She’s on informal probation until 2014 or something like that.

    I did not know about the Hotel Scandal though. How does this skanky person get away with all this crap? You or I would be in jail already over not paying a 46,000 dollar hotel bill.

  20. OXA says:

    Is it as big a deal here as it is in Europe to stiff hotels and can her lawyer dump her for non payment?

  21. dorothy says:

    She’s slid so far down into that “has been” sewer that whenever something goes missing everyone immediately assumes she did it. That alone should tell her something.

  22. lucy2 says:

    This is the craziest story. Sooner or later she’s going to mess with the wrong person, and maybe she just did.
    You don’t call the cops to report a burglary if your philosophy is “what’s mine is yours”. She’s got dirt on this guy and is using it to protect herself.

  23. Madpoe says:

    She’s famous for being a hot mess.

    Now, once Suge is done with her, she’s be famous for being dead. Stupid girl!

  24. Blue says:

    Wow, this bitch just stays winning. I don’t even
    know what to say anymore. Except I hope this all catches up with her one day.

  25. AnnieN says:

    @Kaiser – According to CNN and some other blogs, Andrew Knight’s real name is Andrew Payan – he’s NOT Suge’s son. According to Hollywood Street Kings his real name is Andrew Payan and he comes from a family of con artists.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      “Cons of a feather” and all that…too bad, because Suge could lay a whoopin’ on a crack-trick’s ass.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Damn it, how many times is THIS BITCH going to get out of trouble?

        OK, please let the Marmont brings charges for non-payment. Throw us a freaking BONE!

  26. Bengalcat2000 says:

    I defended this woman for so long b/c I had empathy for her obvious mental problems. Depression & anxiety run in my family. However, this bitch, once again is blaming her actions on a black guy (not the first time either). Lindsey, get over yourself, go back to school & please just STFU!!

    • mel says:

      +1 – but I do think the ahem..death wishes on this site should be deleted…a little harsh isn’t?

    • ZenB!tch says:

      If what @RocketMerry and @JaneDoe say above is true. I *do* feel bad for her. Dina was pimping her out at 14? What does that do to a girl? Now of course she is too old (worn) to be interesting.

  27. TXCinderella says:

    Boy is she stupid! Of all people she doesn’t want to mess with, Suge Knight would be it. Girl gonna end up dead from an “accident”.

  28. lucy2 says:

    Also have to laugh at the Marmont – she’s been there on and off for years, probably has never paid for any of it, and now they’re booting her out after letting her run up an almost $50K bill?
    When you’re a doormat, don’t be shocked when people step on you.

  29. mln89 says:

    i really can’t believe this thieving, trashy b**ch pulled this racist “blame the black guys for the crimes i commit” s&hit again. she is such a classless, racist piece of garbage.

  30. Pippa says:

    Kaiser and Bitchy you should have posted the court papers with accounts from witnesses instead. They are on E! online. Its much more fascinating reading. And it doesnt match TMZ at all. For example Lindsay was not at an all night party at this Magid guy’s house. She was actually denied entry that night at 2 am. She came back several hours later with her assistant and the guy who is allegedly Suge Knights son and they broke into the house and car and they took valuable from Magid and his girlfriend. They fled the scene when Magid and his girlfriend woke up as someone was trying to break into the master bedroom Its way crazier than anything that was on TMZ. Most of the stuff on TMZ are probably from Michael Lohan and is complete fabrication.

    • Lindy says:

      See, now, this is interesting if it’s true. If Magid has a girlfriend, too, then the whole “What’s mine is yours, Lindsay” is total BS.

      And when I read that line, my first thought was that it sounded like something cooked up by the Cracken. What’s mine is yours? Really? Really?!?!?

    • Benny says:

      Here is the DA’s report! It says Sam Magid refused to let Lohan enter his house that night when the burglary took place. Sounds like he had another woman with him. So much for being obsessed- in love with Lohan. I bet her team told Tmz that he is in love with her. Doesnt sound like it from this report. Must have come from Team Lohan.

      • NerdMomma says:

        Thank you for the link! That sure made it sound like the police know she’s guilty but also know that she’ll beat it in court. Interesting look into the justice system there.

        This story is wayyyy different from the reports at TMZ. The second I read that line “he’s obsessed with her” I knew it came directly from Lohan. Get real, delusional girl, no one is obsessed with you or in love with you. Who knows what their relationship is, but Lohan and her little gang of crack thieves doing B&Es at night while people are asleep in the house? That’s terrifying.

    • Shelly says:

      So based on the police report, it sounds like Lindsay showed up wanting to party, the dude was with another woman so wouldn’t let her into his house, she gets pissed off because she’s been screwing him and now he’s screwing someone else, so she and her friends decide to teach him a lesson and take some of his and the other girl’s things. God, this bitch just loves drama.

  31. OhMyMy says:

    Granted getting kicked out of the CM and skipping town so the cops can’t question you are good reasons for leaving LA I’m betting she’s in NY beacuse Fashion Week starts on 9/6.

    She’s preppin’ her mayhem for NYFW. She’ll be screaming, throwing drinks, crashing parties and trying to crack hustle her way to Europe in no time!

  32. MST says:

    I agree, I was in the give-Lindsay-a second-third-fiftieth-chance club, but enough is a enough. Racist beatch!

    I don’t know why she would steal jewelry. Isn’t she working now? And what happen to all the money she made as a child star?

  33. Sumodo1 says:

    “So, to recap, Crackenjuice crack-heisted more than $100,000 worth of watches and other valuables from the home of Sam Magid less than two weeks ago”

    –Care to use “allegedly” here and there? It might be smart.

  34. tinypie says:

    He is not suge knights son.

  35. juju says:

    what a loser, banned from hotel’s for not paying her bill, goes to people’s houses and things go missing, which is not the first time, its been many !!! clothes, jewelry, sun glasses !!! but then look at her mom & dad, total losers !!! these people dont have any shame, they think they deserve it all !!! this will never change, its going to get worst, lets sit and watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • juju says:

      oh yeah lets not forget, keep playing with Suge Knight and you’ll end up like Vanilla Ice hanging out a window or balcony by your legs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. claire says:

    I don’t think I can read stories about her anymore. She’s basically just a trashy, drug-addict con artist that has notoriety because she was in a couple of movies when she was younger.

    There’s nothing redeeming about her that even makes me feel sorry for her, or root for her to get better. This lifestyle she is leading now has lasted longer than her movie career ever did.

    She’s not worthy of having any celebrity.

    • mia girl says:

      “She made a couple of movies when she was younger”…

      And it must drive her absolutely crazy that these movies, in which she was the lead/star, featured costars that went on to superceede her in every single way i.e.,

      Drama Queen -Allison Pill
      Mean Girls – Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan

      Why do they have interesting, respected careers and she doesn’t?!
      She probably blames it on the black guy…

  37. Dee Cee says:

    Duh.. the more crackery trickery she do.. the more that rich man’ll love you.. ‘chant..’
    She chants with candles…

    Honestly.. He said he loved HER?

    The insanely wealthy man who reported $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses stolen from his house told Lindsay Lohan she’s not a thief, because “What’s mine is yours.”

    TMZ broke the story … Lindsay is the suspect in the theft. The victim, Sam Magid, tried to recant his story but LAPD detectives say they have independent evidence to corroborate the theft and the investigation is full steam ahead.

    We’ve learned text messages were sent between Lindsay and Sam over the last few days, and he says “I officially told Detective Rodriguez you can’t take anything from me cause what’s mine is yours.”

    Sam also told Lindsay he told cops the culprits were men.

    It’s also apparent Sam is obsessed with Lindsay, telling her he loves her and, “I will fight for you.”


  38. the original bellaluna says:

    Here’s the link:

    But obviously, The Chateau’s “lifetime bans” aren’t strictly enforced, because she’s been banned before!

    *scrolls up to read comments*

  39. KJ says:

    I’m sure this will get lost in the shuffle, and white/mainstream gossipers don’t really know much or care to research about Suge Knight’s “son” Andrew, but if you find out more about him and his crew, you’ll start to see why he and Lindsay were hanging out.

    Andrew Knight is NOT Suge Knight’s biological son. He’s not an adopted son either. His last name is Payan, and his mother, Tia Rowe/Gold/Payan/Whatever Alias it is this year is an LA con artist and madame. She pimps out a number of lost souls in Hollywood, runs all kinds of frauds and schemes, and uses her son and his friends to get in good with celebrities in order to extort them or steal from them. She even pimps out her son (Andrew is gay and has been passed around quite a bit) and used to pimp Jason Kidd’s estranged, drug addicted daughter.

    Suge only lets Andrew claim to be his son because Tia would supply Suge with a steady stream of prostitutes in Vegas and LA. It’s just another way for these thieves to continue to con real celebrities and wealthy types, by using their connections to the most unscrupulous outer edges of Hollywood (people like Suge and Lindsay). They’re nothing but parasites and leeches.

    There are a number of tweets from Andrew (@SonOfAMogul) about hanging out with Lindsay and her brother Cody recently. So now that we know what Andrew is about, it makes sense why he was hanging out with Lindsay. LiLo fancies herself a con artist and is definitely a klepto, on top of which she probably desperately needs money to pay for all the bills she tried to cut out on (remember the $90,000 bill for limo service? Did that ever get settled?) so I imagine they were stealing the jewelry and were going to split the profit, but when the owner got wise, Lindsay tried to play dumb, Andrew felt double crossed and pointed the finger back at Lindsay, and Lindsay used her powers of persuasion to convince her “Friend” who she had robbed that it was all a big misunderstanding, that she was fucked up on Ambien and was “hiding” things with no intention of stealing them. Add to the fact that there have been prostitution rumors plaguing Lindsay for a while and it all starts to come together.

    Hollyweird gets weirder.

    • AnnieN says:

      I was reading about them today and allegedly the mom is trying to bring LiLo in to her harem? And the son might have been involved with Zac Efron, it DOES get weirder and weirder by the minute!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      It really does become clear as to why they were hanging out (“doing business”) together.

      Hopefully Suge will still go after her for bringing unwanted attention to his business. (I can dream, can’t I?)

      And no, I’m not wishing death on Blohan; but I AM wishing she’d fall on the wrong side of the line with ANYONE who will put her in her place (seeing as how the LAPD and courts can’t seem to manage it).

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Yes, you can dream as long as I get to with you.

        It does all come together now, huh? Whoring, having her little bro there, if you believe the blinds, which I do. Her new friends are perfect.

        I hope you all realize what kind of people she befriends and what they all do together and how sleazy it all is. She is a prostitute, let’s be honest. Her sister and brother? Hmmm. She hangs with people who are very well known in the biz, so let’s not pretend she is an “actress” anymore.

      • Sugar says:

        collective dreaming-I’m there!

  40. HillbillyintheCorner says:

    If this don’t OUT Lindsay for what she really is nothing will ….
    Lindsay Lohan is a High Priced Whore who deals drugs as well as sex…and she works the bars and hotel lounges of Hollywood and LA area every night peddleing her products the drugs and her body…
    This sound like a good old Sam and his part time parthner Lindsay had a break up and she went back to teach him a lesson… stealing all she could…

    Lindsay Lives and wallows in the seedy cesspool of hollywood..You can bet this is only the tip of stuff she as done and stolen…she is afterall a professional….

  41. skuddles says:

    What’s mine is yours? Magid must be completely insane – or right buggered on drugs.

  42. Sunnyinseattle says:

    Wait. She is now blaming Lifetime for not paying her hotel bill. It is someone else’s fault. Shocking. I know….

  43. jwoolman says:

    My guess is that Lindsay didn’t expect him to notice the theft until much later, when she would have been in New York for a while and so he wouldn’t make such a direct connection to her friends being on the premises. I also suspect that he really didn’t know she was involved, or else he wouldn’t have called the police. Michael’s mystery phone call to the guy makes sense now if Michael was saying he could get the stuff back if Sam made sure Lindsay wasn’t prosecuted – some of the loot seemed to have been returned after that. Michael might have gotten all the details out of Linds, who might have been freaking out at this point. But some of the loot may already have been fenced, hence Lindsay’s odd tale of hiding them in an Ambien-induced haze. She also was likely anxious to have an excuse if they were recovered with her prints on them. Maybe Michael suggested all of her peculiar stories- the “pray for me” sounds like a Michael touch.

    Michael is a sleaze, but he probably really does want to keep his first-born child out of prison. He’s spent too much time there himself to wish it on his kids and in his weird little way was trying to convince judges not to send her to jail for even a little bit but rather to lock her down in rehab. He’s never been delusional about the seriousness of her drugging. He was the one in court with her (much to her dismay…) when Dina somehow couldn’t make it. I suspect he was unhappy to hear that Cody was hanging out with her collaborators. Odd that we have heard nothing from Dina, maybe it all has finally become too much for her.

  44. BitterB says:

    Lohan steals when she’s drunk and high. You wanna know why she steals? She’s “making up” for what she feels was ROBBED from her in childhood. The no. 1 reason people steal isn’t for the thrill, which is commonly believed. They’re countering the deficit that they feel they deserved as a youngster. Kleptos, am I right or what?

    I’m so sure when she was really young, Lohan saw others getting what Michael couldn’t provide. They don’t come from money but always managed to live in neighborhoods above their means due to the help of grandparents. This is one of her core problems. Can’t hate her for this.

  45. rightgrrl says:

    This. It’s never been that funny, give it a rest.

  46. Sarah says:

    Please don’t ever stop the awesome over usage of the word crack in lohan stories. I am dead serious, crack heist, crack muffin and crackie just give me the lolz. Thank you!!!

  47. Bubba88 says:

    Here he is:

    He is old and creepy looking.

  48. RN says:

    He has the grinding your teeth coke smile.

  49. Benny says:

    Vikram 2.0

  50. Byte Me says:

    There’s a huge ick factor going on there.

  51. Really? says:

    Bubba88, Sam is on the right, are you talking about Frank on the left? He looks old and creepy, not Sam…but if Sam and Lin keep up their current lifestyles, they will eventually join the zombie parade, no doubt.