Jennifer Aniston: Vogue went ‘tabloid’ by focusing on ‘uncool’ comment

Jennifer Aniston is featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in a cute seated pose twirling her trademark hair. In the accompanying interview, she’s asked a few questions about the recent tabloid and interview hype and she answers them honestly without going overboard. Aniston calls Vogue’s focus on her now famous “uncool” comment about Angelina Jolie “tabloid,” but she doesn’t sound broken up over it or anything. She also calls the pregnancy rumors “hysterical”:

On her Vogue quote (“What Angelina did was very uncool”) being taken out of context : “I was just surprised that Vogue would go so tabloid. I was bummed. But you almost expect it. Big deal. Done. Next.”

On the rumors that she’s carrying boyfriend John Mayer’s baby: “Oh my God, it’s hysterical . It’s almost going to take away the fun from actually being able to say one day, ‘I’m pregnant!'”

On motherhood being in her future: “I’m on the verge of it in some way–or it’s something I long for.”

[From Entertainment Weekly via Huffington Post]

Doesn’t it sound like she’s making hints that she’s either pregnant or is trying now? She says “I’m on the verge of [motherhood] in some way.” It’s just a strange way of phrasing it, and she also talks about making a pregnancy announcement as if it’s inevitable. The tabloids are going to be all over those phrases and will be twisting them and building stories around them. Aniston knows this, and she’s probably having fun with it. She seems to be back on top in both the public’s estimation of her and in her professional and personal life. She’ll tell you how she feels, but she’s not dwelling on it like everyone else.

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  1. Kristen says:

    I can see how she would see the whole ‘uncool’ comment as tabloid. But what about the cartoon with her holding a gun comment? Is that tabloid too?

    I really like Jennifer – but now it seems like she is backpedaling. If that’s how she felt – why readdress it again and bring back all the bullsh*t!

  2. geronimo says:

    “She seems to be back on top in both the public’s estimation of her and in her professional and personal life.”

    Really? Planning a kid (which she seems to be implying above) with a man who dumped her and publicly humiliated her is not really what I’d describe as being back on top of anything. But maybe that’s just me… 😕

  3. Levi says:

    that’s one cute pup!!

  4. Kim says:

    Kirsten, she was specifically asked about it. It must be hard to be in her shoes, with the ugly head of brangelina always skulking in your shadow. A cartoon is a cartoon, it was satire not a spin on a comment. Vogue was tabloid, but I am glad it was. Brangelina got a lot of negative publicity. At least people then came out strongly to criticise them. I was tired of their glorification when they are nothing but parasitic adulterers.

  5. roller says:

    she looks amazing in the last photo! stunning! i really really like this woman, she sounds down to earth and real

  6. Allabouteve says:

    ““She seems to be back on top in both the public’s estimation of her and in her professional and personal life.”

    Really? Planning a kid (which she seems to be implying above) with a man who dumped her and publicly humiliated her is not really what I’d describe as being back on top of anything. But maybe that’s just me… 😕 ”

    LOL…it is not just you, it is amazing to me the length that Anniston’s appologists will go to prop this woman child up. Her career is about dead, she did not expect the flap she got over her uncool comment so now she is backtracking and blaming Vogue. Has this woman ever accepted any responsibility over actions?

    Her movies bomb, she blames the script, director or even the friends show, her marriage fails, she accepts only 2% responsibility and throws another woman under the bus, she starts her pity party with Vanity fair then says her skin crawls because people feel sorry for her, and now she laughs at a cartoon of her with a machine gun trying to kill Jolie, but no, it is all Vogue’s fault.

    She has been having fresh starts for the last 4 years, and she has been on the verge of motherhood for the last ten years, and yet this bitch is never called out for the phoney bitch that she is because women are not threatened by her pathetic life.

    I hope she is bummed more because the industry finally see her what she truly is.

  7. Lilou says:

    She is always on the verge of motherhood 🙄 When she got married, she was on the verge; when Rachel got pregnant, she was on the verge; when friends ended, she was on the verge; when she was with vince vaughn; she was on the verge… And now, here we go again, she is on the verge… She doesn’t seem to want kids afterall…

    It’s OK not to want kids (Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock) but just embrasse the fact that you don’t want kids 😉 And if you do want kids, do them!!!!! I just hate how she says she wants kids but her actions have been saying otherwise for 10 years!!! It gives the impression that she has no control over her life…

    And it’s like she is using a possible pregnancy as a PR game. That’s just wrong. Everytime she has a movie to promote she has a new boyfriend and let everyone believe that she want a baby and is on the verge of having it!!! It’s really getting old 🙄

    And a baby with J. Mayer????? Seriously??? That’s the problem when women wait to long to have a baby. They think that they control their life (I do a baby whenever I want), but the clock is ticking, and they end up having a kid with the first guy they met… So they don’t do it by choice: they do it by lack of time and lack of choice….

    I really wish she could stop this “i-m-gonna-have-a-kid-NO-I-love-my-life-like-it-is” thing…. One day she wants a kid, the other day, she says that “life is good” “I don’t have a house full of kids in Connecticut, that doesn’t mean my life suck” blablabla…. Stop using your uterus as a way to promote movies 😆

  8. geronimo says:

    @Allabouteve – what I find interesting is that if this were another woman in a similar situation with a man who treated her like crap, people would be all over this theoretical woman asking where the hell her self-esteem and self-respect is etc etc etc. Objectivity failure!

  9. Sickitten says:

    I just love this horse-faced actress.

  10. RaeJillian says:

    having a kid with a man who publicly dissed her is what a.simpson did and it worked great for her.

  11. roller says:

    notice how the people fuelling jennifer aniston are die hard angie fans? and speaking about taking responsiblity, i’ve never heard a particular someone (read: angelina jolie) take responsiblity for anything. remember the “i never hurt anyone” quote? sorry, i know this isnt an aj post but i just had to say something

  12. Susan says:

    Allabouteve: “Her career is about dead”? she has made 4 movies this last year and now has her own company which is making movies. If that is a dead career – well then we are all in trouble.

    “Her movies bomb:? Her last six movies have all doubled their budget and some like The Break Up and Along Came Polly have made 4 times their budget. Wow then I guess that almost all movies except The Dark Knight bomb?

    “with a man who dumped her and publicly humiliated her” Were you talking about Brad here? Yest John did talk about him ending the relationship however he did not humiliate her. He stated that she was the smartest, greatest etc. If that is humiliation then give me some of that.

    She also is not backtracking on her comment about Angie. She made it and admits to it. However she did not expect it to go on the cover.

    I have no problem with people disliking Jennifer even though I like her. However when attacking her perhaps you should attack with honest stuff.

    I read the whole article it is great. Obviously she is willing to talk and is doing well. Good for her.

  13. Kaiser says:

    “Fresh Start” or “Same Old Vapid, Pathetic, Bitter Pity Party”?

    Amen, Geronimo and AllAboutEve. EW should have interviewed the puppy.

  14. Allabouteve says:

    Gerenimo- I know right? She gets dumped by John Mayer publicly and have her friends badmouth him(that is her trademark)while she acts like she never talks about her private life, then takes him back and yet people are still harping on Brad and Angelina. This woman has had about 4 relationships since Brad and yet it is only the triangle that gets her headlines.

    She really thought that her Vogue interview will be Vanity Fair part 2 and start the pity party all over again, when that backfired, she trolled back to her cave now claiming she was shocked, she is always shocked.

    I will bet you any money that she and Huvane were behind the NYT hatchet job on Angelina last week and that too backfired on all of them because I don’t think the response they got from the public calling NYT out was what they expected instead they have just propelled Angelina’s Iconic status as the woman who tamed the media beast and is smart enough to manage her press.
    When you have publicist saying they need advise from you then you know it is a different ball game meanwhile Anniston pays Huvane all that money to make her look like a pathetic loser.

    Mybe Anniston needs to get over herself and ask Angelina to be her publicist since NYT thinks she manipulates them well, after all Pitt has dispensed with his own publicist as well, now that is the story that I will be interested in.

  15. Kim says:


    The industry finally sees her for what she is. Yes, a talented beautiful woman who made a mistake of marrying the fakest douche in tinseltown. She is always on the top of every poll for favourite actress. Angelina on the other hand tops polls for least favourite even with all the paid apologists crawling all over the internet to defend every single machinations of hers. If she can manipulate the media, why not he blogs. Something about and Brangelina smells fishy.

    Jen never set out ot hurt any one. She was living her life when a certain evil witch happened to join the neighbourhood. She has since lived a nightmare. To turn her into a culprit mind boggles.

  16. Kim says:

    Her career is about dead? She made double what Angelina made in movies. Almost what both Brad and Angelina earned in a year. She does not need to sell pictures of her children and lie that the money is going to charity while using it. If her career is dead, I wish mine was dead like that too. When was the last time Brad had a hit at the BO? Changeling and Burn after reading are both tanking at the box office. If you want a dead career, look no further than you lovely Brangelina.

  17. geronimo says:

    k – the puppy IS nice. 😀

    Susan – if you don’t see what Mayer did to her as publically humiliating and distressing, then you and I have very different standards. I would never let anyone treat me like that. But, her life, her lookout.

  18. Syko says:


    I’m sick of the Brangelina wars.

  19. Kaiser says:

    Syko – ZOMG SHUTUP TRAITOR!!! Honestly, I would rather read the latest pronouncement from up high on Mt. Pity Party than even skim that Winehouse thread.

    Geronimo – The puppy has better hair than Pity Party. You know she’s pissed about that.

  20. Mairead says:

    *directs Syko out of the way into room with a nice mojito on the table* 😉

    Jen, love: great hair, lovely clothes, nice photos, but you’re blocking my view of the doggie.
    Please to move owt ov way? kthanxbai :mrgreen:

  21. daisy424 says:

    Kim, this is the current Forbes list for Celebs;

    Rank Name Pay($mil) Web Press TV

    1 Oprah Winfrey 275 2 5 1
    2 Tiger Woods 115 12 1 3
    3 Angelina Jolie 14 1 9 15
    4 Beyonce Knowles 80 3 32 14
    5 David Beckham 50 10 3 18
    6 Johnny Depp 72 17 19 36
    7 Jay-Z 82 6 43 41
    8 The Police 115 15 20 51
    9 J.K. Rowling 300 23 27 64
    10 Brad Pitt 20 4 8 7
    11 Will Smith 80 26 39 32
    12 Justin Timberlake 44 5 24 17
    13 Steven Spielberg 130 34 23 60
    14 Cameron Diaz 50 13 50 45
    15 David Letterman 45 42 34 10
    16 LeBron James 38 32 13 13
    17 Jennifer Aniston 27 21 67 49
    18 Michael Jordan 45 38 45 29
    19 Kobe Bryant 39 28 18 24
    20 Phil Mickelson 45 87 12 23
    21 Madonna 40 15 20 67
    22 Simon Cowell 72 65 47 40
    23 Roger Federer 35 40 2 26
    24 Alex Rodriguez 34 51 7 6
    25 Jerry Seinfeld 85 79 72 38

    Jennifer doesn’t have kids to sell their pictures. Would you provide a link for the rest of us for AJ spending the photo $? I was pretty sure they donated that money to charity.

  22. geronimo says:

    But..but..but how can that be right, Daisy?

    AJ at no.3 and JA all the way down at (pulls socks off to count) no.17?? Does this mean that Kim is mistaken (aka telling big porkies to suit her position in the great JA-AJ war)?? Surely not? 😯

  23. KatyAlia says:

    You’re kinda proving Kim’s point here though.

  24. Susan says:

    You guys really need to give it up. Jen is happy, fulfilled, dating, making movies, moving into a new house, has many many friends, rich, etc. She is leaving the life that most women dream of. What I see here are a bunch of jealous middle age women trying to make her look bad. So sad. Move on guys, move on.

  25. nina says:

    JA has nothing to be ashamed for. She is a lovely woman, with a squeaky-clean reputation, a large group of fans and a career that is probably a thousand times more successful than of anyone here. The public loves her, and she is respected in the industry – never read a single bad comment about her.
    Which single available man she chooses to date is her business. She talks about her kids plans – so what? I have been talking about kids for a decade now too – it is not called selling tabloids – it is called being responsible and waiting for the right moment.

  26. Madelyn Rose says:

    Kim, you are right on with PR people being paid to come onto blogs (maybe even this one) to downplay bad things about people. I have a friend whose husband is a PR guy and he ws hired to write good things on blogs and websites about Brittney Murphy’s husband after all the sites come out calling him a sleaze bag. He was paid a LOT of money to come on sites like this and defend the guy. So yeah, there are probably a lot of people who are brangelina and Aniston PR people on here. Maybe that is why people go so ape shi$t on these sites!!! Ha

  27. Kaiser says:

    Daisy, Thou dost offend the Hater Data. Don’t you know that Pity will always be ZOMG NUMBER ONE!!!1!!!

  28. daisy424 says:

    Oh Susan, you are misguided if you think that for one second I am jealous of JA. Nice try though.
    I love my life, husband, children and grand kids and would never trade a second of it to live in her CA mansion with her bank account. Thanks but no thanks.

    *edit, Kaiser, Forbes didn’t have that as a category…………

  29. Codzilla says:

    LOVE the pup.

  30. Lisa says:

    Why does she insist on constantly speaking to the press about her personal life. She has a real sweetheart of a quite over on today showing off her ignorance. …and she wonders why her life is invaded with personal questions.

  31. Mia says:

    The Lipster’s fans are getting slightly hysterical with the negative comments.

    Whats wrong with you people! Don’t you have a life?! It’s disturbing anyway to praise a mad, man stealing woman with six kids.

  32. PJ says:

    Very interesting, Madelyn Rose! I have always suspected some people were paid PR advocates, but didn’t know for sure. So tell us, how can we get paid for doing this? 😀

  33. PJ says:

    Jennifer is considering adoption–at least that’s how I read it. She implied that if she didn’t have a biological baby herself, she would adopt. That’s why she was so sure she would have a baby, one way or the other.

    The Vogue cover was an unusually tabloid headline for them. They like to emphasize elegance and style, not catfights. But on the other hand, you gotta sell magazines, and this controversy has sold millions of them.

  34. Ling says:

    @ all JA haters, but mainly Allabouteve:

    I’m QUITE SURE she’s not out to personally irritate YOU with the choices she making regarding her own personal uterus. I’m also ALMOST POSITIVE that she wouldn’t be staying with John Mayer if their relationship was crummy, given that the PR people you so fear and detest would most certainly prefer she break it off.

    It’s hilarious to me that JA haters condemned her for “emasculating” JM by calling him “That Man” during her Oprah interview, but whine equally loudly at her displaying “feminine weakness” by staying with him.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ling Noelle, Polaris Public Relations

  35. Eka Allen says:

    There is nothing empowering about talking about your ex and his current lady. a simple no comment will suffice. As for John Mayer, he just cannot live without the attention of dating someone famous. He cant help himself.

  36. bros says:

    why the hell can’t aniston shut the hell up about her ex marriage? she should just refuse to answer questions about what went wrong 4 years ago, how she feels today, whatever. just shut the hell up and get over it. she would make everyone get over it if she would refuse to answer anymore stupid questions. she seriously makes her own bed by continually answering questions about what went wrong. talk about something other than your pathetic relationships. every single interview is exactly the same with this one-hit wonder woman poster child for the marginally talented.
    god she pisses me off that she lets herself be turned into this same note in every interview. pathetic woman.

  37. Maritza says:

    She is a beautiful down to earth actress and she has definitely moved on with her life, it’s the tabloids who doesn’t stop involving her with her ex. And as she said, she will have a baby biological or adopted, whenever she feels like it. If she loves Mayer then that’s her choice, the guy must have great qualities if she is so interested in him. I personally don’t like him, but as long as she is happy, that’s what matters.

  38. KateNonymous says:

    So I guess what Vogue did was uncool.

  39. FUG says:

    Only a desperate person will crawled back to a douche bag that dumped you 3 times. Jennifer Aniston = desperate cougar.

  40. Trace says:

    I can’t believe she slammed Vogue the way she did. It’ll be the last Vogue cover she gets. This is typical for her. She slams everything and anything that has ever contributed to her ‘career’ or given her a break. She did this both with Friends and her movies that bombed. She is one of the most ungrateful, undeserving actresses out there.

    Anyone have any idea how reviews for Marley and Me are coming in? It’s funny how she’s doing all these promos for the movie, but in the actual movie poster, all you see is the cute dog. The studio is definitely not using her face to sell the movie. I guess any actress could have played her role in the movie since it’s all about the dog.

  41. geronimo says:

    @KateNonymo 😀 !

    And now Celebitchy is uncool for reporting on Vogue’s uncoolness about Aniston’s uncool remark….

  42. Mairead says:

    Trace – it’s because the dog is the real star of the show. 8)

    Now, that’s one film I won’t go to watch in the cinema (even though I usually like all things Owen Wilson); but the Vogue article mentioned what happens near the end (I haven’t read the book) and there is no way that I’d be in a fit state to sit though the ending. I can’t even listen to “Memories” from Cats without welling up. 😳

    Sooooo Kaiser – how much is Pax paying you? 😉 And where do I send my CV to? 😆

    (oh, and I agree with PJ’s second comment.)

  43. Lore says:

    I’m with Nina.

  44. FUG says:

    Angelina and Brad had a dead career??? I guess you must have been living under a rock or something.

  45. Kristin says:

    Wow she looks stunning on the cover.

    Angelina loonies are in I see!

  46. Kaiser says:

    Mairead, I *wish* I was getting paid to hate Pity Party. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve rolled my eyes at people who worship the ground she walks on simply because she was dumped, I would already be a millionaire.

    Trace – Yes, you’re probably right about no more Pity Party Vogue covers. Just as well – Anna Wintour probably laughed when she selected the most hachet-faced pic of Aniston for that cover.

    Geronimo, you are so uncool for reading CB’s uncool reporting of Vogue being uncool. And I am uncool for pointing it out.

  47. Cheyenne says:

    So she tried to re-launch the pity party by whining in Vogue about how Angie done her wrong, and it all backfired in her face, so now Vogue is to blame for going tabloid on her. Uh-huh.

    I hope now everyone can see this no-talent has-been for the fraud she is. Get gone, Jen, and stay gone.

  48. Hmm says:

    I love how all of the Aniston fans who show up on every site and post negative things about BP and AJ always call Brangelina supporters crazy. Pot meet kettle.

  49. Syko says:

    “She is leaving the life that most women dream of.”


    By the way, I’m not a jealous middle aged woman either. I’m old and I’m not jealous. Show some respect for your elders.

  50. ff says:

    So now she’s using the publicity from that to make more publicity?

    If she doesn’t actually have a critical success or a box office success she’s riding the Nicole Kidman train to the box office kiss of death: always headlining and highly paid for films that flop.

  51. so what says:

    I think they “uncool” comment got way too much attention, I didn’t think it was bad at all, and it was whats the big deal? She was asked a question and she answered it..

  52. vdantev says:

    *Pours a dry martini, sips it and smiles at the cross-comment mayhem*

  53. doodahs says:

    Ech, whatever…
    Nice dress though. Me loves!

  54. Granger says:

    Money isn’t everything. Sure, Aniston’s mindless romantic comedies appeal to the masses and make a lot at the box office. Yes, she has a successful career. But is it respectable? Is it good? Depends on your definition. I’d rather do more obscure films that garner Oscar nominations and inspire critical debate. The only thing Aniston’s movies inspire is sleep.

  55. PJ says:

    I admit that I sometimes defend Jennifer because I’m appalled at the way people attack her. All she did was admit she was hurt when her husband left her. Why is that such a capital offense? Why don’t others show some compassion?

    Everyone has moments of tragedy in their lives, and it takes a while to get over it, but clearly JA has moved on with her life; she’s working again, is in a caring relationship, and seems happy and content. Why do people attack her for that? Beats me.

  56. lanette says:

    no it does not seem like she is trying to get pregnant.
    so stupid …everything that falls out of her mouth people want to twist it.

  57. NotBlonde says:

    I really do not understand the hate and vitriol people spew over this woman. As PJ said, all she did was admit that she was hurt by her husband leaving her for another woman. For some reason the press got hold of this and turned it into a circus.

    If Jennifer Aniston refuses to answer questions about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie then there will be headlines reading “JEN REFUSES TO ANSWER! STILL NOT OVER SPLIT!” She’s really f**ked no matter what, so she may as well answer questions as honestly as she can.

    The people INTERVIEWING her should get over it. All she does is answer questions. She doesn’t bring it up randomly. If she continually brought the situation up without any kind of prompting, then I would think she was a weirdo. But in every interview she’s done, she was asked a question and she answered it. Why is that weird or pathetic?

    And what Angelina did WAS uncool. And Vogue DID do a tabloid move when they put that quote on the cover. How is she blaming Vogue? She literally said one sentence about how she was bummed that Vogue went so tabloid with the quote. She wasn’t denying that she said it.

  58. Kristen says:

    Kim ~

    I am sorry but Vogue is not a tabloid.I do like Jennifer -I think she is a beautiful and talented comedic actress. ALL I meant was that if she said it and she meant it then why not say “no comment” or “yeah that’s exactly how I feel”. That would be HONESTY!

    I am sorry to you think that AJ/BP are parasitic adulters – but I admire their charity work. No matter what is going on
    in their personal lives or how they got together it cannot take away from the good that they do in the world.Jennifer has always made considerable donations and I love that about her. Especially her support for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

    Sorry Kim but you sound like Aniloonie!

  59. Cheyenne says:

    Gotta laugh at “Jen’s Fresh Start”. According to the tabloids, she’s made about 13 or 14 fresh starts over the past year or so. Every time the Jolie-Pitts launch a new movie, or a new baby, here comes Aniston with a “fresh start”. Too bad her fresh starts end up going nowhere. Another movie bombs, another relationship fails… same ole same ole.

  60. DD says:

    Totally agree with JA’s uncool statement. It was honest and refreshing… and no big deal. BP and AJ were pretty shameless the way they flaunted their relationship with those photospreads. I think that’s the reason why ppl love to talk about this still. I mean you don’t go from being friends to planning a baby together as quickly as those two did 😛

  61. A real independent woman! says:

    Gawd, will this girl every get busy and pop that kid out already? She keeps talking about it, then dates “male-children” who are not even close to dad material. Does she think we’re stupid or something? She obviously doesn’t want kids THAT badly, but somehow puts up this lame charade that she does. Like her fans would all turn on her, if she actually told the truth. That’s why I never liked her, she is as fake as her tan, her hair color, her nose, and sweetheart image. I think her fans must be the silliest people–they must be those girls who watch all those lame romantic comedies, then sigh and cry. THANK GOD that’s not me. Just as bonkers as the loon lovers.

  62. Ling says:

    A real independent woman!: Have you ever considered that she’s telling the truth and simply doesn’t feel that the time is right as of now? Or possibly that she doesn’t owe it to her fans to have children, even after hinting she might want to? Don’t women tell their parents they and their partner want kids, then procrastinate until the time is right for them? Considering the phrase you chose as your handle, you of all people should respect her.

  63. Kim says:

    Madelyn Rose, I concur. For a while I have had my suspicions about people being paid by PR machines to blog. Justjared and Brangelina are too obvious.

    With Angelina being as manipulative as she is, it comes as not surprise that she/ her assistants would pay bloggers. I know for a fact that during the last elections, camps paid bloggers including a friend of mine to jump from blog to blog. All this ‘God bless the Jolie-Pitts’ is a bit too suspect if you ask me.

    It worked for a while, they were not hated as much as they should. But now things are changing, most people are seeing through them and they are getting a lot of negative energy from bloggers and the media.

    I wonder who they will be paying next to help their images. May be we will be getting a people magazine cover of the twins soon. I am surprised that they have not yet ochestrated a ‘where are the twins’ spin to get the price higher.

  64. Susan says:

    Cheyenne: We had this discussion above about Jennifer’s movies bombing. Her last movie made 4 times its budget. That is amazing. Marley and Me will also do very well. Her movies are far from bombing. If you want to talk a bomb go no further than A Mighty Heart or the AOJJ. Those were bombs.

    Jennifer is in the magazines now because she is promoting a movie -something she has to do for her contract. And your according to the tabloids – you really need to quit reading those things I think we all know that they lie most of the time. Scary to think that you are actually basing what you think of Jennifer and her life on tabloids.

    finally her love life is going oh so well. At first I didn’t not know what to make of Jen and John. But recently am loving them. The whole cake thing is so cute. There’s a video of John saying he helped Jen with the Obama cake but since she didn’t give him credit they are in couple’s therapy These two really seem to be on the same wave lenght. See what happens to them but for now they are really cute together. Also very proud of them that they are not photographed together much lately. I know that they work hard for this as the paps are also after them. They don’t want to make their relationship a circus. Good for them.

  65. Giggles says:

    At 40 she looks amazing! And from all the comments on this page, I’d say there is a LOT of interest in her. 🙂 If you’ve ever been thru a painful betrayal & divorce you know it takes TIME (often years) to heal … I cannot imagine having to go thru it as publicly as this woman did. And then the worst thing that she said publicly is Angelina’s “comments” were uncool? She is making millions upon millions annually … has her own production company … can and appears to be living life on her own terms.

    Just remember, she is being ASKED these questions – and she chooses or not to answer. For the Vogue article at one point she asked for the recorder to be turned off.

    What Brad & Angelina did is wrong. NOTHING justifies adultery. Sorry Hollywood, somethings ARE just WRONG.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    “Not photographed much together lately because the paps are after them”… that’s one explanation. There’s also a much simpler explanation: They aren’t photographed much together lately because they aren’t much together lately. :mrgreen:

  67. Cheyenne says:

    “Doesn’t it sound like she’s making hints that she’s either pregnant or is trying now? She says “I’m on the verge of [motherhood] in some way.” It’s just a strange way of phrasing it, and she also talks about making a pregnancy announcement as if it’s inevitable. ”

    With all due respect to CB, actually that sounds more like wishful thinking. How is one “on the verge of motherhood”? We’ve heard this four years ago. “I never said I didn’t want to have children… I will and I am and I do!” She has never made having a child a priority and in an interview a few years back she flat out refused to consider adopting one. Of course, there is the possibility that she is panicking at the reality of the big 4-0 looming on the horizon and figures it’s now or never. But she has never shown the slightest interest in having children or even in children period — I’ve never seen a single photograph of her holding or playing with her godchild, Coco Cox — so this sudden “verge of motherhood” thing sound like one more Huvane-orchestrated publicity stunt.

  68. Susan says:

    Actually they are very very together. Listen to John interviewed on the red carpet and their is a picture from X17 after the red carpet at a restaurant. Jen looks adorable.
    They are very together and very much a couple but wnating not to turn their life and love into a cirucs for the paps. Good for them. I wonder if they will ever walk the red carpet together? Jen has so moved on in her life. She is happy, healthy has a huge movie coming out and at least 3 next year, she is directing, not scared to talk anymore. She is just doing so well. I am very happy for her. I am hoping that now the Brad/Angie fans can move on as well. Wish her well in love and life and concentrate on the family you love so much.

  69. Kaiser says:

    A Mighty Heart cost less than $10 million dollars to make. It made money in wide release, rentals and DVD sales. And, btw, A Mighty Heart is a really good movie with a powerful story more people should have seen.

    All of this Hater Data is so pathetic, I barely have words.

    And I *LOVE* how the Pity Party and the Dark Dick Rot are now the The Patrol’s love story of the decade. I’m laughing/crying in anticipation of the massive hissy fit Pity’s going to throw when Mayer dumps her *again*.

  70. geronimo says:

    ZOMG CYNIC, kaiser. Jen and John are baking cakes together. It’s love. Get with the bake-together-stay-together programme. 😉

  71. Kaiser says:

    G, the love story of the decade will never include the words “golden showers”, “Dominican penis” or “chicken salad”. Call me a pessimist, but there it is. 😯

  72. Mookie says:

    I agree with Kristen’s comment. If she was saying how she felt, let that comment stand for itself and don’t deny or attempt to defend it. The bottom line is that what Angelina did (gushing about how she and Brad fell in love, meanwhile he’s married to Aniston who evidently has no idea this is going on) *was* uncool. Celebrities like Jolie complain about their lack of privacy, well, if there was any details that you should keep to yourself, that would be it. Just tacky. She doesn’t need to defend her feelings about that.

    The Maher affair though I’ll admit sort of lessened my opinion of her. Nevermind the fact that he’s a sappy cheesebag that’s run through a laundry list of female celebrities but he blabbed to a tabloid about something that no one needed to know the details. Um, ewww.

  73. Cheyenne says:

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong — but Aniston has only one movie definitely coming out next year and that is HJINTY, which has already been postponed twice. Not an auspicious beginning for any movie. Management was finally picked up by an indie, or so I heard, and is being released in Iceland, of all places. If they really believe in the film, why don’t they release it in America? And Travelling still can’t find a distributor.

  74. mollination says:

    Don’t care about ANY thing but that cute little pup.

    I would just moosh him up and eat him if I didn’t have one of my own to do that to already.

    lol don’t worry, he always survives my smother attacks.

  75. Nika says:

    I like her, but that’s a stupid thing to say. It was her saying that, the magazine just quoted her. Pethatic if you blame others for your own thoughts and comments.

  76. Kristen says:

    Didn’t Jennifer have an affair with Tate Donovan when he was engaged to his baby mama (who if I remember correctly lost the baby because of the stress)… so if you can’t forgive Angie – why forgive Jennifer?

  77. Kristen says:

    Cheyenne ~

    You are correct in the postponements of her movies – which is never a good sign in Hollywood.

    Anyone remember a Nazi movie with Tom Cruise (still haven’t seen that either). I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of Hollywood – but postponing releases of movies cannot be good.

  78. Cheyenne says:

    Kristen, you’re talking about “Valkyrie” which is coming out on 12/25 or 12/26 after being postponed from September. The advance buzz on the movie ranges from dismal to dreadful.

  79. Kristen says:

    Cheyene ~

    Exactly! Not a good sign for Tom or Jennifer.

  80. Mairead says:

    Kristen, somebody else (I think it was Cheyenne, but it could have been you… I don’t know. My memory has teh dumb) saying something similar. So I tried to research it and nowhere else have I seen it said, not even in online versions of stories from that time or whatever who-dated-whom sites I found.

    One has even a year or more between Jen and Tate getting together after his previous listed romance. Which could have been Sandra Bullock. So I doubt that rumour is true. If it was the gossip mags would have been all over it in the 90s. I remember the field day they had when Courtney/Jen dated Adam Duritz (of all the grimy gimps) and then a short while later the other one dated him. (why??? Counting Crows were SH*TE?) Apparently it was bottles of glossing conditioner at dawn!

  81. vdantev says:

    “Jenn’s Fresh Start” uh-huh keep saying it maybe it’ll be true one day. 🙄 It all presumes she actually has something to actually start over from. Is she made of spun glass or something ?

  82. Cheyenne says:

    Mairead, wasn’t me. I don’t even know who Tate Donovan is.

  83. Susan says:

    “A Mighty Heart cost less than $10 million dollars to make. It made money in wide release, rentals and DVD sales.”

    first according to box office mojo AMH cost 16 million to make. Remember that a movie must make at least 2X its budget to break even. AMH would have needed to make at least 32 million to break even. It made 18 million worldwide. I am not sure how much it made in video rentals. kaiser could you please provide a link as you seem to know how much it made in rentals, etc.

    Also HJINTY has many stars and calling it Jennifer’s movie is a bit rude to all the other stars in the movie. Isn’t it Drew company who is producing it? Perhaps it should be called her movie?

    “Management was finally picked up by an indie, or so I heard, and is being released in Iceland, of all places” this is untrue.

  84. Kristen says:

    That came out years and years ago – I can’t even remember what year…

  85. Codzilla says:

    Mairead: I’d rather spend time with a fermented dog turd than Adam Duritz. Especially with that Sideshow Bob thing he has going on with his hair. Even, dare I say it, J-J *gags* John Mayer is better than him.