Twilight’s Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett in Runaways movie

The new movie based on the cult hit books, Twilight, has made stars out of recently unknown, young actors. Robert Pattinson and his admitted bad hygeine practices are everywhere. Girls who would literally turn their noses up at someone in their high school who bathes as rarely as Pattinson go crazy for him everywhere he goes. Another young actor with new found fame is Kristen Stewart. Stewart plays Bella Swan in Twilight and now she’s been tapped to play another cult hero, of another genre.

Fresh from the box-office success of “Twilight,” Kristen Stewart is set to portray Joan Jett in “The Runaways,” the rock ‘n’ roll biopic of the 1970s all-girl band.

The Runaways were hugely influential as the first commercially successful all-girl hard rock band; their members included guitarists Jett and Lita Ford, drummer Sandy West, singer-keyboardist Cherie Currie and bassist Jackie Fox.

The film will revolve around Jett and Currie and follow them from the band’s meteoric rise as teenagers to their dissolution and disillusionment.

Video director Floria Sigismondi wrote the screenplay and is directing. Jett will serve as an executive producer.

[From Reuters]

The Runaways were groundbreaking for women in rock. The band was set up much the same as the Spice Girls, but dissimilarly were far more talented than anyone anticipated. Joan Jett and Lita Ford later became hard rock female icons and it was all because Kim Fowler thought the gimmick of teenage rock chicks in leather and lace would make some bank. I don’t think anyone expected the young musicians to be so talented.

Joan Jett is a rock goddess. What a plumb role Stewart landed. I saw Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in concert in the 80s and then again a couple years ago, and she’s just as amazing now as she was then. My feet were killing me from the day of wandering around the county fair, but you couldn’t keep me in my seat during that concert!

The Runaways is set to start filming in 2009, but they have to work around Stewart’s two Twilight sequels film schedules. The first sequel, New Moon, is also shooting the first part of ’09, so Kristen’s going to be a busy little lady.

Joan Jett is shown at the “39th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Marriott Marquis” in NY on 6/19/08. Credit: PNP/WENN. Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson are shown at the UK premiere of Twilight last night. Credit: WENN

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18 Responses to “Twilight’s Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett in Runaways movie”

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  1. CB Rawks says:


  2. G. says:

    But. She. Can’t. Act. I watched the Twilight movie and it was painful to watch her. She had zero emotion.


  3. canan says:

    his hygeine thing is a result of his weird sense of humor.he was sick of being asked about his hair so he said stg about not washin his hair and suddenly everyone believed it.

    i am not a teenage fan, but i now really believe that celebs should be pr machines and always speak what they are given to. neever joke and do stg weird. 🙄

  4. canan says:

    about twilight, i think both were not good as actors. but did you see little ashes trailer? he was good at it.

  5. Syko says:

    I can’t even go see Twilight although I loved the books, because nobody looks like they should. She’s not innocent enough to be Bella, he’s too ugly to be Edward.

    But I can see her as Joan Jett. If she can act. Which some people don’t think she can. I wouldn’t know. I’m not letting her ruin my Bella by going to see her.

  6. Kayleigh says:

    Agreeing with G.

  7. photo jojo says:

    Syko – wise move. Both my daughter and I hated the movie. 🙁

  8. Syko says:

    I would hate that. After loving the books, to have the movie taint them. I’ll just reread the books.

  9. Lynn says:

    I loved the Twilight books! The movie wasn’t that bad considering it was a low budget film. They didn’t know how the movie would do, so they weren’t willing to spend a ton of money on it. The next one should be much better. If you liked the books, you should give the movie a chance.

  10. Cletus says:

    😯 They would be hard-pressed to find anyone who could hold Joan Jett’s guitar pick. I love Joan Jett. This is turrible.

  11. Erin says:

    does she ever have anything but that dead expression on her face?

  12. vdantev says:

    Uh no- make that F*CK NO!! 👿 Juliette Lewis would make a better choice. She can at least look the part. This little skinbag scallop is too pretty and nonthreatening. Joan Jett can kill a man dead with one eyelid and make him love it.

  13. Tia says:

    OMG, JOAN JETT is soooooooooooo hot !! This chick doesnt do her justice !!

  14. Obvious says:

    well bella doesn’t have much emotion, and honestly when i think bella i think kristen. but the choice for edward still makes me sick. he is not edward in anyway shape or form.

    edward is supposed to be beautiful and amazing-not scary and stalkerish.

  15. allie says:

    i think kristen is a great actress. she’ll def rock this role. i love her 😀 can’t wait to see this.

  16. rachel says:

    omg it pisses me off how ppl always look at her acting skill after watching twilight…
    i agree thats not her best movie but shes amazing in all her other movies…
    i think she guna do really good…
    n she kinda looks like joan too

  17. Charlene says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. Kristen couldn’t act before twilight and she won’t be able to act after. Hopefully, Joan Jett will kill her with one of those looks before too much damage is done. The only hope for future movies in the Twilight saga is serious acting lessons since they don’t seem inclined to replace her.

  18. Manny says:

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