Tracy Anderson ‘mortified’ by reaction to her body shaming, doesn’t say sorry

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On Tuesday, Kaiser covered some of the callous, controversial remarks that celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson made about pregnancy weight gain. Anderson, as you might know, is Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer and she’s just as judgy as Goop when it comes to other people’s weight. She said, in part, “A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go, and that’s the worst thing.

I’ve seen so many women who come to me right after (having children) with disaster bodies that have gone through hell, or they come to me years later and say, ‘Oh, my body is like this because I had three kids.‘”

Not only was Anderson trashing pregnant women who gain weight, she was trashing her clients specifically. These are women who pay $900 a month to join her overpriced gyms, and she’s calling it “the worst thing” that they’ve gained weight and are asking for her help. Isn’t that her bread and butter, and isn’t it her job as a fitness “guru” to focus on the positive and not shame women about their bodies?

Well, Anderson was on Good Morning America to shill her new pregnancy fitness DVDs and of course this whole controversy came up. Other outlets are claiming that she apologized, but I watched the whole interview and she didn’t say she was “sorry” once. She did say she was “mortified” by the reaction to her statements, but it was all about her and her fitness DVDs.

“I am so mortified, it sounds so bad when it comes back like that. It’s not what I meant.

“I’ve spent 14 years very focused creating all of this original content, testing on women to make sure I can give women something that really works so they can be their most empowered self.

“So the last thing I would do is judge a woman, especially after children.

“What I mean is that pregnancy is difficult and every pregnancy is completely unique. We crave a lot. I think in today’s society where women have all of this pressure to look a certain way… I think that they turn to diet a lot because that’s what works for them because fitness routines usually let them down.

“So when they do get pregnant it’s like ‘Oh my gosh!’ It’s not just like, ‘I’m going to let my body go for this pregnancy,’ but also it’s like, ‘I can eat all the things that I never let myself eat.’

“I see people that come to me after pregnancy and they didn’t need to necessarily gain that much…”

[via The Daily Mail]

Then Lara Spencer swept in and tried to save Tracy by telling her when she was pregnant she would eat a cookie if her body wanted it. Tracy agreed with her and just went with it, having already defended herself, but then she said that if you eat empty calories while you’re pregnant you may be dooming your baby, basically. “We are setting our baby up, in the first nine months of life, for the rest of their life with health. With cancer, with diabetes, with all kinds of things.” Again, never did Tracy apologize, specifically to her clients, or say that she shouldn’t have framed her argument that way. She kind of doubled down on her remarks, touted her product, and said that she “would never judge a woman.” What was she doing then?

Toward the end of the interview (at 6:00 in the video above), Lara asked her what she was trying to say and gave her yet another chance to say she was sorry, and she used it to plug her DVDs.

I was trying to say that I’ve spent my pregnancy filming 9 different pregnancy DVDs to help empower women only with muscular structure work for the days that they feel like moving, so they can have something.. we have to listen to [our cravings] but stay connected to your body and your body doesn’t have to be sacrificed forever… it’s empowering to get your body back.”

So it’s still “the worst thing” to gain weight during pregnancy. Even though she’s saying her clients have “disaster bodies,” and are just using pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they way, they’re supposed to gladly pay her the equivalent of rent in most places in the US to get them back into shape, because she’s the only one who can help, right?

As an aside, Tracy has a Twitter account and a blog, and she hasn’t issued a statement or clarification on either.

Also, what is going on with her bottom lip? I can’t not mention it, it was really distracting.

Photos above from Instagram

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  1. phaksi says:

    If you can’t let yourself go after having a baby then when can you?

    • Jessica says:

      Here the thing you can let go yourself but later STFU and don’t complain about your weight, fat, and that you can’t lose it, and that there is a pressure, and all these vain celebs, and bla bla bla. SHE IS 100% RIGHT. You can’t eat cookie and have cookie. You must make your choices and then take the consequences.

      • Sassy says:

        Totally agree! I didn’t think Tracy said anything controversial. I had three kids and never gorged myself. Back in the day, a 20 lb weight gain was preferred, so everyone was very conscious of not packing on the lbs. I think I gained 35 or so, and I was back to normal weight in 6 weeks.

      • Steph says:

        I agree. It’s not that hard to exercise and eat well when pregnant. It is also easy to eat whatever for 9 months. It’s up to the woman to make those choices.

        On a side note, why is this woman’s shirt halfway unbuttoned in the one picture??

    • Canda says:

      It’s NEVER healthy to “let yourself go”. Period. Whether or not you care what your body looks like is a totally different issue. During pregnancy is the most important time to be eating well and keeping active, because you’re doing it for your baby. If you don’t care about that, or you’d rather eat those fries and watch TV, go right ahead, but if you’re letting yourself go, own up to it and don’t bitch about the size of your thighs in six months.

      Tracy’s job is to get her clients looking slim and fit, and it is probably annoying when they use pregnancy as an excuse to pile on the pounds and abandon their healthy lifestyle, same as it’s annoying when people use any other excuse to eat crap and be lazy.

      In the end, if you’re overweight and/or out of shape, and you are HAPPY being like that, then who cares what a fitness instructor thinks? If you’re fat and lazy and want to change yourself and enlist a fitness-y person to help you, then don’t be shocked when they comment on your doughy love handles if you “let yourself go”. It’s her “job” to reverse all that, and she’s not going out into the streets and poking women’s bellies and making cracks about their size.

      • Annie says:

        Totally agree. The people who pay her are those who make staying fit a priority and who like her lean asthetic. If you don’t much care about fitness, or have some “extra meat on your bones” and love yourself that way and would hate to be skinny then why get upset about what this lady says? I don’t think she said anything offensive, only insecure people would be offended by this.

    • Dawn says:

      I read the first few comments and what most people miss here is that the average person doesn’t need to be a size 0 to look good and be healthy. Why not eat some of the things you crave when your pregnant. You crave them for a reason. Just eat normal healthy meals and if you crave something sweet once in a while you should have it. Pregnacy is tough enough emotional and physically without all these people putting pressure that you need to be movie star skinny 6 weeks after having a baby.

  2. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Tracy looks really dry

    • itstrue says:

      Seriously, she may have to add a milligram to her overall weight and put on some lotion. Plus, her boobs are ridiculous.

      • Kimbob says:

        No s^#!t….they are ridiculous! Also, it’s like she’s trying to stick them in everyone’s face in the pics. Hell, in one pic she’s left her buttons undone it looks to below chest level so everyone can see her whole rack.

        I dunno….that just looks so low-rent to me.

  3. OriginalTiffany says:

    I find her face and bolt ons offensive, so there.

    • Liv says:

      Yup. She doesn’t seem to be that bright.

      Go, Tracy, talk to all the mothers who are doing drugs or drink hard during pregnancy. That would be valuably.

    • Genevieve says:

      TOTALLY! I saw that interview, and girlfriend was *seriously* back-pedaling.

      She may be inspirational tp GOOP…but Tracy and her bulimia jaw just give me the shivers.

      • Canda says:

        I have no idea what “bulimia jaw” means, but she’s got the same one as Bethenny Frankel, which is kind of weird looking.

  4. MarenGermany says:

    she´s got that typical bulimia/anorexic face.
    she is in no place to tell people how to eat (pregnant or not)

  5. Anait says:

    Not very smart to trash women who pay her…

  6. Ellie66 says:

    Is she the one who helped Madonna get those nasty stringy arms? She comes off as a snobby bitch.

  7. David says:

    Her mouth and teeth are crazy looking

  8. Alecia says:

    She doesn’t think she’s wrong in her mind so of course she won’t apologize. But if I were one of her “clients” I’d take my money elsewhere. She’s not worth any of it.

  9. Lucy says:

    The way I see it if you turn into a Jessica Simpson when pregnant and then after giving birth you complain and moan about how hard it is to loose the weight and how “fat” you are then I have no sympathy you knew what you were setting yourself up for when you were eating thousands of calories of fast food and junk everyday and you shouldn’t be whining and complaining.

    • Kristi says:

      Do you really know that Jessica Simpson ate 1000’s of calories of junk food? Did you ever take into consideration that some babies are born larger than others because of genetics? I gained 25pounds during my pregnancy and lost 35 the day my son was born. My husband is 6’4″ and weighs 220; I am 5’4″ and was 135 before pregnancy. We are both athletic and I remained active through my pregnancy. My son was 10 pounds and 23″ when he was born.

      Yes, some women do consume empty calorie during pregnancy, however, it’s wrong to assume that is always the reason for weight gain.

      • Lucy says:

        Oh please during her whole pregnancy Jessica Simpson was photographed with junk all over the place. I have no issue with women gaining weight during pregnancy my issue is women who eat tons of processed foods and gain all the “fat” weight from those foods and after the baby is born they run around complaining and whining about how hard and unfair it is that they are so overweight but take no responsibility for the fact that they consumed 10,000 calories worth of junk every day during their pregnancy.

      • Nikster says:

        She was buttering her pop tarts. I think it’s safe to assume she was injesting crap.

      • Lisa says:

        That was all Jessica talked, nay, BRAGGED about. Nobody should be eating poptarts, especially if you’re pregnant.

      • Seagulls says:

        Hey! I had a ten pound, twenty-three incher, too! The NICU nurses loooved him because he was so not fragile.

        I just loved him. 🙂

      • Nora says:

        Lucy: ” I have no issue with women gaining weight during pregnancy my issue is women who eat tons of processed foods and gain all the ‘fat’ weight from those foods and after the baby is born they run around complaining and whining about how hard and unfair it is that they are so overweight but take no responsibility for the fact that they consumed 10,000 calories worth of junk every day during their pregnancy.”

        Well, I have an issue with the fact that you don’t seem to know what a comma is.

    • MB says:

      Yeah OK, Lucy, but who exactly is moaning? Even Tracy didn’t imply that these women were moaning and complaining. They simply gained weight and then forked over huge amounts of cash for this woman’s assistance and they get insulted for their efforts. So stuff her, basically.

    • TracyK says:

      I think buttered pop tarts sound absolutely delicious.

  10. Junegorilla says:

    She has that bulemic jaw like the other healthy food guru Bethannt Frankel. My heart goes out to these web for their struggles. But dont be some hypocritical assgole an be preaching to people about how exercise and bean sprouts keep you thin, thin, thin!

  11. Nibbi says:

    she’s clearly obnoxious and an overtanned siliconized bobblehead to boot, but i start to feel bad for her. i think the reaction is being blown out of proportion at this point and people are being sort of tyrannical in insisting that she grovel or something. i think Lucy above has a point- i think tracy anderson was kinda mostly talking about the women who think that pregnancy means they can eat mountains of junk food and lie around and not take care of themselves, which is clearly never the case.

  12. Katyusha says:

    I always wear button-up shirts that are half way undone with no bra around my friends.

    • LadyAnne says:

      My thoughts exactly. Lots of boobs in these pictures.

    • Cherry says:

      I immediately noticed that, too… Nice way to show off one’s implants, I guess. I mean, those girls don’t come cheap.

    • Stubbylove says:

      My first thoughts as well – nice boobage shirts – way too low and way too loose. This chick looks and sounds annoying as hell.

  13. nettie says:

    She honestly doesn’t appear healthy to me. Not like the other fitness gurus i see at all.

  14. Courtney says:

    @Lucy Jessica Simpson had legitament complications with her pregnancy which caused the weight gain you can blaim it only on diet. besides larger babies need more fat and nutrients to live off of than small ones do. Elizabeth Taylor didn’t get heaped on when pregnant with her first son in 1952-53 she gained 60lbs on a 5ft 2in frame and the baby was 7lbs 3oz. Tracey Anderson and the likes of her need to shut their yappers every pregnancy is different and every woman’s body handles it differently

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      But what about Joanne Woodward?

    • Lilalis says:

      What complications did Jessica have? Didn’t she tweet endlessly about her cravings and all that unhealthy stuff that she indulged?

      LOL @ mentioning Liz Taylor 😉

    • Jayna says:

      Everytime I saw Jessica in an interview she was carrying on about the gross processed food and junk food she was eating. I was disgusted after a while listening to her.

    • Ambergesa says:

      The only issue Jessica claimed to have was excessive amniotic fluid. Which to the best of my knowledge doesn’t go in your butt face upper arems or thighs. A difference of a pound or two in baby would require an infinitesimal caloric increase. She constantly tweeted and talked in interviews about the mountains of junk food she was eating. Maybe Tracy could have phrased it in a more polite way but the gist of what she’s saying is true. Pregnancy isn’t the time to lay around and stuff your face with junk food. Excessive, preventable weight gain from stuffing your face with garbage is bad for a mom and bad for the baby. Like she said all kinds of studies are showing lots of junk food and excessive weight gain impacts the life time health of the baby. There is a difference between genuinely having a medical issue and outright sloth and gluttony when you should be thinking for two. And seriously a lot of commenters feel angry that she “judged” and “body-shamed” so they judge her physical appearance far more harshly and rip her to shreds? Hypocritical much?

      • Johanna says:

        Ambergesa, I think that when you criticize someone you yourself become open to criticism. That being said, we should rise above that and not reduce eachother to name calling.

      • SpunkyPR says:

        While I agree that using pregnancy as an excuse to eat foods that you wouldn’t eat when you’re not pregnant is wrong, I took offense to her statements, because it was a blanket statement. You can’t make assumptions that someone gained excessive weight during pregnancy because they ate junk, especially when you’re business is to service the people whom you’ve just offended. Again, I agree that Jessica Simpson (by her own account) ate too much crap, but don’t paint every pregnant woman who gains weight with the same assumptions, which Tracy’s original statement did.

    • Lucy says:

      I understand that people are different and gain weight differently during pregnancy my point was that I have no sympathy for women who eat nasty amounts of processed foods when pregnant and gain buckloads of weight and after they run around complaining and whining about how unfair it is and how hard it is to loose the weight and they blame it all on the pregnancy but take no responsibility that they abused their own bodies with crap food.

      • LizEJ says:

        Exactly. I’ve seen women see pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything and anything they want. A couple of my friends developed gestational diabetes during their pregenancy and they were very careful with everything that they ate. They gained a healthy amount of weight as they were not eating junk and did not go on crazy diets to lose it afterwards.
        Although as a pregeant woman you need the extra calories and nutrients for the baby, it shouldn’t be a “free-for-all” eating binge.
        That being said, Tracy Anderson should have kept the judgy comments to herself but she doesn’t seem to have even half a brain to think with. I don’t think she knows how to express herself without sounding like an idiot.

  15. Aud says:

    I’m fed up with bobble headed women with eating disorders shaming women in general, but it really enrages me when they shame women who’ve just had babies. Women have more priorities than having to measure up to some stupid sexualised/pornified ideal. They have a child to nurture. Surely that’s more important than being a f#$ktoy.

    • DreamyK says:

      Isn’t it strange that like, even a decade ago, that you never really saw Bobbleheaded women but now they’re everywhere?

      Less like crazy Tracy and more like Kelly Brooks please.

    • Dannii says:

      thank you Aud, thank you.

  16. Kristin says:

    I gotta say, I’m less bothered by her lips and more alarmed with the fact that her tits are about 2 centimeters away from a close encounter with those pies or quiches, or whatever the hell they are. Then again, maybe that’s the whole point. Let her breasts flop out all over the food and see if anyone actually still wants to eat any of it.

    • Cherry says:

      She may be onto something there.

    • Naye in VA says:

      Yea that really upset me too!
      Like who doesnt weear a bra with a button-up (over an A cup).
      and then has the nerve to have it half-unbuttoned. An I’m all for slutty, but there is slutty and then there is tacky.
      If she couldnt fit the shirt with a bra, she shouldnt have worn it lol.

  17. beyonce's bump says:

    I DISLIKE this woman but I really do not get the massive hate regarding what she said. Granted, I have never been preg, but I really don’t think I will take offence for someone calling me out for using pregnancy as an excuse to pig out and then bitch about it when I get fat.

    I am a former fat kid and I know what she meant about pigging out then trying to find every excuse why I got so fat. Of course pregnant women can do whatever the F they want, it is their bodies, but she is TALKING specifically about the ones who end up hating the way the look after childbirth and she is pretty much saying how THIS whole cycle AFTER birth can be prevented.

    Someone please tell me the crucifiable crime in what she said. I just don’t get the defensive surrounding her quote.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Hi Beyonce’sbump.
      I’m a former chubster as well and have to bust my ass to stay thin so I totally relate to what you said. I also had the same initial reaction as you to Anderson’s comments but I ALSO haven’t been pregnant which is why I’ve avoided the Tracy Anderson posts for the most part.

      I kind of feel like you and I are unqualified to have a strong opnion about it ya know?

      What if/when we do get pregnant and our former fat selves re-emerge?

      Ultimately, I think every woman is different and handles pregnancy and weight-gain from pregnancy differently, meaning you and I won’t know for sure how our bodies will react until we get knocked up. So the women that are mad that they gained weight-TA should be telling them what a doctor would tell them which is that every woman’s body is individual. It might not be their fault-they could have eaten properly, exercised and STILL gained weight (or at least that’s what many of the posters here have indicated).

      • Moneypenny says:

        I’m a former fat kid too (and then anorexic) who just had a baby. I ate well during pregnancy and worked out the entire time. My issue with Tracy’s comments is that no matter how you ate during pregnancy, all of the weight doesn’t just fall off. I gained 30lbs and while yes, the first 20lbs came off without any effort, these last 10lbs are harder. I’m 5’11, so 10lbs on my frame isn’t a lot (and everyone says I look great), but I can see the 10lbs. Tracy would probably consider me a disaster body.

        With a 5 month old, there isn’t much time to work out. Yes, you can go for walks, etc., but that alone often isn’t enough. I have vowed to lose this weight, but I can see how people keep on a few lbs after each pregnancy.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Moneypenny-Maybe that’s biological? Maybe the 10 lbs you retained is nature’s way of telling you that you need these extra lbs to be stronger and healthier to take care of your new little one.

        It takes a lot of strength and energy to carry and care for a baby you know?

        Sometimes I think our bodies know more about what’s best for us than our minds. Ugh, that sounded really dumb. What I meant is that we need to learn to listen to our bodies instead of listening to Tracey f*cking Anderson.

      • beyonce's bump says:

        @ Kitten. I def agree with you on all points.

  18. Anna says:

    Wow, look at all the judging. Ladies, ladies… Can we not be a little more critical of the actual matter at hand than to pick apart her appearance and tear down her fitness programs? Yes she’s not very articulate, and yes it’s odd that she wears no bra and doesn’t button up her shirts while next to her friend, but to start saying she has bulimia face is really being a huge part of the problem. I have toned my body using Tracy’s DVDs and while I’m not her biggest fan, she’s created a fitness program that works. I’m sure she didn’t mean to body shame so much as she meant to say, don’t give up on yourself just because you’re pregnant. it doesn’t have to be a sentence to be unfit forever.

  19. lucy2 says:

    She’s icky.

    But if someone is stupid enough to pay $900 a MONTH to go to her gyms, they deserve what they get.

    Though I do still think her method is unhealthy/dangerous.

  20. Ella says:

    “We are setting our baby up, in the first nine months of life, for the rest of their life with health. With cancer, with diabetes, with all kinds of things.”

    I’d like to see the evidence for that. For years mothers were blamed for all kinds of illnesses including schizophrenia and autism. Now she’s suggesting people get cancer because of what their mothers ate during pregnancy?

    • jenna says:

      There is actually some evidence suggesting that an unhealthy diet during pregnancy can set the baby up with a predisposition towards obesity & diabetes (my SO is a diabetes researcher…). I would say this is a slightly different issue than just weight gain, as some people DO genuinely gain a lot of weight while maintaining a healthy diet. I think also that most medical professionals would (or should) realize that you have to strike a balance between the physical health of mom & baby, and the mental/emotional health of mom. Pregnancy does crazy stuff to your hormones, a lot of foods may become unpalatable, etc. etc. Women should *try* to eat healthy and exercise, but if it’s just not in the cards they shouldn’t be getting a ton of criticism over it.

      While there may be some nuggets of truth in what she’s saying, this woman is definitely not doling out remotely sensible or realistic diet advice so I don’t think she’s really in a position to talk–I’m sure you set your kids up with an equally bad range of possibilities if you starve yourself and don’t get enough calcium, iron, good fats, etc.

    • Seagulls says:

      It’s true, possibly. Epigenetics is a newer field, but the more research they do, the more they discover that pregnancy really creates a baby’s future. Of course they don’t know exactly what does what yet, and all the evidence I’ve read is pretty much what it always was: exercise, don’t smoke, eat as well as you can.

      • Ella says:

        Thanks Jenna and Seagulls! Interesting comments. The diabetes connection of course makes sense, but I’m still suspicious of her remarks about diet during pregnancy causing cancer. It’s too easy for proponents of alternative therapies like Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow to think they’re well because of their consciously healthy lifestyle. I was extremely healthy too, and now I have a serious illness, and people sometimes blame me or even my mother for the mistakes we MUST have made to deserve this. It’s a lot of pressure to tell a pregnant woman that her child’s potential future cancer diagnosis is her own fault for not eating properly or exercising adequately.

  21. TG says:

    I find Tracy gross and the bodies of the people she trains but I don’t understand why women get offended at her comments. Pregnancy and motherhood is not an excuse and too many of us use that in this country. Certainly I wouldnt’ want to look like her but being fit and healthy is ideal for all ages both men and women. I just commented last night that a lot of men over 40 look like they are about to give birth. Since when did it become acceptable for men to look pregnant? At what point to they decide to let their belly grow and become a seperate entity.

    • Ella says:

      Actually it is a pretty good excuse. Everyone gains weight during pregnancy, and losing it can be difficult when you have a new baby and can’t afford a nanny or a personal trainer. At such times it’s reasonable to prioritise the well being of the new baby and allow yourself to be a few pounds heavier until you’re in a position to shape up.

      Nobody is suggesting that men shouldn’t have to lose weight, I’m not sure why those comments are relevant.

  22. Sisi says:

    so according to her eating a cookie while pregnant can doom your baby and is basically child abuse…? -_- sheesh…

  23. Zigggy says:

    I’m not going to judge her appearance, but I will say that she sounds like an idiot.

    • GirlyGIrl says:

      I will

      1) Her head is too big for her body, like by 8 sizes.

      2) I kinda like my trainers to look attractive, it sells their schitck a whole lot better

      3) nice bolt-ons! How was Uruguay?

  24. flan says:

    Just another idiot who tries to shame women over something and make her money by it.


    • Chatcat says:

      Well no wonder she is friends and cohorts of GOOP…two disingenuous females that prey on other women to make money and feed their own egos. Who buy’s into this shit that her and Goop types spew and sell? Why would you let your self-worth be influenced or judged by these types of female bullies? Ugh!

      I want to feel bad for stupid people, but seriously there is so many other things that need attention in this world they deserve to get ripped off and bitch-slapped-around by these type of sleazy, self promoting, sanctimonious shrews!!!!!!!!!!

      • Contrived says:

        I agree with everything towards dipsh*t Tracy,but honestly why are you dragging Gwyneth into this.

        She had one of the roughest pregnancies ever and she doesn’t shame woman on Goop. She has really good raw food recipes and regular ones like pancakes.

        I don’t see how she does anything like Tracy with telling woman how to eat or live.

        Gwyneth lost her father&grandfather to cancer in the same yr and went macrobiotic/ quite smoking because of it. She didn’t do it for vanity like this chick.

        I don’t understand that hate toward GP. Just because she made some comments about the US(during a time when a lot of people were)???

        I bet people that hate her and call her goop have never been on goop and seen her make shrimp tacos baja style—out of her love for her child hood in LA.

        fine, if you don’t like something about her, but you don’t need to make everything about her and drag her into this.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        No, likely none of us have been to Goop’s blog as we don’t want to feed the self-obsessed egomaniacal monster that is Goop.

        You can really read this and still like her?

        If so, I give you a LOT of credit.

        Personally, I’d rather stick sharp needles in my eyes than watch Goop make shrimp tacos. As far as her not dieting for vanity-BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

        ….oh sorry, were you being serious?

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I’d prefer a fork in my eye, but that’s just me.

      • Chatcat says:

        Contrived…the reason I brought Goop up is because she has this dumb-bitch as her trainer as mentioned in this thread by CB. They have a relationship, they “run in the same circles”.

        As far as Goop, YOU can like her or love her, but I don’t get sucked into self described “lifestyle” coaches who can’t begin to realize what a normal middle class working woman’s lifestyle really is about. Fish taco’s or not!

        You say “She didn’t do it for vanity like this chick.” – Goop’s quote -“Beauty fades! I just turned 29, so I probably don’t have that many good years left in me.” Yep, that’s so inspirational and not vain? Well maybe it isn’t “vain” specifically, but it is about as shallow as a storm drain in a drought zone. And I don’t like shallow people. So no Goop for me! I’ll just end this with two of Goop’s more infamous quotes:

        “I don’t want to be rich and I don’t want to be famous.”
        “Sometimes Harvey Weinstein will let me use the Miramax jet if I’m opening a supermarket for him.”

      • Contrived says:

        @original kitten

        Well if you have never been to her site or seen her cook or anything then I really don’t see where you can be so judgmental about her and what Goop is about.

        She’s got tons of recipes–really good ones—some healthy some not.

        She loves to cook and she loves LA food and her life there.

        I get it you hate her and therefore are going to make everything about her seem awful to fuel the hate.

        That’s fine, I have people I can’t stand so I know how it is.

        I just really know that this girl is someone that got a bad wrap for the wrong reasons and now it’s cool to trash her.

        It’s unfortunate for me cuz I like her, but loath away—it’s a gossip site.

        I should left y’all alone.

        I really like her and always have so please forgive me if I say nice things about her from time to time.

      • poppy says:

        amen. they’re business partners because they’re 2 peas in a pod.
        if goop is not about shaming people and so open to all shapes and sizes why does she sell clothing in limited sizes at why did she say you could get cancer from shampoo? she only eats biological food? (what are the rest of us eating?) she can feel spousal cheating on a cellular level.
        they both spew nonsense to make a buck.

        there wouldn’t be any problem with TA just saying SOME women let themselves go and SOME feel bad about themselves. she had to go hard and state MOST women do. she has no way to even prove what she’s yammering about. a sure sign of a huckster. and goop is her partner.
        not saying goop would steal outright from people but she associates closely with 2 (batali is the other) people that have been sued over their business practices. for stealing. goop keeps questionable company and i doubt her intention with is to share her wealth of information.

      • Contrived says:

        k we can all just agree to disagree. 🙂 Sorry if I got people upset because I really like her and see all the quotes being used as only showing just how normal and down to earth she is—-I get it you guys take them differently.

        Just so you don’t think I’m backing down and can’t answer to some of the comments….

        how are HW and GP business partners? Maybe i missed something but I thought he was a producer and she makes movies under him? boss not partner, but maybe they partnered insomething, I dont know. Still I don’t see why that makes her a bad human being?

        I don’t think saying she knew on a cellular level is anything bad? I have said that about alot of things—it means you know it deep down but are
        refusing to believe it. It’s the same as I knew in my heart he was cheating on me. It’s just cellular is more physical than metaphorical.

        I don’t know why I should not look at Goop but can look or take from other raw food places? I like people who have gone through something sharing what helped them andd what thy learned.

        She has lived from experience, I like that, she was a smoker and junk food freak, that got healthy because she saw what a bad lifestyle did to her father.

        Re: clothes that’s new and she has like a few items and she doesn’t design the sizes.

        And in a few yrs time people will be looking back on people like her as being ahead of their time for realizing that sugar and processed food is what is causing so much dis ease.

        all that being said, I totally get the argument for not wanting a celeb being on the soap box for this and feeling like you wanna listen to someone else rather than her tell you this.

        I agree, but I don’t fault her for wanting to make a Epicurus type site and putting her interests on it—I would only be annoyed by it if she was insisting she has the only way or was acting like some type of authority and being judgy and acting like she needs to tell US how to live our lives.

        But, I don’t see that. I just see an actress that loves cooking and traveling and culture and clothes that has turned that into a hobby/living since she’s raising 2 kids and doesn’t want to take up so much time acting.

        great, I started off by saying what I said and ended up yacking away. srry I just like her and wish she didn’t get such a backlash, my bad. 🙂

    • Contrived says:


      if you dont wanna like her thats fine I don’t need to convince you to.

      Now regarding the quoates you used???

      Those were all great—you were totally interpreting them wrong.

      ”Beauty fades! I just turned 29, so I probably don’t have that many good years left in me.”

      that’s saying so I better get a life going and not focus on my looks. that is the antithesis of vanity.
      When your 29 you don’t know what genes will have in store for you so you think I better make more meaning in life than relying on my looks…That’s the spiritual reason we age in the first place.

      “I don’t want to be rich and I don’t want to be famous.”

      How is this bad again??? because she happened to get those things???

      Well she also said she cares more about family and is just not that ambitious career wise.

      Do you have a problem with that as well?

      “Sometimes Harvey Weinstein will let me use the Miramax jet if I’m opening a supermarket for him.”

      How does this not show her humor??? You are not taking this seriously right?

      She’s making fun of how she’s his workhorse—He made her do the Pallbearer for giving her Emma. So that is her being funny.

      Geez… these are things to hate her for?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Contrived-I never said I hated her, I just said I think she’s egotistical, hardly an abnormality in Hollywood I know, but I won’t pretend that she’s a humble down-to-earth type.

        BTW, if you are into raw food then I suggest this blog for recipes (if you haven’t already seen it):

        It has a lot of good and simple recipes.

      • Chatcat says:

        Well Contrived, I don’t hate Goop I mean that would be silly to hate a person I don’t know, have never met or communicated directly with.

        What I am conveying here is my disdain for GP because of how she represents herself to the world. I find nothing, and I mean nothing, in her worthy of MY interest. Not her life, her acting, her Goop recipe’s, her Goop clothing suggestions, NADA!

        There are “celeb’s” out there that I find more genuine and more interesting then GP who I could look to provide my lifestyle tips, if or when, I have the need of a celeb lifestyle intervention (Disclaimer: That will never happen).

  25. Minty says:

    Sit down and shut it, you plastic bobblehead.

    She’s no different than celebrities who offend a particular group of people and follow up with fake remorse. She’s not sorry she made those remarks, she’s sorry people reacted negatively. That’s the difference.

    You can file her non-apology in the same folder where they keep backhanded compliments and other insincere statements.

    Leave it to Tracy to deflect and twist an opportunity to make amends into a sales pitch.

  26. Green is Good says:

    Loling at her bolt-on bewbies almost falling out of her top! Klassy.

  27. tru tru says:

    I wish she’d shut her trap and pay back all of the rent fees she’s incurred at previous gyms BUT nooooo, she continues to flap her misshapen lips and huge cardboard jawline.

  28. geekychick says:

    When will come the time that the fact that
    a)pregnancy is normal
    b) every pregnancy an post-pregnancy is individual
    c) as long as you have a healthy body you feel comfortable in, you have your good looks
    d) celebrities are not role-models, scientists or great geniuses of our time: I don’t get this kind of statements judging the whole public, telling us how to live our lives and about what we should feel bad about!
    really, Tracy, a mom who works 16 hours a day for 400$ a month, with three children and husband that just lost his job in recession-and that’s just one of many examples I know of, should have the time for obsessive work-out so she can be pleasing to society (aka media version of attractive)? That’s empowered? worrying when will I lose my few extra pounds? That’s not empowered, that’s buying into all the BS this media culture is shoving down our throat for the last ohohoho years.
    why not try working on yourself, as a whole, go to museums, plays,read a book, travel, volunteer, isn’t that really empowering? To focus and be loved for something that doesn’t lose it’s shine over the years, than be captured and bullied by the unrealistic image of Barbie-girl?
    Sorry for the rant, obviouly, this is not just about Tracy, but this recent trend of celebrities and media judging on pregnant women and new mothers..UGH. It just frustrates me. I think it’s really unhealthy.

    • mel says:

      I agree 100%. when will celebrities learn that the public at large is tired of THEM lecturing at US what WE should be doing. Its ridiculous and insulting.

    • Just U says:

      I love this statement!!!
      Feel happy doing things you like, love your children and yourself, do your best.
      It’s not that hard.

  29. Sarah says:

    See I want to be mad at thIs chick but I really don’t think she’s important enough to get the attention. This is what she wants – people talking about her good or bad to get her name out there.

  30. Grace says:

    I can understand when you’re pregnant, or not pregnant for that matter, you’re going to crave a cookie now and again. What I don’t get is allowing yourself to eat ten of them and thinking that’s fine. It’s absolutely not, pregnant or no. Having bad food is all about moderation and you ALWAYS after to be accountable for what you choose to eat, and that is what I get as this woman’s point of view. Now I don’t agree with this chicks shady AF past and business dealings, I’ll just put that out there now. 

    To continue, I will say that I believe in really good nutrition. But I will admit that I am a hypocrite because that is a first for me in five years. I am 34 weeks pregnant as of today and since I found out I was pregnant, I have tracked my food daily. I make sure I stay within 2300-2500 calories and until this past week, I’ve always reached my pregnancy nutritional goals. (Having a hard time lately because the baby’s pushing my stomach up, making me feel full all the time.) 

    I do all this because I was obese when I first found out I was pregnant and at high risk for gestational diabetes and toxemia. I was told to keep my weight gain to less than 10lbs. I immediately sought the advice of a registered dietician. Since my sixth week of pregnancy, I have lost 30lbs through improved diet and regular exercise (I simply walk a mile every day). I no longer have the obese BMI and am now considered just overweight. I am no longer borderline diabetic (was previously for three years), my cholesterol has improved greatly, my blood pressure isn’t high anymore, and the baby’s been measuring right on target at every OB visit.

    The baby’s nutrition BEGINS in the womb. Whenever you allow yourself to indulge in high sugary shit, the baby suffers from that high glycemic impact as well, resulting in a larger baby. That baby obviously has no control of its nutritional intake and it’s up to the mother to be responsible and take care of her health during gestation. If not, you’re setting that poor child up for diabetes and other health issues for the rest of its life. All because you thought it was cute to give in and demolish a pan of slutty brownies or whatever the hell JS was bragging about eating. 

    With the obesity rate in the US, good nutrition is definitely something we should ALL be paying attention to. We give all the skinny minis a ton of shit, yet it seems to me we’re quick to rush to defend people on the other end of the spectrum. Obesity (AND the opposite) and poor nutrition is something we should NEVER encourage as a society, no exceptions. Pregnancy is most definitely not a time to overindulge, but rather a time when one should be eating their healthiest. 

    • Just U says:

      Good woman. You sound like you are happy and healthy. Good luck with the new baby. The last few weeks are so exciting ( and tiring!!). I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

    • HK9 says:

      That’s great! However, I still wouldn’t judge you, or your body, pre or post pregnancy and do you know why, because it’s just none of my business. (And it’s not Tracey’s either.)

    • Violet says:

      Good for you! You’re looking after yourself, as well as your baby.

      Most people seem to lose sight of the fact that the main reason to eat properly while pregnant is to have a healthy baby. An added bonus is that the mother doesn’t gain as much weight as a woman who uses her pregnancy as an excuse to eat twice as much as usual.

    • what?! says:

      goodness you sound like your head if full of shit. whats it to you if someone “allows” themselves to have a few cookies? stop being a judgemental prick.

  31. paranormalgirl says:

    She needs to just own what she said. She said it, she meant it, just own it and move on.

    • Kimbob says:

      No doubt….totally agree. However, after seeing the video, it’s obvious to me Ms. Thing wants to be liked (of course! she’s got DVD’s to shill)…& it just makes me queasy.

      Tracy A., you can’t have it both ways…can’t criticize, put people down like those women “who eat too much while pregnant,” & expect to make tons of $$$ off them, as well.

      Anyway, yeah, after watching the video…she’s too busy kissing celebrity ass anyway…..she’s one of those BIG NAME DROPPERS….ugh.

  32. Thea says:

    First thing Ms. Carol Chipmunk has nothing on her body that is real, from her boobs, to her botox face, and redesigned nose. So. She doesnt need to give advice to anyone. Truth known she had lipo too after her kids. She needs to stfu, and go make a smoothie or something.

  33. Stay Pressed says:

    Perhaps the delivery is the issue and not the message.

  34. lrm says:

    off topic: any guesses on that lainey blind link? i’m so bad at blind items….anyone? bueller?

  35. mia girl says:

    She lost me at “disaster bodies”.

    A trainer is there to give you tough love, but they should never judge you so harshly. That is just such an ugly and really demeaning way to express yourself.

  36. stacy says:

    tracy anderson is right women DO use that as an excuse.

  37. Contrived says:

    Why do so many people assume weight gain only comes from overindulgence in junk food????

    So many of you keep mentioning eating crap, yet she never said that—she said let themselves go. which means allow themselves to gain extra/more weight.

    You can gain more weight just from not exercising as much as you used to, or from eating more GOOD calories. (if you eat an extra apple a day for one yr you will gain ten pounds by the end of the yr)

    pregnancy is ten months so…you can only imagine how easy that would be to gain weight just from upping calories without that even coming from ice cream.)

    She didn’t say woman who eat empty calories or junk while pregnant.

    She said let themselves go.

    Like I said, if you went from running to walking you will gain weight. This is not letting yourself go.

    My best friend is newly pregnant and has always been super healthy and super active(lot’s of sports) but she said that she has already put on weight because she’s too weak to exercise. She’s not eating different, but the lack of burning calories has made her gain.

    That’s why Tracy dipsh*t Anderson’s airhaed comments bother me. She says “let themselves go.”

    it’s too broad. if she meant for it to be about junk food then she should have made that clear. But, she didn’t she just made this broad sweeping weight is weight is weight statement.

    that puts woman like my friend in the same boat as some person that is being lazy and not taking care of themselves.

    That really pisses me off.

    Once, again woman are reduced to their weight/size, if you allow yourself to gain WEIGHT while Pregnant—for whatever reason—you are letting yourself go and it’s the worst thing you could do.

    SYFDM you stupid dumb b*tch!

  38. Hotpockets says:

    I agree with her. I am not saying that she is completely right, but it’s not just pregnant women, but a lot of people make excuses for letting themselves go. I hear it all the time. It’s just not women, but men too. I hear oh, I just don’t have time to work out and eat healthy or I am just too tired at the end of the week to exercise. It’s up to you to make time and prioritize taking care of yourself, not just physically, but mentally too and those two things are peas in a pod.

    It’s not about just the exercise, it’s about being healthy and that is the most important thing.

    I didn’t like how she framed her argument, but her point is valid, you shouldn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to let go of not just your body, but your health, because your setting your child up during those months.

    It’s completely fine to indulge in cookies and ice cream, pregnant or not, but there is a fine line between moderation and over indulging to the point where it will eventually compromise your health.

    • Sam says:

      There’s more to it. I live in an area that isn’t especially well off. There is no grocery store or market in the neighborhood. There are corner stories that sell junk. A lot of the families (mine included) do not have a car, so we bus it to the market, which means we can only buy enough to fill a shopping cart in one trip. It’s a neighborhood where a woman would not go out walking alone at night unless she needs to, so walking exercise is kinda tough. Gym membership is out of thr question for most of the residents here, because it costs too much.

      Do some women just indulge like crazy? Sure. But they’re the minority. The USA has serious barriers to healthy eating, pregnant or not. Putting the blame on individuals just glosses over that it’s often not individual fault. Her comments were stupid for that reason.

      • Lisa says:

        Good point. As true as it is that people – not just women – do let themselves go, there’s also a lot of privilege floating around in her comments. If she ever lived in a food desert, she’d have a different take. She and Goop have more money than most of us, comfortable or not, will see in our lifetimes.

      • melior says:

        This! Coming form an European who spent an academic semester in a small town on the East Coast. I had problems adjusting to the distances I had to cover to get to the supermarket. I didn’t have a car so I depended on someone for drives at the supermarket at the end of the week. This person would get impatient if I spent time reading food labels as I often do. The result? For four months I gave up my healthy food habits I had acquired while in Europe where shops would be within walking distance. I can totally relate to some of the stories here about how life style is not always a matter of choice.

  39. Holden says:

    Why is her tittay in my popcorn?

  40. Sam says:

    She also doesn’t address how she was “back in shape” six weeks after giving birth. I was pretty heavy into working out and martial arts before I got pregnant – and even after the birth, my doctor emphasized to me that moderate to intense exercise right after is a BAD idea. 3-4 after, light exercise is okay, but moderate to intense should be left until 6-8 weeks after. If she lost all her weight within 6 weeks, she was working out really soon after the birth, and that’s not safe, from a medical perspective. So she’s also dangerous to boot.

  41. Lisa says:

    Well, it isn’t as if she would be without clients if “regular women” didn’t use her gym. She’s got her celeb posse.

    Personally, neither she or that other woman in the pic look good or fit, but that’s my opinion.

  42. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Although I still agree with my original comment that she should stfu and stfd, I’m glad she didn’t apologize.

    Too many celebrities say what they think and then have to back-peddle and grovel out an apology that, in all honesty, they probably don’t mean.

    If you say it, then own it. Don’t apologize for it, just because I or someone else don’t like it. Last I checked I was a big girl (figurative as well as literal) and could handle it. But don’t be surprised when I tell you to F-off.

    Of course, there are reasonable limits to this, just generally speaking. I don’t want someone getting their panties in a twist and going to the extreme scenario.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Well, yeah, don’t apologize if you don’t care about seeing your sales drop and your career go down the shitter.

      In this media-driven marketplace, part of being a successful business woman is not alienating your consumer base. So yeah, if you’re a complete moron then don’t apologize but if you want to sustain a career, you need to eat sh*t and soothe the angry masses.

      • Mourning the Death of Music says:

        I completely agree with you, but I don’t believe that any sort of apology would draw back or maintain those (possible as well as established) customers.

        They’ll see her for what she is and decide to step away regardless of what she chooses to say. No half-assed apology is going to change that.
        The damage was already done as soon as the words flew out of her mouth. Anyone with an ounce of business sense would know better than to make that sort of comment in the first place, much less her follow-up foot-in-mouth-again statement trying to clarify herself. Instead of soothing, she stirred the nest even more.

    • Hotpockets says:

      I agree mourning and I was going to mention this myself, there is nothing more irritating than someone issuing a half assed apology, just because the masses want to hear one. It’s one thing if the apology is sincere and she realizes the error of what she was saying and how it could potentially hurt not just her career, but people who appreciate her insight, but if she isn’t concerned, then why issue a public apology?

      Tracy Anderson isn’t known to be thoughtful with her words or a nurturing person, she’s a hard ass when it comes to working out and diet, so her statement is a huge part of her image. I doubt this will hurt her career.

      I get tired of all of these public “apologies.” They’re not genuine or sincere, so they’re even more offensive than the actual words or actions behind them.

  43. Vesper says:

    Re. the pic that was posted the other day of Tracy’s totally sculpted body. Is it even possible to have defined abdomen muscles, to the extend she shows in the pic, a mere six weeks after giving birth, regardless of how much one works out? Doesn’t the body have to rest for a few weeks? I’m thinking she had lipo.

    • Sam says:

      Ideally, yes. I don’t think she had lipo, but if she looked like that 6 weeks after birth, she was absolutely doing heavy exercise. There are a lot of risks associated with intense exercise soon after birth. Lower immunity (temporarily), higher risk of ligament injuries, all kinds of risks. In all my research, I could find a single source that would recommend moderate exercise or more for a woman less than 6-8 away from her birth. That’s what angers me – if she had any kind of medical background or was a really well-read trainer, she would not be advocating exercise so soon for anyone, including herself!

  44. Sam says:

    Ugh why is Jessica Simpson the person we’re talking about in regards to “letting yourself go”. You can gain excess weight in pregnancy and not eat thousands of calories ink junk food every day. And not everyone who does gain extra weight whines and moans about it, and some don’t care!! I care more about my CHILD gaining weight steadily than trying to look perfect.

    And btw, I gained 35 lbs during pregnancy (more than the dr wanted) did not experience GD or any other problems, and after 1 month I lost 36 lbs. A couple months later I was down 50 lbs. Guess what I did: NOT A DAMN THING. Because almost every pound gained was baby or water weight that fell off almost immediately.

    As many moms experience, you are the primary caregiver even if there’s a dad or other family in the picture. Especially if you’re breastfeeding. I was exhausted every minute of the day AND had a c-section which required healing. Not everyone has nannies and housekeepers that allow them to go work out. No matter how healthy you eat, you can’t just drop weight quickly without exercise (unless you’re stupid enough to consume only 800 calories a day). And not all moms have time, energy, or the means to exercise. Doesn’t mean they don’t want to.

    In the end, this woman and all the haters need to STFU. Enjoy your skinny bodies and I’ll enjoy the time spent with my son. Because guess what, there is plenty of time to get in shape. But your child will only be a a baby for so long, and I’m not missing that just to run to the gym in some misguided attempt to look like a Barbie.

    • mila says:

      I agree with you this is the best comment on this tread. We all have different bodies and pregnancy is not same for everyone. This woman obviously has some major issues with food.

  45. Cazzie says:

    What does she look like? Tracy Anderson looks familira, she looks like something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it….a smurf? Nope, way too mean-looking to be a smurf.

    One of those little troll dolls with a shock of pink hair? No, those little dolls are cute and this person is scary-looking.

    Maybe a clown in a horror movie? One of the angry villagers in Frankenstein? Hm.

  46. Shannon says:

    This woman is just feeding into the crazy cycle of extreme deprivation followed by extreme indulgence caused by denying the body enough nutrients and calories until you can’t take it any more. That extreme is just as unhealthy as consistently overeating.

    Women in other countries do not gain anywhere near as much weight during pregnancy as women in America because they aren’t as obsessed with calorie counting beforehand, so they don’t feel they need to take a holiday from dieting during pregnancy (because they’re not dieting in the first place).

  47. yolo says:

    This is what I remember from Tracy before this sh*tstorm recently created.

  48. Lindsey says:

    ““I’ve spent 14 years very focused creating all of this original content, testing on women to make sure I can give women something that really works so they can be their most empowered self.””

    This woman is so full of sh-t that’s coming through her cheeks.

  49. Seagulls says:

    This is a really important dialogue to have in order to change the script that many of us have with food, but I don’t think Tracy Anderson is smart enough to lead it.

  50. Jennifer says:

    What’s up with all the cleavage?? On a morning show too? She’s a moron.

  51. Marie says:

    Fact…thin doesn’t always mean healthier or happier. As long as you are physically healthy as per your doctor, feel comfortable in your skin, and are able to enjoy your life because you’re healthy, than you are at the right weight for YOU. Life is way too short to obsess over every bite, every calorie etc. Be healthy and happy on YOUR terms not society, the media or some celeb trainer. And for goodness sake if you do GASP indulge in a gave treat DON’T feel obligated or panicked to BALANCE it by ‘working out even harder’ the next day. Moderation, even in moderation.

    • Monica says:

      Yeah, tell it to your heart and your joints. You need to maintain a healthy (low) weight for your health so you can remain healthy. You say what makes you happy – I’d just go with what the doctor says.. Trust, there is nothing that will make you more miserable than being sick, nothing on earth.

      And if you hear that after all those years of being happily overweight you are now handicapped and in a wheelchair cause your blood is not flowing through your body the way it should, or you get your limbs amputated because of diabetes, your happiness will be tested, and you’ll be mad at yourself for eating junk cause it made you “happy.”

  52. chickie says:

    If I were a client of hers, I would demand a refund and then tell her she could kiss my fat azz.

  53. FingerBinger says:

    She’s fug anyway.

  54. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m offended that I have to look at her face: talk about a “total disaster”. I’m mortified by that side boob in a business shirt.

  55. bernie says:

    I have to say that I do agree that many women use having carried a child as an excuse for many things. As a working stylist, I worked every day in the salon right up until the day I gave birth and as you can imagine I heard ALL sorts of stuff on a daily basis…..You think you’re just going to pop back into shape and you’re not! Your body will NEVER be the same! Say goodbye to your figure as you know it! And after 2 weeks and being back into my jeans and 6 weeks to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight I had to hear that it was only because I had only had ONE baby! How many babies do I have to spit out before you stop using your pregnancies as an excuse to look the way you do? I dont judge others for the way they treat their bodies, the way the live their lives or how they look but they sure love to jump at me! Granted, I love to work out, am a active bodybuilding and figure competitor and about as strong willed as they come but I got so SICK and TIRED of hearing these women bash me through 40 weeks of my pregnancy. I was shocked at the way they came at me on a daily basis!! It was almost as though they relished the thought of my being a tore up, stretchmark infested sloth for the rest of my life. Of course I was forced to disappoint them all!!!! :0)

  56. leslilly says:

    Miss Tracy Anderson…now, let me shame you for a minute (hopefully longer). I’ll admit these photos of you are pretty darn good. However, I’ve seen numerous photos of you in the past & your face is frightening, even ugly. Now, normally, I would not be so very unkind – after all, I know it’s probably not your fault. Genetics are a bitch. and those damn genetics? Familiarize yourself with them, Tracy. They have more control over our bodies, our actions, our habits, than you ever knew. It’s not an excuse, but genetics can cause people to have to battle to “be” a certain way. Everyone is different.

  57. leslilly says:

    Oh, and Tracy- just looked at the pics again. Your tits are hanging out. Now that is totally unnecessary, not flattering, not sexy and it’s totally within your control to button your f’ing shirt or not wear something so grossly low-cut. I know you want to show-off your new bolt-ons, but we don’t want to see it. Just like you don’t want to see those unnecessarily “fat” ladies.

  58. piggy says:

    You know what I think, I think both her and Gwyneth should eat something. They would be much less bitchy if not hungry all the time. And much less jealous of the people who are not 🙂

  59. Monica says:

    I see nothing wrong with what she said. You should never treat your body like a trash bin. Especially if you’re eating for this brand new life growing inside of you, why would you want to feed it the worst food you can find?

    When we’re pregnant, we should be extra careful what we eat not less careful. We don’t crave junk – we crave nutrients, so for example if you have a craving for sugar (glucose, which is very important to growing children) it doesn’t mean you should eat 40 snickers bars – get some fruit instead, that will satisfy the craving for sugar just the same.

  60. ScorpianQueen says:

    Really? Before this b!tch speaks, she needs to check her face. Ole leatherskin lookin’ ass. She has NO room to criticize anybody, wow!

  61. Ginger says:

    I also ate very healthy for the most part with the occasional indulgence like a strawberry milkshake. However, I was also put on strict bed rest during the final months of my pregnancy (which was not carried to term due to eclampsia) so my figure had to be let go in favor of mine and my childs life. I was also recovering from complications in the months after my child was born so I could not exercise. Tracy should be very, very careful when judging (and yes she IS judging) pregnant women…she may not know the whole story.

  62. amada basura says:

    obesity and low body weight are both risk factors in pregnancy. if you are going to bring another life into this world you should give it the best start that you can.

  63. Allie May says:

    I find this story sad -a mother with a precious beautiful baby, and yet when you look at her that forehead screams “future skin cancer.” When are women going to wise up and take care of their skin?

  64. telesma says:

    I don’t think I’d take health advice from someone so plastic looking, with her lips so full of filler that there are no natural lines in them and her boobs jacked up to her neck like that. And, what Allie May said. She’s a crispy critter. That’s an invitation to skin cancer. I wouldn’t want to look like her.