Kristen Stewart’s Vogue UK preview promises K-Stew’s thoughts on love

Kristen Stewart covers the October issue of Vogue UK – it was obviously done before The Great Twihard Meltdown of 2012, although I find it hard to believe that Vogue UK had wrapped their cover editorial BEFORE the Mini Coopering, you know? It would have been easy enough to change the “Kristen Stewart: On Love and Living Dangerously” cover line to something… I don’t know, more sympathetic or less Twihardy. It feels like Vogue UK might be hanging Kristen out to dry by using an interview she obviously did before the scandal broke. In any case, I can’t wait to read Kristen’s thoughts on love and being so, so hardcore. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.

Meanwhile, I am feeling more sympathetic towards Kristen these days. TMZ reported on Friday that Kristen’s parents, Jules and John Stewart, are getting a divorce. Kristen’s mom Jules filed for divorce from John a few weeks ago in LA County, and Jules cited “June 15, 2010” as the date of separation/estrangement. Did anyone know about this before now? I didn’t. I thought Kristen’s parents had a solid marriage, a solid foundation. But now that I know Kristen has been dealing with some parental turmoil… her Mini-Coopering does make a bit more sense. She was “acting out” like many kids do when their parents are fighting/splitting up.

Even more bad news for Kristen… sources tell Radar that Robert Pattinson is hellbent on moving back to England. Allegedly, he’s going to sell the LA home he bought last year and move back to London, where he can be closer to his family and his mates. Radar’s source says, “Robert is thinking long and hard about returning to London. He’s selling his home in Los Angeles, not only because it holds bad memories, but because he wants a fresh start. He never fell in love with Los Angeles and has always longed for home… Despite making friends in America, Robert longs just to have a pint with the mates he grew up with in a local west London pub. He’s just a regular guy. He is set to make up his mind very soon – his family hasn’t put pressure on him to return – but he misses them very much and they’ve said they’d welcome him back with open arms.”

Some photos of Kristen playing golf with her dad the weekend before the Rupert Sanders scandal blew up:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Ali says:

    Ah fresh air to breathe life to a dead story!

    • CTgirl says:

      I think from recent events we all know what KStew thinks about love. As to feeling bad because Mum and Dad are breaking up – her parents have been separated for two years. Unless her mother is just off her rocker and cares nothing for her daughter, and I don’t think that’s the case, filing for divorce during her daughter’s summer of scandal is a ploy to garner sympathy for KStew. Poor little poppet’s parents are getting divorced. Why the big hurry to file for divorce now? It smells like KStew’s PR team is trying too hard again.

  2. Camille says:

    Open mouth and dead eyes as usual.

  3. Schnikes says:

    I’d rather read about Blohan and I hate reading about Blohan…..

  4. Anna says:

    Dead eyes, open mouth, messy hair. Oh and I’ve forgotten she isn’t interested in selling out that’s why she’s on her 100th cover.

    I hear her mother split up because she had an affair with her business partner who is much younger than her. How fitting!

    • Rumorhasit says:

      I can’t believe Vogue, of all magazines, used this as their cover. She’s a filthy, dead eyed, morally bankrupt, talentless,waste of space. With no discernable taste in fashion, or concern for trends, what does this cover signify for Vogue?
      That they have sold out for the tryhard fan base, as much as mini kewp claims she hasn’t?
      I guess I’m not feeling the sympathy yet. You knowingly sleep with a married man, then blame him for it, all the while kicking a decent guy in the face, you deserve all the retribution you get, and no sympathy. Rupert’s no rose in this, where was his consideration of his children, the respect for his wife, the well being of his family?
      Kstew screwed herself in this, Rupert will have to live knowing he screwed his family. A much bigger, more tragic price to pay, for a bit of strange…

  5. Macey says:

    omg, those foot shoes shes wearing are ugly. I dont care what they promise to do (which I doubt they actually do), you couldnt pay me to wear them.

  6. Caity says:

    I admit I’m a Kristen fan, though I was disappointed by the mini-coopering.
    But hearing this news about her parents does add some perspective.
    Nothing excuses her behaviour, cheating is always wrong, but if your parents long term previously rock solid relationship has fallen apart, its not unusual for her to be acting out, and questioning other relationships in her life.

    • Kimlee says:

      Her parents have been separated since 2010, so I don’t think it was came as a big shock to her or a reason for her to be “acting out”.

      • jess says:

        How do you know that she wasnt “acting out?” Just because her parents were seperated since 2010 doesnt mean she didnt have some hope that they would get back together.

        Rob and Kristen seemed to have been closer in the beginning of the year with both of them not filming anything and Rob traveling with her when she was doing photoshoots and some of her promo for SWATH. I think when her mom brought her new bf to Cannes is when things started to go south. Her parents were together for 27 years, so I can see where it would be a bit of a shock to see her mom with someone else.

      • Zoid says:

        She’s not even living at home! It’s not like she’s 14 and has to choose which parent she wants to live with! She’s a grown up woman, she made her choice for better or worse, can we please stop trying to pin an excuse on it? I don’t even hate her for it, I just think it’s ridiculous how much space everyone is giving her to wiggle out. She owned to it and apologized. We don’t need to come up with ridiculous reasons for why she cheated.

    • bns says:

      Maybe I read this wrong, but it sounds like you’re using her parents divorce to make excuses for her behavior. Cheating is cheating. It’s wrong and selfish, and there’s no excuse for it. And if she’s so affected by her parents splitting up, why would she sleep with a man who has a wife and kids of his own? I’m not putting the blame solely on her (the director is just as gross), but it annoys me to see people using her age and now her parents situation to excuse what she did.

      • MW says:

        Co-sign. IF she was upset about her parents, wouldn’t you think she’d be wanting to lean on her boyfriend (Rob), and feeling more empathetic to, or at least aware of, people causing other people pain? At that point in her life, she had pretty much become an expert at keeping her lifestyle with Rob super private. I can’t imagine what she was trying to accomplish by this affair, plus letting this all take place so publicly.

      • A says:

        It clarifies the situation. No one is excusing/justifying sleeping with a married man.
        Cannes was probably the biggest moment of her career…and having her mom bring her new boyfriend might have thrown her off. Add in the fact that KStew is immature and likely emotionally stunted, she probably couldn’t deal with it like a well adjusted person. Then she was promoting the Snow White film the next week….

        A wealthy, pretty 22 year old usually doesn’t go after an unattractive married man with kids old enough to be her father. If she was just looking for some excitement, she had far better options. Now, a selfish, emotionally stunted 22 year old would fall for those cliche lines about how she’s special, the wife doesn’t understand, blah blah blah. Especially if she was in an emotional state…Sanders probably played her like Yo You Ma, and she was dumb enough to let him do it. My guess is maybe she confided in him about her parents’ after Cannes (directors are often friends or friendly with their stars), and he went in for the kill. Now, I’m sure some of the twi-hards/stans will attack me and say I’m trying to excuse her behavior. I’m not. But it makes far more sense to me now.

    • Genevieve says:


      Kaiser, YAY!! I knew you had it in you ;)

    • Caity says:

      To clarify, I thought the news of her parents split added context to her actions ie. gave an indication to her mindset – why she decided to cheat on her boyfriend with her married director.
      I still thinking cheating is wrong, this just helps explain how she got there?

    • Not Buying It says:

      I have to agree with those of you who point out that Kristen is 22 years old, for crying out loud, not a preteen who is still living at home and acting out because Daddy will be moving out of the house soon.

      Even if Kristen is that emotionally stunted, she trysted before the divorce papers were filed. Court papers say they legally separated June 2010, so she had plenty of time to adjust to the reality of the situation. At the time she mini-coopered, it had been 25 months. I’m feeling safe to assume there were signs of the marriage disintegrating prior to that time, as well.

      “We”, the fans of both Rob and Kristen, always said both of them came from solid stable loving family backgrounds because we assumed both sets of parents were happily married a long time, thus it must be so. Although I never personally saw Kristen’s folks together and interacting, I can say Rob’s parents always seem to be a happy couple when they interact with each other in the audiences of various talk shows) However, “our” assumption that Kristen folks were happily married apparently was way off base. Using that assumption, “we” assumed (wrongly) that Kristen was the perfect mate for Rob based on her home environment.

      You have to ask yourself what did Kristen actually learn about relationships via observing her own mom and dad? Who knows? Some children grow to emulate what they observe, others observe behaviors and learn how NOT to behave. If it is true that her mother strayed with her business partner, then perhaps Kristen just adopted those same morals. But “acting out”? That is by far the greatest stretch for an excuse for her unforgivable behavior I’ve yet to read.

  7. Emma says:

    Oh look. Another KStew cover. We’re so lucky she’s not a famewhore…

  8. Aiobhan says:

    I feel sorry about her parents getting a divorce. It is hard to deal with at any age but to have it coupled with her breakup must be hard. That is all I got.

    • T.C. says:

      Her parents have been separated for 2 years says TMZ. Suspicious that her Mother picks the time of Kstew’s post scandal to file for divorce. Something fishy about that.

      • dee says:

        Shmeh. I don’t think there’s anything fishy about it. Two years of separation is plenty of time to be sure it’s what you want to do and the parents of celebrities really are not under any obligation to live their lives by any timetable but that which suits them personally. If some people are going to assume that every breath anyone remotely related to a famous person takes is somehow about publicity then there’s really not much they can do about it. You have to live your life and there really is nothing intrinsically newsworthy about these folks getting divorced. Add me to the list of people marvelling how this woman who claims to hate the burdens of fame has managed to get her mug on about the 75th glossy fashion magazine cover of the year.

  9. Micki says:

    RPatz deserves a fresh start and she’ll get another anyway.
    I feel sorry for the stress she got with her parents divorcing but I still don’t like the way she “copes” with her life.

  10. Mirella says:

    My parents split when I was younger than her. Sure it’s hard, but it doesn’t excuse her behavior. Plus, they’ve been separated since 2010, I’m sure she knew this would happen.

    • pretty says:

      I agree !
      Her parents seperated at 2010 and she decided to “act out” 2 years later with a married man? ha ha ha
      Her parents divorcing and her having affair with a married man who has a wife she worked with have nothing to do each other.
      Anyway I am soo looking forward to see her pathetic face at Toronto film thing. ha ha ha Imagine her face.
      I hope she brings 7 fit tall muscular bodygards.

      • aquarius64 says:

        She may the security beyond TIFF’s red carpet. The entertainment press and blogs have been talking about “On the Road” but the focus has been Stewart’s threesome with two guys IN A CAR. More advertising for the movie, more bad PR for Stewart. Oh, one site had a still from the movie where Stewart has her legs spread hanging out of the driver’s side of the car. You bet her team is loving that image.

      • Michele says:

        Pretty: Why are you “sooo looking forward” to seeing Kristen at TIFF if you don’t care for her at all? And your “7 ft tall muscular bodygard” remark…are you seriously hoping she will be facing dangerous haters that want to harm her on the red carpet? sorry, that’s sick.

        I didn’t know her parents weren’t together anymore. I always thought they had a strong relationship as far as Hollywood relationships go. I’m sure she’s affected by it. I also didn’t know her mother brought her new boyfriend to Cannes. I noticed there weren’t any pictures of mother and daughter together at Cannes. Kristen seems especially close to her dad. Divorce after 27 years has to be hard on the whole family even if they drifted apart ~ 2 years ago.

    • Janelle says:

      Hi Kristen! The dress on the Vogue cover is pretty but the makeup they did on you is too much for a girl with delicate features. Don’t let them do this again.

  11. Dawning Red says:

    JOHN STEWART: “Okay Kristin, the paps are here. Now, please don’t flip them off while we golf, okay?”

    K-SCREW: (biting lip) “F*ck, okay dad. F*ck. Hey, what about f*cking the golf course manager? That’s f*cking okay, right?”

    JOHN STEWART: “Kristin, we have to talk.”

    K-SCREW: “F*ck, this f*cking talk again, dad? How many times I gotta tell you, it’s my teachers fault! They failed me, all of them! F*ck!” (Gives the finger to a group of imaginary teachers standing on the next sand trap)

  12. aquarius64 says:

    Some people are questioning the timing of the official filing of the divorce, which was August 17. They’ve been separated since 2010; why do this now? If it’s to garner sympathy for Stewart it’s backfiring. Her mom having an affair with a younger man has started the “like mother, like daughter” meme. I also questioned Vogue UK wisdom on releasing this issue without changes or updates. In light of the scandal how do they expect it to sell? I wouldn’t be surprised if there are reports of thefts of the mag or YouTube videos of people burning the mag in a bonfire.

    • donna says:

      You underestimate the dedication of Twi-hards. They’re all back to hoping these two get back together and starting to blame Rob for not loving her enough to forgive her. They’re all about the pity and adoration for Kristen again.

      Agree with you that the timing of the divorce filing for a couple that’s been estranged for years is very suspicious.

    • A says:

      Apparently the magazine Little White Lies sold out with her on the cover…after the scandal. If the twi-hards burn Vogue UK, they are just flat out bat shit crazy. Then again, I always thought the RPatz stans, the KStew stans, and the Twi-hards were generally cray cray.

      Truth is, most people don’t give that much of a shit anymore. It’s a small percentage of the movie going public that reads celeb gossip, and an even smaller percentage that reads Hollywood Life/Celebitchy/etc. They go to see a movie, not the stars most of the time.

      KStew made a horrible decision and did a terrible thing. However, the public still watches Sean Penn movies despite being hit with a domestic assault charge and Chris Brown still has a career. Unless KStew tries to do some romantic comedy or play a virginal character (the public will never buy it after this scandal), she’ll probably be okay. That was Meg Ryan’s big mistake…she tried to stick with romantic comedies. If KStew’s career is over, it will be because the general public got tired of her as an actress…as it is, I think Anna Kendrick and Dakota Fanning will be the only people from the whole Twilight saga that will go one to have decent careers. KStew and RPattz will fade away in small, indie films.

  13. Melymori says:

    The separation of Kristen’s parents isn’t a big news, they have been public about it, they are just doing it legal. Still I don’t see as an excuse for cheating your partner whom you claimed loved and care the most in the world.

  14. Izzy says:

    She was “acting out” like many kids do when their parents are fighting/splitting up.

    OK, I’ll co-sign that observation, but jeebuz, did she have to “act out” with a man who was married? Married with children?! Don’t get me wrong, Rupert Sanders is a troll, and I do think he took advantage of a young woman (and now we know a young woman whose emotions were in turmoil). But still, even people in emotional turmoil are capable of understanding how wrong it is to hook up with someone who is committed to someone else (even if for that cheater the commitment is only on paper).

    • Zoid says:

      Your opinion might be that it’s a useless contract but to a majority of people it still stands for something. That’s why people ‘get their panties in a wad’. With or without that ‘useless contract’ he was supposed to be off limits. That’s the worst excuse anyone has come up with so far. ‘oh marriage is worthless so it’s ok they screwed!’

  15. Sarah says:

    Yep her mom had an affair with someone barely older than her oldest child.

  16. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Too good dawning red; it’s bad enough american fashion mags have sold out to celebutards, i thought european fashion mags still emphasized, you know, fashion, there isn’t anything hip, cool, or fashionable about this empty vessel; i always thought she was more upper class for some reason, but from what i’ve been reading, is her background more well trailer parkish? I’ve seen her on late nite talk shows and she really has no spark; i don’t get her appeal at all.

  17. giddy says:

    Some years back (just as Twilight was trending as phenom)there was an article written by a reputable journalist who knew the Stewart family, had worked with K-Stews father, and mentioned that John Stewart hoped and planned for Kristen (who was discribed as a gifted student) to attend Ivy League University (sound like anyone?). Seemed like the father had hopes for K-Stew that included an education. After that, there were more stories about her being cast in her mothers Indie flicks. Maybe the Dad saw a different trajectory for her. Something which allowed her to grow into the stratisphereic fame and actually hone her craft. Or maybe its just the same old sad tale of unhappy families.

    It’s perhaps unfair to tell a book by its cover. But who removes their child — one that is obstensibly “gifted” — from school and allows her to fend for herself — and it not turn out badly?

    • donna says:

      Her father is in the business too. Her mother has only directed one indie movie and that was last year. Kristen has been acting since age 9. When did all these hopes and dreams about a gifted student happen? Because from her own interviews, she did terribly in school and had to drop out before she even hit high school. I don’t think education was a priority for anyone in this family. She didn’t actually get her high school diploma until she was 19.

      • A says:

        Before Twilight blew up, I remember reading a few interviews about/with her and she came across as a completely different person…far more intelligent and articulate, even though she was much younger. Once in a while, I read a Kstew interview and that still comes through… If I remember correctly, she dropped out/failed because she missed so much school, not because of a poor academic performance. I almost wonder if she’s on prescription pills…that would explain some of the rambling and inane comments she gives. Also, drugs would explain the erratic behavior. I also remember reading an interview where she mentioned her father wanted her to smile more…The mother probably indulged her, and the father did not.

      • pafakell says:

        I agree with you A. I remember seeing interviews with her when she was promoting the first Twilight movie and she was far different. Just recently I saw one of her interviews done in a surf shop where she looked not much older than she was in “Panic Room”. She was very outgoing and expressive and articulate. It was sometime after Twilight exploded that she became a wreck in interviews. I believe it was on this very site that I read comment after comment from those who speculated she suffered from severe anxiety and they should know because they suffered from it, too. Of course, those comments weren’t as numerous as the jealous, spiteful ones, and all of those posters are now quite giddy with the fact that the constant hate and judgement they threw at her seems to have hit their target better than anyone could have ever dreamed possible, lol. I really wouldn’t be surprised if she is on some kind of anti anxiety meds. She probably self medicates with pot also.

    • Mandy says:

      Her dad was dreaming–KStew has an IQ of about 115 maybe, I’d guess. She constantly commits malaprops, e.g., she always says “ideological” when she means “idealistic.”

      She got bad grades before dropping out and then blamed her teachers, just as she’s reportedly now blaming Sanders for her own decision to imitate her mother’s example of acceptable behavior while in a committed relationship.

      Kristen’s approach to guys is a predatory, masculine type of aggressive behavior. When a guy (like Sanders) bites, she feels guilty, and can’t bring herself to admit she was just testing her powers, so she decides it’s loerve and goes along with it. From her safe vantage point inside her relationship w/Rob, she could play the line to see if she could land her big fish (= see if he’d leave his wife for her).

      She needs counseling and a much better upbringing (time machine?)

    • pafakell says:

      Giddy, I believe her parents removed her from school because the teachers would not give her the required assignments when she was going to be shooting a movie (which teachers are required to do, btw). I know many people are of the opinion that teachers shouldn’t have to do this but I’m of the opinion that students with a talent in sports or music, or a student with a job such as acting on Broadway, shouldn’t have to give up their dreams or talent for what amounts to nothing more than busy work, particularly when it comes to public schooling. By all accounts KS did not have stage parents, either, but you wouldn’t know that from some of the very self-righteous comments on the subject of Stewart’s education. Not the education of the Olympic gymnasts or musical prodigies, mind you. Just Kristen Stewart’s, lol.

  18. tom says:

    Wow all the haters are always here!!!
    speading lies without any proof

  19. Adeli says:

    Oh FFS, her parents have been separated since 2010, her mother has been shacking up with her boyfriend for a while now. This was all very much in the open. This is not brand new information! Yeah it was probably shitty for her and her brothers when their parents split TWO YEARS AGO. Plenty of time to “act out” and get over it. And you know what? Sh*t happens, parents divorce, you deal with it. And NOT by cheating on your long-term boyfriend with a married father.

    Why file for divorce now, after two years, at the exact same time that your daughter is embroiled in a dirty scandal? Surely it can’t be to garner public sympathy, can it? No, Kristen and her team would never! RME.

    Of course, not everything is orchestrated, most of the stories have been made-up tabloid BS, and anyone with critical reasoning skills can decipher those. But the timing of this divorce filing reeks of PR tactics.

    As a KStew “disliker”, even I can admit that sometimes the vitriol against her is a bit much. But it’s exactly this kind of manipulative BS tactics by her team that keep feeding it.

    And now I can’t wait for the pearls of wisdom which are sure to come out of the Vogue article. If she’s been waxing lyrical about honesty and realness, and sneering about how fake her peers are, the LULZ heard around the Internet will be deafening.

  20. deb says:

    Aww let’s hold another pity party for poor little victim KShrew. JFC can’t this unattractive no-talent creature just go away? I’m so sick of seeing her gaping mug on every mag cover.

  21. Birdix says:

    As a casual observer (never seen the movies), I’m curious… is it generally believed they were a real couple and not just good friends posing as a couple for the sake of the movies?

    • tara says:

      They were real. Trust me, I wish they weren’t because then this would be over. But Pattinson is absolutely obsessed with her and most likely WILL take her back.

      • Janet says:

        People who are obsessed over someone don’t usually avoid the object of their obsession like a lethal plague. It’s been over a month since the scandal broke and so far there is no indication that he has given her the time of day. And if, God forbid, he does take her back, he will forfeit much of the sympathy he has gotten so far by looking like the world’s biggest wimp.

      • tara says:

        There’s actually been lots of indications that they’re “talking”. Which in and of itself screams “reconciliation” to me. This is a pretty cut and dried issue. There shouldn’t be anything to talk about other than setting up a schedule for when to come and get your stuff. If he was going to break it off, he would’ve done so and we’d have sources saying it’s all over. Hasn’t happened. Because he’s basically giving her the chance to convince him to take her back. And I don’t think she’ll have to work very hard. It’s sad. By all accounts, I’ve heard that the guy has no self-esteem and taking her back would prove that.

      • Anname says:

        Jeez Tara, sounds like you have it all figured out (not so much)! There are made-up stories saying they are talking, and there are made-up stories saying they are not. NO ONE who knows anything is talking to the media, so we don’t actually have any clue if they are reconciling or not.

        I am a long time Rob fan and if you consider everything he has said about cheating/loyal friends etc, it would be hard to imagine him getting back together with her. Certainly not anytime soon, if ever.

        My best guess would be they separate for quite a while, and maybe connect again down the road. She needs to grow the hell up and figure out what she wants and what is actually meaningful in her life (not this “I feel everything more deeply than anyone else” stuff). That’s my take on it, for what’s it worth.

      • Janet says:

        LOL listen to you. You say “they were real” as if you knew that for a fact when you really don’t know any more than anyone else. It’s rather interesting that when Jon Stewart referred to them not once, but three times as having split up, Pattinson didn’t bother to correct him. Word is he’s already back in London. Of course, if you know differently, do share your insider’s information with us

      • jwoolman says:

        tara – if they reconcile, that doesn’t mean he’s a wimp. She needs both individual and couples counseling, though. Her actions were so off the wall, she better figure out why she did them. He also has to figure out what happened and why and if the relationship is worth salvaging. Good professionals might be able to help them work through all that, even if they don’t reconcile. Counseling is often required before divorce – and that’s basically what this is. They both have to realize that what they had before no longer exists- it’s broken. But they may want to try to rebuild a new relationship. Things will be different, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Even for just job-related reasons, they need to be comfortable with each other and need help getting to that point.

  22. stinky says:

    in defense of mini-coppers: they’re actually pretty roomy inside, y’all. at least in the front seat… did all the drama go down in the back? (pardon the pun)

  23. antipodean says:

    Another inane excuse. If it were sudden and unexpected maybe, but after a two year separation hardly unexpected one would of thought. Look just sack your publicist for giving you rum advice about public apology, move on and get over it. You are such a spoilt sulky little moo (actually you remind me of my own daughters)

  24. Eléonore says:

    How convenient! Now her parents are getting a divorce, so she was just “acting out”…acting out or not, who cares?! We have seen her face more than enough already. I have never seen the Twilight movies so I just don’t see what is appealing about her. I have tried…but I just don’t see it. All I remember is her telling in interview about how her teachers had “failed her”…with this girl it seems that there is always someone else to blame for her actions. I am just sick of her and this “I’m above it all and better than everyone” expression on her face.

  25. mila says:

    Anything to sell the papers. When i see this girl i just *sigh and roll my eyes..

  26. Mary says:

    Well… It’s a shame, isn’t it? I hope she will find what she’s looking for otherwise she’ll just be another waste of space.

  27. Van says:

    I’m so disappointed. I feel so dumb. As bitchy and weird as she was I liked her. Because I always thought, you know Halle Berry and Julia Roberts have always been all smiles on the red carpet and in reality they are known to be nightmares onset, so maybe Kristen really is missunderstood and she’s protecting herself by appearing to be some sort of edgy girl an the smiley ones really are the bitches.

    I met her in May for a SWATH thing in mu country where she met fans and took pictures with them. I’ve never told anyone this but I caught her making faces at fans when they turned their backs. Like “I’m so over it. Get me out of here, ughhhh” I was one of them. I thought “did she just roll her eyes at me too?” I felt so bad. SO bad. But I thought “whatever! Maybe she’s tired! Best day ever!!”. Idiot.

    With all this BS all I can say is that she’s a liar, a hypocrite, a faker and a very, very ungrateful human being. You know, the cheating thing? As awful as it was what truly makes me feel bad is how full of crap she is and how I fell for it and as well as many others. She’s just a product. No rebelry, only lack of humility and sense of reality. I opened my eyes, many have not. I hope they do.

    We shouldn’t like celebrities this much. You just never know…

  28. original almond says:

    I can’t wait to read her little nuggets of dead straight honesty and wisdom.

  29. Angelheart says:

    @ Stans of Kristen
    Please don’t condone the fact that she caused a lady and her children a great deal of pain and humiliation. You aren’t doing her any favors perpetuating the idea that she has no empathy for others and no respect for marriage or the girl code. You can’t possibly know that. She has lots of female friends and she couldn’t have those if she wasn’t on the whole a good friend to them. She messed up, she admitted it. She’ll get through this and be a person we can admire even more because she admits when she screws
    up, apologizes and learns from her mistakes. Her true fans know she’s a good person on the whole and she will prove it to us.

  30. Van says:

    I’m also done with these excuses.
    If she did a shitty thing let her deal with it. I really hope Rob moves to London and never goes back together with her.

  31. starsh says:

    Women: stop hating this girl. So she cheated. So do lots of people. Grrrr. This bitchy misogyny gets me down.

      • oi vey says:

        She’s being held to the same standards that everyone else is. This is how “regular” women get treated when they act like bitches and do shitty, shady things. She’s not a special little snowflake, despite what her fans and minions would love you to believe.

    • Anname says:

      I agree that a few have become haters, but I think most are simply fans who feel let down by her. I really liked Rob and Kristen together, and was totally shocked by her affair. It goes completely against everything she constantly espoused about herself! My opinion of her definitely has changed, but it doesn’t make me a hater. Just disappointed.

      But I am super annoyed by those few fans who insist on making excuses for her. She knows she messed up badly and now has to deal with the consequences, like everybody else does.

  32. Kosmos says:

    Exactly, her parents have been separated for a few years already, so this is not an excuse to act out. I think she forgot who she was. Her actress roles went to her head and she gave the finger just one too many times for my taste, and acted like a complete spoiled brat. She had a solid and privileged upbringing, unlike some people, but she turned out to be immature nevertheless. I wish Rob the best, at least he seems like the more mature of the pair, what a surprise!

  33. Janet says:

    And here we go again with another maudlin chapter in The Infantilization of Kristen Stewart.

    She’s so young, barely out of childhood, and on top of that her parents are divorcing, no wonder she fell into the clutches of a ruthless older guy.

    Horse puckey. She’s no child, she’s legally an adult, and if she refuses to grow up and take responsibility for her actions that’s nobody’s fault but her own. Quit making bullshit excuses for this bitch. She brought all this on herself and she deserves everything she gets.

  34. MSL says:

    Six weeks ago, I knew nothing about Twilight or Robsten.
    I only had a vague recollection of Pattinson on a Vanity Fair cover a few years back .
    I therefore could not understand the strong emotions unleashed by this story.
    That is until I watched quite a few of his interviews on Youtube.
    What an intelligent, witty, curious and pleasantly goofy young guy. I find his looks are only a part of his charm, and look forward to following his career, and seeing Cosmopolis next week.
    One of the interviews I watched is in Cannes this spring. He’s there to plug Cosmopolis yet he also enthusiastically sings her praise as an actor and states his frustration that people don’t always remember her past work and how good she is. How sweet is that? How could she possibly throw that relationship away?
    So bizarre.

    • Anname says:

      Rob interviews are fabulous aren’t they!

      Re her affair -I think she started to panic about how serious she and Rob were about each other, and wasn’t sure what she wanted. Maybe she didn’t have the tools to deal with it maturely? It is hard to buy this though because she was always telling us how honest and true she tries to be. It’s all speculation on our part regardless.

      • MSL says:

        From what I’ve seen so far I especially like how he is game to take on just about any question. He also seems to enjoy the challenge of responding in a different and sometimes quirky way to the same questions. Plus he is never dismissive. Quite impressive.

  35. aquarius64 says:

    @donna – that’s the problem with Stewart fans putting the onus on Rob for this mess: they can’t tell the difference between reel life and real life. They’ve seen Eclipse, where Edward forgave Bella in two minutes for cheating on him with Jacob. The Twihards want the same results and they’re upset that it’s not happening. That’s what the studio gets for using the lead actors’ personal life to help sell the movies. I think Stewart and Pattinson need to come out deal with this romance more publicly. They have no choice now. They will be shackled to this franchise long after it leaves the theaters. Twilight made them rich and opened doors, but the price for quick fame and riches are looking too high.

    • Anname says:

      Of course they have a choice -they don’t have to speak publicly if they don’t want to, just to satisfy your curiosity.

      And the whole point of staying private was to PREVENT the selling of their relationship to promote Twilight. Now you are saying they should speak publicly about it? Wouldn’t the purpose of that be to sell Twilight (which you criticize above)?

      • aquarius64 says:

        This is not to satisfy my curiousity, this is to staunch the bleeding. Stewart’s new name is the Wh-re of Babylon thanks to this scandal born of her stupidity. Rob is the scorned bf but he’s being dragged through the mud by out of control Twihards. As long as they stay silent the media is going to define them and not in a good way. Celebrities are taking their shots now, probably seeing them as undeserving mediocre prats that needed to be taken down a peg or two. Now Angelina Jolie has supposedly weighed in, stating Robsten was a showmance from the get go to sell the franchise. I’m not sure how true this story is; it would be the first time I heard a celeb say that out loud. If that perception takes hold can you image the fallout? Angry Twihards would be furious feeling they’ve been scammed for four years in order to get that money. Stewart and Pattinson would have to go into Witness Protection, especially if it’s proven to be true. That’s why I feel they need to work out a strategy and get in front of this mess before the drip-drip-drip of stories erode any smidgen of good will left. (Stewart’s PR team’s strategy stinks; we can agree on that.) Right or wrong, if negative perceptions hardened their careers would be so radioactive no studio head would come near them even if they were wearing hazmat gear.

      • Anname says:

        Aquarius – the Jolie twitter is a fake, there was some sort of nasty comment from that twitter during the Olympics too.

        And I disagree with you about stepping in front of the story. Rob has been very consistent in his approach to the media, I don’t see him changing it. He has said many times that his personal life is not for sale. If he hasn’t said anything in the past 6 weeks, he isn’t going to start now. I do wonder what Kristen will say at TIFF though, that will be a rough day for her.

  36. lindi says:

    She has her own beauty in this picture -

  37. Jag says:

    I have to totally disagree with what’s written. Even people her age can use their boyfriend or girlfriend as a support to lean on during tough times like their parents’ divorce. There is no excuse for her cheating – none! “Acting out” is what children and teenagers do, and she is neither. Stop finding excuses for her; she broke the trust and cheated on someone who loved her, and she did it under her own power and decision, imo.

    As for the picture, she looks like she’s going to be sick. She can be quite beautiful, but she needs to find a different look than she’s been donning these last number of magazine covers.

  38. Chrissy says:

    I’m sorry, but that whole “acting out” excuse loses validity after your teenage years. Maybe I’m wrong, but as an adult in society, I would think that she might have been able to find different methods of coping with what sounds like it might be a really tough situation. Who knows, maybe they wouldn’t even have been healthy coping mechanisms, but I still think that in every situation there is a way to deal with things that limits the impact to those around you. What she did was incredibly selfish and it hurt quite a few people. You’d think, if the real reason why her parents were on the rocks was infidelity, that her own opinions of the behavior would have been different. I don’t know, I think as a society, some people, tend to lean toward self indulgent behavior and only look back at the consequences if and when we get caught. But that’s just me and my opinion of what the behavior of a responsible adult should look like.

    Tacky of the magazine to try and increase sales by including an interview from before her mini coopering and adding the spin that it was from after. Or using it to shove her words in her face. Either way, tacky. We can do better. Especially from a fashion mag.