Seal says he & Heidi Klum split because she was banging her bodyguard


Last week, we covered the story that Heidi Klum was gunning for primary custody of her four children with Seal for two reasons: (1) He’s dating other chicks now; (2) He made the questionable judgment call of using photos of the kids in a commercial. This move on Heidi’s part has apparently ended the virtual cease fire between the former couple.

After months of silence on Seal’s part, he’s definitely talking now. The Mail has some vacation photos of Heidi “cavorting” with a man, Martin Kristen, who is believed to be her bodyguard of four years. While the photos aren’t overtly incriminating, the two do look very comfy together, and at one point, he puts his arm around Heidi’s shoulders as she smiles towards him. I have to wonder whether this is the same guy that was said to have physically restrained Seal when he allegedly pushed Heidi during a fight last year, and perhaps the situation was a catalyst for a budding relationship between the two. That’s just me thinking out loud though.

Some brave TMZ cameraman asked what Seal thought of Heidi possibly dating her bodyguard, and Seal made a surprising move by giving his full thoughts on the situation. Apparently, Seal either believes that Heidi was sleeping with Martin during their marriage, or he just wants the public to believe that’s what happened. Either way, Seal says Heidi’s infidelity is the true reason for the divorce.

Heidi Klum

“You know, that’s what happens when people separate. They move on, and that generally means other people in their lives. I certainly don’t expect Heidi to all of a sudden become a nun, but as always, my main priority is the emotional well-being of our children. And to be quite honest, if there is going to be someone else in their lives, I’d much rather it be a familiar face. I guess the only thing that I would have preferred … at once, I didn’t expect any better of him. I would have preferred that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help. But I guess you all now have the answer that you’ve been waiting for for the past seven months.“

[From TMZ]

Okay, so this little speech follows Seal’s general M.O., which is to say some very eloquent things on the outset, but then he follows all of those relatively nice words up with a huge double punch. In the wake of Seal’s not-so-subtle accusations, Team Klum has also contacted TMZ to say that, well, maybe Heidi might be sleeping with Martin now, but she definitely wasn’t doing so before the separation. Hmm:

Sealโ€™s accusation that Heidi Klum cheated on him during their marriage is absolutely false … at least thatโ€™s what Heidi is telling close friends.

TMZ posted a video this morning in which Seal said straight out said Heidi was screwing the bodyguard while they were together — and that is why their marriage fell apart.

Heidi told one close friend today her relationship with the bodyguard was “strictly professional” while she was with Seal.

The friends tell us that since the split, Heidi says she has gotten “very close” to the bodyguard … who has helped her through the difficulties of ending a marriage

As for the nature of their relationship now … all the friend would say is it’s “undefined.” So that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

Heidi’s friend adds, “Itโ€™s sad but not surprising that he would resort to making excuses for their divorce when the real reason is looking him in the mirror.”

[From TMZ]

To add to the murky waters, a Klum source tells assures People that Heidi and Martin are not exactly dating, but … “It’s complicated. This has been a difficult time. Her inner circle of people she trusts is getting smaller and smaller and he is her No. 1 confidante.” It’s also worth mentioning that this vacation was not an exclusively coupley endeavor, for Seal and Heidi’s children as well as Heidi’s parents were along for the ride.

Still, I don’t get why — if you’re Heidi or one of her sources, and you’re going to talk to the media instead of ignoring the rumors — there can’t just be a simple “yes” or “no” answer on this subject. Is Heidi currently banging her bodyguard? My gut instinct says it is probably happening. Did she do so while she and Seal were married, and is that the true reason for the divorce? Who knows, but this split is getting very ugly.

Update: Us Weekly just heard from Seal’s rep, who argues that even though Seal pretty much said that Heidi was banging the help while they were together, Seal totally didn’t meant to imply such a thing. Oh yes, he did.


Heidi Klum

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. teehee says:

    He is… um… how should I say: an ASSHAT.

  2. brin says:

    Yep, he’s back-tracking big time.

  3. Bad Irene says:

    I’m stumbling over “fornicate with the help” thats tell me everything I need to know about Seal

  4. bea says:

    Typical abuser talk. I’m certain he was the main cheater in their marriage. She’s prob. looking for a little TLC right now and the body guard is conveniently located and she “knows” him. I doubt she’ll end up marrying that guy, but big deal if she did.

    She has had really crap taste in men so far – let’s hope things are improving in that area for her.

    • Kimlee says:

      How are you certain ?

      That he cheated or that he an abuser do you know/meet them or have you been around them?

    • giddy says:

      Agreed… crap taste in men indeed…

    • geekychick says:

      Lainey had a blind about a celebrity who treats her kids as props (or something) and enjoys her time with her bodyguard. Not just that the popular guess was Heidi, it was revealed on her SMUT-soiree (or however it’s called).
      Eh, their marriage, their divorce.

    • andrea says:

      Yeah, there was a lot of talk and even blind items about him cheating on her left and right. She must’ve find out at some point. It’s gross how he’s now trying to spread out the blame, most probably for leverage in the divorce settlement. I don’t know if she ever cheated on him with the bodyguard, she probably did, but it was a well-known story that he’d been cheating on her for years.

  5. lisa2 says:

    I find this all so interesting. They were having weddings every single year. Painting the picture of the happy couple. That they were madly in love. That she couldn’t keep her hands off his ****. Then they announce the break up. Everyone is all what happened? Then per usual people start taking sides. Obviously this relationship was over years ago and people didn’t know.

    Just keep quiet both of them. You have children. Remember that.

    but the best part is how people have a different opinion of cheating depending on who the celebs are. the spin is hilarious.

    • babythastarsshinebrite says:

      Pretty much

    • Jayna says:

      Your last sentence is so spot on. It’s always selective, isn’t it? I would love to see the reaction if Seal started stepping out with the nanny and Heidi lost it for a moment when hearing about it.

      • stinky says:

        yo – she likes em hunky. the first thing i saw was a hot bodyguard and a couple of frumpy nannies (in d.m. pics)
        but as we’ve learned w/ Arnold Terminator – the nanny can be frighteningly low-end & they’ll still hit it. i trust on one.

    • geekychick says:

      Just wanted to say that your last sentence ran through my mind also. Funny, for this past week or 2, there were threads with 200+ comments about cheating and how it ruins children and how serious it is and so on…
      And I bet this bodyguard took her children to ice-cream at least once! Trampire!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Not one comment of that nature now.
      People are biased and selective,and that’s okay, just don’t pretend it’s some moral higher ground. It’s not-it’s which celebrities you like.

    • Mrs. Ari Gold says:


      I think you are missing the point: what celebrity do you know of GOES TO THE TABLOID to report that their spouse (and parent of their very young child) is cheating? The commenters on this site (from what I have read) are not being selective about which celebrity cheats and which gets a free pass. There have been wide spread reports about Seal being a battering husband. The public is responding to him going to the tabloids and saying that his ex-wife was cheating. His behavior fits the profile of an abusive husband. THAT’S what people find offensive, not that he was cheating too or that they want to give her a free pass to cheat.

  6. ramie says:

    I don’t believe him. & why would he wait so long to come up with this excuse?

  7. Nina says:

    Here is what I think happened, he suspected she was cheating may be from the way she related with the body guard and his volatile temper went off causing Heidi some worry for her self and called it quits. He does seem to have a volatile temper. I doubt though that she cheated. He must just be insanely jealous of their relationship which seems close.

  8. Toot says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Heidi was banging the bodyguard while still with Seal. She’s cheated on her partners before so this wouln’t be new for her. Lainey has Blind about her.

    Anyway, I kind of like the way he said it. It was entertaining.

    • stinky says:

      i think i’ve read her interviews that made her sound like a sneaky handful. she never sounded like she wanted to be in a cage, thats for sure… she’s a spaz and i could never stand her & i even remember when she was breakin onto the modeling scene – im not kidding! she’s been a crazed attention-ho from the gate. she’s way cute tho. and she’s worked hard for her fame & fortune, etc. way more energy than me, i’ll say that much!

  9. Anna00 says:

    I dislike both of them.

  10. Cathy says:

    His head is shaped funny and he is wierd looking. I wouldn’t boink him for a million dollars.

  11. Jen34 says:

    Am I the only one who believes him? He sounds hurt and bitter.

  12. jferber says:

    The expression on his face in the first pic shows smugness and arrogance. He has a tremendous ego. What an a-hole for making this accusation. Heidi has kept very low-key and vague on the reasons for the break-up, never dropping this kind of bomb, though I’m sure she could, but hasn’t for the sake of the kids. He damn well knows this will get back to the kids.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Ohh…. great memory there Hannah. I forgot about this one.

    • mln76 says:

      Yup and this was months ago pretty much within weeks of the split. I don’t think Seal is a prince but I see Heidi as the type who cant bare to be alone (why else shack up with a new man while pregnant).

      • LAK says:

        @Min76 – i really loved the ‘rescue’ narrative of the beginnings of their relationship. the annual wedding vows were OTT but they are clearly good actors or good at hiding their stuff because it was completely believable

    • geekychick says:

      Hahahahaha, yes and I can’t believe people don’t remember, or that they are buying the not-cheating story.
      Ok, I mean, I don’t really care, not for Heidi not for Seal, they both probably have something to hide. But since we’re all about cheating and how awful that is-according to Lainey, yes, she cheated. And Lainey’s blinds are usually spot-on.

    • Trina says:

      I don’t know–don’t particularly care for either of them, but couldn’t the Lainey blind item been written about almost any celebrity mother? Don’t most of them hire nannies and have bodyguards?

      However, why would she keep popping out kids if she wasn’t a better mother? What was the motivation?

  13. Minty says:

    “I would have preferred that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help.

    Wow, how callous to publicly say that about the mother of your children. There’s only one person in this divorce who’s showing any class and it ain’t you, Seal.

    Makes it easier to believe all the negative stuff written about him. It was a douchebag move of him to say it in the first place. Now his PR people are claiming he wasn’t saying his wife cheated on him. Idiots, who do you think you’re fooling? He said it on video for everyone to see and hear. His meaning was loud and clear – there’s nothing vague about his statement. It’s amazing that people will continue to deny and lie even though the proof of their words is irrefutable.

  14. NM6804 says:

    Didn’t Lainey call this months ago?

    And sorry but we’ve been hearing all this abuse talk since the start and Klum has come out of it unscathed yet when he gives his thoughts on his (ex) wife cheating on him, he’s the bad guy? He can’t have gf’s but she can cheat on him before they were even separated?

    He never wanted to acknowledge the break-up and kept wearing his ring although he was shamed in the press for allegedly beating his (ex)wife. She has four children with him, the children never seem scared or detached (nor with Klum), he has been the main carer since she had/has the busiest career of the two, never one picture, gossip tidbits or any inscriminating evidence of them being in a volatile relationship yet it is believed he did?

    Having a temper and beating somebody is different. I have a temper and I would never beat or slap somebody. There is a difference. When did having a temper become “abusive”?

    • Blue says:

      ITA with everything you said. That’s they way it goes sometimes though. People are very quick to take sides and unwilling to even consider that it’s not true. I’m sure they had problems and both lost their tempers. Do I believe they may have gotten into heated arguments and may have pushed and/ or slapped each other. Yes. But I don’t for one second believe she just sat there and took it. As soon as they annouced there divorce every magazine cover was about how she was the victim of his temper and abuse. Something about her rubs me the wrong way and doesn’t ring true. They need to go back to being civil and not discussing this in the media. It does seem like a tit for tat game with them and their children end up losing.

    • LAK says:

      Having a temper is nothing to be proud of because i can assure you people are adjusting their behaviour around you so as NOT to provoke it.

      People with tempers are incredibly stressful to be around because you never know what will set them off or depth of their loss of control. Even if they are really nice people rest of the time.

      A person doesn’t need to be physical to abuse another emotionally.

      • NM6804 says:

        People do not walk on eggshells with me. I do not call names or throws things or be aggressive or anything. When things annoy me, I just don’t talk about it, it builds up and then I let go to people I trust. Word vomit but in a high pitched voice. They’re cool with it and then it’s out of my system. Nothing to be ashamed of and they don’t make me feel guilty about it either.

        I don’t even see a temper as something bad. Some cultures are considered temperamental (Italians, Colombians) and it’s never a “bad” trait. Au contraire! Just watch Gloria’s temperament on Modern Family. Stereotypical. Often, they mean “full of life” , passionate or too emotional. And that’s my take on it too. Nothing to be scared off, dear god no. So what’s the problem with that?

        Maybe we have we have a different look on the meaning but I don’t see having a temper as being as bad as people say it is.

        I also do not need to believe the allegations if they come from tabloids and unnamed sources. Let the court and genuine reports decide if Seal is an abuser shall we. So far, Klum herself did not file divorce on the grounds of him abusing her and she has not indicated any of that in the follow-up. In any way. He also didn’t force her to say all those nice things about him or to renew their vows. Something is wrong with that abuse scenario although they are both odd.

  15. MoxyLady007 says:

    The well being of his children includes him calling their mommy a wh$re who “fornicates with the help”? Nice.

    I dont believe it. He had to be restrained from hurting her at one point. That tells me everything I need to know.

    • Blue says:

      Mmm hmmm according to Star magazine from some “source.” I don’t think she has been quiet about the whole thing she just had magazines and their sources doing her dirty work. He said she cheated while they were married, she’s indirectly called him an abusive monster. Never is good for the kids, especially if neither is true or made to seem worse than it really was. I think they were bad for each other. Loved hard and fought harder.

      • Jayna says:

        Spot on remark. Seal once said in an interview the yearly weddings was Heidi’s thing and he went along because happy wife, happy life. And the way she went overboard on every interview about Seal and all the he’s so hot remarks. Heidi needed that excitement about their marriage all the time. I think women like her and men like Seal, who probably has a temper (my dad had a quick temper we rarely saw), but that doesn’t make them abusive, add those two together and they probably did have a dramatic relationship, love hard, fight hard and maybe thrived on it for a while. Those type relationships tend to flame out after a while.

        It reminds me of my neighbors to a much smaller degree. I mean, no annual weddings/party all about us us us. But they either hate each other or are madly in love and she does talk about TMI stuff all the time. I couldn’t take the fighting. It would exhaust me, but they seem to love the intensity of their relationship. Time will tell how their marriage ends up.

  16. Answer says:

    He was misqouted, HE SAID!he claims to have never said this

  17. Dap says:

    If that’s really what happened, he has every reasons to be angry and bitter. He’s been the one who has been villified since the break-up announcement.

  18. The Original Mia says:

    Seal is a jerk. He knew what he was saying. He sounds like an angry, control freak, who’s upset his wife may be moving on after being separatedc for 7 months. Of course, he’s going to smear the mother of his children. That way people will look at her & totally forget the ransoms he was screwing on his tour.

  19. Oi says:

    While we’re thinking out loud, what if that fight where the bodyguard had to restrain Seal was started by/over said body guard? If you have a fight in your private residence (and you aren’t in mortal fear of your life) why are your body guards that close to you? In other celebrity home fights I can’t think of security being called. When you’re at home aren’t they off duty? And the article says that it was Heidi’s security, not family security.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oi, DINGDINGDING! We have a winner! When I read that sentence, I thought “What if the relationship with the bodyguard was the catalyst to that fight?”

  20. Jayna says:

    Let’s face it, when you find this news out and it was the bodyguard of four years for the family, things start making sense when you look back. Maybe it was only an emotional affair. Bit the jealousy and anger rears it’s head. He was trying to give a measured and civil response and at the end he just couldn’t help himself. I knew he would take it back because they are trying to not bash each other in public fir the kids’ sake.

  21. Raven says:

    I’ll bet Tim Gunn knows, but he’s not talking.

  22. Amanda_M87 says:

    I think he just got really angry in the heat of the moment and said some things that he’s probably really going to regret later. He should of just kept his big mouth shut.

  23. Jayna says:

    My friend found out her husband all of a sudden was dating the woman who he had spent time with on a project during the end of their marriage, the last year of it. It all made sense the odd removed behavior by him that last six months. She went in a jealous rage emotionally and said a few things in front of the kids she regretted. Splitting up is hard and brings out jealousy. If Seal was all of a sudden seeing the longtime nanny, most on here would be judging what went on beforehand.

    You say Heidi kept quiet and didn’t air dirty laundry. Maybe this is why, she was having an affair or beginning one. I am not judging. I have a feeling both of them had a hand in the ending of this marriage. Seal gone alot on tour the last year and Heidi consumed with her career, Four little ones sounds romantic. In reality, it’s very stressful to most marriages. Plus, Hollywood marriages tend to just end when the going gets rough.

  24. Zorbitor says:

    Most people divorce cuz they’re bored with the relationship.

  25. BlackCloud says:

    for some reason i LOL @ “fornicating with the help” it sounds like something queen Elizabeth would say

  26. F*ck you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    What a mess….I feel sorry for their kids.

  27. TG says:

    I am Team Seal regardless of his comments. I agree with Jayna above. It would be hard not to vent when your your ex takes up with the bodygaurd of 4 years. I believe Heidi was cheating on Seal, even if it was just emotionally and she didn’t do the physical act until after the seperation. How tacky is that to get with your bodygaurd. So tacky it is as bad as JLo and her shenanigans with the help. And how do you get full custody just because the other party is dating and he let a video of the kids be published? As if Heidi never used her kids for publicity. Please. I hope a judge sees thru her bs. I can’t stand Heidi anymore. She is so fake. She runs to Seal after that billionaire dumbed her a** while pregnant and she goes on to have 3 more children with Seal and now he isn’t good enough? Can’t stand her. She is turning out to be just another halle berry. I hope a judge sticks it to her just like one did to Kelly Rutherford. It is time these lame a** mom’s learn that children need their father too.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      Yes! I was always suspicious of the yearly weddings we are so in love show she put on. Always thought it was a rebound response to being publicly dumped while pregnant by Briatore the playboy father of her first child. She covered up the humiliation & rejection by glomming ontonSeal and pretending he was the love of her life.

      • Dap says:

        OMG, you’re right! I never thought of it that way, but now you have phrased it, it makes so much sense!

      • LAK says:

        @Bored Suburbanhousewife – i have been looking out for you since RPattz and Kstew emerged. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Have you seen how he is magnanimously going to do BD2 press with KStew…..even as she is seen wearing his clothes but downcast.

        Honestly, i am seriously thinking of having a google alert for that press tour because it is going to be epic – PR wise.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      TG, I’m not really Team Anybody on this one, but I’m leaning more toward Team Seal.

      I don’t know exactly what it is about Heidi that I no longer like (and I REALLY don’t want to type it all out) but she’s become as off-putting to me as Gisele.

    • Annie says:

      Me too – I know Seal has a temper on him, but I reckon he really put effort into changing things and starting anew with Heidi – and then she broke his heart. Everything about their behavior just after the split suggested that Seal was far more in love with Heidi than Heidi with Seal. Heidi seemed to act like one mostly concerned with preserving her public image to be honest, which suggests in my mind SHE is the main guilty party in the split.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      @LAK great to hear from you! Enjoying your informative posts re Harry scandal. In particular in response to the insufferable posts that Diana would have been a restraining, good example for him. This after her final act included being pawed by a greaseball coke head clearly using her for publicity before the international tabloids. Can only imagine the humiliation those teenage boys felt then ( and guilt afterwards for their feelings).

      Re KS RP scandal. Can’t get enough! A morality play for our times. Plus I do love RS cause he reminds me of oldest son.

  28. Diva says:

    Now if Heidi said the same thing Seal did I’m sure people wouldn’t be upset about it. They’d side with her. Seal calls her out and people have their panties in a bunch. Interesting…

  29. shaishai says:

    The biggest thing for me in all this is the blatant snobbery exhibited by him in calling someone who works for you “the help”. I’m very disappointed in Seal.

    • Ally says:

      He could have said a lot worse under the circumstances. It was likely a put down aimed at the bodyguard who had trusted for 4 years.

      I don’t know if Seal’s a good guy but I do see Heidi getting away with so much. If Lainey’s BV is true, then she is a crap mother, I tend to believe it, the kids don’t look particularly happy in her company.

      All the roads keep leading back to Heidi and yet she’s coming up smelling of roses.

    • NM6804 says:

      I don’t have any problem with people who work for somebody being called ‘the help’. Is that so wrong?

      Besides, why should he be friendly and acknowledge somebody who is likely having something with his soon-to-be ex-wife? Using a general term is a good way of distantiating oneself. He owns nothing to that bodyguard. People see him as an abuser and apparently nobody stumbles over that even though it’s unproven and coming from tabloids and not court investigations (then I’ll turn 180 if it’s proven!) but this sentence is supposed to be a big deal? Ugh, whatever.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Remember those nine trillion posts here chastising people for applying the term ‘homewrecker’ to the third party and how it’s so, so sexist and slut-shaming? The tenets of skank’s rights dictate that the adultery ire should be directed towards the person within the marriage, not the one who ended up interfering with it, right? Both have been accused of cheating, so why is hers automatically a falsehood or brave defiance and his wand is automatically evil incarnate when nothing has been confirmed?

        So, here we are with a situation that’s halfway to Desdemona because he’s so evil that it was an act of grace that she allegedly stepped out. Let me get this straight: We’re not supposed to blame the bit on the side, we’re not allowed to blame the accused Princess Blondie In The Tower? I don’t know what went wrong with them but I do see that people want so badly for him to the one in the wrong that my computer screen is likely with child from that pent up energy. I’ve heard too many utterances of ‘don’t blame the victim’, but this time it’s okay? There’s so little in the way of concrete proof to definitively say who cheated on whom (if anyone did), so why’s everyone so sure?

  30. Christina says:

    I’ve always found Klum’s carefully contrived ‘hot but wholesome’ image to be a little too good to be true. At the end of the day, she’s just another knicker model and one pushing 40 at that. A great looking woman, obviously, but any number of girls 15 or even 20 years her junior can look good in a swimsuit. It’s not such a rare attribute. So Klum obviously has to keep herself in the headlines by making herself into a generic ‘celebrity’ famous for being famous. And what better way to do that than through her photogenic, mixed-race family?

    Not saying Seal’s allegations are true, though none of it would surprise me. It’s interesting to note how so many people are quick to disbelieve allegations of infidelity when the woman is allegedly to blame.

    • Annie says:

      People are very quick to bring up the fact that Seal’s exes have accused him of being volatile, but not that Heidi has previously been accused of infidelity. Personally I’m Team Seal for now, nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the fact that it’s obvious to me that Seal was the one more emotionally invested in the marriage. Heidi is gorgeous, but like you I’ve always found her very cold and contrived – Seal seems real.

      If Heidi really cheated though, the ultimate revenge for Seal would be writing a break up ballard called “Fornicating with the Help”!

  31. Kim says:

    .Heidi gets on my nerves with all the twitpics in bikinis and body parts pics every week almost as much as Leanne.She is definitely doing the BG,I could never screw a man I was paying.Thats just me,though.

  32. Mrs. O says:

    This sounds like something Kelsey Grammer would say about his ex…and we all know he’s a winner….

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Actually, it sounds like something Niles Crane would say, and it makes me giggle (probably because I hear it being said in Niles’ voice).

  33. Anon says:

    The talk shows used to always blame the men when a relationship goes bad irregardless of the circumstances……
    The idea has continuing unabated and it does nothing for women in general. Perpetual victims or……
    I am glad Seal has retained his MOJO; sadly his soon-to-be wife seems to be woefully insecure. I hope they sort it out for their children’s sakes

    • Jenny says:

      I have no idea what is going on with these two. But I do agree that women are allowed to whine, bitch and moan and get as much sympathy as they can get. But if a man shows some emotion and pain he is bashed for being insensitive. I do believe he should have had a bit more tact because there are children involved, but something made him say what he said.

      Of course now that all hell has broken loose, he has to back down. A shame that men can’t say something not so nice but women can and can for years on end.

      • pwal says:


        Not that I’m advocating that men get the same airtime to piss and moan about being done wrong because it will clog the airwaves with a bunch of TMI that I don’t give a rip about, but women using their ‘heartbreak’ as a career come-up has got to stop.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


  34. Linda says:

    I don’t believe him. I think they broke up because he threw his last temper tantrum and he’s arrogant.

  35. Barrett says:

    She jumps quick from one guy to the next. Maybe she should cool it and focus on the kiddies.

  36. Dee Cee says:

    Really low down, low life dog to rises to the occasion and makes this tactless reply to get sympathy? Find some dignity and tact Seal. He should have just told whomever.. shut up and mind your own business.

  37. sillyone says:

    I have no idea if this woman cheated so far I haven’t seen any pics of her with someone going muff diviing on her.

    My opinion is this based on experience when I told my husband (now ex) to pack up and get out he didn’t take it well and of course he told everyone I was cheating that was his reasoning to everyone, “she’s a whore”. He couldn’t comprehend that he was just an asshole and I was tired of his shit! I wasn’t cheating he was just an ass especially to the kids, maybe Heidi just got tired of his crap and he had to make it right in his own mind so that is how he is dealing with it?

  38. Ruyana says:

    That is just plain nasty on Seal’s part. What point is there to telling your business on the street except to cast shade on the other person. If he thinks this will help him get access to her fortune he might be mistaken. Actually gives credence to her comment that he had/has a problem with rage control.

  39. lisa2 says:

    I see comments saying how terrible it was that Seal said Heidi cheated. that he is basically calling the mother of his children a wh*ore.. but what about the stories of him abusing her. Has she denied them. Is it equally wrong to allow stories to float around that the father of your children abused you. If it was true I would think Heidi would have taken some legal action to protect her children. And if it is not true is she not obligated to put a stop to it.

    I’m not calling the race card.. but so tired of black men being betrayed as abusive when there is not physical proof or arrest or anything to say it is a fact. Abuse is serious. We see other celebs breaking up all the time. Hell Charlie Sheen was abusive and you don’t see anyone screaming that about him or spouting it every time he is seen. He can do that and nothing. Seal may have a temper, but as a woman with brothers, uncles, boyfriend, friends. it makes me sick to always hear the “angry black” man that looks scary.

    you can say I’m off base but the truth is evident in many of these post.

    I recall rumors of Michael Fassbender being abusive to his girlfriend. But I don’t see him being attacked. OH because everyone here adores him so the rumors are just that unproven rumors. Fassy never ever would.. he’s so hot.

    Selective hate and judgement

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Well said. Personally, Fassy isn’t my cup of tea, but when I read about that, his stock plummeted. I’ve not looked at him the same since.

    • NM6804 says:

      Exactly, the ones you mentioned got away with unproven abuse allegations. Sheen, a proven wife beater, is a hero for many, even his ex has his back. Penn’s image has been whitewashed too and all he had to do was look like a concerned sensitive man (Haiti anyone?). Hey, he has many facets, let’s forgive him for being a cruel neglectful cheating abusive husband! Fassbender never denied the allegations so there is still reasonable doubt but women still cream their panties for him and neglecting that well-documented allegation (in detail!), all he has to do is what? Be a good actor? Have a big dick (that women can’t seem to shut up about even though the film is so 2011!)? Why is it that he gets a pass?

      And here we have a man who raises a family and who got nothing but praise from his wife for it all those years. Hell, he was with her when she carried another man’s baby. What an evil guy huh?!

      If he was really abusive, she would have gotten sole custody a long time ago because I don’t doubt that with their status, she would have made sure that there would have been clear-cut evidence of it such as eye-witnesses, photos or videos. And she would have presented that to the court already, if that would be the issue. But that didn’t happen did it? All we saw were gossip articles and those must be true right? I have yet to see a clear statement from one of their staff stating the abuse and not some old story about the bodyguard she is bumping genitals with now. I have yet to see Klum admitting to the abuse (when did she not share private info about her life?) and if she doesn’t then why is she allowing Seal being throuwn under the bus by the tabs? He has been more than gracious and patient and I found his statement not bad at all. “Fornicating with the help” is quite funny given the situation. He has been called much worse things by “unnamed sources”.

      I really cannot believe that people are so quick to jump on these unproven allegation.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Won’t call you off base because you’re on point.

    • minimi says:

      Lisa, that was spot on! I don’t really care for either of them but I do find that Heidi is a lot of times (in the american press, what usually doesn’t happen so often in the german press) as an angel that only cares for her kids. I will not repeat what was already said, but taking into account all her previous history with Briatore and the way she sold her marriage as a fairy tale (she, not him), I find it hard to believe that she is not a cold calculist person. Yes, he should be more careful with what he says but I do think that there’s a very one-sided way of seeing this story and I do wonder if race or looks are not a point in here. Some years ago when he took her to marry him after Briatore kicked her pretentious ass, and accepted her kid as his, everyone just called him a Prince…

      NM6804: that’s exactly the point. For years Heidi sold the story of her great wedding and now that it’s over he’s suddenly a monster and a cheater, and people are so eager to jump on it.

  40. Allie May says:

    Having been in abusive relationships myself, I know first hand that abuse is easy to hide. Maybe Klum had taken it for years and finally decided she’d had it. A lot of women will stay loyal until they’re tired of the abuse. Abuse is definitely a form of breaking your vows. And abusers can be SNEAKY… no one would guess. There is also a Blame the Victim mentality still alive and strong here in our country. Not saying that is exactly what happened, but it’s a possibility.

    @Geekychick -So True.
    As for the Trampire -just imagine if her and Pattinson had been married, how the hate would have flowed.

    • Annie says:

      Heidi didn’t file for divorce on the grounds of abuse or take any legal measures to protect the kids from an “abusive” Seal, she has just allowed rumours to circulate without issuing any denial. Very sneaky pr tactic if you ask me. It’s a possibility I guess, but she doesn’t strike me as the type – it would be very different from her public persona. Also – whenever someone is singing someone’s praises for 7 years, going on and on about how in lurve they are, and they suddenly overnight that person is a horrible, abusive asshole – I smell a rat. Smacks of Halle Berry to me. I do think if Seal had been abusing Heidi we would have had rumours or blinds pointing to it for a while – abuse would be quite hard for a celeb to hide.

  41. Really? says:

    Man, i don’t like the H-Klum at all, but Seal, peel me a sour grape why don’t ya! Save it for a song, go crazy in the studio, enough already.

  42. marianne says:

    I think whatever the case (whether she cheated on him or not), if he cares for his kids he should STFU. They have access to the internet, how do you think they are gonna feel about daddy trashing mommy? If you’re hurt and need to vent, do that with a friend you can trust…not with a public report.

  43. F*ck you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    Why are people picking sides? “I’m team Seal because, well, men usually get the short end of the stick” Or “I’m team Heidi because she’s a woman and he has a temper”.
    I guess it’s obvious people pick side depending on their own personal experiences but I personally find it immature and plain weird coming from adults.
    I guess if I must pick a “side” and a “team” I’ll be team the kids!

  44. Aud says:

    Even if she slept with 10 men, the thing is that she is the mother of his children, so he should have had more decorum.
    To reveal what he revealed to TMZ was the low of the low, because TMZ is the low of the low. Since when does stalking qualify as any type of journalism?

  45. N says:

    He saw the pap pics and takes the chance to accusing her. It’s what propably happened. I don’t think it’s sure Heidi was with him before the split.

  46. the original bellaluna says:

    This, from CDAN (hopefully permitted by CB – please forgive me if it’s not):

    “This celebrity/model has it made now. In the world of celebrity she is A+. She has it all going for her. Model/reality show host/businesses. Everything. It did not start out that way for our celebrity. Back in the day she was struggling. Lost in a world in which she did not feel comfortable and struggling to make ends meet she met a man. A very rich man. This man is struggling financially now and has approached our celebrity about getting him out of his financial mess. Seems simple enough, only he did not just ask for a loan. He is basically blackmailing our celebrity into giving him the money or he will tell the world how she got her start as the man’s plaything. Our celebrity was paid a lump sum of money every month to be his mistress. The man is not nice and this was not a normal sexual favors for money relationship. The things he made her do still haunt her today and because of the situations he put her in she has a host of bodyguards to protect her from people coming out of her past to try and get close to her again. The man used to take out celebrity to S&M clubs where he would pass her around like candy to get favors from other business people and to just humiliate her. Some of those people have tired to also blackmail our celebrity. She has generally paid them off and sign an agreement. It has worked. This man though knows all the secrets and has hours and hours of footage of her sexual activities. He knows the true story of the circumstances surrounding a pregnancy that she never wants to come out in the open. He knows the people she slept with to get ahead. The political leaders and married CEO’s. He knows it all and for years she has kept it quiet and out of the press. She knows if it ever comes out it would destroy her fairly family friendly image.”

    Guess who was the overwhelming answer…

    • RHONYC says:

      but, she was a millionaire VS ‘Angel’ when she met Seal.

      could this be the Italian modelizer dude who ‘allegedly’ fathered her eldest? ๐Ÿ˜•

  47. Francesca says:

    Banging the bodyguard? more like they broke up because Seal was banging her in the head. The guy clearly has rage issues.

  48. skuddles says:

    Banging the help? Ouch. I have a hard time believing he wasn’t screwing around himself – there were reports about him messing around with groupies on the road at the time of the split. It’s pretty sad when a once (seemingly) rock solid couple disintegrate into just another pair of bitter, hateful ex’s. Everyone says they’re only thinking about the kids but really Seal?? You basically just called their Mommy a big slutbag – publicly.

  49. Jill says:

    I bet she was banging the bodyguard. I wouldn’t doubt it. Just like she says he was abusive, but yet the kids don’t show any signs of abuse or trauma. Whatever. People like to air their laundry n the streets so others will talk.

  50. Daniel says:

    I call BULLS**T! LOL!

  51. Kosmos says:

    This just sounds like “sour grapes” to me. He knows why they broke up and he’s now trying to make her look bad, how pitiful is that? Geez, get over it, Seal. You blew it or whatever, and the relationship ran its course, so now is not the time to rehash or try to dish the dirt. I don’t think she cheated on you, honestly.

  52. RHONYC says:

    “fornicate with the help”

    day-um Seal! way bodyslam your ex in the mud.

    DOUCH-AY! ๐Ÿ˜†

  53. Grace says:

    Gemini’s are notorious cheaters and Aquarian’s are notorious for rage issues concerning betrayal. The only reason Seal is backtracking is that he just realized that if he tells Heidi’s story he may lose money in the divorce if she starts losing contracts.