Courtney Stodden rejected by Playboy for being too “enhanced” at 18

Remember when Courtney Stodden went on Dr. Drew’s talk show to “prove” that her boobs were “rill”? The sonogram operator said she saw something there that looked like an implant. Then everyone got kind of quiet, Courtney denied that she had implants, and the plastic surgeon who was there backed her up and said the implant-looking thing “could be bone.” It was a lame stunt even for Dr. Drew.

People questioned how a teenage girl’s parents could sign off on their daughter getting implants. (Probably when she was younger than 16, because that’s when she married a 51 year-old character actor.) Letting a young girl get plastic surgery is much less abusive than signing off on her marriage to a man 35 years older than she is whom she met on the Internet.

That’s all preface to this story that Courtney got rejected by Playboy for being too “enhanced” – at 18. Courtney tweeted that she wasn’t going to take the multiple porn offers she’s received now that she’s turned 18, but that she would do Playboy. She wrote “No to porn… Yes to @Playboy.” In response, Playboy told TMZ through a “source” so as not to be too harsh, that Courtney wasn’t Playboy material.

But according to our Playboy sources, no offer has been made to Stodden nor will one EVER be made. Our sources say Stodden “doesn’t meet the standards of a Playboy model” … adding she looks too “enhanced.”

One source added, “[Playboy] would NEVER take her. I don’t think anybody really wants to see that anyway.”

[From TMZ]

Oh burn! One of the last Playboy covers we saw was Jenny McCarthy with her admittedly fake boobs, Botoxed face and early 90s style. (Update: and of course there was Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover earlier this year. How could I forget?) If Courtney is too enhanced now there’s little hope for her “future” as a nude model.

Only Courtney’s stage mom told E! that Playboy hasn’t directly turned Courtney down. She said “TMZ doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Clearly, their ‘sources’ are different than ours.” I hope their source isn’t Hef inviting Courtney down to the grotto for a swim. God knows what she could catch there.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News and PRPhotos

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  1. two_seconds_ago says:

    Ouch! It must sting a little…I mean, Playboy got the Cracken to pose for them so its not like they have very high standards. Sucks for Courtney to be beneath LiLo.

    • only1shmoo says:

      Exactly! Playboy’s standards took a nose dive after they did the Cracken spread (sorry, that wasn’t meant to sound dirty, but this is Lilo we’re talking about). I still think Mrs. “Rill Boobs” has a promising future in modeling for distinguished magazines such as ‘Big’uns’…I’m sure Al Bundy would approve.

  2. Tifygodess24 says:

    Lmao. I can’t with this Bish , and quite frankly I want birth certificate proof she’s ONLY 18, I still just find it hard to believe. She looks rode hard put back wet for sure. Yuck.

    • Launicaangelina says:

      Girl, I totally agree. Where’s the birth certificate. I’m being sincere when I say that I think she’s about 35-38 (and has lived a rough life). I’m 32 and she looks older than me.

      • Malificent says:

        “Rode hard and put out wet” refers to a horse that hasn’t had the sweat wiped off it.

      • mayamae says:

        Unless her mother is lying about being her biological mother – unfortunately she’s only 18. Her mother, by far, looks younger, fresher, and maybe 40 at the oldest.

    • Rice says:

      “She looks rode hard and put back wet for sure” HAHAHAHA! That’s f-cking hilarious!!! I’m wiping my eyes as I type! LOL! Anyway, how much do you want to bet that Ms Iguana Rill-Boobs is chatting with the Cracken about tips on “How To Get Playboy to Give You Lots of Money for a Body That Looks Older Than Dirt”

      • gg says:

        Actually the saying is: rode hard and hung up wet. Like when you throw a towel into the swimming pool and hang it up outside and it dries all stiff and beat-up looking.

      • Garnish Utley says:

        No, it’s not, gg. How do you ride a towel?

      • judyjudy says:

        Maybe it is a magic-carpet towel.

      • lilred says:

        The phrase as I’ve always heard it is “rode hard and put away wet”

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Sorry gg, it IS rode hard and put away wet. It’s when you ride a horse at a crazed pace until they are ragged and then throw them into the barn without cooling them out and grooming.

        Long time horse person here…who would NEVER ever do that to my girls.

    • Ella says:

      People keep disputing her age, but isn’t the whole point of the media’s fascination with Courtney Stodden not only that she was just a kid when she married that creepy middle-aged guy, but that she has given herself such a freakish makeover that she looks 20 years older than she actually is?

    • snappyfish says:

      i also don’t believe this trick is only 18. she looks older than water (which i don’t think she sees much of, BTW).

  3. RocketMerry says:

    Ahahah, I love that she is even too gross for Playboy!

    But on a more serious note, EW. Just EW. How can a mother do something like that to her own daugther?
    By how the girl behaves, my guess is she probably overdosed on some hard drugs (probably given to her by her own mother) which left her dizzy and idiotic and her parents, who probably had really big and trashy expectations of her, quickly sold her off to be a tot-wife. Then they figured they could still make some money off her if they played some sick media games, but that is backfiring quickly, which is super good.
    But still, EW. Poor child.

  4. Caity says:

    Playboy for the win! Those boobs are not real…

  5. mst says:

    Um since when does anybody have bones in their boobs?

    • anon says:

      I’m not defending Courtney… far from it… but you do know that there’s a ribcage under the skin, muscles, and tissues of your chest? And *shockingly*, women have these too… even if they do look like 40-year-old iguanas who aren’t really “rill”. I’m being facetious toward you so please don’t take offense… but yes, there ARE bones in your chest area (shocker! I know!).

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        There are NO bones in your rill breasts and an US tech can definitely tell an implant from a bone.

        They look completely different. US does breasts ALL the time. For cysts, for ruptured implants. A rib is not gonna show up in breast tissue. Duh.

  6. normades says:

    Classic example of plastic surgery aging you…she looks 40 imo.

  7. Micki says:

    One source added, “[Playboy] would NEVER take her. I don’t think anybody really wants to see that anyway.”

    And one sees it anyway even if one tries not to…

  8. fabgrrl says:

    Burn! I feel like this is what they were going of the whole time. Build up buzz around this “Lolita” while she is underage and then do a Playboy spread for her 18th birthday launching her “career”. Very sad when that is a young girl’s dream, and much sadder when the adults around her try to make it happen.

    Although….it would have been kind of cool for her to do Playboy, take the money and run, dump her “husband” and “mom”, disappear for 5 years, and then emerge with a juicy, tell-all autobiography. I would read that.

  9. Dana says:

    She is definitely 18, you can tell. And shes got decent boobs, but she wears a crazy paded and push up bra.. Noticeshe never goes without one (her clear straps are always visible) i have a small chest and the cheats have tell tale signs.

    • Caity says:

      Those boobs are fake. I’m a D my sister is DD and my best friend is an F.
      There is no push up/ padded bra in existence that gives that fake rounded appearance

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Fake all the way. I’m currently a G (due to nursing) but naturally I’m a DD. my SIL is an “enhanced” DD and her cleavage looks just like Coutney’s. Mine does not, and no amount of pushing or smushing can make them look like that.

      • Erinn says:

        Exactly. I’m between a D and DD, and my boobs have never looked anything like hers. They aren’t globes glued to my chest.

      • Hale says:

        Mine are real and bras do exist that do that; I have one. Her boobs are real.

    • DetRiotGirl says:

      I actually agree that those are probably her real boobs. I’m naturally a B+ or a C cup depending on if I gain or lose weight, and I have several bras that make me look as busty as Courtney.

      The right push up bra (right being a relative term, I guess) can definitely give you that rounded look people associate with fake boobs. I think that’s especially true if you’re young and your boobs are still extra firm, because I am noticing that the effects of push up bras get slightly less dramatic as I get older.

      As for the question of whether or not she’s 18… Didn’t someone dig her birth certificate up when this story first broke two years ago? (side note, we’ve been talking about Courtney for two years? WTF? That went by fast!). She could be 18, but man… She really doesn’t look it.

    • Hotpockets says:

      Dana, thank you..I’ve always thought the same thing.

      This girl is clearly 18 years old, when you take away the spray tan, push up bra, drag queen makeup and big hair..she looks like a teenager, but it is hard to see past all of that.

      I’ve also wondered about her breasts being real, but she also wears insane push up bras with probably 4 inches of padding 24/7 and yes, they can give the illusion of having such an unnatural form. Plus, when you look at this photo, there is about a 10 foot gap between the bottom of the bra and where her breast starts. That’s some insane push up.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Have you seen them in a triangle top bikini (which has no support or padding). I think she wore one for that funny or die skit. Anyway, they’re just as round and unnatural looking.

        Also, and I’m clearly giving this too much thought, I can see her nipples in that black dress. So she doesn’t appear to be padding there (and yet her breasts are still round).

      • operagirl says:

        Speaking of the big hair…

        WHAT is with the choppy, sticking up pieces up by her crown? Did gum fall out of her mouth when she dozed (passed) out and get stuck in her hair, thereupon needing cut out? Or… what?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        My vote is for fake.

        @ Operagirl-Someone should call PETA-she’s clearly wearing a squirrel pelt on her head.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Mort is right. I have a few super push ups and while they can add a cup size or two they cannot and will not give you implant boob with rounded cleavage on top. A round ball is not rill.

        My 14 year old wears a C and even in a good bra they do not turn into titty balls.

        Titty balls are fake. She just pads out the implants with ridic bras for MORE attention.

        We are talking about a famewhore extraordinaire.

    • anniecc says:

      Agree with Dana. Why would anyone get implants and then wear extra padding – surely you’d just go with the extra large implants if that was the look you were going for?

      • Hotpockets says:

        I know, we are all putting way too much thought into this, but I could either way with them being “RILL” or fake. I mean, my breasts looked very perky and unusually round when I was 17, now, not so much, but she does wear a ton of push ups, not to mention those push ups have a ton of padding. Even if they’re fake, I don’t think the implants are as large as they appear to be. Either way, gross.

        I actually feel for this girl because her mom pimped her out to a man old enough to be her father.I feel like Doug has been grooming her to be some sort of sex kitten or grooming her to be some sort of escort/ high priced prostitute, so he is essentially her real pimp now, but fronting as a husband makes for a good cover. She always talks like she is under some drug induced hypnosis and can only speak in sexual innuendos.

        I don’t care how old she looks, the fact that she is young and a teenage bride appeals to a HUGE market of perverted men willing to pay some cash for whatever their demented fantasies are.

        Courtney Stodden is being sexually exploited and has been since she was 16, that is wrong no matter what the circumstances are.

  10. Dana says:

    She is definitely 18, And shes got decent boobs, but she wears a crazy paded and push up bra.. Noticeshe never goes without one (her clear straps are always visible) i have a small chest and the cheats have tell tale signs.

  11. brin says:

    Well she can always apply for Hef’s next girlfriend she is perfect for that job.

  12. Ellie66 says:

    Eeeeeyuk! Those two make me wanna throw up! But Playboy had the Crackin pose so their standards aren’t what they used to be anyway. Maybe she should try Penthouse or Hustler.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Lorday, lord For rill; I’m afraid she’ll become a “singer” and sing a song called “Rill”……she could’ve looked for a more handsome, less greasy guy than her “actor” hubby…but I guess that’s part of the image. In the second photo, it looks like she’s trying to get away from , and she’s “crotching” him for the picture. The other pic, I think is funny she holds the slit on her “dress” so her leg is always showing…we need some more current photos of Courtney (or maybe, please , no more!)

  13. Queen Victoria says:

    What do you want from her? She is the new Pamela!

  14. marie says:

    ah hahahahahaha, hilarious..

  15. Cam S says:

    Forgive me, but this young lady is just not attractive. Perhaps she should enroll in a local community college or take a correspondence course?

    • Erinn says:

      Ouch. I went from University to community college- completely changed my career path. With the amount of work I had to do in that two year course she’d have never survived. However, mine was an IT web development course, which would be well above her head.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      “Intro to Porn….the “ins and outs”

  16. MsMileHigh says:

    Ugh… that face. That FACE is hideous. That’s the main reason that she is not “playboy material.” Plus, who advised her to spend money on making her boobs bigger rather than fixing her teeth?? Remember, Ladies: boobs < teeth

  17. Nanz01 says:

    I don’t normally pay attention to this girl because my gag reflex is so sensitive, but Playboy’s statement to TMZ made me LAUGH. HARD.

  18. Dee Cee says:

    Rubbery lips.. turn off.. poor thing..

  19. ramona says:

    What a sad life for an 18-year-old (or a 16-year-old): married off young with the career goal of using your body and questionable sex appeal to attain D-list celebrity and eke out a living that way. Who dreams of this? Whose parents encourage this dream?

    Poor kid. She needs a psychologist, not a husband.

  20. TomCruise'sThetans says:

    PR Stunt!

    I think this is all to drum up interest for Stodden and Playboy, or Playboy is testing the public to see what kind of reaction this garners.

    Or Playboy knows something we don’t, which is that Courtney is a man.

    Seriously though, I feel sad for her. I don’t think she’s had a chance to develop anything but the need for attention and approval. I hope she breaks free from her mom and husband and comes out stronger on the other side.

  21. grabbyhands says:

    That she is too enhanced for Playboy is laughable, considering who has graced their magazine previously. Now, if they had said it’s because she has the face of a lizard, that would have been believable.

  22. Dana says:

    She is definitely 18, And shes got decent boobs, but she wears a paded and push up bra.. Noticeshe never goes without one (her clear straps are always visible) i have a small chest and the cheats have tll

  23. Chipmunk says:

    She looks like a 50 year old Las Vegas hooker.
    No offense to Las Vegas hookers.

  24. Bengalcat2000 says:

    I hope this trick doesn’t procreate.

  25. lizzi says:

    what the HELL is wrong with her jaw? is that from drugs? anyone know? That shit ain’t normal.

  26. MizzVJJ says:

    Have you guys seen her Youtube video where she’s pretending to be a cat? And she goes “Hello Courtney!”. This poor, poor thing has way more problems than we read about on the internet. She’s been handled and manipulated beyond our comprehension. She’ll never be normal.. EVER.

  27. Hanna says:

    This bitch aint 18?? I’m turning 18 and I’ve never seen anyone like this… Yikes she looks like of those botox middlegaded gold diggers. Damn.

  28. NerdMomma says:

    I hope the rumors about her husband being gay are true, and that he’s not really the sick pedophile he claims to be.

    • mayamae says:

      If this is true – he is pathetic. How revolting to think being thought a pedophile is better than being openly gay.

  29. sunshine says:

    On CDAN there is a poster named Himmmm, who some think is Robert Downey Jr. or another Hollywood insider (he does seem to know what he’s talking about). They had a Courtney Stodden post a few days back and he chimed in saying that she has been sold as a child prostitute for years by her own mother. If that’s true, and it certainly looks like it, then I just feel so sad for her. I just can’t hate on a child that has been so oversexualized acting like this. It’s what she was groomed to do and she probably doesn’t know there’s another way. I don’t want to hate on her, all I can do is pray for her. Not trying to be all preachy or religious but I hope people do that instead of hate because she seems like a victim to me. MKULTRA, Project Monarch, I don’t know what but it’s NOT good. Poor little thing.

    • sunshine says:

      That’s what they think, I don’t know and am not invested in it either way, just thought it was interesting.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        It didn’t sound like you were giving it too much credence. The item is believable, but it probably came from someone with far less industry recognition.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        ITA. I bet it is a true story, after all they let her marry an old man at 16 for fame, but I don’t think it’s RDJ. He might be kinda busy, you know?

    • LeslieM says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised that RDjr was a poster at all.

    • erika says:

      thats sickly sad, i know…it happens in our own country too.

      post with some depth, wow, hard to read. but…for me it explains a lot of the bizarre behavior. How can someone be ‘on’ like that at all times? the kitten voice, the luscious lick your lips poetic like tweets (she’s a good poet actually) the posing, WHO has the energy to keep that up?

      so, child sex slave could explain that 24=7 persona. just as we adults have been groomed to speak, walk, pose, act, interact, write a certain way, so I assume, a child prostitue has been groomed to speak,walk,pose,sex it up etc like she does with such ease…i do believe that even behind closed doors, just them, even just HER she’s like that sex kitten.

      NURTURE won over nature

      • sunshine says:

        I was surprised to find out how frequently it happens here. The Mexican cartels don’t just run drugs over the border, they bring sex slaves (some children) as well. I forget where I saw it but it’s really common and nobody does anything about it. They interviewed one of those women and asked her why she didn’t run to the cops and she said “Who do you think our clients were?” Not that it’s just foreigners brought here, it happens with American born citizens as well like you said, but your comment just reminded me of that.

        Oh, another FANTASTIC example of a child sex slave was JonBenet Ramsey. If there ever was a Project Monarch/MKULTRA poster child, it’s her (and her mother). I’d say read a little about it on the internet but it will scar you for life.

  30. gg says:

    It’s not about the fake boobs. They just didn’t want to say, “she’s way too trashy, even for us.” I can’t get over the fact that her broken-off hair still hasn’t gotten any longer than about 4 inches of melted bleached mess. Go to a salon, girl! Doing it yourself is not working out.

  31. Londerland says:

    I just love that shot of her desperately trying not to kiss her husband. He’s leaning in for a dirty great open-mouth smooch; meanwhile, she’s got her hand around his head and her tittaes thrust at him, but everything else is in retreat. She’s pursing her lips like a sphincter to keep him out (ewww tongue gross), leaning away, jacking her rear as far away as she can to avoid any pelvic contact (with her purse shoved in front of her groin like a chastity shield or something). Playacting at being sexy like her mommy told her how, but no desire to be there at all. Sad as hell.

    That’s why I believe she’s really eighteen. An older woman with experience, trying to pull a stunt, would fake it better than this.

    • giddy says:

      Agreed. How does this happen? How do parents do this to a child? It’s beyond the pale, and is deeply sad.

      • sunshine says:

        People will do anything, ANYTHING, for money and fame. It’s horrible and I’ll never understand it, but those people are out there. And they have children and bring their poor kids into it. Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears….the list goes on and on. Every one of those children sold, AS CHILDREN, for money and fame, to sick pedophile perverts. Listen to the Rich Cronin interview on Howard Stern (it’s on Youtube) to hear some seriously sick stuff. It’s why I always laugh when people tell me “You’re just jealous!” about whatever celeb….because there’s nothing to be jealous of. I pity them deeply, knowing what happens to them, how could anyone possibly be jealous? So sad.

  32. Lukie says:

    I just want to stick her in a vat of Clorox and go at her with a Brillo pad

  33. Courtney says:

    some of you are nitwits at best there have been plenty of women on the playboy cover who don’t have breast implants. one example is Nancy Sinatra granted she was nearly 55 when she posed for the May 1995 cover & inside lay out and had been in the business herself for 30 years

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Reasons As To Why People Who Have Limited Knowledge Of Nudie History Are Nitwits:


      This tumbleweed rolling down the planes has informed me this cultural blind spot is indubitably the of the same of a nation.

  34. Garnish Utley says:

    Oh, well. There’s always Hustler.

    • paola says:

      Or Hooters!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        No, you guys are setting the standards too high for this poor girl. We don’t want to set her up for the disappointment of rejection-please have some compassion.

        What about Barely Legal? Or maybe just call up Terry Richardson and they can do a quick photo shoot in his basement.

  35. muprhy says:

    “People questioned how a teenage girl’s parents could sign off ”

    well she wasn’t really 16, she was like 30

  36. paola says:

    When even the Cracken and Jenny are a better choice than you are.. i think it’s time to ask yourself some questions!

  37. Just me says:

    I dont think they (just) mean plastic surgery when they say enhanced. I think they mean she looks fake all over. Too much makeup, too much fake tan, over the top stripper shoes, bleached out, falling off hair. I think it was the polite way of saying girl looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. She looks ROUGH.

  38. mln89 says:

    what i’ve always wondered is: wtf is up with her cheap tacky anna nicole smith pageant hair? does she have tracks in the back or is it just teased within an inch of it’s life?

  39. Dinah says:

    Riiiiight- because she’s “too enhanced”. I thought it was more likely to be that she really just looks seriously skanky. Is she missing a tooth/teeth? She screams meth head to me.

    Jeezus, aren’t all of Playboy’s models surgically altered? Do B- cups ever grace their pages? I don’t think tinier tatas would get the circulation they desire.

  40. Junegorilla says:

    Pam Anderson doesn’t look “too enhanced”?

    • Garnish Utley says:

      When Pam first appeared in Playboy, she wasn’t enhanced at all, meaning there was no reason for her to mutilate herself like she did.

  41. Kate says:

    I keep hoping that these people are all just trolling us. I’m not optimistic though.

  42. Amanda G says:

    So now all of a sudden Playboy has standards? I would say Kardashian, Heidi Montag and Lindsey were WAY MORE enhanced than this girl. Why don’t they just be honest and say its because she’s a wack job and her husband is a pedophile?

  43. LeslieM says:

    She is the roughest 18 year old I’ve ever seen. How does that happen. When your 18 you look great squeaky clean, no makeup at all. Maybe it’s the fake, tan, makeup and bleached out hair but that girl looks 40.

  44. suhon says:

    “Hullo durrr!”

  45. Ruffian9 says:

    How about because she simply isn’t attractive?

  46. Sammihami says:

    All I feel for her is pity.

  47. pinchofsalt says:

    Have seen photos of her without all the make-up and excessive fake tan and she actually looked a lot younger. Doug is just creepy, always “propping” her up, although her shoes are probably not helping to keep her from wobbling around. She is a wreck, sadly, but he makes my stomach turn. Yuk.

  48. Kim says:

    She is 18 one of her classmates posted their 6th grade pics from their middle school yearbook on another site.

  49. Mia 4S says:

    Aren’t her parents divorcing? It would be a shame if that warped her and caused her to start acting out. 😉

  50. hmm says:

    Yeah!~ Speaking of that time she went on Dr. Drew– that whole charade was pointless and a load of crap! If the doctor sees an implant–YOU HAVE AN IMPLANT! But she snaps back with a denial and everyone believes the DOCTOR IS WRONG?!
    Why would Dr. Drew even be involved in such nonsense? Oh, right, Dr. Drew is a huge famewhore himself LOL

  51. dorothy says:

    Of course not. Look at her! She’s 18 and looks 40, she’s married to a pedophile and she’s not pretty to look at.

  52. Amanda_M87 says:

    I think they meant that she looks too rough for 18.

  53. kristiner says:

    You know you look cheap if Playboy rejects you. That’s like the ultimate cheap.

  54. skuddles says:

    Too fake and trashy for Playboy? I didn’t realize such a thing existed. Especially now with Old Hef’s empire getting trampled by the world of free po*rn…

  55. Jaxx says:

    Every time I see this girl I just want to yank her into a tub and give her a good scrubbing.

  56. kim says:

    It’s hard to believe it is only 18. I feel embarrassed for it and it’s husband – they just scream d****bag. It looks like it is over 40 and the male-it looks like an over-the-hill-trying-too-hard-to-look-younger d****bag. What’s with these creeps, don’t they know they look silly?