Did Kelly Preston buy herself some bolt-ons for her heterosexual husband?

CB and I were looking through these photos yesterday, and we couldn’t stop laughing. John Travolta and Kelly Preston – who, to their credit, are total pros – stopped and posed for the paparazzi while they were having lunch in Paris. The obvious place to go is “Heterosexual John Travolta and his loving wife and soulmate Kelly looked lovely and sexually engaged with each other in Paris.” But then we would be ignoring the fact that JT looks like a Village Person, and that NO MAN past a certain age should be wearing a nip-tweaking baby-t and trilby. We would also be ignoring the theory that CB and I now have that Kelly bought herself some new boobs:

Right? Look at her chest – they haven’t been that big since she was pregnant with Benjamin. Is she pregnant again (by her completely heterosexual husband) just in time to battle all of John Travolta’s (ALLEGED!) boyfriends and groping victims, who seem to be coming out of the woodwork every month? Or did Kelly just buy herself some new boobs just because, why not?

Also: I know I just called Travolta a Village Person, but you know who else he reminds me of? Justin Theroux. RIGHT?! LMAO.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Cleveland Girl says:

    He looks bizarre. And Kelly looks bloated and uncomfortable. Maybe she just gained 10 pounds in her boobs.

    • Belle says:

      Totally bizarre… and creepy! Love the comparison to Justin Theroux in the article, because I’m thinking John has been looking at photos of Justin and decided he could pull off the exact same look. I don’t love the look on EITHER JT, but it is just plain awful on Travolta.

      • Fritzi Schnitzer says:

        He’s going for super butch (see wallet chain) and she was the original pillow bump mama with Benjamin. She just did it better than BeYAWNce. More low-key & less photographed.

      • deehunny says:

        Haha the minute I saw the pic I thought to myself, “that’s something that Justin Theroux would wear.” He still dresses like that and he is definitely of a certain age.

    • anne says:

      OMG what’s the boney things above the way oversized and sagging boob job? Certainly they could afford the best.

    • Sammi says:

      Totally agree Cleveland Girl. She seems to have gained some weight over the summer. Check out her tummy. Quite a bulge.
      I guess with all the tales of hubby’s gay trysts she found solace in carbs!

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Didn’t she recently have a baby? I’m hardly a fan (see my comment below) but that’s just harsh.

  2. IzzyB says:

    Even though I can’t see their eyes they’re still radiating super strength crazy.

  3. C72 says:

    whats up with that chest area above her boobs
    thats weird looking like there’s some piping action going on there maybe to inflate and deflate?

    • Isa says:

      1st thing I noticed… but it kinda looks like bones to me?! Ick!

    • Rice says:

      I think they’re her ribs. At least I hope they’re her ribs. This is just really sad that they’re still keeping up the fake marriage. My mom is still in denial about Mr. Travolta. I wonder if she had to audition for the “role”.

    • Darlene says:

      It might be some veining. My mom has a lot of very prominent veins on her chest. Hers is worse b/c of a bout with breast cancer, but I think they would be there no matter what, just not as visible. We photoshop them out of photos all the time. Maybe it’s the same with Kelly.

    • Zobeth says:

      I noticed those weird marks too…maybe that’s the scar from where Charlie Sheen shot her…oh wait that was her arm.

  4. Brittany says:

    To me , it looks more like she’s not wearing a very supportive bra…

    • Malificent says:

      That’s what I think — she’s just not wearing a very supportive bra. If they were fake, and new especially fake, they’d still be up to her chin.

      And the comparison with the purple dress isn’t telling because she’s trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, and her breasts are squished into a mono-boob.

      • DrM says:

        ^agreed…but what I want to know is why she is wearing such an obviously too small jacket??? It doesn’t even meet halfway across her chest…the suit just looks odd all around…

    • Belle says:

      Was thinking the same thing about the bra… at least in comparing the two photos. The ‘new boob’ photo almost looks like she is just wearing a cami or something, without much of a bra.

  5. dorothy says:

    Those two have become a caricature of themselves. The gigs up guys, open that closet door John.

  6. Bluedog says:

    Forget her boobs. What about HIS boobs?

  7. tru tru says:

    lawd, John looks so damn skeevy, with that tight fitted shirt and that stupid hat. John’s skin look pinched pulled and pinned.

    they are gross to me. FAKE, just is rolling all around them. geesh.

    • Kim says:

      Don’t forget the chain by the pocket add some skinny jeans and he’s. JT Justin Theroux hahaha

      • Aussie girl says:

        I can’t over JT mid life crisis look! Wtf!!!

      • Kloops says:

        Exactly. It looks like he decided to ape whatever heterosexual male was most recently n the tabloids and hope everyone buys it. Nice try, JT, but it’s not working.

  8. Jayna says:

    She is probably still nursing. Maybe they are engorged that day. Plus, she is heavier in the second pic.

    • MollyB says:

      Every woman is different but her son has got to be 18 months or so. If she’s still nursing, it’s probably only once or twice a day. I’d be surprised if she was still getting that engorged.

  9. Brown says:

    Well I hope she didn’t because that would be a huge waste of money and a painful healing/recovery time for nothing.

  10. Ashley says:

    How can she look in the mirror? I get it that he gives her comfort life but… woman – it’s fake and it’s not a fairytale.

  11. Livia says:

    Travolta doesn’t look like one of the Village People – those dudes were/are HOT. Travolta looks like someone at Madame Tussauds had an accident with a blow torch and one of the wax dummies.

  12. Jem says:

    Just….STOP with the “we are a perfectly normal, hot-for-each-other, hetero couple” crap.

    Just STOP.

    • BritBrat says:

      Really, stop trying squash the stories about his being gay…it apparently is a well-known fact that he is….especially at the spas he frequents. The stuff he does there…..ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  13. Ri says:

    LOL They make me sad.

  14. Eleonor says:

    Xenu’s first couple has pr disaster written all over.

  15. Marta says:

    he is posing like a gay.

  16. Susie Q says:

    Used to love John Travolta soooo much, but what with the groping crap and him looking like such a goomba, the crush has been crushed..

  17. sillyone says:

    I think they are arguing about something. Whether it is stopping for photos or what have you their mouths say a lot.

  18. Katie Too says:

    Don’t see how he could come out now with all the groping allegations. It would lend credence to the claims and open the floodgates for more claims.

    It’s been alleged that CO$ was behind the flurry of allegations since JT was threatening to leave the cult and out himself. Now, as long as he behaves, CO$ will take care of the claims/lawsuits. Even though we all know JT is gay, even CO$, he still needs a defense and plausible deniability.

  19. Marni says:

    His boobs are better.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      ha ha, and he’s nipping out. HE needs a bra – maybe he already wears one…wink wink…. Maybe she got a different bra; maybe it’s the angle. Just giving her the benefit of the doubt; maybe they are bolt ons. That jacket is too small for her. Agree about the Justin look; hate it on both of them!

  20. Debra says:

    Lets ask the other less obvious question.
    What if all the speculation is wrong?
    What if he isnt gay?
    What if they are a family who has endured a lot for the fame and fortune?
    Personally I dont care if he is gay, if she knows or chooses to ignore it.
    Not my biz. What I do care about is Ella and Ben. Ella is for sure old enough to have access to the Internet and is capable of reading tabloids. That alone should stop this kind of publication. It is unkind and not needed fodder in our everyday lives.

    • irishserra says:

      Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

      Look, these “rumors” have been around for decades and his lifestyle was common knowledge years ago. In fact, it wasn’t even questioned. The only reason the pot was ever stirred again in the first place is because John Travolta, like most people with closeted habits, couldn’t contain it anymore and has resorted to more aggressive and predatory behaviors. He’s crossed the line with his harassing and accosting men who did not want his advances. While it’s sad that he has children who will be affected by these reports, it’s even sadder that he will not stop the behavior, even for the sake of his family.

      Speculation doesn’t even factor into this scenario. It is what it is; it’s just that newer generations are starting to hear rumblings of gossip that have lain dormant for a long time.

      • Kim says:

        His ex BF just gave interview to NE JT’s reps never denied his account of their relationship. The BF claims JT told him he prefers men over women. Maybe he is bisexual not gay

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      That’s like asking if Xenu is real!

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Normally, I give people the benefit of the doubt for about 30 years. But after that, if they still haven’t convinced me they’re straight–the jig is up!

  21. irishserra says:

    The title alone of this blog post was the funniest thing on the Internet this morning. I got a late start this morning, still sipping my coffee and trying to catch up… But thank you bunches for the laugh!

  22. lori says:

    looks like Justin Theroux?

  23. kibbles says:

    Her boobs look bigger than before but maybe it is the outfit which also look bad on her. I’d have to see her in another style of dress to determine if she’s gotten implants.

  24. neelyo says:

    I want a big wind to come along and blow off that hat of his because I don’t think he’s wearing his hair underneath.

    Nice Extra Strength UnderArmour Tee, too.

  25. Agnes says:

    heterosexual husband with whom she makes sweet, heterosexual love. haha. awesome.

  26. A-rod says:

    I like his wedge sneakers! Lol!

  27. TrustMeOnThis says:

    Maybe she achieved OT8 and just willed them to get bigger!

    She looks like she’s going to a business meeting and he looks like a hipster whose jeans are inexplicably baggy. And I totally see the Justin comparisons.

  28. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I think her boobs are just smooshed all to hell in the cocktail dress pic, and she’s wearing an unsupportive granny bra in the pic in the suit. Boobs are pretty squishy (especially after BFing a few kids), so it’s all about the bra–it’s amazing how big/small & high/low they can look just depending on the undergarment!

  29. Hortense says:

    I had doubts about whether she was truly pregnant with her last kid…..but, after seeing photos of her playing in the ocean with her family (last summer?) there was no denying that her’s was the body of woman who had recently given birth. Her bathing suit did not fit very well and she clearly had a flabby post-partum belly, and enormous (and sagging) breasts.

    I’d say that the chest you see in these photos are real, not “bolt-ons”.

  30. Rita says:

    Shouldn’t the headline read:

    “Did Kelly Preston buy herself some bolt-ons for her heterosexual ? husband.”

  31. Listerino says:

    His outfit is scaring me. Man boob attack!

  32. mugsy says:

    I must thank y’all for pulling me out of the blues. I’ve laughed so much reading the comments, feeling much better now.

  33. Barbara says:

    Isn’t she still nursing the baby?? He is still under 2 isn’t he?

  34. Cathy says:

    I wonder how much COS is paying her to stay with him. To put it plainly, he looks like a dork.

  35. Francesca says:

    This is what happens in Paris; suddenly you think you are sexy and you start rocking inappropriate looks like tight tee shirts & jaunty hats.

    Her boobs look enhanced. and not in a good way.

    He it totally gay. Come out of the closet.

  36. Nibbi says:

    I vote unsupportive bra vs strapped-in/up night-out garb.
    The black shirt is a no.

  37. skuddles says:

    It does appears she got some bolt-ons but I sincerely doubt they’re for JT. Maybe the Mrs took a lovah??

  38. Dimebox says:

    Maybe JT wore the hat to have a hipster vibe/ not have to wear a wig. Whatever, all I see is maybe Justin Theroux’s daddy. Men who embrace their age, let graying hair show etc. can be very sexy. Wait…JT doesn’t have his own hair, so never mind.

  39. Darth says:

    I’m guessing there are a lot of bath houses in Paris.

  40. Amy says:

    You nailed it. That is totally John Theroux/Justin Travolta.

  41. thinlizzy says:

    now she looks matronly. less is more. i hope she does have a guy on the side. gotta get it somewhere

  42. Mandy says:

    Actually, JT looks like he has bolt-ons, too! GROSS.

  43. eekahil says:

    Weird. A year or so ago when GMD was wearing the same stupid hat and tshirt outfit all the time? What is it, some sort of thing to signify level – like belt colours in martial arts?

  44. Lizzie says:

    I really can’t look at that woman and not see crazy in-denial all over her. I personally couldn’t go on with such a farce, knowing the whole world knows, but then again I’m not into fairytale fame as she is. I do wonder if she ever reads the blogs or if her “people” keep her from it to help her keep up the delusional.

  45. Maritza says:

    It’s the best he has looked in a long time. Kelly seems to have gained weight and it probably went to her boobs, although it might be a boob job… who knows. I think these two genuinely love each, in their own way but nevertheless.

  46. ZenB!tch says:

    Her boobs are almost as big as his moobs

  47. Kosmos says:

    First of all, John’s not a heterosexual since we now know about his dalliances. I think at the very least the six year relationship with his pilot is fairly reliable. If he could lose the too dark hair, it would improve his looks. She must feel okay about his double life since she’s apparently attached at the hip to him.

  48. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    these two just cant get it together. She looks all frumpy corporate and he looks all 15 year old hipster douche tool. And those sneakers he’s wearing……WTF. and the chain to the wallet…..who the HELL is dressing him…..a tip…INVEST in a Fing stylist….you can afford 10 jets but you cant hire a damn good stylist??? WTF?? Especially in a PR crisis youd think theyd be on PR overdrive and get a good team in. These photos look like someone wanted to make a huge joke out of them and is somewhere in the back ground laughing up their sleeve.

  49. notafan says:

    …Justin Theroux’s tweaked, ‘roidy, Daddy…

  50. Zobeth says:

    Is it a Scientology thing…because both JT and TC have weird tiny feet that don’t match their body types. Well I’m afraid to say it might be time for me to finally toss out my Vinnie Babarino cloth purse I got for Xmas in ’77. JT does nothing for me now. He looks like a major power bottom with that get-up.