Britney’s manager tries to salvage her image, an IM chat shows his true feelings

Britney Spears manager says she’s going through a tough time that she calls her “rocky moment” and “knows what she needs to do” to retain her crown as a pop star. Whether she can actually do it is doubtful, and people are saying she’s jumped the shark.

Spears is staying at an exclusive Arizona spa after reportedly collapsing (or falling asleep, depending on which version you believe) during a New Year’s gig hosting a party. People are whispering that she’s one step away from rehab, but one article claims that Spears really did just get tired that night and that the press is spinning the story because we all hate her and expect outlandish behavior from the pantyless onetime friend of Paris.

I would guess that whatever PR team she has left, which seems to consist of her crappy manager, told her that she better step out of the spotlight fast considering that she’s incapable of making a decent impression lately. Jetting her off to a spa in Arizona may have temporarily done the trick.

Her manager says that he understands why we all think she’s over, but that really she’s not – just wait:

Rudolph says he knows many fans have been put off by Spears’s recent behavior. “From what they’ve been seeing and hearing, I understand the disappointment,” Rudolph says. “But Britney is increasingly motivated to get out there. She sees this as a challenge, that some fans may be questioning her. She is respectful. She sees this as her challenge to win them back.”

Britney got a lot of bad press after fansite World of Britney temporarily shut down last month with a message that the pop star was “done.” Rudolf then published a letter from the site owner, Ruben Garay, requesting an amazing $50k in supposed server fees to keep it open. In retaliation, Garay briefly put up a supposed IM chat with Britney’s manager Rudolf, in which he claims that Britney is the big ‘ol narcissist that we think she is, and said she doesn’t give a shit about her fans.

Ruben G: But like, lol… is that gonna be like ‘Hi, yeah, we’re the fans you gave the finger to last time we tried to meet you, anyway, nice to meet you !’
LRudolphXXXX: lol! dude…welcome to my nightmare…well my old nighmare anyway. thank god i’m free of that shit…used to deal with shit like that every day
Ruben G: well, what did she have to say when she was called on it?
LRudolphXXXX: oh, and dont quote me on any of this please
Ruben G: lol, come on, no worries
LRudolphXXXX: she’s say ‘I don’t give a shit’…in her country accent
Ruben G: no way
LRudolphXXXX: 4 real
Ruben G: no reason?
LRudolphXXXX: u dont need a reason when the world revolves around u
Ruben G: so, releasing an album to the world and going on tour infront of thousands is just a huge ego trip? treating fans as millions instead of individuals ?
LRudolphXXXX: its all about her dude…that sweet southern girl thing is total bullshit

If this is an actual cut and pasted IM chat, Britney’s manager just confirmed our suspicions about the crotch flasher without a high school education. She might still be able to sing and dance, but it seems like her misguided ego will always block our view.

Here are some older pictures of Britney with her backup dancers, from

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5 Responses to “Britney’s manager tries to salvage her image, an IM chat shows his true feelings”

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  1. Malonz says:

    As Michael Jackson,the leader of the freaks, demonstrates, so long as the music is good people will buy it. So I believe that no matter what antics she has pulled to date, if she has at least one good song to release she will survive a little longer.

  2. Theresa says:

    Maybe she can dance, but she can’t sing!

  3. Bex says:

    Eh, all we can do is specualte and wonder. The only person who knows Britney Spears true character is her and God.

  4. FF says:

    The woman is dumb as rocks, and quite nasty when it comes down to it.

    But then when people are willing to shelve a whole lot of information explicitly telling them this in the wild hope that she’ll make a comeback and go back to what she was before, I have to wonder who’s dumber: her, or her audience?

    The ‘person’ she was before was a total sham – a complete fabrication of her PR people.

    ps – pls don’t compare Spears to Michael Jackson – no matter what you think of him now, this is guy that wrote and arranged his own songs and music, and is actually capable of singing them live – Britney just doesn’t cut it in that respect. Whether he’s a ‘freak’ now or not.

  5. Toubrouk says:

    Even if she dint reached “Wacko Jacko”‘s status as a freak, I am convinved that Britney is burned out as a Pop-Star.