Donald Trump starts a fight and can’t handle being asked about it

Donald Trump gave a nasty interview before the holidays about his feud with Rosie O’Donnell in which he personally attacked her for personally attacking him on The View over the Miss USA debacle. He said that she’s fat, that he’d send someone to steal her girlfriend, and that her popular 90s talkshow failed.

Commentors note that he likes his women submissive, and that he wouldn’t put down a male enemy by calling him fat like he did Rosie.

Now he gets pissy all of a sudden when Meredith Viera asks him about Rosie. He’s the one who decided to start a big fight with her, and now he’s all upset that someone asked him about it. What an asshole.

Trump also claimed that Barbara Walters doesn’t like Rosie and wants her off The View. Walters has denied that, and says that she doesn’t regret hiring her, but Trump gave yet another interview saying he’s right that they have a bad relationship, making his latest tirade that more ridiculous.

I don’t think those two are good friends though, because Walters’ body language seems to show that she’s annoyed with Rosie in some of the clips I’ve seen of them together on the show. In case you care, Walters has returned from vacation and is now back on the stupid talkshow, which I would never talk about if there wasn’t some controversy involved. It seems like they’ve got a good formula going to get publicity.

Thanks to TMZ for posting this.

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7 Responses to “Donald Trump starts a fight and can’t handle being asked about it”

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  1. me says:

    Yes, this is soo much a publicity thing. And it is soo boring. Next!

  2. AC says:

    ASSHOLE eww. He had the form to retaliate… with…. what bigoted, sexist remarks that have NOTHING to do with the issue?! Give me a friggin break. I will not watch the apprentice again. He’s such an ass. Since when did having failures in your life mean that you’re open for public ridiucle. His ego is just hurt because she disagreed with his choice to reinstate miss usa and said what MANY people have said, that he has no right to be a judge of someones morals.

  3. MaiGirl says:

    He protests too much. If what she said wasn’t painfully true, he would have refuted it briefly and then moved on. However, the hypocritical, insecure combover-king couldn’t leave well enough alone because how dare a mere woman who isn’t hot by his standards criticize The Donald. And this morning, he dragged his poor daughter on the show to help defend his pathetic ass. Find a therapist and deal with your itty-bitty dick and Mommy issues, Trump.

  4. NYSailorScout says:

    Donald Trump ruined his image in one month flat. Amazing. He had better stop now or he will become Tara Reid (number one example of somebody being PERMANENTLY branded as an undesirable.)

  5. frewtloop says:

    hehehe well said Mai!

    I’d like to pass him in the street just so I could call him an ugly wanker.

  6. mandi says:

    i love how he says that he doesn’t want to discuss rosie, but he throws in the fact that he thinks she’s a terrible human being, as if we haven’t heard him say that already. it reminds me of being in, like, eighth grade and saying things like… “I HATE STUPID PEOPLE WHOSE NAME I WILL NOT MENTION…. DONALD!!”

  7. Frank says:

    Donald Trump is a real ass, arrogant, and spoiled. Rosie has given the view new life, and is a great human being. He is so self serving, and cant stand to be talked about, but insults he slings I guess are fine, as long as he does the slinging. BRAVO Rosie, keep going, you are far superior than he could ever be. He was born with a Platinum foot in his mouth. You have had to come up the hard way. He is a loser, or he would not have kept this going. He has free publicity for that stupid show of his, and loves to Fire people. We thought SADAAM was dead. Thanks for the laughs, and keep going girl, ABC has a real Star on its stage.