Britney Spears hasn’t seen her boys since mid-July allegedly, turns down visits

To start I should admit that I haven’t yet seen the second episode of X-Factor. It’s sitting on my DVR waiting for me when I get around to it. (I get that Fox wants another Idol, and that Idol expects viewers to commit significant time to the show, but three hours in the first week is too much. That’s a good movie right there.) A quick google search shows that Britney didn’t have any issues, but that producers are trying to push her. They let a Britney superfan guy audition who wasn’t all there mentally, according to The guy came out with roses for Britney, did an awful laughable “performance,” and then begged her to acknowledge him. She didn’t. Britney is a tough bitch, I’m telling you.

The Enquirer has some news this week that suggests that Britney might be focusing so much on the X-Factor that she’s not spending time with her little boys. They say she hasn’t seen Sean, 7, or Jayden, 6, since July. I’m just hoping this isn’t true.

The 30 year-old pop princess had a whirlwind summer jetting around the country to film auditions for her first season on “The X Factor,” which premiered Sept. 12.

But instead of seeing her kids during her downtime, Britney has been enjoying romantic dinners and weekend getaways with her fiance, Jason Trawick, a close source revealed.

“It’s as if she’s tired of being a mom because she’s so caught up in her newfound TV stardom,” the source explained. “She’s losing touch with those kids.”

The star’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, has full custody, while Britney is entitled to visitation several times a week.

“But Britney has been turning down her scheduled visits,” the source continued. “She says she’s too tired or too stressed. It’s shameful!”

According to the source, The last time Britney saw Sean and Jayden was in mid July.

“The boys had hoped to see her before they started school, but that didn’t happen,” said the source. “Instead, Jason arranged for Britney’s mom, Lynne, to take them to the beach for the day.

“These days, Britney’s kids are more comfortable being around their Grandma Lynne than they are with Britney, Lynne has taken on the role of mommy for the boys.

“Britney likes her new life with Jason,” the source added. “She seems to be forgetting what’s really important.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 24, 2012]

Well, again I hope this isn’t true or that someone at the Enquirer is jumping to conclusions based on Britney’s lack of photos and Twitpics with the boys. If this is true – I don’t want to shame her for focusing on her career, but it seems like she could at least see her boys once in a while. Two months is a long time! They must miss her.

Remember when she was driving with baby Sean on her lap and when she nearly dropped him while walking in heels and holding the baby on one arm and a highball glass in the other? That’s just a minor example of how far she’s come, but it also goes to show that she’s not the most maternal person. I’m trying to tread lightly here. The most important thing is that the boys are well cared for and loved. It sounds like they have a lot of stability at home with K-Fed and his girlfriend (and their new baby) along with their grandparents. They’re not being neglected. Not everyone wants to be a mother, even after they are one. As a mom it’s hard for me to relate to, but I’m not saying it’s shameful or anything like the Enquirer’s source, you know?

Update: Gossip Cop has a denial of this story from Britney’s people along with the news that Britney told Ryan Seacrest that the boys had a good first week at school. They don’t give a date that she’s seen them other than the fact that they were in Hawaii in July. The last Twitpic I’ve seen of Britney with her boys is from July 5th.

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  1. dorothy says:

    How very sad. I realize that she has some mental issues, but there’s no excuse for that.

    • Evelyn says:

      Yeah! She’s a mom, she made that decision. Twice, no less. She can’t decide she doesn’t have to be anymore. But I hope this isn’t true

      • testingt says:

        Well it’s hard to say she “made that decision twice” when she is somebody the courts have deemed mentally incapable of making decisions for herself.

        Also, I think it’s BS. She has pics with her kids all the time, and they also have a father who doesn’t live with them. It is hardly traumatic for a kid to spend a few weeks straight with one parent vs the other on summer vacation. My neighbor growing up had a son my age who would be there all summer and then be with his mom all school year.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      +1 The author of the post sees it as not shameful to be mothering (or lack thereof) this way. Wholeheartedly disagree.

    • Your Body out today!!! says:

      Give her some time. The new season of The X Factor is flopping hard. She will be have a lot of free time very soon when they will cancel this mess.

    • justalark says:

      I’d like to point out that just because there is no photo documentation (paparazzi shots in public places) doesn’t mean that she’s not spending time with her sons in the privacy of her own home. Celebrities do have lives outside of what is captured on film!

      Also, why are people so quick to assume that children are better off with their mothers? My brother and several of my male friends are more hands-on and nurturing parents than their children’s mothers. At the very least, Britney’s boys have a devoted father, loving, involved grandparents, and financial stability. Despite the fact that they might not see their mother every day, they are very fortunate compared to many other children!

      • Phil says:

        AGREED. I love how everyone jumped to conclusions and judged her, and now there’s an update saying it’s not true. Plus, school just started, the kids are probably busy too. Even if she wasn’t visiting them, there is a such thing as skype, video calls, phone calls, etc. The paparazzi aren’t with her every second of her life.

      • Ruffian9 says:

        I’m going to throw my two cents here. My mother was absent for the majority of my childhood. She left my father when I was 4. My contact with her was limited, as she preferred the single life. Any time I did spend with her left me feeling confused about my loyalties to my father and my role in my moms life. She claimed to love me so much, but was never there for the hard times. I’m in touch with her as an adult, and we continue to have issues.I was blessed with a wonderful, caring father whom I mean the world to. I’ve been rambling away here, but my point is that sometimes it can be better without the mother, provided the child has a loving, secure support system. This is not to excuse Britney, but rather to focus on what is best for those boys.

      • salany says:

        Thank you Ruffian9!! I think people are evaluating based on the politically correct answer that the mom should always be with their kids. If the mom likes being a mom, yes. But there are some women who realize they don’t like being a mom AFTER they have a kid. At which point, the best thing to determine is what is best for the kid. It is so much better for a kid to be raised by a loving, attentive adult (father, grandparent, etc.) rather than force a mom who’s not interested to take care of her kid. Bottom line is people should always act based on what is best for a kid.

        As for Britney, if she’s still struggling and can’t cope, it would probably be best if her kids see her at a later time when she can deal with it.

    • sheri says:

      Don’t believe everything you read!

    • Christelle says:

      Dude. This is the National Equireres report–not The New York Times. It’s probably fake.

  2. Jezi says:

    Ugh that bothers me. As a mother myself I know how much of a difficult job it is and it’s exhausting. I don’t think Britney is all there mentally and probably it is best that she isn’t with her boys ALL the time. But dayum, I can’t imagine being away from my son for an extended period of time. It would eat away at me. He’s my life. But again, I don’t have any mental health issues.

    • Lindy says:

      I think you said it well. I can’t imagine not wanting to see my kid for over a month. I’m looking at taking a job that involves 40% travel, and after a year of unemployment and our family finances being in the toilet, my husband and I agree that I probably should take it if it’s offered. But it makes my chest ache just thinking of being away so much from my kiddo. And that’s despite being a mom who has worked outside the home for the first 2 of my son’s 3 years (and only stayed at home this last year b/c I am out of work).

      Then again, I know how tough it is to juggle marriage/kids/career, and I am pretty happy and healthy and not on any meds. So I am trying to have compassion for Spears–maybe the kids are better off not being around her as much? She seems like she may not be the best mother, even in the best of times. Still… hard for me wrap my mind around it.

      • Jezi says:

        That’s a tough situation your in. I hope it gets easier for you and I do hope maybe at some point you have more options then you do now.

        I totally agree with you. I miss my son when he’s in school and so I can’t even imagine being apart from him. But we probably feel this way because yes, we are mentally stable. Spears hasn’t had full custody in so many years and it doesn’t seem like she’s wanting to get it back. Who would’ve thought K-Fed was the more stable parent in this scenario. Smh!

      • autumndaze says:

        I hope your financial status improves; as far as Britney goes I wonder if the seeing less of her kids coincided with Jason Trawick taking over her personal decisions in the conservatorship.
        Maybe he is more dedicated to her making money than the health of the family unit? She already has more money than she or those boys will ever need in 5 lifetimes.

      • Nessa says:

        Being away from your child is so hard. Sending positive thoughts your way, Lindy. Hope everything works out for you.

      • shannon says:

        Oh Jeezy Petes! My cousin had to leave her 3-year-old daughter to go to Afghanistan. She was gone for 6 months of the past year, while her daughter was being well-cared-for by her grandparents and father. And I’m not a psychologist, but I’m pretty sure my cousin doesn’t have mental issues. She’s in the Air Force.

        Is Britney in the Air Force? No. But she’s clearly a breadwinner, and even if this is true, she signed a contract, and she’s fulfilling that contract. I’m so over the mommy police. Whenever someone asks me who keeps my sons while I’m working, I just tell them I have no idea. Because it’s funny to see the looks on their faces, and I know no one ever asks their fathers that.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Oh my god @ Shannon. You rock!!!

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        @ Shannon. You rock!!!

    • Lindy says:

      Aww, thanks so much, y’all! (This is why I love Celebitchy–some of the nicest and kindest commenters out there). I think if I can just get my foot back in the door of the working world, I’ll be in good shape. So I’m hoping I can do this travel-heavy job for a year, and then transition to something else.

      And I feel lucky in that we still have the basics that we need to survive, and I have a wonderful husband who is a 100% hands-on dad, so I know our son will be A-OK even if I’m out of town. It’s still hard:(

      I hope Britney manages to find some time to be with her boys.

      • ohiogirl says:

        I don’t have kids yet but think that when I do, I would be a very hands-on, never spend a day away from them type of mom. But my view on this has changed a lot since I moved to China 8 months ago. Here, I know MANY families where the children are raised by grandparents in other provinces while the parents work here, or the husband or wife lives out of town for YEARS – but they stay married and have visits annually or more frequently if they can afford it. In fact, my husband and his brother were raised largely by other family and friends and they are two of the awesomest people I’ve ever met- and they are HOPELESSLY devoted to their parents, calling every night, doing anything under the sun to make them happy, etc. So that kind of upsets my notion that parents must always be around. Now I think people just gotta do what they gotta do – Britney included. Hey, this could end up being a turning point for her mental health and at the end of this judging thing maybe she’ll be a way better mom.

    • erika says:

      youd think her ‘conservators’ would help her maintain and check in with her boys…?

      maybe one conservator is more focused on his ‘needs’ than the ‘needs’ of her own children..

      i could not IMGAINE going that long w/out eing my mom

  3. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    Somebody MK Ultra’d this poor woman.

  4. KellyinSeattle says:

    I just was wondering about the boys…to give her the benefit of the doubt, she’s keeping them out of the limelight…on the other hand…it’s really sad if she isn’t seeing them. And dammit, I’m tired of seeing her in that awful blue dress. I take bad pics all the time, but the one of her on her knees….now that’s a bad pic.

    • deehunny says:

      I’m undecided about the dress. Unsure if I like it or not. I don’t think it’s overly flattering, but I don’t hate it either

  5. littlestar says:

    When was that photo of Britney and her kids in Hawaii posted online? I doubt she hasn’t seen them since July, considering she worked so hard to get them back after her breakdown. A lack of photos does not mean a lack of times spent with them. And it’s the National Enquirer, which is full of CRAP! Where’s that huge article they said they were writing about Leann Rimes – it hasn’t materialized yet… Surprise surprise.

  6. Miss Piggy says:

    Brit Brit cannot catch a break. She’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. She loves her kids.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I hope that’s not true.
    I didn’t realize/remember that KFed had full custody. Good luck to those kids.

    • berry says:

      I think he has had full custody since her breakdown. I know people love to hate on him but he did step up when he was needed for those little boys, and yes he does recieve a lot of money for having them but I believe he genuinely cares about them. I hope this story Is not true though because I think losing her boys probably didn’t help her in her recovery.

      • L says:

        Yea, for all of K-Fed’s faults, he really stepped it up when it came to those boys and to their relationship with their mother.

        She’s got a serious mental illness and that’s tough. From everything I’ve read he’s been nothing but supportive of her getting well, while still being able to see the kids as much as possible. That’s not something everyone would do with a unstable ex.

    • Liv says:

      Stability with K_Fed? Come on. She’s in this place because of him – not just because of him, but he is a big part of her situation now.

      • RobN says:

        I don’t remember him being around for the ill-fated 55 hour Vegas marriage. She has a mental illness and was going off the rails long before she ran into K-Fed. He may not have been smart enough to recognize it, but he didn’t cause it.

      • Rio says:

        You cannot “force” another person into mental illness outside of PTSD. Depression, bipolar, anxiety, is pretty much all chemical reactions firing off in your brain. Nothing causes it except your own body. If having a happy life free of stress and trauma with a loving family and freedom to pursue your interests kept you free from mental illness, I wouldn’t be a 3-time occupant of a locked psych ward.

      • Tiffany says:

        How can you possibly say she is in this place because of him????? If she has mental illness (or severe addiction issues), that isn’t something that another person can cause. Kevin might be a bit of an idiot, but he didn’t cause her to have a breakdown.

      • LeslieM says:


        I have so much compassion for you. I suffer from PTSD after about five horrible things happen to me all at once and I lost the support of my family. I am better now but still after all these years have to take lots of medication. I often say I would rather have my leg cut of in a minute that suffer from horrible depression that makes you want to die. Until it happened to me (I was a completely happy person with a great job) I didn’t understand why some people acted the way they do. It really encourages me to see so much support her for someone who had a series on public breakdowns. I am learning from you guys who point out the true narcissists and am touch by your support of people like me who have suffered from real mental illness that cause unbelievable pain.:)

    • Eleonor says:

      I think K-Fed is a better person than people think.
      Of course he gets a lot of money, but he has never done a tell-all interview, never trashed Britney in public even if I bet he must have received tons of offers.
      Britney has been having issues for years, before and after K-Fed.

      • rumbleseat says:

        Hear hear. He is an oddity in the land of celeb exes, isn’t he? Just goes to show you can’t judge by appearances (or even first impressions.)

  8. brin says:

    I hope this isn’t true.

  9. Kaye says:

    Jason Trawick looks so much like Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte on True Blood) that my first reaction is always, “OMG Britney is going to be on True Blood??”

  10. StephanieMarie2685 says:

    Her NEARLY dropping her baby is nothing compared to Peaches Geldoff and her actual phone-over-baby-falling fiasco.
    But seres, I feel for Britney. 🙁
    I hope this source is embellishing and that she’s spending time with her kiddies..

    • emmieapricot says:

      Oh those Peaches pics were horrible… as was her lying about the baby not falling & saying he was strapped into his carrier.
      And I hope this isn’t true about Britney. Simon has admitted that she had panic attacks after she started this new gig. Maybe it’s all too much for her? Which makes me wonder why she’s even doing it. She has money/fame already — maybe she should just relax and be a mom for awhile? I know she might have other ambitions but her kids deserve her attention more than the public does.

      • Bec215 says:

        Why would she do it? Because it’s all she’s known since she was 9 years old on TV in the Mickey Mouse Club. Her entire life that she can remember, she’s been in the limelight, people calling her name; people adoring her… But also, she had the boys just before the height of her illness – i wonder if she perhaps doesn’t even feel connected to them – maybe they’re more like little brothers to her?

  11. Lizzie K says:

    I’m not ever going to come down on Britney. She is not slightly mentally ill, she is seriously mentally ill. She is on a high-dose cocktail of psychotropic meds every day. I’m amazed she can even put one foot in front of the other.

    I don’t doubt for a minute it is extremely stressful for her to be on Idol, and I’m not going to judge how she handles it. I feel so sorry for this young woman, and I wish her peace however she can find it.

    • moxylady007 says:

      I agree with everything you said. Its a compassionate and kind response. I wish the world could understand these things.

    • mln76 says:

      I agree about not coming down hard on Britney but the people surrounding her have proven over and over they are more concerned with money then Britneys’ mental health or her relationship with her children. They make me sick.

    • Lithe says:

      Completely agree

    • Genevieve says:


      I’m not sure what her DSM is, but the minute I found out Britney is not just acting “crazy”, but is in fact handicapped, it feels cruel to judge her for much of anything.

      Britney lacking typical maternal feelings is not as of much a concern to me as the fact the she seems to have been somewhat prodded into this X-Factor gig. Has she REALLY seemed like someone who wanted a huge career comeback? The recent admission of Simon Cowell, verifying her anxiety attacks, really makes me wonder.

      Her boys will always have loving family around them, and I’m sure Britney is the very best mom she is capable of being. And, hey…this comes from the Enquirer. Who really knows what is fact and what is fiction?

      I just pray that BritBrit isn’t being positioned for a major crash. 🙁

      • Elizabeth says:

        I don’t think its fair to say Britney doesn’t have “the maternal instinct” really. I have worked with women who have kids and have mental health issues. They love their kids and want to be good mothers. But their ability to understand what any child needs is so compromised that the child cannot be in their care and must be placed with someone else. If anyone is a mother who doesn’t have mental health issues, then that person is starting so far ahead of someone like Britney. I don’t disagree that she’s likely not a good mother but don’t say she doesn’t care. That’s not fair or accurate IMO.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ Elizabeth…

        WHOA, pull back the claws, sister.

        I am simply paraphrasing the summation of CB’s thread. If you will bother to R-E-A-D what I posted, I am very sympathetic to Britney. I believe I said exactly what you are reiterating, that Brit is “the very best mom she is *capable* of being”. I NEVER said she “doesn’t care”, lol.

        Did you have a fight w/ your hubby before posting this morning? Try taking 1/2 a valium or something. GEEZ!

      • Erinn says:

        @Genevieve… I didn’t think that she was attacking… reading the two posts it sounds more like you’re the one on the offensive. I get that you felt attacked, but assuming they got in a fight with their SO and telling them to take Valium is a bit harsh, don’t you think?

      • Suz says:

        I don’t see the attack either. I think you have slightly different perspectives.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I think Gen is just trying to say what seems obvious to many. This is not Blohan, this is a very sick woman, who is not even legally able to make her own decisions because of her illness. It’s been admitted to, the courts have given her a lifetime conservator and her ex has full custody.

        I feel horrible for her. Her stiff little penguin arms in every pic and the dead eyes. I worry that she was pushed into this and what might happen to her.

        Not seeing your two kids for two months isn’t exactly normal mother behavior, especially when you have her money and resources.

        Whatever the reason, she isn’t acting maternal. I don’t know if that is due to outside pressures or her illness. I too, cannot hate on this woman when she is obviously ill and has to do what others tell her to do. Can you imagine being ill like this and being toured and put on this show for money? I guess we’ll never know. She just makes me sad.

      • Genevieve says:

        Sorry ladies, but I tend to slightly take offense when someone puts words in my mouth.

        Never said Britney “doesn’t care”, so how is that being twisted into me being “unfair”?

        Ummm, have a nice remainder of the day. 🙂

      • Suz says:

        I don’t know Genevieve – maybe you guys just misread each other a bit. I just don’t see an attack and I don’t see where your points of view differ that much.

        As for Britney, even commenting on her on a gossip site makes me feel terrible. She has that Marilyn Monroe fragile look about her. It’s scary.

        I hope she’s actually seeing her kids regularly and this is all just National Enquirer stupidity.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Genevive: Wow, Elizabeth was being COMPASSIONATE, maybe you should pull back YOUR claws, sister.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ suz…

        *sigh*. Maybe so. But thankfully, OTiff seems to understand EXACTLY what I was trying to say.

        I think that in Britney’s mental capacity, the X-factor gig probably benefits her conservators more than it does Brit and her boys. It’s being spectacularly hyped, and is probably more spotlight than she needs at this point. I read a report on a few other sites a while back stating that Britney was overwhelmed in her new position and “just wanted to be with her boys”. I’ll try to find the link.

        Never meant to imply that she “doesn’t care” about her boys. Again, I think that based on whatever her diagnosis is, she is most likely the very best mother she can be.

      • Erinn says:

        I get what you mean about being upset with words being put in your mouth- I get the same way. I just think it was uncalled for to make a personal attack on the poster.

    • Samigirl says:

      You said it, sister.

    • Tiffany says:

      It makes it all the more awful that the X-Factor is running radio ads where they say they will “bring the crazy”. It seems as if they are saying, “keep watching, Britney might have a meltdown!”.

      Cowell has no soul.

    • Eleonor says:

      I am with you, and I find infuriating XFactor production is trying everything (seriously a crazy contender??) to make her go crazy.

      • flan says:

        Yeah. People have been using her money and her fame for decades, caring nothing if the vessel of all that (Britney) becomes a complete wreck. As long as she breaths and works, they don’t care.

        Vulnerable people having money smell like chocolate cake to these vultures.

    • Amanda Hugginkiss says:

      Nicely said.

  12. moxylady007 says:

    There have been pretty consistent pics of her with her kids this summer. They arent front and center like alot of celeb pics so they are easy to miss. But they have been there. I really dont see how this can be true with all the photographic evidence to the contrary.

    But maybe – and I know this is hard for people to understand- maybe while she makes this transition she needs to just concentrate on the job and on her mental health. A number of people I know have to go back to basics when they are starting something new and layer in their life as they go, otherwise they get overwhelmed.

    Short term, its hard on the kids and Britney. Long term, she will be a better stronger mom for it. It sucks but thats the way it goes sometimes.

    Again, I dont think this is true there. There are tons of pics of her out with them this summer.

    • mln76 says:

      I’m sorry but no….deep breaths….Britney doesn’t need to do this…she’s not lacking in cash the only people benefiting from this are Tarwick and her father and Simon Cowell and KFed they will be richer and those kids will suffer for it and Britney will continue to be babysat by her handler fiance with little or no say in her business decisions or her children its sick.

      • moxylady007 says:

        It often seems like she is doing “better” when she has structured time and is working. Maybe she needs to work for her mental health. It might now be the best situation for her kids, but honestly I cannot and will not judge her or assume that I know why she is or isnt doing something. I am just giving her the benefit of the doubt.
        There but for the grace of god….

  13. Naye in VA says:

    Two months is a long time for kids to not see their mother, but as an exhausted mother myself, I think Brit has a whole lot on her plate, and I think she is dealing with some real anxiety issues right now, so it might be better for her to space herself from the kids right now. As CB said, she has come a mighty long way.

    I do hope though, she is at least Skyping them or something. Letting her presence be felt some time of way. Children feel abandonment very strongly

  14. mandy says:

    When Britney and her conservaship were negotiating her terms for x-factor and getting permission from the court to do x factor, TMZ talked about how Britney ‘s x factor promotion shedule had to be arranged around her visitation with her sons and all of this had to be worked out before the court gave permission to sign with xfactor!!! I think you should edit your article and post the truth. This article is false!

  15. BooBooLaRue says:

    Her “admirer” seems like stalker material to me. Don’t blame her for being weirded out.

    • Em12 says:

      He was scary.

    • Samantha says:

      They should never have let that guy anywhere near her. Nor should they have brought her old duet partner on, who was obviously just there to provoke a reaction from her.

      I get that they need ratings, but sheesh. Not at the expense of someone’s mental health. And no wonder she kept walking off the set of the auditions.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Totally agree! Hubby & I felt so bad for her when they showed this. Knowing her health issues & how close to stalker this guy seemed, it was just too creepy. Hope she has a strong security team if they expose her o more of these stunts. I hope she is strong enough in every capacity to deal w/ it if they do. Think the producers & team re sick for exploiting situations like this….almost like they want her to break down.

    • my .02 says:

      Wasn’t there something where a female stalker of Paula Abdul was on Idol a long time ago? The one who eventually committed suicide in her car in front of Paula’s house – that one. Seems like Simon, as producer or whatever he is, should know how bad it can be to bring unstable admirers around judges. I mean, should know and *avoid* it, not encourage it. The man’s an incredible dick and only cares about ratings.

  16. Quinn says:

    That is not the face of a healthy thirty year-old woman…Britney’s life shows on her face. Very sad.

  17. Em12 says:

    Sadly, this wouldn’t surprise me at all. From watching the first two episodes of The X-Factor she still seems to be hanging on to functioning and mental stability by a thread. I’ve been saying for years (before her breakdown) that I feel bad for her, and people never believed me, but I think the level of fame she reached at such a young age would screw with anyone’s head. Sadly, she was obviously pushed way over the edge. I’m extremely curious to know what’s going on with her that she still has to have a conservator. It’s simultaneously fascinating and heartbreaking. I truly hope she’s able to get better because I’m really not seeing it yet. I fear she’s just getting better at faking it in public.

    • Lm says:

      I think (like many) that it’s ADD. She stopped taking her meds while pregnant and when the marriage failed it all went down hill. Major identity crisis that spiraled out of control with the help of money hungry enablers.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        My husband has ADHD (diagnosed at age 7) and his sister is bipolar. Her behavior more closely resembles that of my SIL. This is, obviously, anecdotal and I’m not trying to diagnose her; but I think ADD alone would not cause the type of behavior she exhibits.

      • rumbleseat says:

        Let’s not forget she apparently has mental illness running along the female side of her family, including a grandmother who committed suicide. Unfortunatley, mental illness can be hereditary.

      • Em12 says:

        I agree that, from my completely nonmedical opinion (for whatever that’s worth!), her behavior does seem to suggest something other than (or perhaps in addition to) ADD/ADHD. I have wondered if she has bipolar disorder and a lot of her more questionable behavior has come about during manic episodes. However, I’m wondering if there could be more to it given that she’s had a conservator for so long. However, I don’t really know how conservatorships work, what is typical, etc.

  18. Zorbitor says:

    She’s got alot of bills and child support to pay…and motherhood don’t make no $$$$

  19. G says:

    I don’t believe this at all.

    It’s just not consistent with how her parents have been helping her manage her life the past few years.

  20. Mia 4S says:

    Britney’s mental illness may always limit how much of a mother she can be. It happens. Sadly those boys are too young to understand but hopefully one day they will find peace with that. She may be doing the best she can, even if that’s not all that good. Hard facts but the reality for a lot of families dealing with mental illness.

    • Cazzee says:

      Well put. Mental illness is a terrible disease because you lose the person. Managing someone’s instability who has small children is going to be a series of trade-offs. Not seeing their Mom for a bit while she is going through a difficult transition period really might be the best of a bad situation here.

      Doing the best that she can is not the same as doing a good job – which is why her ex has full custody of the children. It may be best for the kids, if she is having tons of anxiety attacks, to not be around their Mom right now. Volatility in a parent can be extremely stressful for a child. It can be very confusing when the smallest things set a person off, and frequently a small child will blame themselves.

  21. Katija says:

    To play devil’s advocate – and I know that there is no excuse for a mother to not want to see her kids…

    How exactly do you think K-Fed feeds and clothes these kids? “Chaotic” DVD residual checks? Yeah, I don’t think so.

    It’s easy to condemn Britney, but remember, she’s making these kids’ future inheritance right now. As long as they are cared for, you can’t condemn her for making a living, especially considering the fact that Kevin is a professional deadbeat.

    • mln76 says:

      With touring and residuals and Perfume sales Britney make tens of millions a month. The best to stop KFed support checks would be for Britney to live a quite life and work on getting primary custody…MANY women with profound mental illness have custody of their children.

      • Katija says:

        I prefaced with “to play devil’s advocate…” for a reason. No, if this is true, I don’t condone her behavior. But my point is, I mean… don’t give Kevin too much credit. He’s been a deadbeat his whole damn life.

      • Suz says:

        Maybe those children are better off with Britney *not* having primary custody. Maybe Britney is better off. Maybe the arrangement with K Fed is the best thing possible for all those people.

        Who knows?

        And she could be seeing them all the time. The National Enquirer has been known to be wrong…

      • Katija says:

        *gasp* How DARE you, madam? The National Enquirer is the last source of real journalism left!

        (Tee-hee-hee. :-))

      • Kimlee says:

        Your comment make no sense, so are you saying if lets say Salma Hayek husband or any other celebrity father wated to stop child support checks. He should stay out of the limelight so he will make less money and take away custody from the mother so he will have full custody just to stop child support checks?

    • Vampi says:


  22. mzthirtyeight says:

    If this actually IS the case, it IS shameful. If her mental illness impacts her parenting, with the reasoning she’s too stressed, etc., then a job like THAT would seem to carry much of the same burdens. I know many parents want and/or must work and negate time, but if it’s the kids or the career-especially/mainly when one is in the position to choose or even do both-I just find it misguided priorities to choose career. Either way, 2 months is unacceptable to me. 2 weeks, okay, I can get that. Hope it isn’t true!

  23. tru tru says:

    nooooo but everyone was saying yesterday that she is on her way to a come back.

    Brit has some issues and I expect she will be under conservatorship until she is broke and then all the leeches will set her free.

    her “telling” Simon that the boys had a good first week at school, sounds like that’s what Kevin Federline/nanny TOLD her..

    show me the reciepts Brit!!!

    Happy Friday Everyone!!

  24. She needs al very long pause from the spotlight..Are else i fear for her mental health in the future

  25. Sue says:

    I really don’t think we have a clue if she has seen her kids or not….. Who is this “source” – maybe someone who does not like Britney? I have learned not to believe everything I read, I enjoy the gossip, but sometimes I go yeah is that really true……..

  26. nate says:

    I don’t believe this. She LOVES her children. People are just looking another way to slander her. so, nope.

  27. G says:

    There it is! Just as she’s getting herself back up from a nasty public fall from grace, she’s getting slammed back down. Boy that train is never late!

  28. Jayna says:

    Spare me. Half of the Enquirer’s stories are pure junk. She has half custody of her children. She fought hard to get them back like that. She isn’t going to ignore them for two months.

    On tour, Britney had the little ones on tour with her for months on end when not with Kevin visiting. I think at one point Kevin was there and then took them back home. Her mom, sister, lots of her family at times. The little ones even came on stage. In other words, she made a lot of effort to be with her children during touring. She obvously is close to her boys.

  29. d says:

    Aaarrgh, these stories. These tabs are always always looking for ways to take her down. Britney could be dead and they’d still run stories about how awful she was. She may indeed have faults, but what about all ofthe crap around her, the sycophants, the liars, the spin doctors, the leeches, the criminals? No, they’ll just hound Britney because she’s an easy target.

    • MyLeNe says:

      Ya ! Because she sell this mag crap like nobody else. This crap paper sell what it’s big money and Britney is Big money for them !

  30. Fyofeelings says:

    So telling Seacrest that the boys had a good first day suppose to be proof that she seen them recently? Please! the boys probably told her that when she called like “Yeah mommy we had a good first day of school!”

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Yeah, my mother in law talks about my kids all the time like she has any clue at all. She has seen my 3 year old once, and hasn’t seen my 9 year old in 4 years. Talk means nothing.

  31. Jess says:

    Well, a lot of kids from broken homes spend the summer with their fathers, and it isn’t a big deal. As long as there is contact, and they know how much momma loves them, they can be kept in the dark about some of the sadder details. Poor babies. I hope this is a load of BS tbh.

  32. littlemissnaughty says:

    I can’t comment on her abilities as a mother or judge her on something she allegedly did or didn’t do but I will say this. The woman looks rough and not in an unkempt or sloppy way. You can see in her face what kind of life she’s lived. I was a teenager when she appeared on the pop scene and I’ll always love early Britney. I feel so bad for her because of her massive issues and the fact that she never had much control over her life.

  33. Colu says:

    Can you please add an “allegedly” to the title of this story? There is no way of knowing whether this is true or not right now.

  34. Cleveland Girl says:

    I actually watched X Factor last night (for the first time ever) and Brittany looked totally terrified by the Super Brittany Fan. She was not bitchy to him, she was scared to death of him.

  35. Kellie says:

    I wont pass judgement on her not spending consistant time with her kids. They are with their father. Some children dont even have the option to see both parents-at all. It would be entirely different if K-Fed was out of the picture and the children were being raised by nannies and relatives.

    Being a parent for some is like the time I asked for a fish as a child, my parents got me a fish and then I realized I dont like pet fish. It happens people.

  36. Dotty says:

    Having a dear friend who has struggled with mental illnesses not very different from Brit’s, I wonder if the boys aren’t better off in a stable, non-spotlight environment after all they’ve been through. Let her earn some money while she’s still somewhat functional, and maybe even continue to improve, so she can be a better parent hopefully in the near future.

  37. jes says:

    I totally take issue with this comment:
    “They’re not being neglected. Not everyone wants to be a mother, even after they are one. As a mom it’s hard for me to relate to, but I’m not saying it’s shameful or anything like the Enquirer’s source, you know?”

    She chose to be a mom, twice. Suck it up, you know? Those two kids need their mother, not just dad or grandma. I can’t deal with this bullshit of respecting and understanding some of the most atrocious behavior in order to not seem “judgmental”

    • Amanda Hugginkiss says:

      “… in order to not seem “judgmental””

      Consider that for some it is an attempt to empathize with her in living with the mental illness she appears to have.

      • jes says:

        So she can withstand the pressure and scrutiny of signing up to do a major tv deal, go on tour, etc. but she’s too mentally ill to be a more involved mom? It’s a delicate mental condition that seems to turn on and off when money is or isn’t in the equation. She’s got a lot of money, she doesn’t need more. She’s got access to a lot of help and support. Her health and therefore her childrens’ well-being should come first. Seriously, this empathy nonsense leads people to believe a lot of bull.

  38. Sam says:

    Personally, I don’t see this as so bad. We have no clue about Britner’s mental state, her capacity or whatever. Sometimes, mothers do make a conscious decision to remove themselves from their kids’ lives if they think that is in the kids’ best interest. Perhaps she realyl does think that her kids are best served by limited time with her. We don’t know. Yes, it sounds really harsh to say a mother hasn’t seen her kids in a while, but there are times when that may be the best choice among bad choices. Personally, I saw the X-factor and it’s pretty clear she is struggling, still.

    It was also on TMZ a few weeks ago that, supposedly, some documents from her court case leaked, and that the docs contain a passage that says she has a pervasive personality disorder, which is a serious mental illness. Maybe this is an intentional choice she made.

  39. Andrea says:

    I love how some people say you are a mom, suck it up. Most people who are mentally ill cannot just ‘suck it up”. I know a woman who is clinically depressed who negelcts her kid 95% of the time. She just isn’t maternal and doesn’t care for the child to be around. thankfully, her husband picks up the slack (poor him). I feel bad for the kid, but imo her husband shouldn’t have encouraged someone depressed like her to have a kid in the first place (she didn’t want kids intially) but i feel was talked into it by family and society. thankfully she doesn’t want anymore now.

  40. MyLeNe says:

    i’m sure it’s BULLShit story .. And it’s sad the history continue with so bad article .. It’s story for sell mag like usual .. Because Britney sell tabloid very very well .. like everything else. This kids was probably the best thing in her life … i’m sure this boys have quelity time with good people.

    Parents works 40-50 hres a week now .. and they saw kids a little bit during the night … She have the chance to past long time with her kids and YEAH sometimes she needs to left fot 1 or two weeks.

    But don’t forget she take her boys on the road for femme fatale tour and several date in circus tour ! Sean and Jayden have school ! So they stay with KFed ! No drama there !

  41. TheTruthHurts says:

    I find it hilarious that JUST when this girl is coming up again, they try to knock her down. Enough.

  42. fighter says:

    come on guys.don’t make thinks so dramatic.Her kids have their birthdays these days and she did talk about them in the radio interview,and she sounded really proud about her boys.just because we dont have pics doesnt mean she doesnt spend time with them.yes she has her issues but what do you want from her?do you want her to sit in her huge home alone doing nothing,believe me this is worst.she is working but i saw that she had summer holidays too.the auditions are over,the only thing she is doing right now is giving advice to some young kids who want to live their dreams its not that stressfull.she is trying to fight her issues,she is working and she is trying to live her life.relax,stop feeling sorry for her everytime there is a stupid article about her,i don’t think she wants people feel pity about her.i’m happy that the paparazzi dont follow her that much like they did in the for her team,yes sometimes i question their intentions too but the first thing they did back in 2008 since the conservatirship is to get her kids make huge deal about some celebs(like britney or lindsey)here in the comments i read.let them leave their lives,i dont think we have a better life,we all have issues,some more serious,some less and noone is dealing with it in the same way.the difference is they are in the spotlight.but its not good judging the other or feel sorry all the time about them.

    p.s sorry for my english.

  43. Marybel says:

    Oh piss. NO one knows she hasn’t seen her kids. Until it’s proven, I want to say I’m sick of people bagging on Britney. Everyone deserves a chance to start over. She has mental issues. You assholes do better.

  44. Jennifer says:

    You know, when I first read this headline I was kind of pissed but the more I thought about it, we all know she wasn’t mentally stable for quite some time, and she might not be totally stable now. Maybe she is trying to heal herself before being more deeply involved with her kids. As a mom I can’t believe she’d choose to not see them but we may not know the whole story here.

    OMG. I just totally defended Britney Spears. Ugh.

  45. Jennifer says:

    P.S. Sorry for the double post, but if she were putting pics out there all of the time people would say she was exploiting the kids. YOu can’t win in Hollywood.

  46. WINTERWILDE says:

    We do not know when their school year began and I’m sure since Kevin has legal custody, they are living with him while attending school, so with the boys across town from her living with their dad and beginning school and mnetally fragile Britney traveling town to town and then rehearsing or prepping at the studio, I”m sure she prob. isn’t seeing them as much RIGHT NOW. Which is prob. why Mom, the boys and new step daddy had a great summer vacay before BACK TO SCHOOL.

    I do believe Britney loves her boys and personally think it better for the boys to spend time with mom when mom is doing OK (mentally and emotionally stable and able to pay attention to them).

  47. LeeLoo says:

    I get really angry when Brit’s father and supposed “fiancée” think it is more important that she makes money to keep them all rich than for her to focus on her mental health and caring for her two boys. I am convinced that she is terribly mentally ill with either severe bipolar or schizophrenia. If she is so mentally ill that she has to remain in a conservatorship than she is too mentally ill to be entering into contracts to appear on television and going on world tours. It’s that simple.

    That being said, I am not buying this story. I think Britney is trying to avoid getting photographed with the boys but isn’t avoiding the boys. They are at an age where they are hyper aware of what is going on with the paps and such. I’m sure she has seen them as much as possible with the X-Factor stuff. I’m sure Brit, her team and Kevin have it worked out so they have secure transitions and she can easily stay in her house and avoid being photographed with them and spend quality time with them at home. It’s not hard for her to not be photographed with her boys. She was not getting photographed with then for a long time.

    • ShaCur says:

      Point taken, but it really bothers me there is so much suspicion and disgust aimed at the conservators. Conservatorship in Britney’s case is actually quite limited – they can’t force her to do many things (outside of medical treatment and handling her bank account I believe is most current). One could make the argument she could be easily manipulated, but somewhere along the line she was found to be stable enough to enter into binding contracts. Conservatorship is not a blanket “regulator”, and it would require an obscene amount of documentation to implement – or release. Her conservatorship has been significantly reduced over the past few years. I understand many are worried about her mental health but I can assure you had someone not intervened she would most likely have killed herself or someone else, been financially ruined, completely destroyed. Is it the best job for her to have? Probably not, but it seems unfair to me to cast such negativity toward the very people who fought to get her well. If they were simply in it for the money, they would have fought for total conservatorship since this began every time it came up for review, but this is not what happened.

  48. Luffy says:

    It’s not shameful to ignore your children because you don’t want to be a mom? What kind of comment is that? It’s shameful for any parent, male or female, to neglect their children in favor of their career. Those boys didn’t ask for brittney to be their mom. They weren’t even unexpected children. Just because she’s no longer with their father and has a nice career doesn’t mean that she can stop being a mother. I’m so tired of this idea that a career is somehow a worthy excuses for why people can’t care for thei children. It’s ridiculous. A career is a career. That’s all. At the end of the day those boys are her flesh and blood and they love her. It sickens me that anyone could excuses this behavior as “doesn’t want to be a mom” who gives two fucks if you want to be a mom or not? Children are not things that you can return like bad Christmas gifts. Ugh makes me so frustrated because no child deserves to feel as if they are unwanted. Especially when they are do young and impressionable. A child’s relationship with their parents can shape the rest of their lives.

    • Amanda Hugginkiss says:

      “A child’s relationship with their parents can shape the rest of their lives.”


      (But, not in the way you will initially think.)

  49. Anahata says:

    Ugh it is shameful! And it’s hard to read the apologetic tone cast for her here. Kids want their mommy, period. It’s horrible that she’s decided to “quit” that obviously less-important (to her) job. They will be traumatized.

  50. Tara says:

    Completely fabricated bull.

  51. Lilou says:

    Oh my God….

    The poor girl can’t win, can she???

    During the shooting of X Factor, everyone said that it would be a disaster to watch. There were so many rumors during that time…

    Now that X Factor has been on, everyone has seen that Britney is not that crazy, that she is coherant and even is a though judge!!!!!

    So what’s next?????

    New freaking rumors about her personnal life…

    No wonder she went maniac :-(((

  52. Samantha says:

    Two months is not necessarily a big deal. As someone else mentioned, children of divorce often spend summers with a noncustodial parent. My own stepdaughter is with us from mid-June to mid-August–two months without her mother.

    It’s not fair to judge Britney based on such sketchy, limited information.

  53. GirlyGirl says:

    Crazy is as crazy does. She’s still not in full control of all her faculties I think.

    • Marie says:

      Agreed. The title of ‘mom’ doesn’t automatically equal good parent or the more able to provide a stable, loving, healthy environment. There is a reason her ex has full custody. She does have some kind of mental health issues and that can make it very hard to be a good parent…I know from my sister who I love but would admit was not a fit parent due to clinical depression and eating disorder. She has gotten help but regrets deeply the damage her issues did to her kids. At least Brits boys have some source of stability and love. I wish them all luv and luck.

  54. Kayla says:

    Why do people get such satisfaction in trying to bring this woman down?

  55. jj says:

    if this was a father not seeing his children for a couple of months this wouldn’t even be a news story. as a mom i personally would never go that long without seeing my kid but that is my decision.

  56. salany says:

    My mom was away from me for 2 years when I was little because she needed to work outside the country. I don’t feel any abandonment issues. I think people are making too big a deal about these sort of things.

    Although tbh, my mom isn’t the most maternal person in the world. This may sound horrible, but I don’t even remember missing her. It just seems like not all women can be expected to be maternal, I guess.

  57. Maritza says:

    The kids are being well taken care of and loved by their father and grandmother. Britney is still unstable, why expose those kids to her “insecurities” they are better off seeing their mother from time to time, when she is ready to be with them.

  58. Amanda_M87 says:

    Ugh, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. She is such a mess and probably should never of had kids in the first place.

    • Anahata says:

      Ok that’s just sad though. Those are two human beings you’re talking about. Perhaps they shouldn’t be here but they are. What a shitty thing to say though, damn.

  59. bea says:

    Man, her “fiance” is going to have a hellava book to write! Just check him out in those pics – he looks embarrassed in most and his body language is supa-bad.

  60. JRenee says:

    Maybe Brit Brit is medicated to cope with the anxiety and pressures of the show…I just want her to be o.k. and if she can’t deal right now- sadly that’s better than the boys seeing her melt down again!

  61. Kali says:

    Uh-oh. I have a bad feeling that Jason has introduced her to another new drug and she’s off her meds again. She loves those boys and if she hasn’t seen them there’s a reason. KFed has not made a stink which means he already knows what’s wrong.

  62. shannon says:

    Really? Why do we always “mommy police” the mothers? Britney makes the money for the entire family. My oldest son’s father voluntarily took a job transfer to Hawaii instead of Virginia Beach (we live in Georgia). He’s not sure if he’ll be able to make it to Oliver’s high school graduation.

    My youngest son, his father last worked in Chile, is now working in Canada. Noah sees his father 3x a year, tops. But you know what everyone tells me? That I am so lucky they pay child support and see their kids at all. Why do dads get to thumbs-up and moms get that, “I guess she’s just not that maternal?” Personally, I don’t have a problem with our lives, and the kids don’t either. They see their dads, they have their needs taken care of and then some, and they have one parent who is there for them every single day. Is it ideal? No. But nobody calls them bad fathers – and they’re NOT bad fathers. This story just gets the feminist in me riled up. Mothers are constantly judged, while fathers get a free pass as soon as they put in some face-time and fork over some child support, wth?

    • salany says:

      Hi Shannon!! I agree with you on the most part. My mom was away from me for 2 years, but I didn’t think that meant she’s not very maternal. I just realized she wasn’t very maternal as I got older and saw how other parents/families are like.

      I’m sure your children’s father are awesome.I’m not accusing Brit of being un-maternal either. I can’t expect someone with mental illness to be the same type of mom as someone with no mental illness to deal with.

  63. Joanna says:

    it’s sad, how willing people are to believe a story from the enquirer. and judge her based off of it. i don’t believe any of this “story” from the enquirer.

  64. lulu says:

    For some reason I don’t believe this, I’m no fan of Brit and I don’t follow her, I just saw some gifs in the x factor and she was bi*tching with a guy singing. But I don’t think she is so selfish and forget about her boys, I mean no mommy can spend so much time without seeing her kids it’s abnormal…

  65. A~ says:

    Jeez. You guys see pictures of celebs. and their kids, and you accuse them of “pimping their kids” to the paps. YOu don’t see the pictures and you assume the mom has abandoned her kids.

  66. ZenB!tch says:

    No, not every woman is meant to be a mother. A lot of us on this board have chosen not to be mothers for whatever reason. Not having a maternal bone in one’s body is a good reason.

    HOWEVER – once you are a mom, it’s too late to change your mind. It’s not like she is actually being a mom. She doesn’t have to do the hard stuff nor do I think she is mentally capable but she can play with them once a week or something like that so they know she is there.

  67. midnightmoon says:

    Wow. Lotsa passion here. Cosign w/MK Ultra assessment. I’d say Blohan, Bynes, Rihanna & Katy Perry, not to mention that pathetic Courtney Stodden, are textbook examples. Check out any of their names alongside illuminati & mk ultra sex slave, and you’ll find heaps of video analysis of their strange music videos. Also, Taylor Swift’s recent behavior (ignoring the mother of the bride & staring blankly while crashing the wedding) makes much more sense to me. Check out the initiation video from one of the awards shows last year, where she & Beyonce change from white to red gowns. I

  68. DD says:

    Meanwhile..the whole lot of them live off Britney.

  69. Krock says:

    Maybe its best she doesn’t see them until she learns how to control those really weird faces she constantly makes.

    Sorry Simon but 10 mil for that? Yeah not so much.

  70. Krock says:

    And oh boy here comes the “illuminati” theories. Wondered how long it was gonna take.

  71. A Fan says:

    She’s like a child herself.

  72. Atxlife says:

    I don’t think we can speculate about this .
    I’m glad she looks somewhat normal but yes I think she looks permanently brain damaged .
    I guess this is what happens when you take a seventeen year old , focus on her fake tits and appearance to the exclusion of developing personhood. You get an empty shell that has to undergo the process of becoming an adult at the age of 30. The anxiety and erratic behaviour could all Have been a result of years of intense pressure and scrutiny finally taking its toll.

  73. Jill says:

    Her face looks terrible.

  74. Nonee Friend says:

    I am having a very difficult time figuring out why you people care so much about Britney Spears and how often she sees her children.

  75. ashley says:

    Seriously? Using her tripping over her shoes while paparazzi are everywhere surrounding her, and trying to move her car while she was holding her son to get him away from the surrounding paparazzi are your receipts for her not being maternal? The driving thing was dumb yes, but she did it to get her kid away from yelling and flashing bright lights. You get more obnoxious every time you write about Britney, I swear. Tell me – have you featured Peaches and her stroller mishap/stupid tweet and called out her lack of maternal skills?

  76. Ed says:

    why do people hate Britney so much? She’s not that bad. I believe she has good personality inside